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(2014-03-18 - 2014-03-18)
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Priel Aylin Another day for the lonely Shard Seeker's headquarters. The group has seen better days, but they were beginning to recover. Reize and Ivo had returned, and had fixed the long abandoned place up. They took on some work to pay the piled on bills. And things were looking less dusty and decrepit than they had before.

Throughout all of this, Priel was nowhere to be found. All the Shard Seekers had heard of her last was that she had become a Reaper. Shiki was no longer around to explain what happened after, so that was entirely unknown to the rest of the group. Even Shiki couldn't say she knew anymore if she were here.

But anyone perceptive enough might have noticed that Priel's space in the female side of the dorms had been tampered with. After a long period of absence. No one had the heart to get rid of her things previously, or even touch them. But somehow...some things were missing. Clothes, little trinkets, and so forth.

But no one ever saw the girl herself.

And it would have stayed that way.

Today, a certain red headed girl stood in the main lobby of the headquarters, in front of the bulletin board. She was looking over all of the messages people had been leaving each other, smiling to herself in amusement. She had a small satchel slung over her shoulder and she looked like she was about to head out while no one was looking.

"...Heh, those idiots."

Surely no one would find her now?

Lily Wrong!

Witht he group reassembling, and Lily returning from adventures across the worlds and much personal training, she's finally come full circle... for the second time.

This time, with an almost fully-grown Beagle at her side. Who will be the first warning that Priel is not alone, in fact.

Dandelion bolts in through the door, barking and howling playfully and running circles around Priel mere moments before Lily finishes futzing with the door to close it. "Yesssss, we're home! Finally-- huhbuh."

The youth's in the midest of a small growth spurt it seems. Her clothes are all torn and mended and torn and mended again, but she's got a rapier that carries the faint scent of magic sheathed at her side, and a bag of books dangles from both her arms... it's taking all her strength to carrythe heavy load, rendering her a little lopsided whenever she moves about too much! "Wh-whah!!!"
Priel Aylin Priel's ears twitched at the sounds coming before the front doors even opened. She didn't panic and vanish into the mist like some kind of ninja. Instead, she just slowly turned around, watching the disaster come sprawling through the doors.

It was a familiar sight, yet, at the same time, she couldn't help but notice a few changes from the little girl in white she recalled from long ago. "Well, look what the cat dragged in." Priel mumbled to herself, smirking a tad at the sight.

Weighing the options between watching the impending disaster or helping the poor girl, the huntress chose the latter, oddly enough, and approached with light steps. Dandelion was given a brief glance in passing before she reached Lily. Smoothly, she extended an arm and lifted the load out of the other girl's arms without much effort at all.

"And I see you're still as clumsy as ever."

She glanced down at the girl in white, whose dress had seen better days, and smirked. "Some things just don't change, no matter how much time has passed, huh?"
Lily "Ahhh...!" The last thing the swaying Lily was expecting just happened. Not only is there a Priel here but she's being... nice?

The moment she can regain her balance- by grabbing the doorframe - she does so, and finds herselt peering bewilderdly into Priel's face. blink blink.

"That's HEAVY." Is how she protests the clumsy comment, while dusting her dress off. "Thank you... you... YOU?" Peer again. "... PRIEL?! But I thought - you... what...?!"

She steps OUt of the doorway at least. "... You came back? After..."
Priel Aylin "Hm?"

She intoned, though provided no immediate answer as she casually stepped back in and set the books down onto a nearby table. Lily's surprise earned her an amused laugh from Priel to start.

"You thought I what? Died? Betrayed you all? Made your lives a living hell?" Those options were all ticked off with her fingers, her face still set in a smirk all the while. "Well yes, you're right on two counts! You win the prize~" Speaking with that old, familiar, and infuriatingly mocking lilt in her voice, she went on.

"Did I 'come back'? Hmmm....No, I wouldn't say that." The redhead answered nonchalantly, turning away and staring out a window. "I was just dropping in to check on some things. No one was supposed to be here." Her gaze turned from outside, back to Lily then. "But leave it to you to randomly come bumbling in. Just like old times~"
Lily "It's not me you were talking about when you said things don't change." Lily grumps out disappointedly. As though Priel's reappearance had maybe, just maybe, given her some good feelings. Only for them to be proven QUITe wrong.

The bag is full of books. Lots of books. There's a book on business, several books on magic, a few history books... really, lots of educational texts on intellectual studies!

Cheeks puffing up in a rather familiar way, she folds her arms. "You're not fooling me... even if you are mean.. you wouldn't come back if that was all you feel towards the Shard Seekers. It's Ivo, right? Romance stuff?"

... Wow, that's a wild guess. And not at all the kind of thing she'd've said before. The things you learn in a year of life!
Priel Aylin Priel paused, and then blinked a few times before staring at Lily.


Her dumbfounded expression soon turned into a horribly entertained one. Followed by laughter. "Pffftahahahahaha! Really? That's the first thought that came to your mind? Lily! Please! You're killing me here! Ahahahaha!" By this point, she was holding her stomach, hunched over in laughter before stumbling back and falling neatly into a plush chair.

"Ohh! Oh man! I..Ahahahaha! Air! Need...Air! ...Fffpffftbt--"

...Might have been safe to assume that wasn't the case.

Lily "....." Lilytakes this moment to snatch up the bag and drag it into a corner, all the while eying the wildly laughing woman. "S-so maybe not that! But Looking back I thought he was trying to be that way towards you!" yeah, how is she supposed to know for sure?

"... It's not fair. Everyone else has At least teny ears of knowing about people... I've only got two...? How long now?" Hrmph!
Priel Aylin "Phew...! Okay...Okay...!" Priel eventually managed to stop dying laughing and regain some semblance of self control. Ceasing the flailing of her legs in the air, she straightened up and caught her breath. "Who knows. Ivo's a babysitter to a pack of idiot kids. Why would I feel like that towards him?" That was said with an amused smile as she slowly stood back up.

"I don't know what's going on in his head, so you'll have to ask him. But I bet he'll die laughing too~" That said, she approached Lily and the load of books, kneeling down to examine some of them. "...Huh. This is some complicated stuff." The red haired woman mumbled, looking over a few covers and flipping through a few pages here and there. "And you've been reading this stuff for the past year or so?"

She stood then, setting a hand on top of Lily's head. "I guess you're not a brainless fool anymore, hm?"
Lily "Whuh!" It's not like people haven't patted Lily on the head before, but having PRIEL do it gets her blinking. She quivers in place, makes a few faces ... clearly making an effort to bite down on her feelings here. But there's just no real fighting her previous disgruntlements.

It could be worse. She could be flaring with power angry and trantrumming!

"H-hey! Nothing makes sense when you don't know anything!" She protests, leaning forward and tilting her head to peer harder at Priel vehemently!

But after a bit, she relents... and tries to squirm free of the hand! "... So why did you come back then...?"
Priel Aylin "...Well, at least you're making an effort."

She couldn't make fun of that.

Removing her hand from atop Lily's head, Priel let it lower to her side. "As for me..." She trailed off, heading back over to the chair she'd previously laughed her head off on, and sat down. Her eyes were closed in the process, seeming to be in deep thought.

After a few moments, Priel opened her eyes again and looked at Lily. "...You're not an idiot. I can tell that much now. I think you already know the answer."
Lily Lily purses her lis. what pressure is upon her now! Her hands swing down behind her back in a cutesy fashion and she idly taps one heel against her other. "That WAS my guesss... number two is loneliness though!" She announces as though this is some major accomplishment of deduction!

... and not a big poke into personal stuff...
Priel Aylin "Oh you."

That was the sound of Priel being minorly disappointed in her first guess. But the second... "....." She offered no verbal answer, but just smiled. There was silence for a bit longer before the woman crossed her legs and rest an elbow in her lap, chin in her open palm. She looked away then.

"A while back, I had a run in with Shiki. She'd gotten one of those creepy Keyblades and was going through some trial..." Seemingly changing the subject, Priel launched into an impromptu story.

"...I was sent there to interrupt her progress with a Reaper's game. The terms for either side was erase or be erased."
Lily "...Sent?" Lily blinks a few times, though her blood's running cold at the mention of this. She stares worriedly at Priel. "..." But something or other has her falling quiet. Lily trembles a little.
Priel Aylin Priel nodded.

"Sent. By the one controlling the Reapers currently."

She shrugged at that and went on. "It's all just a game in the end. A game where your life hangs in the balance. Either you overcome all of the trials the reapers throw at you, or you fail." She didn't mention what happened when you failed.

"Anyway..." The red haired woman sighed a bit before smiling wryly and looking upward. "I didn't actually try. I let Shiki win after a little back and forth." Her gaze lowered, moving to survey the empty lobby, save for herself and Lily...and Dandelion scurrying about. "...That was my plan all along actually. Not just for her-" She glanced back at Lily at that point.

"-But for you too."

Lily "That can't be calld a game... that's... urgh." Lily just shivers. But it's what else Priel has to say that really stumps her. She takes a few steps backward, bringing a hand up over her heart... and stares. "Wha... WHAT?!"
Priel Aylin "....Pfffbt-"

Lily's reaction drew another amused chuckle out of Priel who took on a sort of fascinated look, just staring and taking in the girl's facial changes. "You heard me. Unless running around for a year made you go deaf." A pause. "Did it?"

A teasing question posed with no expected answer.

But she went on without waiting for one. "...I guess I can tell you. Not like anyone else is around to eavesdrop." The huntress nodded then and stood up, smiling vaguely like a predator as she slowly approached the dumbfounded Lily. "Where do I start...?"
Lily The circling gets Lily shuffling away, towards the couch. one uneasy step here, another there...

"e-err-erm... Priel, you're worrying me now... you've changed too, haven't you?"
Priel Aylin Rolling her eyes, Priel reached out and set her hands on Lily's shoulders. "Stop panicking. Sit down." And then she pushed Lily back to do just that. Not too roughly though. Once the matter was settled, she sat down next to the girl and sighed.

"I know I've made a ton of trouble for you in the past. You, Shiki, and the other Shard Seekers. But moreso you in particular, Lily."

That wasn't a lie. In fact it was painfully true. "I'm sure you've wondered why I've done those things to you repeatedly...And I think you're ready to hear the answer now." She managed a somewhat sincere smile at that, devoid of her usual mocking antics. "...To be blunt, you pissed me off. You were just this annoying little kid who had too much power and no control of her emotions."

This was familiar territory. "You were a danger to yourself and everyone around you. ...And in that way, you reminded me of my own sister. Shiki too. But this is about you now." Priel shrugged then and went on. "...I hated the way you were I decided to do something about it."

Maybe Lily could connect the dots. She gave the girl a moment to try.
Lily To call Lily FLOORED by this sudden revelation would be an understatement. Thankfully, she's already near the couch,so the wide-eyed and yes, outright STUNNED girl in the ragged white can just collapse down onto the seat quietly, after taking a few moments for that to sink in. "Danger to..."

Her own hostility towards Priel seems to have utterly evaporated. Lily purses her lips, troubled - maybe even a little ashamed of herself. "Feelings are really strange. You can have them before you have anything else." She eventually admits, apparently without realizing how enigmatic and odd that sounds.

But, looking up again, with a bit more confidence, she bunches up her shoulders and exclaims, "I was just traveling for a while. Not thinking was sometimes worse than doing nothing... so I got the books to study, a little." No, a lot.

"... Priel. Your sister... I don't remember you mentioning her before...?"
Priel Aylin "They are. Emotions are both a blessing and a curse. That's why it's important to learn to control it." Priel nodded at that, crossing her arms and nodding. "You can't blow up at every little thing that bothers you. That's just trouble for yourself and the people around you." She smirked a little then as she glanced at Lily.

"But it looks like you've learned that, at least a little." At that, she changed her posture, reaching aside and patting Lily on the head. It wasn't patronizing like it would have been before, but actually sincere. "You've been doing a lot of studying and training, haven't you?" That smirk edged out into a smile. "...I'm proud of you."

She didn't apologize for the things she did though. That's what led to this point, so there was nothing she felt she needed to say sorry for.

"And my sister...well, I don't really like to talk about her." Priel admitted, chuckling to herself as she scratched her cheek with a finger from her other hand. "I saw a little of her in Shiki and you. It was annoying, but...I guess I got a little lonely too."

At that, she abruptly leaned aside and threw her arms around Lily. "Heeeeey, you mind if I call you sis, huh? huuuh~?" Ammmd back to teasing.
Lily Lily hardly has time to think on that because SUDDENLY PRIEL GLOMPING HER! "Hwah!" She TOPPLES back into the couch in outright shock. Dandelion barks and howls again, excited at the prospect of play!

Blink blink.

"B-but... but we AREN'T... huh...?!" Just gaining a little more maturity doesn't make one too familiar with the weird things people do! "U-uhhh... I... I guess so...?" Still confused, she starts scratching her own cheek!
Priel Aylin "Oh, you have so much to learn~" Priel said teasingly, going with the flow and toppling over with Lily. In the end, she wound up hugging the poor, confused girl's waist, chin resting in her lap. She stayed like that upon hearing her reply.

".....Let me stay like this for a while." The red haired woman mumbled, closing her eyes as she seemed to lose herself to some distant place in her mind.

"It's been...a long time." Since what? She wouldn't say, but stayed like that all the same.
Lily Blink blink! This is an unusual situation to say the least. Some might find it embarassing, but Lily just finds it bewildering. Also far, far preferable to all the previous hostility. Some protesty and confounded expressions flicker on her face for a few seconds, but they settle down quickly enough.

"A-alright..." She mutters back, just uncomfortable enough for the awkward to be noticed. This is the LAST thing she was expecting from Priel.
Priel Aylin Priel nodded silently and remained still for a good long while. ...But then eventually, she spoke up without moving or opening her eyes. "Naturally, if you tell anyone about this, I'll have to set you one fire. Are we clear?" She asked, smiling a bit to herself afterward. Once that was all said and done, she went and snuggled up closer to Lily.

"You should let Ivo and Reize know you're back some time." Not that she had any room to be making suggestions like that, having been sneaking in and out of HQ on days when no one else was present. " ...And what do you going to do now that you're back? You've got to have some idea that drew you back here."
Lily "... What brought me back? This... this is my home. It's the only home I know. And What else is there to do? Stop the Heartless.. stop the destruction of worlds, or I -won't- ave a home... no home, no friends, no anything..."

The threat has her making a puffy-cheecked face . "... feelings ARe weird." She repeats, in a strange sort of acknowledgement. "I don't get it at all."
Priel Aylin "You've got your work cut out for you then."

With that said, Priel finally let go of Lily and rose up. Stretching her arms above her head, she yawned openedly and then stood. "Right then. I've been here too long already." Letting her arms fall, the red haired woman took a few steps away towards the direction of HQ's front door.

"I should go before another one of you losers finds me." Smirking, Priel glanced back at Lily, waving a hand cutely in the process. "It's nice to see that you're less of an idiot though. Now go do something about that dress of yours. It's actually pretty pathetic." That statement was topped off with a giggle as she looked on ahead and proceeded to head off.

"You can look through my old clothes. I'm sure you'll find something you like."

And Priel went out of sight, the front door opening, and then closing with a wooden clack.

She was gone just like that.
Lily "Ahhh--" And out Priel goes, leaving Lily - who'd scrambled to her feet during the departure - with a hand held out towards the door as it shuts, and now more confusion than ever running through her head. "... That.. taught me a lot, but I feel like there's just more questions to wonder about too! What a headache." Mutter, mumble...

Dandelion, however, will have none of this. the Beagle is HUNGRY and also wants to play. His excited yapping startles Lily out of her thoughts.

"Eheheheh!~ This outfit's a mess! ... if this keeps up it'll be all patches and no outfit. It'll look like a quilt!"

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