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Kindling Inquirement
(2014-02-28 - 2014-02-28)
A series of 'heroes' inquire into more of the history surrounding Cinderella's history.
Oathkeeper The Castle of Dreams has finally calmed down since the last 'event' in which the Shadow Lords attempted to kidnap the princess of its kingdom. Right now however, the girl welcomes a small group of heroes into the castle who had been invaluable during the defense. They had seen both sides of the two-pronged assault. And right now, the least she could do is to answer them a few questions.

As such, she has invited them for a small dinner in one of the guest reception rooms, and is joined by Prince Charming - waiting for the heroes to be let in by the butler and take their seats. The meal prepared for them is simple, to say the least. Warm, but well made, soup awaits them.
Maira Dinner with royalty! Maira was really coming up in the world apparently! It wasn't as though she was still the same orphan, wide-eyed by the sky...but the Castle of Dreams? Dinner with Cinderella and Prince Charming? She's a little star struck. Thus, she'd spent a lot of time just trying to figure out what to wear. She'd really had two choices even slightly appropriate, so its a wonder how it took her so long. Finally she'd decided on the purple silk gown she'd once worn to see Mateus, figuring if an Emperor wasn't offended it must be nice enough. It's rather lovely on her, flaring down from the hips to float a bit when she walks. Its evident that she has at least tried to tame the fluffy, wavey mane of red-gold hair.

Maira drops a curtsy when she enters, smiling brightly as she looks around the room before zeroing in on food. 'Do not stuff dinner rolls in your purse do not stuff dinner rolls in your purse' she thinks to herself. Resist those urges!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr walks with Maira to the dinner, he actually has a dress's nothing special, but it's good (and almost like a military uniform) in dress. He also looks a lot more built in this, than his normal armor. He nods to the royalty, a bit out of his league here...but there were things to discuss.
Oathkeeper Cinderella motions at the people to sit, even as they are getting seated. "Welcome." She declares, bowing her head just a little bit. Princess or not, some habbits are hard to break. "~ once gain to the Castle of Dreams. Please, sit. Enjoy some food. I believe you had some questions that had gone unanswered during our last meeting."
Maira Maira takes a seat, her smile remains brilliant. "Thank you for inviting us your," boy that's a lot of s.

Maira looks to the food before her and makes a very concentrated effort to eat really slow and proper. It is possible! With extreme willpower!

As for the questions, she's going to leave those to Angantyr and Deelel for the moment. How is she even supposed to think in the presence of food and dressed up Angantyr? Come on.
Deelel Deelel has too been invited over for the small dinner. Deelel thankfully can eat food, which keeps her going, also the curse in france? Has left her quite an understanding of why humans do like their food and have so many kinds of it as wll. She still is clad as she often is in the strange outfit that looks like a light suit that someone tried to make out of human materials.

She looks over to Maira and seems a bit off for a moment as she seems to see something is going on in her friend's head. She looks to Ang whom also gets a nod before they are welcomed formally.

"Hello Princes and thank you, yes we did. Your own experiances have helped me put a few things together which have troubled me for months."

She moves to sit down carefully and starts to try out some of the food.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is actually very good at eating in a high scale setting. He seems to be slowly going from the outside in, and eats properly...but fast.

"I have a revilation." he says, calmly, "The woman in your art...she lives. I am certain...I met her during my journey for the Keyblade, at least in a dream. However.." he pauses, "I met her again. She...does not know her name, I think. She does not have a keyblade...but her voice, is identacle. Worse...she serves the Giant dragon trying to destroy the world of ruin."
Oathkeeper "You're quite welcome. It's the least I could do." Cinderella answers Maira, smiling peacefully at her. Her attention is drawn away by Angantyr however, almost causing her to forget that Deelel said something. "Aqua?" Her expression grows dire with shock. She seems surprised. "Oh no... what ever could have happened to her? She was such a nice girl, filled with so much light." The princess lays a hand to her lips. This is dire news indeed.

"I am afraid I don't know much about dragons here. But the Aqua I knew would never have done something like that. Or... I don't think she would." Keyblade Wielders are all good right? That's the impression they left on Cinderella.

The princess looks at Prince Charming, who lays a hand on hers. The two smile at eachother. It's obvious that Prince Charming is a great support to her. She then glances back to Deelel. "I'm glad I could have helped. But truly, I've not done as much as you have done for us, and our kingdom."
Maira Maira nods. "We've seen her a couple of times now..." she adds, stirring her soup a bit. She doesn't have any revelations. Just worries.

"Angan thinks she was lost in the darkness...maybe that just...changed her," she adds quietly, shrugging one shoulder helplessly. "I don't know. I'm sorry to bring you such unwelcome news. Maybe...maybe its...well I don't know but all sorts of strange things have happened so I don't rule out anything."
Angantyr Vespar "When I first met her, it was in the relm of darkness. That place...has a way to sheer away what you are. For her to have been there as long as she apparently has been..." he shakes his head, "Even I couldn't be there long, my time there when I was younger was...something I wish never to relive."

"I think she can be returned to normal, there is always hope."

A long pause, "Reguardless...what do you know of the story of these three keyblade weilders?"
Deelel Deelel looks at Angantyr for a moment and seems honestly stunned about some of what he had to say.

"I likewise became aware of her in a dream connected to a keyblade."

She moves get some more of the food, as she listens to what they have to say. She stares at Ang and his information about Aqua, Deelel actually almost chokes on her food. No small feat there to have that happen. She takes a moment to recover herself from this strange news Ang has to share.

"If something can be done then I am in for it. Also upon the end of your story I have something I need to bring up. It concerns the three was well."
Oathkeeper Cinderella lowers her head. "I'm afraid there isn't much I can do. As you saw, we needed all of your help to overcome the darkness that tried to fall upon this kingdom." It took a lot out of her and her Fairy Godmother to purge the heartless from the castle.

She looks back up towards Maira. "It's alright. I've always been prepared to hear that some of my friends have gotten into a bad place. But I'd never thought to hear it about 'her'." She explains. Cinderella folds her hands together.

She then turns towards the group at large. "What would you like to know? They only visited for such a short time."
Maira When Angan speaks about his time in that realm of darkness she places a comforting hand on his knee beneath the table, giving his leg a gentle squeeze. She'd like to know how that happened, but now wasn't the time. He'd tell her when he was ready to talk about it, she guessed.

Otherwise, she stays quiet, just listening.
Angantyr Vespar "I am interested about Aqua first...I only got to meet her for a brief period." He asks. That is what he wanted.
Oathkeeper "Aqua was a sweet girl with a lot of light in her. But she was a little troubled when she came here." Cinderella answers. "My Fairy Godmother explained that she came here wishing to erase the darkness that was in our realm. My mother and my sisters." She is making it clear that Aqua was very much about the 'light'. "But she grew while she was here. Coming to understand that even in darkness and light, there needs to be some balance between the two."
Maira Maira nods to Cinderella, smiling softly. "That's important to understand, yeah..."

Maira does have a question of her own, but she'll let the others finish up first. Probably more important.

Mmm, soup!
Deelel Deelel nods in agrement with Ang, as she's curious to know more about Aua as she listens.

"That does make sense, it's much like how my world is tied to yours but very alien, yet couldn't exist without it. She did seem to be close to them, with what I saw in my own dreams."

She looks over to Ang for a moment tilting her head a little bit before looking back to the Princess and waits her turn.

"I take it that was shortly before Aqua, departed?"
Oathkeeper Cinderalla nods. "Indeed. She did not stay for long. Though she interacted with her friend 'Terra' for a short moment. I think she was looking for the boy named Ventus." She points out. "They were all clearly friends. But I felt something... between them. Like an outside force, trying to split them apart." Princess of Heart intuition? Or just Disney Magic? You choose.
Angantyr Vespar "Xeonort." Angantyr guesses, which came up during the same way he found out about Aqua. "The man who showed me the way to the keyblade, told me about that guy...well, in so much as he is dead." He shrugs. "We're better for it, I think."
Oathkeeper Cinderella shakes her head. "I do not know, unfortunately." She explains. "I've never heard that name before."
Maira Maira frowns. Xenohort? That's quite a name.

"Um, princess, if I may you know what the Shadow Lords tried to kidnap you? Why Seith cast that spell?" They really don't know very much about Princesses of Heart. Maira wonders if Cinderella has any insight into /why/ the Shadow Lords want them exactly.
Oathkeeper "I don't know." Cinderalla answers Maira. "I really don't. But it does seem like they want me for some reason." There are probably more guards around her these days. "But to cast such a spell... it's clear they would want me alive." She shakes her head. "Or at least, they don't seek to 'harm' me?" She's not sure how to phrase this. "If I had to guess, there is something about me that is different from others. But really... I'm just a girl from the village."
Maira Maira is disappointment, but smiles anyway. One just can't help it. "Well you are definitely more than /just/ that," she replies.

"Its something to do with the light in your heart, I'm pretty sure of that. You're not the only one they have been after," she adds, thinking of Alice, Aurora, Jasmine...

Maira shakes her head. Ah, well. The mystery would continue.
Deelel Deelel says "Terra? Ventus? I will not forget that information and thank you. I had been lacking Terra's name with what I have known."

The program pauses for a moment at the mention of a man who has a very strange X name, she's spoken to Ang about him before and she's got something on that to show.

"The Shadow Lords kidnapped woman of my world. She was of no huge importance to anything within my world other than the worth all people have. They went through a lot of resources to get her. Maleficent was ... the one who seemed to have a personal interest in the head mechanic of a garage. Think something like a black smiths line of work."

Deelel quickly adds a frame of references to help.

"Her name is Mara, and she's very important to a friend of mine, she's basically his sister more or less."

she looks to the princess. "Much the same as my friend was. Do you know know anything else about Ventus?"
Oathkeeper "He was a spry little one. He played around with the mice and helped make me a dress." ... strangest description ever, perhaps. "He had this blonde hair and..." She continues on to describe Ventus in fair detail. Somehow, he sounds a little like she were describing Sora. Only... not. "I got the impression he always wears a smile on his face. You know? That light in the room?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr listens, many things are being learned, but it only brings up more questions...

"Good to hear that there are more good doers out there helping people." Ang says, rather calmly, "Because we have a lot of awful people trying to do worse things."
Deelel Deelel says "I do know a few people like that, and he sounds rather like a young keyblade user I know from how you describe him. Well not quite, I do think they'd get on well if they were to meet."

She frowns a bit at what Ang says and has to agree.

"It's good to know we are not the only ones struggling but Ang."

She ponders what she was to talk on Angantyr about yet it does lean to being possibly grim and the program seems lost in thought.
Maira Maira nods. The forces of...darkness? Really? The forces of darkness? That's terrible. ANYWAY, a lot of really big, really bad forces have been moving. "Be careful your highnesses...and you may well see refugees coming to your land from the world of ruin. Something is going on there, and people are getting really scared.
Oathkeeper The girl nods her head. "Yes. We've noticed. We're helping a little with the village that is forming to the south, near the southern mountains." Cinderella answers Maira. "I heard that you people showed up there and calmed the hearts of those people." She smiles happily. She's not heard from Ventus in a long time though. Or Terra. And clearly, it would seem Aqua is in a bad place. They were only there for a short time. But inwardly, Cinderella misses those friends.
Maira Maira nods. "We did try...I'll be going there now and then to see if I can help with anything," she says. She remembers Prince Philip in the castle, all alone besides the ghosts.

Very sad.

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