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Bad Decisions And Bad News
(2014-03-14 - 2014-03-15)
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Mercade Alexander IT's a regular evening in the Twilight Detective Agency, which means Avira isn't here and the rest of the TDA is out having shenanigans as usual while Mercade does paperwork.

Mercade sighs. He misses Avira already. Red is definately her color. He scribbles across some papers as he documents some things for the Files, and deals with bills. Even when you save the world, you don't get free rent.
Kaydin The darkness increases along one of the walls and soon, Kaydin comes through, sword in hand though the chain is gone from it. "Mercade. I need to speak with you." He says as he walks towards the detective. "I need to know how you aquired one of the keyblades. It is of the utmost importance." He says to the man, straight to business it seems.
Mercade Alexander Mercade blinks as he sees the shadow open on the wall and spit out Kaydin. "Whoa. You know... I don't /think/ that's good for you, man." Mercade says in response to Kaydin's question. "Um... As far as how I got it? Well, that's a bit of a story." He says. "Want to sit down?" He gestures to the chair across from his desk.
Kaydin "Trusting reize and Avira isnt good for you either, but it still seems to be something you do." Kaydin says as he moves to sit. "You do have a keyblade do you?" He asks the detective. "I wouldnt think you one worthy enough to wield one of the strongest weapons in existance."
Mercade Alexander Mercade blinks. "Wow. I'm... sorry?" He says, confusion in his voice. "Anyway, uh..." He scratches the back of his head for a moment. Something feels off here. It doesn't even take DETECTIVE SENSES to tell that. "Yes, I do have a Keyblade. I've been trying to help as much as I can with it." He pauses. "I don't know if I'm worthy or not. I don't really worry about it, and just do what I can. It's a way to stop the Heartless, so I'm working on that."
Kaydin "Anyway, how did you get it. It is of the utmost importance I find out." Kaydin says as he watches the man. He studies him intensely, almost as if sizing the man up. "What quest were you asked to go on?" He asks curiously.
Mercade Alexander Well then. Kaydin wants to go right to business. Mercade leans back in his chair for a moment and looks up, his eyes unfocusing for a second as he thinks back. "It all began with some weird dreams. I wasn't sure if they were real... or not. After that, I was given an invitation to meet a man in Castle Oblivion. He gave some information about the background of what was going on and then I was put through some strange visions." Mercade winces for a moment, perhaps in involuntary rememberance of what he was saw. "At the end of it, I had a Keyblade."
Kaydin "Was this man massive, armored being with an aura which seemed to radiate the very darkness itself, heartless forming with each step he took?" Kaydin says as he studies Mercade and he nods. "What are the abilities of your keyblade?" He asks curiously.
Mercade Alexander "No. He was not." Mercade replies, and then laughs. "Man, it's almost like you were thinking I met Garland or something." He pauses for a moment. "Anyway, it... shoots light? I kind of just point it at things and try to envision things happening, and it sort of works how I hope. I just play it kind of by ear."
Kaydin Kaydin sets his sword aside. He then holds a hand out and a dark energy forms in his hand. It then shoots out, stopping short of hitting Mercade's face and the black energy forms into a blackened key with a black and yellow keychain dangling off the end by his hand as it solidifies. "I ask because I got this from the one you call Garland. And I never seen one before and I wish to compare yours with mine, maybe see which is stronger." He says as a dark look appears briefly in his eye, a look of bloodlust and violence but he controls himself before it becomes too obvious.
Mercade Alexander Mercade blinks, reflexively jerking his head back as Kaydin forms a Keyblade in his face. "Whoa." He says, looking over the fell weapon... And gingerly reaching out to kind of try to push it out of the way. "It's nice that you have a Keyblade. We can work together on things... But it doesn't really matter who is stronger. We're all basically on the same side here, right?"
Kaydin Kaydin lets him push it away. "My side is keeping Aerith safe. To do that I would gladly trade my heart, soul and body to darkness. Ever since abandoning my homeland for the light and people, I have been beaten and hated for my sacrifice by all but her. Garland gave this to me so that I can keep her safe, and to realize that I cant simply stand between light and darkness forever, that someday I must choose a side." He says to the detective.
Mercade Alexander Mercade frowns. "Kaydin..." He pauses, "If you lose your Heart to Darkness, what point is there going to be in protecting Aerith? Is she going to still want to be around what you will become? I don't think you're thinking this thing through. Garland isn't interested in anything but his battle. How would he be able to give someone a Keyblade?"
Kaydin Kaydin just shakes his head. "What I will become? And what do you suggest I do? Completely embrace the light? Give my training, my abilities, and abandon the only way to fight against any threat, and rely on others?" He asks as he makes the keyblade vanish in what appears black smoke. "How was the man who gave you your keyblade gave it to you?"
Mercade Alexander "I didn't say that. Look at Angantyr. He's doing... Kind of well for himself." Even if he is kind of a jerk sometimes. "You can use the Darkness without giving in to it, right? Isn't that what being a Dark Knight is all about? Diving into the deep end isn't going to do anything but turn you into the very monster you are trying to protect Aerith from... The kind I need to protect people from."

Mercade looks away. "He was a plain man. No aura of power. Just knowledge. He was a man of great learning. He called himself Lucas Sheridan."
Kaydin "DO NOT COMPARE ME TO THAT TRASH!" Kaydin bellows as his anger blasts out from being compared to Angantyr. "Angantyr is a mockery of a Dark Knight, using only rage to strengthen himself. And you are right, being a Dark Knight means not giving into it." He says as he closes his eyes, calming down. "I guess I am just concerned...The Keyblade needs to feed or I will become weaker to the light to the point being in the presence of it will sicken me. What it feeds on hearts." He says calmly. "So I will be targeting criminals and those of evil intent."
Mercade Alexander Mercade winces in the face of the sudden anger. "Er, uh... I didn't know that was a sore point with you, man. Sorry..." And then Kaydin drops the bomb. "Wait... What?" Mercade says, blinking. "That's not what Keyblades do at all." He says. "You can't do that. Taking someone's Heart... Is a terrible thing. That's what /Heartless/ do."
Kaydin Kaydin turns to Mercade. "Angantyr beaten me repeatedly, insulting my skill. He does horrible things and he is simply misunderstood or forced to. I am forced to and it is unforgivable. Forgive me if I am a little bit sore about him." He says as he makes the keyblade appear again. "That is the price this weapon asks for. And it is a Keyblade. Are you an expert to know this is not one?"
Mercade Alexander "No.... I am no expert." Mercade shakes his head. "But what I do know is that what you are going to do... no one deserves that. Not even the most evil person in all of the worlds deserves to have that done to them."

He looks up, his eyes hard under those the brim of his hat. "Are you going to insist on this? To condemn criminals to a fate worse than death?"
Kaydin "If I do not do this, I will be weakened to the point where being in the presence of those of strong hearts of light will be horribly sickening. How can I protect Aerith if I am even unable to stand in her presence?" Kaydin asks Mercade with an equally hard tone. "If you see an alternative solution, please, guide me detective." He says sincerely.
Mercade Alexander "I don't know what you did to get into this situation, but we can help you find a way to get out somehow, I don't know. But you can't do this. If you do..." Mercade shakes his head. "I'm going to have to stop you."
Kaydin "I will not become weaker and unable to protect Aerith." Kaydin says to him before turning to Mercade now. "To remove this is to kill me, the pain to get it was greater then anything I ever felt before. Heartless and Keyblades as I understand it, are conduits of the heart, both are the same."
Mercade Alexander "Heartless and Keyblades are not the same at all. One is a tool, the other is a self-propelled ravening monster." Mercade snaps. "Did you ever see a Heartless feed? Did you ever see them devour a world? I have... And it's something I will never forget."

He stands, then, leaning forward and putting his hands on the desk. "Stand down. We'll let Isaac look at you, maybe talk to Merlin or something. But if you start taking Hearts, there is no force on these worlds that is going to save you. Not from me... But from yourself. Anything I do would be a mercy."
Kaydin "I was here when they devoured Manhattan, remember?" Kaydin snaps back at the man. "I was one of the reasons why Manhattan fell! I know full well the destruction devouring a heart can do. I can use that power to protect Aerith and you are telling me I cant?" He asks seriously.
Mercade Alexander Mercade just stares at Kaydin. "You... You're kidding me. You're joking. Tell me you're joking."
Kaydin "I was part of the Baron force to invade Manhattan. I was under the impression however we were going to simply hold this world, use it as a stronghold. When word came to feed it to darkness, that was what made me leave Baron." Kaydin says as he makes the keyblade vanish. "I need power. I will not fail in protecting her Mercade. Fear of her abandoning me is probably the reason why I havent fed this weapon."
Mercade Alexander "What part of 'feeding on the Hearts of people is absolutely horrible' do you not understand?" Mercade says. "How far are you going to go for power? What's Aerith going to do when she finds out?"
Kaydin The last question made Kaydin almost flinch. "As I said, fear for her abandoning me has made me not feed this thing. Other then that, I do not care about others. Why should I? What have they done for me?" He asks as he holds an arm out towards the outside. "I abandoned my own nation to fight and save them and they treat me like a monster and hate and ridicule me. I SACRIFICED my home, My family, my friends, my oath of honor for them." He says as he looks to Mercade. "You got your world back. You got your home back and your friends. I have nothing. So forgive me if my concern for anything other then aerith is equal to what I am given."
Mercade Alexander "And to get that... You will steal other people's Hearts. Taking their lives, their futures..." Mercade says, his voice grim. "It looks like you got yourself into a bad situation, Kaydin. But I've gone around in circles enough. You can cry about your fears of abandonment all you want, but this isn't the action of someone who is afraid of being abandoned. It's the action of someone who is afraid of being powerless. There's only three ways you're leaving here." He gestures. "With me to go find Isaac or Merlin, in chains, or through me. What's it going to be?"
Kaydin "As I said, if you and Isaac and Merlin can find an alternative solution, then do so. However, you have limited time." Kaydin says as he looks to Mercade. "So what are you waiting for?"
Mercade Alexander "Frankly, Kaydin, I don't care how limited you think your time is. You're not taking any Hearts. Your suffering in this case is your own damn fault." Mercade says. "Now give me a response that makes sense."
Kaydin "Such warmth and compassion for one of the light." Kaydin says as he watches Mercade. "Who is Isaac?"
Mercade Alexander "I'm a firm believer in taking responsibility for your actions. Especially when the alternative is letting you go /eat people's hearts/." Mercade snarks back. "Anyway, Isaac is our local sorceror. He's the only one around /here/ who'd have a chance to help you." Mercade is wrong, of course, but he doesn't know about all the ridiculous stuff in Gargoyles Manhattan.
Kaydin "And if they have no solution, what is your plan then, kill me?" Kaydin asks as he lets Mercade lead the way. "I will go along with you for now, but you really are not endearing me to be friends with anyone."
Mercade Alexander "I'd really rather not have that be the case." Mercade says. He pulls out a cellphone and calls Isaac.
Kaydin Kaydin simply crosses his arms. "You actually dont want to kill me? Shocking."
Mercade Alexander "I know it's hard to believe, but I don't actually want to hurt you if it's not absolutely necessary." Mercade replies, after a quick conversation with Isaac. "He's coming."
Kaydin "He better find a solution soon. I have had this for two days and already I am weakened..." He says as he looks to Mercade. "I still say we should use this power against those who use the heartless."
Isaac Hanlon The front door opens. The sounds of an unfamiliar town come in from outside, with a different light level than Manhattan has at this time of night. It's kind of surreal. From it comes a figure: tall, blue-haired, with glasses, a (badass) long-coat and some kind of terrible robot arm. He stops when he spots Kaydin and Mercade, adjusting his glasses.

"You rang?" Isaac asks. The door closes behind him, and the odd sounds go away.
Mercade Alexander "Hey Isaac." Mercade says, and gestures to Kaydin with his thumb. "Here's the guy. Give him a look over and see if you can fix his lust to devour hearts. Barring that, let's figure out options."
Kaydin "I dont have a lust." Kaydin says as he summons the keyblade. "It's this." He says as he looks to Isaac. "So, Sorcerer, Pray you are able to make me not have to feed on hearts."
Isaac Hanlon Isaac nods at Mercade. Then, he looks at Kaydin. He pulls a tablet PC out of his pocket, pointing the camera at Kaydin and messing with it some. Isaac makes a few gestures over the screen, mumbling something. There's a camera flash. It isn't terribly bright.

The sorcerer gives Kaydin an even look. He just kind of stares at him for a few moments. "I've personally pissed off two of the biggest forces of Chaos in the known universe and walked away from it on more than one occasion. Trust me when I say that your posturing isn't impressing me." He looks back at the screen.

"Not looking good, though," he mutters, frowning slightly.
Kaydin "I got this from the biggest force of Darkness in existance, Maybe the reason why he gave it to me is because he knew I would find you." Kaydin says grumpily to the man as he watches the sorcerer. "Whatever he has done, it was done to my heart. I can feel it siphoning from it. This Keyblade demands hearts in exchange for power. It is what I asked for, ultimate power to defend one close to me."
Isaac Hanlon "You got it from Garland. I wouldn't say he's the /biggest/ force of Darkness in existence, but he's pretty up there. I've run into him before." He rolls his shoulder. The one attached to the artificial arm.

Isaac examines his quasi-magitech scan. "Well... it's definitely doing that. This is some heavy stuff." He glances up, over his glasses. "Did you not read the fine print, or did you just assume that his idea of power wasn't inimical to your own well-being?"
Kaydin Kaydin shrugs. "I dont care about suffering and pain for it strengthens me." Kaydin says as he forces his will over the feeling of weakness from not having fed it hearts yet. "Besides I dont give a damn about what most people of light think about me. If I did, then I would have killed myself ages ago at their request."
Isaac Hanlon Isaac goes quiet for a minute. He keeps messing with the tablet. It's unclear what he's doing with it.

"You know," Isaac finally says, "I used to know someone who thought that way. About using darkness to protect the people you care about, and damn the consequences." He shakes his head at the screen, muttering offhandedly, "This is pretty dense; gimme a minute..."
Kaydin "Compare me to the trash, Angantyr, and I will give in to the urge to cut you with this thing." Kaydin growls at the man. "I am NOTHING like him, pathetic piece of trash. He is an idiotic heartless spawn that deserves to have his heart devoured." He snarls.
Isaac Hanlon "Woah, settle down." Isaac holds up a hand in a placating gesture. "Angantyr can go fall in a well for all I care. Besides, I used the past tense. Angantyr's still around, far as I can tell. Can't imagine how he managed /that/..." He shakes his head.
Kaydin "It's because Garbage attracts more trash. The worthless women and men of the Valkri and Shard seekers all think he is simply a misunderstood knight. He commits atrocities and they forgive and help him, claiming he didnt mean it. I commit one wrong and I am a fiend in need of destruction."
Isaac Hanlon "Try not to spit on VALKYRI, I've got some friends there." Isaac is hard to incense with words. "Simple as it may sound, two wrongs don't make a right. You gotta find a better way if you want acceptance -- but it sounds like you don't." He shrugs.

There's a musical tone from the tablet. Isaac looks between it and Kaydin. "Alright. I've got... something. You want the good news first, or the bad news?"
Kaydin "I sacrificed my oath of honor, my home, my friends and family to try and get the people of manhattan out before the heartless consumed it. I was one of Baron's Dark Knights. We conquered manhattan under the guise of having it as a base of operations, not feed it to the heartless. When I found out others I gave up everything precious to me to help the people, do the right thing. And what I got for it? Hated, despised, treated no differently then the heartless by those groups." Kaydin says as he then looks away. "Lets hear the bad news first."
Isaac Hanlon "You /did/ help destroy Manhattan, and that's a pretty big mark against you. Even if you were duped, taking a stance of non-responsibility is just going to get people worked up and turned against you."

"Anyway, I'm not here to try and turn you away from the Darkness or something," Isaac says. He scrolls his tablet's screen. "The bad news is that I can't remove it from you without killing you. The darkness is so tied up with your own Heart that it would almost definitely kill you from the trauma. You also can't just set it aside; it'll feed on your Heart if it doesn't get others, and you'll be dead inside a month."
Kaydin "Thats why I am willing to help Mercade and the inhabitants of Manhattan." Kaydin says as he looks to Isaac. "What is the good news then?" He asks curiously of the sorceror, studying him.
Isaac Hanlon "The good news... such as it is... is that it seems to be a real Keyblade. /Seems/ to be," Isaac stresses, holding up a hand. "It looks like he didn't screw you on the functionality, either; if you actually feed it Hearts, it'll get stronger, and you will too. I'm not sure if there's an upper limit, but the cost..." He lets it hang.

"The /other/ good news is that nothing is impossible. I could probably figure out the trick for removal eventually. I'm not sure about within a month, but..." Isaac scratches his head with his free hand, frowning. "...we'd have to find an alternate solution to powering it until then. Or an expert on the subject."
Kaydin "I see. I thank you for being able to see and looking me over. In the mean time I will continue my training. I will try to not to feed it hearts but with each day I dont, the weaker I become." He says calmly.
Isaac Hanlon "Yeah. About that." Isaac lowers his tablet, looking Kaydin over. He glances at the Dark Knight's hand for a second. "You've got about two weeks until that won't be an activity you can partake in. Until then, you'll wake up each day a little weaker. /After/ that... well, I guess 'Gollum' wouldn't be a reference you'd get, but it isn't going to be pretty."

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