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(2014-03-05 - 2014-03-05)
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Alise Several days have passed since the incident. The cast-off remnants of the dark and deadly product of a certain ShinRa scientist's mad experiments had come calling on its creator, seeking revenge for its tortured existence in the only way it could. Through a strange turn of fate, several others had the same idea and these powerful forces clashed in a short but fierce struggle. Naturally, ShinRa was the one that walked away on top that day.

A faint breeze swirls through the missing section of glass panels that once made up an entire wall of the shattered meeting room. Like some gaping wound on the side of the corporate tower, it remains exposed and untouched even now. Normally, the PR department would be tripping over themselves to cover and incident like this up, to ensure that no harmful rumors or gossip might spring up around such an event. But a special request from the Turks isn't something so easily ignored.

Standing at the edge of the shattered wall, a young woman gazes out into the evening sky. Despite the sheer drop of hundreds of feet only a single step forward, she seems unperturbed by the precipe at her feet, though she does show signs of aggitation; annoyance perhaps? Her toe taps at the floor every few seconds in a monotone repeating fashion, almost like the clicking of a metronome's swinging arm.
Reno A certain red-haired Turk bursts through the doorway to the meeting room with a bounce in his step. He looks a shade or two tanner than usual, and even the breeze of his entrance carries the subtle aromas of sun-tan lotion and piņa coladas. Reno tosses a thin briefcase onto the desk and hits one of the rolling chairs with enough momentum to let him spin to a halt some three or so millimeters from a crumbling hole in the floor.

"Ahhhh, nothin' like a good long winter vay-cay in Costa-del-Sol!"

The turk cracked his neck, then his knuckles, before leaning in towards the table, popping open the briefcase and setting out some papers.

"Alright! I feel like I just took a shower in megalixer, yo. Lets GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. YEAH! You feel that energy-" Reno paused a moment, trying to remember the new girl's Turk Code name. "-Allison? 'Cuz I do. Alright!"

Reno settled himself slightly, then looked around. "Okay then. First order of business- what in the EXTENDED GOOSEHONK happened to this place?"
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia had absolutely no intention of coming to this particular room. In fact, she was just passing by, a folder full of papers in her arms. Who knew where she was off to.

But the sound of Reno's EXTENDED GOOSEHONK, caught her attention. "Oh?" A pause. And then she doubled backwards a few steps and poked her head into the room Alise and Reno were occupying. "Well, well, well. What have we here? A super secret meeting of the shadow legion?"

Or just the Turks. Yes.

Curious now, the woman stepped into the room fully, making sure to avoid that missing floor section. "My, this building took far more damage than I had first thought." She mused aloud, studying the room casually, as if she had absolutely nothing to do with it happening in the first place.

Really, why did Shinra still keep someone like her around.
Alise The woman's soft brown eyes narrow behind her thin glasses at the racket behind her. The two of them have never met but, being the meticulous person that she is, she's done extensive reading up on her future coworkers. Reno's attitude is almost exactly what she expected after perusing his dossier: loud, boisterous, incredibly unprofessional and most annoyingly, late.

"It's Alise, sir," the woman says with a soft sigh as she turns to face her superior. "And I've been waiting to 'get down to business' for over an hour."

Despite her pretty looks, Alise has the sort of stern expression that indicates a person who takes everything a little too seriously, almost like some school mistress or librarian ready to pounce on the first person to raise their voice. Her arms fold across her chest as Rhiannon slips in uninvited. She considers making a protest but since she's the one responsible for the whole thing in the first place it's not like she's going to hear something they didn't already know.

"Why don't you ask Miss Zellen? This is her mess."
Reno "Alise, sorry" he quickly replies before checking the time on his phone. Oh hey. Guess yer right. Sorry 'bout that. The meeting with Tseng and Rufus ran kinda late I guess." Reno shrugged and tilted his rolling chair back on it's edge fate-temptingly close to the gaping pit in the floor, and looks back up to Rhiannon. "Ah, one of yours, huh? Dang. Now I owe Rude a beer. I thought for sure one of Hojo's projects would be the next to blow up in his face. But hey, at least I'm one square closer to winning 'PR nightmare bingo'. Oh- and Tseng is pretty close too, so make sure ya tripple-check all the safety protocol around the Materia R&D production labs, ok?"

"So anyway, now that we have that straightened out- lets find out what we're actually supposedta be doin, yo." Reno flipped through some loose leaves of paper until he found what was probably today's meeting agenda. "Ah. Looks like you have some sort of report for me, Alise?"
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia just smiled at Alise's (correct)accusation, but said nothing immediately. "Oh my, that sounds like an awfully interesting game there." She wasn't really interested. Giving a nonchalant shrug, the scientist went on. "Yes, yes, I will be sure to quadruple check the safety measures in place next time."

She tucked the folder she was carrying under an arm and decided to cut in a moment longer. "I might have an idea of what you should be doing actually." She said, wagging a finger playfully. "In the aftermath of that incident, a certain individual by the name of Chita made off with an experimental weapon, despite Montag's best efforts. Shinsec is currently tasked with retrieving it, but I've no doubt that the Turks would be assigned as well."

There was an amused chuckled before Rhia made one last addition. "If the nature of that weapon was released to the public, you just may be winning your game of PR Nightmare Bingo after all~" And again, she made it sound like it wasn't her problem.
Alise The newest Turk nods once but stays quiet until Rhiannon finishes speaking, though she keeps her very intense gaze locked on the scientist the entire time as if to bore some semblence of responsibility into with her eyes. Critical failure.

Alise sighs again and rubs at her temple with a couple fingers. "As you can see, we haven't much to go on. Files indicate this 'Chita' is a member of the vieran species - I assume you're familiar with these demi humans - and claims to be a Judge. Regardless of the validity of that claim, he has possession of secret ShinRa property and has fled without consideration of the consequences that could be involved with exposing untested magical technology to uncontrolled environments."

Her head turns to cast her gaze over the rubble and glass debris litering the former meeting room. "I had hoped to find some trace evidence that might give us a lead to follow but so far I have had little luck."
Reno Reno shruggs. "Aw well, we'll just hafta organize a witness-based investigation in the surrounding zones. The dude is a six-foot something rabbit man in full plate- armor, how hard could it be to miss the guy?"

Reno then let the chair sit flat on the floor and spun around until he faced Rhiannon

"Oh, and Rhi? We'll need to know what the thing he stole does. If we know that, we can maybe figure out what he wants with it and where he'll go with it. Unless it turns trees sentient and murderous, or releases rolling clouds of poisonous gas, then I probably ain't winnin' bingo yet. This is off the record, too. Don't worry, yo-"
Reno said, as a pidgeon flew in from the gaping hole in the wall to peck at one of the bagels on the tray in the far corner of the room set out for the meeting.
-This room is completely secure."
Rhiannon Zellen Rhiannon stood back, leaning against a clear section of wall as she casually listened to Alise and Reno deliberate between themselves. "Ah, actually, it might be a bit harder than that. The fool does not always go waltzing around in full plate armor. Rather, you are more likely to find him in the company of a red chocobo. Failing that, just search for a suspiciously wrapped, sword-shaped object." The way she talked made it seem like she knew this idiot hero viera at least more than just usual acquaintance. But she didn't elaborate beyond that.

When Reno swiveled to face her, she met his gaze, smiling still. "Oh that thing? Simply an experimental weapon, as I said before. The initial experiment was started with a heartless, but this one is pure white. And it emits a sonic sound wave that is capable of bringing all in it's surroundings to it's knees." A shrug. "I had no direct involvement in this weapon's creation, but it seemed to know me, and want to kill me." She chuckled at that, like it was no big deal.

"As far as I can tell, the weapon is a white sword, curved in shape, with a curious emblem around the hilt. It is capable of turning into a creature twelve feet high with the abilities aforementioned." A nod at that. "In short, that sword is a collection of sentient hearts that is capable of shifting into the form of a sword to be wielded. And Chita currently holds it. Likely out of some misguided heroic belief that he can 'save' them."
Alise Wonderful.

Alise doesn't voice that particular sentiment out loud, being too professional to complain about the details of a job, no matter how much trouble they were; but she still thinks it. People who want to be heroes always complicate things, in one way or another. Atleast this time she is under no obligation to protect this would be hero from his own foolishness.

Despite herself, Alise can't help but crack a faint smirk at Reno's poke at their security. She's not entirely made of stone, it would seem. A few moments later the bird explodes into a mess of feathers and she returns a small pistol to its holder inside her jacket just as quickly as it came out.

"Is now."

Still sporting a slightly mischievous smile, Alise lifts a finger to the center of her glasses, adjusting them upwards with a light push. "Perhaps QMC can provide us with some sort of protection against these sonic attacks. Or does the good doctor have anything to offer us in that regards?"
Reno Reno stands up and checks the time again. "Ya know, it gets a little confusing when ya call the sword AND the dude using it 'the weapon', Rhiannon." he says offhandedly as he packs up his papers. "Ah crap... thats what happens when I show up an hour late for meetings. I gotta fly, yo. Alise? You can wrap up the meeting on your own, I'm sure. I had a blast."

Reno smiles as he walks with his suitcase casually towards the gaping hole in the wall, carefully stepping over the debris and holes in the floor. He pauses, and turns back to Alise and Rhiannon. "~Ladies." He says with a grin and a pantomimed tip of the hat, before turning and falling into a sprint towards and right out of the building, via the wall.

Several seconds and only one heartbeat later, A ShinRa-issue attack/transport chopper flies by a few dozen yards away with Reno dangling behind on a rope, yelling over the roar of the rotors "SEE YOU TOMORROW!"

And then he was gone.
Rhiannon Zellen "I did not--" Rhia began to respond, but then Reno did what Reno does best; make a flashy exit. "....." She kept a hand held up, still paused in the middle of refuting his words, but he was long gone.

"Alas." And then her hand lowered. "Well then, it would seem it is just you and I now." She said, smiling mischievously at Alise. "I don't supposed you have anything further to add?"
Alise Alise also opens her mouth to admonish the other Turk for shirking his duties but before she can nag him about it he jumps out of a window. Well, this takes dodging responsibility to a new level. She gapes at the empty window for a moment before dashing towards the ragged opening.

"Hey! Get back h-!"

The roar of a ShinSec helicopter drowns her out, however, and a sudden burst of power air from its rotors stops her cold before she can jump out after him. From the looks of it, she might have too. Alise shields her face from the pressure until the chopper moves out of range.

"Of all the..." She doesn't finish the thought out loud, instead biting off her words with a frown. A few moments are spent smoothing out the surface of her suit before she turns to deal with the other menace to responsibility in the room.

"Don't worry. I'm used to cleaning up other people's messes." She thinks for a moment, idly straightening her tie as she does so. "Do you require the retrieval of the thief as well as the object?"
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia smiled at the messes comment, but didn't reply to that in particular. Crossing her arms now, folder in one hand, she tilted her head a bit in thought at the last question posed. "Hrm..." Indeed, what of Chita? ...On one hand, he /did/ have another responsibility to fulfil to her. Of his own choosing.

...On the other hand, she didn't require his presence whatsoever.

"The object takes first priority. If he resists, you have permission to use force." Her smile widened at those words. "If he resists still, then...accidents happen, no?" That said, the scientist turned and straightened up off the wall, stepping towards the door. "Well, far be it for me to tell you how to do your job in any case. A Turk knows what a Turk should do best, yes?"
Alise The Turk's expression becomes rather dismissive and she clasps her hands behind her back. "Miss Zellen, I neither require nor asked for your permission to do anything. All I need to know is the parameters of my mission."

Alise's gaze drifts sideways in thought for a moment. "I suppose I will start by canvasing the local area for rumors and eye witnesses." Her eyes return to Rhiannon. "If you recall anything that may be helpful, you can get my number at the office."

She doesn't outright tell the scientist to leave but the dismissive tone in her voice is pretty obvious. A small rectangular cellphone is produced from one of her pockets and she turns her back to Rhiannon as her thumb starts to dance across the touchscreen, likely scouring a list of private contacts or some secret Turk database.
Rhiannon Zellen "You didn't. But I gave it regardless~" Smirking in a teasing manner, Rhia waved in an irritatingly cute manner. "Have fun doing that secret agent thing~"

And then she was out the door, back to her regular duties before that unintended detour. Walking down the hall and weaving through construction workers and other Shinra employees and security, she pondered to herself. "Hrm..."

Several minutes of thought and then finally she came up with something to say. "...Those Turks continue to remain an interesting bunch." And a light giggle escaped from her lips at that. "I should have asked for a blood sample." The woman mused as she stepped into an elevator, the doors closing after her.

"Perhaps next time."

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