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Bonding Moment: Lynn
(2014-03-07 - 2014-03-09)
Reize shares a moment with Lynn while tending to the garden. They discuss about each other's home.
Reize Seatlan The garden has seen better days. However, over the past couple of days, the garden has started to see some improvements. Weeds had populated the area, leaving for the grass and plants to receive no water. Yet, the garden is still around.

As the sunlight gives off a glow, the light offers a roaring heat in the day. The grass has needed some water for some more. On the other side is the outside bath.

Reize is here, handling the weeds that have populated the area. "..Guh." He exhales a sigh, grimacing, "Too many weeds." He exhales a sigh, "....We will need to do something about these." He shakes his head, looking over at the flowers, "It'll be time to make some new plants!" He beams for a moment.
Lynn Cascadia It's been some time. Not nearly as long as for others among the Shard Seekers, but Lynn's been out of Flourgis recently, and it's good to be back. Stumbling into the garden, she's glad for her odd watery hair keeping her cool in this weather.

"Oh, Reize. Hey." It doesn't take her too long to notice him there. "What's going on? I don't think I've been in here before..."
Reize Seatlan Reize spends his time kneeling against one of the plants, digging the weed out with a serious look on his face. The boy grumbles, recalling the days of the chores to do out in the yard. How reminiscent that he would be finding himself in this situation again.


Reize turns towards the source of a new voice, only to grin when he sees that it's Lynn, "Oooi! Lynn!" The boy stops what he is doing to greet her. "Hope that you have been adjusting out here at the headquarters." He looks a bit embarassed. "...Sorry to have bring you in when the place was not in the best shape." He lifts his head towards the sky, thoughtfully, "A few of us went on a voyage that turned into another adventure on its own... the headquarters was left to dust."

Yet, a smile grows, "Ivo and I have been getting the place cleaned up again." He looks around the garden, gesturing a hand out, "When we first got the space here, this place had saw nothing but dirt. With a bit of help from Lily, Lenn, and Shiki, we turned this place to a wonderful garden." A frown grows, "However, a lot of weed grown here as well. There was an overgrowth, in fact. So, I've been doing some weeding!" He cups his fingers to his chin before a look of realization comes, "Oh! We also have a bathing area on the other side of the place. You may feel at home with the water."
Lynn Cascadia Lynn smiles back once the mutual realization of each other's presence has been made. "It's... been an interesting last few days, but I'm adjusting well enough... and no worries about what shape the room's in." A slightly guilty look crosses her face. "My room back home was probably worse."

Looking over the garden a little as Reize explains its origins and its overweededness at present, she bites her lip upon noticing the state of the soil. "No wonder nothing but weeds grows well here right now..." Pulling water from her hair and a bit from the air, she sends it coursing through the soil in an attempt to revitalize those plants that need it most.

The mention of a bathing area does prompt a raised eyebrow, though she's a bit preoccupied with hydrokinetic manipulations. "Sounds nice... I may have to pay it a visit in a little bit."
Reize Seatlan "Hahhaa, don't worry too much about Ivo!" The boy grins at her, "He is a bit playful at times, but he means well. He is a reliable person. I am sure that you'll grow to find him a great friend."

The boy frowns, thinking about the shape of the headquarters, "...It feels like everyone has thought that we died." He shakes his head, "Nevertheless, thanks to a job that we took not too long ago, we manage to pay off a good deal of the bills." He looks thoughtful, "We've been getting some new clients as well recently. So, the Shard Seekers will have a new set of adventuring to look forward to."

After a moment, "...And then there are some investigations that I've been looking into. A darkness out within the woods. I am gathering some of the Shard Seekers to investigate the crater. Something about a Shinryu."

After a moment, Reize thinks over the matter, looking back at Lynn as she uses the water from her hair to bring the plants back to life. A smile grows, watching the vibrant colors of the fallen plants return.

"I think you will do well here, Lynn. This place could use your care." He stretches both arms in the sky, then he asks, "What was your home like?"
Lynn Cascadia "At least things are getting back to a more normal state around here. Or what I'd assume is normal." Lynn pauses, an 'awkward moment' sort of expression crossing her face. "Don't mind me, I'm not sure where I was going with that line of thought..."

Then a headtilt. "A crater out in the woods, and something about a Shinryu...? I'm... not familiar with the name. There wasn't one in my world, and I haven't heard about it from anyone else outside there yet."

The question about her home is expected enough that Lynn doesn't really have to think about it before answering. "I'm from a town known as Onrac. Had three siblings; two brothers, one sister, all older than me, all better mages than me." She goes silent for a bit, transferring the water flow over to the next part of the garden. " be completely honest, I can't actually use magic. It might look like magic, but all this stuff I can do with water... isn't me." Perhaps not a great topic, as her mood turns toward solemnity.
Reize Seatlan "Yeah." The boy looks wistful. He cannot help but smile at the thought of imagining the state of the headquarters being revived. Even if Reize did not want to remain at the place for a long time, this was home for the Shard Seekers.

...Reize has grown to appreciate that, now.

Regarding the crater, the boy offers, "Not me neither. This was recent information that has been passed onto me by my friends as I was getting settled back in." He frowns, "The more that I don't know about this..." A grin forms, "The more I want to explore it."


It is about time that she is opened about her answer. Reize takes the moment to turn around and lay his head against the grass. Both of his arms move to the back of his head. His gaze locks towards clouds and he turns his head to hear her tale.

"...Ah..." A relaxed smile forms, "So they are magic-users." However, when she starts to give a more solemn look, the boy notices the look on her face. A frown forms, deciding to switch gears of the topic. Perhaps this should help.

"I grew up in a small hamlet. It was surrounded by forests for kilometers." His eyes drift shut, grinning. "There were... maybe twelve houses in all. No other town or village was around for so many kilometers. However, we were self-sufficient. We relied on farming and hunting for survival." He grins, "The hamlet has been around for over 500 years!"

"I am the only child of a former explorer and a knight." There is a look of pride, "I always wanted to be an explorer just like he was."
Lynn Cascadia The change of topic is welcome, and her solemnity slowly fades away. She flops down on the grass next to him, her work with the water done for now. "...sounds like a neat sort of goal to shoot for in life. I'd love to help with that, if there's anything I can do. I... mostly just want to go around helping people however I can. The world could be a better place if only people would do good things for each other more often, and I want to see that happen..." Perhaps a bit naive, but she's fourteen, what can one really expect?
Reize Seatlan Noticing that solmen look on her face fading away, the boy brightens inwardly. He exhales. As Lynn joins him along the grass, Reize opens an eye to look over her.

"Well, when you have lived in a small place out in the boonies for so long, you know you want something more in life." He furrows his eyebrows, "Especially when you learn of the adventures that your own dad went to!" The boy looks a bit annoyed. He was always barred from venturing off too far. ...Not that he listened.

As she offers to help him on his journey, Reize props himself up to glance her way. "Lynn, I'll be glad to have you with me."

Hearing her desire for a peaceful world, the boy gently rests a hand towards her shoulder. "Knight's Code, Second Vow: Let's all work together for a peaceful world. The Shard Seekers, the Twilight Detective Agency, and VALKYRI all want to create a better world for the people. Even if we all have different goals, we come together to ensure that the world is a better place. ...Whether it is recovering a world or keeping the world from falling."
Lynn Cascadia Lynn chuckles at Reize's mention of how one might want something more in life when they've lived in a small place for so long. Her amusement turns into a sincere grin when Reize declares he'd be glad to have her with him; it's about what she'd hoped he'd say.

She almost flinches when she suddenly feels his hand on her shoulder. Almost. No reason to freak out from that. "Aheh. I guess I should be glad I found this place, then, so that I'm not alone in those thoughts." A brief pause. "...can't say I know of the detective agency, though, or the... valkyrie group?" Confusion enters her tone and expression. "Who are they, anyway?"
Reize Seatlan There is a fulfilled enjoyment of the girl's company. Perhaps that she and him are similar in some ways. A bit of that naive justice in them both that makes the kinship a fast growing one. Nevertheless, Reize is happy to see a sincere grin form from the girl.

Though, Reize does feel something when he touched her shoulder. He is uncertain as to what, but it was enough that he slowly pulls the hand away, yet maintaining a smile. Instead, his hand rests on the ground, a bit of a distance but still beside her

"Well, as I said, consider this a home away from home. Many of the Shard Seekers here have." To her confusion, Reize only notes, "Well, the Twilight Detective Agency are from a world where... golems are moving! They move pretty fast! They're called cars!" He thinks, "Landships or something! Anyway, they solve mysteries and handle investigations." He smiles, "VALKYRI is led by a rival of mine, Avira. She seeks to hunt monsters with her group. However..." He scratches his head, "...I don't know what they exactly do."

"Mercade leads the Twilight Detective Agency and Avira leads the VALKYRI. We often work together when we can. I'll be sure to take you out to their headquarters when the opportunity arises."
Lynn Cascadia The mention of 'moving golems' called 'cars' doesn't particularly help Lynn's confused expression, because don't golems move on their own? Otherwise they'd just be rock, wouldn't they? Perhaps theory gets in the way of practical experience. The actual job description of the Twilight Detective Agency was more useful, though. The relative lack of a job description for VALKYRI (besides monster hunting), on the other hand, was not.

"That would be nice... I'd love to meet them sometime, see what they're like." She flops down onto her back, gazing upward, spacing out a little before her gaze gradually drifts west.
Reize Seatlan Admittedly, Reize knows that he did a very bad job in describing the modern type of worlds. The boy lifts a finger as he adds, "...I would have to show you those cars for you to believe it." He frowns, "I never thought of a good way to describe it. Other than it moves like a giant bull, except that it is made of metal. It's an armored bull with small wheels." He muses, "Yeah, that's how I can describe it!"

Once Lynn relaxes on the grass, the boy's eyes gaze towards the clouds. "You'll find them interesting, especially a guy named Will. He tends to eat everything." He grumbles, "He ate everything in our fridge while I was away." He exhales an exasperated sigh. His antenna hair flops to the left, and then to the right.

A smile is awarded to Lynn, "It's relaxing out here at the garden." He frowns, "Truth be told, I am not used to the desert life. Part of me wishes that this was a forest, but, it'll take some getting used to. Hopefully, it shouldn't disturb you too much." The one thing that Reize wonders, if it is not her that is using the magic. Reize actually smiles.

" ...I can't use magic either, actually. Not without this." He reaches a hand over towards his pendant around his neck. The glimmering green jewel lights up briefly.

"What you helped me get back was something given to me by my father when I was younger. However, I learned that it is a very special relic."
Lynn Cascadia Reize's attempt at describing cars is not exactly helping. After a while, she just gives up on trying to understand it. The mention of Will does spark a response in her, though. "Will? I, uh. Might have sorta run into him a few days ago... maybe. If it's the same Will I think it is." She shrugs, though it's up to Reize whether to pursue that tangent or not.

The location doesn't bother her too much, but when the topic drifts back toward magic and the lack thereof, her expression falters partway. " that's why the pendant is so important to you, why you were so driven to get it back on the day we met..." A forced chuckle. "Heh. I have... nothing like that. What lets me use something akin to magic is... just the opposite, actually."
Reize Seatlan Ahh? Ran into Will? The boy quirks an eyebrow, then a smile grows. "He's a good guy! ...Odd, but a good guy! He is extremely lucky!" The thoughts with Will is brief, but he thinks back to his pendant. "The pendant has a lot of ties, more than I thought. A good deal of it.. the pendant is important to me because my father gave it to me. It was my token for my bravery." He looks proud as can be at that. "I was eight at the time; I fought off a wolf from getting my friends, but I was almost killed." He grimaces at the memory. His eyes cast low, "A voice has guided me to try to get the pendant restored." The boy considers going into the details, but he decides not to.

However, the sight of her expression faltering, the boy adds, "... I'd like to hear your tale, Lynn." He gives her a reassuring smile, "However, if you do not want to go into it, I understand."
Lynn Cascadia Lynn nods, sitting up, her gaze cast downward. " I said, I'm from the town of Onrac, born to a family of magic-users. Unlike my siblings, though, I can't use magic. I wouldn't be this upset about it if that were all there was to it, though..." A tired sigh, then, "You don't know what it's like to grow up in a prestigious family of mages and be the one kid who can't use magic at all. The jokes, the jabs, the insults... they got really old really fast. Every day, unceasingly, without fail."

Tucking her legs against her chest and curling up into a ball, she continues, eyes closed. "...I left town, floating across the high seas in a barrel. I honestly expected to die. And I would have died, drowning out in the middle of nowhere..."

Her hair begins adjusting shape somewhat. "...a pact my deluded mind made with one of the local water elementals saved me, and solved most of my problems at the same time." She tilts her head toward Reize a little bit. "...ever wondered what the deal with my hair is?"
Reize Seatlan The boy takes the time to rise to a seating position, scooting closer to Lynn to hear her side of the story. However, as Reize hears more of what the girl had to endure, Reize looks a bit more solemn. "... No, I wouldn't really know of that sort of thing." To be fair, Reize was not part of a lineage. He was just a simple boy from a hamlet in the middle of nowhere. A place of hunters. However, the boy takes care to continue listening to her situation.

As she curls onto a ball, he can tell that she is becoming increasingly uncomfortable as she opens up a bit of herself to him. That is when Reize lifts a hand up to bring it over to her shoulder.

"Thank you for sharing your story with me." The smile remains sincere, "I'm sorry that you had to endure that. However, the pact you made with the local elemental is an opportunity." A thoughtful look forms as he places a hand towards his chin, "I always did wonder why your hair was watery." He shakes his head slowly, "No matter. The important thing is that you are still around. You're able to do things that you want to do. It's through the bond of the elemental that you're doing what you've wanted to do."

"...Only thing we can do is move forward, right?" He tilts his head with the beaming smile.
Lynn Cascadia Lynn is quiet for a while before she answers as she gives Reize's response some thought. "...I guess. The past is stuck being the past, while the future can change... only sensible way is forward. It's... hard to forget the past sometimes, but I guess that's just one more reason to go out and explore nowadays, to overwrite bad memories with good ones from new friends and new experiences."

Her gaze drifts up toward her hair for a moment. "" A short silence, then, "Nereid wants to say that she agrees with your perspective on the matter. I guess that makes three of us."
Reize Seatlan "...It is painful, I know." Reize looks ahead, giving a frown as a reminiscent thought lingers, "It's a painful past that we'd like to forget, but..." He smiles, "We can also move on and not let the past be painful anymore."

Reize beams, "Consider me a friend, Lynn!" He looks over towards her hair and then back towards Lynn, "Hello, Nereid." He smiles, "So, that makes Nereid one of your friends as well! With time, you will have many of the Shard Seekers as your friend."

After a moment, Reize removes the hand from Lynn's shoulder and he stands up. "Ahh... I suppose it's about time to turn in. Will have to start gathering folks soon for an exploration."
Lynn Cascadia Lynn lets out a somewhat nervous chuckle as Reize attempts to say hello to the water elemental lurking within her. It's kind and amusing but she's well aware what it looks like. Perhaps a little over-conscious in that respect. He does have a good point, though. "I should hope so. You all seem like a nice bunch, even if some of you are rather... eccentric." She pauses for a second, realizes the hypocrisy, and adds, grinning, " I'm one to talk about eccentric."

Reize's remark about turning in does make her realize what time it is. "Oh. I suppose it is." She stands up after him. "I suppose I'll be seeing you, then?"
Reize Seatlan In all of Reize's time of adventuring, he has seen many things. So, given the fact that the girl houses the water elemental in her, the boy suspects that the creature is still alive and within her. So, why not treat Nereid like a person?

The young adventurer straightens himself and he stretches both hands in the air. "Yeah. I will definitely get some sleep." Ahh, at least the male's quarters is different from the female's quarters. He gives a bright smile, "Goodnight, Lynn." Then he walks through the patio and into the headquarters once more.

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