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Having Warden for Tea
(2014-03-20 - Now)
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Morrighan Alazne It was only recently that Artemis had attacked that unsuspecting church with a bevy of shadow lords in tow. What ensued was a confusing mashup of steel, magic, and wills. But in the end, they were forced to retreat. In the midst of that, Will had broken Echo's spell on Morrighan, who promtly took out her anger on the bat.

Cut to a few days later.

"...Why are you still here?" Morrighan grumbled, she was seated in her living room, on a comfy looking couch with a saucer in her lap and a teacup in her hand. A teapot was situated on a table in front of the couch. Who could she have been talking to? Pan the camera a little to the side and you'd find Echo. ...Looking no worse for the wear.

The elf took a sip of her tea, eyes closed and brow twitching in a frustrated manner. "You hardly have any further reason to be here. Nor are you all that welcome. Now begone, would you?"

She wasn't thinking about the possibility of a rescue attempt at the moment.
Echo "Aww, you wound me, Morri-kins, pass the crumpets would you?" Echo was sitting there on the other side of the sofa, holding a tea cup as well and sitting daintily with her legs crossed. The bat even seemed to have her sandals off while she was indoors, and looked like she was casually relaxing, having tea with the dark elf. Perhaps not all of her 'spell' (though it was more of a brainwashing, truth be told) has worn off... yet?
Warden Thache As the irate elf and the batty wizard have their glare-off there comes a soft knock on the front door. Its not a demanding knock. Its not a loud knock. Its a polite knock.

Should someone answer? They would find...a racoon. Standing on his hind legs. With a pirate's sash and a pirate's scarf on his head. His gaze angled up towards whoever answers the door.

"Evenin'!" Spooks chirrups. "I'm here to ask if you have given to the pirate orphen charity of your choice lately! If not perhaps I can convince you to donate?"
Morrighan Alazne "What is not my name. And get them yourself!" Morrighan shot back irritably at Echo, shaking her head and taking another sip from her cup.

A knock at the front door gave the dark elf pause however and with an arched brow, she stood, setting saucer and cup on the table before heading over to the front door and opening it.

Staring at the...racoon, Morrighan narrowed her eyes as he began to launch into his sales pitch. Seriously? Pirate Orphans? What sort of nonsense was this ev--no, no. Don't get worked up. "Try somewhere else." She said simply before unceremoniously moving to slam the door in the racoon's face.

"Pirate orphans. That has to be the most ridiculous one yet..." The elf muttered as she turned and made her way back into the living room.

At least he wasn't a Jenova's Witness.
Echo As Morri and Echo went through her exchange, Echo was leaning forward to get whatever sort of biscuit or wafers they had for tea when the knock at the door. She was a little surprised even, she figured Morri might tell her to get the door, even--a little of her old Shadow Lord self showing through, perhaps. But this did not occur.

"Morri-dear, who was at the door?" Echo asked, as she leaned back nibbling a biscuit and taking a sip of her tea. Still, having the dark elf marching around was something she was used to, admittedly, so she didn't necessarily mind that, either.
Warden Thache "Wait wait wait mam! Hold on! Pirate orphens are a true problem you know! Mighty dangerous profession being a pirate! You loose things all the time, limb I mean! An--" He is met by a slammed door to the face and the racoon frowns slightly and rubs his bumped nose. "...funny. I'm normally a better distraction than that..."

As Morrighan returns to the little living room she might fight one window opening /almost/ of its own accord as Warden pulls himself in though the portal. However as soon as he glances around and sees Echo sitting pretty on her couch, and Morrighan strolling back in like nothing at all is wrong then cat captain pauses, ears twitching forwards as a rueful smile comes to his face.

"...well..." He pauses. "...I was expecting Spooks to keep your attention for at least a few more minuites."
Morrighan Alazne "........"

Morrighan just slowed down to a stop as she spied Warden helping himself inside through a window. Eyes narrowed in incredulity, she crossed her arms. "I know you. You're that fool pirate captain that was helping Artemis destroy that church." One of the few benefits she could afford from that time learning people's names. Even if she'd rather have nothing to do with them normally.

Echo is spared a glance, then back to Warden. "Your associate at the door wasn't worth the time it took to answer the door." Ouch. "And I suppose you've come to pull off a daring rescue?" That question was posed with a smirk, and the dark elf gestured to her currently unwanted company on the couch nonchalantly.

"Well, please do so. She has been a thorn in my side for days now. Refuses to leave, drinks all my tea, unable to keep her hands to herself. One would think she was raised in a barn!" That said, Morrighan held her hands up in a blithely defensive manner. "Let's skip the token struggle too. I am in no mood to be fighting vagrants at this hour."
Echo "Warden! how nice of you to stop by, please pull up a seat, we were just having tea," Echo seems delighted to see Warden, and is motioning for him to come sit. "Mmm, house of assassins, actually," Echo replied to the 'raised in a barn' comment while looking sly and having another sip of tea, before leaning back. "But yes, there is no need of a rescue, Morrighan and I seem to have come to an understanding, though I am not sure she is ready to return to her Shadow Lord nature full-time," she nodded.
Warden Thache Warden opens his mouth to reply but decides to hold his tounge for a moment. Instead of an imeadeate reply he pulls himself the rest of the way into the room, dusting off his long coat and smiling towards the pair of them.

"I supose this place isn't given much pause by the novelty of a talking pirate racoon." He agrees before answers Morri's question first. "I don't really /do/ heroic rescues, but on occasion I've been known to do a jailbreak or three. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect truth be told. You." A smile towards the lady elf. "Seemed a bit put out with me the last time we met. I'm prefectly fine with no fighting. I have no wish to use a new boat, but I never say no to free food and drink! Rule of being a pirate and all."

A pause. "House of assassins? Sounds like home!" He adds as he takes one step further into the room before pausing and eyeing Morrighan once more, his lips twitch in a slight smile. "Are you going to throw magic at me again if I stay for much longer? If you are I'd like a warning. I'm perfectly happy leaping out the window under my own power."
Morrighan Alazne "No, it isn't." Well, actually yes, but Morrighan has personally seen her share of brow raising creatures to barely bat an eye these days. After Mirage, King Mickey, and Negaduck, what else was there to be surprised by? A talking a racoon? ...Nope.

Of course, Echo's ignoring of Morrighan's words had gotten an irritated twitch out of the woman. Were these people deaf? Or was it opposite day? But even more than that- "Excuse me? Who are you to speak as if you know me? I am not 'on break' or whatever you may think. I simply do as I want!" She could feel her blood pressure rising. This couldn't be good for her health.

Warden is given a withering look then. "......" And then a sigh. "Very well. You may stay for a little bit." Deciding that she'd rather not pop a blood vessel yelling at these two, the elf stepped further in and sat on a chair away from the two of them.

"And you will leave through the front door like a civilized person!"
Echo "And that's good! That's a good motive to have, go with that," Echo seemed to be impressed and encouraged Morri to 'do what she wanted' and all that, first step on the road to recovery for being evil, that! "It is nice of you to drop by, from what I understand you attempted a daring rescue on myself here?" Echo gestured to her front, nodding to Warden. "Me and Morrighan here were just having some 'girl-talk' over tea really, have a biscuit," she passed one of the chocolately chip things to Warden.
Warden Thache Snagging one of the biscuits the cat smirks slightly as he glances between the pair of them. "Well I always admire a woman that does what she wants. That is a touch of my own motto." He does however at least bow when he recieves that withering look. "And thank you both for the hospitality. I get very little of that normally!"

...must be all the pillaging. People don't like being pilliaged really.

"I'd say sorry for intrupting but I'm really not sorry, and I'm not quite sure if intrupting was a good or bad thing yet." He starts to sit before popping back up and strolling to the window to shut it behind him. Being polite.

"The windows are so much more dramatic an exit, but if you insist on the door." He adds lightly as he returns to a chair, angling it to face both of the ladies and sitting with an odd boneless grace that some people envy. The tip of his tail flicks slowly left to right.

"I did attempt a rescue, but..." He shrugs. " I need a new airboat. Such is life. You really are a very good shot, Morrighan."
Morrighan Alazne "Oh yes, I did blow up that boat, didn't I?"

That was said with a heavy air of nonchalance to it. "My apologies, I wasn't quite thinking in the heat of the moment." She wasn't sorry in the least. "I'm sure you can have your crew fashion a new one from whatever scrap you can salvage here and there." And no she was stereotyping.

Morrighan rolled her eyes at the window comment and shook her head. "I hardly see the need for a dramatic exit right now. After all, we are not locked in combat or anything of the sort." And a sigh. "Such troublesome matter anyhow." Despite saying that, she'd grown rather used to it. Blame Avira for all that violence back in the day!

"So, far be it for me to ask, but considering that I am not among your number now; what will you say to Garland and the others?" She smirked at Echo upon asking that. "I can already hear his voice going 'As I knew it would be.'"
Echo "As far as they knew I accomplished my task, I had not forseen that Sherman would try to hex your old memories back," Echo tapped a finger against her cheek, peering at Morrighan. "You /sort-of/ seem more like your old self, are you sure you're not feeling more evil, dear?" she reached over to put a hand on Morrighan to check her temperature, as if being good was something like a cold. "As for Garland I'm not sure, to be honest I answered to Maleficent before, not sure when she'll resurface, so to speak," she laughed a bit sheepishly, in good humor.
Warden Thache "Oh tell them whatever you like, Garland will think whatever he does regardless of what we tell him about it." Warden gives his opinion on the subject matter as he reachs for the teacup to take his own drink for himself. "Come now, Echo. Don't push her like that, she'll do what she wants right?" He adds with a twitch of a smile.

Its hard to tell just WHO Warden answers too. Even if he really answers to anyone. He might not.

It would be typical of the pirate.

"As for the boat? No issue! I'll just drop by Montressor and relieve the Royal Navy of one of theirs. They have /so/ many. Shame they don't share more right?" 5r
The man has a positivly wicked grin on his face.
Morrighan Alazne "What is wrong with you?" Morrighan demanded, shoving Echo's arm away. "Are you so caught up in your little game of good and evil that you must neatly place everyone into either category?" With a huff, she crossed her arms. "The real world hardly works that way!"

Warden gets her attention again and she just scoffed at his reply. "Of course. Leave it to a pirate to pillage and plunder." She didn't seem to care either way, as long as it wasn't her being pillaged and plundered.

"But that begs the question; If pirates pillage and plunder what they need...what /do/ they spend their money on?"
Echo "Hrm, well this is true, you could just have blossomed into an Anti-here!" Echo said brightly, eyes a little wide as if in excitement. "Buut I'll leave that for you to decide, still seem fashionably evil to me what with that "Ohoho" laugh she does," Echo spared the dark elf a glance as she finished her tea, looking to be about done. "He's more of a plunder the ladies sort that one, I think, but he's still quite the love, isn't he? Mr. sweetums?" The bat got up and moved over to Warden, attempting ot scritch him behind his ears and all that, like one would do to pet a cat.

"Well then Morri-dear, I think I'll be off, we still having pizza on Friday?" she gave the dark elf a big batty grin.
Warden Thache "Rum mostly!" Warden cheerfully answers. "Repairing the ship. Kitting out you own outfit and weapons. We are simple folk if you look at it." The grin is anything but simple however as he takes a sip of his tea. He looks relaxed. Comfortalbe. Making himself at home really.

Echo reaches out to skritch his ear and for a moment he leans into that skritch. Then his hand comes up in the blink of an eye to capture Echo's wrist and he drags her hand down to kiss against the bat-wizards palm.

"I am a pirate luv," The cat drawls out as he lets the woman go and relaxes back once again. "Pillage comes with the territory, and I'm not ashamed to admit it." A pause. "I'm not really ashamed of much come to think of it!"

A glance up towards Echo then before he quirks an eyebrow. "Leaving already? I'm not running you off am I?" A pause. "Though I think Morrighan might approve if I did?" He adds with an amused look towards the elf.
Morrighan Alazne Echo is given a withering look for her comment. Pizza was frankly an enigma to her. Plus it looked repulsive. "No. We are not." Well, that settled that.

Warden's lack of care for much of anything just caused the dark elf to shake her head in exasperation. What /did/ this man care about? ...She figured she was better off not asked.

So she didn't.

"Well, if she is running off, then you must follow. She is what you came here for, yes?" She was going to have to clean the bat and pirate off of her furniture and dishes now!
Echo "See? he's such a dear," Echo giggled a little as Warden kissed her palm, tugging her hand away playfully. "No? oh well perhaps just tea, or maybe scones," Echo shrugged a little and nodded, finding her sandals and slipping them back on.

"Might be a little hard to explain to the other shadow lords, but we'll let this one make up her mind and check on her later," she says more to Warden than to Morrighan, exactly, so it might be hard to hear, as she proceeds to head out.
Warden Thache "Must I? You do make a good cup of tea, and the biscuits are delicious. Did you bake these?" Warden asks towards Morrighan the playful tone of his voice fitting for a feline. It seems he does enjoy playing. Possibily /that/ is one of the things that Warden cares about.

Playing. Freedom. Shiny bags of gold.

The rest is a mystery.

He likes it that way.

"If you insist however, I wouldn't want to impose. It would be bad form, since I'm here as a guest." The man slips to his feet, again with that feline and boneless grace of his, his ears pricked forwards. That teasingly sharp smile on his face. "It was a pleasure meeting you Morrighan. Properly, when I'm not being shot at by anyone."

Turning towards Echo he just laughs and shakes his head. "Bah, don't explain unless they ask. Its much better to ask for forgiveness than permission and all that." He turns towards the door, bowing with a flourish towards Morrighan before he turns to follow Echo slowly out, whistling a sprightly tune to himself.

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