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Azure's Calling
(2014-03-15 - 2014-03-15)
Reize follows the guidance of a voice that has led him pretty far in his adventure. He is followed by Mir, a former client who decided to travel with the boy. She finds out that there is a bit more to the boy's journey than what it initially seems like.
Reize Seatlan Azure's Calling.

It is one of the raging seas. The tidal waves rage on, roaring in the seas far off. Yet strangely, that sea does not exist out at the Sacred Temple of Bur Omisace. This is a place at the very top of the Bur-Omisace mountain. Stones steps form zigzag patterns, the peak comes to a stop to lead to the temple.

As the daylight breaks, one adventurer travels along the mountain to arrive at the majestic temple. Wind catches the yellow scarf, whisking it along as the youth travels upward. Here he stands to behold the majestic place.

It is the Boy with the Long Yellow Scarf.

There is a look of determination on his face as he looks up at the gates of the temple. That mysterious green pendant of his give off a faint glow. That glow is becoming more prominant with a ring.

The boy has followed that guiding voice once more.

"...So, this is the place..?" He gazes up, eyes lit with anticipation and awe. "This place is extraordinary!"
Mir Clarence Happening to be traveling along with the boy was a girl, smaller in stature than even he was. Her long, green hair, and distinctive wings made it hard to mistake her for anyone but a certain traveling baker. Only this time, her cart and chocobo were absent, in favor of a small hand basket. Just enough to sell, but not enough to hinder Reize's trip.

As they emerged in sight of their, well, /his/ destination, the girl couldn't help but stare a bit in awe herself. "...Wow..." She mumbled, blinking slowly a few times as her mind processed the sight. "...Who knew there would be a place like this up here?"

Her eyes turned toward the boy then, and at his glowing pendant with a fair bit of curiousity. "Hey, your thingy is glowing again." She mentioned casually, pointing at it with her free hand.

"...Does it have something to do with this place?"
Reize Seatlan Reize can feel it. There is a presence that is calling him. It is not just that voice that guided him along to this location, but the pendant. And something has reached out to the pendant. The boy looks ahead at the temple with a focused look.

He does snap out of it when Mir speaks out to him regarding his pendant. The boy looks down to see the glowing crystal. "It looks like it." Reize cups the crystal in his hand, "I think it is why I was led to this place." He furrows his eyebrows, trying to peer ahead.

He turns to face Mir with a smile, "Would you believe that this pendant is able to pick up on people's most important wishes? I was told that it was a fragment of a shooting star." He looks ahead to the temple, "Sometimes, I can hear the desires that people have. It is their deepest wish. Those who I managed to help, the crystal is able to pick up and it grows stronger."

He gives a thoughtful look, "I wonder if it means that it is time for the next step."
Mir Clarence Mir stared at Reize's pendant, and then at him for a few moments after his explanation regarding wishes, then looked away. "Weirdo." She rolled her eyes and rested her hand on her hip. "So you're the kind of person who'll follow the whim of a shiny rock, huh?" And this was the leader of the Shard Seekers. She almost wanted to laugh, but...

"Oh well, at least you're an honest weirdo." She managed a small smile in his direction before turning her eyes to the temple up ahead.

"What's this about a next step though?" She asked, curious despite how much she thought it was weird and silly. "...And what does it have to do with that place?" There was a pause before she added on.

"It doesn't look safe."

Because those kinds of places never were.
Reize Seatlan Puffing his cheeks, "Hey! I am not weird for following the rock!" Reize pauses, thinking about it for just a moment. He corrects himself, "I am not following the crystal, but someone who helped me escape getting taken by the Heartless is helping me restore the pendant." He muses thoughtfully.

Though, Reize cannot help but smile at seeing Mir's own smile. The boy looks ahead to the temple, "I don't know, actually." He thinks about it a little more, "Actually." He shuts his eyes, recollecting the last 'dream'.

"The voice spoke to me last night. This place is where the crystal will be able to have part of its essence restored. However, to be able to restore it, I have to overcome the trial here." He re-opens his eyes to glance back at Mir, "Though, I am not sure what the trial is, exactly." He grins, "But I am excited to find out what it is!" He gives a thumbs up, "If this crystal is completely restored, it can become a shooting star and the person can make a wish to be granted."
Mir Clarence His reaction at being called weird drew a chuckle out of the girl and she brought a hand to her mouth tio stifle it prematurely. Totally a weirdo. Once the moment passed, a deep breath was taken to calm down.

As Reize took the time to think on his next answer, Mir took a few steps forward, getting a closer look at the temple, and their surroundings. And once he'd started to speak, she turned around to face him and listen. "...You don't know?" Her expectant gaze turned flat at that.

Oh wait, he seemed to remember something. Curious, she took a few steps closer to the boy. Once he finished, the fairy just stared blankly at him for a few seconds, and then abruptly chortled, covering her mouth with a hand as her expression turned horribly amused. "Oh, so now you're hearing voices in your head too? Mysterious voices in the night? How suspicious!" Unable to resist, Mir wound up giggling in amusement at Reize's story.

"And here you are, just following the whims of this disembodied voice! Are you sure that's safe? Throwing yourself into the depths of some dangerous trial because a voice said so? That can't be healthy!"
Reize Seatlan Mir's chortle has the boy annoyed once more, his antenna hair swishing irritibly as the boy's face turns indignant. "Wh--what's so funny?!" Reize frowns at the woman's bemused expression, "Tsch, the voice is someone!" He frowns a moment later, "...I just don't know who."

Her question is one that puts Reize at a more thoughtful position, "To be honest, I don't know." He gazes her way, "I have wondered that as well for some time. However, the voice has managed to guide me this far. When the Heartless came after me, it showed me a way out. It helped me unlock my ability to use magic through the pendant. It has offered me good advice so far..." He offers a smile later, "I can't help but to think of the voice as an aid. Maybe once I can revive the pendant's full potential, it'll become a shooting star."

...And I can make my wish.
Mir Clarence "What's funny? You are!" Though still amused, Mir could acknowledge his determination, and so her laughing died down soon enough. "Phew, it's been a while since I laughed like that. Ah you're a riot, Mr. Shard Seekers Leader."

Sighing, she decided to set her basket down and sit upon a nearby rock after first smoothing out her skirt. Afterward, she listened as Reize went on about his pendant. "...Well...I don't know. If it were me, I'd be wary. Nothing in this world is free after all. If someone or something is helping you, it's got to want something as well."

Mir shrugged at that and went on. "Well, I guess it takes an idiot to unconditionally give everyone and everything a chance." Stupid, but mildly admirable in a way. A moment of silence fell in after and the girl rested an elbow in her lap, chin coming to rest in her palm.

"You said that thing picks up on people's wishes? ...And what then? You go around solving them?" Her pink eyes studied the boy curiously as she asked. "...Is that what helps it get stronger?" There was a pause, and then the last question came. "...What happens when, and if, it becomes a shooting star anyway?"
Reize Seatlan "Grrrr..." His antenna hair rattles, coiling back before hissing at Mir. Reize grits his teeth until the laughter dies down. The boy exhales a sigh, "Bah! I am serious!" He just keeps his frown up. Yet, when she sets the basket down to listen to her advice.

"I suppose so." He furrows his eyebrows, "...I wonder what would the voice want out of this?" The boy looks over to the pendant around his neck, gazing deeply upon that glowing green crystal. It shimmers with a glitter.

"Everyone deserves a chance!" Reize pointedly ignores the idiot remark. Well, not completely. There is a twitch on the side of his head and his antenna hair makes it obvious by hissing at her like a snake.

"For the most part, yes." The boy smiles thoughtfully, "I've helped people achieve their wishes. Many of them were important to them." He furrows his eyebrows, "After all, a person can be restless without having their dearest wishes being realized. Many wishes can be achieved, it just takes a helping hand." He brightens considerably as he goes into the explanation.

He grins, "Once it becomes a shooting star, those who view it can make a wish upon it and it shall be granted. Like any other shooting star!" He adds, "The shooting star collects the desires of the people and while it travels, it grants those wishes to those lucky enough to see it."


"At least, that what I have been told."
Mir Clarence "Huh..." Mir mumbled, staring at Reize's all too expressive lock of hair. Seriously, was that thing alive? ...Maybe it'd be better not to ask. "Everyone deserves a chance, huh...?" Well, he did have a point. Somewhat. "Oh, so you've actually gone around solving people's problems like that? Sounds like a lot of work."

Not that she was a stranger to work, but still.

Seeing the boy get so animated about solving people's problems and granting wishes made it impossible for her own mood to be lifted at least a little, as the smile on her face would suggest. "I then, once it becomes a shooting star, it'll supposedly grant the wishes of whoever witnesses it?"

A pause.

Then came the most important question.

"Do you have a wish?"

Indeed, what sort of wish would the one who solved everyone else's problems have?
Reize Seatlan "In the end, yeah." The boy has a smile on his face as he gives his definitive answer to Mir, "I believe everyone deserves a chance in life." He looks away, "...Some people, like Leida, lost their way. Now that they've received a second chance, they can make the best of it." He grins, then he turns his head over to stare at the temple.

His eyes widen as the important question comes his way.


It is that moment that Reize's smile actually fades to a more wistful look. His eyes stare out beyond the temple, looking not at the temple.

"My wish..."

The boy parts his lips, as if about to say what was dearest to him. However, to him, all there is beyond that temple is a shadow. Unconsciously, his hands reach to his side to procure a deck of tarot cards from his pouch. Simple tarot cards in design, but closer inspection of those cards show paintings of various worlds.

As his hands unconsciously thumb along the tarots, Mir may likely spy a painting of Lindblum. At the same time, there are other worlds that show, many of them unknown.

"...nothing important, really."

Reize turns to face Mir with a smile that tries to remain, "...Just being able to travel the world to be an adventurer like my father was is enough for me."
Mir Clarence Mir briefly wondered who Leida was, but thought better of asking. Now wasn't the time. ...Nor did she really care that much. If she ever met Leida, then that would be it. Her eyes remained on Reize as he looked off towards the temple, looking more distant and somber than she'd ever seen him before. It was surprising really. And she was almost realy to start thinking that the boy wasn't capable of such expressions.

She sat by and waited for his answer.

But it never came.

Instead, he produced a deck of curious looking cards. Her eyes were drawn to them instead, seeing paintings of various locales along them. ...Wait, was that Lindblum? ...How in the world? Of course this just drew more questions up in the fairy's mind, but in the end, she said nothing.

Then finally came Reize's answer.

'Nothing important, really.'

That caused the girl to narrow her eyes slightly. She knew better than to believe that answer, but...

...Well, everyone had their secrets. Even the most idiotic, good hearted, justice loving, and moronic of adventurers. And herself. Everyone around them really.

And so, she just smiled and nodded. "Right." And then she reached down and picked up her basket.

"We've been walking a while. Your little adventure can wait a while yeah? Why don't we eat something? I packed dinner."

If ever, the boy thought he could tell her whatever was really on his mind, she'd listen. But it wasn't in her interests to force anything out of anyone. Privacy was something to be respected.
Reize Seatlan There was always that lingering desire that the boy had. Deep down, deep somewhere, he wanted to see her. The person whose face he never seen. However, she was there. She was alive. Those hints from the strange world and then after their celebration long ago.

Reize remembers it all.

Those tarots slide together and then he places them into his pocket. He mentally drives those lingering thoughts and doubts out of his mind. Nevertheless, the boy maintains his smile.

"Great!" The topic is now over, "I'm hungry!" The boy settles down next to the fairy, crossing his legs together while rubbing his hands together. "What did you make this time? The apple pie you made the other day was delicious!"
Mir Clarence "I don't just bake, you moron. I can cook other things too!" Mir bluntly corrected the boy as he sat down next to her. "You can't survive on cakes and pies! ...That's just what I happen to sell." She nodded at that and removed a small box from the basket, opening it up to reveal several sandwiches, they all had different fillings ranging from fruits, to vegetables, to meats and so on. Perfect on the go food.

"Anyway, eat. No use tackling your trial on an empty stomach." The girl stated, setting the box in Reize's lap before removing a fruit sandwich from the lineup and biting into it. An amicable silence set in as the two partook in their choices.

After a few bites, Mir spoke up again, though less boldly than previous.

"...Say..." She started, glancing at Reize before continuing. "What's your favorite food?" After asking that, she looked away, seemingly a little embarrased and scratching her cheek with a finger. "I mean...I'm just curious. And maybe for future reference. ...Sometime. Y-Yeah."
Reize Seatlan A sweatbead appears on the side of Reize's head as he gives Mir a sheepish look. Upon reflection, Reize only knew her to bake goods! As she sets up the sandwiches and fruits, the boy's eyes light up with glee. "Wow! Those look amazing!"

While promptly told to eat, Reize actually digs in to the food. "Thanks for cooking for the trip, Mir!" The boy smiles her way, reaching over to grab some of the fruits and he starts taking a bite of the apples and the sandwich.

Once she glances his way regarding his food, Reize actually smiles. It actually brings a bit of memories back to him.

"My favorite food..."

The eyes shut as he takes another bite of his apple. He chews happily before he finds himself reminiscing, "At my small hamlet, we were a self-sufficient place. We were kilometers away from any sort of society outside of our little hamlet. We often hunted wild boar and deer." He muses, "My favorite have been the cooked wild boar meat. We had that with mashed potatoes and some sharp goat cheese from our small farm."

He looks back at Mir, brightening, "What about yours?"
Mir Clarence Mir rolled her eyes at the boy's exhuberance and just smiled a tad as she listened to his story. "Huh...So you were raised in the middle of nowhere, huh?" She was from the big city. ...Well, what could be considered that on her world. She'd heard of 'the boonies', but it never was something she had contact with in her own childhood. ...Not to say she wasn't still in her childhood.

The thought of Reize's hometown caused the girl to chuckle a little. "Well, I guess that explains why you're such a weirdo, hehe" Though she said that, she took to thinking about the food he'd mentioned. "wild boar meat, mashed potatos, and sharp goat cheese..." Wow, that was boonies food alright.

"...I think I can work with that." Smiling a tad wider, Mir stood up then, finished the last of her sandwich before grabbing the basket at her feet. "Anyway, I'm going to go and see if anyone wants to buy anything while we're here. You stay here and finish eating. And don't waste a single scrap!" She ordered at the end, pointing sharply at Reize. After a second of letting it sink in, the fairy smiled and took a few steps away.

"Maybe you'll have that favorite dinner of yours, sometime after you finish this silly trial." And then she hurriedly strode off, too embarrassed to let Reize get a word in.
Reize Seatlan The boy continued to dig in on his food; he grabs the sandwiches and stuffs it into his mouth. Om nom! The boy is a bit of a train wreck when it comes to eating his food. "Mmm! Tss iss grrrt!" The boy states with his mouth full. He looks up at Mir, nodding at her in response to his home. Gulping... "It gets boring at times, but the forest makes great adventures! All of the wild animals around and everything!"

Reize knits his eyebrows at her, frowning at the weirdo comment. The boy shakes his head and he beams once she smiles a lot wider. However, when she stands up, Reize looks up at her, "Huh? Where are you going?" Ah, so she is going to find wandering customers. A boyish grin forms before he nods enthusiastically at Mir, "Mmhmm!" He idly continues to eat.

Mir is a good person!

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