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(2014-03-10 - 2014-03-10)
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Aerith Rumors and happenstance.

It was all she had to go on for quite some time while looking for a certain Viera. Any stories of a rabbit carrying a big white sword with a unique design, she followed. For the most part, she ended up too late, but pointed in another direction. But now, Aerith may have a considerable lead on where Chita is. Thus, she is here in Alexandria, and it's her first time here.

Charmed by her surroundings, she still wastes no time in making her best attempts to find him, and one of the best ways she knows how is simply to follow her senses. Not necessarily any senses of the physical variety, but those of aura and energy. She'd been around him long enough to tell how he 'felt', though not emotionally. Open as his heart was to her now, that only spoke of his motivations and goals.

Aerith shook that thought off and cleared her mind again. This time, he had to be here...
Chita Well, the rumors of a large white sword were largely muted, because he'd been keeping it wrapped up, but he, himself, did sometimes stand out. More so especially when he left Goug. Easy to follow, with his Chocobo being the color it is. Goug, eventually towards Lindblum, and someone mentioned something about a red Chocobo heading out in the way of Alexandria. Well, they weren't lying, as she would eventually come to see a familiar figure sitting at a little road-side cafe. Covered from shoulders to toe with a cloak, all that could be seen was his tall ears and the long silver hair of his. Not much else showed and there was no sword visible at the moment.
Senra must have been elsewhere, because it was just him right now, blindfold over his eyes and a small cup of something his hands. Blowing at it gently before a sip here and there and a plate of vegetales(But not those disgusting Lindblum pickles. Might as well have been Malboro tentacles for as bad as they smelled.)

It was him, certainly. Even if he looked just a bit tired in his posture, that tired he used to have when the previous incarnation of the weapon was haunting his thoughts.
Aerith Ah, there. Ears, hair, slumped shoulders... and his aura felt weak, stagnated.

He hadn't been sleeping, had he?

Well great. She'd have to handle this delicately. No forcing herself on him, no awkward questions or statements. It was very much like walking on eggshells, but this was the way she had to handle it for now. Aerith took in a deep breath and headed toward his table. Once she was close enough, she spoke. "Well, isn't this a surprise!"
Chita Slowly taking a long, deep drink of the tea and seeming content despite his state, suddenly hearing someone speak in a familiar voice caused him to pause, and turn towards the sound. Surely that wasn't who he thought it was. Yet... they approached, and the familiar sound of their steps, the sound of boots walking at a steady pace that half reaffirmed to whom he associated the voice with.

"Aerith..." he said softly, surprise on his face for whatever reason. He looked honestly surprised. Slowly setting the tea down, he pushed himself to a stand only to step close and reach out to carefully(albeit suddenly) pull her into a tight hug. Wait, where did that come from? Well... he answered that after a moment with, "I was so worried you wouldn't make it out of the Shinra complex." Then without thinking about it he pulled his face back enough and pressed a quick kiss to her lips only to pause and realize what he'd done. A moment of awkward silence before he pulled back and brought a hand up to rub along the back of his head. "Eh... heh... can't say I am sorry about that, but that was a bit reflexive." Yeah, embarrassed.
Aerith Well so much for her being awkward.

She couldn't help the blush on her cheeks, lucky Chita couldn't see... but seemed to ignore it with a chuckle. "I can see you're very glad to see me indeed." She moved to the seat opposite from him. "Hear you've been doing some traveling. It's been difficult to keep up with you."
Chita "...yes, well, I was worried about you. I left in such a rush without thinking that I didn't have a chance to make sure you were safe. I kept wanting to go back, but injured as I was and with the state of things, I could not reason putting the weapon in danger of getting taken back." Slowly sitting back down and briefly licking his lips before giving a little cough he picked up the tea and drank the rest of it quickly before adding, "I hope you are okay? You didn't have to come all this way... but now that you are, at least I can try to keep you safe." As if she couldn't keep herself safe...
Or that he wasn't blind... or injured... yeah. Some things never change.
Aerith Aerith nodded. "It's nice to have an escort around the city. Thanks, Chita." Yes, best to let him be in charge... even if he seemed incapable to all and sundry. "Well that leaves me with the question as to why you're here. If you're looking for a space to be by yourself, a big city like this is the last place you'd want to visit."
Chita That was unexpected. Part of him expected pushback, some response otherwise. He didn't bring attention to that and instead answered the question after carefully patting around the table to find the tea pot and slowly push it towards Aerith. "If you want some. You may have to get a second cup... I am unsure if there are any other cups on the table." There wasn't, actually. "And... I came here with a healer who helped me in Lindblum. And... now, here, we seemingly came across someone I know named Faruja. They have both seemingly agreed to go along with me to speak with Merlin on the weapon." Chita's cup was sat down on the table inbetween the two and at that point he said, "If you want some before the waiter comes back, you are welcome to use mine... if there is no second cup, or even if there is." he 'innocently' looked away, still rather embarrassed about the reflexive kiss. But why was he even embarrassed?
Aerith Merlin, huh? Made sense. He did know quite a bit about many things. She might ask him about the World Heart and how to fix it, but that would be for another time. For the moment, the leading question had been answered.

It was then that she noticed his offer. He had no idea, did he? For that matter, he seemed to look away for a moment, and that puzzled her. Why was he so embarrassed? It was just silly little ol' her. "I think I'll take you up on that." She took his cup, poured a bit of tea, and took a sip. "Mmmmm... this isn't too bad." Another sip. "If nothing else, these people know their tea." She put the cup down and placed her hands on the table, folded together. "Hey, you mind if I ask you about what all happened before... you know, we damaged a big part of Shinra headquarters?"

They'd spend quite a bit cleaning that up, and it was fun to irritate them. But the thought fled her mind in light of the very serious question. "Something freaked you out before you jumped out that window... something that you could see, without being able to see." She tilted her head to the right. "Do you wanna talk about it?"
Chita "Really, it is good tea. I have had it before on my past visits here." A small smile was visible on his lips despite it all. It was nice and a change of pace to just be having a conversation. The past weeks and change since the Shinra debacle had left him painfully sore as well as tired of dealing with the new weapon. Only... she brought that up.

"Yes... something different happened. I really would rather not talk about it, but you deserve that much. You have been good to me despite my unreasonable silliness. The least I can do is answer your questions." Slowly turning back to the table and her he said rather simply, "Before... the old weapon just haunted my mind with voices, thoughts, fears and regrets. You heard it all. Yet... the new one is different. It has been forcing me to relive the deaths and ends of those it consumed... forcing me to suffer as they did... because I will not use it to kill Rhiannon. That night I was forced to experience what happened to a couple of young humes. It... didn't really hit me as hard as it should have until the moment passed."

He paused at that. "Until... my strength started to give from my injuries."
Aerith Aerith lowered her head for a moment, brows furrowed with thought. So that was it then... he'd seen what couldn't be unseen, had an image forced onto his mind's eye. This weapon couldn't be resisted so easily if it could do that...

She remained silent for a few more moments. That weapon couldn't be put into the hands of Rhiannon again, or she would use it for more experiments. It couldn't be in Shinra's hands, period, or they'd use it for untold destruction, which was not so experimental. "So your plan is the same as as the last one, then. Try to subdue it somehow, silence it." She looked up at him. "I don't think it'll be so easy this time. Last time you were fighting a monster, and monsters can be chained. But this..."
Chita "No... my plan now is only to destroy it. Too much has gone on, too much has changed. The weapon is different... it is... it's not simply a collection of those I thought I could save, could give a purpose. It is vengeful. Angry... all it wants is to kill. While I am willing to still try, and plan to, helping those inside... I have to find a way to destroy it safely and free the vengeful hearts inside." sigh. "Yes, I know, more drama. If you do not wish to be involved I understand fully. Now even Shinra is out to get at me, likely, and possibly Archades as well among others. Perhaps I was wrong." Doubt?

Yup. It's one of the first times that Chita was seemingly starting to doubt himself, or his plans. The reality of things was starting to crash down on him and there was no being optimistic or trying harder. Hades curse was making sure of that. No lying to himself, he knew full well things were pretty bad.
Aerith Aerith nodded. That tended to happen sooner or later. The situation was grim... and again, as she reached out for the weapon, she felt... nothing. No hunger, no hearts, nothing but rage and vengeance. Besides, those, it felt... empty and cold.

"Look, I'm not going to try and butt in. If you think you can break this where someone else can't, that's fine by me. But you're right... Shinra is really going to be after you, big time. If you're going to break it, I would advise doing it before they find you again."

And they would find him, sooner or later. They had that overabundance of capital and resources that let them do anything they wanted. "Look, I came here because I wanted to ask if you needed anything from me. I mean, I probably can't do much, but I want to help."
Chita Chita nodded and stayed silent as he thought about things, listening to what she had to say and finally hearing her reason. He started to say something, but stopped when he realized it'd be a lie if he said it. He wasn't fine, he couldn't say he'd be fine even if she left, and that she should leave because of some reason he could think of. He honestly believed it before, but now... all he was feeling was that he just wanted to hide. Hide and let things play out. "I... please stay and help me? No matter what I can say, or what I thought of saying... in the end, I want you around. I was so relieved to hear you, haven't stopped being happy since we began talking and I would only be upset if you left."

He started to say something else but insetad just stopped and looked a bit unsure what to say at that point. It was strange being this open about what he actually wanted with someone, especially Aerith. Especally since he had always tried to hide what he actually wanted and be stronger than he was.
Aerith Aerith reached across the table and put a hand on his right shoulder. "Hey... it's okay, I'll help you out. But you know, it's your show. I'm the one following you here. You ever think I'm out of line, let me know." Because honestly, she needed to know. Especially around Chita, who'd become entirely unsure of where he stood with just about everyone.
Chita "No, it's not, it's not just about me. I know i've been horrible to you and you've still stuck around. I was trying so hard to be positive, to be strong... to keep going so I didn't crack and I only just realized after I worried I wouldn't see you again how much I wished I could take that all back." His hand came up to rest atop hers before he finally said softly, "I really do care for you Aerith, enough that it confuses me. I have never much care for humans for companionship, or anything else... but despite that, all I want is to hug you and not let you go. Especially now that I know you're safe once again." Slowly bringing the hand down to his lap and holding it with both hands he added to that, "You're not an object to be kept safe... you're not a stuffed animal I can just hug when I need comfort and hide away from others. You're alive too, and have wants and hopes and... I'm sorry. I really am. I'm sorry for being so blind."

At that point he fell silent, but didn't let go of her hand. She could pull it away if she wanted to, he wasn't clinging, but he had no intention of letting it go if she didn't try to move it away.
Aerith Aerith squeezed his hand with a smile and placed her right hand on top of his. Well it was about time for this to happen. They'd been running around in circles for so long, and now they'd slowed down and finally faced each other. Most of it was her chasing him, but now that she didn't have to...

She could finally do something meaningful.

"Well then, what's the first thing we need to do? I mean, you're the somewhat-expert on this." Or at least, he'd dealt with it before.
Chita What was the first thing they needed to do? Of all the thoughts that swam through his head, something caused him to laugh a bit before saying, "The first thing we need to do regarding the weapon is meet up with the others later andl et them know you are coming along. The first thing we need to do, however, is to take a moment together without worrying about the damned thing. To take a while to stop being so concerned about everything and just... have fun. Relax. Smile."

He did smile a bit at that before slowly raising up and resting one hand he pulled out from between hers on the table, leaning carefully after using his other hand as a guide to find her shoulder and make sure he didn't bump right into her face, and whispered something to her. Whatever he said, it was just for her, of course, and chances are no one else would find out either.
Aerith Aerith blinked for a moment as he leaned forward, then smiled. "You know... that doesn't sound like a bad idea." Whatever he'd said, it made her giggle. "Yeah, not a bad idea at all."

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