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(2014-02-28 - Now)
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Leida It's another typical day in Manhattan. The chill of winter still lingers in the air, a constant nipping of frigid winds blowing inwards from the ocean. Though its bite has been blunted as the spring draws near, it is still cold enough that the general populace sees fit to throw on an assortment of light jackets and concealing clothing.

A heavy overcast sky is another of the heralds of the changing of the seasons. The threat of rain along with the uncomfortable cold has done much to clear out the various parks that dot the Big Apple leaving only a few lonely souls to sit among the benches and trees.

One such person is Leida. Despite her very peculiar physical appearance, people have grown used to seeing the little demon over the last few months and she no longer fears being singled out for teasing or gawking. There are always one or two but, with the park lying mostly empty thanks to the weather, it's a perfect day for her to enjoy some peace and quiet and contemplate her next move.

Wrapped only lightly in a loose kimono, the girl sits with her feet tucked neatly beneath her legs in the traditional sitting fashion. A small thermos of tea leaks steam and a pleasant aroma into the air nearby but the half empty cup that rests in her hands has long since gone cold from neglect. She seems distracted by something, gazing through heavily lidded eyes into the distance.
Saitei Dennou Someone let Saitei out again. /Sigh/.

They don't actually keep her locked up, of course; you just don't see her out and around Manhattan much. The weather must not agree with her, or something. But, whatever. It's not overcast in the mall.

She's been shopping, obviously. Macy's bags, and some t-shirt stand apparently. Maybe she realized how she's been dressing.

It /is/ a bit chill, so she's added someone's borrowed overcoat to her usual ensemble of things found in other people's closets, but it's not really a weird look for the sort of person who wanders Central Park on days like this.

Sparsely attended as the park is, it's hard for her /not/ to spot the little demon, under her tree. Is it the same tree? It might be the same tree. Does she always sit by that tree?

"Do you always sit by that tree?" Oh gosh she's here already. It's too late.
Leida At the sudden interruption to her personal musing, Leida practically jumps out of her skin. The cup of tea in her hands goes sailing into the air but fortunately only the grass suffers the indignity of being coated in the cold liquid. The girl stares at her unexpected guest with eyes the size of dinner plates for a few moments before letting out a heavy sigh upon realizing who it is.

"Oh, it is just you," she says with a hint of relief, resting a hand on her chest as if to steady her heartbeat.

Leida leans forward and collects her cup, pouring a fresh measure of warm tea and sipping at it calmly. She closes her eyes and lets out another deep sigh, almost as if it were some form of meditation. Eventually, she turns back to the other girl and smiles faintly.

"Well... I suppose I do. Usually no one bothers me this far into the park."
Saitei Dennou They're right, she's adorable.

"That almost seems strange. Or, this one thinks so." Uninvited, Saitei takes a seat opposite the girl, avoiding the tea patch carefully. "And would you have preferred not to be bothered?" Her bags form a two foot pile beside her, surmounted by her purse, which clanks for some reason.

"I," she says with effort, "am glad you were here. Actually. I haven't seen you enough." Or perhaps her sisters haven't seen her enough. Or maybe it's, they've been seeing too much of her.

"don't know with them, actually. It's so confusing. Er." She said at least part of that out loud. Oh well.
Leida Leida looks a little surprised by the question and lifts a hand as if to wave away the notion.

"Oh, no. I do not mind. At first I only came to this place to avoid being stared at. Eventually, I suppose, they stopped caring. Now I come out here because the trees remind me of home." She sighs. "I do not think I will ever grow accustomed to these towers of steel and glass."

There is a pause while she takes another sip of her tea. The cup is held with both hands in a very dainty fashion and her movements seem controlled, almost rehearsed. She must do this a lot.

"I see..." she says. "Please, apologize to... the others for me, if you would. There has been much on my mind of late."

She lowers her head and mutters, "Yes, so much still left to do."
Saitei Dennou Out of the blue, or today it's the grey, a sentiment with which Saitei honestly and personally agrees. She's derailed, momentarily.

"It's... yeah. Grey. All grey. They had proper colors where this one grew up." For suitable values of 'grew'.

She giggles, quietly, actually, at Leida's suggestion that there's more to be done. "But they miss you so, do you know? They understand, though. They'll understand. This one even could understand where you'd want to get away from them for a while." Oh, God, does she understand that.

That probably wasn't what Leida was getting at, at all, of course. "You could tell, mm, me about it? Maybe? They don't, usually."
Leida Again, Leida seems taken aback by the conversation. "Oh, that is not what I meant at all! I am not trying to... to avoid them. Not... really, anyways."

The girl sighs and gulps down the rest of her tea in one quick shot, busying herself with pouring another for a few moments to buy some time to chose her words carefully. She gives Saitei a sidelong glance once that is done with, nibbling on her bottom lip as well.

"I am... not really sure what I can tell you," she says slowly. "I have simply been busy. I suppose I lost track of time."
Saitei Dennou Yes, but busy with /what?/ "So what do you do, besides drink tea and look cute in parks?"

Saitei spends less time choosing her words than she did choosing her shirt, and with likely similar effect. "Also, is there another cup?"

A clever ruse; she's back to prying almost instantly. "If you trust the sisters, you can trust this one, too, you know. We're family. You don't have to hide it, whatever it is."
Leida The demonette almost chokes on her tea at the 'look cute' comment. She coughs a couple times to clear her throat and tries to hide the faint blush that's bloomed in her cheeks behind a hand.

"I, uh... well, no, I just have this one cup..."

Leida quickly inhales the remnants in the cup and pours another, offering it towards the other girl. "If it does not bother you to much, y-you can use mine."
Saitei Dennou If it ever looks like Saitei Dennou knows what she's doing, it's an illusion. A total innocent, she accepts the cup from Leida gratefully. "Hot tea is even nicer when it's cold out, like this."

She has only one sip, though, and returns the cup. "It's okay if you don't want to talk about it. Probably. But you should come in out of the wind for a while. You'll catch a cold out here, dressed like that."

Leida Leida takes the cup back, seeming a little perplexed at it being returned after only a sip. She takes something of a pride in her tea mixing; did Saitei not like it? Before she can get too worked up about the point, however, the new comment about her attire redirects her attention.

"What? Oh, this?" The girl sets the cup aside and smooths out the front of her kimono. "Do not worry about me. I used to live in the mountains. I rather prefer the cool air."

She stares at her hands for a moment before continuing. "Please do not be upset. There are certain things that... I cannot discuss. Not yet, at least."

Eager to change the subject, her eyes dart over to the veritable mountain of shopping loot that Saitei brought along. She leans forward to peer curiously into the top of one of the nearest bags. "That is quite a large collection of packages you have. Are you preparing for a trip?"
Saitei Dennou It's shirts. Basically the same sort Saitei wears already, except probably in her size, instead of Umi's. It's cute clothes all the way down, except for her purse, which appears to be full of scrap metal.

"This one has made one shopping trip in her life before this, so you'll pardon her for being thorough." What does Leida know of the migratory habits of Dennous? Surely something.

"It was a trip just coming here, anyways, but you can only shop like this in New York."
Leida Not wanting to pry too much, Leida merely pokes around in the exterior bags to get a look at the things on top; the sort of outfits she would expect to see on a Dennou. After a few moments she sits back, her curiosity satisfied.

"That is true. This city seems to stretch the length and bredth of an entire province. There is always something new to find."

The girl inclines her head to the side. "You say it was quite some effort to travel here? Are you living with the others, then?"
Saitei Dennou "In Traverse, normally." Leida's been to Traverse Town. Probably. At least, if she hangs around with Dennous. "But sometimes here." She stretches.

"They still haven't found a use for this one, so." She gestures, airily. "I go wherever."

"Oh, but you, actually. This one hasn't seen you anywhere but this park, you know." Her sisters might know where Leida stays, but that's not the sort of thing she hears about from them.
Leida "Me? Oh, I live in a small apartment in a place called 'China Town'." She gives a light smile. "I-it is nothing to be proud of really. I do not make very much money. But it is better than sleeping on the streets, I am sure."

She pauses then tilts her head. "So, you do not assist the Network in their... ah... detective work?"
Saitei Dennou "As what, a battery?" It doesn't sound like she's pleased with it. "This one doesn't have any" socially acceptable "skills, really."

"...They're trying to find a place for me, sure," Saitei allows. It's not going great, but her sisters are very understanding.

"Oh," she perks up, "but what do you do? Besides drink tea by trees."
Leida "No?" That seems odd. All of the Dennous have one skill or another. "I see, forgive my prying."

Leida takes the cup again and sips at it some more. "Me? Nothing particularly interesting. I help an old man that runs an antique store. Cleaning, greeting customers, that sort of thing. It is not what I can call a glamorous job but he tolerates my... eccentricities."
Saitei Dennou Saitei glances pointedly at Leida's more visible eccentricities, but she's hardly one to talk. "That fits you."

Few things fit Saitei, at least until she made this shopping trip; the sisters haven't gone in much for the sort of heavy lifting she'd be suited to, so she's left free to chase people down and harrass them.

"Maybe we can stop in some time. Antique shops are neat."

"Eccentricities are neat."
Leida Leida smiles a little more brightly this time. Even obvious flattery can be pleasant to hear.

"That would be nice. Mr. Ming always appreciates new customers." She leans in towards Saitei in an obviously conspiratorial manner and adds in a low voice, "Just try not to touch too many things. He gets very grumpy if the store is out of order."
Saitei Dennou Perish the thought.

"We'll be very careful. Probably." Saitei stretches, again. It's like they had the proportions wrong when they made her up from spare Dennou parts. She probably does it on purpose.

"You wouldn't be interested in some lunch or something, would you? Or breakfast, or whatever meal it's supposed to be now. Anyways, would you?"
Leida Leida gives a knowing smile in return. She said that full well aware that Dennous are physically incapable of not touching things, especially after being told not to. Their inquisitive nature is part of their charm, after all.

The demonette puts a finger to her chin thoughtfully. "I suppose I have no prior engagements." She nods. "I would be delighted to accompany you."
Saitei Dennou This is the part where another Dennou would be helpful, because Saitei has no idea where anything is except the food court at the mall and whatever she might've passed on the way. She does have a phone, though.

She seems pleased enough, though. "But now we need a place to go. I," she allows, "should have thought of that first, but I didn't."
Emi Dennou As if on cue--though Saitei will have a bit more warning than Leida--Emi and Imi Dennou make their way through the park. In Emi's hand is a COUPON for A DOLLAR OFF NEW YORK PIZZAS for a NEARBY PIZZA PLACE. Aside from a purse around Imi's shoulder, they don't seem to have much with them beyond the coupon, though.

"You seem excited." Imi is telling Emi.

Emi doesn't look excited. She looks as stonefaced as usual. "Pizza that costs less money than normal is superior to the same pizza that costs the same amount."
Imi turns her head and, "Oh!"
Leida Leida chuckles softly and gets to her feet, brushing some stray grass and dirt from her kimono. "I am sure we can manage to find a suitable establishment."

The tea thermos is sealed and tucked away into one of her wide-necked sleeves, perhaps into some hidden pocket, and she turns towards the path leading back out to the edge of the park.

"Well then, shall we---ah?!"

A hand flies to Leida's mouth which remains open mid-word in surprise. Her eyes alight upon a pair of familiar figures not far in the distance and she casts an inquisitive glance in Saitei's direction.

"It seems that your sisters may have had similar ideas. Did you know they were coming?"
Saitei Dennou She works very hard on not knowing they're coming, actually, but now they're here and it's too late to pretend otherwise.

Since nobody actually heard that, Saitei merely nods, without looking up. "Nothing is secret to us," she assures Leida, with a perfectly straight face. "You two, hi." She doesn't stand, either, but she does wave.

"So that solves that. Is pizza alright?"
Emi Dennou "Saitei! Leida~~<3 <3 <3 <3333333333333333333333!" Imi says, charging forward, perfectly intent to draw the two in a ridiculous huge hug. The hearts that Imi has been unleashing slam into Emi full force and send her tumbling backwards dizzily. This is Kingdom Hearts, this sort of stuff can happen.

"Ah--" Emi begins because this means that a dollar off has now become two people extra. It's not that she minds, it just sort of makes her last statement weird. "We have no objections, The Network only has one coupon however but Leida has a real job so..."

Saitei Dennou Nobody has asked where Saitei got the money for that big pile of shopping. Hopefully that maintains.
Leida Leida greets the overly affection Dennou by holding her arms out and bracing for impact. She's more than used to these sorts of greetings by now and since it's been quite some time since they last met, the extra enthusiasm is only natural. She lets out a giggle as she is swept up into a hug, wrapping her own arms around Imi in return.

"Imi-chan! I am so very glad to see you again. Both of you," she adds, turning her smile upon the ever stoic Emi. "Today is my lucky day, it would seem. I get visited by not one but three of my wonderful friends."

Finally, she addresses Saitei's question with a quick nod. "I do not mind pizza. I assume that was on all of your minds?"
Emi Dennou Dennous have expensive tastes. Well actually pizza is pretty cheap. But then again paying for three Dennous is probably not cheap. Hench Emi's woes.

"We are glad to hear you are lucky," Emi manages. Especially since she hasn't disagreed about paying for lunch. "We haven't seen you in some time. We have missed you. But we hope you are doing well." And not going around kissing dark knights and whatnot--frankly it seems like that's what everybody wants to kiss--Emi supposes she wouldn't be able to blame them but she is, aside from the knowledge that dark knights get lots of smooches, rather oblivious to that particular tale.
Saitei Dennou Saitei herself is caught in the blast; she too knows better than to fight it. "Yes, Imi, hello. Also Emi."

Despite receiving that utterly perfect straight line, she merely nods at Leida, in vague confirmation. She will never reveal what was actually on all of Imi's minds.

"What have you been up to? Besides pizza." Leaving Imi to Leida, she shuffles her purchases into a carryable state.
Leida Leida's narrator pleads the fifth in regards to any knowledge of dark knights or the smootching thereof.

Once the small girl is relatively sure that Imi's hugging needs have been satisfied for the moment, she takes a step back and nods at the other Dennou. "Y-yes, it has been some time. I am terribly sorry for not writing or anything but I have been dreadfully busy keeping Mr. Ming's shop in order. He is getting quite old, you know."

The demon girl gives Emi another smile. "Other than that, I am doing quite well. In fact, I feel better than I have in a very long while."
Emi Dennou Imi's minds are probably best not delved into. Her hugging also probably lasts just a little too long.

"Oh I understand. Keeping a steady job... ... that actually pays money... is pretty impressive. Sadly, our bosses are pretty cheap. This one still isn't sure who actually pays Mr. Alexander." She frowns for a moment, thinking about that. Maybe she is already presuming too much by assuming Mercade gets money from somewhere. "It has been some time since a properly successful job." She admits.

She raises an eyebrow, "Really? You should tell us about it." As is typical, they don't ask why or how Saitei manages to obtain her goods.

"There has been an incident in New Orleans that has had our minds occupied. It is...a troubling state of affairs there."
Saitei Dennou "You should tell us about it," Saitei tries too; maybe if all three of them ask she actually will. "Also you should tell us about it," she suggests to Emi, either in regard to the lack of employment or the troubling state of affairs in New Orleans. "Maybe we could help." She sounds hopeful.

Really she'll just run her mouth here for a bit while she waits for her sisters to extract meaning from Leida. It all makes so much more sense to her when she can watch it happen, instead of just hear about it.
Leida "Oh?" Leida looks flustered for a moment. "W-well, like I told Saitei-chan, there really is not much to tell. I just feel... mm, better. Like I am finally starting to... adjust to this new life. Really, you are reading too much into it."

And just like that, she brushes the question aside. "Now, this business you mentioned in... New Orleans, was it? That sounds much more interesting than my troubles with keeping hundred year old pottery from getting dusty. Has Mercade-san's business been having trouble? You seemed to keep so busy before."
Emi Dennou "I suppose that's fair." Emi admits. "Reading too much into matters is our occupation so it makes sense to presume we are, The Network continues to be suspicious however as a matter of professional courtesy."

She turns her head towards Saitei. "We are of the belief that Alberic Lux is engaging in some sort of chicanery there. We don't know the precise details of his work, unfortunately, and so we have been considering how to involve ourselfs properly." Despite saying they were going to be suspicious they don't seem to be very suspicious, maybe they're just joking around.

Imi pets Leida.
Saitei Dennou It probably won't be any fun if they just pry it out of her... Saitei will let Imi handle that for now. Mention of Lux has her interested.

"This one might be useful. Do we have anyone on site, yet?" I mean, what's the question here about involving themselves? Go stick your noses in everything and be six places at once, that's what you're made for.

Well, there's a reason Saitei isn't running things, we suppose. She sets her stuff back down, since nobody seems to be going anywhere.
Leida Leida accepts the head patting with a dignified grace befitting someone of her supposed background. It's hardly the first time. She doesn't feel it necessary to warn the Network of the dangers of brushing too close to the blade-like protrusions in her hair at this point but she does make an effort not to move around too much, just in case.

"Lux... I... that name is familar to me, I believe. I may have had a chance to make his acquaintance in the past." She looks thoughtful for a while before shrugging. "Alas, I cannot seem to recall. I hope you are not thinking of doing anything dangerous, though."

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