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(2014-03-18 - 2014-03-19)
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Reize Seatlan Night has risen upon Fluorgis. With the end of the daylight, the stars glisten out to the sky as a blanket of darkness shrouds the world. It is a peaceful time as many of the travelers have either settled for the night or have moved to the taverns to have their daily story swapping.

Fluorgis is the prospering city kept together by the Fire Crystal. The city's water continues to flow along the water system.

While it is a time of peace that underlies the city, the bridge is occupied by a boy who has been leaning against it. His elbows rest along the railings as he gazes out towards the stars. The expression on his face is a bit more somber. Laid out through the railing are thick cards with paintings.

The very painting at the center displays an image of clouds against a dark sky, complete with metal spires and lightning.

A gentle click of a music box plays. It is right next to the boy as he stares beyond the stars. Just zoned out.
Katyna Ahh Fluorgis. Kat always seemed drawn towards this city and when she thinks of the fire crystal powering it, she realizes why. Of course, being one who is fire-aligned that would go without saying. Heat, fire, deserts..All good!

She's rather enjoying the mild weather here, dressed in her lighter flame tunic and black leggings attire as she wanders the streets, pausing atop the bridge to gaze down thoughtfully into the water, a pendant clasped in her hands.

"Ahh, Razan, where are you?" She sighs aloud as she stares at his picture, that so greatly resembles Reize..
Lynn Cascadia A certain young girl has been out and about probably more than is safe in an unfamiliar world. This is her third time returning to Fluorgis, to the place that's starting to feel like a new home to her, since she hasn't been able to find her old one... nor does she particularly want to.

Out for an evening stroll, she spots a familiar someone on the bridge. Approaching, she hears the music box, and stops to listen for a little bit before attempting to quietly hum along to the tune, almost like heterodyning. She walks up to Reize, but takes the long way around to the other side of him from the direction she came, her steps very slow and measured. She doesn't say anything either, just very quietly humming along to the music box, leaning against the railing, and staring out among the stars...
Reize Seatlan The longer the boy's mind dwells within the song, the more somber he feels. There is nostalgia to the tune. Those cards are gazed at for a long time. Each of those paintings from the tarot have been of a different world. Of many of those tarots, Lynn will find one of them being a painting of a small seaside town with a dock nearby.

...It's Onrac.

Reize had been within his trance, a dark cloud casted over him. However, there is a sudden tune that joins with the song in harmony. The heterodyning brings the eyes wide. In a moment, there is a swell of water along the boy's eyes before he suddenly realizes that he's not alone.


The boy brings the box to a close and he turns to face Lynn, "Oh! Lynn! Didn't see you here!" He looks her over, "Adjusting well here?"
Katyna So focused is she on her pendant, that Kat does not initially see either Reize or the water girl, atlhough she does hear the music, which causes her to smile softly. Aah, it's somehow comforting, reminding her of the good old days, back when she was Kityana, when everything was simpler..

She blinks as she hears voices, peering around until she spots the familiar form of Reize..And some other girl with him. Heh, typical. "Hey you." She calls out with a wave. "Whatcha up to?" Lynn is given a simple nod and friendly smile. She doesn't know her name yet.
Lynn Cascadia Well. That worked well enough. She smiles and nods calmly in response to Reize's question, continuing humming along for a little longer before dropping her part of the tune. Before she can actually say anything, though, there's a third person on the scene. Turning to acknowledge the other girl's presence, she waves back as part of the nonverbal introduction of sorts. She stays silent, though, as the girl beat her to the question she was going to ask, more or less.
Reize Seatlan A smile grows towards Lynn as she indicates of her adjustment. "Good. I am glad that you have been adjusting. Hrm, I think you and Lily may get along."


Another voice catches his attention. He sees the arrival of Katyna, which Reize brightens a grin and he waves her way, "Ooii, Katyna!" The youth rubs the back of his head, "Ah, I've been doing some exploration!" He is able to put the thoughts of the music box behind him. Gathering those tarots together, Reize piles them together and then he places them back into his pouch.

"I was actually just thinking about a few things. Nothing too important!" The demeanor still remains as cheerful as possible. He is trying, considering his thoughts moments ago. The boy adds, "A few of the Shard Seekers and I visited Shiva to help Skoll get her to assist him in his travel. Though... I originally went to the Cloister for something that called me in. We've made progress so far!"

Pause. "Oh!" He brightens into a grin, "Lynn, meet Katyna. She is a friend of mine." He gestures a hand towards Lynn, "Katyna, meet Lynn. She is a new Shard Seeker."
Katyna Kat's eyes initially go towards the music box, then the tarots. "Heh, you seem pretty..Pensive, tonight. What's up? That's a pretty nifty music box.." However, hearing of Skoll and his trials gets a curious quirk of the chin as she ponders that.

"Oh? How's Skoll doing these days? Did he ever manage to get rid of that crazy collar thing?" Really, Kat doesnt know much about the enigmatic wolf boy, except that he was one of the few who defended her when she sought to redeem herself and to leave the life of a Shadow Lord behind.

Finally, she glances towards Lynn and smiles brightly. "Heya, nice to meet you! Seems every time I see Reize, he's brought home another shard seeker!" She winks teasingly at the boy.
Lynn Cascadia Lynn's attention doesn't catch the tarots until Reize is putting them away, but she does catch a glimpse of the Onrac one, which immediately results in glancing aside, a sort of 'I saw nothing' look on her face.

There are some names she doesn't know, one of which she learns to match to a face -- the other woman present is Katyna -- and one she has no idea who it is -- this mysterious Skoll fellow. She smiles innocently back at Katyna, completely missing any sort of secondary meaning the woman may have been implying about Reize and his tendency to bring home Shard Seekers. "Nice to meet you too, Miss Katyna." Formalities, formalities.

Katyna did ask a good question a mere moment earlier, so she'll revisit that. "...Reize, is everything all right?"
Reize Seatlan Pensive? Hrm. Upon realization, Reize feels a bit more comfortable with the situation. Truth be told, Reize has never been the type to really talk about his personal life outside of say what has been known about him ordinarily. In fact, he only recently talked about Ilesia, hasn't he?

Perhaps reminiscing is getting to him.

Of course, with the topic regarding Skoll's journey, Reize brightens considerably, "Skoll has been free and has been on his personal journey." He brightens, "He's gone through quite a bit in his journey, but he has managed quite well for himself!"

And of course, Katyna's comments about bringing another Shard Seeker in. That suggestive wink is /NOT/ lost on the boy. One can even see his cheeks turn red as he gives a whooping cough. "Ahh, she was another person who lost her home like many of us! She also wants to help us restore the other worlds!" That is Reize's justification and he is sticking with it!

...And then Lynn revisits a topic that Reize hoped to push away.

That moment, Reize visibly tenses. "...Yeah. I was just thinking about a couple of things since the trip. Nothing too important." In the back of his mind, he can recall a question that was imposed on him days ago.

~ "Do you have a wish?" ~

Mir's voice rings in the back of his mind. Reize smiles, even if it is a bit more subdued. "There are a lot of things that I have been thinking about... I managed to restore the power of my pendant. When we defeated Shiva, she unlocked the pendant's potential that was stored."
Lynn Cascadia Lynn doesn't miss the fact that Reize tensed up in response to her question, and her smile quickly fades when she realizes her mistake. She's about as eager as Reize is to get away from the topic after that. "...well, that's good, at least..." She turns aside, guilt emotionally written all over her face. She's the sort of girl who feels bad over the strangest transgressions... awkwarrrrrd.
Deelel Deelel has been hard at work getting things working again, well with her personal things her. Her recharge unit had fallen into some disrepair and she'd been working on it until she took note of some people were out and about. She might look a bit strange to Lynn as she pokes her head in as it were but doesn't speak up just yet not wanting to interrupt the conversion that's been going on. She's clearly wanting to wait for a moment to step in, the news about Skoll is good, she'd just been busy and knew the group heading to the Temple would be more then able to handle things there.

She watches Katyna and seems to be sizing up Lynn whom she's not met before, she smiles honestly and there's a slight strange digital warble to her voice as she speaks, those whom have known her for a while likely won't think to much of it now but someone new? Who knows.

"Greetings, it's good to see you all and to the new arrival from the looks of you. I'm Deelel."

She looks to Reize and seems to be pleased by what he said a moment ago.

"You seem to have done quite well helping Skoll from the sounds of it my friend."
Raine Arland And at that moment, a black sleeved arm came snaking around Deelel's shoulder. "Well, well, well...! Reize Seatlan, you magnificent bastard!" Came a voice. A very familiar voice. Infuriating too. "You go out picking all of these girls...and you /didn't/ invite me! My feelings are hurt!"

It's Raine Arland. Mysterious man of mysterious mystery.

"Did you forget the bro code? Sharing is caring!" Deelel is given a glance over, and then an approving nod, followed by Katyna and Lynn. "And I see you've got plenty to share! Hello there Lynn, and mysterious lady X." And at that moment, the thrust out his other arm, thumbs up and a wink.

"Raine Arland is finally here! You can rejoice now, because your days have just gotten ten times better~"

Oh boy.

That arm was still casually around Deelel too.
Katyna Katyna peers curiously, thoughtfully at Reize's face for a long time as if trying to figure something out. Truth be told, she doesn't know a whole lot about his background or history, although he certainly knows much more about her history.

She smiles and nods understandingly when he explains how Lynn came to join the shard seekers, although her smile is more sympathetic towards Lynn, "Ahh, another traveller without a home. Well I'm sorry to hear that, but I hope Reize has made you feel more welcome!"

Another pause as she peers more thoughtfully towards Reize again. "Pendant, huh? So where'd you get that anyway? I wonder why it reacted with the eidolon?" For that matter, what's the deal with the tarot cards? She's seen him playing with them before, she's sure, but never really asked what they're about.

Then, as expected, more people gather, congregating around Reize. He's such a popular guy, it causes her to smirk in amusement. "Heh, Deelel, nice t'seeya again." Well, at least she doesnt' seem as wary of Kat as she once did. That's good. As for the other guy, no, she'sn ever seen him before. "Mysterious Lady X huh?" she chuckles, "I suppose I'll take that as a compliment. You another shard seeker?"
Reize Seatlan There is an inward wince. It looks like Lynn has detected that she did something wrong. It is just as quckly as she pulls back and turns aside to not face him anymore. Reize just offers a faint smile and approaches her. A hand rests over towards her shoulder and smiles, "One day, I may be able to explain things better." His smile grows, trying to keep her cheere up.

The arrival of Deelel is noted. Reize doesn't miss a beat when turning to face her, "Ooii, Deelel." He grins, "Yeah, I think Skoll is doing well now."

"Buh?!" He looks over at the black sleeve and the source of the familiar voice, "...Raine?!" He gives a sheepish look while a small sweatbead appears to the side of his head. He feels awkward of the situation right now. "Uhhh..."

Well, at least he is making his way to talk to all of the ladies. Ahhh.

Oh! His pendant. His face is beaming at this point, one can see the pride in his face as he tightens a fist. "It was given to me by my father when I was eight! I fought off a wolf that snuck into the hamlet and tried to eat the younger kids!" Of course, he was nearly killed at the process. The boy furrows his eyebrows, "However, I am learning that there is more to this pendant than what I expected when I was younger."

Once Katyna asks about Raine, Reize interjects, "No, he's not. He is a traveler of the sort... I think!"
Raine Arland Raine shrugged.

"I am a mysterious man of mysterious ways. I may be here now, but the next day, I will be halfway across the world." His free arm was swept out dramatically. "And the day after that, I will have slain a dragon and rescued a fair princess."

That arm is then brought up and then clenched into a fist and pumped. "And the day after that, I will have thwarted an evil overlord's scheme and restored peace to a downtrodden empire." His confident look turned distant and wistful then as he glanced off into another direction.

" man can pin down the one known as Raine Arland with mere classifications..." An eerily well timed breeze blew through, tousling his hair in an overly epic manner.

His arm was still around Deelel.
Lynn Cascadia Lynn's somewhat out of it for a little while, only making the barest efforts at acknowledging Reize's attempt at cheering her up and Katyna's wishing her well. She's not entirely aware of Deelel initially either, though once she does notice, the sound of Deelel's voice prompts a confused eyebrow raise. Who sounds like that?

The thing that brings her out of her introspection is actually Raine of all people. "Hi, Raine." She's mildly grumpy at him, but at least she's responsive now!
Deelel Deelel does does not mind being looked over and doesn't seem to mind she seems to approve of the look she got and she looks to Raine for a moment curiously and she does not mind the are about her at all she seems to be totally fine with it.

"So it's been some time Raine hasn't it?"

She's not sure about things being ten times better but life's just got a whole lot more interesting. That much is certain. %R "Humm the pendant did that? Curious."

She also seems amused at the nick name Lynn has picked up so far.

"I never knew that's where you got it, and that was brave you know."

Reize has a load of heart and courage that has been something she long knew about the young man.

"It's hard to tell we do take a lot of people who don't have homes, or didn't at the time in."

After all Deelel was to pardon the local pun from her world a Stray for while.

She seems to be liking the attention she's getting.

"So your beyond them then again this world does have that doesn't it."

She aims to put her arm back around Raine in turn. She gets back to Katt now reminding to her.

"It has been quite some time, I hope Tron and Beck are not giving you and the others too much trouble?"
Katyna "Hmmm..." Kat raises a brow as she notes the subtle exchange between Reize and Lynn, "Heh, you're just full of secrets, aren't you, Reize? But wow, that's a pretty impressive story.." and her eyes are drawn unmistakably towards that shining pendant of his. She always did like pretty shinies, and items of power..Even now that she's left the Shadow Lords, perhaps Kat will always be drawn towards power and treasure.

"I wonder what sorts of things it's capable of...?"

Finally, she peers back towards Raine with those flaming red eyes of hers, intrigued by his story now. "...Traveller, huh? Tell me, have you ever seen this person!?" There is a note of near desperation in her tone as she pulls out the pendant, openning it up and showing the picture inside to Raine. It's a picture that looks a lot like Reize, except this boy looks a bit older and more serious. "You ARE a traveller, arent' you? From the sounds of it, you've seen and experienced many things..."

Oh right, she didnt introduce herself yet! "Hah! I'm Katyna by the way, nice t'meet ya." It he looks carefully at the pendant, he may notice what look like scratch or claw marks on the bronze casing of it. How odd. She's never carried that around before..
Reize Seatlan It doesn't seem like Reize is getting through to Lynn this time. He slowly places his hand away from her, allowing her the space. He is, admittedly at fault for driving her away when memories of his own past are brought up.

Raine's presence is actually a much needed relief, truth be told. In fact, even as Raine goes on about his tale of preparing to thwart evil and save maidens... Reize smiles. It grows bigger. There is a nice tone that this sets that allows the previous thoughts ot be banished for a while.

Even IF Lynn's responsive is grumpily, Reize is at least happy to see a more lively response from her.

Thank you, Raine.

Deelel's comment earns a smile, "Thanks, Deelel. I've held this pendant for a long time now and I am not letting any jerk take it from me!" That moogle was a jerk! Reize squints at Katyna for a moment, as if making sure that she doesn't get the wrong idea!!! Then, he smiles, "It allows me to use magic. It is actually the only reason why I can use magic and see magic energy." He rubs the back of his head, "...Can't quite do anything without it."
Raine Arland Of course, Raine has no idea what's going on or what he may have done to help. He just crashed the party for no reason than his own idiocy after all.

Thus, as Deelel seemed to not mind at all, Raine just grinned. Arm buddies! "Indeed, Deelel! It's been too long since we last convened!" He kept his arm around her shoulder, though at this point more out of sheer amusement than trying to hit on her. She was funny, really.

"Katyna then. A fine name for a fine woman~" At the question regarding the pendant, he brought his free hand to his chin and peered at the picture, silent for a few moments. "Hrm..." Rub rub rub. "Actually...that guy kind of looks familiar." He mumbled, frowning in thought.

"Where was it? ...Argh, I know I must have seen him somewhere, but...give me a moment, I need to recall." He closed his eyes then, tapping the side of his head with a finger thoughtfully.
Deelel Deelel looks over Lynn trying to place if there are hints of where the young lady might be from but so far? She's got nothing she can think of there. Reize seems to be in a good mood and she smiles again.

"You hand on to that Pendant like I do my disc. I understand."

Well it's about as Important to him as her disc is to her. For different reasons however.

"We'll figure it out sooner or later, right? It's not like we're lacking time."

She still seems to be happy about Raine's company. She's clearly in a good mood. Who knows Deelel's reasons really for going along but so long as both are enjoying it no harm is dbeing done.
Reize Seatlan "...Hrm." Reize gives a look towards both Raine and Deelel. "...Yeah." He looks over to his pendant, then he starts to straighten himself up. After a moment, Reize takes the music box from the railing, then he starts to face the group. "Any case, I should likely head back inside. I want to look up to see if we have any more clients ahead of us!"

A grin, "I am sure that we are able to get everything stablized at the headquarters!" He considers his thoughts, "I've been wanting to rest up a bit more before trying to investigate more on the darkness that has been growing." He furrows his eyebrows, "Unfortunately, the trail on Shinryu did not go so well.." He grins, "But that's okay! I think I have a better lead this time!"
Raine Arland And of course, Raine was out of the loop on major events as well. But he didn't seem to care too much, if the grin on his face was any indication.

Reize was given a two fingered salute. "Alright, see ya around fearless leader!" And he let go of Deelel at that.

"I've got to get going myself. Things to do, things to do." Katyna could find him later if it was that important. He walked off then, hand raised in farewell without actually looking back.
Deelel Deelel says "Good idea Reize, I need to get to fixing certain things. I think I'm the only one here who can do such."

Fix well as in set back up, make sure it's working like it should be. She's no mechanic but she knows encouh to clean things, make sure the wires are where they should be. She can totally get your DVD player or VCR clock to work.

"We'll find something sooner or later."

She looks to Raine as he prepares to head off.

"Take care Raine."

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