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(2014-03-08 - Now)
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Arkham Fisher Arkham doesn't trust chocobos. They're plotting, you know. Behind the scenes. Just waiting for you to turn your back at the wrong moment.

She hates riding, but she doesn't really have an option, this time. Time is of the essence, and Chita can't very well abandon his mount, anyways. So, reluctantly, she's ridden the three days or so to Alexandria, keeping her charge close, although Shinra's arm doesn't extend far in this direction.

The Church of Glabados has a small but meaningful presence in the nation, and aid should be forthcoming.
Faruja Senra Faruja Senra is /certainly/ not here to create trouble. And he definitely has not been carousing with one of the local malcontent groups with the current, likely insane Queen's regime. No, he's merely here to see to the small church that's within. The state of disrepair horrifies the Burmecian, and he's currently browbeating the lowly Priest in charge.

"THIS is how ye keep a place of worship!? A HOUSE OF THE LORD!?" Yup, someone's in a particularly foul mood, given just where he is. The poor priest just looks frightened of the Templar, particularly given he's an Alexandrian born and raised. The priest isn't entirely sure the rat won't decide to take out resentment of his ruler on him!
Chita After having spent a while there in Lindblum with Arkham, the while being subjective to actually how long was spent, they were finally on the move! As much as the Viera wanted to get away and go somewhere else and... well, do /something/... he couldn't deny that he was still badly injured and knew full well he'd likely be killed if someone caught him in this state. Reluctance had him going along with Arkham and her bunch. Reluctance, and necessity. His Chocobo was quite well mannered, though, excluding any attempts to be pulled one way or another by someone who wasn't Chita.

His attire happened to consist of a large fluffy cloak beyond otherwise loose clothing to keep from being too tight on his wounds and bandages. One arm in a sling too. Bunny had a bit habit of getting kicked around too often.

"So... I take it we have gotten to Alexandria?" Chita said softly towards Arkham as he gave his Chocobo a little touch of his heel to have him speed up a bit. He knew roughly where her Chocobo was because it wasn't too hard to hear the trotting sound. Now he was curious if he'd come across that cute elven girl he knew here. This was her home, wasn't it?
Arkham Fisher Cute elves are a treasured rarity in any nation, but Arkham didn't come here to look for one.

"We should be safe here for a while; the queen doesn't care much for Shinra." Shinra doesn't have many eyes in Alexandria, either.

There's a chapel near the market square, though, where legend has it that she might find some aid. The birds are stabled at the Inn; there's no room for them in the alleys. She leads Chita past the pub and theatre, to the obviously disused church. Perhaps this wasn't such a great idea.

On the other hand, a familiar voice is raised in rage within. Excellent. She thought he was passing this way. With the viera in tow, she pauses at the chapel doors, to best appreciate the scene.
Faruja Senra "...And look at this ladder!? A bell ringer would die on this bloody thing! that DUST AND RUST on the bell!? I...oh dear Faram, what hath I done to deserve to set my sight upon this TRAVESTY of a Church!?" Plenty of things, Faruja. /Plenty/.

The poor priest finally stands. "U...uhm, Ser Senra? I swear, it wasn't me...the tithes are just too low, and my request for funding was..."

"I know, I know, I read the request myself! Points for effort, Father, but ye need to do more than that. Oh bloody hell, I need a drink...going out, see ye in..."

It's then that Faruja opens the door. At first, his eye goes to ARkie.

Smile. Faruja looks as though he wants to /hug/ the Sister at this point. "Sister Arkham Bloody Fisher! To what doth I owe the..." His gaze turns, to a familiar sight.

"...pleasure." It trails off awkwardly. Hello, bunny. We meet again.
Chita When Chita hopped off his Chocobo he reached into his cloak and pulled out a long, thin silver whistle. A quick note on it and his Chocobo vanishes from sight in a portal off to /somewhere/. Jylland, actually, and the Judges Stables. But that wasn't said unless asked. Most people tended to notice when someone had their eyes covered by a blindfold of sorts so when he pulled out a large stave from his collection of stuff he used it with his good hand to walk along beside Arkham. Albeit slowly and carefully because he knew the streets here were uneven and cobbled and thus a pain in his ass if he stepped wrong and tripped.

The closer they got, though, his ears perked and he listened before shaking his head with a bit of a sigh. Fancy that... church... rat... what are the odds. Not quite knowing if Faruja was looking at him or not he didn't say anything, and for the time being stood there quietly, minding as much of his own business as he could. Then again, it was hard to ignore conversations and slight noises and movements, including things like growling stomachs and other minor noises, with those ears of his.
Arkham Fisher Sister Arkham Bloody Fisher was hoping for a warmer reception than this. "Ser Senra. I hoped to find you here. Father," she greets the priest, perhaps as an afterthought.

Her gaze travels from templar to viera, and back, a few times. "It seems we'll need no introductions. Just as well." Down to business. "The Shinra are pursuing this man, and he's not well enough to flee on his own." That should explain her actions well enough.

"...your turn, I think, Ser."
Faruja Senra "...Arkie, my dear, dear friend, how ever did ye...nevermind. 'Twould be no doubt for the best if I doth not know." Chita may be a Heretic, but the rat isn't about to turn away a blind bunny, or a friend.

For a moment, he looks conflicted. Part of him screams 'stab the Heretic'. The better part of him knows that Chita's falsely accused.

"No. We art quite well acquainted. Come on. Father? Put on some tea, if ye please."

The Father rushes away to do just that. Faruja sits upon a rotting pew.

Here, Faruja smiles. "...Attempting to ensure that /THIS/ dump becomes something worthy of being called a church for the sake of the souls of these nezu-murdering, godless pack of heathens that call themselves Alexandrians." Amongst friend, and friend-slash-enemy, he's far more candid about things.

Arkie gets a look here. "And getting to know the locals, of course." Smile. Usual Templar shenanigans.

"Now, may I ask as to what ye hath done to draw Shinra's ire?" Looking at Chita this time. He has the good grace not to inquire about how he was blinded.
Chita Not quite adding anything to the conversation until spoken to, it was then and only then that he responded, mostly at the question directed towards him by the Burmecian who was now seating on a bit of wood, by the sound of it, that was likely about to snap if too much happened beyond being sat on. "Far too much over far too long. I could explain it all, if both of you wish, or I could sum it up simply and say I spirited away a weapon which still has, as far as I know, the entirety of the hearts of those who died in Goug to the Black Beast so long back. Away from the one who created it, away from another who caused this situation to exist... and from others who were doing their job, or trying to claim it for their own uses."

He sighed a bit and slowly moved to the side as he felt around for the side of another pew to lean against. "Not the one you saw me with before, Faruja. This one exists... because someone destroyed the previous one without giving peace to the hearts inside, like I had tried to do for so long. I am aware this likely makes little sense in the context I present it, but... I do assure you all I wish is to see it safely destroyed and some measure of peace given to those whom it is composed of without simply killing everyone related to its' creation. ... like it wishes now."
Arkham Fisher Well, she's certainly glad she never touched the thing.

Arkham appears as surprised as the father does by this revelation, but hers is a practical mind. "So, you see why I wanted your assistance," she appends to Chita's exposition.

This lends some real urgency to the situation, but she was already resolved to help him, anyways.
Faruja Senra Faruja closes his eye, and leans back in the pew. A hand rubs over his face. Some part of him wants to tell Chita off, that he'd known all along the thing was bad news. But he just can't do it. Heretic-bunny or not, Faruja's enough of a good person to look to the greater need.

"So then. We have a Heretical artifact that contains the trapped souls of innocent people, that Shinra art attempting to claim. And that ye wish to see the souls inside made peace with the Lord."

Faruja looks from bunny, to Sister, to bunny. "Well. Ye always /do/ know how to make my life ever more 'interesting'. In the Wutaian way." Peeeer.

"I can hardly allow this artifact to exist, nor let it fall into the wrong hands. Ye both hath my support." Faruja visibly shudders. For some reason, the rat seems to be having a moral quandry here. He pointedly looks at Arkie. /Certainly/ she understands, or so the rat thinks.

"But what shall we do? Shinra is powerful. Art ye looking for a safe haven?"
Chita "Peace with the lord? No, I could no care less about their religion or if they have that peace. I simply do not want them to pass on while feeling remorseful about what happened. It may not mean much to you, but... for some time now I have been haunted by their last thoughts, fears... remorses... and now with this new weapon... experiencing their deaths in my mind." He mumbled a bit at that, as if not happy about the situation. "And no... I am not looking for anything. Arkham here found me when I was injured, my chocobo wandering through Lindblum from what I understand. I will leave as soon as I can properly and safely make my way towards where I am planning to go. There is a wise old wizard I was hoping to get the chance to ask what I can do to safely give peace to the hearts within it without... causing them to come back again in some other form seeking vengence."

Turning his face towards where Arkham was he added towards her, "Thank you, by the way... you could have left me to wander with my Chocobo elsewhere. Unfortunately I do not have much in the way of funds. My last... funds that I had are drying up since I have spent a fair bit over the past months renting places to live with my own home having been destroyed."
Arkham Fisher It is nearly an affront to suggest that Arkham would want payment for her services, but undoubtedly Chita meant no insult. Let that pass, then.

Your quest is right enough, then, if it's all as you say. You can trust," she adds, one hand held up to forestall any objections from the rat, "in my aid, if you'll have it."

"Where is your goal, then?"
Faruja Senra The face that Faruja makes as Chita utterly tosses aside any religious issues is one of utter outrage, only tempered by the very hard smack to the head he knows he'll get if he irritates Arkie. Deep breath. In, out. His tail lashes, but he otherwise remains outside of violence-inducing indignation. See, Sister? He's being good for once!

"Well then, it shalt be up to myself and the good Sister to see their souls properly laid to rest. However..." Admitting it sounds as though it pains him. "ARkie is right. Thine quest is just, and shalt needest be seen through." Pause. His voice lowers.

"Just do not cause Arkie trouble, do ye hear me?" The ratling peers at Chita, before stopping. It's useless now.

FAruja's head dips, and in comes the Father with tea for everyone. Rather than protest, when Arkie forstalls such, he takes out his hip flask. Pouring whiskey into his tea, he starts to down it rapidly. If he's going to do this, he's going to /not/ be sober.

"Mmm. Is this mage trustworthy? A sage of some form /would/ be a good resources. We should waste little time. Where is this person? Souls should reside with Faram, in His Heavenly Kingdom, not waste away in a weapon." Whatever problems he has with Chita, his disgust for the weapon outranks that one hundred fold.
Chita "Just outside of Traverse town is the home of Merlin. I wish to head there as soon as I can... as soon as is reasonable. He may not be able to offer much in the way of help, but he seems to know a good bit about everything and to me that is good enough. And thank you. It is..." he trailed off at that, trying to think of how to say what he meant to say. "It is... nice..." he finally said, " have someone believe me for a change. I am so used to everyone else accusing me of lying and someone suddenly trying to kill me that I fear I half expected you two to do the same."

Straightening out for the moment and slowly raising up, chita shifted and reclined so only his backside was on the back of the pew that he was resting against. "I do hope that my one stipulation, that there will be no bloodshed, is fine with both of you? Despite what anyone else may claim, I am sure Faruja at least can vouch that I have no desire to hurt others, or cause death or pain. This damned ordeal from start to finish has caused too much already that I refuse to let any more come of it if I can help it. Please... if you do wish to come with me, keep that in mind." Though he can't 'see', he does /look/ towards Faruja, as if making it a point towards him. Why? Well, if Faruja cared to know, he could ask.
Arkham Fisher Now that really is insupportable. "If blood is shed it won't be by our choice. You know that." She moderates her tone.

"Traverse. Right. We can manage that. I can accompany you, if Ser Senra has other duties." A large if, Ser Senra.

"If you were lying, it's no concern of mine. I'd have helped you if you'd had that sword to my throat. Don't doubt that."
Faruja Senra "Information is what we need." Faruja nods to the plan. He likes it. Cue more tea, then whiskey drinking as he's thanked.

"Bah. We hath our differences, but ye art no liar. Far too stubborn and /honest/."

Sigh. "Still holding to that? Though I wish it were, the world is not so pretty..." He holds up a hand. "Agreed. No bloodshed. Our viera friend is not one to use force of arms when he can avoid it."

Back to Arkie. "I am officially on medical leave, after that little...incident in Mullonde. And with the trouble this one is in, I am not leaving ye to be alone in it. Owe ye, after all the time ye hath pulled my tail from the fire, as it were" Nod. It seems they have a plan of action.

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