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(2014-03-19 - Now)
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Faruja Senra Faruja may not particularly like the Guado or the Ronso, owing to their affiliations with the Yevonite church, but the sight of the remnents of Shinryu forces sympathy and sorrow into even his heart. The evil creature's destruction is no doubt a boon, but the aftermath no less painful. How many had died? How long will it be before the beautiful forest recovers?

Faruja sits at the edge of the lake, pondering those very questions as he stares at his own reflection in the water, turning away from the darkness.
Reize Seatlan Reize had been doing some investigations. With the incident of Shinryu, there have been a lot of darkness in the area. This brings the forest ranger to a more subdued position. He traveled through the woods, as if tracking something. Reize is not lost this time. That requires a map. No, he is tracking something. He is trying to rekindle those skills from the forest.

He had been in the desert too long.

He stiffens, however, when he sees that Faruja is near the edge of the lake.

"Ooi! Faruja!" The boy waves his way, lowering his drawn boomerangs.
Faruja Senra Ear-perk! Faruja is shaken out of his own thoughts by a familiar voice. Turning about, and looking up, he smiles brightly.

"Ahh, Reize! My, my, my, what brings ye here? Surveying the landscape as well?" Leap! The rat's over near the boy in an instant, landing gracefully.

REaching into his pack, Faruja pulls out a blanket, and picnic basket. The rat smiles. "I was expecting someone else, however, it seems they art delayed. Care for lunch?" The smell of ham sandwiches and tea wafts from the basket.
Reize Seatlan A smile grows upon Reize's face when he looks pretty calm. He looks around the forest with a more worried look.

"To be honest, I missed the forest." He lifts his shoulders slightly, his eyes fall shut. "...I have lived at Fluorgis for too long. However... that was never my real home." He admits to Faruja, "I feel so out of place in a desert enviroment." He grins, "I am more at home in a forest region."

He frowns, looking at the place. "...But this place is much cursed." A smile forms as the boy decides to join Faruja, "Sure! Thanks for having me!" Thoughtfully, "Are you investigating the darkness here, too?"
Faruja Senra "Ye lived in a small village, outside of a forest, yes? It must be so like home..." There's a sad, even sympathetic note in the rat's voice. No doubt the boy misses home. It's a thought that Faruja knows all too well.

"Ye seem it! I hardly could tell that ye were approaching, even with /these/!" He flicks his ears, the rat's voice almost proud.

A swift nod, and the rat lays out the blanket. He starts pouring tea, and distributing sandwiches.

"Quite." Nom! "Never hath there been such creatures of Darkness since the time of Holy Ajora himself walking the world. I fear that the evil left here hath tainted this place, and shall spread both into the flora as well as the fauna of the land. Sister Henrietta is an excellent geomancer, and she would be able to confirm my suspicions, however, she is most tardy." There's a hint of worry in the rat's voice here. From the look on his face, this isn't something that's normal of the Sister.

He forces a smile to his muzzle. "Reize. Would ye tell me more of thine pendant? I understand 'twas a gift from thine mother...that is no mere keepsake. Where did she acquire such a thing? Back in the Cloister, it seemed to almost resonate with the Esper. Did she do something to thy pendant?"
Reize Seatlan "Funny, thing..." Reize smiles at Faruja, "I lived at a hamlet, actually. It's smaller than a village. It was about fifty kilometers away from any other town or city. Forests surrounded the entire way." He grins, "However, us Ilesians were proud folk that managed to be self-reliant. We used the resources of the forest to remain self-reliant. However, we put back what we took from the forest!" He thinks it over, "...There is no church there, so everyone believes in being self-reliant." He knows Faruja's belief in his religion, though, the boy gives it a bit of thought.

"..Upon meeting you, it was interesting to know someone so devout in a belief of a religion." The boy joins Faruja along the blanket, then he takes the tea and smiles, "Thanks!"

"Nn..." The boy frowns, "Well, we could look for Sister Henrietta together, if it helps." There is a glance over to the sandwich as he begins eating it. As he continues to chew the bread..

Faruja brings up a question his way.

There is a change of mood on the boy. The usual light in his eyes die away as his expression becomes pensive.


"It was from my father, actually." The mood slowly becomes more relaxed and the smile grows. "My father was an adventurer and a knight. He was someone who seen much of the world that no one else have seen. He decided to settle in that small hamlet that I grew up at." He looks over at the pendant, "I don't know where my father picked up the pendant. However, I have learned something very important about it recently."

A smile grows, "The pendant is a fragment of a shooting star."
Faruja Faruja laughs at the description of the little hamlet. "My, my, my! Such simple, honest work. I can certainly respect such staunch resourcefulness and pride, as well as thine respect to the land. It is...well, 'tis a bit late for sermons. Another time." Smile! It's one of those smiles showing Reize /won't/ be escaping that long winded sermon when it comes. Be afraid boy of the scarf. Be afraid.

At this, Faruja stands and actually bows. "I am but a humble servant of the Lord, charged with the defense of the innocent and the spreading of the Faith to every corner of Ivalice...ahem, the 'World of Ruin', now, and the world(s) at large." As might be expected by now, he's rather reverent and formal about the whole thing.

Then, he's down on the towel, chomping away with all the efficiency of a hungry, ravenous Templar. Nom nom nom. Sandwiches dissappear at a swift rate.

The rat's eye turns to Reize's own pair as he grows pensive, the Burmecian looking him over. It's an odd thing. Most might not think the boy given to deep thought...and Faruja knows well he isn't. But there's more than meets the eye to the young man, and Faruja knows /that/ for certain.

As for the Sister, the Burmecian nibbles on his sandwich, thinking. "...Give her an hour, then we search."

"Full of stories, fanciful tales that no doubt sparked thine most vivid imagination." Bonk! The rat taps the boy's noggin.

The rat's brow raises. "Truly? Ye know, they say that the cross of the Ajoran church originally was of the shape of the staff the Holy Prophet Ajora used. It was, itself, a holy artifact forged from starmetal, cast to the earth upon the Prophet's birth."

"Thine pendant is powerful, Reize. I know naught from whence thine Father received it, but guard it well. Such things are rare, even in mine own world. 'Tis a legacy of thine blood. Let it always remind ye of thine Father."

Ahem! "I would be curious of its origins. There /is/ a rather wise magi in Traverse Town, by the name of Merlin. Hath ye considered taking it to him? He may be able to shed some light on the subject."
Reize Seatlan The pride within Reize swells a bit, turning his head towards Faruja. Though, the young boy falters a bit when Faruja gives him that smile. It is a smile that says that Reize will hear an ear's worth of some lecture. And if he dares fall asleep, well, the boy is in for pain. Faruja hurts a lot. Though, Faruja is given a smile regarding his work.

The topic of the pendant is a major discussion at this point.


Reize's eyes rolls to the back of his head as he waggles around. He shakes his head to bring himself to a more awakened state. He looks over towards the crystal while listening to Faruja's tale about the cross. "Hrm... So that is the origins of the cross of Ajora." He smiles, bearing a more rapt gaze. He likes hearing of the different cultures, after all. The church's tale is yet its own sub-culture.

Reize blinks for a moment when Faruja speaks on the pendant. A smile grows. "I'll guard it well." The thought of taking it to Merlin may actually prove useful. "...Yeah, I will give it some thought. Maybe Merlin will be able to tell me some more things about this pendant."

He lays his head on the towel, his eyes gazing towards the sky.

"Would you believe that a shooting star captures the people's wishes... and takes it to the end of the road where it can make those wishes come true?" As the gaze becomes dreamlike, the boy smiles, "...When I was unconscious long ago, I could hear people's deepest wishes. As they have been fulfilled, the pendant regains its power."
Faruja Pain indeed. Prepare your ahoge, Reize, he'll put you on chocobo tending duty in Mullonde.

The boy's interest has the ratling positively beaming. By Ajora, he may finally be having an effect on the young man! The pure amount of hope and joy in the rat's red eye may be a bit frightening.

"Whenever ye wish to know more of the Church, merely ask, my boy." Grin! Tail wiggle!

The ratling nods approvingly. "He hath been most useful many a time to myself, and many others." Pause. The rat turns his own gaze to the sky.

Faruja's silent for some time. In truth, the rat couldn't in good faith believe in such a tale. No, he's too stuck in his own dogma. But he'd hardly crush a young boy's dreams. "I believe in miracles, Reize, and the power of belief,"

The rat's smile falters for but a moment. "Wishes, hmm?" His eye turns to the pendant. He studies it, long and hard.

"Then keep finding those pure wishes, and fulfill them, Reize. Be cautious, however. Not all art so pure, nor those whom hold them willing to openly admit to them. I hath known men to kill for such things."

His voice is solemn as he speaks. Silence, and then, he leans back on the towel.

His voice brightens. "...Just some advice from a simple knight caught in a complicated world. Keep to thine dreams. If all were aught, then mine own life would be far less filled with strife, as would all others."
Reize Seatlan An effect. Just enough to make him curious over the lore, but no deeper. After all, an explorer has to keep an open mind of everything.

Reize smiles a little at Faruja, "Perhaps I will at some point. Though..." He grins, "Why ask when I can find out eventually!" The youth smiles, lifting his gaze at the stars, "... I spent all of my life in the small hamlet, listening to stories." The smile fades with a sad smile, "...I longed to experience them myself." Then, a grin forms, "That is why I am an explorer. I want to experience them all for myself... and I will be able to tell others and inspire them." That grin becomes a beaming smile as he rolls over to face Faruja, "Just like my father inspired me!"

In truth, Reize doubted that Faruja would believe in the tale. However, neither did Reize for some time. "I have been... Many of the people have had wishes. I remember hearing them. One person wanted to find his own memories... another wanted to make his father proud." He considers, "I am not sure how many of those wishes that I've fulfilled, but I felt the pendant's light when they were fulfilled."

Then, the boy furrows his eyebrows further as Faruja mentions the darker side of the wishes and the willingness. "...Soon, this pendant will be able to become a shooting star."

Then he'll be able to make his own wish.

...Just a simple wish.

The boy grins at Faruja, "...We'll keep traveling the world together in spite of those strifes!" Though, the boy looks worried, "... That friend of yours still has not shown up yet."
Faruja Faruja openly laughs, folding his hands behind his head. "'Tis just like thee, Reize! Methinks ye shall rarely find succor within any place for overlong. But, 'tis thine nature. And ye shall grow for thine roamings."

Indeed, the rat seems rather pleased with the boy's plan. He's certainly been inspiring for the knight himself.

Slowly, however, the rat stands. "Then I look forward to the day when it blazes enough to sear the eye."

A glance back to the pendant once more...and it's a suspicious one this time. Could it see into his own heart, so cluttered now with paranoia, righteous anger at the world, and dreams of a united world bathed in Faith and purity? For good or ill, Faruja's dream is a grand one, filled with towering cathedrals and unity. The means, however, and whether the Church is yet pure enough to be that agent remains to be seen.

His small moment of paranoia passes, and the rat grows serious.

"We go. First, 'round the lake. She may well hath stopped to meditate upon it." The rat stalks off, peering about, looking for his friend.
Reize Seatlan Succor in any place for overlong. Reize looks a bit sheepish, rubbing the back of his head, "... I never like staying at a place too long." His reminder of his time in Fluorgis is a testament of Reize wanting to leave. He almost left the Shard Seekers in frustration, after all. "...A never ending tale, I'd hope." Reize grins.

The boy cannot help but look at Faruja as he seems to look over at his pendant. Reize gives a thoughtful look, but then it passes when Faruja makes a decisive choice. "Okay!" The boy stands up, then he stretches his arms up. "We'll find her!" Reize withdraws both boomerangs.

"Remember, Faruja, the darkness has grown very thick here with as consequence of Shinryu. Be careful of the flora here, some may have been corrupted as a result." The young ranger brings his mind back to the way that he deals with the forest.

...It is like home again. Just distant and infected.

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