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(2014-03-10 - 2014-03-10)
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Don Corneo It's hard being a magazine editor! or rather the owner of said magazine. You got editorial content to look over, calls and arrangements to make, spider solitaire, looking over portfolios of varies potential models, it's a wonder how anyone gets anything done! Especially when it comes to his attention that a TURK wants to see him. Well anyone who was anyone knew that they meant business, but this wasn't all, it was a FEMALE TURK ontop of that. Well damn, just couldn't let a meeting like this get passed by, right? Alise will find that meeting directly with the Don in his quarters is quite easy, escorted right into the Honey Bee by several of his aides and security personnel.

"Well, hello nurse, what can I do for you, miss er...?" the Don is the first to speak up, looking up from his desk where he'd been playing solitaire.
Alise Even before the fall of Midgar into this bizarre mashup of disparate worlds the Don had something of a reputation. A peddler of the seedier things in life, often basked in the neon glow of the undercity's red light district where alcohol, love, and more importantly, information flow freely for the right price.

It was his talent for acquiring the latter that earned him ShinRa's protection. However, it would seem even without their handsome payments for dirt on the terrorist organization AVALANCHE the man has done well for himself. Alise walks briskly through the expansive mansion-like rooms and halls that make up the surprisingly roomy interior of the Honey Bee. Her eyes drift occasionally to the various pieces of art and lavish furniature that decorate the place but her expression remains a stone-faced mask of business. She doesn't seem particularly put off at the security escort. Men like Corneo are always paranoid.

"Alise will do," she answers with a faint smile as the doors close to the Don's personal quarters. A hand reaches up to remove the pair of thin glasses resting on her nose, settling them into her hair as one might do with sunshades. "Quite the place you have here."
Don Corneo It would appear this is almost a different sort of Don, what with the classiness of the place, this wasn't exactly seedy, though it was perhaps a little too extravagant for what it was. It almost seemed as if the Don wasn't looking at her at first, but when he finally does look up at her face he has to do a double take.

"Woah, hello there, you're a TURK as I understand it?" the man's security personnel are swiftly motioned away, the door shutting behind them and suddenly there is an almost palpable silence in the room. "So uhm, what do I owe this heavenly presence into my humble erm abode?" he gestured with a hand decked out in rings to the expansive office around them.
Alise Alise's good humor doesn't waiver in the face of the Don's wandering gaze; if anything, she seems slightly amused. A soft chuckle escapes as she crosses her arms under her chest, ever so slightly squeezing them together in a manner that gives some definition to her curves even through the thick fabric of her business suit. The move is nonchalant and could easily be mistaken for a natural resting posture.

"My, my, and you're a charmer too, I see. There's no need for flattery, Don - you don't mind if I call you Don, do you?"

Stalking forward confidently, Alise moves right past her host and slowly begins to circle the room, taking in the various artworks and paintings. "Well, to be perfectly honest, Don, we've had a bit of trouble with a certain individual recently. I know you're a busy man but I was hoping to impose upon you for some information."
Don Corneo "Not at all, It's kind of like an old title of mine really," the don smiled back cordially, his full attention on the lady--well, girl really, she didn't even seem to be late thirties yet, even, at least not to him. While she has him on the edge of his seat, he does sit and rap his fingers against the edge of his desk as he hears her out.

"And you are, miss?" he seemed to have missed her name, though it's probably surprising he even bothered to ask, most people he didn't. Who has the time to dwell on names these days, really?

"You need info eh? Something like the where abouts of someone or something in particular?" he turned himself with his chair a bit to sort of follow her as she walked around, leaning back in the chair and idly toying with a black enamel cigarette holder, replacing the old filter stuck in it with a fresh clove cigarette.
Alise "Alise," she reminds him casually. "And you are correct. We are looking for someone. A thief who has taken something very dangerous from us."

The Turk completes her circuit of the room, making sure not to touch anything - collectors get very snippy about that sort of thing she finds - and makes her way back over to his desk. She finds a nearby chair and seats herself, crossing one leg over the other in a demure fashion though, as her ensemble consists of a pair of dress trousers instead of a skirt, she's hardly at risk of damaging her modesty.

"There will, of course, be a reward for any pertinent information you can provide for us."
Don Corneo "Right, sorry about that," the shortish stocky man nodded quickly, keeping his attention on the lady--and the problem she spoek of at hand. Once she was done speaking he nodded a little and began. "I see, well I am sorry you've become the victim of thievery, and I will pledge to assist in whatever fashion I can!" he stuck his index finger up adamantly about this, putting on a bit of a authoritive tone there.

"I just might need to do a bit of research on the problem, what did you say was taken from you? and do you have any idea on who might have stolen it?" he slid a pad of paper over and drew up a pen out of one of the desk drawers, looking attentive.
Alise Alise smiles coyly at the Don's enthusism. "Glad to hear it, I knew you were the right person to turn to."

The woman pulls aside one of the flaps of her jacket and withdraws a small rectangular cellphone from the interior pocket. The motion leaves her jacket rather slack and more thoroughly exposes the white dress shirt underneath which has been almost strategically left unbuttoned just far enough to be tantalizing but not too revealing.

Alise seems not to notice as she runs her thumb over the phone's touch pad to call up the relevant information. "Ah, here we are. The individual in question is a male member of the vieran species by the name of 'Chita'. He claims to be a Judge from Arcades - their title for members of the law enforcement branch - but as far as we know that has never been substantiated. What we do know is that he is a very outspoken and meddlesome creature who fancies himself a hero. Of Justice or some such nonsense. Regardless of his delusions of grandeur, this creature has stolen something from our R&D department. A sword, to be precise."

Alise tucks the phone back into her jacket. "We need that sword back. The exact nature of its properties has yet to be determined and considering its origins... well, let's just say that it has a great potential for causing problems."
Don Corneo It cannot be stated that the Don's attention is rather fixated on this one, though it seemed to be at least divided between her and the cellphone for a few moments. He listened carefully to what she said, before he nodded a little.

"Huh, okay. So this person calls themselves a judge and stole a valuable sword, wouldn't happen to be one of those keyblades would it? I didn't think you could steal those so easily," he tweezed the cigarette holder between his squat fingers and exhaled a short plume of smoke, waving it off to not get any near the lady if she wasn't a smoker, though she definitely /looked/ like one, am I right folks?! Ahem, anyway.

"So, what? Find him, break his legs, kill 'em, get the item back? which is it? all of the above?" he seemed to be serious enough when it came to business, apparently.
Alise Alise shakes her head a couple times. "No, it is not a keyblade. As far as we are aware, those weapons cannot be stolen from their wielders. This is something different altogether. A product of one of our... less scrupulous scientific minds."

Again the Don's eagerness to please gives the Turk reason to smile. "No, nothing like that. All we require is information on his whereabouts. The sword in his possession could be very dangerous, we wouldn't want to place our valued allies in harm's way without good cause. If you obtain any information on either his or the sword's whereabouts, please, contact us immediately."

Alise delves into her jacket pockets again and produces a small white business card. It contains merely her name, title, and a phone number. "My line is always open."
Don Corneo "Oh, well I see, I think I could do a bit of looking around for your lost property," the Don'st one turns a bit more upstanding and business-like as this is understood, reaching over with a slight grunt to slide the business card she offered over to himself and studying it. He nodded a few times as he looked it over and then leaned back with a relaxed sigh.

"Well, I'll be sure to send you a message as soon as I learn anything, I assume you'd want to be told in person, privately, no paper trail, yes?" he tilted his head a little to her and seemed to think this would probably be the best way to go about it.

"Of course, I rarely seek compensation for such things like this with just money," the way he said it might make it seem like he's got other things in mind than just being paid for this. Uh oh.
Alise Here it comes. That famous sleazy libido that the Don was known for in the past. It seems you can take the man out of the slums...

Perhaps surprisingly, Alise doesn't seem upset or insulted by the insinuation. Her smile shifts into more of a mischievious smirk and she leans forward a little, almost conspiratorily.

"I'm sure we can come to some sort of... equitable arrangement, Don. Never let it be said that the Turks are unflexible in their dealings."
Don Corneo "Ahh good, so I see I'm dealing with a professional here," the Don nodded quickly, picking the card up she passed him and scrutinizing it just a bit more, then scrutinizing her a bit more. "As for what we could do for eachother, I was wondering if you've ever done any work in modeling?" the stout man leaned over the desk again, as if this was the first time he'd looked at her closely. He gave her a once over and nodded a little.

"Yes, I'm sure we could help eachother with a lucrative and mutually benificial business deal, at that," he hopped up from his chair and walked around the desk, his arms tucked behind his back, coming over to her side.
Alise The Turk quirks an eyebrow as if slightly surprised by the proposition and leans back in her chair with a thoughtful expression. Of course, she's fully been expecting something of this nature. ShinRa knows the personality quirks of those it employs quite well. Compared to some of the things she's done for the sake of completing a mission in the past, however, posing for a camera in some suggestive outfits would rate pretty low on the difficulty factor.

"Modeling? No, you'd be the first to offer."

Alise rises to her feet at the Don's approach and crosses her arms, still smiling. "But you are correct, I am a professional. If that is what you require then I will do my best to accomodate. Just try to keep it in good taste, hmm?"
Don Corneo "Oh you poor thing! No one's seen to it to offer you a chance like this before! Well, I can tell you that we just don't take anyone in King's magazine," the Don grinned a bit reservedly and patted his front. "No no, not just any models in my publication, we pride ourselves on new and raw talent," he then gestured toward Alise, grinning broadly. "I knew you were a star when you walked in the room, I knew it!" he seemed to be quite excited at this, perhaps even so much that he had to tone himself down a bit.

"Ahem, well when I have some info for you I will let you know of course, and we'll discuss the whereabouts of the sword and the thief proper," he nodded quickly, looking to intend to guide her out personally, before he remembered almost as an afterthought. "Good taste? My dear we have only the best taste!" though this could be a bit of an exaggeration on the Don's part, heh.
Alise Alise chuckles again at the obvious flattery. "Hmm, I'll have to take your word for it."

She allows herself to be led towards the door, pausing long enough to respond to his final assurances. "Glad to hear it," she says truthfully. Even if she is willing to take one for the team on this matter the last thing she needs to have to explain is photographs that are a little /too/ revealing. "I'll be looking forwards to hearing from you about this matter."

She parts with a wink and a little wave, playing up the part perhaps a bit too much, but there's no time for regrets now. Alise follows the gaggle of guards and secretaries back through the luxurious ship and disembarks after a few minutes when it sets down again.

She watches the Honey Bee rise back into the sky for a little while before turning away and heading towards the nearest alleyway. The cellphone is removed from her interior pocket and she dials a number by memory, holding up the flat piece of electronics to her ear for a few moments.

"This is Alise. The deal is done. Corneo should have his men sweeping for the target soon. That's right. Alright. Bye."

The phone is put away, not in the pocket as before, but on a clip at her belt where it is usually stored. A tie is produced from her pocket and, after rebuttoning her shirt, she affixes the length of cloth around her neck once more with practiced ease. Finally, she replaces her glasses on the bridge of her nose and gives a final smooth-down to the front of her suit before stepping out into the sea of human traffic that populates Manhattan's streets, vanishing amid the crowd.

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