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(2014-03-18 - 2014-03-23)
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Chita Immediately after slipping out of Merlin's, sword in hand, Chita did something that probably took everyone there by surprise. He... jumped, on his own, straight across the stones and vanished out of sight before anyone could find him. Of course, Aerith could find him eventually if she tried hard enough, but seemingly he didn't want that immediately. But... how the hell did he do that so swiftly and accurately? He was blind after all.

Later that night he had a bit of a 'scuffle' with a pirate at a bar in Bodhum and now(The next afternoon) he sat on the end of a dock at the edge of the Bodhum shoreline, wearing a pair of clean, fresh pants and white shirt, socks and shoes sitting next to him with his feet hanging in the water. He had one hand resting on the hilt of the sword that was hanging through the slat of the pier and the other holding a nice little drink. Strange, that despite the blindfold, one could mistake him for watching the sunset.

Perhaps he was simply enjoying the ocean air.
Aerith Maybe he was.

Or maybe he was running away again. Aerith had no way to tell, despite seeing into his heart. It was becoming apparent that just because she knew what motivated him did not mean she was good at anything else concerning him. In fact, the more she tried, the less effective she became.

It was nice for a while there, but then she'd gone and said something stupid, all because she didn't want one of her old friends to die. But that was in the past now. Kaydin was off to visit this Yen Sid, whoever he was. She wished him all the best, but there were more pressing matters to tend to.

Well this wasn't exactly pressing, but she felt she needed to do it.

That said, she stood and watched him, seemingly content... and dressed with a fresh set of clothes.

She had no doubt as to how he'd gotten them so quickly, but it didn't matter. The flower girl approached him after taking a cleansing breath, her boots making themselves known on the wooden planks. "You look nice, rabbit boy." A teasing note in her voice. "Who's missing that, though?"
Chita Chita didn't move as she approached, though his ears flicked a little as she spoke. "Thank you. So do you." He didn't elaborate on that, probably simply being friendly or, as he was, a bit flirty when he was in a good mood. It'd been quite some time since he last /saw/ her though, with his own eyes. "Come have a seat. Do me a favor and don't sit in my blind spot though."

Yeah, he's in a good mood apparently, two jokes in a row, or attempts at such anyways. "I wasn't sure if you'd come looking for me or think I'm an ass and leave me off to sulk on my own. What made you come?"
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "You're right. You've been an ass, and stubborn, and completely irrational." She sat next to him, silent for a few moments. "That's fine. I can forgive that. I'm going to accept all that for what it is."

She glanced over at him, staring for a few moments. "The sword spoke to you, didn't it." Wasn't a question. Just a confirmation. "And it showed you things again. You wanna talk about it?"
Chita "You are... right on the irrational bit, more than you realize. You... startled me, I had forgotten you didn't quite agree with me on some things and began to think you did. I'm not upset, now that I've thought about it... that you feel that way. I was simply startled. After all, I have been around Rhiannon plenty, your views on such cannot possibly be worse." That was something of an apology from him. At the next question, however, he shrugged. "I... have not yet decided if I want to talk about it or not. I could, but then it may come back to bite me in a way I fully expect might."
Aerith Aerith nodded. "That's okay. We'll speak on it sooner or later, I'm sure." And she said it with the utmost confidence. Then she sighed, the confidence seeming to leave her. "So it was really dangerous, what I did... I knew it." She frowned. "Shouldn't have asked if I could be able to do it again. I seem to be doing a lot of silly things lately." She sighed. "Is it wrong though, that I still want to know? I know I did something wrong the first time, and I didn't even mean to."

Aerith looked up at Chita. "But that's for later, isn't it? Right now..." She reached for his blindfold, then stopped short. Maybe it was too much to hope for. "...I hope you meant it when I said I looked nice. A girl doesn't like false compliments."
Chita "Oh, relax. Why are you still obsessing over that? You didn't do anything wrong, calm down. You need to get drunk or something? Forget about it? As long as you don't fall into the stuff like I have seen some do, I would not mind. You are probably quite fun drunk." His left hand reaches over to offer her a drink of his own drink, setting it down between them. When she starts to reach over and stops a bit short, his ear twitches and he asks, "Is there some reason you're reaching for my blindfold? My eyes still are not working if that is what you wonder."

Stretching a bit he laid back and 'stared' up at the sky, right hand not having left the handle of the sword that was slipped between the boards of the dock yet.
Aerith She lowered her hand. She knew it. But then that would beg the question... "How do you know I was reaching?" She glanced at the sword. "It's that thing, isn't it. Long as you have it, you can... see, in a sense."
Chita He was silent for a few moments before saying, "There is no in a sense. I can see what it can, so long as I'm holding it. There was an... agreement the past night that they migit as well help me out in the meantime, especially since I'm not going to abuse them or kill Rhiannon anytime soon. I will not pretend to understand how the sword or those memories within allow such, but I am not about to complain. Last night was the first time I had seen you since around the time when we first met and... as beautiful as you are and as much as I wanted to say it then..."

He shifted a bit and took his hand off the weapon before shaking his head as if to clear something, adding, "...I did not want to make it obvious to others who were there. At least... not directly.
Aerith Aerith's serene expression broke into a grin. "Well that solves that problem, at least for the moment! Despite where it came from, I don't think it's all that bad." Yes, it still wanted to take action against its creator. But for the moment, they were in no danger from the sword. "I have my own theories about what exactly it can do, but I'll save them for when I have more evidence." She tilted her head to the right. "Hey... are we okay now?"
Chita "Only if we get to kiss and make up?" he teased back, not seeing the grin since he wasn't holding onto the weapon. He didn't move, though, being lazy for the moment. While having sight was nice, some things were more pleasant when blind. Surprises, for one. Good surprises, at least. "So, did you not say, the other day, that we would have to celebrate if I got my sight back? Something about you dressing up?"
Aerith Aerith would have done just that, but then he mentioned her dressing up. She huffed and folded her arms in front of her. "I guess I have to do it, don't I? Don't worry, I'll try to pick something nice."

A few seconds passed with silence... then Chita would feel a hand against his right ear, rubbing like no tomorrow. "But you don't get a kiss yet. Settle for this."
Chita Chita gave a grumbling sound as she reached over and started molesting his ear. "H-hey, no fair doing this out in public!" He couldn't very well do much at the moment other than lay there and attempt to pretend she didn't just grab him by the proverbial tail. "Well, you don't have to, I can always use my imagination to picture in whatever I like. Or you could just do that for me if you're in the mood."
Aerith Aerith chuckled and stopped toying with him. For the moment. "No, I'm serious. I'll get something nice. It just can't be pink... I already have something like that. I'll pick something maybe in a dark red, something deeper than what I'm used to." It wasn't like she didn't have anything like that already, but a formal dress would be nice. "So anyways... what do we do now? I mean, this is only a temporary agreement at best. Right?"
Chita "I think I would like that, in that case. I've been thinking that perhaps I should get a scabard made for this weapon. Pretty hard to keep my hand on it while looking like a drawn sword. Too many would be upset about that, accuse me of trying to conspire with evil or something." He made a dismissive motion with his hand that might imply his thoughts on such. "What do we do now? About what? About the weapon, or us, or... what?"
Aerith Aerith sighed. "The weapon of course." She frowned, her head tilted to one side. "Everyone who has a stake in that weapon, Leida included, will be after you. Shinra's going to come down on your head the moment you turn up with that thing."
Chita "I am sure they will. And now I have all the more chance to be prepared. They will treat me as if I am still blind, because how could they know otherwise?" No reason for them to know he could see, and it was hardly deceptive for him to simply not say such. He couldnt' /act/ like he couldn't see, but he could just not bring attention to it either. "I shall figure something out at one point or another. Perhaps I can bribe Rhiannon with candy and an encyclopedia."
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "I think she's a more... hands-on type of learner. She only takes interest in what she can dissect or take a blood sample of. Anything else is not on her radar." Sure it was an assumption, but a fairly accurate one, considering the last time she'd been in a Shinra lab. "But more importantly, just you using the thing is going to get her attention. And the last time I saw her fight..." She shook her head. "That monster that turned into the weapon... it couldn't even touch her."
Chita "Yes... I heard. She is strong, yes, but I think the benefit she has, compared to it, is knowledge and preparation. Regardless of that..." Slowly Chita moved to stand and reached down to lift the weapon, eventually placing it in a makeshift leather scabbered he built that allowed the majority of it to stay visible. In fact, it looked like he simply made a holster for it out of leather roping and attached it to a hip so he could walk with one hand resting on the hilt.
Left hand reaching into his pocket he pulled out a pair of socks and knelt down to put them on before slipping his shoes on again, having left his feet to dangle at the water. "What do you say we go do something to enjoy ourselves? Something that requires seeing?" Nothing immediately came to mind besides, "Perhaps go to a library or something. I do need to pick up my clothing from the cleaning service eventually though."
Aerith Aerith nodded and stood as Chita got himself ready. "You do understand that there are better things to do than just visit a library, right? I mean, we could do something a bit more entertaining."
Chita "More entertaining?"

Whatever she had thought of was right over his head. "Like what?" Hardly innocent, simply not thinking of something, to him, that would be more fun than having the chance to see for a change.
Aerith Aerith grinned. "We need to dance. And before you ask, I'll teach you how. I just hope you're not too wasted to put one foot in front of the other. This is going to take a bit of coordination." She walked off of the pier, back toward the shore. "Come on now."
Chita Dancing? That wasn't quite what he'd planned to do with his newfound sight. Yet, he could hardly say no to Aerith. She seemed excited and he'd teased her about it earlier and ultimately he /would/ probably have fun doing such. "Sure, I suppose we could do that now. Don't step on my feet, though. You probably have bigger feet than me. Never thought to look last I had sight and hearing you clomp around for months has lead me to have a pretty good imagining of just how large they are." Yes, he was teasing her again.

The good thing, though, was he could see something being thrown at him should she suddenly have the urge.
Aerith Fortunately, all he heard was a chuckle, her back still turned to him. "Don't think I'm going to fall for that bait." She headed for the beach, her boots no longer making noise in the sand. It would be a bit difficult for them to dance in this though, so she'd have to head somewhere with a bit less resistance.
Chita Likewise, he was quiet as well and the arm slipping around her middle as he stepped close, pulling her into a hug from behind, probably came as a bit of a surprise. "What bait? Never said I had a problem with it. I wore womens clothing for the last while of my life, doesn't bother me if someone I wind up liking has a thing for heavy boots. Where did you have in mind to dance?"
Aerith "Somewhere that's not so sandy, and easier to move around... ah, there!" She led him toward the town itself, where fireworks were being set off even as they walked. Once inside, she headed toward a quieter part of town and stopped in what looked like a small clearing with a fountain. "Right, this should be enough."
Chita A slight, not-quite-indignant huff is given towards her as she ignores his attempt at being friendly altogether and instead follows along rather quietly behind her as she leads the way, one hand in his left pocket and the other holding idly onto the hilt of the sword on his hip. It was different being able to just... look around, to see the town again after so long. In fact, he got distracted enough that he didn't really pay attention. Something she might notice was he didn't seem to be staring at anything in particular, if he was looking. The sight didn't seem to come from his eyes, at least, as he never turned his head to look at things. Only really turning towards her when he spoke. In fact, he might just bump into her if she didn't stop him, as her choice of words didn't seem to interrupt his thoughts or whatever was going through his mind.
Aerith Aerith turned, just in time to see Chita almost run into her. She placed a hand against his chest in an attempt to stop him in his tracks. "Whoa there, sword bunny." She tilted her head to the right. "That sight thing isn't perfect, is it?"
Chita "Hm?" Her voice and touch caused him to shake his head a little and tilt his head towards her. "Sight thing? Oh... it's not how it used to be. I do not quite know how to explain it. I... I can see what the sword can see. I am honestly unsure how to explain it. To give an example... I can see you now." Then he turned to his right, away from her, and tilted the sword upright so his body and profile blocked it from her sight. "And now... you are in a blind spot. It grants me sight through it... rather than returns mine to me. That was why I was so confused when I was at Merlin's."

He smiles a little at that and reaches his free hand up to pat hers gently. "I could see everything from the table up, except what was blocked by clutter. It is so... different."
Aerith Aerith nodded. "So it's like your normal sight, but... if that sword ever got knocked out of your hands, or someone buried it..." She sighed. "This is becoming more complex by the minute." She shrugged and reached for Chita's right hand. "So I'll start with something simple."
Chita "Not remotely close to normal sight. I do not even begin to know how to describe it, and perhaps I never will." Hand taken he looked a bit surprised and the hand that was resting on the sword instead fell off and he was sightless again, at Aerith's mercy and probably she knew that too. "Simple? Who said I do not know how to dance?" He didn't, but that's not what he asked.
Aerith Aerith giggled. "No one, really. But let's be honest... you haven't gotten out enough to try it, have you?" She tilted her head to the right, knowing full well he could no longer see it. "I'm right, right?"
Chita Chita gave a little cough before admitting, "As a male, no. I... learned forever ago when attempting to pass as a female, but that was only to deal with overly pushy males who I did not care to hurt to prove to them I had no interest." With a smile he added, "So if you care to lead, I suppose I could do fine, though you would have to be the one giving me a proper twirl hm?"
Aerith "I suppose, until you learn how to do the basic patterns, I'll have to lead this time." She took his other hand and cleared her throat. "The dance I'll be teaching you is the waltz. Like I said, pretty simple when you get down to it. Just step with the same foot when I pull or push on one of your hands. Sound good?"
Chita "Sure, sure. I trust you after all." Mostly. He trusted her not to try and hurt him at least and there had to be a bit of trust for others when one was blind in some situations. The dance, as named, was foriegn to him. And he admitted such, "Never heard of that. Is it from your world? Your... city?" he hadn't heard much of her past and such and poked around a little as he tried to follow along(poorly) with her instructions.
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "It's been that name in many worlds. Wherever I go, I tend to hear of this dance." She led him through the steps, three for each half of the dance. One forward, two to the side. One back, two to the side. When they were done with one round, they'd formed a box, and this was all it took to do the basic pattern. "Dancing is not so much about sight as it is about feel. Some of the best dancers can do so with their eyes closed, feeling their way through the motions."
Chita As the moments went on and he started to notice a bit of a pattern he seemed to get more used to it, even if he seemed a little awkward. Walking and movement wasn't his forte, jumping was, combat was. The finger things like this... it was different, and a bit strange. "Perhaps I am simply out of the social loop. I doubt I will ever be a good dancer, simply well enough to pass when I can see or know what comes next." He smiled a little at that and said, "Tell me more about where you come from, please? I still have not heard you say much about it. There has to be more to you than just Goug."
Aerith Aerith slowed her pace for a moment. That's right, she'd only seen his heart. He hadn't seen anything of hers. Frustrating, when that sort of thing was so one-sided. Well, this was as good of a time as any.

"To tell the truth, I don't really know where I was born. I just know where I grew up... in a city called Midgar." She took in a breath. "It was divided into an upper and lower half, and each of those had eight sectors. They used to be towns with names, but no one remembered them, really. I spent most of my early years in that upper half... in the worst place you could grow up." She looked up at Chita. "Can you guess?"
Chita A city with an upper half and a lower half? So it must have been like Archades... one of technological wonder. Far above his own grasp, of course. His mind wandered a moment as he tried to picture what she was saying before he heard her mention worst place, then ask if he could guess. "Guess?" How could he possibly guess. He knew nothing of that world, her world... city... anything about her past, or where she grew up. Only that she didn't seem to share his lofty ideas regarding justice. Perhaps she didn't have the opportunity to. Maybe she was hurt in the past somehow and became jaded? "I can only surmise you were raised in the lower part, if the city is anything like Archades, and... to that extent, it was quite lawless. Maybe the reason why you wish so bad for the eye for an eye form of justice? To make those who commit crimes pay?"
Aerith Aerith shook her head. "Worse. I said the upper half, and that's the affluent part. It was also Shinra Headquarters, and for most of my life I was in the Research and Development wing, along with my mother, put there by a man with a severe God complex named Professor Hojo."
Chita Suddenly he felt a bit guilty having zoned out a bit trying to picture her city and having missed that bit. Chita stood there quietly, listening, hands still holding onto hers gently from what had started as dancing. When she finally says, he wasn't quite sure how to react. Instead, all he could say was, "I am sorry that you had to go back there not long back, the night the sword's monstrous form attacked again." Unless she pulled her hands away his own shifted a bit to properly wrap her hands with his and hold onto them more properly, in an attempt to comfort if necessary.

Shinra seemingly had quite the history that he didn't know about.
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "You know, I didn't think I'd be invited to a little party like that, hosted by someone who acted just like the cold-hearted man that tortured me, poked me, prodded me, and ran so many tests I didn't feel clean for years." She shuddered. "She's just like him... but has an even worse ideology. She thinks that what she's doing is... advancing the course of mankind." Aerith's eyes narrowed. "That means she'll stop at nothing to achieve whatever it is she's doing. The worst kind of evil is that which thinks it's doing good, even at the cost of lives that don't deserve to be taken."
Chita Chita didn't quite know how to handle that. So perhaps that was why she hated Rhiannon so much. Why she wanted... to be rid of her. That she had agreed to stay her efforts because he asked so long back finally came back to him and he felt rather upset by it, beyond guilty. Perhaps it even showed on his face a bit. "I... am pretty sure she was lying if she said anything about desiring the advancement of mankind. At least, in all my time with her, the bit that I truly came to understand regarding her was that she simply cared for nothing else but knowledge. How it is used, why or by whom she cares not. All she wants is to learn. She wants knowledge. Though she gets off on excitement, I think she would also be content to live a lawful and morally-sound life if she could obtain knowledge that way all the same, and as quickly. Not that I am trying to excuse her, of course. But... I do plan to use that to my advantage if I can. Rhiannon is a child at heart, with large eyes. Everything is something worth exploring... despite her inability to understand or feel remorse or compassion."
Aerith Aerith shook her head, a rueful smile crossing her features. "You're a stubborn rabbit, you know that?" She looked up at him. "She's not going to change, Chita. I'm sure she's told you that there's not much you can do to change her path, any more than I can change yours, or you can change mine." Aerith sighed. "Think about it. If she can't feel compassion or remorse, she has no qualms about how she obtains her knowledge. She'll do what she's done again, and again, until she finds what she's looking for." She cleared her throat, the dance pattern unceasing up to this point. It seemed she was right about not needing to see the steps, much less pay attention to them. "But I'm way off topic now. When I was five years old, someone had mercy on us. I forget who, but it was some worker in the labs who'd simply had enough of watching us suffer. They let us out through a secret passage that no one else had knowledge of..."

She went silent for a few moments, then spoke again. "We almost got away, too. If it weren't for that one lucky guard who spotted us running, we'd have gotten to the lower slums just fine and been able to stay together. But in the end... I..." She sniffed. "They killed her, Chita."
Chita "I'm not expecting her to change. In fact... I am betting she will not. It is simply a matter of using that to our advantage. One day you will see." He fell silent when she admitted they were off topic. Despite his movements having continued, her movements, he hadn't even seemed to notice. Perhaps she could realize that, his body nowhere near as stiff as it had been at first. He let her speak, he listened... and then he slipped his right hand free to reach around her back and hug her gently towards himself, left arm lifting up enough with her hand so he could wrap his arm around her shoulder and neck, hand still holding hers just above her left shoulder.

What could he even say to that? He didn't try, not thinking of something spoken that would be more comforting than perhaps a hug. It was worth a try, hoping he didn't push her too far into bad memories.
Aerith It was at that point where the dance stopped, if only for a while.

Aerith wanted to cry, she really did. But all her tears for her mother had been spent. Besides, she knew a way to contact her whenever she wanted. It was just that much more difficult to do, because of recent circumstances.

"You know, I hated them for the longest time. I really did. They came after me, time and time again... and then there were the thieves and gangs in the slums." She took in another breath. "I refused to let them push me around. So I learned how to defend myself as soon as I could hold a stick properly. And since my mother told me that killing was a waste of energy, for both the victor and the victim, I picked just that... a metal rod. It was the only thing I could find at the time, and even though I was poor at using it, it kept roundabout everyone off me..." She giggled. "Including ShinSec, if you can believe that. I'd gotten pretty good for an amateur by the time I was fifteen."
Chita "Really? Pretty good with your metal rod? I should be careful not to piss you off then." the teasing tone returned to Chita's voice as he said that, not lingering on the subject too long. "Would you enjoy having the chance to show me up and knock me on my butt? You and I do probably have a bit of stress to work out, since we both have our ways of annoying each other." He was stubborn, she was stubborn. He had his beliefs and wouldn't budge, she did too. They both had their problems now with Shinra, only hers were all the more.
"We could even have a wager. I'll let you pick if you decide to take me up on my offer. I'll even... share a bit about myself after too, that I do not think you got to see that night when you saw inside me. Something that I have not really talked about in many many years."
Aerith Aerith smirked. "Maybe. It would depend on whether you feel like getting beaten up by wood instead of metal."

Before he could ask, she explained. "I got a new staff, you know. One made of whitewood, one of the most sturdy and flexible types. More importantly though, This kind of wood came from a sacred tree, with a will and spirit of its own." She smiled as the memory of the day she'd first received it came back to her. "In all the fights I've been in, not once did the weapon yield or break. Not to mention that it has the peculiar habit of absorbing any energy presented to it." Another memory, one of a certain mouse king and her training with him. The gift he'd given her... and one that she still had no idea what to do with, though she'd tried to assist Chita with it. "And that brings me to my final revelation for the evening. You remember that dark knight, bound to that Keyblade? The one named Kaydin?"

She had a rare moment of pride. "I beat him with that very same weapon, my Spirit Staff."
Chita "A sacred tree with a will and spirit of it's own?" Why did that sound overly Vieran? Did he want to know? He kind of did, but didn't ask just yet. Instead, he nodded adn when she seemed a little proud of herself he couldn't help but smile. He liked it when she ws happy like that. Happy Aerith was the best Aerith of course. "You know I don't want him to die, right? I simply want him to not force others to pay for his mistake. I... actually have a fairly decent idea on a way that may work to break its' hold over him. It may or may not work, but I will see what I can do of course."

Still having her close he leaned to press a kiss on her cheek before pulling back and saying, "Shall we dance?" Of course meaning did she want to have a proper go at him in some measure of combat. "Or are you all danced out for tonight?"
Aerith Aerith stepped away. "You know what? I think we should take a break before any of that. Wouldn't want to get into an improper mindset." She peered around for a nearby inn. "Let's have it wait until tomorrow," she said as she finally located a proper place after a few more moments and walked toward it. "Come on, let's get ourselves tucked in."
Chita "Sure. In that case, I'm with you." Hand slipping down to his side and coming to rest on the hilt of the sword caused Chita to fall silent for a few moments before saying, "Still as beautiful as you were last time I saw you." He's not nearly as smooth as he tries to be, despite having that grin on his face as if he was. Yeah, he's trying to be silly. Then again, he usually is when he's in a good mood.

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