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(2014-03-22 - Now)
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Warden Thache Warden has been quiet lately. Well. Comparitively quiet. After his little crash and burn of a Church he had a feeling that quite a few people would frown at him if he showed up anywhere not invited. He had a ship to repair. A heist to plot, and many other irons in the fire.

This doesn't mean he can't have a little fun of course.

Which is why he is attempting at the moment to spread his one true joy in his life. Piracy.

He has several venues for this sort of thing at his disposal. For tonights play he's chosen the smaller, sleeker form of the Bloody Pearl. His airship/spaceship hovering in the skies around Montressor, hidden in the black sky and the odd starline. It waits like a bird of prey for a perticular pigeon to fly by, a pigeon in the form of a fat merchantman that Warden has on good authority will be on its way past soon enough.

His crew is minimal, but the ship is small and fast. So it fits well enough. Besides, with his two hire-ons for this little run, he isn't sure he'll have to use the rest of the crew.

"So..." He drawls towards the short, blind, and volitile lady that he's brought along. "...never been a proper pirating I take it?"
Akari Seran Akari has been many things in her life; shaman, noble, wanderer, criminal, student, outcast - but never a pirate. Sure she's stolen things on occasion, a bit of food or a nip of alcohol when her luck was down, but she's never made a career out of it. Pride more than a respect for morality is likely to blame in her case.

The young woman turns her head to regard the cat-eared captain with her empty white eyes, a gesture of courtesy rather than necessity. Even without the feel of good solid earth beneath her feet she can see well enough through the flow of the strong breeze that drifts among the star-lit sky.


It's a pleasant sensation, she admits to herself, the feel of the wind blowing across her skin. Her long scarlet hair billows out behind her like a flag, free of its usual constraining bindings that keep it in a somewhat neat ponytail. It's been quite some time since she was able to just immerse herself in an element beyond the instinctive need to wield it as her hammer or shield.

"I don't like boats," she adds after several quiet seconds, turning her gaze out to the empty sky once again. "But this one isn't so bad."
Warden Thache "I'm glad you find it pleasent," Warden's voice is warm and rich. A note thrums though it as he leans against the railing. A purring note of pleasure brought out by the same feel of the wind. A revel in the freedom that the moment brings. Eyes half-closed. Stance relaxed.

Akari might note, if her sences were that accute that for all of his smiles and laughter the pirate very seldom actually relaxes. This may be a rare moment.

A calm before the storm.

"I've tried to make the Pearl here a pleasent enough place to serve. To be honest, I think I live for moments like this though. Nothing around you but the wind. Only thing better is solar sailing."

There is a curious look towards her, then a grin full of a sharp humor. "Well then, I hope you enjoy your first time. I always do enjoy introducing women to pleasureable passtimes. Done right? Piracy can be quite enjoyable." A pause. "Well. For the pirates."
Akari Seran Akari actually grins, her lips pulling back to reveal a set of pristine white teeth. One might think that a person who gets into fights with the same frequency that most people change their clothes would be atleast missing a tooth or two.

"I prefer to keep my feet on the ground. You're free to live with your head in the clouds, if that is your wish."

The girl turns and leaps suddenly, landing lightly on the prow of the airship. She inhales deeply, her slender torso inflating outwards slowly, completely unconcerned by the empty void of the sky that surrounds her on three sides.

"The air is pure here. No pollution. No noise." She lets her senses melt into the wind, as if her mind were floating on a cloud. "Much too quiet for my tastes."

Akari glances back at Warden again, crossing her arms across her chest. "So. What am I here to break tonight?"
Warden Thache "If I said my bed would you throw me off the ship?" Warden replies as he turns to watch the girl leap and land on the prow. Perfect agility when blind is still something to be impressed by. He strolls forwards, much more sedate and conventional.

She might feel the coiling tension winding in him again, weather the thought of plunder or something else is hard to tell what brings it on. His movements still hold that silken feline grace as he prowls forwards.

"A merchant ship. Normally I wouldn't call for backup, and Chere can handle yourselves, and the rumor is there is a larger prize on this one. Which of course means more guards. So..." He shrugs slightly. "...better safe than having to repair my ship again."
Akari Seran She snorts at his joke, at least she assumes it's a joke, in a rather unlady-like fashion. "I'd probably break you in the process." She doesn't sound upset by the comment in either case.

The tension in Warden's body does not as clear to her as it might be were they both standing on solid ground but she's been around the block enough times to know that people tend to get worked up before a fight. She nods at his explanation of their goal for the evening.

"Alright. I will try to use a 'light touch', since I doubt you fancy having to glue all of the merchandise back together before putting it on display in your cabin or whatever it is pirates do with their plunder."
Warden Thache "Mmmm. You might be suprised," The captain drawls out towards her as he takes a leap of his own, landing in the rigging above her and balancing on the forward spar. "Only one way to find out isn't there?"

His smile is a touch wicked, that much obvious in the tone. Its hard to tell with the pirate if he's joking or serious.

"But! That can come later, after we enjoy ourselves other ways." He smirks. "A light touch? Is that when you only break half their ship?" He pauses again before shruggling slightly. "Some things I keep for momentos, but most is split among the crew evenly enough. It is share and share alike here with plunder. You'll get your fair shake as will everyone else. Most of it? Spent on rum, gambling, and women. And weapons of course."

They do take pride in their weapons.
Akari Seran "Hmph." Akari smirks at the captain's confidence. Perhaps its a side effect of being in charge of a bunch of hoodlums. Normally, she'd dislike anyone in a position of authority almost on principal but he seems tolerable enough. At least he's been smart enough not to poke fun at her blindness.

"I can be gentle when I want to." She glances up at him with a full-blown devious grin. "Ask Chera if you don't believe me."

Leaving him to mull over the meaning behind that statement, she turns and steps back onto the deck, slouching down against the nearest crate or wall until she flops to the deck. A cigarette is fished out of her pants and within a few moments the strong scent of mint mingles in with the cool air.

"Rum, gambling, and women sounds fine to me. You can keep your weapons though."
Warden Thache There are only two types of successful pirate captains. One that rules by being the meanest son-of-a-<goosehonk> on the ship and with a fist of iron. The other rules by charisma, and the ability to outfight any other member of his crew. Warden is the second one, and he is more than a little bit of a hoodlum himself.

"Mmmm, I'm more of a show not tell kind of person." The cat drawls right back towards her. That devious grin quite enjoyed. "But I might just use my imagionation instead of asking. So much more inventive!"

He leaps down from the rigging, landing in a three point crouch for a moment before unfolding to his not inconsiderable height.

"To be honest? I'm expecting heavy resistance. I know the owner of the ship line that is moving this cargo. He's likely expecting me. Unless he's gotten himself an ironclad however, I think this will work fine."

His lips twist into a smile as he shakes his head, watching the whisps of smoke curl away from the blind girl. "You /are/ a weapon, so you need very few." There is a touch of respect in his voice. "To be honest, I've never seen anyone fight like you do. If you were to arm wrestle Shale there..." he nods to the massive stone Quartermaster. "...I'm not sure who I would put money on. Magic is not very common in my world."
Akari Seran Akari gives a dismissive grunt in response to the compliment. "It just happens to be something I'm good at. Family genes and all that. Or maybe the Gods just don't like me."

The girl inhales deeply on the cigarette, burning away a good portion of its length into glowing cinders. Some of the smoke escapes as she exhales but the rest seems to linger in her lungs and slowly drift upwards from her nostrils as she talks like a brooding dragon.

"But the Gods don't seem to have come along for the ride so <GOOSEHONK> em. "
Warden Thache "My family were not pirates, but...I happen to be good at it. Perhaps I should start my own branch." Warden replies with a touch of amusement towards her. It is a very fine line with her. Compliment her and she gets irritated. Insult her and she gets irritated. Invite her to your bed and...she smirks. That is at least something.

Its a hard line to skate on, but that is what makes it so fun a ride.

"Indeed, what have they done for us lately anyway, even if they made the trip." The captain obviously is not in the business of believing in God or Gods. Even if he might sware by one or two on occasion.

"Your sight, do you see by contact with a larger surface or by the elements themselves?" Warden asks as he walks over to a rack of what looks like odd surfboards set against the rail. "I only ask to figure out how best we might board. Since..." The cat tilts his head to one side, ears pricking forwards. "'ll be soon."
Akari Seran If Warden is capable of sensing other people's moods, it will be his turn to feel the tension rise at the mention of the berserker's lack of normal sight. However, before she can get too worked up about it he slips the noose by providing a decent excuse for asking.

"It's called geomancy." Akari pushes back to her feet and flicks the still glowing butt of her cigarette in his direction. The burnt white cylinder whirs past him only a few inches away and tumbles over the edge of the airship to vanish into the darkness below. "And I can see just fine."
Warden Thache Slipping the noose is something the cat happens to be quite good at. Its kept his head on his shoulders for most of his life.

"Noted," The man replies dryly as he sees the accuracy that goes into flicking those burning embers by his nose. For a moment he wonders what her 'vision' is like.

Judging from that tremor of tension at his first question though, he figures it best not to ask. For now anyway. He's rather not be on the recieving end of her temper unless he really deserves it.

"Then you go over with me, else you would go with the rest of the crew in the longboat. We clear the upper rigging of the ship. Then mop up below. Kill, maim, it doesn't matter which to me. Try to leave the ship mostly intact is all I request." A smirk. "No fire, if you're into that sort of thing. Acceptable?"
Akari Seran Akari stretches her arms, working her shoulders around a few times as she saunters over towards the edge of the boat. A hairband is removed from around her wrist where she'd been storing it and a few quick motions returns some semblance of order to her wind-blown mane of red locks as she returns them to their usual ponytail.

"Yeah, yeah, I get it. I'll try not to break the shiny things."
Warden Thache "Excellent!"

Turning to the rack he pulls the top object from the rack. It does look for all purposes look like a rather bulky surfboard. Eight or so feet in length and made out of the same odd gold-burnished metal as his ship.

A quick leap with the item takes him to the railing, balancing over death with the confidence that only comes from long practice. The man will only fall when he wants to fall. Not before.

The man doesn't offer her a hand up, though he becons her to join him none the less. He has a feeling she wouldn't take it if offered anyway.


"Just when I knew it would," Warden murmurs quiet enough so only Akari could easily hear. Then his voice is raised. "ALRIGHT YOU SONS OF <GOOSEHONK> YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO! LAST ONE TO MEET ME ON YONDER SHIP IS DOCKED HALF A SHARE!! FIRST ONE THERE GETS IT!"

He touches a console on the board and with a hum the object telescopes out a brilliant solar sail and a pair of what seem to be engines.

He puts one foot on the little craft, hardly big enough for the pair of them. However they both are on the slight side of a build type. It could be cozy, but perhaps not entirely uncomfortable.

...I did mention he's a bad man didn't I?

"Shall we?"
Akari Seran Akari quirks an eyebrow at the board but since air isn't really her element, she never quite got the trick of flying down. "Looks like I don't have much choice."

The girl steps up on the craft behind Warden but doesn't bother to hang on, either to him or the sail, her balance apparently impeccable even on the unstable footing. She crosses her arms again and waits, fingers drumming impatiently on her toned biceps.
Warden Thache "No kiss for luck?" A wink is tossed towards Akari and then. "You might," He drawls as he puts both hands on the grip that lines the sail. His hat is tucked away inside his coat. "Want to hold on to me."

His boots click faintly as they fit against the board. Its the only warning she'll get. Since its not the balance that is the problem.

Its speed and gravity.

The opening rounds of gunfire boom out across the sky as Warden shifts his balance forwards and the craft's engines ignite.

The speed is impressive and the captain gives a laugh of pure joy as the wind tears though his hair. Adreneline sings in his veins as he directs the craft towards its target. The serpentine patters he flies controled by shifts in his body as he goes.

Gunfire tears past the both of them. Sometimes too close for peace of mind, but the Captain seems to not give a damn.

Down, then up again and over the target ship. Men in the rigging platforms raising energy muskets to aim at the craft, the shots next to useless at this speed.

Though he slows slightly.

"Two degrees starbord is the topsail platform!" He calls back towards his passanger. "Try to land there, I'm bringing us in!" The laughter still is evident in his voice, even as more gunfire beings to snap around them like hissing fireworks.
Akari Seran Despite his warning, Akari fails to heed the advice, merely frowning a little deeper. Even when the small skiff/board rockets from the side of their ship she doesn't seem in any danger of falling or losing her balance. The girl's weight shifts from side to side with Warden's movements, matching every crazy manuever he pulls with great ease as if she's been doing it her entire life.

During the entire ride, she barely seems to move, merely standing with arms crossed and staring straight ahead as her hair flutters behind them like a pennant. The deadly gunfire that fills the night sky between the two ships doesn't faze her in the least, even when several shots whisk by so close she can feel the shift in the air as they pass.

"No idea what you're talking about," she responds, her voice easily carrying over the noise as she uses the wind to amplify her naturally gruff tone. "But I think I can take it from here."

Crouching slightly, Akari leaps away from the rear of the board into the emptiness of open air. For several seconds she seems to float among the clouds as the wind surges up around her in a protective cocoon, propelling her further than any normal person could leap. The merchant vessel slowly draws closer beneath her feet and when she is properly aligned, Akari releases her elemental parachute and drops like a boulder on the crew below.

True to her word, the berserker nails the upper platform in the first try - well, sort of. Instead of making a graceful cat-like landing, she plows feet-first into the edge of the railing, blasting straight through the wooden decking like it were tissue paper. A pair of unfortunate crewmen standing nearby are tossed aside by the impact, sending them tumbling into the walls and rigging just as effectively as if she'd planned it.

Buried up to her waist in the deck, Akari mutters and slowly pulls herself back up, brushing woodchips and splinters out of her pants.
Warden Thache Alright. Fine. That was impressive.

"Not exactly what I ment but it'll do," Warden murmurs to himself as he notes her dive-bomb of the upper platform. The men thrown go flying. One managing to catch himself in the rigging. The other lost over the side.

The rest of the snipers gape towards the woman like a bunch of slack-jawed dimwits.

Not the most intelligent thing to do however, as Warden screams in and with a powerslide of his skiff knocks two more right over the edge.

Leaving the skiff where it lands the cat hops off, nimble as a spider in its web as he darts across one of the lines towards a third pair of snipers.

Even as they take aim at Akari. Little energy rounds begin to pepper the broken boards under her feet and one whizzes decidedly close to her ears.
Akari Seran As before, Akari seems completely unconcerned by the energy bullets whizzing around her head. Either she's never encountered energy weapons before or she's actually as tough as she acts. In either case, the girl takes a quick stock of her surroundings once she's got her feet back on deck.

For a merchant ship, there certainly seems to be a sizable number of guards. Perhaps that's normal, she wouldn't know. Turning towards the nearest of the sailors, Akari performs a punching motion at the air, going through what looks like some sort of martial arts shadow boxing. However, only an instant later two more of the ship's defenders are blasted into the air by some invisible force, knocking them out of comission as well.

"Hmph. Not very tough for 'professional' guards."
Warden Thache "Oh the ones up here arn't paid to be tough, they are paid to shoot people. Which is why I..." There is a pair of loud /cracks/ of gunfire from Warden's direction. "...remove them first. Right annoying to get shot in the middle of swordwork. Those!"

The man points down towards the maindeck where a dozen heavily muscled men shout and shove against a longboat full of pirates. "...they pay to be tough." He smirks towards her and then simply leaps off the spar he had pearched on.

His boot strikes the back of one of the large men's heads with a crunch and the fellow falls bonelessly to the wood planking.

"Coming?" He tosses up almost challenging towards her.
Akari Seran Despite their lack of functionality, Akari's eyes can be quite expressive, as demonstrated by her mild look of surprise followed by a furrow-browed glare. A few more furious wind punches send another half dozen crew members sailing to their doom along with adding some new holes to the decor.

With a good portion of the riffraff dealt with, Akari hops down from the upper landing and falls, more gently this time, on the main deck. With a gutteral berserker warcry, she charges up behind the wad of muscle-bound armsmen and throws herself bodily at them to deliver a shoulder-check somewhat akin to being hit by a runaway train.
Warden Thache To be fair, the men in the topsails /are/ the most dangerous. They just aren't the biggest. Between Warden's gunfire and Akari's flurry of fustrated punches however they are laid to waste. Either thrown from the ship, jammed in the rigging, or fallen several dozen feet to their deck.

Either way, none of them seem to be offering any resistance.

Several of the armsment turn at the warcry suddenly behind them, the trio of them armed with heavy axes and hammers. However confusion is the obvious responce as Akari throws herself at the first of them.

What can this tiny thing expect to do to...

Her chose target cannons off the ship as if he was fired from one. Arms and legs akimbo as he spirals off into the nothing without even time to shout.

Other men once more stare slack-jawed at the tiny she-devil in their midst.

Then they begin to fight in earnest. Heavy axe swings and hammer blows wing in towards the blind bezerker as the pair tries to drive her back.

Meanwhile Warden trades blow with two more, his energy blades flashing in a blur as he parries are returns. Giving ground as he rolls out of the way of a heavy strike only to spin and slice his attacker across the back to stagger him.
Akari Seran Incredibly, the crazy girl doesn't even bother trying to dodge so much as deflect the blows with her body. The axe wings off the surface of her stone arm as she brings it around to punch the man who owns it square in the chest, lifting him completely off his feet and sending another man overboard.

A club whistles through the air smashing into the side of her head with a dull thud that snaps her face to the side. But rather than stun her, the blow only seems to enrage Akari. Bellowing loudly, she whips her head back around and uses it as a battering ram against the poor sailor's face, turning his already unpleasant features into a puzzle that his own mother might not recognize.
Warden Thache There is a moment of shocked silence as the big man stares as his notched axe. That look of shock remains there for just long enough for her fist to connect with the axe wielder. A bone crunching impact and then then man is gone. Swept over the side with the strength of her fist.

The man with the club seems to make more impact at least. He almost looks eleated to hit her. At least until she bellows at him and smashes her head against his.

In totally not an enjoyable way.

The man staggers backwards into his fellows. Chaos erupts as the pirates press forwards and the guards lines break.

Warden throws himself into the fight as well. One of his opponents drops, bleeding all over the wood of the deck. The pirate is smirking as he works.

"COME ON CAPTAIN!" The pirate roars out towards the back of the ship where a man in an officers uniform stands next to the wheel of the beligured ship. "YOUR MEN ARE DYING! IF YOU HAD ANY PRIDE YOU WOULD COME JOIN THEM!!"

The Captain in the back of the group growls as he draws a long saber and a pistol which he uses to shoot a pirate.

One right next to Akari.
Akari Seran Akari barely even pauses long enough to find a new target before she starts swinging again, practically throwing herself into the mob of battling pirates and sailors. She makes little distinction between friend or foe; anyone who gets in her way is sent reeling, though she manages to keep most of her aggression pointed towards the crew of the ship. The pirate casualities seem to be a matter of collatoral damage.

By now, the girl has drawn the aggro of most of the ship and several people take swings at her as she tears the place up. A variety of blades and bludgeons all make contact with her slender frame but no matter how nasty the weapon or how large the wielder, every attack that connects only seems to drive her into more of a frenzy.

Within a few short moments, Akari moves from one side of the deck to the other, leaving behind a trail of destruction in her wake as if she were the human embodiment of a hurricane. Not all of the merchant vessel's goons are laid low by her wrath but the odds have significantly shifted in the pirate's favor.

Almost in desperation, several of the larger armsmen tackle the berserker from behind and their combined weight finally carries the lot of them to the ground. Their momentum sends the group tumbling sideways, however, and they vanish into an open hatch in a ball of limbs and curses.

Like the aftermath of a storm, the upper deck becomes quiet, leaving only the remaining defenders and their captain alone with the pirates and theirs.
Warden Thache The pirates do their best to stay out of Akari's way. They have /seen/ what she can do man. At least the aftermath of the ship that she wrencked when she saved them. They can't keep themselves entirely out of cover, and more than one of them happens to be knocked about by Akari's marauading across the deck.

The carnage is suddenly cut short when the pile of armsmen tackle the tiny figure of the berserker. She goes down and half of the men in the pile look. Well. Suprised.

The opposing captain looks suprised.

Hell even Warden looks a bit suprised.

The merchant captain reacts first. "Ha! Pirate! Now we have your little madwoman under wraps! You can't hope to stop the rest of the marines on this shi--"

"Oh shut up." Warden sounds mildly annoyed as he raises his arm almost casually towards the pile of armsmen. The odd purple band around his wrist expands and flows over his hand. Voxels swirl into the form of a glowing purple submachine gun made of what looks like light.

It seems to fire very solid bullets though.

"Come on Akari! Arn't you wanted a good fight didn't you?" He calls as he advances across the deck towards the stunned merchant captain with a speed that most humans can't match. Energy rapiers cross as he slams his own blade against the merchants, all the while emptying rounds into the poor armsmen to get them /off/ of the tiny beserker.
Akari Seran Answer comes by way of several loud thuds from below decks, one after another. Akari's brutish warcries can be heard even through the thick decking as she deals with the situation. Seems like she didn't go down so much as get relocated. For the moment, however, it appears Warden will have to deal with the merchant captain on his own.
Warden Thache "...or she could have just knocked below decks..." Warden drawls as he winces from the sounds that are coming below. "That /can't/ be good for the cargo." A pause as he glances over the locked blades between him and the other captain. "You didn't have anything explosive down there did you? Let hope she doesn't get near the powder magizine."

The opposing captain pales even as Warden gives him a mad grin. "You're crazy! She could blow us all up!"

"I know. Exillerating isn't it?"

The merchant attempts to shove the cat off and bring his pistol to bare on Warden. The weapon in the pirate's off hand shifts again, sliding into the form of a glowing purple gauntlet that catches the barrel of the merchant's pistol.

Belowdecks everything is chaos. In this kind of cramped quarters there are regular crewment who attempt to scramble away from the angry titan that is a relocated Akari. There are however four men, large ones with heavy sabers and leather longcoats that guard a heavy seachest.

Those four all move forwards, two attempting to flank her. The other two charging right dead on her one blade swinging high, the other swinging low.
Akari Seran Down below the katamari ball of sailors lands in an untidy pile after tumbling down the stairwell. But there's no rest for those foolish enough to attract Akari's ire. Almost immediately there's a small explosion of force as she thrusts her fist upwards, sending bodies bouncing off the walls and ceiling like sacks of grain.

Practically glowing with outrage, the young woman turns and grabs the nearest thing she can find, which happens to be a massive crate filled with who knows what. She throws it like a shotput down the hallway towards her oncoming aggressors taking out the two of them foolish enough to charge her head on.

Those flanking find purchase with their blades in her bare skin and both swords slash harshly into her flesh. The girl growls and spins around, smashing one of the warriors through the wall behind him with her foot while the other stares in astonishment. Where there should be fatal wounds, only minor scratches marr the surface of her skin, hardly an annoyance to the obviously crazed teen.
Warden Thache Right.


Again not what they thought was going to happen. Normally swords cut someone /more/ than that. The first two are /gone/ so only the flanking members can appricate the problems they are having damaging the little crazed warrior.

"You should be dead!" One of them cries in shock as he hacks down towards her before getting put right though the wall. His friend takes one look at her, then one look at his sword.

Then drops the weapon.

And raises his hands.

He doesn't know if it'll work but he's gonna try surrendering!!

The other two? The first ones that she threw a crate at? Those two are cruched up between the remains of that thrown crate and the chest they were guarding.
Akari Seran Akari is not the kind of person who accepts surrender. Not when she's worked up into a battle frenzy. The sound of the blade hitting the deck only draws her attention that much quicker and in the short moment it takes her to turn around the other guard joins his friend in the People Who Have Been Punched Through Walls Club.

Teeth grinding with from her need for further violence, the berserker whirls around once or twice, seeking out fresh targets but it seems like everyone else has figured out fighting her is a bad idea. Which only leaves the men up on deck.

Taking off at a run, Akari literally leaps up the stairs in a single bound, landing at the edge of the of the deck with a snarl. She tries to cast her senses outwards to get a more clear view of the battlefield but with only the wind to guide her the process is slow. And that just makes her madder.

Shaking her head like she is trying to dislodge some unwanted thought, Akari clenches her fists and simply throws herself at the nearest thing she thinks is an enemy.
Warden Thache Well he tried.

That thought goes though his mind before he goes smashing though a wall. After that? He doesn't have much in the way of thoughts. Unconciousness seems to do that to people.

Then she is back up on deck and looking for murder.

The winds are difficult to taste at this speed. Not having the ground under her feet makes things more difficult. Its easy enough to see however that there are a pair left. Locked in combat as they go back and forth across the deck. Sword blows fly back and forth fast and furious.

Then suddenly the furious form of the little berserker tackles one of them. Down her target goes, leaving the other one to stand in some suprise.

"...well..." Warden's voice comes from somewhere off from her left. The captain looking quite suprised as his duel was intrupted. "...that was unexpected."
Akari Seran The merchant captain doesn't last long. As tough as he might be from living the life of a sailor, Akari's strength is otherworldly. A couple of brutal blows about the head turns the man into a pile of limp meat which she callously discards against the nearest wall once she realizes he isn't going to fight back.

Slowly, the teen rises to her feet and turns around, leveling her gaze on Warden. An aura of power seems to flow around her body, the wind swirling like a maelstrom in response to her raging emotions. However, her fury slowly begins to subside, reason and calm returning by inches.

Akari sucks in a massive lungful of air and exhales. She appears to drift into a daze for several moments but eventually she shakes her head and plops down on the deck in a cross-legged fashion.

"Tch, waste of time. Not one good fighter out of the lot."
Warden Thache "Well it /was/ a merchant ship. A merchant ship that wasn't expecting someone that can catch canonfire with her bare hands and only get pissed off by it." Warden points it out as he looks down towards the angry teen.

He hadn't backed down when she turned that gaze on him. He didn't quail, but that wry smile on his face. The poise in his posture. It all speaks of him being ready to counter her should she throw herself at him. Should she want to continue that fight he is game for it.

Thankfully she stands down, and his own posture relases. A flourish of his arm dismisses his gauntlet back to the glowing bracelet, and the sword dissipears back into its sheath.

"At least you looked like you were enjoying yourself."
Akari Seran Akari just nods, apparently put in a sour mood by the prospect of a decent fight that failed to live up to her expectations; though it's difficult to tell what exactly affects her mood and how. It was good to get out and do something atleast.

The girl doesn't look back at Warden. She could sense the tension in his body when he looked at her, feel the racing of his heart as adrenaline flooded his mind in preparation for the worst possible outcome. He didn't trust her. To him, she was just a wild animal, a dangerous thing to be unleashed for his own personal gain but he would turn on her in an instant if she took the wrong step.

It doesn't matter. Akari has long since realized that this was how the world viewed her. It hurt. It hurt her more than anyone would ever know. But her tears dried up years ago. Now there was only the hate and the anger.

The girl jams a thumb towards the open hatch she crawled out of. "Pretty sure the stuff you want is still down there."
Warden Thache To be fair to Warden in this case it would be foolish to ignore the fact that the tiny berzerker could crush his ribs with one misplaced swing. His weapons return to their own sheaths as he galnces ddown at the seated berserker. That wry smile is on his face as he looks towards her.

Grumpy. Annoyed. Furious at the world in general.

He doesn't know what goes though her head or her heart. The spirits don't whisper her emotional state. That half-smile on his face remains for a moment as he strolls over to look down at the former captain of the merchant ship before crouching and fetching a set of keys from the belt on his waist.

The tall cat stands, stretching in a most feline manner before holding one hand out towards Akari. An offer to help her up, even if he knows beyond a doubt that its not needed. Its not the needed in his mind, its the gesture itself.

"Come on then. Its your stuff too, you /were/ the first person over here with me after all."
Akari Seran It takes a moment for Akari to realise that the hand has been offered, what with her internal raging and the lack of earth to which she is naturally attuned. The wind is a poor substitute for her unique form of sight.

"Tch." She makes an annoyed sound and swats away the hand but rises from her seat all the same. The effect is lost on her; all she sees is an idle gesture of courtesy and such things only irk her even more. In the end, she's just a typical teen shying away from affection because it makes her uncomfortable. The difference is when she gets worked up, things start breaking.

"Yeah, whatever. Let's get this over with."
Warden Thache What Akari either misses or chooses to ignore is that Warden doesn't normally give those little gestures to anyone and everyone. He quirks an eyebrow at the swat, but the smile doesn't fade. In fact the touch of amusement in his eyes seem to dance for a moment before his hand is retracted.

"You did an excelent job clearing the deck," He adds as he walks across the shattered expance of the ship. One hand grips the side of the hatch as he swings himself down the stairs The man moves with an easy grace now. A relaxed and smooth step, its obvious that he feels at home here. On a ship that is, even one so odd as an airship like this. He pauses however as he glances at the holes in the wall from where he sent the poor marines flying.

"The captain was terrified you were going to set of the powder magizines." He adds with a soft chuckle as he continues on, raising one boot to shove a body off the heavily guarded seachest that was the most heavily guarded thing in the small high-value cargo room directly under the captain's cabin.
Akari Seran "Hmph. Does gunpowder usually explode when people punch it?"

Ofcourse, she could have lit the barrels on fire without much trouble but it's doubtful some random merchant captain has been keeping tabs on her. Akari stalks down the stairs after the pirate captain and leans against the wall, looking rather bored suddenly. She certainly seems to shift gears quickly.

Despite herself, she can't help but wonder what's in the box. A good pay off would mean she could drag Aeschere off somewhere fancy again. It's been a while since they spent some time together, what with the dark knight selling her services to the one person Akari would actually like to kill.
Warden Thache "'Powder' is an archaic word around here. The weapons use an unstable energy discharge held in some kind of stasis matrix. I'm not /exactly/ sure how it works, but it fires the cannon just as well for me not quite understanding it." The captain replies as he starts going though the keys.

Crouched down next to the chest keys rattle and jingle as he goes though one at a time. This one and that one. Looking for traps as well as trying to find the right key. "Lets see what you're hiding this time, Croix." He murmurs half to himself.

As he works though he looks over his shoulder a moment towards the suddenly bored woman. There is a touch of a smile on his face as he watches her stance. Bored mixing with the curiousity. He says little more while he works, instead content to leave her to her brooding until he gets the chest opens.

He frowns however as he notices something.

"...huh. Keep away from the wall your on, middle of the thing there is a concealed slot for a sliding blade. I have the key, but they might have set command trigger for the rest of the traps."
Akari Seran Akari just shrugs. It'll take more than some fancy mousetrap to bring her low; and now that he's pointed out the danger, she's almost obligated to act like she doesn't care to preserve her delinquent bad girl cred. Yes, she thinks about these things.

"I'll keep that in mind."
Warden Thache "Suit yourself, love." Warden calls back as he slips the key into the lock. Here goes!" There is a click as he turns the key. In the fading echo of that click everything seems to happen at once.

A blade shoots out of the hidden slot keen edge sweeping across the wall at waist height. A simalar blade does the same on the opposite wall. Two spikes angle out of the floor in front of the chest, two more out of the ceiling streight down. One pierces Warden's coat as he jerks out of the way and the other gouges a wound into his shoulder. Thankfully they don't impale the cat, just nearly so.

The lock is undone however, and the case kicked open with Warden's boot to reveal neatly stacked bags and smaller boxes. All nicely ordered and covered.
Akari Seran The blade smashes into Akari's bare waist at high speed, its mechanical gears clearly intended to have the power to put down any would-be thieves in a rather permanent fashion.

Instead of being bisected, however, the girl just continues to stare aimlessly into empty space while the mechanisms groan and grind in their efforts to complete a full rotation. A thin trickle of blood runs down the edge of the blade, pooling at its tip and dribbling little spatters of red on the floor, but Akari still doesn't even bother trying to push back.

Eventually, there's a hideous metallic squeal from somewhere within the walls and the blade slowly becomes inert, its gears wedged into some sort of engineering nightmare. Once the noise dies down, she glances over at Warden casually, making a show of peering into the chest even though she can't see well enough to tell what might be inside.

"Don't leave me in suspense all night."
Warden Thache "If you're doing that just to impress me," Warden groans slightly from where he had flopped on the floor. "It worked." The pirate has a very nice view of the whole thing as well. Even if its an upside down view of that fight between blade and immobile Akari.

He flips himself upright once again, apparently done with his upside down inspection of Akari's legs and torso. His gaze returns to the chest and he reaches for one of the boxes first. He flips open the top, then whistles softly to himself. "Oh Croix is going to spit /teath/ when he finds this out..." He murmurs as he passes Akari the box.

Inside? Resting on a bed of red velvet are a half dozen pieces of what looks to be rare materia.

There are at least a half-dozen boxes of them. Then the larger bags, one of which Warden snatches up and pours out a small but well cut gem. Along the bottom of the box however are longer cases, they look military perhaps.

/Now/ the pirate laughs out loud. "Well damn! This will be a hell of a split! I have a feeling that two shares will keep you well fed for quite some time."
Akari Seran Akari bares her teeth in a broad grin, somewhat confirming the accusation. Never hurts to show off a little. She steps away from the blade, revealing that the portion pressing up against her side has actually bent inwards around her waist. Whatever minor wound the trap inflicted on her to draw blood, it's either too small to notice among the red smear on her side or has already healed.

The box is accepted and the girl reaches her hand into it, picking up the small colored spheres. Ofcourse, she can't see that they're different colors and has no idea what materia are either but there's obvious magic flowing through them and that she can sense.

"So what're these," she asks, rolling one around in her hand. "Enchanted marbles?"
Warden Thache "Materia," Warden replies with a chuckle. "I'm not one for magic, but I keep tracck of what happens to be valuble in the different worlds. If its one of the more rare types? It can be sold for a good price...I'll get my appraiser on it as soon as we get back to the ship."

He peers into the box. "...huh. And weapons. Equipment from Shinra space? Seems that Croix is trying to finance something. It seems he's arming an expitition? Or arming something...either way the bastard isn't getting this shipment."

The pirate sounds curious now. Obviously he knows the merchant and knows he is up to something. Something expensive.

He reaches out towards her side, gesturing just lightly and coming close enough to just hardly touch. "You've got a little red on you."

His eyes dance in amusement again at the girls bright grin. "And out of curiousity, just what are you going to be doing with your split?"
Akari Seran "So I've been told," she says sarcastically.

She knows what he meant but it's too easy of a joke to pass up. The materia is put back into the box and handed back to Warden, since she doesn't have any pockets really suited for carrying it around. Easy enough to get her cut later.

"The same thing I do with all my money: spend it as fast as possible on the best things I can find."

Usually booze and fancy food, sometimes special 'company'. Whatever it is, it's usually expensive or exotic.
Warden Thache "Sounds like most of my crew," Warden's reply is wry and amused as seems to be his perpetual state of being. Though the cat captain seems to almost always expect a knife in the back from whoever is around him he at least puts on a smile for the rest of the world to see.

"Speaking of my crew. You are entirely welcome to join me whenver you like. I'm impressed, Akari. Not many people could have made taking a ship this easy."

He snaps the chest closed again. "Though next time, I'll make sure to wire ahead and make sure they have some sort of good fight for you. I don't want to get you too bored, else you might not want to come next time. I think I rather like having you around."

He turns towards her again, eyes flickering over her a moment as he checks for injuries once again. He finds nothing, and that impresses him even more. "...come on then. Back to the ship. We can get all this settled right and proper, then maybe you can join me for breakfast!"

...he did mention that he's a terrible person right?

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