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(2014-03-17 - 2014-03-18)
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Chita Bodhum was, as ever, much as it ever was. Dark, warm, occasionally a few fireworks going off in the night sky to celebrate something or another. It was generally a pretty nice place, for either family, or just to come and relax. There was food, swimming, beaches, bars, tiki huts and generally anything you wanted. Chita knew this and, after going to splurge and buy some new clothing from a local vendor he knew, made his way out towards Bodhum at a very slow pace. Considering he started his trip there earlier in the afternoon after his 'disagreement' with a couple of others, and he was only just gettin there in the middle of the night, he was rather worn out.

Worn out enough that the well-dressed Viera in a nice suit and tie sat atop a stool in one of the little tiki huts all alone, long silver hair hanging down behind him. Possibly even giving off the impression he was female if people didn't pay much attention to the clothes. He was slight, after all, not the most 'masculine' in figure by any means. Across his lap was something a yard or so long wrapped in a heavy cloak, one hand resting atop it with the other holding his drink, elbow on the counter.
Warden Thache All alone on the tiki hut? That is no place to be on a fun night in a fun place like this. There are shouts of laughter from the beach. Songs and dancing. It seems that quite a few people are having fun and excitement out here in Bodhum. The fireworks draw appriciative ooooohhhs and ahhhs from their audiance.

Most people are heading to bed, either heading that way by choice or simply passing out. However some few are still willing to party deep into the night. One of those few? Is a loud pirate captain, with a woman on each arm. Neither of said women quite human. The poor viera sitting by himself soon gets introduced to a new friend.

When said new friend is tossed through the wall of the hut. Head first. Towards poor Chita.

Standing in the hole made by the flying human projectile is said pirate captain. Peering though the hole he made with the toss. His compaions peer though on either side.

"...I told you mate," He drawls to the poor sprawled man. "You don't touch my things!" His voice cheerful as he jerks a head towards the pair of ladies with him.

He didn't even know the hut was occupied.
Chita Of course, being blind as he was at the moment, with a black silk blindfold wrapped over his eyes, Chita didn't see anything going on. He heard things, smaller sounds, larger sounds, crashes, words and the grumbling of whoever got used to open a new entrance to the wall. Inside the only ones happened to be the Viera, as well as the bartender, who made a squawking sound of surprise and shouted, "Hey, you're gonna pay to repair that!"

Chita himself cringed at the loud noise and turned to face the source of it, trying to figure out just what the hell happened. Well, a fight - possibly a thief. He wasn't entirely sure how many. Perhaps someone threw a thief through the wall. "Hey, you alright?" he said towards whoever got thrown through the wall. "If you need to get to a mage or doctor, I can let you use my Chocobo."

No getting up yet, however. He still had one hand resting on whatever was in his lap as well as finishing off his drink, because he was both in an irate mood, and wasn't entirely sure what was actually going on.
Warden Thache "No no now my friend," Warden's cheerful voice holds a slightly chiding done to it. "This little bilgerat ruined my night of entertainment so he gets no help." The pirate turns his eyes towards Chita, his smile lost on the poor blind Viera. There is a flicker of recongnition after only a moment there and the pirate tilts his head to one side.

"Hello," His voice turning curious. "Now arn't you a familiar figure. I think I've run into you on at least an occasion or two...though we never have been formally introduced." A smirk. "I can fix that if you pardon me a second."

Striding past Chita and waving one dismissive hand at the squawking barkeep the cat captain reaches down to snatch up the man that he just made airborn by the back of his collar.

At near seven feet tall, Warden easily dangels the poor human with his feet off the ground, the cat smirking. "Now first thing you do is apologize to my lady friends for the names you called them. Second thing you do is drop your pouch to pay for the damage your face just caused. Third thing you do is never let me see you again. Do we have an accord?"

The man whimpers. "W-what are you, I-I didn't mean anything, just let me go and--"

Warden just sighs, then casually shakes the man hard enough to make his teath rattle.

"You're getting boring. I break boring things. Do we have an accord?"

"Y-yes! Just let me go!"

"Suit yourself mate!" Warden caries as he pitches the poor man face first though the opposite wall and with almost the same motion turns to place the poor man's pouch on the counter next to the barkeep.

"For damages and all that."
Chita Listening to the man speak, Chita finishes his drink and finally sets it down, ears twitching a bit and crinkling his nose. The bartender looks quite upset, but didn't seem to want a fight over it. Instead, he looks towards Chita and says, "You're a Judge, do something!" With a resigned sigh, as he heards Thache start to speak about recognizing him, he seemed confused. Despite having 'met' him at the castle, and Thache having been there, Chita had never seen him or actually heard him either.

"I cannot say I know you." Yet he continued, began talking to the other fellow. Reaching down into the cloak and wrapping his hand around something the Viera stood and watched, waiting to see what happened. He'd never been one to act brashly. So apparently he spoke ill to the women? Mm... "Hey, calm the hell down!" only before he could do anything another wall was gone... and seemingly a pouch of money put on the counter. "Theft, vandalism, and even if he did insult them, you're the one did it."

Even with the blindfold on, he moved, walking towards the fellow who was thrown as the cloak he had fell away from a strange-looking weapon. Nothing like Warden had ever seen most likely. A sword, white, not really metallic with a strange-shaped hilt. He wasn't brandishing it so much as he had it in his hand. "Hey, you okay?" A quick whistle and a red Chocobo appeared, "Take whoever this is to the medics in Traverse. Medics. Traverse." he repeated and the bird quickly picked the thrown fellow up by the belt, flicked him onto his back and trotted off to take care of that. "Now... as for you?"

He turned and faced towards Warden before saying, "Your coin, not his, will pay for the damages. Or I'll knock you senseless and drag you to the local authorities. Bar fights are one thing, but you tossed in theft and property damage." Still, though, he was visibly blind, or so it seemed with that blindfold, and the sword wasn't really being held /at/ Warden.
Warden Thache "Oh but I know you! Longears." Warden replies cheerfully as he turns towards Chita for a moment as the bartender begs him to do something about it. The pirate raises one eyebrow, ears slowly beginning to pin back against his skull before he decides that shooting the pissy little 'tender isn't worth it.

Instead he reaches across the bar to pluck a bottle of rum from the rack and snag a glass, pulling the stopper with his teath before pouring a good two fingers of it.

"The bar doesn't care where the coin comes from mate, why should you? And bar fights never come without property damage. Havn't been in many of them have you?" He asks cheerfully as he downs the liquer, the smile still on his face even. Not even the appearance of the odd sword seems to deter that smile of his.

"A Judge. A Judge...." He taps one finger against the glass thoughtfully. "MISTER SPOOKS!"

A racoon pokes his head though one of the holes in the wall. "Aye cap'n?"

"Whats a Judge. Capitol J it sounds like. Like the ones where were from? He doesn't look like he wears a wig."

Spooks blinks towards Chita and Warden a moment. "Er. No cap'n. More the hands on types around here."

"Noted," Warden drawls as he fills his glass again. The smile never dissipearing before he reaches up to nudge the edge of the sword further away from him, so its pointed at the bartender.

Because its funny.

"They let anyone be a Judge around here? Or just ones Lord Idiot--sorry. Angantyr hates, and women with a perchant to sticking things into things they don't belong in like?"

A pause.

"Ha! That sounded dirty didn' it Spooks?"

"Aye cap'n."
Chita As the pirate spoke the Judge didn't do anything other than stand there, listening, seemingly silent with nothing to say. "You're wrong on two accounts." he finally said, sword shifting as Warden reached for it, slowly being switched into a reverse grip and the blade resting towards himself, between the elbow and his side. "This isn't a bar, it's a family-friendly drink shack that happens to serve liquor for those that are old enough to drink it. And not anyone can be a Judge - let alone a Judge of Jylland. I suppose, though, I cannot disagree with everything you said though. You seem to share my opinion of someone."

Stepping closer Chita's left hand slaps out in an attempt to grab the stolen rum away from Warden. Wait, he's blind - how did he possibly know exactly where it was to grab? Lucky attempt?

"Now, if you'll step outside and avoid any more damage to this nice little place, I won't do it for you. I haven't had a fight in a while that isn't life or death, so I might enjoy the opportunity a bit more than you reailze." And yes, that /did/ sound dirty, but he was trying to be serious rather than laugh at the pirates accidental phrasing.
Warden Thache "Well if we are talking about Mister 'Oooooh, I've accepted my darkness~~' then I supose we do!" Warden cheerfully replies as he has yet a /third/ drink before slamming the half-empty bottle down...however he goes neither his drink or to slam the bottle. Instead he gets it snatched. "I'm going to guess it was him, since that is the only one I've expressed oppinion on. As a note, you didn't have to snatch like that. Bad form and all. I would have been perfectly happy to pour you one!"

The offer of a brawl seems to tempt him a moment as he smirks. "It seems that you hold all the cards mate." A pause. "Name is Warden by the by. Anyway, if you win I go to jail. What do I get if I win? You have to put something up on your side of the table for it to be a proper wager! At least put in a friendly word with your scientiest friend. She has...what was that tearm I liked? Oh yes. Nice gams. Very nice gams."

He's talking at least as he's walking though, and the pirate smirks as he strolls out the door of the hut this time. "And I'm not the kind to give that oppurtunity on the first dance, mate. I'm sure I can find you a compaion that would though!"
Chita And out he goes, finally. Chita followed along after and his weapon shifted from tucked under his side only after putting the returned rum back on the counter. The owner of the place that was technically serving as a barkeep at that point let out a sigh of relief. "What do you get? You get to walk away from this without spending the night in a drunk tank and being made to pay off your debts in labor or coin. And while I'm not sure exactly what part of her you're referring to..."

Chita brought up the sword and gave it a flat swipe through the air as if testing the weight, saying just as he was, "...I'd have to say she does, what, since I've seen every part of her!" Yes, that implication came with everything it was meant to, not quite boasting so much as agreeing. Yet, something happens that catches Chita by surprise. He swings the sword as he said that and a strange sound screams out of it on the air that was all too familiar to them both. Just like that abomination that came up in Narshe. And not only that, but when the sword was swung the air rippled and blurred a bit before a wave of sound shot right towards Warden's back unless he turned in time that it would hit his gut.

Strange, though, that the Viera raised his hands quickly and attempted to cover his ears out of reflex all too late. "The hell? That's what you do?! Hah... should have known." Yes, he just spoke aloud to the sword.
Warden Thache "Legs my long eared friend. Legs. If you're part of all these new worlds you should at least try to learn a bit about them. Shouldn't you?" Warden replies with a shake of his head before he barks out a laugh. "Oh have you now! Well then, angry that I'm looking where your eyes have already be--"

The scream and sudden slash of energy rakes down his back and sends the pirate tumbling forwards. He recovers fairly quickly at least, quirking one eye towards Chita. "Bad form mate. Bad form, but I'll take that as a yes."

There is a sudden quiet hum from the pirates's boots. A sudden light in his eyes as he leaps forwards, towards the judge. He holds no sword in his hand, but as he moves a strange glowing gauntlet of neon purple energy unfolds across his left hand and its with /that/ he swings towards the mildly distracted Judge. The other snaps out and a spool of glowing golden energy rope lances forwards to tangle in Chita's legs as he viciously delivers a backhand with a gauntlet, followed by an uppercut ment to knock Chita into the air.

"You could have just told me I shouldn't look in the first place!"
Chita "Not in the least!" Mood suddenly improving given the, strangely, light-hearted nature of the entire debacle, Chita started to respond only to be interrupted partially through it. "I'm not the jealous type and she's hardly mi--" Warden was quick, strangely, for someone his size. The sword came up to try and send out another blast but he was too late and got knocked straight across the chin. Knocked backwards instead of up, however, he skidded across the ground and grouched out, "Well now, how annoying. Got my new clothes dirty. Hopefully that doesn't leave a stain that won't wash out."

Pushing upright and rubbing at his face left the Viera pondering what to do. Impaling the sword into the ground in front of him, he took a moment to slip his coat off and grab the sword again with his free hand only to toss it out of the way onto a nearby bench outside the establishment. "Better. Now, was I was saying, if you want to admire her, feel free, I'm sure she'd be happy to hear a vagabond such as yourselef thinks she has nice legs!" A quick spin around causes the weapon to scream out in a different tone, more mournful a tornado of sound flies free from the tip towards Warden. It'd attempt to lift him up, spin him around in the air, then slam him back down into the ground. Of course, not before lifting him up again and slamming him down again. "I think I might like this new sword. Even if the damned thing is an abomination to the world and hurts my ears like HELL when I swing it, I could get used to it!"

He quickly leapt away from the 'bar' before it got any more damage, leaping out into the open beach area nearby. Yup, he jumped that entire distance. He could jump pretty well. "If you want my opinion, not that I've seen them since I lost my sight, I think her eyes are her beast feature. Pity she's so quick to scowl!"
Warden Thache Wonderful. Wind.

The problem about anti-gravity is that sometimes it works poorly for you. Such is the case here as he is suddenly picked up by that tornado and hurled flat on his back, skidding acround the sand as he attempts to defend his face as well he can from the whipping winds.

They abate and the man is quickly up to one knee again. A smirk takes his features. "Well, you give an old pirate hope. Though I prefer 'rogue' to 'vagabond'." Then he is leaping again, and unlike Chita he cheats.

He follows that jump, foot for foot as he leaps from his crouch. The clawed glowing gauntlet from the Grid seems to work just as well out in the real world as in the fake one.

He swings it down, tearing for arm and chest and where it touches it seems to leach the vitality right away.

"Funny you should mention her scowl, I had her smiling our whole chat. Havn't seen it yet. She does have facinating eyes however. I agree."
Chita "Just hang around her long enough, I'm sure you'll piss her off somehow, haha. Though as you seem to be the rougish type, I imagine your morality keeps you from pissing her off compared to as much as mine does, or having that annoying goody two-shoes Judge keeping you from doing something that'll make everyone else want to kill you even more." As Warden approaches he tries a new manner of fighting with the sword. He flicks the tip and tries to coat his right shoe with sound so he could try and kick Warden up again.

And it didn't quite pan out the way he intended! Sure, it worked, but it kept him off-balance enough that he didn't have a chance to lash out and they both got knocked straight into the air, Warden by his own designs. "Oomph... damn, I'll have to be a bit more careful. But you went and screwed up. I'm a Dragoon by training."

A grin comes to his face before he does something that might surprise Warden. He used the sound-coated foot to kick downwards, the sound shooting off and propelling him straight out of the way. "And improvising in the air is my nature!"

He quickly begins to dart here and there through the air, flicks of his sword coating his legs and feet in that strange sound before he leaps away, the waves pushing him around like it knocked Warden, but to his benefit. "Don't hang around her too long or she'll start asking you for blood and other things of the sort, a word of advice. I imagine that's kinky for some, but not quite my thing." Swinging the sword in a few quick motions he cuts through the air and sends several slices heading towards the cat pirate, despite looking like he wasn't enjoying the sound. Those big ears, the screaming noises, the moans and wails and such, didn't quite mesh well.
Warden Thache "I have been known to have that effect on women. Pissing them off that is." Warden seems not to be bothered by that fact as he flourishes his gauntlet. He's either trying out something new, or not fighting seriously in the least. As the pistols and swords he carries remain sheathed.

What he does seem to be is enjoying himself.

The sudden flickering movement in the air however causes the cat to pull his arms in, his gauntlet parrying as well he can the swiftly moving bunny.

This is not going exactly how he planned it either, but the man seems not entirely worried.

"My morals arn't even in question," the pirate replies with a smirk. "I'm a /pirate/ my friend. My morals are fairly close to non-existant. I even think I gave her a few ideas in our chat." He laughs though, leaping backwards and standing on thin air that seems to him as solid as stone. "Here I thought you were to teach me a lesson in morals, instead of us talking about your lady friend. Not that I mind the chat mind you."

The ropes lash out again, aiming to grab the quick bunny by the ankles and send him back to earth rather forcefully.

"Sorry about your outfit by the by, I can have my tailor call you."

Does he even have a tailor? Who knows. Its Warden.
Chita "Lessons? I couldn't care less about you learning a lesson, I sincerely doubt you'd learn a lesson in manners anyways, considering your current manner of amusement and habit of throwing people through walls! And you're the one who brought up her legs!" The ropes find their mark, a skilled toss can easily land a hit on him. Yet Warden might not be expecting him to aim his last in-air kick towards Warden and shoot the wave of sound his way. The ropes manage to smack him into the ground with a sound whack though on the upturn of the ropes, instead of leaving his foot cleanly he gets pulled up and a bit of quick swordwork frees his foot from it only for another quick bounce aruond.

"Want a bit of advice? Stay away before she pisses someone else off when you're around and they try to kill her like everyone else seems to be! As much as I want to see her safe, I can't deny she has a bad habit of making people want to kill her. Dangerous that one, and bearing child! Probably not the best bet since you seem to be the type who enjoys an evening with the ladies, if your earlier display down below was evidence."
Ceasing to keep himself aloft Chita dives down below Warden only to begin spinning around in quick circles, sword slashing out and making a rather deafening screech. The entire area begins to fill with sound and wind as it whips and swirls and creates a large tornado with him at the base and eye of it. And it quickly rose, much larger than the last, and shot straight up to try and suck Warden in and fling him around back and forth. Not to mention it started sucking up stray items that were laying around, a piece of drift wood here and there, few stones, sand rocks and such.
Warden Thache "My friend, there are already plenty of people who want to kill me. What is a few more." Warden's unworried reply comes with a smile and a shrug. As if he accepts it as his just due. However the pirate has the words sucked out of his lungs as the windstorm speeds up around him.

Wind is mighty difficult to dodge you know.

However he manages ot mitigate it somewhat, though he is slammed hard by the buffeting breeze and the debris hurling round in it. A piece of wood hammers into him and knocks him sideways, though not down. His footing seems solid as ever.

As the storm passes however, the man still seems to be standing albit bloodied.

"Impressive..." He murmurs before he flings up a hand in the air, as if he would bring the wrath of heaven down on the bunny that struck him.

What happens instead is an airship, airboat really, tears past and Warden catches onto it. Pulled along in its wake by one of his glowing ropes.

"Sorry mate! As much as I'd love to continue this chat I'd rather not spend the night in jail. As for spending time with the lady? Well I didn't know she was expecting! I'll have to offer congradulations. I do love a big family, and perhaps I just enjoy her company for companies sake."

A wild grin spreads across his features.

"I have been accused of being mad you know." He pauses as he hops aboard the little boat and pulls a gleaming rifle from under a seat. "But I'd rather not have you following me, therefor..."

He brings the weapon to his shoulder and fires in one smooth and practiced motion. The energy beam lancing out from the barrel, aimed not at the rabbit.

But his sword.

From the way it was ringing, and the look on Chita's features as it did he figures that it should provide a wonderful distraction.
Chita "Hey, get back h-ohshit..." Sword coming up in a defensive sweep he attempts to knock the wave of energy back towards Warden but all he gets is the sound of the sword being stuck and a scream of pain from the soundwaves being shot out, sword dragged firmly out of his hands and thrown a good distance before impaling in the sand. Of course, bunny Judge is left kneeling down on the sand covering his ears and groaning in pain from the sudden amount of sound that came from that.

Yup, fight over. He'll have to drag the money out of Warden later and throw him to the locals to jail then.

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