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(2014-03-01 - Now)
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Arkham Fisher The heart of Lindblum's bustling commercial district.

Or, rather, the margins of Lindblum's bustling commercial district, near the end of a short alleyway, set up in an old inn; the church's means are modest, here so far from the Cathedral, but their mission is just, and the city welcoming.

Under the sign of the Cross, Ajora's faithful have established a small poorhouse, open to all, sheltering the needy, etc etc. Really, they've just rented out a disused building and set a few sympathetic locals to spreading the good news on their behalf, for minimal effort. Such a small investment, for such potentially grand gains.

Someone has to bring the payroll, though; someone this time is Arkham Fisher, scribe and healer, a shepherd stopping in to check on her flock. All is well. The beds and bowls are filled, and the word is spreading.
Chita Meanwhile, a red chocobo wanders through the town looking rather nervous about something, or worried, perhaps if one was keen enough. On the Chocobo's back was a figure that was, at the moment, laying forward against the neck of the Chocobo with both legs in place, feet in the stirrups as well as a hand looped into the reins. Given they were wearing a cloak at the moment, not much could really be told about the figure there, though one could make the assumption it was a female given the length of silver hair that seemed to be showing out. And likely a Viera at that, if they looked close at other signs.
Getting a few looks but most not thinking much about it, eventually the Chocobo takes a chance and wanders down the alleyway towards where the old inn was and the figure atop them still much as they had been since coming into Lindblum. The bird didn't quite seem to be trying to draw attention to itself so much as it was looking for something, as if it expected something to be there, or maybe was wanting it to be when it wasnt. Finally taking a chance he walked up towards the inn and made a rather loud bump against the door with his head. About as close as it's gonna get to have a Chocobo knocking.
Arkham Fisher A young man opens it, and his eyes widen. "Aaaah, ah, Sister?" Chocobos aren't common on Lindblum's streets; red chocobos aren't common, period. Red chocobos bearing cloaked and unconscious figures to the door are beyond contemplation.

"Sis-- Oh. This..." The Sister herself appears, robed in red-trimmed grey, and seems just as shocked. Just as shocked, but quicker to action. "Hold the reins," she instructs, unwinding the rider's hand from them, with a soothing hand on the bird's flank.

"Can you stand?"
Chita His Chocobo was well-mannered enough, decently trained. If one knew anything of chocobos they could even ascertain it probably raced a fair bit. Still, he wasn't moving and despite the efforts to untangle his hand and such, the question mostly just seemed to confuse the rider. Slowly sitting upright and wobbling a bit the answer came out as a simple, "I shall... try." Chita's effort didn't quite work, though, as instead of standing, when he went to push himself from the Chocobo he instead would have fallen off, if someone wasn't quick enough to stop such.

His right hand, however, instinctively grabbed at a cloth-wrapped long sword and didn't seem interested in letting go even as that took place.

Caught or otherwise, though, his shape could finally be seen properly when the cloak fell away. A Viera, male strangely enough, who looked to have been on the wrong end of an fight. He looked to have had some old wounds as it was, a few bandages showing here and there throughout his torn and bloody loose shirt, as well as the denim pants he had on being ripped and bloodied thanks to injuries to his legs below. Not to mention he had a silk bandage around his eyes that might imply either they were freshly injured too, or an old injury. Suffice it to say, bunny hasn't been having a good time in the past while with these sorts of injuries. "Don't... don't touch... it." came a soft mumble towards those there as he tried to pull the weapon closer.
Arkham Fisher One ought not go armed into a house of God, but this is hardly the time to stand on ceremony. "You hold tight to that, then, and we'll get, get you inside. Come on."

Long-practiced, the healer slips Chita's arm over her strong shoulders, and starts to help him (yes, him) in the door. Her young volunteer breaks trail for her. "That's it. Just in here where we can lay you down. Tie that bird up, someone."
Chita Senra, the Chocobo, doesn't quite go along with any attempts to tie it up. Instead, he mostly ignores any attempts to move him as he idly searches along the corner of structure and road for something to peck at. Chita goes along with Arkham without complaining after she agrees to not bother the weapon. After a moment, as they get closer to wherever it was he was being lead, he did mutter a soft, "My thanks." and that was about all he seemed to have the energy to say. None of the wounds were fresh, so there was no bleeding at the moment or anything of the sort. At least nothing visible. He did seem to be heavily favoring one leg over the other, his right leg worse between the two. Though he did quite wonder where he was, all he could think about at the moment was somehow hiding the weapon and falling face down on something for as long as he could.
Arkham Fisher Arkham leads him to a bed in the emptier corner of the common room, and persuades Chita onto it. While he settles, she fetches up a battered doctor's bag, and sends volunteers scurrying for fresh water and clean linen.

"Someone didn't like you much, it looks like..." Hands off, she survey's the viera's damage. "I'm Sister Fisher. You're safe, safe here. Can you tell me what happened?

She extracts a set of shears from her kit, and, carefully avoiding the bundled sword, begins trimming away the denim over Chita's right leg; if nothing else is bleeding, she'll start with what looked the most painful injury.
Chita Once on the bed the Viera lays down on his side before carefully and slowly feeling along the edge of the bed to see if there was room for the sword underneath the matress between it and whatever it sets on. Luckily, there was, and he quickly does his best to shove the lengthy cloth-wrapped weapon inbetween the two objects and try to get it out of sight. Out of mind, too, for the others that don't know about it. By the time she comes back Chita was laying on his back, his hair messily trapped beneath him and looking actually quite relieved to be able to lay down.

Not fighting whatever the woman was doing for the time being, the question caused him to start to speak only to stop and catch his breath instead. Cutting away that part of the jeans revealed it looked like his leg had been grabbed by something from underneath and clawed straight down, like some demonic thing or heartless. Likewise, his other leg was the same, though to a lesser degree.

"Trying to... save trapped hearts." was the answer that came.
Arkham Fisher An ugly wound, and made by no blade. Arkham frowns. Still, they all get fixed the same way. Strange, perhaps, for a sister of the church, her healing touch manages only to ease Chita's pain, and not to mend wounds. For that, it seems she'll do it the old-fashioned way.

The pain should have faded to just a faint reminder, while she breaks out a bottle of tincture and a clean strip of rag. "A noble cause, indeed. And you did well to make it this far, it seems. This might sting," she adds, swabbing away the blood with her dampened cloth.

"Were you pursued?"
Chita The cleaning further away from the wound itself, which seemed to look rather swollen thanks to having not had it dealt with sooner, didn't seem to bother him so much. The closer she got to it, however, it seemed more obvious that it hurt. A deep, pained breath and he thought about simply biting down on something until she was done, but all the same he wanted to simply fall asleep. Her question made him think about it though and he shook his head, saying, "Could not be certain, as I cannot see. Shinra."
That last bit was said as if that was who may be.
"Where am I? And... what day is it?"
Arkham Fisher Well. That gives her pause. She's too practiced for her fingers to slip, though. "Fireday," she answers, rather than comment on Chita's pursuers. Shinra.

"You're in Lindblum, in the house of Ajora. You're safe." For the moment. Unless ShinSec comes in force... These kids here are barely up to running the soup kitchen, it'd be murder to set them against Shinra thugs.

"This is clean. Drink this and rest a bit, right?" A potion, and a mug of water. She'll have to get him out of here.
Chita Holding his hands up and letting the potion and such be given to him, the potion didn't prove to be any issue. The mug of water seemed surpisingly heavy to him and he simply let his arm sink down to his side and tried to do his best to keep the water from spilling. "My... my apologies." he said after a bit before finally looking like he might have simply passed out.
Arkham Fisher While her patient rests, Arkham works, stitching and binding, and making certain that no less obvious injuries escape treatment. Chita will still feel half-dead when he wakes, but he'll be out of danger. From his injuries. His potential pursuers, on the other hand...

She's moving on to Alexandria, next. He should be well enough to ride in a day or two. She'll bring him with her; it's as good an idea as any.

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