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(2014-03-16 - Now)
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Aeschere Childs On the contrary, Aeschere is always seeking work.

For those times when work is seeking her, however, there are certain measures in place. You'll have seen the guild postings, before; jobs that need doing, doers that need jobs, you know. It's mostly on MogNet these days. If you're looking for a bounty hunter, she comes well-recommended. Competitive rates, too.

When she /isn't/ working, which is rare, she maintains a residence in Bevelle. You've probably been directed to find her here, out on the plaza or wherever. Just leave her a message, and she'll be along.
Queegmaa It's quite possible that Queegmaa has gotten wind of Aeschere, when factoring in his ability to listen in on the grapevine; he isn't one of those folks who does much beyond sneaking around, networking, and delegating, but in his defense, he's excellent at deciphering who are reliable employees for the respective jobs that need to be done. He's undoubtedly done enough research to have determined by this time that the white-haired girl is fairly capable, at least based on rumor, so the kappa skulks along the streets, squinting his eyes, surveying the angelic architecture, hoping to envision his quarry-- none other than Aeschere Childs!

He's at the plaza area, and he may have already left her a message requesting a rendezvous.... whatever the case, this unusual cybernetic turtle finally takes a breather on a wall, since he's been moving about most of the day. She couldn't hide forever.... not that she was necessarily trying to be elusive.
Aeschere Childs She'll be along, yes. You just won't spot her through the crowd. The crowd that might have been gathering around the sudden appearance of a kappa on the square.

For the most part, they're polite enough not to stop and stare; she gets that a bit, too, you know.

"You're new." This is the agreed location, and this kappa looks least like he belongs here, so he's probably the one. Aeschere Childs presents herself, in a dark outfit hardly appropriate to culture or climate, and probably standing barely taller than the kappa himself. "Were you waiting for someone?"
Queegmaa The one Que sought might not have been easily found, yet, if she was as accredited as he was led to believe, then she might even find him first.... as long as his time wasn't wasted, he would have less of an excuse to become riled. It does help that some of the denizens were paying particular attention to him, which would easily draw further attention to the focal point of those who happen to be side-glancing the troll. Kappa were simply less common than humankind, and that's how it would always be.

When he's approached by Aeschere, and she denotes that he's new, Que peers over in her direction, and grunts, "Compared ta mos' planets, I'd be inclined tuh 'gree widd ya.... They's 'bout a few billeen yars uld." However, he doesn't elaborate on his exact age, and examines her carefully, deciding that the woman before him matches the descriptions he's gotten before. "Yeah, I'm waitin' on some'un, 'n she 'sposedly matches yer discerpshun, so fer all I knowed, she might be you. I'm waitin' on Ayshir Chihldz. Y'eard of 'er?"

In truth, Queegmaa is excellent at distinguishing different faces belonging to humans, but when it comes to cultural norms as it applied to fashion, it was a bit harder for him to figure out who wore clothes that fit in, and who didn't, so he didn't rightly have the knack to determine that she was a little out of place, in terms of her apparel; the fact that Que didn't have pants or a shirt could clue one in to the fact that he didn't keep up on cosmetic fads.
Aeschere Childs It seems like she has to think about that for a moment. "/Aeschere/ Childs, yes?" Three syllables. She's taken jobs from stranger people before, she supposes. Heck, she's still waiting to collect from that cat guy.

"You're the one with the job, yes? How can I help you?"
Queegmaa When she gives her name, confirming Que's suspicions, he rubs the side of his nose a little, "Soun's 'bout right." She evidently doesn't realize how lucky she is that he didn't murderize her name even more than that; outside of that little tidbit, he elaborates when she asks about the job, "Ain' me tryin' ta hire ya. I'm jus' a mil man.... representerin' somebody ess." He nods his head, clarifying, "Fact r'mains, I'm needin' a vampihr named Offleeya Lavat tuh 'ave summa 'er fluids extrakteed. Dun care if ya gotta knock 'er out, or if ya tiar up, or both, but one way or anudder, I's wantin' ta git old o' 'er essence. Why's no concern o' yers."

With that, the kappa folds his arms over his chest, "All ya gotta know's dat we need that sh*t from'r. She's a toughie, so we ken supply a couple goons tuh 'elp ya, but dey wun be's capable as you, so yer gonna 'afta be da big guns." He taps his fingers against the wall where he'd propped himself up, "Y'in or out?"
Aeschere Childs She takes a few moments to parse the request.

"You want... what? Blood? From a vampire?" That's a new angle for her, too. "...go on, then. I need a bit more to work on than that, I think."

So, she might be in. She doesn't usually turn down a job, you know.
Queegmaa Que draws out two things: a standard syringe, as well as a strange looking, heavy-duty syringe that has a needle resembling a drill-bit, which is quite thick. The kappa doesn't surmise that much more information is really needed for Aeschere to be able to do the job, if she's truly competent; a resourceful individual should be able to find the person in question, when considering that a name was provided.

"Now't ain't confirmed dat she's a vamp.... but e'erybody spekahlates dat she is wi' all da signs she dun showed us.... 'n dat's gud enough for the people who're wantin' 'er fluids." Queegmaa raises the ordinary needle, "Dis's tuh get 'er blood." He lowers that arm, then raises the odd, drill-looking thing, "Dis's whatcha need ta get 'er marrow. Gonna afta pierce some bone, which's why I say dat she eeder gotta be knocked out or tied s'curely." The imp chortles, "Nobody'd letcha just stick'em widda needle, let alone grin' inta deir bone tuh suck out deir marruh. 'N I shud also add dat confidentiality's importin'.... dun nobody shud be knowin' 'bout 'oo hired ya."

With that, he placed the two instruments into a tin box for medical supplies, and then offered her a business card, "I ain't da one who's gonna negosheet yer salary widja. Dis person ya contact'll be da one who'll talk to ya 'bout prices 'n stuff." Following this, the troll puts away the medical box, "If ya 'gree tuh 'is prices, den he'll show up tuh meetcha'n person, accompanied by da lackeys who's gonna help ya bushwhack Offleeya, 'n give ya a medkeel box widd da proper utensils 'n tubes so yuh got a way o' transportin' da goods all sterile-like when yer done da job. He'll also pay ya half da price of da full contract in advance, and give ya half after....." He grins, "I'm jus' a demo-man."
Aeschere Childs Chera studies the sampling tools with interest, until Queegmaa stows them again. That clears thing up, just slightly.

She accepts the card, and pockets it without looking. "You let them know we spoke, then. I will consider this. It's not a normal job." Obviously.

She gives the kappa a nod. "Half in advance is good. I'll be in touch, yes?"
Queegmaa Queegmaa nods to the woman, and remarks with brevity, "Yeh, I'll do't.", referring of course to the fact that he'll relay the message to the person Chera has been instructed to contact. As for whether it's a normal job or not, Que could care less-- either she accepts or doesn't, and if not, then somebody else will be on the payroll. It wasn't always easy finding people with the level of proficiency that Aeschere was renowned for, but it also wasn't impossible, so it would just be a matter of time before the troll found a suitable customer, even so..... it would've been a lot more convenient if Chera ended up taking the job, and Queegmaa didn't have to do anymore scouting.

"I'll be around." Que retorts, when the girl asks him if she'll be in touch, but the chances were, she'd be meeting up with other people in the future, and if she saw the troll again, it'd be nothing short of a miracle, being that he only makes house-calls when absolutely necessary.... otherwise, someone else could do it in his stead! Promptly, he starts to wander off, knowing that his job was done, for now.

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