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(2014-03-12 - 2014-03-13)
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Moguma Alexandria is as busy as ever today, with numerous people milling about the streets and going about their business. It isn't exactly crowded, but quick maneuvering might be somewhat difficult. Many of the people here are, of course, seeking to check out the city's famous theater shows, and there's a rather long line leading up to the ticket booth near the center of the circular square.

A certain moogle, dressed in moderately expensive formal wear cut for his species, stands somewhere in the middle of the line. Normally, Moguma would be elsewhere, either fawning over his collection of ill-begotten shinies or looking for more to add to it. But today, his favorite play, the Tragedy of Montblanc, is going to be featured at the mini-theater in the alleyway! He just had to come.

And of course, since he couldn't bear to part with any of his own gil, he...'borrowed' some from a few townsfolk. He's fairly certain they won't miss it. Well, maybe the old lady near the town's entrance might, but she won't live long enough to put it to good use anyway.
Yurita Yurita hmms, standing in line as well. Well, usually she wouldn't be interested in anything like this, but she decided if she's going to learn about where she is, might as well see what their version of entertainment is.... To bad she only has about half the money she originally had, why had that old lady thought she had stolen her money...
Lynn Cascadia Lynn is in line as well. It's kind of her entire reason for having come all the way out here, having heard about the theaters and the plays going on. She's near the back of the line, mostly because she got held up by an irate old lady who seemed to think she had stolen her money. Perhaps everyone's getting stopped by that. Who knows. It does put Lynn a little on edge to know there might be a thief about, at the very least. It couldn't be THAT thief, could it...?
Myla Mason Myla Mason stands out a bit in this city given how she's dressed, looking almost like a Al Bhed in terms of style at a quic glance but things are different if you cake a bit of a closer look. She's also got a bright blue streak tatoo on her face that's vaguely hook shaped. She adjuss her long hair as she comes to enjoy the play. She seems pretty intent on seeing just what this all about.
Moguma Moguma has no clue how much trouble he's caused with his shenanigans, but if he did, he'd probably think it was hilarious. Right now, however, he's simply bored. Very, very bored. And the more bored he gets, the stronger the urge to steal something becomes.

Unfortunately, he has very little resistance to /that/ particular urge.

Looking around for something interesting to nab, the moogle thief quickly spots Lynn in line, and freezes up immediately. Isn't that the girl with the weird water powers from that other city!? But then, a thought occurs to him: Though there's a lake surrounding Alexandria, there isn't much water here in the center. Maybe, if he could prevent her from reaching the lake, he can get a little revenge. With that thought in mind, he casually shuffles off, acting as if he's just hungry and looking for a snack while heading toward a nearby alleyway.
Lynn Cascadia Perhaps it's fate that Lynn happens to be looking around out of curiosity at the place she's found herself in, and happens to find that odd little fellow freezing up when he spots her. The fact that he then starts shuffling off catches her attention; didn't he want to see the play?

Granted, so did she, but she was near the back of the line anyway. She wouldn't lose much time by being curious. Breaking off from the line, she heads off to follow the odd little fellow... is he afraid of her or something? Did she do something to him, or is she just that scary?
Myla Mason Myla Mason likes being near water even if it's just a nearby lake. She perfered to be on the coast or on the water as much as possible. She always got a bit uneasy away from water for too long. She pauses for a moment catching sight of something else going on as she spys someone heading for the alleyway? Wait just what was going on here.

she moes to go see just what is going on? Also she's feeling something strange, almost on the air as it were? She's got no idea what it is but there's certainly something strange.
Moguma Moguma is aware of Lynn and Myla following him, but it has little effect on his plans. He just needs to adjust them for time and the addition of another potential threat. After he slips into the alleyway, the two may find that he seems to have disappeared. The only person in the alley is a scruffy-looking man standing by the stairs that lead down into the minitheater, apparently acting as some sort of bouncer.
Myla Mason Myla Mason @emit who knows what Myla's got in mind she's takes notice of the much younger girl for a moment and wonder if she's got the same thing in mind that she has. She contiunes to tail Moguma to see just what's going on. She halts for a moment looking about. Where did the little guy go?
Lynn Cascadia Huh. How strange. She'd been following the little guy, but all of a sudden he'd disappeared. At least there's someone around to ask. "Um, sir, have you seen someone pass through here in the last couple minutes? About yay high," She gestures with her hand at the rough height of the little guy she'd been following. "In formal wear...?" Her tone is hopeful but a little intimidated by the big man's height relative to her own. She's also probably horribly uneducated about the world at large, because out here, there's probably a lot of people who could fit that description...

She's aware that someone's following her, but didn't ask because that person seems to be looking around too, so probably doesn't have any better an idea than she does.
Moguma The scruffy man looks more than a little bored himself, though he raises an eyebrow in interest when the girl asks him about some little guy in formal wear. "Yeah, I see a lotta little people 'round here. Lotta people in formal wear, too. But recently...ya know, I'm having some trouble remembering. Something shiny ought to jog my memory. Something that clinks in the pocket." he says, his eyes darting to whatever it is Lynn keeps her things in.
Lynn Cascadia Most experienced (or vicious) adventurers wouldn't fall for something like that. Lynn is not what one would call experienced or vicious, or even really out of the naive stage yet. She fumbles about in her dress for the leather pouch holding what little money she has, taking two silver coins out on the assumption that one coin can't really clink without something to clink against. She offers them to the man, not entirely knowledgeable in what the exchange rate for information is around here.
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "Where did he go?"

Myla has theif sense sure but she's got to wondering. She watches as Lynn gets milked by the guy and she ahems.

"Really? Milking a kid for some gil? Your a patron of the arts so to speak I figured you'd have some standards."

Had it been her sure she's not taken an issue but Lynn does seem to be a kid after all and she adds.

"I understand information can be worth some coin, but still have some pride humm?"
Moguma The man snorts at Myla. "I ain't a patron of the arts, I'm a bouncer." he says, then takes Lynn's coins. He looks them over, licks one, then pockets them and nods. "Alright, I guess that'll do. Your little friend in the suit, I'm assuming he's a moogle. Yeah, I've seen him. Matter of fact, he's right up there."

As the scruffy man points to the roof of the building behind Lynn and Myla, Moguma jumps down at the water elemental. However, he isn't alone. He's on the back of an enormous beast, taller than a grown man and resembling some kind of shaggy white dog with a thick, curled tail and big, floppy ears. It'd be kind of cute, if not for the beady green eyes and the huge mouth filled with innumerable fangs, which incidentally are trying to clamp down on Lynn.
Lynn Cascadia Lynn gives Myla a confused look. What does this have to do with pride? She's just trying to find the little guy. A moogle, evidently, whatever those are. They didn't have those back home. She looks up when the scruffy man points to the roof, and startles when she notices that yes, the guy she's been following is there, but so is a big shaggy dog thing, and... wait is it trying to bite her YES IT IS.

The realization comes a bit late, and the end result is a dog-thing clamped to her right arm because she frantically tossed it up in front of her in self-defense, her in shock at why the dog-thing would do that, and her hair shifting from an aquatic blue to a seething seafoam white. "H-Hey! (ow) Why are you..." She's not quite able to think well enough for conversation right this moment, but a certain companion of hers is less off guard and is already working to compensate the pain a little...
Myla Mason Myla Mason looks at the man for a moment, she backs off somewhat as he doesn't take Lynn for a ride she looks up to spot the Moogle. She looks at him and then something comes for her.


Myla's already drawing her strange Magitech pistols but when she fires she does not fire hot nop something fires from an underslung luancher which lets off some nasty sonic pluses of some of the worst boy band music Myla's world had to offer...
Moguma As the bandersnatch bites down on Lynn's arm, Moguma waves a fist in the air while holding onto the beast's fur with his other hand. "Yeah, how do you like that!? That'll teach you to drown me!" he shouts, but suddenly the other girl draws some weapons the moogle is only barely familiar with. What he /does/ know, however, is that weapons that look like that are usually pretty dangerous!

Thus, he leaps off the bandersnatch's back just in time to avoid the sonic assault, leaving the beast's poor ears to be blasted with the horrifying noise of boy bands. On one hand, this gets it off of Lynn, as it immediately drops to the ground and whines pitifully in pain. On the other hand, Moguma is now darting through the air at Myla, aiming to simultaneously punch her in the face with one hand and steal one of her guns with the other in one swift motion!
Myla Mason Myla Mason :is very quick in her response taking a shot but she's not close enough to do much damage with it. Maybe it will make the attackers keep their heads down? Whom knows what she does do is load up another round of those sonic charges which she lets lose on Moguma and his companion. She then calls out to Lynn as she does so.

"Keep Back I'll stay up close with it."

She'll explain things later right now there's someone whose intent on attacking them.
Lynn Cascadia Wait, what. She'd drowned this guy... oh. The realization hits that this is that one little guy she had hit with a water tornado because he had stolen her soon-to-be-friend's pendant. Moving her bitten arm closer to her seafoam-white hair to aid in the restoration process, her expression changes to something more akin to regret. "...I'm really sorry about that... I meant to apologize last time, but you left before I could..."

A strange emotion given the circumstances, but that's Lynn for you. Her special companion seems to be having none of this, though, and is sweeping a gentle surge of blessed water out to their partner in this sudden fight, the seafoam white returning to aquatic blue.
Moguma Moguma nabs one of those guns, but his plan goes slightly awry as Myla tries to whip him with the other one. This forces him to duck and come to a landing on the ground, where he has less of an advantage. And then Lynn says something that just completely dumbfounds him. "Wait, what? I stole that thing from your friend and tried to kill you, and you were going to /apologize/ to me?" he says, staring at the strange, naive girl.

And then the sonic pulse washes over him, pounding at his ears. He falls to his knees, his head feeling like a couple of giants are banging on it with trees. "What in the name of all that is good in this world /is/ that noise!?" he yells over the music, but in the next instant it's gone.

Moguma tries to stand, but stumbles, finding it difficult to get his bearings. Jeez, flying like this would be a real pain. So, instead, he pulls out his whip and tries to yank Lynn off her feet with it, then aims the pistol he stole from Myla back at its owner. Now, if he remembers correctly, there should be a little trigger near the top of the handle...ah, yep, there it goes, that same blast of horrible otherworldly pop music that he just got hit with. Even without being directly on the receiving end, it still makes his head hurt more just hearing it fire.
Lynn Cascadia Lynn isn't terribly off-put by Moguma's disbelieving and somewhat hostile response. "Yeah..." And then sonic pulses. Ow. That looked like it hurt. More than looked when one came back her way. As did landing on her rear when a whip from the moogle pulled her legs out from under her. She refrains from speaking, a little too disoriented to do so (or hear herself if she did), scrambling back to her feet even as her hair sends out watery tendrils to help her (and her partner, if necessary) up.
Myla Mason Myla Mason seems to be having trouble ith the pistol, she seems pretty upsset as he takes it.

"You really are pushing it!"

She puts two fingers in her mouth and whistles loudly. There's a mechaniced howl as somethign that's vaguely dog like is coming right after Mogu as Myla shouts out.

"Swimmer! FETCH!"

The mecha dog if you could call it a dog is heading right for Mogu while Myla's dealing with being attacked again and hit she's not so well off. It would be worse without Lynn's help however.
Moguma Moguma's head is starting to clear a little, the throbbing pain slowly fading. However, he's also starting to get the feeling that this wasn't a very good idea, especially when Myla brings out her own big dog. Its jaws clamp down on the pistol and moogle's hand, but Moguma refuses to let go without a fight. "Hey! That's mine! Get off!" he yells at the mechanical animal, trying to kick it away.

But, at last, the gun comes free of Moguma's hands, and he falls flat on his back, nursing his injured appendage. He glares at the mecha dog as he gets up and starts flapping his wings, taking to the air. "Jeez, fine, you can have it. I'm outta here." he huffs, turning around and trying to make his escape. Revenge will have to come at a time when Lynn /isn't/ surrounded by friends.
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "No that's mine."

DO not get between the young lady and one of the few links to her world she has left, she sees the gun is recovered and she watches the Moggle run. She thinks it's best to let him go. Hopefully this has taught him some sort of lesson. She looks back to Lynn for a moment smiling fainly.

"Name's Myla Mason, come on back to the play before we miss anymore."
Lynn Cascadia Lynn looks off into the distance as their moogle assailant makes a run for it. Letting out a half-exasperated, half-relieved sigh, she slumps slightly, not having expected such an ordeal at a time like this. "I never meant him any harm... he just keeps stealing things."

Looking up when names are shared, she smiles back at Myla. "Lynn Cascadia. Thanks for the help..." Pause, realization. "...oh, you're right, we're missing the play! Let's go!" She heads off back in the direction of the play, looking behind her to hopefully see Myla following. Her hair seems to either obey her thoughts or have similar wishes to herself, as it extends a watery tendril to try and gently pull Myla along by the hand, part of the tendril whirling around both of them to clean and clear up any blood, discomfort, or bruises resulting from that little conflict. Even in times like this, she's wanting to help wherever she can...
Moguma Meanwhile, in the alleyway, the scruffy-looking man approaches the bandersnatch and kneels down next to it, gently scritching one of its massive floppy ears. "Hey there, fella. You feeling alright?" he asks the beast. In response, it drags itself back up to its feet, panting with a big, dumb grin on its face and wagging its tail. The man, too, stands up and gives it a pat on the side. "Alright, that's what I like to see. Now come on, we gotta get you outta the city. Can't have the playgoers panicking, it'd be bad for business, not to mention my pay."

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