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(2014-03-13 - 2014-03-14)
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Rhiannon Zellen Some time had passed since the incident that struck ShinRa's main headquarters in Goug. Some unknown entity attacked the building, sparking a multi-pronged conflict that left the building in ruins. A lot of questions were asked, investigations were conducted, and decisions were made. In the end, it was decided that while most of the Turks and their partners search for clues regarding the whereabouts of Chita and this strange experimental weapon, Rhiannon herself would be moved to conduct an different scientific operation.

And thus here she stood some distance back from the massive crater marking where Fruit Village used to be. Keywords being /used to/. Now all that remained was a font of darkness, teeming with negative energy. Only a fool would dare to approach now.

And yet, here ShinRa was, various field tents were set up with computer equipment under them. researchers and assistants other than Rhiannon were about, manning the machines, discussing theory, and studying the results. Security personnel was stationed at certain points. Armed with standard machineguns and body armor, they seemed to be split between on-duty and off. As could be evidenced by some soldiers hanging out under a break tent and laughing with each other over trivial things.

Seemed like a normal ShinRa field operation, really.

"Hrm..." Rhiannon herself hummed lowly, looking over the tablet device in her arm, which was receiving data in real time. "...Interesting. Group One, amplify the effects and get closer. See what happens when it contacts with the surface." She rattled off directions to the people around her, seeming less single minded and insane as she usually did. "Group Two, prepare to record the results. Make sure the feed isn't full. And stay back. Your families would be so dishearted to hear you became a statistic, hm?" That got a shudder out of a few.

Regardless, the orders were given. The first team set out to do what was asked of them, turning a few knobs and dials before a shining stone was lowered mechanically into the pit...

ShinSec guards on duty stood ready to shoot down any errant heartless meanwhile.

Oh boy.
Alise The incident in question had certainly raised a lot of hackles back at ShinRa. The big wigs tended to get their collective undies in a wad when creatures of darkness or nothingness or whatever the hell it was bust into their base of operations and start tearing the place up. Pressure was on to find the culprit responsible for making off with the one thing that might shed some light on the situation but so far it has proven annoyingly difficult to locate a lone blind vierra.

After assuring her superiors that she had allocated several resources to tracking down the thief, Alise was surprised to find herself presented with a different task.

Standing to one side of the main research pavillion, the Turk kept watch as the various scientists and security forces went about their tasks. Her expression was one of stoic nonchalance. Ever the professional, she knew it was her job to remain calm and collected in a place like this where the very environment itself could turn against them all if something went wrong. Every so often she caught the glances of researchers and soldiers alike being tossed in her direction, though whether they found her presence there comforting or ominous was impossible to tell.

Despite her outward appearances, however, Alise was not happy to be here. That wasn't to say she didn't understand the reasons behind the job. Someone had to start keeping an eye on the wildly unpredictable Dr. Zellen, if nothing else so proper blame could be placed the next time some crazy monstrosity came calling on their doorstep. Alise was far too disicplined to complain about an assignment but she certainly didn't like it or the doctor for that matter.

A finger went to the center of her glasses, pushing them up against the bridge of her nose every so often in the closest semblance to a nervous tick she possessed. Nothing else to do now but wait and watch.
Montag Montag has been very quiet, he'd also been oddly around Rhiannon a hell of a lot taking detaisl that kept him near her. He had a promise to carry out and he intended to keep an eye on her. He wouldn't hestate if he had enough justification to act in company intrests. this needed to be contained also they needed info on what just happened here so here he is once more. It seemed to be a typical Shinra Operations he's handling the Shinsecs which will pick off any heartless that might cause issues, he's also taken to posting Grunt Class drones. Heartless can't consume that which have no heart after all.
Serah Farron The pink haired bow-wielding healer is not quite in her element here. She's not part of Shinra after all. WHich seems to be the bulk of this operation at least. But when they asked for some healing support, just in case... She had no reason to refuse either. A bit of a pay, and its not like she knows what they are usually up to either. She hadn't had many run ins with the ShinSecs.

So she hmms as she tags along, a hand on her bow in case some heartless decide to jump out. She is a sort of heartless magnet, she rather stay alert... at least there's plenty of guards around "So what are we looking for exactly?" SHe never got a straight answer.
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia was plenty aware that she was thrown into heading this operation far away from headquarters, and very obviously having eyes put on her, simply to keep her from causing any more trouble for the company. Pfft, how boring. This was the last thing she would have liked to be doing as well. But no matter. There was a way to make use of this, despite how much they may try to restrict her.

"Why Alise, why the long face?" She asked openly, a smile forming as she took a moment to take her eyes off the experiment process. "Oh, my apologies, you always look like that, no?" And then there was an amused giggle from the scientist before she went on. "You should smile! This is a rare chance to study such a unique source of darkness so closely." As if anyone would smile about that.

Montag is given a smile as well, though he would know better than to buy into whatever she was saying. He'd seen more than enough of the woman's shenanigans to know. But nonetheless, messing with the man was like a pasttime. "How are the soldiers looking? Anything out of the ordinary to report?" Other than herself, that was. She had to have been aware of the nickname Shinsec had for her. 'Wutai Witch'. ...Which may not have been far from the truth really.

Serah's question earned her a glance and Rhia simply shrugged nonchalantly. "Indeed, what /are/ we looking for?" Said the director, with a playful smile on her face. This was fun, really. If people were going to watch her, she would press their buttons. "I suppose shall see now, won't we?"

In the meantime, the materia stone made contact with the surface of the dark substance. Immediately, several dark tendrils shot up and wrapped itself around the mechanical arm, pulling it down into the crater. The researcher operating it just barely scrambled out of the cockpit before the entire structure went falling in with a splash, Materia Stone and all.

"...Well now."
Alise The Turk did not smile. If anything, her expression grew more sour. "Doctor Zellen, I may be obliged to obey my orders and safeguard the personnel that have been dragged out to this life-forsaken pit to satiate your misguided curiosity but I see nothing about this place that warrants even the slightest bit of joy or amusement."

Alise's gaze shifted sideways to peer at the unfamiliar woman in pink. "And you've brought civilians into this as well. Hardly standard company operating procedures. Need I remind you that you already tread thin ic-".

The commotion from the pool of darkness interrupted the Turk mid word and her head snapped sideways in time to watch the crane slip into the ooze, turning her already unpleasant expression into a stern glare.

"Just get this over with. Quickly."
Montag Montag is not happy about this he just hopes the data will let them do something about it. he's keeping alert and take sa moment to pick off a heartless that was geting to o close. The nickname she had was vert apt, she was a Wutai and she was basically a witch. He does't ever voice things however on that, he's not that foolish. He's on edge as always as he looks about, he's not chatting much as he looks to Serah for a moment.

"She's done .... oh hell."

Montag is now bringin his rifle to bears down at what's going on with the crane.

"Oh hell, that stuff's still reactive..."
Serah Farron Serah Farron doesn't get any answers! Of course, blame the troubles. It can never be simple, never. Not for her anyway it seems. She sighs, looking down at the source of the disturbance "I just hope I'm not the one waking it up this time around..." She's had better, happier days, of course. She hmphs as she catches herself from getting all depressed too, knocking up an arrow, ready to shoot at anything creeping out of there "Guess I'll get the answers myself."
Rhiannon Zellen Alise's impending rant drew a smile from Rhia who said nothing. As if watching the Turk rattle on and on was funny all on it's own. Maybe it was to her, but she wouldn't say. Either way, it was cut short as the crane was dragged into the pit.

Her attention turned that way, the researcher watched in interest as the crane and materia stone sunk into the depths, the surface settling down for a moment.

And then a red light shined through the darkness within and the dark substance erupted once again. This time a larger amount took to the air above the crater and began to shift it's shape. It began to take on a more human shape, black armor forming all over. It looked like some manner of armored sentinel, one of it's arms forming into an oversized blade. Interestingly enough, the Materia Stone that had sunk into the pit emerged at the chest, swirling with darkness just beneath the red surface.


And with a crash the creature landed at the edge of the pit, looking left, then right, and then straight ahead. Then it struck, lashing out with a wide slash of it's bladed arm and sending out a dark wave to topple machinery and send poor researchers flying or fleeing.

"Excellent." Rhiannon said gleefully, smiling wide at the sight of the dark creature. "The experiment was a huge success. Now, kill it and bring me the stone. That is the source." And as that was said, she stepped back, clearly not intending to waste her energy fighting.

Typical Rhia.
Alise "What?!"

The emergence of the dark creature from the pit confirmed Alise's fears about this place. An arm flew up infront of her face protectively as the wave of darkness slammed about the makeshift research station, sending the hastily erected tents and piles of diagnostic machinery tumbling about the barren landscape. The Turk grit her teeth and leaned into the shockwave, the fabric of her tailored suit fluttering madly in the face of the terrible gale of darkness.

After a few brutal moments the deadly energy had moved beyond and Alise took action without a moment's hesitation, pausing only long enough to glare at the scientist when she confirms the Turk's suspicions that this was her plan all along and she never bothered to warn anyone. She'd deal with her later.

A faint glimmer of inner light flares behind the soft browns of the Turk's eyes as she takes off at a dead run towards the pit, hurdling like some daredevil acrobat over the fallen bodies and scattered machinery that blocked her path towards this newest abomination. She apparently carried no weapon, for there was little place in her outfit to store anything of much size, but then she didn't seem to need one.

Alise's cleared the final gap between herself and the Heartless with a great leap, drawing back her fist to strike square at its armored chest. She rebounded from the intial assault and dropped low, her foot lashing out like a whip to bring her heel smashing into its thick ankle from the side in the hopes of slowing it down a little. Another quick roll to the side and she was already prepared to evade its counter blow, flowing from movement to movement without stopping so as to present a more difficult target.
Serah Farron Serah Farron thinks she might have been helping out the wrong team this time. With Rhia's... ah... eagerness about the monster's appearance. Nothing to make her feel better at least. She's taken by surprise at the initial salvo, dropping her knocked arrow before she could fire it out "Is THAT what you call fun!?" She's a bit livid, but priorities here. Need to push up the defences now. She concentrates the magic into her closed hands, spreading it out over the Shinra officers around her. "This seems like a tough one, everyone watch out!"
Montag Montag only gets time to react with a quick shot, he barks orders for the other to fall back an give support fire, teh Grunt drones move in ahead to tank the thing as best they can. At Rhiannon's words Montag grimaces darkly. The Goddess only knows what will happen now.

She's now getting to a good perch to snip the thing as he gets ready to take aim and just start raining pain, but that's going to take a bit of time to set up!
Rhiannon Zellen Alise's assault, though valiant, failed to so much as move the sentinel. Her strikes seemed to impact with the dark armor, but did not cause it to flinch in the least. In response, two red orbs lit up within it's helmet and it's gaze turned downward to the speedy Turk. "......." That gaze was cold, lacking any feeling. Just as a creature of darkness would. At the same time, the red materia stone in it's chest began to glow harshly, traces of shadow swimming about within.

And then it struck.

It's bladed arm erupted into a crimson blaze and was raised. Pointed to the sky, the energy began to swirl about, faster and faster, funneling upwards and growing past the length of the blade. Then it swung downward, bearing down upon Alise mainly.

Whether or not it made contact with the Turk, it would crash into the ground, breaking apart the earth and causing that collected energy to splash outwards in all directions, washing out over toppleed machinery and partially melting it.

Support fire from Montag's men did not move the knight, and the bullets simply seemed to bounce off of the creature without so much as a glance in their direction.

"Ohhhh~ this is promising." Rhiannon muttered to herself, watching the battle from a safe distance with the others, face completely devoid of panic or worry. In the end, she probably wasn't even worried about those fighting.

Of course.
Alise Despite her skill and speed, the sheer absurdity of the monsterous sentinel's size made a mockery of Alise's fists. It didn't look like she was having any effect, which wouldn't be surprising if she were an average soldier but the tell-tale glow in her eyes spoke of more powerful enhancements than mere combat stims.

The woman rolled to the side as the creature brought its distrubingly huge blade crashing down upon the ground. The impact was terrible, shattering the already desolated earth and sending shards of stone and darkness erupting in all directions. Again, Alise was punished by the incredible destructive power as the earthen debris hammered into her from the side, sending her sprawling in the dirt.

Gritting her teeth, the Turk slowly clambered back to her feet but a sudden wave of dizziness nearly knocked her back down. A hand went to her temple and she felt the warm wet touch of blood.

Serah Farron Serah Farron has managed to find a safe spot it seems. The dark creature's attacks goes harmlessly over her head, which gives her all of th etime she needs to help out her teammates more "What is that creature even supposed to be!?" She looks at Rhia for answers... but given her stance on things, probably won't get an answer.

Meanwhile, she throws a hand out to Alise and Montag, giving out healing energies from her Cura spell.
Warden Thache Back a bit from the black nastiness of the Shinryu crater a different conversation is going on between a pair of figures perched atop a rock. One of the pair holds a spyglass lightly in one hand. He employs said glass to watch the goings on down by the crater.

"Huh." A pause. "Seems to be getting a bit lively down there..." He drawls out quietly, one cat-ear twitching just slightly. Flicking back at some impulse thought while the pirate-cat smiles to himself. "It /always/ seems to get all lively when that Rhiannon bird is involved doesn't it, Spooks?"

Warden Thache, captain of more than a few ships and no good pirate glances down at his companion. A disgruntled looking racoon.

"Humph. You're just curious. No way we should get involved with whatever is going on down there, cap'n."

The pirate smirks, watching the unfolding fight as it begins to heat up between the newly formed experiment and the poor Turks.

"Well," He snaps the glass shut and slips it into the folds of his long coat. A single smooth motion carries him to his feet. "I'm not going to find out just whats going on sitting here am I?"

"'re not going down there ar--urgh. Of /course/ you are. You're going to get yourself killed you know!"

Warden just laughs as he starts to stroll towards where Rhiannon is observing from, hands loose at his sides. Smile wide on his face. "Not today!" His cheerful denouncement of Spook's words. "I'm not feeling like it."

"Death doesn't work that way, cap'n!!"
Montag Montag life is just going to Hades' back yard in a handbasket. However it could be wose he's had time to prepare and load a fresh clip. Thanks to some support magic from Serah he's able to endure teh counter attack from the creature. The knight seems tio be distracted for the most part but his men have done their job he's got a clean shot.

"Through my scope the truth is laid open before me."

The sniper mutters as he takes aim, the shot is lined up and he pulls the trigger firing a single shot for what looks like a possible weak point on the knight, it might be wrong but he could be right too only time will tell.
Rhiannon Zellen "Why, it's a heartless of course! In a manner of speaking in any case."

Rhia smiled, hand raised and finger wagging as if she were teaching a classroom. ...If a battlefield were a classroom. "But what that is, is not the point. What matters is the stone it bears in it's armor! That is the important part!" Of course, she didn't say anything about why it was important. Scientists and their secrets.

Montag's shot struck the knight and it took a step back, seemingly visibly moved by that show of force. So bullets did work. They just needed to hit the right points. Nevertheless, the apparent heartless creature was relentless. It waited for no one to be ready, it made no declarations, it stopped for nothing. Lifting it's blade arm off the ground, it took on a more neutral stance as several writhing tendrils burst out of it's armor from the back, extending and then arcing around to strike all who would dare to stand in it's path.

While this happening, the oversized knight stood still, the materia stone in it's chest glowing more and more strongly.

...Something was coming. Whether it be soon, or later, it could not be anything good.

Rhia meanwhile could spot a figure moving in the distance, away from all the combat. "...Oh?" She mumbled, tilting her head a bit as she tried to make out Warden. He was familiar, but at that distance, she couldn't put her finger on it yet. ...She was never good with names anyhow.
Alise Alise staggered again as she tried to shake off the lingering daze, turning her head up to glare at the towering Heartless golem. A little thing like a bump on the head wasn't going to knock a Turk out of the fight so easily but it definately managed to slow her down for a few moments.

The sparkle of brilliant magical light engulfed her from out of nowhere and the familiar tingling sensation of curative power washed over the Turk like a cool breeze. She closed her eyes, waiting for the throbbing to fade from her skull as the little motes of light did their thing but rather than her pain it was their refreshing touch that faded away after only a moment.

Alise exhaled after a moment, disappointed. It was that strange phenomenon again. Well, nothing to be gained by crying over spilled milk, she'd just have to deal with it like always. Glancing over towards the helpful mercenary, Alise gave her a quick wave of her hand and a nod in thanks, acting like the magic had done its thing. She turned to take the fight to the Heartless once again, just in time to catch one of its freshly sprouted tentacles in the chest.

The Turk grunted in surprise and bounced backwards on the hard ground, cloying bits of darkness clinging to her flesh and suit like mud. This time, however, Alise spun in mid-air, twisting her legs about like a cat and landing in a three-point crouch instead of a messy heap.

"Starting to get tired of you, pal!"

Racing across the broken terrain, she leapt at the hulking creature from behind, slamming her fists into its armor in a precise series of blows aimed at what she hopes are chinks in its tough hide. Something darted from within her sleeve, a quick flash of dull metal that buried itself into Heartless' side and retracted just as quickly, delivering a potent toxin designed for bringing down even the hardiest of creatures.

Trying her best to keep the monstrosity's attention on her so that the less durable soldiers can do the heavy lifting in relative safety, Alise scrambles up the sentinel's side, swinging under its thick arm and then bouncing off its carapace-like chestplate until she climbs up level with what passed for a face.

Leaning against its shoulder for support, she drew her leg back and with a sharp thrust, drove her heel at its eye socket. "All eyes on /me/, big boy!"
Serah Farron Serah Farron doesn't know that the curative magic didn't work on Alise. She can't tell from here. But she can tell when they are getting hure some more of course. "If that monster is one of your creations, why aren't you stopping it!" And staying there arms crossed and watching the show even.

More cures are flung out to meet with the fellow fighters, trying to keep everyone in top shape, until she can find an opening to go on the offensive as well.
Warden Thache Warden is fast approaching, but there is a bit of distance involved. After a few moments of consideration he decides that walking the whole way would A) Be increadibily boring and B) Offer too much oppurtunity for someone to get bored of his walking and shoot him for it.

He /hates/ getting shot.

Ruins his coat.

To avoid both sad cases he stomps once on the ground, the circuit patterns on his boots glowing for a moment as he throws himself in the air. Anti-gravity is fun for the whole family you know. The cat-captain sails in an arc, then kicks out again to propel himself forwards still faster.

All in all he closes on Rhiannon's little observation point with much more speed than simple walking would have allowed.

A final flip and a flourish of a landing takes him to a more comfortable talking distance. One hand snaps out to catch his tricorn hat as it flutters down before he perches it back on his head. His ears perked out to the sides by its brim, and his tail lazily swaying back and forth.

"Evening," He calls, the smirk on his face sharp and his eyes bright. "It seems you have a lively bit of experimentation going on here." He adds as he glances towards the battling Turks. "Ah, where are my manners. We were not introudced last time! Warden Thache. At your service."

Though his eyes are curiously on the fight, the words are aimed towards Rhiannon.
Montag Montag is still having a bad day, he knows what it is he knows it's might be eating him if it gets too close. He's yet to use his grapples as he force to scramble to vover but it does nothing good for him as the strike comes. He's able to land a bit away and line up anotehr shot as he opens fire this time he's loaded a little suprise for the beast.

"Just a bit more and then we can wreck this thing's day!"

Then coems a pirate? Whelp stranger things have happened, as much as he doesn't like to think that. It's true and he knows it. What next singing Ducks?
Rhiannon Zellen "Helping? Me? Please. I am just a weak scientist." Rhia replied casually, shrugging her shoulders nonchalantly in response to Serah. "Why everyone seems to think I fight is a mystery even to me." Of course that was a lie. But on the other hand, she did so dislike having to fight. It simply...was a waste of energy. Yes, let's go with that. "Don't lose heart now, you are all doing moderately well." As if that was supposed to be some kind of encouragement.

She'd long taken her eyes off Warden, more interested in the group attempting to subdue the creature she'd coaxed into existence. ...This seemed to be a trend. Nonetheless, she didn't take her eyes off the fight even as there was the sound of someone landing close by. "Evening." Rhia greeted back, smile on her face despite not looking. "Indeed, a little field test, so to speak. Fun for the whole family." She chuckled at that and nodded.

"So that is your name. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. But then, I'm sure you know mine." A pause, and then she added. "So, come to enjoy the show? I admit, it /is/ quite a show."

Back on the field of battle, Alise's heel into the knight's helmet visor met with a soft resistance, and one of the red orbs that served to be it's eyes went out. But soon after, a black tentacle grabbed onto her ankle, wrapping around and then aiming to slam the girl into the ground, if she hadn't escaped by then. Another red orb lit up after, replacing the lost one.

Montag's shot seemed to have little effect. Oh there was poison coursing through the creature, but it paid no attention. Stopping for nothing. All it sought was the destruction of those who stood in it's path.

To that end, the materia stone in it's chest flashed bright red, covering the armored heartless with a sickly aura of power. It then began to take steps forward, sword arm held outwards. With each heavy step it took, the earth seemed to tremble. Debris seemed to scatter away from it and scorched footprints marked the earth.

Then it stopped.

Sword raised to the sky, the aura intensified. Then the weapon was pointed forward towards Montag, Alise, and Serah. A moment of silence followed, and then the energy rippling off of the sentinel burst outwards into several crimson projectiles, aiming to hammer into them. They needed to be destroyed.
Warden Thache "It was hard to miss yours, what with Lord Idiot bellowing it all over down the last time I saw you and your little experiments." Warden replies, strolling unhurriedly up beside the researcher to watch the battle. "Ah my pardon, Angantyr bellowing."

Not everyone knows his nicknames.

"Rhiannon if I remember right?" He chuckles, glancing towards the creature just as it unleashes the power stored in the materia stone inside it? Well isn't that different.

"That it is, but of course observation is part of research isn't it?" He drawls as he sees the burst of projectiles hammering down at the battling folks below. "Oh is that Montag down there? Careful on your left Montag!"

Look at him. Helping.

"Just how did you manage to make this little beauty?" He asks, curiousity in his voice as his ears flick fowards.
Alise Unfortunately, the creature seemed to be the quicker of the two. Alise felt a satisfying crunch as her foot dug in but before she could make good her escape, the slithering tendril engulfed her leg, cinching tightly as a noose about her flesh. She grunted and leaned forward, intending to sever the offending limb but the sudden acceleration into the ground cuts off any hope of that.

The Turk hit the ground with a dull thud, bouncing rather painfully into the air before coming to a rest face-down in the dirt. Further suffering was heaped upon her moments later as the deadly energy tore apart the ground with reckless abandon, rending earth and flesh alike and kicking up a cloud of black dust from the ruined land. Serah's healing magics once more glittered in start relief against the darkness but the obscuring temporary fog makes it impossible to tell how much it helped.

When the dust settled, Alise was standing once more. A thin layer of grim and ooze covered her from head to toe and her suit was torn in several places, but despite the punishment she'd taken so far the Turk stood tall.

Casually, she started to pat herself down, wiping away the dust from her suit's sleeves and lapels as if the condition of her wardrobe were the more worrisome thing at the moment. She adjusted her hair, carefully tucking a few loose strands behind her ears.

And then she turned to frown at the Heartless, giving it a stern look sa she tucked her glasses away into a pocket at her breast. "Fine. If that's how you want it. I guess I'll have to get serious."
Serah Farron Serah Farron doesn't seem happy that her healing isn't working. SHe can't help people feel better without healing! But there is one thing she can do. She charges up her magic again, this time making a surge of power go through Montag and Alise. There are many ways of supporting your allies, and in this form she can use all of them it seems.
Montag Montag is not enjoying putting a show on for Rhiannon he's thinking about what's going to happen if people here get eaten. Montag is now o the move as he comes under fire he's hit and sent flying by the strange crimson missiles. he hits the ground hard and is still for a moment, however? He's getting back up and heis rifle is rising with him.

"Not enough you freak, your just weak. Mindless hunger with no will to do anything!"

He brings the rifle about and lines up the shot once more he looks through the scope carefully as he makes sure he's got everything lined up, and then he fires!
Rhiannon Zellen "Lord Idiot? My, that is a new one." Rhia muttered, amused all the same. "It does fit, given his penchant for swinging that key of his around blindly. I do wonder how he managed to get his hands on one." It must have been love and friendship of course. She nodded at the mention of her name, saying nothing to verbally confirm it.

"Indeed, observation is an important part. One must see how something works before they can understand." Or see how something violantly rampages. Same difference! The question regarding it's creation gave the scientist pause and she brought a hand to her chin, rubbing thoughtfully. "Well, I suppose this is what happens when a materia stone charged with magical power makes contact with a formless darkness." A shrug then. "In any case, what matters is that stone, not the creature around it." A nod was given then. "Fascinating, isn't it?"

Of course it probably wasn't quite as fascinating to those locked in battle with it. Thankfully however, the releasing of all that power gave the three fighters the time they needed to regroup. It slowed down, the materia stone in it's chest dimming. At that point, it was easy to land a hit on it, as Montag would be able to attest to. His shots lodged into the knight without a hitch, forcing it to step back once, then twice, and then again.


The glow of it's eyes and the stone seemed to grow stronger as the seconds passed by, it's power seemingly regenerating.

Now was the time to strike.
Alise Alise watched carefully from a relatively safe distance as the creature continued to lumber forward in a blind rampage lashing out at everything in reach. It applied no strategy and seemed to have no other goals than destruction which meant it was little more than mere beast gone out of control thanks to that woman's meddling.

Again the potent magics of their mysterious helper seemed to settle on the Turk without actually affecting her, dissapating into the air as if she weren't even there. Alise hardly even noticed this time, her full attention on the Heartless, waiting for the right moment to exploit its single-minded nature.

Finally grown tired from its wild thrashings, the beast faltered and she saw her chance. Gritting her teeth in determination but sporting a confident smile, the battered operative lowered her head and rushed at the sentinel once again, urging herself on with a shouted, "Now!"

The gap between them vanished in the span of a few heartbeats, Alise seeming to gain a new surge of energy from somewhere. She leapt onto the dark golem from behind slamming her bare fist into the side of its head with far more force than someone of her slight build should have been able to manage. A second strike came from her other hand, delivering an equally punishing knife-handed thrust at one of the gaps in its protective carapace.

"Let's see you shrug this one off, big guy."

Alise drew back her fist and the shimmering familiar glow of mako surrounded it as the materia embedded in the back of her glove sparked to life. Her fist came down a final time, smashing square into the gaping eyesocket as before as a small explosion radiated from the Turk's strike.
Warden Thache "I like it. Seems to fit. What with, as you say. All the bellowing and flinging his keyblade and darkness around." Warden replies before he snorts slightly. "It had something to do with him 'accepting his darkness' or some such bilgewash I'm sure." He spins a finger in a circle as he intones the mocking little phrase in an almost sing-song voice. "Makes a fine heroic figure, what with all his attempted murder."

The man continues to watch as the little shadow-figure slowing down just enough for the three fighters to rally on the offensive.

"Hrmmm, so the stone itself caused the darkness to manifest like that?" He leans against the railing, watching with a weather eye as the trio tear into the monster again. "A catalyst?" A wince then as Alise rips into it. " that seems to be quite durable if it can stand up to this kind of abuse."

"It seems that the stone only gives it a limited power source, but it recharges quickly enough." Warden adds after a moments thought. "I wonder if the size of the creature is dependent on the size of the stone..." Now thinking out loud.

...and hopefully not giving the crazy doctor lady any /worse/ ideas.
Montag Montag is goign to take a moment to fall bakc and aim to recover he's got to make ready for another round with the creature. He's got to wonder about his job some times but he's needing to recover his clip's empty and he's slamming a fresh on in as he gets on the move again.

"Hey ugly over here, you want my spicey heart don't you!?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron goes a bit huffy and puffy. She couldn't be sure in the previous attacks, but she's sure that her magic doesn't have any effects on that girl now. She doesn't understand it. What's going on? Its not like she's trying to hurt her. She'll have to ask later.

Right now, there's bigger fish to fry. But she doesn't have much in the way of attack power like this. She can still help her teammates though. Well, the ones not resisting it at least. There's a new one that joined the fray too. He doesn't seem to be attacking it though "Why aren't you helping?" THis isn't a show ~_~ She concentrates her power on Montag at this point, keeping him going.
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia chuckled at Warden's apt description of their lovable neighorhood violent brute with a key. "Indeed. Nonetheless, he is an entertaining sort. How hard he tries to commit murder, really." Not that she had any room to talk, large scale experiments using people and all. But she didn't seem to care at all. His question earned him a nod. "Yes, the stone is a power source of sort. And I had theorized that the darkness could take a hold of it to manifest such a form."

There was a pause as she considered the situation. "Of course, the whole point of this experiment is to see if just that is possible." She smiled at the cat captain's voiced thoughts after.

"I do like the way you think."

She must have already been thinking the same thing. ...Probably on a more terrible scale.

The golem does not move as Alise closed in on it, the combination of strikes caused the creature to jerk back and forth, swaying with the force of the blows. Slowing down it's regeneration process, the heartless' sword arm grew heavy, and then snapped, falling to the ground with a heavy thud before reducing to a pile of black liquid and seeping back into the crater. Now armless, the heartless turned it's attention to the Turk, it's eyes glowing harshly as the shadow tendrils expanded, aiming to knock her away.

A few stray appendages lashed out for Serah and Montag, but it seemed like Alise was the main focus now. For better or for worse.
Alise Alise smiled with a distinct look of satisfaction as her blows connected with resounding crunches, her fists blasting large craters into the supple darkness of the Heartless' body. She remained crouched on its shoulder, expecting the large brute to topple over any moment but a few seconds her expression of victory turns into one of confusion.

"Huh... hey, this is the part where you fall over n-geh!"

Those twin glowering red eyes turned upon her yet again, the creature's rage still going strong yet. "Oh s-" The curse was cut off mid-syllabel as Alise scrambled to get away but once again she was swatted aside like a gnat, earning herself another face-full of dirt for her lack of reflexes.

The woman pushed herself up after a moment, her face battered and covered with dust. "Nrrgh, this has not been one of my better assignments."

But, if there is one word that could ever describe Alise it would easily be tenacious. Despite looking like she got into an arguement with a Rotweiller, the Turk rose once again to her feet, coughing out a veritble cloud of dust in the process, and renewed her attack. Her fists thundered as she lashed out, putting every bit of her considerable strength into the blows, first one, then another, each one aimed at one of the towering Heartless' legs so as to knock it down to her size a little.
Warden Thache "Keep me around, I might get all sorts of ideas." Warden's reply comes with an amused smirk towards her. "I'm an intresting fellow, or so I've been told." He pauses for a moment. "I've also been called all sorts of less flattering things, but that is the risk you have when dealing with a pirate."

At least he is honest about his general affiliations.

Whis basicly amounts to 'himself'.

"You are right though. He /is/ entertaining. As are most of that little gaggle of people. Though I have to admit, they do not hold much love of you in their hearts." A shrugs. "No accounting for taste I supose."

"Your friend down there in the suit is giving just as well as she gets. Think your experiment will last all that much longer?" He seems idily curious as the Heartless creature lumbers in once more. This time without arms.

A pause.

"Well its tenacious, I'll give it that. Most things would have fallen over by now. An effect of the stone you think?"
Montag It's not dead the thing wont' die for Montag thanks fo the magic that ASerah ahs used on him he vades from view long enough to break into a boosted run from the haste spell. The creature? It gets nothing but air, given Montag has totally not there anymore and now he's closing in with his rifle opening firre with a rapid barrage of shots.

"I have had enough of this! You are going down!"

Montag seems to be a bit hot blooded today as the heartles has got the full force of Montag's anger today. Hey it's something he can take all his frusations out on.
Rhiannon Zellen "Well, you know. A few test experiments here and there, some lost lives, and suddenly everyone loses their minds." Rhia spoke casually, shrugging amusedly. "No matter. I haven't the time to entertain righteous heroes and such. Far too much work to be done for that." Would explain her nonchalance in the face of death threats and violence.

Ah, this one knew which questions to ask. That got a smile out of her "Friend? Ah, you mean...what was her name again?" She mumbled, finger brought to her chin. "Oh, Alice!" Wrong. "Yes, indeed. Those Turks are an interesting bunch. Never short of surprises if you let them do what they do best. Or not." Between Reno, Rude, Tseng, Sammy, and now Alise, that bunch never failed to entertain in some way, shape, or form.

"As for the heartless' endurance...I wager it should go down soon." She surmised thoughtfully, nodding at her own prediction. "This is merely a test of a theory. So the scale is much smaller than the initial concept."

Alise sure was tenacious. But this heartless was just as tenacious. Even without it's arms, it refused to go down easily. using it's tentacles to attack at this point, it was little more than a flailing menace at this point. Alise's blows struck true once again, each one staggering it. The last strike caused the towering heartless to topple over. Montag's shots managed to strike the downed target in the meantime. The Materia stone in it's chest dimmed down significantly.

In a last burst of power, the stone flashed brightly, covering the shadowy tendrils in a rather searinh red aura before lashing out at Alise and Montag, as if it would do any good at this juncture. But such feelings were lost on the creature. All that mattered was the destruction of those in it's presence.
Alise This time her plan worked and as the Heartless began to topple, Alise scrambled to escape from beneath its massive bulk. Only barely did she clear the crashing monstrosity but even now its horrible tendrils continued to harass the Turk forcing her into a series of tumbling manuevers that weren't as graceful as they could have been. Nevertheless, she escaped relatively without fresh injuries.

"Why you little...!"

Her feet had barely hit the ground before Alise was in motion again, dashing back through the wavering web of eldritch tentacles. She hopped and ducked with ease, somehow still going at full steam even now. With a final leap, she cleared the fallen body and came down like a hammer, drilling her feet into the Heartless' body over and over, aiming specifically for the crystal in its chest which seemed to be the source of its annoying refusal to die.
Montag It's time to end this, Montag has had about enough of this thing and it's still coming for them, th dan thing is still rolling. Montag's smacked about even more by the tentdrils but he keeps from being eaten.

"I was too much for the darkness when it ate my world! To the hell the spawned you!"

Montasg beaten and blooodied opens up with the remainder of his clip at the heartless.
Warden Thache "A shame," Warden just shakes his head slightly. "Some poeple just can't take a few mishaps. Ah arn't doing it for them are you?" The pirate seems to take a more casual attitude to the casual cruelty than some people would, but the man has his own admitedly very odd moral code.

Apparently experimentation isn't that bad a thing in his book.

"Turks? Is that what they are called. I wasn't quite sure..." A soft chuckle escapes from the pirate. "...I am still slightly new around here. Been trying to fix that."

He continues to peer down at the fight, a smile emerging as he adds. "They are entertaining...Alice was it? She doesn't know when to quit." A pause. "And it seems to have paid off for them. I'm glad I didn't decide to wager against them!"
Rhiannon Zellen "....Well, they straggled a bit at the end, but I suppose that will do." Rhia muttered as she watched Montag gun down the remainder of the heartless. It's body went still, then melted away into dark liquid and seeped back into the crater. It left nothing but the the Materia stone laying upon the ruined earth, trace amounts of darkness swimming within. "Nonetheless, it was a success. Nice work~"

That said, the good doctor stepped forward, past Montag and Alise, and then knelt down and picked the stone up into her hand. "Hrm. Yes, it remains the same. Good, good. Then we are thoroughly finished here!" Smiling in a way that only she could, Rhiannon stood and turned to face the two battered combantants. Serah had seemingly gone off to tend to other wounded. Well, good on her.

"You should see the medics and have those injuries looked at, hm?" Not a trace of worry to be found on her face. In fact, she was already too busy studying the stone in her hand, turning it at different angles and such.
Alise Breathing heavily as she watched the remains of the creature seep into the ground and then vanish utterly, Alise lifts her foot to stomp the materia core into dust for good measure only to have it yanked out from under her foot by the scientist responsible for the whole ordeal.

The Turk glared at Rhiannon for a moment, contemplating tossing /her/ in that pit of darkness but there'd be no telling what a monster like her would turn into if that happened. Instead, she sought solace in the only comforting aspect of her job: knowing that she had completed her mission in a thorough and professional manner.

Alise reached into her pocket and retrieved a clean handkerchief, wiping away the grime and dried blood from her injuries with a casual disregard for the 'worry' shown by her charge.

"No need. They aren't that bad."

And indeed, despite the rather ridiculous trouncing she received, Alise seemed for the most part unharmed save for a few scuff marks on her face. Her uniform would ofcourse need to be replaced but suits were cheap and in plentiful supply back at QMC.

"Assuming you're finished here, I'll see to it that the personnel are evacuated properly."
Warden Thache "Stragged, but still at least entertaining," Warden points out. "It wouldn't be a good test or a good show if it was over too quickly. One way or the other." The pirate replies as Rhiannon hops forwards to examine the stone.

He knows however that he's lost the scientist's attention.

Science waits for no man.

With a slight shake of his head the pirate strolls frowards, peering towards the stone in question for a moment before shrugging slightly. The darkness in the glowing gem is intresting, but not something he would want to fight Rhiannon on.

She might turn vicious.

"I think I have a bit of a potion around here somewhere," The man calls towards Alise with a cheerful smile and wave towards her. "If you want a quit little pick me up."

And they say that Warden is a bad man.
Rhiannon Zellen Indeed, science waits for no man.

Science also apparently loses all social graces in the face of new research to be done.

To that end, Rhia wound up striding off, leaving Alise and Montag to handle the cleanup work. She had plenty of follow up tests to run on the stone after all.
Alise Alise glanced at Warden, sizing him up with a swift stern look. After a moment, she merely straightened her tie and said, "I have work to do."

Not particularly in the mood for chitchat, especially with clowns dressed in pirate suits, the Turk turned and set about the job of sorting out the rest of the work to be done. She didn't expect it would take very long to gather up the wounded and get them all to a safer place and secure the recording devices for study. After all, tidying up ShinRa's messes was something she had become exceedingly efficient at.
Warden Thache Warden seems not put off in the least by both women strolling off without him. His simple shrug and smile greets Alise's dismissal. The stern look seems to not wilt the ever-irrepressable Pirate King.

"Suit yourself my dear!" He calls after her as he turns on his heel to being to make his way off and back to his ship.

This? Was a very intresting day.

And Rhiannon doesn't seem too bad. Just very focused.

With a whistle on his lips the pirate removes himself from the masses, already thinking on just how me might use this little info.

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