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(2014-03-15 - 2014-03-23)
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Chita Coming from Alexandria was a fairly long trip, thankfully assisted by flight paths from various cities and airships and the likes. It was also made much easier, for those who couldn't see, by having companions who could see. Eventually leaving Montressor and heading into the town proper the traveling group split up to take care of things, a couple likely heading to the church to take care of whatever business they had, as well as the other two, Chita and Aerith, wandering properly into the town.

While Merlin was their ultimate goal, Chita had brought up the point that perhaps it'd be best if they didn't all go there at once immediately in case somehow those who wanted the contraband he had in his possession had learned of their plan and were waiting. "Do you have anywhere in particular you want to go?" the blindfolded and blind Viera asked towards Aerith idly, walking beside his Chocobo with one hand atop the birds saddle idly.

The town itself was as bustling as ever, people out and about shopping, going back and forth, the defenses set in place largely keeping things peaceful.
Aerith Senra tromped through the city, with Aerith on his back. Said flowergirl had a wistful look on her face as she glanced around the city. So much has happened here that she can't quite keep track of it, but it's become a second home to her. One that's, obviously, far less infested with security guards and Shinra's overall presence.

That's not the only reason she's come to like it though, and she immediately states why. "I need to check in at Cloud Nine, see if the place is still intact. Tifa would kill me if she found her second bar in disarray."
Chita "Ah, I forgot you know her as well. Let us head that way then." He paused a moment as he said that as if thinking about something, then asked, "Wonder what all we should take care of before we head to where we'd planned on... or if we should check in with others first to be safe. With a group as large as Shinra seems to be, there is no telling just how far their resources go or who is involved. What would you suggest? You seem to know something about them after all... possibly more than I do."
The hand he had resting on the saddle of his Chocobo left to run down the birds wing and neck and eventually up to rub fondly at his beak. Even considering the mount was his from being a Judge... Chita treated the bird more like a pet than anything.
Aerith "Oh I know more than you could imagine." Her eyes narrowed for a brief moment. "That's not the point though. We need to get this thing taken care of before Montag gets it back." Her features relaxed. "It's not like I don't feel bad for him. He has a lot of weight on his shoulders, and there's a lot riding on getting the weapon back. But we can't let them have it, no matter what."

She looked down at Chita. "My question though is, what do you think Merlin can do about this? I mean he knows a lot, but this has to be something he's never seen before."
Chita Chita shook his head at that and gave a little sigh. "I am not entirely sure WHAT he can do, but I still have to try. Despite what others seem to expect people to be, I am not the shoot first ask questions later type. I do not rush to do things, especially when I know there can be consequences." His hand returned to the saddle, arm resting against the side of Aerith's leg as he adds to that thought, "That has been what has kept me so... occupied for so long now. Trying to wrap up all the loose ends I can imagine. If I simply killed Rhiannon so long back, sure, that may have stopped her from making another, but she's a smart woman. Too smart for her own good. Surely she wrote down somewhere how to make another. She was making it for someone... they may have access to that information if something should happen to her. I would certainly want assurances if I was in such a position."

Step. Step. "And on top of that, if there is such documented... where? She is always typing, as she called it, on a... computer, I think. I do not know how those work. Is that like writing on paper? What happens to what she writes on it? Who else has access to it? Was Shinra involved? So many things... I could not simply kill her. Merlin, when I asked before, seemed knowledgable on heartless and such. I was hoping he could offer some insight on if we can still possibly save the hearts inside now that Angantyr destroyed the original recklessly. Then on top of that... so many other things." A soft whine came out of him as he 'looked' down towards the ground. So much effort put into wrapping up loose ends so he could cleanly close this entire ordeal off, screwed all at once by one idiot who charged in and simply destroyed it.
Aerith Aerith shook her head. "If there was something you could do about this to end it cleanly..."

She didn't finish. She felt she didn't have to.

"In any event, you're right about one thing. She's got a backup somewhere. Soon as we take care of this, we take care of her notes. That's priority one. Rhiannon can wait, her research can't."
Chita "There is, somewhere. I just have to find it. It's called hope, Aerith. Once you abandon it, there is none. That is why I have kept going as long as I have... doing what I have done. I know if I keep at it, eventually I can solve my problems that I mentioned. Of course, there are more problems I found with the hasty 'solution', but yeah." a light sniff in the air got a happy sound from Chita, "Someone somewhere is cooking vegetables. Are you hungry? If not, I may get some for myself on the way."
Aerith Aerith caught the smell as well, though not as early as Chita did. She hummed for a moment as her senses took in the delights. "Well we might as well. I mean, can't do this on an empty stomach, right?" Aerith hopped off Senra and gave his beak a pat. "I promise we'll get something for you too."

Listen to her, talking like she understood him...
Chita Senra was happy with the attention either way, even if he might not have undestood what she said. "Well, we could, but I'd hear about it more than you may think." Chita laughed at his own joke. Hard to say if she got why. Sniffing in the air a bit he pointed towards where he thought it was coming from and nudged his Chocobo to head that way. "You mentioned... taking care of her notes. How would we do that and how would we even find out? I never got the chance to discover how she went about that. For all I know, even if we destroy them, she could simply write them all down once more. She... has a very good memory for things that interests her."
Aerith Aerith nodded. "They have to be somewhere in Shinra Headquarters, a database most likely. That, or on that tablet she always carries around. Either way, we need to destroy every copy she has of those experiments." Of course, she didn't know how many copies Rhiannon had, but that didn't matter just yet.

"You do know that you just stated the second part of this, right? I don't like it any more than you do." Well that wasn't all that true. Chita had turned this from a simple matter into a fiasco. She'd be glad to get rid of the scientist who turned so many lives into dust, but it was no longer so easy. "She needs to be taken care of... and I know you think you can do that by locking her up, making her serve justice." Aerith smiled. "Admirable of you as always."
Chita "Does that matter?" The question came out after she mentioned he'd only just stated the second part. "I cannot just... no, nevermind. Now is not the time to debate this. And yes, even if she was not with child as she is now... I would still not let others simply kill her, no matter her crimes." There was an annoyed tone on Chita's voice as he said that, honestly thinking she was being a bit condescending by saying what she had. "I will try to get this all taken care of when I can. Storming the company and trying to tear apart everything until we find it is not the answer. Nor is just... killing everyone who could know. Others /have/ to realize that. Somehow... I have to make them realize that."
Aerith Aerith nodded again. "While that is fine... this isn't the kind of thing that can be solved with trying to lock someone up." She sighed. "For all we know, she can still act, even when in a cage." They were almost at the place where the heavenly smells originated from. "Besides, she's got the backing of a corporation that has more money and resources than you can imagine. Even if you do lock her away, they'll get her out because she's a valuable resource." Aerith shook her head. "But I'm not really one to debate about this. I'm here to help you, not drive you off the path you're on." She smiled, though he couldn't see it. He'd probably be able to hear it in her voice, though. "You have to believe that."
Chita "Seems you don't quite trust me as of yet, Aerith. I'm well aware how powerful Shinra is. When the time comes... I fully have my plans and they will go through, even if I have to break a few legs to make sure that happen. You have to understand that no one else in the world has put as much thought and planning into this as I have. No one, not even Rhiannon. While she may be much smarter than I am... I have put in too much to let things go awry now. Even with what happened... I will fix it." They finally stoppd when Senra did and he said, "I can only imagine we are here, yes?"
Aerith Aerith nodded. "Yeah, we are!" She took another sample of the scent, and sighed blissfully. "Yup, definitely the place. You wanna order first, or should I?" And yes, the veggies were grilled to perfection, all sorts of tasty treats available. Aerith's stomach complained, and she couldn't hide her blush. "Heh... definitely me first. Hope you don't mind."
Chita Chita heard the stomach sound and grinned but didn't say anything. At first. Then she mentioned that and he reached over to casually poke her stomach. "Quiet there, I'm sure you can get filled in various ways." Meaning that in a lot cleaner way than he intended it to possibly come across as. "Go ahead. You can pay today." Yes, he just volunteered her to pay. Totally best dinner date, or in this case, simply someone there she was eating with.
Aerith Oh yeah, best dinner date ever.

Not like she minded. Aerith was happy to oblige, at least until Chita got his sight back. Then they'd have a right proper outing. For the moment, she paid enough munny for the both of them to eat. "So then," she asked as she grabbed a kebab, "what do we do while the others get their affairs in order?"
Chita He heard her dig out some munny and smiled at that. When she asked her question he thought about that and said, "Beyond checking on Tifa... relax, have fun... was there anything you'd been intending to do for a while and haven't had the chance? Perhaps we can go get some new clothing? Most of mine have been torn up or are terribly worn. ... what do you think to that? I'm sure you would look quite beautiful in a full dress. And get you out of those boots you used to enjoy wearing for a change. ... even if they are functional." When she finally got her stuff Chita asked for some kind of pasta and a lot of vegetables atop it, and some utensils.
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "A full dress isn't my style. Grew up in a rough neighborhood." She took a bite of her veggie kebab. "Fancy things get torn easily where I come from. But hey, if you think I'll look decent in something like that, fine with me." She hummed again. "That's tasty!"
Chita "Heh." He didn't say anything immediately, finally getting his food and happily digging into it. It was slow, of course, he couldn't quite see well when he was blind. A little exploration with the tips of his fingers figure out exactly what all was there and in what fashion before he made a mess. "If... mm, this is good, I do not care what you wear, I was simply talking to my taste. If you wanted to wear mens clothing and cut your hair, that is your choice... even if I would be a bit sad to see such happen. You're a friend and a living creature just like anyone else, it is your choice in the end as you are not something for me to change or primp as I like." Possibly an odd way of saying it, but then again, he was odd too in some ways.
Aerith "Is that so?" She glanced at him. "So that means you don't care what I wear now but once you get your sight back you will?" She fluttered her eyelashes at him, knowing full well he couldn't see. "Well I'll have to doll myself up for you when that happens." There was no if for her. He'd get his vision back, and she'd have to surprise him when he did.

If only he knew how accurate he was about the men's clothing part... she did look good in a dark red suit.
Chita "That is so." he replied casually, and to her remark he responded, "And no, I do not care what you wear at any point. I think you would look just as nice out of as in any manner of clothing. Not that I've seen that." After all, they were hardly close by any means before he lost his sight. "I'll have to look forward to that." Chita smiled a little to himself knowingly. Listening to make sure no one else was around to bump into, he took a step or two towards where he last heard her voice and playfully reached a hand out around shoulder-height to try and playfully poke her shoulder.
Still, he was blind, so it may be a little off. Even if he generally knew about how high she was in comparison to him.
Aerith Aerith giggled as he tried to poke her shoulder. She moved just out of the way, taking another bite from her kebab. "You know, we haven't gotten anything for Senra yet. I would love to know what all he likes so I can bring it with me more often."
Chita "What he likes? Well, he likes long walks, lady chocobos and... oh, you meant what type of food he likes." Said Chocobo was not paying much attention to them at the moment, idly watching everything else wander by towards where they were going. "He's like any other chocobo, quite fond of Gyshal among other such treats. I've been feeding him a proper, good diet of such so he's a bit spoiled to the good things." then Chita fell silent for a few long moments as he enjoyed his food without saying much else. He really was quite hungry. Perhaps it was his mood that increased his appetite.
Aerith Aerith giggled. "Well then, we'll have to do something about that." She reached for Senra again and ran her right hand along his beak. "You know... I want to try something. Not sure if I'll be able to do it, but it's worth a shot. Can I?"

It wasn't like she knew what all she could do yet. There was a lot about being a Cetra she didn't understand yet. Aerith was like Rhiannon in a way; always experimenting on things. The only thing about her was that she didn't have to hack people open or kill anyone to do what she did.
Kaydin The darkness increases about the area before the shadows of a building solidify and Kaydin walks out of them. When he looks about and then approaches a familiar sight, he groans as he staggers a bit. He approaches Aerith though, a slow step. "Aerith." He says before looking to see who she is with.
Chita "I suppose? What did you have in mind? I trust you well enough not to... do something entirely odd." It was about this point he was mostly finished with his food. Giving a little whistle to get his Chocobo's attention he sat leaned down and placed it on the ground so the red bird could have his fill of what was left on it. Of course, when someone else suddenly said Aerith's name and approached Chita looked rather confused. The male was currently wearing a large cloak, a drag gray color, beneath it could be seen traces of his otherwise normal attire. Loose pants and shirt, boots of some kind as well as having a blindfold around his eyes. Presumably he couldn't see.
He was also not visibly armed, though many these days /did/ seem to carry some form of defending themselves in some fashion.
Aerith Aerith however did have something about herself down pat.

She could sense how much darkness was in one's heart. It wasn't the light that set them apart, but the lack of it. If she hung around a person long enough, she could even tell who they were just from their aura. After learning this, it didn't take long for her to latch onto a few signatures.

So once Kaydin's entry way solidified, she knew exactly who she was dealing with. In fact, she didn't even have to turn around to respond. "Hello there, Kaydin."

Wait... something was off. He didn't feel... entirely whole. "Is everything all right?" She turned around at this point, mild concern painting her features.
Kaydin "I am alright for now...but I am in need of your compassion." Kaydin says as he holds a free hand up. A black blast of energy extends but stops forming into a solid black keylike weapon with a black and yellow keyring. "I found the one Angantyr served, the one called Garland. He gave me this keyblade, and power to become stronger. The Keyblade however, comes with a terrible price." He says as he looks to the other. "It demands I feed it hearts or it will feed from my own heart. From the pain I feel...If I dont feed it in a month, I believe I will be consumed."
Chita If Chita's eyes could be seen at the moment, they would be seen staring at Kaydin dumbfounded. He needs her compassion? That was either the strangest come-on the Viera had ever heard... or there was something else going on he wasn't quite sure about. The longer he listened, however, the more he wanted to try and rip whatever he had from him and let him suffer his own fate. Yet... he knew full well that if it was actually anything like the weapons Sora and the others had...

He couldn't very well take it from him.

Yet... a keyblade that feeds on hearts? Consume him? Must feed? It couldn't be... "Damnit... so that's who..." he mumbled, a hand reaching out to rest on Aerith's shoulder, "Stay safe Aerith... all of this could be a trap." As he said that, Chita stepped forward and reached his other hand behind his back, pulling out a cloth-wrapped object that looked faintly sword-shaped. He didn't hold it out aggressively, but it was an easy-to-tell show of him being prepared to do something if he had to in order to try and keep her safe. But, he /was/ seemingly blind - so how much could he really do?
Aerith Aerith shook her head. "It's not."

How did she know? Because she knew Kaydin almost as well as she knew Chita. That was before she had a peek into the Viera's heart. "Two things. You can't have mine, but you already knew that. However, you can't have Chita's either." She smiled and put a hand on Chita's right shoulder, a gentle message to stand down. "That said... what do you need from me? I'll try my best."
Kaydin "What I need, is you to not abandon me for accepting this power to protect you." Kaydin says seriously. "You are my conscious, I do not care no more about other people as long as you are happy and safe." He says calmly. "Mercade wants to strip this from me, that no one deserves to have their heart consumed. What do you think?"
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "Considering that Mercade is who he is, and he is quite admirable because of it, of course he would tell you that." Aerith frowned. "What I'm wondering... is why Garland gave this to you. He doesn't do anything without a reason. You have that sword because he wants something from you."
Chita Chita paused when he felt the hand on his shoulder, realizing soon enough what she meant, considering what she said. Lowering it, but not putting it away again, he listened for the time being, letting her talk, them talk, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. But there was one thing he couldn't simply ignore. That whoever this was claimed to have taken it to protect her. "You're an idiot, or more blind than I am, if you think she would accept you stealing others hearts to keep her safe. If you knew anything about her, like any self-respecting living thing who chooses to live in the light, you would know she'd sooner put herself in harms way to save others than consume them for her protection. If you want to protect her at this point, since you've already screwed up, take responsibility for your powergrab and suffer the consequences of not harming others."
And with that he turned his back and leaned down to feel around for the plate of food he put down for his Chocobo, planning to pick it up and return it to the vendor. He'd said his piece, as far as he was concerned.
Kaydin Kaydin looks to the being who lectures him, hand tightening in the grip of the weapon. "Do not tempt me, ser. I will not let your condition merit any mercy should you continue to push me." He says as he begins to approach, murder evident on his face but Aerith can probably tell he isnt going to attempt it. "I am willing to give my heart, body and soul for her protection. Can you speak of the same dedication?" He asks the cloaked man by the Chocobo. "So stay out of things beyond your grasp and comprehension." He says before turning his attention to Aerith. "He gave it to me because he thinks I have potential. If he is being truthful, he is trying to get me to forsake all the light and become master of the darkness like him. If he is lying, then maybe he hopes the darkness will consume me to make me into a monster to bend to his will." He says with a shrug.
Aerith Aerith put one hand on Kaydin's shoulder to stop him from moving forward. She glanced over at Chita. "Back to your corners. I don't want you two biting at each other." He already had one dark knight to deal with. Chita didn't need two of them on his case.

She made sure the two wouldn't go after each other before speaking again. "Kaydin... you have to understand that Garland is not to be trusted." She looked toward him again. "If he does indeed see potential in you, it could be that he wants to train you to give the last of your light, all for his cause. I still don't know what exactly that is, and that worries me."

She shook her head. "Then there's the high possibility of the second one. If this sword does eat your heart... and especially a strong one like yours... we don't know what'll happen." She lowered her right hand, slowly. "I know you want to defend me. I appreciate it. And I respect your dedication." She smiled. "I won't forsake you just because of one decision. But I am going to ask that you be... selective about your targets. This weapon, even something like this, can be used for justice."
Chita Chita largely ignored Kaydin, used to people posturing or trying to verbally one-up him at all points. People had a habit of doing that. Yet... when Aerith speaks, and eventually says that last bit, about being selective... about it being used for Justice... "Even you, Aerith... after all I have been through to keep such a weapon from being used to kill more people... to consume hearts... encourage this idiot to be selective about who he uses it on?" It might surprise her, but his tone? He sounded hurt. He honestly sounded like he was wounded by her having said that.

"I did not risk everything to have you, of all people, encourage someone to use a weapon like that so he can feel like a big boy and 'protect' someone else! THAT'S EVERYTHING RHIANNON WAS WORKING TOWARDS!" he finally yelled, anger bubbling over as he turned and shouted at her. "That's not justice... justice is protecting everyone, innocent and guilty, not just... those you think deserve it."
Aerith Aerith shook her head. "Listen. There's one thing you need to understand." She looked over at Chita. "Once you've gone over to the Darkness for some kind of reason, there's not really a chance to turn back. I'd rather not have said that, but... I don't want anyone to die either. Even I understand though that protecting everyone? It's not just impossible, it's not feasible. Some people just won't stop until they get what they want, no matter what happens or who they hurt. They'll always come back, always find a way to keep going."

She sighed. "Do you understand? Justice is about people getting what they deserve, and being made to account for what they've done. If it's for the sake of others, of those who are in danger and have done no wrong..." She shook her head. "I'm not condoning the practice. But I am admitting a truth that sometimes, it has to be done."
Kaydin "What would you have be done then ser? Let those who made manhattan fall not pay for the crimes they commited?" He asks curiously. "What has the worlds done for me? Misery, suffering, pain, loss, anger, these are the things given to me and I used them to become powerful. I blindly served Baron as a Dark Knight until one person made me see the wrong I was doing." He says as he looks to Aerith. "Out of multitudes of worlds, out of hundreds of people, I found one person who did not reject me and made me suffer. I abandoned my entire nation to get the people of manhattan out of there when it was consumed, hoping that by doing the right thing I will be acknowledged as one of those who fought for good. Instead, I was treated no differently then my own home nation, and once again, only one person who eased my pain, who calmed my anger. So if a few people lose their hearts to make me powerful, very well, I will do my best however to make sure they deserved it but I will not allow myself to become weak and let Aerith be hurt."
Chita "What would I have done? Nothing can change the past, but petty revenge and vengeance does not change the future. Tit for tat, killing those who commit crimes, is not just, nor is it the path of light. There is always a way back, there is always a chance, and if you've gone too far, you pay the price of your own choosing if you have the courage to accept your punishment. The dead pay not for their crimes, nor do the dead care. Justice is not vengeance, justice is not an eye for an eye."

His hands were shaking as the vegetable stand vendor quickly said, "Please, if you're going to carry this on, go elsewhere! You're scaring away my customers!" Whistling softly for Senra the Chocobo came over and Chita placed his right hand on the birds saddle after switching the weapon to his left hand. "What am I doing is the better question. I'm doing whatever it takes to stop people like you from sinking the worlds further into darkness, from abusing the darkness to get power... blindly claiming to protect other. If you did this you'd be nothing short of a pety murderer. A criminal regardless of your reasoning." Then towards Aerith he added, "And you, Aerith... accomplice to his crimes. If he takes someones heart, Aerith... I am going to find you, and make sure the law where he committed the crime at throws you in jail for encouraging him to do it. Then I will hunt him down, do whatever it takes to strip him of that weapon permanently, and do the same with him. I will not allow either of you to kill anyone, even if you think they deserve it, for any reason. And if you cannot accept that, Aerith... or Kaydin, if I heard your name right... then kill me here, or get hurt trying. Because the only thing that will stop me from seeing you both in jail should such happen is my death or the end of the worlds."
Aerith Aerith paused for a moment. Wait... what Kaydin said...

These two had something in common. It was a shame she couldn't do anything about this.

"I'd swear you two were split at birth. You have similar motivations." Chita wanted to protect everyone, Kaydin just wanted to protect one person. But it was very, very similar. "Seems I can't get you guys to agree..." She looked toward Kaydin. "Look, it's nice to see you... but I can't do too much for you right now. Just... think about what I said. About Garland. He doesn't do something for no reason." And all that work she'd done was, well, for nothing. "I'm not about to do something like go with you, but just... do me a favor and stay safe. I would go see someone about how to get rid of it safely."
Kaydin "She doesnt personally condone what she is suggesting." Kaydin says as he watches the Rabbit. "I only came to tel Aerith about this and I will leave. Mercade is going to try and find a way to remove it or make it so it doesnt feed on hearts." He says as he watches the goings on. When Aerith is named Accomplice, he growls as he almost leaps upon the man. "She is blameless in this and if you threaten her, I will make sure to feed you to the beasts in the dark." He growls out.
Chita "She just encouraged you to be selective in who you feed your blade with to keep yourself fine and grow more powerful. She..." Chita trailed off at that point, that hurt expression coming back to his face, hands tightening, one on the knob if the harness atop Senra and the other around his weapon. If it wasn't for that cloth the sword would be cutting into his palm at this point. "No mistake is unforgivable though, even so." Ignoring Kaydin for the moment he turned towards Aerith. "You..." he couldn't bring himself to say what he thought about saying, apparently, turning away and giving his Chocobo a light bump with his Elbow to have him walk along.
Aerith Aerith huffed. "I tried, really I did. I tried to get you two not to kill each other." She was annoyed now, and visibly so. "Kaydin... if all you wanted to do was just tell me, then you've done it. Like I said, I don't like it, and won't participate in it. And since you seem to have found someone to help you, I advise you see him." Immediately would be the proper word, but she didn't say that. "If he can't help you... then Chita's right. You'll have to either find a way to get rid of it yourself, or live with the consequences."

She glanced toward the Viera. "I would say something to you, but what is there to say, exactly? You're convinced I'm in with everyone else now. Just remember that I'm not. I'm trying to keep two people alive here, and I know both of them personally." She huffed. "Kaydin, see you later." She headed after Chita, the dark expression still on her face.
Chita Chita waited until he was a bit away before turning and yelling again, angrily, directly towards Aerith, "You should be trying to keep EVERYONE alive, not just him and me! Do you not realize what he has?! A KEYBLADE that consumes HEARTS? Does that sound familiar? That's the same damned thing Rhiannon was researching! I never knew who she was doing it for and I was trying so hard to find out, and now... now we know! Garland! Whoever the hell that is!"
His anger was beginning to turn into frustration more than anything, venting, "And now not only has she already committed all the crimes she has, but it doesn't even matter about her research now, because it's already been delivered! She couldn't care less what it's used for so long as she can fuel her research! And now... and now, idiots like him are able to go whine for free world-altering weapons from some progenitor of darkness who can apparently hand them out like candy to children with scraped knees!"
Frustration into whatever the hell state of being he was in now, somewhere between confusion, exasperation and being at the end of his rope.

"And on top of that, someone I not only days ago finally opened up to, trusted, admitted I cared for, goes and tells someone that it's okay to steal hearts using the very thing I meticulously planned to erase the knowlegde of how to make from existence of to do it with!" and to top it off, he finally snaps and yells, right in her face, "HOW CAN YOU BE SO BLIND THAT YOU CANNOT SEE MORE THAN I CAN?!"
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "Because I have no idea whether that is the same weapon or not."

That was true. This could be something else. "Tell me something. How do you know she's delivered that weapon, or who it was for? We haven't even looked into that fully yet. We were just discussing how to get rid of her research, remember?"

She shook her head. "Oh yeah, I know how it sounds. Same circumstances, same weapon, logical conclusion to draw. It's also misguided. You're making an assumption." She shrugged. "Didn't know you'd go doing that without some kind of, I dunno, evidence." Aerith huffed. "What am I supposed to do, go tell him to die? And of course, now that he has someone to turn to, potentially to solve this issue, this argument is techincally a moot point. I realize the mistake in what I said."

She frowned. "But like I said, you've already put me in with everyone else."
Kaydin Kaydin moves, keeping the keyblade aimed at Chita. "Listen to her words." He says as he almost touches the being with the fell weapon. He then turns to Aerith. "Aerith does not approve of consuming hearts. She only said such because she does not want to see someone who is her friend die." He says as he looks to Chita now. "Even a whining idiot like me can see that."
Chita "Yes! Go tell him to die, if he has to! He dug his own hole and if that's what happens because of his actions, then that's the price he has to pay! Go tell him to not, under any circumstance, steal anyone's heart! Criminals, innocents or otherwise! If others are working to save his dumb ass, then by all means, let them! I'm glad for him, and thankful they're able to do that! I'd even try myself if I wasn't so damned angry at you right now that you even considered such... if I wasn't so frustrated that you contradicted me in what I said, about how you'd be willing to put yourself in danger to keep others safe... that you would never condone stealing anothers heart under any circumstance."

Towards Kaydin Chita's right hand comes off his Chocobo and a certain up yours sign is given towards Kaydin, rather crudly might the player add considering Chita's manner. "This isn't the place to have this... argument. I'm not going to tell you to go away, no matter how much I want to, but if you want to continue this... let's head elsewhere. After you say what needs to be said to him, since apparently he only holds what you have to say in regard."
Aerith Aerith huffed. "I suppose I should do that then." She turned toward Kaydin. "I think that's your cue... this might devolve into something it doesn't have to. Go see Mercade... he might know what to do, he's smart enough." She turned back toward Chita. "Smarter than I am at least..." Now she had to consider what Chita said. For someone who went out of his way not to kill anyone, he was awful adamant about having Kaydin die...

She was right, then. Not everyone could be saved or protected. She'd have to apologize again, though she had already.
Kaydin Kaydin makes the keyblade vanish into a puff of black smokelike energy before moving to Aerith to place a hand on her shoulder. "You are smarter then anyone I know Aerith and I understand what you meant." He says to her. "If I could I would entrust my own heart to you Aerith, because I trust you that completely." He says to her sincerely.
Aerith Aerith smiled and glanced over her right shoulder. "I know! But don't you think going to such lengths is... I dunno, a bit much?" She faced forward again and waved as she set off after Chita again. "Remember, Garland is not someone to go trusting on a whim!"
Kaydin Kaydin nods. "I will remember that." He says as he forms another portal of darkness and vanishes into it.
Chita Chita continued on quiet for a bit, not even sure where he was going. After a while had passed, he stopped and leaned quietly against his Chocobo, cloth-covered sword reholstered behind his back out of sight and the now-free hand coming to his forehead. What was he even going to do now? So much at once, and going on the assumption that he was correct in... well, his assumption based on what had taken place, yet again all of his plans had been crapped all over. Once again back to the beginning.
Aerith She wasn't going to ask if he was all right.

She wasn't even going to ask if he wanted to talk. She was just going to wait, two feet behind him, until he came to a few conclusions himself. He hadn't noticed her yet, so it gave her time to prepare her response. But she'd let him speak first.

It was what she'd done last time, right? Let him take the lead? It would work again.
Chita Oh, he knew, she seems to forget he was good at picking out things with just his hearing. He'd been walking with her for a good part of the last couple of days, he knew what her steps sounded like even in the chaos of many steps around. He had to pay attention to those things given there were a fair amount of people out to get him. If someone just came running up suddenly, it wouldn't be good to ignore. Her tactic worked, however, in so much as he finally said, "I'm not going to cry on your shoulder or ask for your compassion, but I do dislike sudden shocks like that. I've had my fair share of people I tried to put some measure of trust in, for some reason or another, screw that trust up in the past. Some more recent than others. I suppose... I just want you to know I do not think you are in, as you put it, with the others. Your... reasoning and words startled me."
Aerith "I know."

Rhiannon was the latest in that sort of insanity. She was glad Chita finally came to his senses about that, but... about other things, not so much. But she could see his reasoning and understand it.

"If it's any consolation, after Kaydin said what Mercade actually intended to do... well, tearing the weapon away from him like that would have ended him outright. But helping him to get over it before doing that? Good move on the detective's part." She sighed. "I just hope he can do it."

She closed the distance and placed a hesitant hand on Chita's right shoulder. "I'm sorry for what I said. But I'm not sorry about the whole assumption bit. We have no idea what she plans to do with this stuff." Well she had some clue. Shinra would probably use it to end the war with Wutai once and for all, and then... then who could stop them?
Chita He didn't respond until she finally trailed off. "Yes, but you did burn my trust in your intentions. I don't trust you anymore to handle this as I intend to. I do not trust your intentions, your supposed methods and at this point... I really don't know what is actually real about what you believe or not. So yes... if you wish to go take care of things and meet with others, you are welcome to take Senra and do that. Otherwise, we'll speak again at some other point. Perhaps if you can prove your intentions with things, that is."
Aerith Prove her... she frowned. "Right. Keep Senra then." She stopped following him. "We'll do just that, then." Wonderful. So what could she do now? There was no real way to follow him anymore. Not without... well, proving her intentions. Whatever he meant by that.

If there were a way to do that immeidately, she'd give it a go. But as for the moment, there was no reaching him.

Just like before.

"Great... all I was trying to do was..." She shook her head. "No. Doesn't matter." She turned and walked away. "So be it, then."
Aerith Prove her... she frowned. "Right. Keep Senra then." She stopped following him. "We'll do just that, then." Wonderful. So what could she do now? There was no real way to follow him anymore. Not without... well, proving her intentions. Whatever he meant by that.

If there were a way to do that immeidately, she'd give it a go. But as for the moment, there was no reaching him.

Just like before.

"Great... all I was trying to do was..." She shook her head. "No. Doesn't matter." She turned and walked away. "So be it, then."

Then she waited ten seconds until he was far enough away.

"As if," She muttered. "I'm not letting you do this on your own. If no one else is coming back to help, then I will." She resumed her pursuit... with the knowledge that his hearing was particularly exceptional. As she walked, she did herself the favor of taking off those boots of hers. It wasn't a problem for her going barefoot, she'd done it plenty of times.

No boots, no discernible footfalls. Easy enough. Not to mention that she was still at a distance she could still see him.

"You'll just have to move on from this. There's no way I can prove my intentions to you other than seeing this through to the end."

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