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(2014-03-18 - 2014-03-25)
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Reize Seatlan Fluorgis is a prosperous city where everything is held together by the Fire Crystal. The adventurer chat amongst each other and the shops are busy with life. The town has seen pain, anguish, but they also have seen joy and festivity. This is one of the days where the town is blessed with the bounties of the Fire Crystal. Water is abundant.

Meanwhile, there is a lot to do for shopping. Reize is setting out to adventure!

"I'll take the flint, the apples, and the rations."

Accompanying Reize is one of the other Clan leaders, an older man who looks to be in his late-teens. He looks down at Reize with a bemused smile. "You know, shouldn't you be handling some shopping for the headquarters as well? Last I heard, you and the others were taking quests to set off financial woes."

"I'll get to that!" He frowns, then he tosses a few gil to the vendor before opening his mouth for a wide bite of the apple. "Anyway, there is still places to explore and I have something to investigate." He muses, "I am sure the other clan members are handling things."
Katyna Kat is still in town, still enjoying the warmth and cheerfulness of Fluorgis. She knew she should return back to Valkyrie soon and check in on her team mates. It's been a long, long while afterall. Who knows what's up? And she's been so caught up in her own personal problems that she really needed to let them know she was still there to lend them a helping hand too, if needed.

Still, she had a few last minute shopping items to do. Not really into girly things like clothes and make up, Kat is instead looking for a good blacksmith to service her sword and her armour, and a place to buy some much needed potions and other healing items for the long journey home.

And so she wanders the shops of Fluorgis, humming aloud to herself.
Lily "Oh there you are!" Chimes a voice from right behind Reize. It's Lily, who's standing on her tiptoes and swaying playfully back and forth with both hands folded together behind her back.

Of course, if Reize turns around to see who it is, she'll promptly GLOMP him, if only for a few moments!

But even if he doesn't... Well, at least she's carrying a bag of her own in those hands behind her, quite laden with SOMETHING.
Lynn Cascadia Lynn has actually not had much to do lately in terms of out-of-town news coming in, and as such, has taken to using her pseudo-magical talents to try and help the townspeople. She's spent most of this morning at the local infirmary, using her healing talents to, at the very least, ease the pain of those present, if not outright cure some of the less severe cases present. Not everyone is capable of magic, and even fewer wield magic capable of healing, so those who can are very much in demand... even if it's pseudo-magic.

On her way out and about the city, she passes through the marketplace, right near Reize when she stops to look at some sweets a stall or two over. She seems tired, but happy -- even if she does like helping people, the potency of her healing abilities takes a lot out of her.
Reize Seatlan In the midst of the shopping, Reize glances over at the other clan leader.

"Well, Kerith, I'll be sure to get everything together soon. The Shard Seekers and I are supposed to investigate the darkness that has grown out within the other areas."

"...Are you sure that is what you're really doing, Harem Lord?"

Annnd Reize looks flustered and annoyed, "Oooi! Where are all of these rumors coming from?!" He puffs his cheeks annoyedly. He rubs his forehead, "I swear, all of these rumors need to be squashed."

"Well, it's been the talk at Fluorgis... and there has even been mutterings about it in Agrabah."

Lowering his head, Reize has comical tears flowing down his eyes, "...I never asked for this." Upon seeing Katyna, the boy beams and he waves a hand repeatedly, "Ooooii! Katyna!" Reize is happy to see her.

There is a blink as a voice calls from behind, "...Huh?" When Reize turns around to see the person in question, "--Oof!" He is caught in a hug. "Ooi, Lily." The demeanor turns friendly, "It's good to see you again." A hand rests to her hair, gently ruffling it. As he looks back at the other side, Reize looks notices Lynn nearby, "Ah! Lynn!" He looks at her closely, "You look quite busy. I take it that it's been a good day?"

Meanwhile, Kerith is starting to walk off, "Alright, I need to have a Clan meeting with the others, you stay safe." He gives a two-finger salute and walks off.
Katyna Katyna smirks as she hears someone say 'Harem Lord'. Eh? Who're they talking about...Reize? Aha! There he is! She smirks as she catches his attention and walks towards him. "Heh, how's it going, Reize? That's quite a name you picked up!" she grins and winks at the guy who just called him harem lord. It'll take a while to live that one down!

Then she spies a familiar Lily and that other girl..Lynn was it? "Hey you two! Out shopping too? Seen any good armouries or blacksmithies around here? I really need to get my sword and armour looked at before I head out of town.."
Lily "Eheheheh... you too, Reize!" Lily's beaming up at him, and it takes a moment before she realizes, oh yeah, there's other people around. So she lets go fast, and waves over Katyna's way. "There is! A few streets over. I asked him if he had any way of making anything durable and protective without being too heavy and he looked at me funny." She purses her lips, as though not really so certain what brought that on.
Lynn Cascadia Lynn glances over once she realizes someone's talking to her, and perks up once she realizes it's Reize who's talking to her. "Oh. Hey, Reize!" She waves back, and dashes on over, abandoning her sweets-searching for now, glomping him as Lily did just a moment ago. "Yeah. Good day today." She'll tell him more in a bit, but right now she just wants to hug him.
Reize Seatlan Kerith returns a two-figner salute to Katyna upon his departure.

Frown. Just frown. The boy looks at Katyna with a frown as she notes about the title that he has picked up. His head lowers and he just sighs, "Ahhhh... let's pretend that I never received that name." Sadness. However, Lily's beaming gets the boy grinning again. At least Reize isn't the one giving directions. Katyna would unfortunately get pretty lost.

The boy points an index finger out towards the left side. "The armory is ...that way!" Then, he points to the right. "...Or that way."


And then, Reize is hugged by Lynn. The boy smiles, gently resting a hand over towards her shoulder to pull her into a hug. "Hee, good to see that things went well for you." Then, he looks over towards Lily. Then Lynn. Then Lily again.

"Oh! Lily, meet Lynn. Lynn, meet Lily!" The boy grins, "Lily's been a long-time Shard Seeker. Actually, before we even started the Clan."
Lily "Hiiiiiiii!" though a bit confused, Lily's happy to meet a new friend. "Sorry, sorry, I should have been about earlier but I sort of.... got lost adventuring and learning." She smiles sheepishly, quite embarassed about the matter. Though she does take a really good look at Lynn.... then asks Reize in an aside, "How come almost no boys ever join up?"
Lynn Cascadia Lynn Cascadia glances over at Lily when introductions happen and waves back, not exactly too far from Lily's evident emotional state herself. She's not entirely sure why she chose to do that glomp. Lily does make a good point, though. " I'm wondering that too..."
Reize Seatlan "...Getting lost?" Reize furrows his eyebrows. Then, he grins, "At least you're adventuring now! You'll be a great adventurer in no time, Lily!" The boy gives her a thumbs up. As Lynn and Lily take a good look at each other.

Both ask a very good question.

Reize gives a nervous look as he tries to give the answer, "I... Uhh..." He lifts a finger, "We have guys in our group! We have Ivo! Faruja! Skoll!" Pause. ... Pause.

Reize curls into a ball, a shade of darkness overcomes him as he has a giant sweatbead appearing over the back of his head. Comical river of tears flow along his eyes.

"...We don't have many guys in the Clan."
Minerva Minerva had not checked up on the Shard Seekers in some time, then again most of them had been MIA on adventures to who know where. They'd been coming back and here Minerva was with a delivery likely for Faruja and other older people in the group. For she was bringing Ale and had a Keg of moderate size over her shoulder as she was moving along. She was on her way there but it seems she's found others.

"Hail! Reize, it seems your back as well. The Rumours in the tavern are indeed correct. It also seems your not the only one returning."

For those who'd not met Minerva before she might be a bit odd, white hair, pale skin, to the point any paler and she'd be considered unhealthy, and also very strange greeves and gauntlets.
Valencia Arriving in the port, Valencia is helped along with her luggage by a few automata of various animaloid forms. They might -almost- resemble heartless were it not for their clearly mechanical and not-leaking-shadows nature. They do however, have the same colorful, 'Animals-but-not-quite' appearance. Hearing the mention of adventurers, she wheels around and approaches the few individuals present. "...Well, discussing exploits are we?" She asks, looking up and down at the few people present in an examining manner. "Heard of these, 'Shard Seekers' once or twice but not too much beyond the name."
Lily There's some fascinating things about now, namely Valencia's automations, but Lily first and foremost comforts reize by softly gripping his shoulder! "I-it's not BAD. Girls, boys, I don't see much difference." This is stated in as honestly as anyone has ever said something.

yeah, she probably doesn't see ANY meaningful differences.

"Exploits?" this is aimed over at Valencia as she is otherwise looking about, overwhelmed by the sheer number of people approaching. "Rumors?"
Reize Seatlan It is more than likely that Reize will experience this 'Bad End' that Ivo has once mentioned about. Reize doesn't know what the 'Bad End' is about, but the way how Ivo had talked about it, it was a place of darkness and sadness for Reize's fate.

As Lily pats Reize to comfort him, an arrival gets his attention, "Huh?" Lifting his head up, Reize turns tos ee the source of the arrival. It's Minerva!

"Oooii, Minerva!" He laughs sheepishly, then he grins, "Yeah, the Shard Seekers are back. Some of us had went our own paths for a journey. Some... ended up worse than others." He grimaces, recalling his past adventure.

One person that catches his attention is a person with automations carrying luggage. "...Huh?" He peers over towads the automations, "Oh hey, it's like those car things that run around Manhattan! ...Kind of." He scratches his head, "Golems?"

Then, Reize brightens to a grin, "I'm the leader of the Shard Seekers, Reize Seatlan."
Katyna Where'd Kat vanish too while all this chattering went on? Oh there she is, just came back from the armoury after delivering her sword and armour to the blacksmith for a good polishing and sharpening of the blade!

She grins and winks at Reize as she catches some of the conversation about there not being many guys in their clan. "Heh, I guess Reize manages to scare most of 'em away, eh?" Then boldly reaching over, she attempts to playfully tousle the poor boy's hair. "Although, I haven't seen Ivo, Skoll and Faru in a while..Oh yeah that reminds me, didja see that Raine guy? I had questions for him. Too bad I had to run off the other day, after realizing I'd left my purse behind somewhere.."

Grr. She takes money and pretty shinies very seriously, afterall...She does smile at Lily though, "Thanks! They're pretty cool armoury, gave me a good deal..I think.."
Minerva Minerva also sees that Valencia has come too town as well. She sets the keg down for the moment so she can better talk to the others. She folds her arms and now listens to her friends as they converse for a bit. She looks to Lily and nods in agreement.

"Exploits, yes. You all been away for some time barring a few of your fellows. You must have some tales of your travels in that time!"

Reize now gets looked back to and she's grinning a good bit.

"If you need any little beer brewed let me know I'll be happy to give you a good rate on it."

In her time the water was often not safe to drinks and it was safer to brew a very low alcohol content beer for people to drink. Hence her making the offer of such to Reize.

"Such Machinery is the sort of things they dig up in Goug, in my experience. Or the likes of some in Manhattan produce. I recall one merchant Xantaos had flying Golems he unleashed upon the heartless when they invaded."
Lily "X-Xanatos." Lly frowns at the name. "I don't uderstand him, but he has a LOT of stuff. How come we don't have a lot of stuff? Imagine how useful all of it would be!" She directs this last sentence at Reize, while waving her arms for emphasis.

"... Um... what kind of 'exploits' get you that sort of stuff though?" this is aimed at Minerva, of all people!
Valencia "-Golems-?" Valencia asks, "...Strange. I've not seen golem-alike machinery in such an area. Manhattan seems... Far more inclined to work with machinery than the arcane."
Reize Seatlan Scare away most of the guys? But... but... how could Reize scare them off? Reize does not get much time to reflect upon that when Katyna snatches Reize over to tousle his hair, "Ack!" His eyes roll back, then he turns towards Katyna, "Skoll is on a personal journey to communicate with the Espers, Faruja has been taking care of duties with the Church, Ivo is looking over our financial situation, and Raine..."


"Not sure where did he go. I think he went to slay a dragon or something." He scratches his head. And of course, Minerva brings an interesting idea: Selling them some beer brewed. Reize takes the moment to reflect as to what happened the last time he had beer.

...Woke up snuggled up to Shiki.
... Woke up snuggled up to Annalise. Of course, Reize doesn't remember smooching Riku and getting stomped to hell for it, nor does he remember smooching Ivo. Reize does remember waking up in extreme pain for some unknown reason.

"...I... I will think on that!" Reize replies to Minerva's offer with a giant sweatbead over his head.

Reize thinks over Lily's question, "Money. I think it's money." The boy nods solemnly. They are not very rich, so they cannot get the things that everyone else has. "But, that's alright! We have what we have! That is good enough for me!" The boy beams.

He then looks at Valencia, "...Aren't they the same thing?"
Katyna Oh heey, her fellow VALKYRIE are here too! Kat hasn't seen them in a long while, not since she left unexpectedly and without warning on her own, personal journey and so she smiles rather sheepishly at both Valencia and Minerva, wondering if they even remember her.

"Heh, hey you guys? How're you doing? How's VALKYRIE holding up? Hope you didnt come here lookin' to 'turn me in' or something.' She chuckles nervously. Really, it'll take her a while to feel totally comfortable around the people she betrayed once upon a time. Now she just really wants to be friends with them.

"I've been gone a while myself, but I'm planning on returning to Traverse soon to check up on the others."
Valencia "Yes and no." Valencia says, "Golems tend to be driven more by magic, machines by... Force? I guess clockwork, springs, gears, all that. I've favored clockwork as an intermediary to take the edge off of magical strain in general."
Minerva Minerva says "He's a successful Merchant, he's also been at it a long time. Much of what he has predates the fall of his world. He was quite prepared for trouble, likely from rivals. Merchants can be as cut throat as nobility."

She muses idly while she continues to listen. She looks over to Valencia for a moment. "Magic exists, but tis a very rare thing. Most of the world has forgot it exists in anything but myth."

At Reize's response to the beer and she simply nods to him.

"Very well, and you have succeed quite a bit as it is."

She looks to Katyna as she's addressed.

"Working with Gummi blocks, I have other things to worry myself about then picking a fight with you. So do not fear, don't give me reason and yes you seem well now however."
Lily "Merchant..." Lily echoes, tapping a finger up against a cheek thoughtfully. "Golems... I don't know where to begin making one.. ahhh, there's so much to learn about, it hurts my head!"
Valencia "Well you don't -have- to learn." Valencia says, "You don't have to be all-knowing, as much as some people would like to be." pause, "Not that I'm naming anyone in particular, just that there are people in existence that have weird hubris and such."
Reize Seatlan Reize frowns, "So... they have different methods of being controlled." The boy ponders over this, then he nods his head. While Reize does not completely understand the fact behind it in detail, he will instead accept it as it is. "Okay!" As Lily seems confused, Reize gently pats her over the shoulder. "No worries, Lily! We'll figure it out eventually!"

The talk of Gummi gets Reize's attention. He grumbles, "Gummis aren't edible." Reize is disappointed at the fact.
Lily "Someone has to learn things." Lily says simply as though this were some sort of incontrovertible fact. It's followed by putting a hand on Reize's shoulder again. "Especially if the group's growing!"
Valencia "Well still." Valencia says, "I... May or may not have a fairly broad focus on things but none of those even closely match up to someone who's gained a focused knowledge of them!"
Reize Seatlan A sigh is given, then Reize shakes his head with a helpless shrug. A smile forms, glancing over towards the group, "Oh!" He rubs the back of his head, "It looks like we have to finish shopping. Lily, Lynn, and I have a few things to take care of for groceries, then we have to have a meeting." The boy is reaching over towards both ladies, "Anyway, we'll have a nice dinner discussion sometime! Maybe do a collaborative mission between VALKYRI and the Shard Seekers!"
Minerva Minerva says "Aye I can't blame you, Lily. There is much to learn in this world."

she shifts about a little bit as she listens to the rest of the covnerstation.

"Better to learn than to be ignorant. Well in most things sometimes it's best to just not know."

Like with Mole, you don't want to know about him an dirt. Miinvera looks at Reize and smirks.

"They are but they would return to full size in your stomach the moment you entered a point where gumi blocks function. Not even Will will eat them now."

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