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Cressida Soo...This is the magical shop she heard about from that odd guy next door. Cressida smirks a little to herself as she gently pushes open the door and peers around. "Hmm, Madame Rosemarie's magical shop, eh? I wonder if she really is a fairy godmother..." She sighs, clenching her clawed hands. "I should..Stay away from magic, afterall, that is the reason..." but what other choice does she have? It's worth a try at least. Afterall, things couldn't get much worse, could they?
Cressida Soo...This is the magical shop she heard about from that odd guy next door. Cressida smirks a little to herself as she gently pushes open the door and peers around. "Hmm, Madame Rosemarie's magical shop, eh? I wonder if she really is a fairy godmother..." She sighs, clenching her clawed hands. "I should..Stay away from magic, afterall, that is the reason..." but what other choice does she have? It's worth a try at least. Afterall, things couldn't get much worse, could they?
Queegmaa Having recently transferred to Mullonde from Vector, in the position of 'Exalted Chaperone', Que had recently 'helped' defend an insignificant church to no avail, against the heretics-- but in his own defense, on the topic of defending.... Faruja failed in his duty, too, however, at least in Que's report, he was able to assert that he didn't willingly retreat; he had the status effect of 'Muddle' applied to him, which caused him to go dancing off into the sunset!

Upon arriving outside Rosie's shop, he spies Cressida, who he'd seen once or twice in the hallways of Glabados, and already marveled at what a coincidental world it was, that two zealots would happen upon the same place at the same time! What fortune for Rosemarie, on the other hand.... Queegmaa had come to 'smooth things over' with her, to the best of his ability-- /why/ he'd planned to do so was anybody's guess, but the bottom line was, it wouldn't be easy getting his foot in the door, metaphorically; literally, it would be a lot easier to do!
Rosemarie Rosemarie's days to vary wildly on the amount of business, but today is a slow day. The weather is warm and the sky is clear, but the shoppers are scarce. A few stragglers linger about the store, mostly looking at assorted knick-knacks, potions, and other magical trinkets. Rosemarie sits at the counter, trying to look pleasant to disguise her boredom. After all, it's selling these sorts of things which help Rosemarie stay in business.

But suddenly, another customer! Rosemarie sets down her newspaper and puts on her best winning smile. "Hello there, and welcome to Rosemarie's. Is there something I might be able to help you with?" Rosemarie's mood is bright and cheerful. It's probably because she hasn't noticed Queegmaa yet.
Cressida Indeed, it is a slow day, but then Cressida always preferred slow days. She is not a terribly social butterfly afterall, and how can one blame her, given her history? She peers around warily at the other customers, adjusting her head band to hide her wolf ears as much as possible. Having long silvery hair helps to hide the ears a bit too, although her hair itself is enough to garner unwanted attention.

She really doesn't know what it is she is looking for here, and so when Rosemarie greets her, she nods and walks towards the counter. "Greetings, miss. Might you be the esteemed Madame Rosemarie that I have heard much about?" Ahh what was his name again, the one who told her a bit about this dark elf's talent for magic?

"Indeed, I am searching for...Something. What do you know about...Curses? More importantly, if, and how they can be broken?"

Not long after she had entered the store, Cressida is aware of someone behind her. She pauses to peer at Queegma with a mixture of surprise and curiosity. A....Toad!? Hmm, well that's certainly new. She'd seen monsters like that in swamps but...

Eh..Clearly this is not mindless monster. "Pardon me sir, I did not mean to shut the door in your face..." She peers at him thoughtfully now, trying to place that appearance. No no, she's certain she'd seen him somewhere around the church before, but she cannot quite place his name.
Queegmaa It isn't long before Que enters the shop and takes sight of Rosemarie, who he'd formerly considered his most primal target in the whole World of Ruin, but while he still didn't love the woman, he'd now redirected his 'affection' towards someone else, who, by chance.... was also a dark elf. This kappa just can't get along with drows, for whatever reason! Nonetheless, here he was, ready to reconcile, to a /degree/, and promptly upon entering, he announces his presence as well as his intentions, "Well if't in Rosie....!"

He grins, and continues, "Since da church pegged ya as insent, I also kent be figrin dat yer guilty, eeder." It's only after this that Cressida apologizes for not holding the door, but the green troll has done much worse to others, so he doesn't really expect much better from folks, even if they're his comrades-- besides that, it was an accident. "Hmmm. Din break't, so my face forgives ya." Then, he shoots a glance back to Rosie, "After she's done wiher bidness, I dink I got some for ya too, long ears....."
Rosemarie Rosemarie listens quietly to Cressida as she mentions her business here. "Ah," she says, "Yes, that would be me, dearie." She looks Cressida over, assessing her quietly. "I'm quite familiar with them," Rosemarie says, gesturing at the store a bit with her long nails, "but I can't say I deal with them at length. I find them to be bad for business, and even worse for those involved." Rosemarie's ears twitch a little when she notices Queegmaa, but she keeps her focus on Cressida until she's finished.

"But from the sounds of it, it sounds like the curse itself's already been applied. I could certainly take a look at it and give you a consultation, at the very least. I don't believe I caught your name though, dear?"

Rosemarie leans to the side, putting her weight against the countertop. This allows her to look around Cressida to see Queegmaa. "Oh, hello again," Rosemarie says. She speaks to with a very practiced, professional tone. If there's any resentment there, she's worked hard to hide it. "I'm glad to see that the Church's verdict has made a difference in your opinion," she says to him. "I'll be with you in just a moment. If you'd like to look around, do feel free." Rosemarie smiles politely.
Cressida So. This is the woman who was once accussed of witchcraft. Was she really such a bad person? Well, apparently not, as the Church had let her go. Still..It could be dangerous. Right now however, Cressida is too desperate to care.

She nods as she steps up to the counter. "I'm afraid so, however..." She lowers her voice, peering around warily, her cool gaze resting the longest upon toady over there. No, she doesn't even trust her fellow churchfolk. "However, I'm afraid I cannot give too many details until we are in private. Can you...Sense such things?"

She presses a finger to her chest as if to indicate that the curse is not upon an object but upon her person itself.

Finally, Cressida glances over at Queegma briefly. "Queegma, was it? I am afraid we were never formally introduced before. I am Cressida Merune, Knight Templar. Did you come here to shop as well?" somehow he doesnt seem the type. Nor does he seem to be on particularly friendly terms with Rosemarie. Interesting..
Queegmaa Perusing the store a bit, Que gives Rosemarie a nod, remarking, "Dey says yer insent, 'n I got no beef 'dihjesting' dat." He chortles, since that might've very well been a reference to either her appetite, or the fact that her stomach acids had absorbed his leg, but seemingly, if he can make jibes about his own misfortune, then he's in good spirits. Whether Rosie is quick to absolve was another matter, but if the imp wasn't hesitant to forgive her, then he either had an agenda, or he wasn't such a sourpuss after all.

Maybe he was just a very moody sort, and on bad days, he could become easily riled, yet on good days, he could shrug off his differences with others. When Cressida mentions something in a low voice, Que can almost make out what was said, because of his super-sensitive auditory abilities, and he suddenly coughs a little bit, "Ya know.... I acksheeahlly gotta git, cuz I have stuff ta do.... but I jus' fihgerd dat I'd letcha know I ain't got nuddin' 'ganst ya no more, darkie." The goblin starts to open the door as he prepares to exit, "Nice meetin' ya Cressdeeya. I was dinkin' 'o shoppin', but I jus' realized I got no time fer't, so maybe later!" And with that, he departs as smoothly as he arrived. Seems he's being nice and giving them privacy!
Rosemarie "Oh, of course," Rosemarie says, nodding in acknowledgment. "I know precisely what you mean. I wouldn't want to air your private business to anyone without your consent."

Rosemarie gestures to the room behind her. It looks like a dining room, but it also doubles as Rosemarie's consulting room. "If you would like to step into the back for a moment to discuss it, sweetie, I'll be glad to hear you out. I just need to straighten up a thing or two first. I'll call you back in just a moment," Rose says sweetly, reaching under the counter.

Rose pulls out what looks like a toy soldier and sets it up on the desk. It has a sign around its neck which reads 'Proprietor is with a client. She will return shortly." Closer inspection of it shows that it's watching the customers in the room. Possibly theft-protection? Regardless, Rosemarie slips into the back and gets to arranging it for Cressida to step in in a moment.
Cressida Cressida arches a brow at Queegmaa. Odd fellow, but interesting. She cant help but wonder if he had a curse put on himself too? She doesnt know much about frogmen, honestly. But then he turns to leave and she merely nods to him before turning back to Rosemarie, partially relieved that the guy has left. At least she'll have some privacy now.

She waits patiently until the room is ready then follows after her, presumably when called. "So..How exactly does this work?" a slight, uncertain frown mars her features. She's uncomfortable telling people her little dirty secret that only a tiny handful of higher ups even know about, however, she's willing to do whatever it takes.
Rosemarie Rosemarie does, in fact, call Cressida in. The meeting room is what is normally used as a dining room, but for the purpose of a professional meeting the table has been replaced with a desk and a set of chairs opposite each other. Rosemarie is already seated in a big, recliner style chair on the opposite side of the desk from the door. She gestures for Cressida to have a seat.

"Well, before I do any sort of work, typically I negotiate a contract with my client. We discuss things like privacy, the depth of the problem, what exactly the client is looking for in a solution, and what have you." Rosemarie smiles. "The only thing that I ask for, sweetie, is honesty. I try to be very clear and fair in my dealings and only ask that my clients treat me with the same courtesy."
Cressida Cressida nods as she steps into the room, casting a glance around the area before taking a seat. "I see.." She nods, "Do I need to sign something then? I trust nothing that is said in this room will leave this room, correct?" She seems quite adamant about this. "I will be as honest as I possibly can, however, my very life may rest upon the secrets that I will tell you.."
Rosemarie "Rosemarie pulls out a piece of parchment, an ink bottle, and a quill from one of her desk drawers. She sets it on the table, dabbing the quill in the ink well and tapping it on the parchment. Once she does, she lets go, the quill hovering there on its own. It writes as she speaks to Cressida, apparently taking dictation.

"I promise full confidentiality to the best of my abilities, sugar," Rose says, interlocking her fingers in front of her and resting her chin on them. "I can assure you I've dealt with quite a few confidential clients before. No one has to even know you've dealt with me past who you allow to know."
Cressida Cressida frowns a bit, recalling how she was briefly in trouble with the church in the past. she's not one to go against church wishes however she was cleared of those charges, was she not?

"Hmm, I see. I certainly do not want anyone to know I was here. One more thing. How much will this cost me? Will it need to be paid in advance?"
Rosemarie "I do not require payment in advance," Rosemarie says, "especially since payment is dependent largely on what exactly needs doing." She smiles again, pleasantly. The quill seems to have stopped for now. "Typically I like to extrapolate on the problem, figure out what needs doing, and negotiate a solution from there. Once that's taken care, then we can discuss payment. I'm very open to alternative methods if money is an issue." Rosemarie leans in like she's sharing a big secret.

"The truth is I've had quite a few destitute clients before, but let's not talk about them for the sake of professionalism, hmm?" Rosemarie leans back. "So tell me, miss, what's the nature of this curse you've been afflicted with?"
Cressida "No, money will not be an issue, and I would prefer to pay in money rather than in some other..Unusual ways." She nods, drawing a deep breath as she begins. Somewhere in the back of her mind she wonders if she can truly trust this mysterious woman, however she will never know if she does not take that first leap.

"Alright...I am in reality, a werewolf. I was once a member of a proud wolf pack back in my homeworld. However, as we were constantly in war with another wolf tribe in the south, a marriage pact was formed to end the wars. I was sent away to be married to a wolf of the southern tribe, however I was attacked by powerful evil beings calling themselves the Gaudium Lords. They attacked and kidnapped me, taking me to their laboratory where they experimented me, tested me, and pushed me to my limits..."

Usually a very calm and controlled woman, Cressida seems to tremble ever so slightly as she speaks, recalling the brutal history that brought her to this tragic point in life. Her fists are clenched tightly, clutching the edge of the table as she speaks, staring down at her hands more than at the woman before her.

"They used magic to enhance my powers, to push my abilities to their limits." She lifts up her palm to show Rosemarie the strange, runic marking imposed like an angry black brand on her hand. "They put this on me, a dark mark that greatly enhanced my abilities in wolf form, but also made me mindless and uncontrollable, with a lust for blood. They then set me against my own people as an experiment."

"I...killed almost all my kin and remembered only but a vague dream of what happened. Now, I cannot control myself, but will transform into a werewolf whenever there is a full moon, or whenever I see my image reflected in a mirror. I...Cannot control myself, and even though I sought sanctuary in the church, I know that sooner or later my secret will be revealed..."

She sighs, looking back at Rosemarie, a broken look in her eyes for a moment, b efore she regains her composure. "I wish to redeem myself for my sins, but I do not know if that alone will be enough to lift this dark magic from my soul.."
Rosemarie osemarie listens in silence, though she does supress a gasp at the heavier parts of Cressida's tale. Whatever the case, she does not interrupt until Cressida is well and truly done.

"Dreadful," she says, "Absolutely dreadful." Rosemarie frowns deeply. "It's terrible that those sorts of acts go on in some worlds. You have my most sincere sympathies. May I offer you something to eat or drink and perhaps take the edge off just a little, my dear?" Rosemarie offers, gesturing at the closed kitchen door behind her. "It would be no trouble. It's a courtesy I offer to any client, but doubly for one who has had to endure such an awful series of events."

Rosemarie reaches out one of her gloved hands, expectantly waiting for Cressida to offer her arm. The quill is at it again, taking notes on a separate sheet of parchment. "Let me see," she says, "perhaps I can make a little of the magic used here, but it's not one I'm immediately familiar with," A pause. "Not that I can't familiarize myself, of course, but magic of that sort of potency is something which may take me a bit of time to undo."
Cressida Cressida smirks, shaking her head, "I am not one to delve on past events. what's done is done. I will not stop searching for the monsters who did this to me, and I have already mourned the loss of my kin. I have no more tears to shed. I only wish to prevent future bloodshed at my hands."

She nods at the offer. "I would appreciate some hot herbal tea, thank you.." Glancing down at the hand, she does indeed offer her arm. "Whatever it takes..."
Rosemarie Rosemarie examines Cressida's arm for several moments. She traces along the lines with a gloved nail, being careful not to poke Cressida too hard. Her brow furrows, and she bites her lip slightly. "I'll need to do a bit more research about this one. It's not a type of curse I'm comfortable working on without further research. As I said, though," Rosemarie notes, "I will do what I can to help you remove it. Payment will not be received until I can come up with a reasonable solution."

Rosemarie strokes her chin. "I'll fix you some tea, then. Would you like anything to go with it? You're very thin," Rosemarie smiles, before looking pensively at Cressia once again. "I'll see if I can come up with something to help you in the meantime as I fix the tea. You say it triggers on a full moon or when you see your reflection?"
Cressida She shakes her head, "Tea is fine." Cressida pulls back her arm, rubbing the runic mark as she has done many times in the past. It does no good. Even cutting through it does not seem to remove the mark. It's like a deep tattoo, a tattoo that extends to her soul. But if Rosemarie is magically inclined as she most likely is, then she will no doubt be able to sense incredible dark magic originating from the mark. Indeed, removing this curse will take a lot of time and be very difficult.

"All of my kind transform when they see their reflection. However, they are still in control of their minds and bodies. But it seems I transform as well during the full moon and I have no control over my mental or physical state during that time. I suppose I am like your classic story book werewolf."
Rosemarie "Suit yourself, dear," Rosemarie says, disappearing into the kitchen for a few moments. She leaves the door open so she can still speak to Cressida. The smells from the kitchen are almost overwhelmingly delicious. Apparently a lot of cooking happens there.

"I see," Rosemarie says. "So that isn't part of the curse, inherently. It's some change to your pre-existing transformation, from the sounds of it." Rosemarie is undoubtedly putting some tea on to boil. "There's very dark magic, there," she comments. "You said the name of these people are 'Gaudium Lords?'
Cressida Cressida nods. "I do not know their particular names, but as a group they call themselves that, yes. Honestly my memories of that time are rather fuzzy as I was given heavy drugs and my mind was often fuzzy when I was...Experimented on. However, I do know the name of the Gaudium Lords, for they are the ones who eventually destroyed all of my kind. All except..."

She frowns, no, she is certain she had seen one or two other werewolves in this realm..Somewhere. Perhaps they could help her. "I wonder, if I could destroy the ones that did this to me, would that be enough to break the curse?"
Rosemarie "IT might be," Rosemarie says. "I'll start looking into right away, and we can meet again to discuss how to move forward. For now," Rosemarie returns, bearing tea. She scoops up one of the pieces of parchment and hands it to Cressida. "I think this work for a start. It has information for you to get in touch with me as you please without having to visit the shop. We'll move forward from here and iron out additional details as I find out more about your condition."
Cressida Cressida nods. "Then, I will keep in touch. One last thing. I must stress the importance of keeping this secret, especially from the church, and from that...Frogman.." She rises to leave, bowing a bit formally to the woman before leaving the room. "I thank you for your help, and I hope you will have some good news for me next time we meet. Until then, farewell."
Rosemarie "Of course," Rosemarie says. "Your secret is safe with me. I put the utmost importance on customer satisfaction. We'll be in touch."

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