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(2014-02-23 - Now)
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Maximilien Maximilian Amadeus Renaud-Sylvianne doesn't do things halfway. Ever. All his life, he's put in the maximum amount of effort in every single situation he's ever been in - learning his trade and the pieces of the craft that go into it, learning the trades that surrounded it and made it easier, trying to save his little sister - and his love life is no different. As he juggles two of the three women he loves more than anything in the world, Max has begun to wonder if perhaps attempting to be polygamous is a mistake. Yes, of course, he loves Jihl and Cirra deeply. Yes, of course, he has been happier with the two of them than he could have ever been with either othem. And yes, perhaps the accidents that led to where he is now could have been avoided...but then, would he be himself?

Besides. He had claimed that he would steal all he treasures all the worlds had to offer. What good are treasures that mean nothing to him, compared to having to choose between treasures he desires so fiercely? What good would his sister being back do, if she was to die before he could tell her honestly that he was a happy man, looked-after and loved?

So...he's putting in the effort. Both of them are very, very worth it.

And today, that effort is a rowboat down a river. It's old-fashioned, but then, so is Max. He comes from a different time, a diferent era - an era of postwar misery and deep, abiding depression at the state of the world. He's fought uphill against that tide, clinging to the hopeful light of culture and nobility and manners the entire time, and now, those things may be what saves him from a truly terrible fate.

He hasn't said much this trip. The Phantom Thief has, ironically, been uncharacteristically quiet.
Jihl Nabaat Let's just say that for this sort of adventure, Jihl has no idea what the hell is going on. A rowboat? Down a river?? What. On one hand, it's so utterly /Max/ that the woman can't help but be slightly amused, on the other hand, it's so archaic and ... /traditional/, that she is both slightly embarassed and enthusiastic about this ... trip?


It has done the good thing and gotten her out of her normal heavy, weapon-filled outfit, which is to just say that she's left the jacket and hose off, most of the weapons, and is wearing a much more feasible pair of shoes than her favorite pair of heels. Jihl finally looks over her shoulder, frowning slightly.

"You're quiet."
Maximilien "Rarely," Max replies, "But, on occasion, Treasure-Box, I indulge in the typical attitudes of the amateurs in my profession." At the very least, even if he's quiet, he's no less Max about *why* he's quiet. He offers her a distant smile.

Max is actually dressed...casually? Well, casually for Max. The tuxedo-and-cape that he usually wears is gone. Instead, he's dressed himself in what could be described as a white button-down shirt, though a very very nice one - not something to be worn under a suit so much as worn as a jacket over short-sleeves. Or tee-shirts.

Max does not wear tee-shirts. Tee-shirts are for underwear and common people.

"I have...simply been thinking, is all."
Jihl Nabaat "I wouldn't know about the amateurs, they never get to my office." Jihl says, thoughtfully. "Only the master thieves only get that far, and only one has ever made it past /all/ of my security." She says this while giving Max a sort of droll look from her seat in the rowboat.

"Thinking about...?" She prompts. She could guess, but Jihl doesn't want too.
Maximilien "I am not a master thief. Master thieves are something below me." Max sniffs, indignant. But only so much so.

"You. Cirra. What I want. How I am going to acquire it. What course of action to pursue." Max waves his hand, a rose just falling into it out of...his sleeve? Nowhere? Who knows. He tucks it into Jihl's shirt as he leans over to kiss her. "I wanted to take this trip with you to clear my mind, Treasure-Box. To think on what it was I desired, while around one of my three most important treasures."

Obviously he means Cirra, Jihl, and his sister, and not some unknown and unnamed third woman. Max may be a lot of things but he's been honest with both of the ladies he cares for so far.

"Do you want to hear what I finally decided? You may not like it."
Jihl Nabaat Jihl smiles slightly at the indignant tone in his voice. Perhaps she meant to poke, prod him a little. She then sighs as she watches him acquire a rose and then tuck it into her shirt, and leans back as Jihl savours the kiss as she considers his words.

"Mmm." She says, slowly. "I don't like many things, Max, but you have not yet disappointed me, or truly gotten upset, so ... just tell me. Please."
Maximilien "I have decided," Max observes slowly as he puts his arms around her waist, settling his hands on her stomach. "I have decided that I am Phantom Thief MARS. Phantom Thief MARS does not stop at good enough, or just what he needs. MARS is a dashing prince of thieves who does all that he desires with elegance, grace, and exceptional panache. He takes and claims and holds to what he wants, no matter what it may be."

Max rests his chin on her shoulder. He's tall. That takes work. "But I am also Maximilian Amadeus Renaud-Sylvianne. And Maximilian is a man who loves and cares very deeply for two very special people, both of whom deserve the best in life. They deserve unshared affection - affection that belongs solely to them. Jihl Nabaat and Cirra Constantine are two beautiful, incredible and unique women. Maximilien Amadeus Renaud-Sylvianne would see both of these women loved by someone special - someone who loved only them."

Max leans in. He bites down on Jihl's ear. "But MARS is greedy. And jealous. And MARS would say that the answer, then, is to love them both as someone special. MARS would also say that Maximilien Amadeus Renaud-Sylvianne is someone special, who can love them both as they deserve."

"I want you both to marry me. Not now. Not yet." Max shakes his head. "I am not ready yet. This is not a proposal - merely an announcement of my intent. But when my sister is free, I want to take you both to her room and introduce you as mine, and tell her that she can rest easy knowing her brother will be as loved as she should have been." Max's voice cracks a bit at that.

"It is selfish. It is greedy."

"But so am I."

This scene contained 7 poses. The players who were present were: Maximilien, Jihl Nabaat