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(2014-03-12 - 2014-03-12)
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Chita It's early in the morning and most people aren't out and about yet. A few business here and there are starting to open. Those that are tend to be the night owls, or city guard and such. Soldiers, etc. Vagrants. As well as a fellow of decent height with a set of tall ears. The Viera was currently freshly showered and looking rather happy with himself for a change. No bags under his eyes, not that such could be seen given the silk cloth he had covering them, a clean set of clothing in the form of a loose set of pants and shirt as well as a cloak around himself to keep warm in the high mountainous air.
And a large staff that he seemed to be using to walking along with. Anyone who knew him well enough knew he couldn't see for the time being. Those who didn't know him may be surprised by such. He was getting along at a decent enough pace, however, walking along side a large red Chocobo who he kept one hand on. As he walked along he seemed to be listening and trying to figure out where things were. He was trying to get towards the shop district, but it didn't help that his Chocobo wasn't /that/ smart. He knew basic commands, that way, this way, etc. But 'Go to the shopping district' was beyond the bird.
Don Corneo The Don isn't much for traveling on an empty stomach, so when the search brings him and his entourage to Alexandria, his first idea is: Where the hell can I get me some decent coffee in this burg? Walking in with his fur coat open and smoking a cigarette in a black enamelled cigarette holder hanging out of one corner of his mouth, the don begins to ask directions and look around. Of course, while he's in here, he can always try and find some action too. Action and coffee, and maybe some bagels. Do they even make those here??

"Zip up your parkas boys, so cold here we'll never get out of here alive," he mutters off handedly, the two security guys in arctic camouflage fatigues don't look very excited or worried. Of course, as he tries to steer himself around a large red chocobo that was moving down the road, he might eventually bump into a certain viera.
"Oh erm, my apologies err, miss?" he might have been misled by the Viera's svelte features, but then again he is known for that sort of thing.
Chita The Chocobo doesn't seem to move much when others approach it from behind, seemingly used to the notion of people walking around it. The foul smell of the cigarette caused Chita to crinkle his nose, but he was polite enough not to mention it. Yet when suddenly he's bumped against he shuffles a bit to the side and catches himself quickly on the Chocobo's saddle before saying softly, "It is fine." then a small laugh, "It has been a while since I was mistaken for a female, though." His voice was soft, not quite feminine, but certainly not the gruff male tone that most guys had, or deep.
"In case you are unaware, though... whatever smokable thing you were around last, if you are not smoking it now, smells terrible. You should try something more woody or fragrant instead if you feel you must." A bit of advice on his part, probably not going to be taken well or told to piss off, if his experience with such holds true.
Don Corneo These cigarettes don't smell fowl! they're fine Gysahl clove, damnit. "Huh? Oh, terribly sorry, I keep being told I need glasses, I..." he peters out as he listened to the viera speak, noticing the ears. He waved a hand to his aides that he didn't require their services, so they held back. "What, you don't like it?" he took his cigarette holder and gestured to it, looking over the individual again to notice the blindfold. Typically, he might have been a tad surprised someone commented on his smoking, but he was curious.

"So I see," he takes the cigarette out of the holder before flicking it, not wanting to lose this opportunity, he was talking with a viera after all, maybe he could get some information. "You have an injury there, I see?" he gestured with a finger to the silk blindfold, least that's what he assumed it was, maybe he was just into sensory deprivation, who knew?
Chita "I can understand such well enough." He nodded upwards as if hinting towards his eyes. And, of course, he mentions that eventually after remarking about not liking it. "I apologize, nothing personal, but my kind tend to smell things a lot more clearly than others do. I can only assume you are a hume, so for all I know it might smell nice to you." The remark of the injury confused him a little, patting around his clothing as if trying to figure out what. With the blindfold on he couldn't see. "Injury? Did I cut myself and not realize it, or... are you talking about my eyes? If that is the case, it is an old injury. Do you happen to know where the shopping district is? The way I was going, or... am I going the wrong way? While my Chocobo is good for a fair bit, telling him to take me shopping hardly works well enough." Thankfully the source of that cigarette was flicked away, even if Senra the chocobo seemed mildly interested in it. Perhaps it was the faint gyshal smell to it. He didn't make a dash though, too well trained.
Don Corneo "Well sure, so, you got hurt there? Sorry to hear that, actually--I don't know what I'd do if something happened to my eyes, it'd interfere too much with my work!" Don cocked his head to the side. "Eh? oh no, I just rolled into town myself, well, my ship docked here, was going to try and find a coffee, maybe a frappacino, somethin'. Say, you happen to know where any of the action is in this town?" he pocketed that fine black enamelled cigarette holder back into it's case and into the breast pocket of his coat.

Waving a hand through the air, he nodded. "Boys, go ask someone where the shopping district is!" he called to his two security aides, who stood there for a few moments before ambling off at his orders, damn boss, always making them do everything... "So, while they're doing that, might you know where to find some other Vierans? I'm called the Don, publicist of King's magazine, was looking to hire one for a photo shoot," he nodded.
Chita Chita listened and let go of his stave in favor of simply leaning with his back against the Chocobo, the wooden stave resting alongside him as well. As of the moment, he was paying attention to Corneo as that seemed the conversation at hand. "Coffee... there are some little coffee places further back in the direction I was coming from, though I prefer the tea. Action, though..." he wasn't quite certain what the shorter fellow meant and thus could only shake his head, "I am not sure about the entertainment of Alexandria. I heard something a while back about a theater, but I could not say for certain. I am only passing through."

As the others left to find out he felt a bit guilty about it but said nothing, figuring in the end it would be useful. The next question surprised him and he shook his head, "No, no, I do not associate with other Viera much. However, you would have better luck in Fluorgis if that is your wish, or Rabanastre." then something sparked... Don... Kings... wasn't that something to do with that Honeybee Inn he'd heard about a while back and went to? ... by Goug. Perhaps it was simply chance, but not something he really wanted to find out. He'll have to find some way to get out of here if he had the chance, but could he even successfully evade these people if it came down to it?
Don Corneo "Ah, that's okay, sure my boys there will find out," Don nodded his head, the two heavies he was with having strolled off to ask questions from some of the street vendors or the like. "You say you don't see many other viera, eh? I know what you mean, I've been trying to get a few in my magazine for so long, it's like you guys all live out in the woods, or somethin'!" he raised a hand to his face and rubbed at the stubble there, tapping his foot in thought. "Not sure huh? well I'll find something I'm sure, I always do," he brightened just a little.

"So, what's your name? you say the tea is great around here?" he drank tea occasionally, too, though he wanted strong coffee at the moment, well, that and whatever else captured his fancy, he was a man of few needs. Money, women, and uh... well, women.
Chita "Indeed. I cannot stay too terribly long as I have a ladyfriend back at the inn I stayed at last night. I stepped out early with the hopes of finding us something for breakfast and perhaps getting her a gift, but I seem to have misplaced my sight and sense of direction. Perhaps I should have simply told my Chocobo to go find some food and go from there. My name...?" He went from 'looking' towards his Chocobo, giving it a pat on the side, to facing Corneo. He didn't really want to give his name, but he can't very well lie due to Hades' curse. "Evja is a name I have not used in a while." Which was entirely true, and hardly deceptive. It wasn't his name, but it was a name he'd used. "I am not much on sharing my own name to those I do not know, I am sure you can understand. So hard to know these days if I can trust people in this new world, even with simple things like a name."
Don Corneo "Oh yeah? Hey that's fine, I was just trying to be friendly and all," The don put his hands up a little defensively, having noted the viera's reaction. "It's no problem, y'know if you weren't uhm, a little disabled there," he paused to try and be respectful of the man's perceived blindness, "I might ask ya if you wanted to join my crew, I always need strong types that don't mind being security," he stepped back a little, looking down the street as his aides were returning, likely with directions. "I totally understand, just can't trust people these days," he seemed to agree.

"You ever do anything like that before? fight with a gun or a sword?" he thought for a moment, before adding, "Or bow?" Vieras used bows a lot, right? Well he knew they used those fancy rapiers too, that was from what he'd heard and seen off hand, anyway.
Chita The attempt to be polite caused Chita to laugh a bit before the job offer came and he added in, "No, thank you though. I have a job already, although I am not sure for how long. It is more a legacy job at this point, I still get paid though I am not quite doing what I got hired on to do before the worlds conjoined. And while yes, I have... I can use swords or spears. I was never much on guns, too loud for my taste." He pointed up to his ears, "And powder was never a nice smell. Perhaps one day if I found a nice, quiet gun I might switch, but until that day."
Turning a bit, Chita holds onto Senra's saddle and hefts himself up before adding, "Oh, and just because I am blind, it does not mean I cannot defend myself." Hold out his right hand, a large crystalline sword appeared. If Corneo was /really/ familiar with other nations, he might notice it was a Judge sword from one of the Ivalices/Jylland. He thought about it a moment and threw the sword towards the ground in the direction Corneo flicked his cigarette. He wasn't quite sure where it'd bounced to, but he'd heard the light sound of it hitting the ground and hadn't moved since. "Close to hitting the cigar or cigarette you discarded, I imagine?" It /was/ actually relatively close, though he did miss it. But for a blind fellow it might come across as pretty accurate.
Chita Of note, the sword slid into the cobbles as if it cut through them easily, but there was no real damage to the stones.
Don Corneo "Woah hey! that's pretty good, you got some special sword skill there, then? Where'd you learn to do that?" Don had to wave off his guards again, one bending low to whisper into his ear. "Oh, hey, they said the market place is thattaway," he jerked his thumb back over his shoulder, toward the townsquare. "That's some pretty hot stuff there," he noticed with a bit of surprise that his cigarette from before was cloven in two now. He admired two metal prongs on each side of the blade that was probably used for catching the opponents blade, he figured. He didn't really know, it's not like he used too many himself.

"Well damn, if you'd agree to it I might even ask to hire you, if you can do stuff like that," he thought about it, looking up. "Ah, you gotta get back to your lady, right? My bad, totally forgot," he nodded a little stepping away.
Chita "A Bangaa I used to have when I was in a clan taught me how to use swords, and spears. I had no real affinity for magic so I went towards the Dragoons lean of fighting." The sword vanished and reappeared in his hand before it vanished back to wherever it came from. "I will keep such in mind if I ever lose my current job. But yes, I really should go. Can you point to where you said again? My Chocobo can take over from that." And with that he gives the Chocobo a tap of the foot on one side and says, "Go that way." and turns his head towards Corneo to recieve the direction before heading off in just that direction, if given.
Don Corneo "Huh? oh sure," The Don pointed down the street, opposite of the way he'd come, turning back around again. "You take care now," Corneo takes that case out of his breast pocket again and lights up another clove cigarette with a grin as he heads off, apparently done scouting around for the time being. Time for a brew, or maybe a coffee, or maybe both--and then maybe a babe, or maybe a babe and a brew, who knows~

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