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Gummiship Troopers: Montressor
(2014-03-04 - Now)
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Only some of Montressor actually made it to the new world after the darkness came. But as far as this ruined place goes, it remains the largest airship/spaceship/gummiship dock in all of existance. Beyond the docks remain the collection of buildings, most from the previous world, dotting the wall and earth. Though now where a martian landscape may have been is now land that slowly melds into Traverse Town.

At one of the docks to Montressor the massive gummi ship Odin is docked. Those who have answered the call for hired help will be ushered here and promptly escorted aboard by a collection of crewmembers. The crew to the Odin appear to be of many types and species, from moogles to regular ol' Humes. This time, they are not escorted to a briefing room but straight to the hangar where the captain of this FINE VESSEL awaits.

Avira looks anxious as she paces back and forth. She's dressed in regular earth clothing and her fancy hat is nowhere in sight.
Aerith "I don't know what you're so anxious about."

Aerith leaned against her staff, watching Avira with her features in a state of bemusement. "I would say you're looking for trouble, but you don't seem excited. So what's got you like this?" Because this wasn't Avira at all. She would usually be jumping at something like this...
Maira Maira is just /so/ very pleased that Avira finally has her airship. Really! VALKYRI has an airship! That's completely and totally amazing! The fiery mage is watching Avira pace about while eating a rapidly melting popsicle. With the aura of heat she gives off, she's having to try to get every drip very quickly, taking bites and licking the drops away before they can hit the floor, taking such great care....only for the pop to fall off its stick and hit the floor.

Maira glowers, sighs, then looks back to Avira and Aerith, smiling. "It'll all be alright Avira! How can I help?"
Avira "The Space Navy is out there in this area." Avira suddenly holds up her hand, baring a strange-looking puzzle cube device in her palm. After a second some of the seams flash and a map is displayed in a holographic field over the cube. It shows her a small space map of the surrounding area with many ships moving about.

"Heartless I can deal with but there aren't many of those here. It's the Space Navy I'm worried about. Ever since that one cat woman lady thought I was somehow working with Warden I've been trying to avoid them. They even put up a wanted poster for me!"

She frowns, "It's only for 1,000 munny. What a shame. But still. I need someone to be the 'face' for the ship when they inevitably open up comms with us."

She half-smiles. "On the bright side I don't think we need to fight Heartless today to complete Mimir's map." She waves a hand and the hologram disappears.

"Heartless or no..." the cube 'speaks' in his cheerful voice "It makes no difference to me. Just put me in range!"
Warden Thache Among the crew members being ushered by are some locals, hired help eager to look at a new ship. Humans and other types of odd and alien creatures slip in with the other. Slouching here and there as they are ushered towards the deck of the ship.

Among the group of locals is a pair of cat-ears. Somewhere in the crowd there is one of those felines that must be related to one space pirate and one space pirate hunter.

Because Warden would never be stupid enough to come here himself.

Would he?

...wait. Dumb question. Of course he would.

However he doesn't quite look the same. Gone are the hat and coat, the brace of pistols and the paired sabers. In its place is a fairly respectable looking seaman. One wearing the faded coat of a navigator, clean shaven. His hair pulled back into a ponytail.

The pirate cleans up nicely when he doesn't want to be reconised.

The affected slouch is nothing like his normally energetic pose as he mingles with the group being ushered into the area.

Nope. No pirates here. Just hired help. Though he can't help but smirk to himself when he hears Avira complaining that 'its just so small a bounty!'

...ah, he knew she liked it.
Aerith Aerith glanced at the cube for a moment. Interesting little thing. But why did it sound eager to simply shoot first and talk later? Maybe it was just a feeling she got. Never mind though, she looked back at Avira. "So then, someone just assumed you were working with someone and put up a price on you." Aerith huffed. "Sometimes I wonder about those who fight for what's good, if they don't use their brains half the time."
Avira "...nnnnnooooo I wasn't working with them." Avira says awkwardly, "We...crossed paths while I was on a mission doing something completely unrelated and not at all opposed to their mission."
Maira Maira blinks, then tries to hide her snicker behind her hand. There's a part of Avira that enjoys the idea of being a pirate!

"Well, can't you just explain that you're not working with Warden?" though, Maira isn't even sure anymore if that would be the truth! They were seeming awfully buddy-buddy!

But if Avira says they're not working together, well, Maira will believe her.

"I can talk to the Navy though, if that's what you need! I'll need a hat though--the hat is necessary," she says with a firm nod.
Aerith Aerith blinked for a moment. Right, so that almost sounded like she really was working with this Warden person. But she wouldn't make the mistake of assuming anything. "No wonder you need a face. But the big question is, what are you going to tell them instead of... well that?" She glanced toward Maira. "Unless you can think of something," she said with a smile.
Avira "I tried explaining that before during the....incident. She didn't believe me." Avira palms her face. "And I'm not going to get myself /arrested/ by these people. Just think of all the time it'll take! And then Angantyr will burst in to rescue me and nobody wants to have that happen! Seriously, such a hassel."

Avira turns away from them both and smacks her fist against Mimir in a gesture that suggests it would have been against her palm if he hadn't been there. "You will have to act as the captain in my stead, Maira! It's the only way this mission will succeed."

She turns to look at her best friend and nods appreciatively. "It's true, you do need a hat. I think I have a non-piraty one for you. It's a big red one. Come on, I'll get you set up. CLOSE THE HANGAR DOORS, WE'RE GETTING READY TO LAUNCH!"

The rest of the crew starts to scramble, retracting the gangplank resting against the dock and shutting the doors. Those aboard can hear the hum as the thruster gummis start to warm up.
Maira Maira nods a little, purisng her lips in thought. "Yeah...that would happen," she agrees.

Oh, boy! She's going to be the captain! Not the real captain, but at least the pretend captain, and being the pretend captain of a /real/ ship is still pretty darn awesome!

And oooou a hat!

Maira salutes Avira, grinning. "Acting captain Maira! I'll take the wheel! ...Helm! THE DRIVING THINGY!" she says, then scurries aboard and to the controls, flopping into the seat with a smile of pure maniacal glee on her face. She sort of wiggles her fingers over the controls as she says "Let's see here...."
Aerith Angantyr...

Aerith did quite a good job of stifling her sour expression when his name came up. The last time they'd met was in Shinra territory, Goug to be exact. His reaction to her getting him back onto his feet was to yell at her, and he would more than likely consider her an obstacle, if not an enemy. Well whatever, she would deal with that later, and would have to talk to Maira sometime about it.

Her thoughts were turned toward the present by Maira's taking command of the ship, her eyes widening for a moment. "Just be careful not to ram us into any of those ships, or we'll really be in for it." Not like she was involved in this, but as long as she was aboard, she would rather this end peacefully.
Warden Thache Warden pauses a moment as Maira flails at the commands. "Helm. The helm. I would accept the wheel as well." He grumbles to himself. "Neptune's grace! Whose bright idea was it to give these landlubbers a proper ship?"


Avira Angantyr being namedropped tended to have that effect on people.

Avira leads Maira (and anyone that cares to follow!) away from the hangar and through the ship, which is actually pretty massive. The long hallways sport doors to sleeping cabins and a mess hall (currently empty), showing that the vessel was clearly meant for long trips. On the way, they do stop by what is apparently the captain's quarters where Avira retrieves a hat.

It is a red, wide-brimmed hat that isn't very nautical. But it is a hat. This is passed to Maira.

On the bridge it is fairly obvious where the captain can sit because there is a fancy, bolted-to-the-floor chair. The bulk of controls are here but all throughout the bridge are other consoles responsible for other parts of the ship. The weapons, for example, aren't accessible from the captain's chair.

Avira watches Maira eye the colorful candy buttons gleefully. "Uh. Do you want me to launch the ship for you? Because I can do that. Then you can fly it however. Well. Fly it however but don't crash it."
Maira Maira's instinct is to press the pretty buttons willy nilly until something happens. However, she really doesn't want to crash Avira's lovely new ship. So, she settles the hat upon her head and nods to Avira. "Yes please!" she says, taking the HELM in her hands and preparing to steer. She can steer a chocobo or a bicycle, this can't be much different, right?
Aerith Aerith did follow, and she took in the sights. She might not ever have a ship like this, but being in one was impressive enough. She certainly hoped this wouldn't be her last time on this thing... though some part of her mind thought that if this went wrong, it might be just that. Of course once Maira headed toward the wheel, Aerith tensed just a tad. She leaned toward Avira. "I would prepare," she muttered, "to take the helm just in case things get interesting."
Warden Thache Someone else followed! That guy, who totally isn't Warden. And is paying rather close attention to the controls and consoles that line the different areas of the ship. However, there is a slight problem for him. The fact that /most/ of the other figures? Well they are peeling off on other jobs.

...which means when Avira reaches to the bridge there is only one or two figures left for Warden to hide behind.

Hopefully Avira and Maira won't look too close.
Avira All those buttons. They're certainly TEMPTING. Look at how tempting they are to push, Maira?

Avira takes the seat suddenly and mutters a few things at the console. Mimir is set off to the side atop a small pedistal which clicks shut around the cube. Ahead, inside the bridge, wrap-around screens suddenly flicker to life with a view of the outside, compressed to show the surrounding space.

"Prepare for launch~!" she announces as the ship lurches forward with a start before immediately smoothing out. In short order, they leave the docking area and pass through the void point into gummispace proper.

Once they've passed the void point, Avira abdicates the seat to Maira.

"Alright Mimir." Avira says cheerfully before turning away, "Do your thing." As she turns, she pauses, eyes roaming over the disguised Warden. "I'm sorry, I don't think we've met."

Avira steps towards him. "I don't recall hiring you..."

The gummispace nearby this void point is, in fact, pretty devoid of Heartless. Perhaps they're all swarming around the World of Ruin right now. The real reason is quick to show up on the display: Space Navy ships. They, in fact, superficially resemble old tall ships but they are embedded with advanced technology and, in some cases, even gummi blocks. Avira has not been the only one experimenting. It isn't long before the largest of these ships actually hails the Odin.

The console that Maira sits at will actually produce a pop-up screen from the console containing an embedded camera meant to record the captain's return message. Upon the screen, a woman of some sort of cat species of demihuman (in fact, Warden's species) appears, clothed in a neatly-kept uniform.

"This is Captain Amelia of the Montressor Space Fleet. Identify yourself, unknown vessel."
Maira Maira does /not/ crash the ship! Once she's handed the HELM(!) she actually steers smoothely, smiling all the while. "Oh, this is fun," she said. She'd watched Avira launch the ship, trying to memorize how she did it. Never know, she might actually have to know these things in the future.

She takes one hand off the help to reach into her pocket, pulling out a ...cupcake? Hey, its wrapped okay? She takes a few bites, then hands it toward Warden. "Warden can you hold this for me please?" she asks casually, putting both hands back on the wheel.

Then the pop up screen shows her a cat person much like Warden, and she smiles brightly to her. "Oh, hello there! This is the Odin. I'm Captain Maira out of the port of Traverse Town," she says, admirably not sounding like she's reading from a script even though everything she could think to say totally came from the movies she's seen.
Warden Thache Great. Now she's looking this way.

Warden's eyes slip off to the side as the woman comes to focus on him. "Ah well I was just one of the many hired on for maintance work, no one has told me what to do yet." He manages to supress most of his accent. Really he's doing a fine job of it. He doens't look much like the pirate in this getup...

...of couse Avira has seen him all dressed up. So it might not work as well.


So distracted he was by Avira's glare he simply reaches out and yoinks that cupcake that Maira holds out.

Then he pauses.

He looks down at the cupcake.

Then he sighs.

"Well that was bloody stupid of me wasn't it?" He says rather converasionally his irish accent returning as he takes a bit of the cupcake. The opposite side of the one Maira was eating on.

Thankfully? He is entirely saved by the sudden viewscreen popping on and Captain Amelia glowering down at them all.

"I think you have bigger problems now though, luv." He stage-whispers towards Avira. "You might want to step off stage."
Aerith Aerith takes a moment to memorize that face before she moves out of the way. So this was the one that irrationally accused Avira of such things? And... well what do you know? The feline himself was on board as well. How convenient was this, then, for those who would more than likely shoot them down?

Aerith would have laughed at the irony if they weren't in such danger from it.
Avira Even launching the ship doesn't seem all that difficult. Why if Maira studied up, she could probably do it too.

That aside, right now this mysterious person has occupied her time and mind at the moment. "I am aware of the mechanics on this ship." Avira narrows her eyes, " aren't one of them..." Suddenly Maira greets this guy without as much of a look as Warden. Not only that, he responds and takes the cupcake.

Avira bristles. "You have some nerve sneaking onto my ship again!" Avira blurts out angrily before crossing the distance between him and her. "I-"

She hears the video chat screen activating and she extremely quickly dives out of the way. Not a single bit of her is visible to the other ships.

Captain Amelia does not smile. She does not react in a noticable manner to Maira's greeting. After a moment she asks, "What is your business in this airspace?"
Maira Avira really should have given Maira a script, because she is totally going to wing this in as honest a way as possible because Maira knows she is really just no good at lying.

She ignores Warden and Avira shenanigans to answer Amelia's question, her smile widening, wide eyes fae-like. "Because it is totally, undeniably cool! So, exploration, I guess! Maybe pick up some gummi parts or something. Mostly though, because its awesome," she answers without hesitation.

She's not lying either, those are totally her reasons!
Aerith Aerith chuckled from one side of the screen. Well at least Maira was being honest, right? And at this juncture, honesty was the best policy. Not the most diplomatic route, but it would do nicely for this. Still, the more interesting bits were between Warren and Avira. Whatever he was doing on here, it wasn't any good... and she mentally prepared her staff just in case, her right hand shifting its grip just enough for an easy swing.

Just in case.
Warden Thache Warden? That grin of his is wide and wicked as he smirks towards Avira. "After all we've been though, you /should/ realise that I too much nerve for my own good. Beisdes, Skoll isn't around ot throw me off this time!" A pause. "And I actually helped last time too!"

He did!

A pause again. " really /do/ have a trout line of guys don't you?"

He's not helping at all really.

What he /does/ do however is slowly edge offscreen as Amelia focuses her ire on Maira and others. He might be in disguise, but he doesn't want to take chances with the wiley yet attractive Navy Captain. This of course means he'll end up crowding Avira just a touch.

"...your sure its ok to just let Maira wing this?" He adds after a moment towards Avira.

...and no. He doesn't look threatening! Just...well...smarmy really.
Avira Honestly, Avira thought Maira could come up with something! It wasn't that hard to make something up about the ship-or tell the truth. Telling the truth was hands down the best option since there were no stories to keep track of for long periods ofo time.

Amelia finally does react with a frown, perhaps thinking 'who let this girl captain a ship?' or something along those lines. "Gummies recovered in this sector are officially property of the Montressor Space Fleet." she says slowly, "I'm afraid you will have to hand over what you find."


Avira advances on Warden. "Well this time I can toss you off myself." she says quietly, "Or maybe toss you to the space navy over there." She stops and looks to Maira, "...well yes, I trust my friend."
Maira Who let this girl captain a ship? Avira did! Hey, she's doing a pretty good job of not crashing into anything, and if she's coming off as kind of unhinged at least she's not coming off as alarmingly suspicious and hiding a wanted pirate who keeps sneaking onto Avira's ship cause he's stalking her.

Also, did Warden eat the rest of her cupcake!?!? UNFORGIVABLE.

"Oh, well, alright! It'll still be fun! Watch this, I'm doing to do a barrel roll!" she says.

Then does so.
Aerith Aerith's eyes widened for a brief moment before she grabbed onto something, anything, to keep from getting her head cracked open.

Then it happened, though she had no idea how it was possible, and for a moment she was glad she hadn't eaten anything beforehand. Still, it was just a tad scary, especially from the way she clung for dear life and screamed.

Somewhere in her mind though, Aerith thought it impressive, for the first time as pilot.
Warden Thache "Oh come on," Warden hisses back quietly at the woman. "I'm not /hurting/ anything on here am I?" Yet at least. "And come now, if you throw me to them then I'll have to tell them all about you. Then the'll try to conficiate your ship. Lord Idiot will have to break you out. Your bounty will get doubled, and I'll be out of jail before any of that ever happens."

A pause again.

" might /like/ the fact that your bounty goes up. I think you /enjoy/ being a bit of a rouge, don't you luv?"

Wait what. Barrelroll?!

" did have internal gravity on here din't you?" He asks oh so casually before he reaches out to grab Avira and activate his boots at the same time. So he actually stay stuck mostly to the floor the whole time.

"'re the one that let her fly. Remember that."
Avira "Why you-" Avira grits her teeth at Warden, "You /wouldn't/. You...grr..." she gets clearly angry, irritated that Warden has followed again and now she can't seem to get rid of him. "I do not enjoy it when I'm trying to do some legit business-!"

Avira doesn't like admitting she made mistakes where her friends were concerned. But maybe she did when she handed the ship over to Maira. Maybe she had assumed that Maira wasn't going to do anything TOO stupid. She was wrong, she was very, very wrong.

The moment she mentions the word 'barrel roll' her eyes widen. "No! You don't do that in ships this big!" Avira yells, turning away from Warden as she prepares to stop the fire mage. It's too late, though. The Odin does have its own gravity inside of it, even while in gummispace. Stuff in the ship goes flying everywhere and an alarm sounds throughout the Odin to warn the halpless crew. She doesn't even want to think about what might have happened in the hangar but she suspects those there will be waist-deep in random gummi blocks as the Hrist models tumble end over end.

Avira grabs onto the captain's chair and Warden grabs onto her so at the very least, Avira does not go flying. Between the two, she is well-anchored.

Captain Amelia watches in shocked silence for a long moment before one of her eyebrows twitches. "I'm afraid the Montressor Space Fleet must object to this dangerous ship of fools being in our territory. You must...wait." Her eyes narrow. "Those voices, Arrow-" she speaks to someone off-screen, "We know those voices, don't we?"
Aerith Aerith gritted her teeth as the barrel roll finished up. Well there goes that... they were more than likely going to do some bad things. Well at least the barrel roll was showy! Part of her simply wanted to get off, but it was too late for that. Aerith slowly got to her feet and took in a breath. "Well Avira," she muttered, "what now?"
Maira in trouble. She winces as alarms sound. She really didn't think that would happen.

<Goosehonked> up again, Maira just listens to Avira and floors it, letting Mimir handle navigation.

What's more, the woman recognizes Avira and Warden's voices. Pretenses are likely over. Maira is going to go feel ashamed for a while.
Warden Thache "Of course I would!" Warden cheerfully counters. "But I'm not, because you won't. So no one has to worry about it does it?" The pirate captaion's logic is compleatly infallible! At least in his own mind it is. "...and this is legit? You snuck on my ship to get planning ideas for this thing! How is that legal?" He adds with a quirked eyebrow towards her.

...but then. All hell breaks loose.

After the alarms and the tumbling settle down, well he seems to just sigh slightly. "I think..." He drawls. "...I'm going to have to rework my thoughts." A pause again. "If you want to stay out of a fight, now that the good captain is reconizing your might have to give me to her."

The smirk grows.

"I promise, I'll be relitively good. Try to explain the whole thing." A longer pause. "However. If you do that?" The smirk grows. "Then you /owe/ me. Lady Wolf. Those are my terms."

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