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Cleaning and Baked Goods
(2014-02-24 - 2014-02-25)
Fueled by the desire to restore the headquarters, Reize went on a cleaning spree while the client, Mir, was baking goods for her business. After all, she paid for their electricity, so she had a free stay. Of course, the Shard Seekers received a familiar face...
Reize Seatlan Back at the Shard Seeker headquarters...

It's been a while. Shard Seeker headquarters, the place is a mess. The place has not been taken care for a while.

However, there has been quite a bit of cleaning. The headquarters is an empty facility, devoid of many members of the headquarters.

Reize is here, however. The boy is out here within the facility with a broom and dustpan. He is trying to get everything cleaned up once more.

"Okay, it's been a bit... " He exhales a sigh, "...None of the others are here." He presses his face against the broom.
Mir Clarence Meanwhile, over in the kitchen, Mir, who'd hired out this band of misfits, now apparently band of fragmented misfits, was hard at work cooking something. A savory aroma wafting out from the stovetop and beyond was motivation enough to keep working hard.

Why was she here anyway? Beat paying for a room at an inn. Plus with the advance she'd given them for their 'as of yet to be executed' job, they were able to pay the power bills. So that meant a free space to do some cooking and baking!

"Hey, Reize. Where's the rest of these legendary Shard Seekers anyway?" She asked, glancing over her shoulder and turning her attention away from the sizzing sounds coming from the pan she was working. "So far, I've only met you, and Mr. Galvan. Who else is here? ...Or is supposed to be here?"
Katyna Katyna has been out of a lot of the action lately, mostly due to taking up her own epic journey, in search of Razan. Unfortunately, that leaves her pretty clueless when she returns to normal society. She had hoped to make a quick stop at the Shard Seekers to say 'hello', but as she peaks her head in the door, Kat is pretty surprised to see the place is nearly well deserted.

"Uh...Helloooo? Anybody hoome?" She calls out a bit uncertainly. Ooh, ther'es a fridge, maybe she should steal some food or...Something! Oh wait, she's not supposed to steal..Well, maybe no one will notice! Bah, decisions, decisions...

Oh wait, there are more voices coming from within. Well....So much for that idea! Kat heads towards the kitchen as she hears an unfamiliar voice coming from within..
Reize Seatlan While Reize continues to sweep the floor, he keeps hold of the broom and then he glances over towards the direction of the outside. Reize has been contemplating over the state of the Shard Seekers. He doesn't recall too much as to what is going on beyond trying to get everyone together again.

Sweep. Sweep.

The arouma of the food comes into his nostrils. The boy lifts his head up with a nod. "Mmm..."

A glance over towards Mir, "So far, I put out a call letting the others know that I am back." He gives a thoughtful look, "I want to say that since Ivo and I have been gone, majority of the members have been handling their own affairs." There is a sad smile, "One of them, for example, is with a church who he serves. Others are assisting some of the other clans that have been dealing with the Shadowlords."

"We have quite a nice number of members that have been around for a long time." He smiles, "I know they will come again."

That is when Katyna makes her way to the headquarters. "...Katyna?" Reize glances over her direction, brightening a smile her way, "Ooii! Katyna! It's good to see you again!"
Deelel Deelel had been very busy, there was a chain of trouble on her world, very bad things had been going on there. The few theroies on why a program, Deelel knew was kidnapped was worrysome. Hopefully the reason was right which would mean LEXUS wouldn't consume her once the Shadow Lords were finished with her. She seems to be keeping a generally chipper look about her. She has been there prehaps for a bit, or prehaps not.

"Greetings users, it seems your found your way home at last Reize. Did you have a fun trip while you were away? I done what I could but things have been going very badly for my world. Worse Shiki's also vanished..."
Mir Clarence It was a simple dish. Some pan seared meat with a mixture of spices pressed into it. And a pot of rice to the side. She was just about done it seemed.

"Uh, huh..." She intoned, not sounding too impressed. "Sounds more like there was nothing to for this group to do, so everyone drifted away." And then the girl scoffed. "Tch, what did I get myself into?" Nonetheless, she plated some of the food and brought it over to the table. "Anyway, here. Eat. It's not good to work on an empty stomach."

How nice.

Mir's gaze settled on the approaching Katyna then and she arched a brow. "Who's this? A member?" She asked, staring the other up and down in a manner that almost seemed like she was sizing them up. "...She looks weak too."

Deelel is given a look after and Mir tilted her head slightly. "...Deelel? You're a Shard Seeker?"

The mention of Shiki gives Mir pause. "...Who?"
Katyna Hmmm, why's this place so glum and empty? She continues to peer around, curiosity gettin the better of her. Kat's only been here a handful of times, and never enough times to do any serious snooping. Not that she'd actually steal anything (save for some of that tasty bacon!) of course! She respects Reize and Ivo too much for that.

Stepping into the kitchen, she peers at Mir whom she's never met before, grins and waves. "Heya, where are all yer team mates? Place is practically deserted!"

Then she glances around, spying Reize, eyes brightening. "Heh, you! Where you been? It's been like, FOREVER!" Not that Kat's one to talk. She laughs and runs over to him, giving him a tight, enthusiastic bear hug.

Sniff. Oh wait, that's like, FOOD, isnt it?

"Ooh ooh! That smells great!! Mind if I try so----Heeey whaddaya mean, I'm WEAK!!" She totally GLARES at Mir, letting go of Reize and totally missing Deelel initially, until she mentions Shiki. Oh right, that's Reize's fiance, isnt it? "...Eh? What happened?"
Reize Seatlan Frown.

"Oi! There was plenty to do!" He gives a thoughtful smile, "We've had hard times. With the Shadowlords spreading, it has given us something to do. Our goal is to find the World Shards and restore them." He considers, "However, that itself is a long process. But it is doable. We managed to help restore a world from one of those World Shards." He grins.

Upon the plated food sliding his way, the boy smiles and he takes a seat. "Hee, thanks!" The boy looks over the food and he starts scarfing it down. Om nom nom nom.

Deelel shows up.

"Mmhrrrmm.." He chews and swallows. "Hi Deelel!" The boy grins, then he muses to himself as he scarfs the food. He makes a face about the 'fun'. "Don't know. The standed part was not particular fun. I didn't get a chance to see much beyond the emptiness of some of the islands that we were in. Not even a secret passage."




The boy did not hear Deelel right.


"Shiki has vanished?" He frowns, "...It looks like she may have gotten back into the Reaper's Game full time, maybe..." He looks thoughtful. The boy smiles a bit at Katyna, "It has been a---hrggh" The boy makes a strangled noise from the bear hug. "...while. Many of them have been handling their own tasks, but I'm recalling them."

He gives a sheepish smile, then he blinks at Katyna and Mir's interaction."
Deelel Deelel says "Busy for the likes for the likes of Faruja and Zia. I haven't been able to keep track of anyone else i'm afraid. It's good to see you all, and hello Mir we meet again. Shiki is our friend and part of the Shard Seekers, however she's just up and vanished. I'm worried but haven't been able to find trace of her."

"Thay we did Reize and that's too bad then. I figured tyou were on a grand adenture. Could be the cause we should keep an eye out for her, but I can say no one's been gloating about doing anything to her, so that's a good sign. Skoll's also all right he's been working with Avira a bit lately."
Mir Clarence The girl just smiled, her pink eyes twinkling with amusement. "You heard me. I know you humans have terrible ears, but I know they're not /that/ bad." Turning away, Mir prepared another plate of food, sliding it over to Katyna despite the fact that she was insulting her. "But then, I've been proven wrong before."

Cue uncaring shrug.

"Anyway, eat." The fairy glanced at Deelel then, and stared. ....Then stared some more. ...And then some more on top of that.

".........Do you know how to breathe?" She asked, out of the blue after witness the Program's tireless wordspew. "No seriously, you just jump from one topic to the other without any breaks or idle gestures or ANYTHING." Looking creeped out about this now, she went on. "Are you even human? 'Cause you've got some creepy, inhuman tendencies, and it's REALLY hard not to notice."
Katyna Wow, she's really been out of the loop for a while now. "Mir, huh? You look pretty frail yerself. What are you, a fairy?" She makes a face at the other girl although secretly feeling jealous that she doesn't have such splendid wings herself. Grrr! She shakes a fist at the irritating fairy girl. "Care to take a wager on that, fairygirl!? Bah!"

Well hmph!

She glances back at Reize, arching abrow, "So what's this Reaper's game thing, anyway? I've heard of it somewhere before, but it confuses the heck outta me..."

Finally, Kat acknowledges Deelel with and smile and nod. "Heya Dee. Whassup? Been a while. So how's Faru? And Avira? Gee, it sure has been a while..."

Then fairy girl starts insulting Deelel too. Kat just..Rolls her eyes at her as she walks over to grab some food..

"So, you were on a journey of your own then, huh, Reize? Where'd you go? I just returned from a long, epic journey myself.." Oh yeah, she hasn't returned to VALkYRIE yet, hasn't even been there in ages! They're probably wondering where she vanished off to, as well...

Hopefully any rumours wont hint at more Shadow Lord activity. That's certainly a dark part of her life she never cares to revisit again..
Reize Seatlan "Faruja and Zia have likely been handling their own affairs, I'm certain." He smiles. "I am sure that they will come by." The boy grins. However, the thoughts of Shiki has the boy frowning slightly. However, he shakes his head and smiles, "I am sure that she is doing well. She has grown stronger."

The argument between Katyna and Mir has the boy looking back and forth, giving a nervous look. He grimaces, uncertain as to how to feel about the situation. Well, except for uncomfortable. However, the change of topic comes that brings the conversation to another direction.

"Well, the Reaper's Game is some sort of game where the players are fighting for their lives. If they complete the game, the winner gets to make a wish." He frowns, "Last I remember, the game was forestalled for some reason."

As for the boy's journey, Reize grins, "Well, Ivo and I were exploring the seas through the Romancing Saga III, but an encounter with a massive monster whale ended up knocking myself and another one of my members off of the boat." He grimaces. "...She and I ended up adrift for a while."
Mir Clarence Mir just smiled. "Yes. I'm a fairy. So good of you to use that brain. I'm sincerely happy. Just don't think about trying to steal dust from my wings. You'll have a bad time." Okay, she had to be messing with Katyna now. At least partly. "A wager? What. You want /me/ to fight you?" Scoffing at that, Mir rolled her eyes and turned back to the stove, this time opening up the oven to check on something baking within.

"I know a little about self defense, so I wouldn't mind giving you some practice, but I'm not so immature that I'm going to haul off and actually fight someone on a wager." Deelel's response wasn't waited on. But she'd hear no doubt. her ears were better at hearing than theirs anyway.

"...You adventuring types and your...adventuring." She said from the kitchen, as a scent of apple pie wafted into the common area. "Can you count how many times you've almost died?"
Deelel Deelel pauses for a moment looks a bit embrassased at Mir's words. She had got a bit excited she looks to Mir for a moment and does take a breaqth as she slows down now.

"I do, I just forget. No I'm not human, close but not quite. I'm known as a program or a basic. I don't mean to be creepy, it's just I got excited."

She seems to ahve got herself back in order as she goes quiet for the moment thinking and she is breathing she just got a bit work.

"Faruja is doing well, and Avira has been working with Gummi blocks. My own home has had a good deal of problems. LEXUS has attacked it, and kidnapped someone."
Katyna "Mmmmm, this food is good! You certainly couldn't have cooked it yourself!" She makes a face at Mir, her mouth half full as she continues to hungrily stuff herself. Phew, is she ever starved! Journeying really takes it outta you!

Egads, except that she ends up eating too fast and choking on her own food, which thankfully keeps her shut up for a few moments as she coughs and hacks before reaching for a glass of water...Glug...Glug...Glug....Phew! Aah, much better.

"As I was saying, fairy girl, I'll bet you're just afraid you'd totally lose to me." She pauses as she hears Reize's words, thinking about it thoguhtfully, "wow, I've really been out of the loop, I hope those two are okay.." Well, she doesn't know Zia that well, but she worries for Faruja. He has a tendency to get himself into trouble. Reize doesnt seem likely to delve too much into their personal lives however so she doesnt pursue it further.

This game thing has her intrigued however. "Oooooh, a wish, huh? That sounds fun, I mean, it's kinda like your personal genie. I guess I can see the allure in that..."

Finally Deelel assures her that Faru and Zia are alright and she nods. "Hmm, I'm sorry to hear that, dEe.."
Mir Clarence Mir's voice came out from the kitchen again. "Oh. So that's why you look like to scale plastic doll, and throw around that weird disc." There was a pause, and then she stood up, and back into view.

"Well, it's okay to not be human. I'm not. yourself. You're pretty out there. You're definitely going to creep more people out if you go on like you did before." Moving from out of the area, Mir approached Deelel and got way too close, staring the Program in the face.

"...Do you need to breathe? Eat? Use the bathroom? Any of those things to live?" Whoops, now she was curious.

Katyna is given a sidelong glance, without the fairy increasing the distance from Deelel at all. "Sorry, not falling for childish bait. So go ahead and choke." There was a pause. "...Or maybe find someone to help you increase the width your throat."

...What did /that/ mean?
Reize Seatlan Thoughtfully, Reize thinks over to the amount of deaths that he almost incurred, "There was the one time with the Midgard Zolom, then there was the one with the large dinosuar... then there the time with.." Reize is trailing to all of the times he had a close encounter with death.


"Buh? LEXUS has started attacking your home and kidnapped someone?" A frown grows. "That's..." He furrows his eyebrows.

Reize looks between Mir and then Katyna.



Katyna "Hah, I knew it, you're afraid! You're all talk and no action....Heh...." Katyna just smirks smugly at Mir's back, glad to get the last word on the topic (for now). As for that other comment she just rolls her eyes. "Heh, you wouldnt be talking about trying to slit my throat would you, fairygirl? Now that's just downright nasty!"

However, she focuses back on Dee again, taking on a more serious expression once more. "Hmmm, that's the grid or something, isn't it? Is there anything I can do to help? And who has he kidnapped? Gee, I knew that guy was bad news...Even though he's a Shadow Lord, he was kinda..Nice. But I guess it was all justa cover up. Catch you when you least suspect it." Of course that had been her experience with him when she was a Shadow Lord herself. And his slick but venomous tongue was nearly her downfall too.

Finally, she tiredly flops into a chair, sipping more water quietly. All that choking has kinda dampenned her appetite..For now. Give her a few minutes here..
Mir Clarence Mir just facepalmed.

For a grand number of reasons. Once her hand lowered, she gave Katyna a look of absolute pity. As if she were looking at a small child rather than an intellectual equal. "Yes. That's exactly what I was talking about." She couldn't expend the effort to actually explain. It wasn't worth it. And sometimes...experience was better than hearsay. Sometimes.

Deeming her pie(s) finished, she headed over to the oven and removed them one by one, placing them all on a large tray. "Anyway, I've got to get back to work. No rest for the weary and all that. I've got to get back on the streets and sell these off" Reize and Katyna were given a look, followed by Deelel, who seemed to have frozen.

No farewells were given. She didn't like them.

At that point, her wings began to flutter rapidly and take on a green glow. Mir than floated her way out an open window instead of trying to contend with a door while holding a large tray in both hands.

A curious trail of green dust was left in her wake, but it dissipated after sitting on the floor for a few seconds.
Deelel Deelel looks at Mir, "Doesn't seem to bother many people, breathing I don't know we seem to do it but I'm not sure if it's needed to stay alive. No, thank my user on that. Yes for the and sometimes I just get distracted or excited."

She watches Mir leae and notes to her remaining friends.

"There are some things I need to take care of."

With a grin she vanishes deeper into to the base, there's some things to get working, right?
Reize Seatlan "Ahh... Perhaps we can try not to fight in the headquarters? I just finished cleaning!" He gives a grin, then he looks over at Mir and Katyna once more. He wants to be sure that they aren't going to start tossing anything at each other.

Nevertheless, Reize glances back to see that Mir has grabbed a pie and has started to get ready for her trip to the work. "Take care, Mir!" The boy brightens.

The youth watches her flutter out of the opened window. He tilts his head with curiosity and he lifts his shoulders in a shrug.

Looking back at both Deelel and Katyna, "Any case, I am trying to clean up the place. We have been away for a while that we have a lot of bills that are unpaid. No one has really tended to the garden as well. It's amazing that the plants are still alive."

Though, as Deelel is making her departure, Reize idly waves a hand her way, "Take care, Deelel."

As Deelel disappears, Reize is looking over the pie, finishing the last bit before he stands up. "Well, time to get back to work! It's... going to be a while before we get this place looking brand new again."
Katyna "Dont worry!" Kat winks at Reize, "Only kidding! Heh, seems she doesn't have much of a sense of humour though.." But she sure does make good pies...Not that Kat would admit as much of course.

When Mir leaves, Kat is almost relieved, although she cant help but greedily eye those pretty wings of hers...And when green fairy dust trails behind her, Kat leaps from her chair and attempts to gather it in her hand..She once read of a fairy tale where you could fly by sprinkling yourself with fairy dust...But darnit, it suddenly seems to dissipate before she can rub it on her body! Ugggh!

"Hmmm, well..Eheheh.." She grins sheepishly, paused mid stride in trying to rub herself with non-existant fairy dust. "Heh, I'd be happy to help you clean up. Good to see you back again, Reize! And you too, Deelel..." Grr, but she's not too fond of fairygirl over there, grr...

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