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Sneak Thief and the Pendant
(2014-02-23 - 2014-02-23)
It was just a normal day at Fluorgis until a thief decides to steal Reize's pendant. It quickly escalates to a chase scene.
Reize Seatlan Welcome to Fluorgis

This is the air trade city, busy with life due to the adventurers that migrated from all parts of the world. Fluorgis is the central hub of activity, evident by the crowd of adventurers coming from different backgrounds, ethnicity, and species. Many of them range from moogles to even dark-skinned humans that are chatting amongst each other out at the squares.

The sun shines as bright, emitting a blazing heat. However, the relief comes in the form of the freshwater for the inhabitants. Being the place of an oasis, it has lavish flora filled with brilliant colors. At the top, the ider rock leads out to the port of the airship.

Out along the bridge of the brustling city, a boy is sitting at the rail of the bridge, looking up towards the airship port. He cannot help but consider the tale that was imparted to him from Maira.

"...So, the Shadowlords will be coming for the Fire Crystal... A dragon of darkness named Shinryuu, and so much more." He furrows his eyebrows, then he exhales an exaggerated sigh. He reaches into his pouch to procure an apple.


"..Mmm..." Simple things in life. Part of him missed this place. The leader of the Shard Seekers has returned to his second home.
Lynn Cascadia It is temperatures like these that make a certain young girl thankful for what she has. Shielding her eyes from the sun, she looks around at the city she has found herself in. It's a drastic change from home, and the variety of people living there is something she hasn't experienced before.

Of course, it's not like she's entirely free from being considered unusual here either, what with her hair seemingly thinking it's water. Maybe that's why she's not so bothered by the heat. Wandering along rather aimlessly, she comes to a bridge, and on that bridge, there is a boy sitting on the rails. Curiosity getting the better of her, she walks over to investigate.

Moguma Naturally, a place with so much traffic, especially of the adventurer variety, would attract some particularly bold (some might even say foolhardy) thieves. Here today is one of those thieves, Moguma, a Moogle much like the others that live in this city. Although he was at first shocked to find that his skills and abilities weren't very unusual here, Moguma quickly took advantage of that fact to blend in and keep a low profile, waiting for a juicy target to present themselves.

And right now, as the little Moogle thief crosses the bridge to begin a patrol of the other side, something catches his eye. A pendant, made of some shiny green crystal, hanging from the neck of a lone boy, probably one of the many adventurers that populate this place.

Before he even realizes what he's doing (not that he'd stop himself either way), Moguma launches himself across the bridge at that pendant, pulling out his whip and snapping it toward Reize's legs to try to sweep him off his feet. His eyes gleam with greed, and his paw stretches out toward his prize...
Reize Seatlan Admittedly, Reize had been lost in his own thought as he chewed his apple. For a couple of months, Reize enjoyed his freedom from the burden that was his role as the leader of an organization. What was supposed to be a small group of people, like-minded individuals, turned out to be one of the largest and influencial Clans for its time.

Unfortunately, that time was spent casted away. ...That was the catch of that freedom.

As he continues to chew his apple while lost in his own thoughts, he is knocked out of his thoughts by the sound of a voice.


The boy's eyes become as wide as can be as he looks around frantically, "Huh?!" Swishing to the side, he looks to the left, and then to the right, and then he looks over towards the girl his own age that approached him. The leader of the Shard Seekers brightens to a friendly demeanor while a hand extends to a wave.

"Ooi! I take it that you just arrived here? You may find a place to rest out at the inn not too far---- about..."




"Where was the inn again?" The boy rubs his chin, trying to recall the direction to the inn. "Maybe it was a left... or a right.." He extends an index finger as he looks at her with newfound realization, "Oh! I remember now! If you go..."

As the boy offers the direction, the whip suddenly snatches out towards his ankles.


When he yelps in surprise, Reize is yanked off of the railing, hitting his head and back against the ground with a harsh thud. "Arghhh!" He clutches his head, grimacing. "What th--nggh.."

Before he knew it, someone ran over to snatch his pendant from his neck.

His eyes widen before he glares, "Ooi! Thief!" The boy is haphazardly rolling to his feet, trying to recollect himself while the pain starts to subside from him.

This alerts many of the adventurers, who look around to see where the commotion is coming from. Some of the adventurers ignored it, but those that are familiar with the Shard Seekers, well... many of them are turning around and trying to see where the boy is shouting at.
Lynn Cascadia Lynn Cascadia tries to suppress a chuckle as the boy gets confused about where an inn might be. Not what she was looking for, but good to know nonetheless. That said, she'd been focusing on him enough that she didn't notice the whip lashing out at him until it was a bit too late. When he does get yanked, though, she staggers backwards, startled by what the heck just happened.

Once the initial shock wears off, though, she runs over to him, quickly manipulating some water off from her hair and whirling it around the boy's body in tight spirals to try and soothe the pain a bit. Part water, part magic. It'll do.

"A-Are you all right...?"
Moguma Moguma sails right over Reize, snatching the pendant off of Reize's neck as he passes. When he hits the ground, he rolls into a sitting position, holding the stone up to watch it glitter in the sunlight. It's so pretty, and shiny, and.../probably/ valuable. Definitely a keeper.

"Hahaha, got a great catch this time!" he thinks aloud, but his celebration is cut short by the sudden cry from behind him. It's then that he notices many of the adventurers around the area turning to look at him, and his brain immediately calculates that the odds of him winning a fight like this are very, very low. "Oh, uh, hi there. I'm just gonna...go. Bye!"

The next instant, moving with all the speed of a thief who's been at it his whole life, the Moogle turns toward the railing and leaps over it, putting the pendant in his mouth and performing a neat swan dive into the river below. In situations like these, it's best to take the path of least resistance!
Reize Seatlan Lynn was not the only one shocked. Reize did not know what hit him. Literally. Even worse, his pendant is missing from his neck.

Reize is not a happy person right now. He's rolling onto his knees. When the girl runs over to the boy, he glances over at her with a dizzied look. As the water from her hair swirls around his body, hec an feel the pain slowly ebb over him. "Ahhh!" He looks back over towards her, giving her a relieved smile. "Thanks for the help.." He turns back towards the thief, "But I can't let him get away! He has my pendant!"

As the thief makes his way towards the river, one of the adventurers call out, "Hey, kiddo! He's heading towards the river!"

Reize glances towards Lynn with an apologetic smile, "I wish I could help you out---but I got to get my pendant back from that thief!" The boy shifts back towards the bridge that the moogle jumped out of and the boy sprints after him, "Come back, you thief!"

And he witness the dive.

Reize looks at the water. He stares as the moogle is getting away. The tide of the water washes along, roaring threateningly. Well, actually, the water looks rather peaceful, but to Reize, the water has a pair of eyes, glowering with sharp teeth.

His knees rattle and he is hugging himself.

"...I can't swim..."

A river of tears run along Reize's eyes in the most comical manner.

One of the adventurers, a knight, just looks at Reize. Sigh.

"You want to get your pendant back, right?"



And Reize is falling down the river, "CAN'T SWIM! CAN'T SWIM! THIS IS NOT HELPFUL!!!"

Splash! The water makes a thunderous splash as the boy makes his landing to the water. As a boat is passing by, the boy reaches to the edge of a passing boat and he gasps for air. "..grghghgnk!" Comical tears flow along his eyes, "...I hate the water."
Lynn Cascadia Lynn's well aware of the pendant's theft now that her mind has had the time to comprehend events, and she follows the boy along, very much wanting to help him get his pendant back. She watches the... whatever it is, they didn't have those sorts of critters back home... thief dive into the water, and then the boy has a breakdown over an inability to swim. This prompts a raised eyebrow from Lynn, followed by an unhappy glare at the knight after he shoves the boy in.

She's not so afraid of the water, hopping up on the edge of the bridge and down into the water, mimicking the thief's neat swan dive. Shaping the water around herself and the boy, she smiles. "You'll be fine now. I've got you." If Reize is sound of mind enough to feel what's going on around him, he's supported by a cushion of water. No need for flailing to stay afloat any more.

There are advantages to her brand of strange. This is one of them.
Moguma Moguma swims like his life depends on it- and as far as he knows, it does- to get away before anyone thinks to come after him. Unfortunately, it seems that these adventurers are good at thinking on their feet, as the sound of someone splashing down in the water behind him confirms. As he looks back to see who it was, though, the true depth of his error becomes clear.

A water elemental!

But, Moguma can think quickly too. He scans the water around him for signs of life, and sure enough, there are some fish swimming around the river. Nothing he can use to put these people down for good, but they should at least serve as an adequate distraction to put some distance between them and him.

The Moogle stops for a moment in the water, taking the pendant out of his mouth and pointing toward Reize and Lynn. Almost unconsciously, he begins working his influence on the fish, as many as he can for as far as he can. "Attack!" he orders, and then immediately resumes his escape, now at a more frantic pace.

The fish, in the meantime, may prove little threat, but they prove very persistent under Moguma's control, leaping out of the water and slapping or biting their two targets to slow them down.
Reize Seatlan The adventuring knight looks at the glaring little girl with a shrug, "Kiddo, I've known Reize for a while. ...He would had remained frozen if no one did anything. We'll call it tough love." He looks down towards the boy, "Now get that pendant, kid! You're a knight! Remember!"

As the water shapes itself around the boy, Reize is exhaling a deep breath. He tries to catch his breath and remember where he is at. His eyes drift low to see that he's afloat of a cushion of water.


"Whoa!" Reize looks rather amazed by her as she keeps him propped. "Oi! Thanks!" He is rather cheerful at this point. However, what complicates the matter is the sight of small fish swimming towards them. "Hey, look! There are a lot of fish swimming our way!"


"...Wait, what?"

And the school leap out to start slapping and biting at the group. "Ow ow ow." The boy flails his arms around, then he grabs his boomerangs to swing at the creatures. "Get away!" The boy grits his teeth, "Okay.. that's it!" The boy reaches into his pouch to procure a bag of pepperdust. He smacks it a bit to send the pepper at the fish, and then he tosses them over towards the water.

To guide it along, Reize reaches out to grab both boomerangs and he flings it towards Moguma's head. "Haaaaa! You're not getting away, you jerk!"

One of the boomerangs, however, arcs at an angle to capture the chain of the pendant.
Lynn Cascadia Lynn is happy to have been of service, but her thoughts are quickly put aside when suddenly OH GOD FISH. Putting up an aquatic barrier to turn as many of the fish aside as she can, a few still manage to smack her in the face and gnaw on her. That's not very nice.

Turnabout is fair play, though. Catching an oncoming blob's worth of fish (and peeling off the fish already harassing her), she directs the water back at the thief, dragging the fish along with it. Time for a taste of his own medicine. Fish oil, perhaps?
Moguma Moguma would laugh to himself right now if it weren't for the pendant in his mouth and the risk of accidentally choking on the water. Just the thought of all those fish flopping around and trying to keep those two from following him is hilarious, even though it seems to actually be least until he looks back again and sees a couple of boomerangs headed his way.

Acting swiftly, Moguma propels himself out of the water, flapping his bat-like wings and twisting to evade both of the curved weapons. He can feel the wind from their passing on his fur, coming within mere inches of him, but the moment passes and he's already turning around to fly away.

But then, he's taken by surprise when a big blob of water and fish crashes into him, slamming him back down into the water while the terrified creatures nibble and slap him in their panic. He tries to wrestle them back under control, succeeding after a few more moments, but not without some red marks under his fur. Even worse, the whole thing has left him out of breath.

Spying a nearby boat, the Moogle swims over to it and flies aboard, throwing its sole occupant overboard and diving belowdecks to buy some time to regain his breath. He takes the pendant out of his mouth again, drawing in ragged gasps. He can't even be bothered to look at the thing right now.
Reize Seatlan The boomerangs miss their mark.

Reize is not doing so hot in getting his pendant back. The boy is growling under his breath, "That thing is important! You....!" He grits his teeth. However, when the stranger sends the water back towards the thief, with the fish attacking him, Reize has a smile growing on his face.

"Okay, we are getting closer to him!"

While a boat passes by, Reize can see the small critter stowaway in and then throw one of the occupant overboard. Reize's eyes widen in shock. "Oh no!"

He looks over towards Lynn, "Hey, could you use your water control to help give me momentum?" The boy is preparing himself to dash forward. "..I'm going to make this dive... I am going to need your help on this." As the boomerangs return to his hands, he places them to his side and he quickly whips out the one device that shall help him turn the tide.

The hookshot.

Reize procures the small device from his pouch, and it makes a clicking noise. Reize points the hookshot towards the boat and then he shoots out towards it.

The hookshot latches over to the boat and Reize swoops in to capture the man with an arm and try to bring himself back up. Of course, with the weight of the water, this alone may not help.
Lynn Cascadia While the boy's boomerangs missed their mark, Lynn's fish-and-water assault did not. Granted, it wasn't meant to hurt THAT much, but the fact that it connected is still something.

The fact that the thief dumped someone overboard from the boat he was hijacking... was a less pleasant something. The boy she was working with had the same idea, it seemed, and strange minds think alike. Nodding when asked to give help, she floods (pun intended) the water around him with her control, giving him a push for extra momentum and then preventing it from impeding his travel much at all. It's practically like moving through air.

All the while, the water around HER is swirling about, beginning to grow into somewhere between a whirlpool and small waves, with her at its center...
Moguma Okay, Moguma's caught his breath at last. But while he was down in the cargo hold, his pursuers have had plenty of time to catch up to him, confirmed with a quick peek outside. The Moogle ducks back belowdecks, racking his brain for a plan. Okay, maybe he can try to take out the boy first, and then fly away before the girl can hit him again with her weird water magic. On the other hand, if he's too slow, she'll have the upper hand and just knock him down again. It's risky, but it just means he'll have to be fast.

So, he executes the first part of his plan, darting up onto the deck and toward Reize while the human is handling the boat's previous occupant. Time seems to slow down for Moguma, one second stretching into an eternity as he draws a dagger from his belt and makes a flying leap. Step two, he tries to punch Reize in the face with as much strength as he can muster, then stab him in the back as he flies past. Step three, getting away before Lynn can finish whatever it is she's doing, will be the hard part...
Reize Seatlan With the hookshot keeping hold of the boat, Reize keeps a tight hold of the device and the man that he rescued. However, Reize is not alone in this affair. As the water is flooded around him, they move aside and allow him to use the momentum of his swing to net him purchase towards the boat itself.

After the landing, Reize sets the man down, kneeling down to the side, then he looks over at the man, "Oi! Are you alright?" He gives the man a few pats to the cheek, "Speak to me!" His concern for the man grows, the expression faltering to a worried look.

...However, Reize can see an unfamiliar shadow come over him.

Reize quickly swings his arm over to fling the older man to the side while he turns around. The arms are crossed together and he springs back---

--- And Reize is gone.

Instead, Reize appears right behind Moguma, twitching with an annoyed glare.

"Hand my pendant back, you jerk!"

This is followed the hook of his hookshot still attached to the boat, seeking to capture the moogle's arm before he lunges in to swing his right foot towards his forehead with a roundhouse kick, then he twists over to slam the left leg out with a roundhouse.
Lynn Cascadia Preparation is complete. And just in time, too. The boy's caught up with the thief, and the two are fighting, though it's a wee bit hard to tell who's winning yet.


The whirlpool around Lynn surges upwards, creating an enormous tornado of water, which then proceeds to arc toward the boat, crashing down at such an angle as to knock the thief flat on the boat instead of letting them escape, with a force that might have split the boat if she weren't being very precise and very careful, instead having the water slosh off after the water-tornado hits. In fact, that sort of precision would be necessary in order to not peg her partner with it...
Raine Arland Raine Arland.

Mysterious man of mysterious mystery.

Man of a thousand faces and badass extraordinaire.

That is he. Maybe.

"Heh, not bad, not bad. I gotta say, that merchant knew his stuff. If I were any more paranoid, I'd say that-"




Raine is drenched.

t "......"

Twitching and dripping wet, the young man stood there, eyeing what seemed to be some sort of altercation...of the magical sort, witth a very unamused stare. "...My threads."

"My awesome threads!" It was just his usual black and red pants and jacket.

"HEY! YOU GUYS!" He pointed at the parties currently in combat. "What's the big idea here!? In what sort of world would you ever think to drench someone as utterly amazing as I am!?"

"I mean, MY THREADS!"

Moguma No plan survives contact with the enemy, and this only serves to prove that old adage true. Moguma quickly finds that the boy he's supposed to be punching and stabbing has managed to get behind him, and suddenly he's caught by the arm with a hook! The points dig painfully into his skin, but the Moogle grits his teeth and ducks under Reize's kicks, yanking the hook off of him in the brief moment he has afterwards.

But it's too late. Because of that little foul-up, Moguma has stayed in one place too long and left himself completely open to the girl with the water magic. He can only stop and stare at the wall of water arcing toward him before it crashes down atop him like a ton of proverbial bricks, smashing him into the deck of the boat and crushing the breath out of him. And yet, through all of this, his kleptomania ensures that he keeps his grip on that pendant.

When the rushing torrent finally subsides, Moguma is too dazed to notice Raine shouting about his threads, not that he'd care overly much to begin with. /His/ priorities involve getting the heck out of here with his sweet loot.

After a bout of hacking, coughing, and generally trying to get the water out of his lungs, Moguma stands up and lurches toward the boat's mast, wrapping his stubby little arms around it. With a pained grunt that quickly builds into an outright yell, muscles straining underneath his fur even with the added power of his magic belt, he pulls on it with all his might. At first, nothing happens, but then, with an ominous creak followed by a loud CRACK, the whole thing snaps off at the base.

Moguma, by now, is so red with the exertion that it even shows through his white fur, and he stumbles back a few steps before he can steady himself. He'd love to say something, /anything/, but he's pretty sure he'd drop the massive log if he did. So, instead, he just swings it down at Reize and, by extension, Lynn, letting gravity help him out.

Yeah, sorry Lynn. This boat's not gonna survive.
Reize Seatlan Reize manages to make close contact with Moguma. This is good. The boy manages to keep the close distance to where he can strike the man more when needed. It is after the moogle escaping the hold that Reize grips the hookshot to bring the chain back. Placing it over to his pouch, Reize turns his head over towards Lynn, who is arriving up towards the boat.

Soon, a whirlpool surges upward, that whirlwind of water arcs around and crashes down. Reize is starting to spring back to get himself out of the danger range, "Whoa!" He looks over towards Lynn, "That's pretty dangerous!" He looks back to the unconscious man who was thrown overboard. A frown grows, then he grits his teeth to heft the man over his shoulder.

And then.. a man stood there. Wait, that guy is familiar. He was the one that Will was cursing bad luck on. That strange man complains about his threads. Before Reize could interject, he looks towards the moogle, who is preparing for something.

"Uhhh, we'll talk about your threads later! Catch!" The boy moves to shove the unconscious man over towards Raine, "Get him out of here!"

Just in time.

...Moguma releases an exertion that includes a yell. The crack of the flooring and the boat tear apart, flying towards the other occupants, "Get away, everyone!"

Both boomerangs are drawn. Reize takes a step forward and he uses the ball of the right foot to press up against the ground and shoot him forward like a bullet. As the debris flies towards Reize's direction, the boy twists his body around, letting his feet off of the ground in the twist as the avoids the impact of the debris.


Reize extends both of his hands forward, swinging the boomerangs out to strike towards the moogle's form. However, the boy is not exactly aiming for the moogle.

It's his pendant.

The boy gets his prize back. His pendant. His sacred treasure. As more of the debris comes up, Reize is running along the board and the padding, avoiding the cuts and scrapes that was likely to come(if not worse), and he uses it to leverage himself into the air.


Reize turns his direction towards the moogle, diving down with his foot out to impact against the moogle. The pendant is placed back around his neck. The eyes flutter shut and the boy feels that sudden urge fill him. It is that strength within him, calling for its power.


A well of energy explodes from the boy as he sweeps the right arm across. A blue ring spirals around him, then he brings the right hand across to the left side. His pendant begins glowing ominously. As the boy feels the essence of the magic draw in his hand, Reize channels the nature of the pendant to his imagination. This is his will. This is the pendant that responds to it. The wishes of the people. The wishing pendant answers Reize's call, radiant light beaming to a blinding light.

"The eyes of the flames, I call upon you. Let your wrath be known."

As the boy channels the energy, it appears as a tarot card in his hand. All of that magic is condensed into a glittering tarot.

Then, Reize shoots the right hand to the sky, allowing that glowing tarot to spiral out of his hand before they break apart.

In place are three large balls of fire appearing around the boy. Extending his hand forth, the boy calls out, "Nova Flash!"
Reize Seatlan Those converging flames soon form together, darting as they come together into a giant ball of fire. That massive ball of fire is shooting straight towards the moogle.
Lynn Cascadia There's a worried-sounding response of "Sorry!" from Lynn when Reize points out that yes, the water tornado is dangerous. She puts a little more effort into controlling where it goes after it hits, trying not to accidentally wash the person they had been trying to save overboard.

Of course, those efforts ended up being interrupted when the thief somehow ripped the mast off the ship and... tried to hit them both with it. "Crap crap crap crap crap--"

Putting up a rolling water barrier, she managed to get the mast to shove her out of the way of itself, but the resulting splash sent her flying, which took her several seconds of floundering about before she could properly catch herself on a geyser.

And then, fire. Where did that come from? Had Reize gotten his pendant back? Did that have something to do with it?

Letting herself down slowly while walking along toward the ship supported by the geyser, she tried to stick to watching the fight for now, rather than risking intervening with something else that could seriously hurt the boat or the people on it.
Raine Arland "Huh? Wait, get who out of wha-?" Raine sputtered as an unconscious man was unceremoniously shoved at him. "Oh come on! Do I look like some kind of giving, selfless her-erk!" No one was listening and there was a body weighing him down. "Greaaaaaaat."

A resigned sigh as the young man gathered up the unconscious man, pulling him over to the side of a building and setting him down to rest. "Hey. Hey. Wake up." A few light slaps to eother side of the face followed. "Oi. ...Guh, nothing. Whatever." He rolled his eyes and turned his attention back over to the conflict.

"..Wow, that's not too bad." He mumbled arching a brow at Reize's display of skill. "Well, not as good as I am, but gotta give the kid some credit. Heh heh-" And even now, he managed to slip in a pat of the back to himself. What a jerk.

"Yo! You guys finished screwing around over there?" He called out, shuddering from how drenched his clothes were. "Damn it, I didn't sign up for this stuff." He mumbled, tugging at his collar.
Moguma Moguma lets go of the mast, panting like he's just run a marathon. Or, y'know, ripped a huge log out of a boat. "Sheesh, that thing was heavy. At least I..." he starts to say, but then realizes that Reize is still up and ready to fight. "...didn't get him!? Aww /come on/!"

In his exhausted state, the Moogle is too slow to stop the boy from regaining his pendant, though he at least blocks the brunt of the kick with his forearms. Unfortunately, the fireballs that come next are a little out of his league, and despite his efforts to dive out of the way, he still gets smacked by one, setting his fur ablaze. With a shriek of pain, he dives overboard into the water to douse himself.

But, instead of resurfacing and trying to fight further, Moguma starts swimming downstream, trusting his lung capacity to get him away from these people. He definitely can't take them on as he is now. If he wants that pendant, he'll have to try to hit the boy while he's alone sometime down the line...
Reize Seatlan So the stranger has the unconscious man. Good. Reize got away from the man. Good. Everyone is still alive. Good. The thief got his just desserts.


Reize wobbles a bit, growing a bit more exhausted as he looks over the wrecked boat, which is now nearly a raft. He gives a thoughtful smile, then he drops to both knees. "Whew..." Reize lowers his head, "...I just wanted this to be a simple day today, too."

There is a tired glance over towards Lynn. However, his exhuberant nature comes back, fondly appreciative of her help. "Ooi, thanks for the help. You were amazing! You helped me not drown.." He looks at her with an embarassed look over his inability to swim. Then, he looks over towards Raine, who is likely annoyed. "You too!"

Standing up to his feet, he starts to wobble. "Guh." He manages to catch himself, before he manages to become fully balanced again. "...I don't think we got to introduce ourselves. I'm Reize Seatlan, the leader of the Shard Seekers here."

Meanwhile, the occupant who was tossed overboard earlier is starting to awaken in Raine's arms. He looks a bit dizzy, but he extends a hand over towards Raine's cheek, cupping it. "Martha...? Martha.. is that you?"
Lynn Cascadia Lynn walks off the geyser onto the boat, taking the time to clear the remaining water from her earlier assault off and out of the ship. It was her fault it had gotten wet like this in the first place, might as well fix that.

She looks over at Reize when he addresses her, and smiles a calm smile. "Glad I could be of service." She's not going to pick on him for the lack of ability to swim. Not everyone can. Heck, she doesn't so much swim as cheat via hydrokinesis.

Her cleaning of the ship done in short order, she begins making the rounds of those aboard. Might as well start with Reize. A small blob of water whirls around him, soothing and mending any cuts, bites, or bruises he may have from the various things he's been hit with today.
Raine Arland "......."

Raine was about to comment on the whole thing, but then his cheek was cupped and he turned to look back at the man he'd assisted. There was a moment of stark silence, and then he grinned. "Why yes dear, it's Martha! Didja remember to eat yer peas today?" He replied in a terrible old lady voice, really hamming it up.

"Oh, you know how worried I get when you go and sail those ships without gettin them peas in yer system! You could hurt your back! And then who would pay for our mortgage? /Me/? Nooooonononono!" As he said all of this, he pat the man's cheek in order to get him to return to reality.

...Raine Arland.

Man of a thousand faces.

...Or just professional troll.

"Hey, yo! You guys good over there?" He called out to the two, standing up and leaving the man likely stupefied. Deeming him as fine, Raine walked over and approached the two, arms crossed. "So...what the hell happened here?"
Reize Seatlan At least the stranger doesn't seem to rag on him for his inability to swim. That's a good thing! Reize runs his hand over to the back of his head, grinning a little more. While securing the pendant around his neck, Reize offers a glance to see the unconscous man, now waking up, and Raine.

As Lynn sends a small blob of water towards him, Reize tenses slightly until the blob whirls around him to give a soothing feeling. It's a cool, refreshing feeling as the wounds, cuts, and bruises that he sustained subsides. He exhales a sigh and he beams happily towards Lynn, "Thanks! ---Err... I don't think I got your name."


The man murmurs, "But the peas... I never been fond of peas! I've been eating them every day for you, though---..." He comes to reality.

He sees Raine.

"AHHHH! You're not Martha!"

Once the man is dropped...

Reize looks over towards Raine, "A thief stole something from me, so I want to chase him." A hand gestures towards Lynn, "She actually came to help me." He beams, "I'm appreciative for the help!" Then, Reize looks over towards the boat as it nears the mini-dock. "Oh good! We're at the proper spot now!"
Lynn Cascadia Success. "I'm Lynn. It's a pleasure to meet you, Reize." A short moment later, while Reize is speaking with Raine, Lynn curtsies when the mention of her help comes up again. Helping is good.

Speaking of helping, while the boat's been purged of excess water, Raine's clothes have not. She sees to that immediately, carefully extracting the water from his clothes and leaving them just like they had been before she'd accidentally splashed him. "Sorry about that..." She has a rather guilty expression on her face as she apologizes to Raine.
Raine Arland "Oho, a thief eh? Well good on you for getting your no doubt invaluable and totally relevant object of power and mystery back!" Smiling in a teasing manner, he pat Reize's back a bit too strongly. "At least you don't have to chase whoever stole it acrosss three continents and wind up having to save a princess, fight a dragon, liberate a kingdom or two, and then face down the ultimate evil in an alternate dimension!"


Hearing Lynn address him, presumably, the swordsman turned to look at her. "Hm?" There was a pause at that moment, and then Raine brought a hand up to his chin, grinning like a fool. "....Not bad. Not bad at all, I've gotta say..." What the hell was he talking about now? ...Oh, he was eyeing the girl up and down slowly. From face, down to her feet, and then back up. "...No problem. If you're really that worried about it, how about you and I go out sometime, eh~?"

Oh boy.

Apparently the whole 'getting drenched in the crossfire of an aquatic tornado' thing was long forgotten.
Reize Seatlan A glance is given towards Lynn, "Pleasure to meet you too, Lynn!" The boy gives a bright smile, and then he looks over at the mass of adventurers. The leader of the Shard Seekers emerge from the group, waving their way while lifting up the man and helping him get to the city area proper.

"..." The pat on the back has Reize stumbling forward slightly, "whoa!" Though, the fact that the other youth brings up about his pendant being an invaluable and relevant object of power and mystery, "Hrm... so you have an idea about the pendant, then." However, what he mentions about the other path that the pendant search would had taken, Reize does give a thoughtful muse, "...You know, that would be rather fun to see the continents and visiting an 'alternate dimension'... whatever that is." He cannot help, however, but to give a nervous look and a sheepish smile over the interaction of Raine and Lynn. "Eh heh..." He turns his attention over to the city.

By the time that the boat arrives back, the group would be greeted with a crowd of people giving cheers and laughter. Many of them had heard the commotion. While the adventurers are there to greet the boy, they see that everything is fine. After all, a commotion in the city is bound to get people's attention.

"Whew.. finally back where I can walk on the land."
Lynn Cascadia Lynn completely misses the fact that Raine is looking her over, largely due to the fact that she's in the middle of making his clothes dry again. The one part of his odd actions that does get through to her, mostly because she'd finished what she was doing at the time, is the inquiry about the two of them going out sometime. It takes a moment for her mind to process it, but once she does, her expression shifts to something more startled. "Eh? Why... why do you ask me such a thing?" Not so much denial or refusal as disbelief. It is kind of out of nowhere.

They arrive back easily enough, but that's not where the majority of her attention is at the time...
Raine Arland "An idea? What idea?" Raine asked Reize cluelessly. "I was just making crap up." He freely admitted without any forethough, smirking and nodding to support his statement. "But if you say it actually is, then alright. I guess I'm clairvoyant on top of being utterly amazing, devilishly handsome, and a paragon of all things manly in this world!"

No he wasn't.

"You sure about that journey being fun? You might end up on the run from a horde of powerful enemies, aiming to surround you on all sides, where your only salvation winds up" He pressed a hand against his chest to emphasize the apparent greatness he was radiating.

There was none.

Lynn's disbelieving response got a pause out of Raine for a moment. "Hah?" For a second, it looked like the wind was taken out of his sails. But he recovered quickly enough and his smile returned. "Why not? If a cute girl splashes me with a torrent of crushing water, the only path to take from there is /obviously/ to ask her out!"


"It must be...fate." And dramatically, he gestured outward to nothing in particular to follow that claim.

Oh look, they were back to land! Raine chuckled and stepped off the boat. "So! What do you say? Are you prepared to have /all/ of your dreams come true?"

More like none of them.
Ivo Galvan Another beautiful day in Fluorgis, home away from home.

Ivo Galvan, sheathed Hauteclare nonchalantly balanced on his shoulder, is strolling through the Jewel of the Desert's central plaza, gaze blithely roving. In the time that the Fire Crystal has been safely restored, water has circulated easily through the city, its canals and waterways now smattered with many small boats, which he watches pass with pleasure, enjoying the sparkling of the relentless sun upon the water. Even as an adventurer capable of wandering the worlds with the Romancing Saga, it is his nature to savor simple delights such as these. And there have been so few shocking events to interrupt his calm. Ivo always knows how to prevent life from becoming dull, but--

"How long has it been since anything truly new has happened?" he murmurs to himself.

Silence, as he gazes contemplatively toward the horizon.

"Two-hundred and sixteen days, I suppose."

How precise.

But it is then that his eyes alight upon a familiar young face, and two others, somewhat less familiar. The dark-haired swordsman grins easily, raising his off-hand in salute as the boat approaches with its drenched occupants aboard. "Hail, chief," he says amiably. "Been a while. You should visit Hawai'i with me sometime. I'm telling you, there's little reason to leave." He pauses, turning his smile to Lynn and Raine in turn. "Except fresh faces, I suppose. Ivo Galvan, Shard Seeker strategist. Charmed, miss," he remarks, glancing with intrigue at Lynn's hair but refraining from staring, and then looking at Raine and--

"I have been gone too long," he mutters. "They've stolen my shtick."

But in a moment, he brightens.

"Relax, friend," he says to Raine. "Withhold your charms. She's already soaked."

Great, there are two of them.
Reize Seatlan The cheers of the crowd greet the boy. It is a good feeling. No matter how long that Reize has been away, the people still recognize him as the person who saved Fluorgis. He is recognized as the leader of the Shard Seekers. ... They have called him the Boy with the Long Yellow Scarf.

A smile grows.

He sort of misses this feeling.

However, his thoughts are interrupted as Raine resigns on that he made everything up. "...Ngh.." A sigh exhales, then he shakes his head. He keeps a smile up, nevertheless, "Nevertheless, I am an explorer! I love exploring unknown places!" He places a thumb to his chest.

The exchange between Lynn and Raine, however, leaves Reize at an awkward position. He just smiles at the two and nod, making his way towards the land once more.


"Ivo! It has been too long!" He laughs, "It's good to know that you survived the crash as well." He frowns, "...Anna and I were worried that you guys were gone as well.." The youth remembers that day. It was the day that the ship crashed and well... Reize and Annalise went overboard and ended up as castaways. The youth rubs his forehead, recalling the day well.

Nevertheless, the boy squints over at Ivo a moment later, "...Were you at Hawai'i the whole time?" The expression becomes dry, then he exhales a sigh, "Ahh well." He offers a smile to the strategist. However, that smile fades as he recalls a few things that has to be talked about. "...Ah, Ivo, we'll have to speak soon on matters." He pauses, "Once you get the chance... that is." The meeting is pretty important, but he is going to let Ivo be Ivo.
Lynn Cascadia Lynn's initial bewilderment fades into something more deadpan rather quickly. "...really." That was quite possibly the least sensical attempt at hitting on her that she had ever received. And the most sensical, really. The first attempt ever by anyone. Not the most impressive.

She gives the newcomer, Ivo, a somewhat confused look at the 'soaked' remark -- hello, water-hair? -- but soon turns her attention and walking toward staying near Reize and away from the weirdos. Not to say she isn't weird herself, just... different kind of weird.
Raine Arland It was totally stolen.

Certain mighty midgets, greedy elves, green haired clones, axe wielding maids, and and girls on fire could all attest to it!

"Whoa ho ho!" Raine exclaimed at Ivo's appearance, and then subsequent comment. "....." There was a silence, and then a hand came to his chin as he eyed the girl with the curious head of hair for a second. "...You just might have a point."

Whatever that point was, it went left by the wayside.

Lynn's unsaid, but certainly felt rejection caused the man to reel back dramatically in faux shock. "Oh no, the the fair maiden rejects my earnest advances. I am crushed. Crushed!" And then he fell to one knee, clutching his heart. "I....I feel body...all"

And then he collapsed, face down.

Ivo Galvan "It has indeed," Ivo replies to Reize, his grin softening into a warm smile, momentarily ceasing to project an aura of amused indifference, showing his sincerity. "You didn't think I'd perished, did you? Just think of all the women who want to kill me. Even Lady Sea is not mightier than they." Yeah, Raiya could probably beat up the ocean if she wanted to. "And I'll have you know there were urgent matters in Hawai'i that required my full attention."


"Ivo, did you bring the suntan lotion? I can't reach my back..."


"Urgent indeed," he repeats, straight-faced.

Who knows who he's persuading, but Raine accepts his earlier reasoning, and seems to be on his wavelength. Ivo grins again and opens his mouth to continue, but is immediately struck by a Limit Break's worth of melodrama, and waits patiently until Raine has finished collapsing and the scene is finished. He waits, still poker-faced, for several moments more, before--

"Heavens above, man, pull yourself together!"

Suddenly evincing tremendous concern, Ivo kneels next to Raine. "He needs a mojo infusion immediately!" he announces sharply, before taking a deep breath. "I have no chance. I'll have to lend him some of my own power. Heal!" And he outstretches his hands and concentrates. "Heal! Heal! Heal!"

Ivo's palms-out, furrowed-brow, intensed-eyed pose is quite expressive, but nothing seems to be happening.

"Heal! Heal!"

Is he LARPing?

How meta.
Violet Violet had slipped away from Headquarters in order to do a little bit of shopping. Which translates into buying all sorts of pastries and sweets.

Yay pastries!

A small hand covers her mouth as she giggles to herself, pale blonde ponytail gently swaying side to side with her steps as she enters the square proper. What meets her there isn't just the usual hustle and bustle, but a few familiar faces. Fellow guildmates.

Violet blinks her bright eyes with some mild surprise as her steps slow her approach.
Reize Seatlan Reize is just a bystander, truth be told. He is watching the exchange between Ivo and Raine regarding Lynn. And of course, Lynn makes it known that she is not too interested in Raine... and Ivo. The boy cannot help but rub the back of his head with a sheepish smile.

"Ahh, as my friend introduced himself, he is our strategist." He then looks over towards Ivo with a smile. "He's very reliable when it counts." He smiles at Lynn, "Please don't be be too off-put by him."

And of course, Reize looks over at Raine's exaggerated response to the rejection.

A large sweatbead appears over his head as his antenna hair flops to the left and then to the right.

"Him, I don't know..."

After a moment, Reize introduces Lynn towards Ivo, "Ivo, this is Lynn.. She helped me get the pendant back. A thief stole the pendant and I had to get it back." He grimaces, "...Hopefully, he won't be trying again."

After all, what are the chances of the guy trying again?

Nevertheless, Reize lgances over towards the arrival of Violet, who is approaching their way. "Oooi, Violet!" The boy waves a hand her way, grinning widely.

He glances back at Ivo's antics.

That sweatbead returns. "Ahhh..."

He asides to Lynn, "As I said, you'll get used to him."
Lynn Cascadia Raine's melodramatic collapse is almost enough to make Lynn worried she did something horribly wrong. Almost. As in 'would have thought so and tried to heal him if Ivo had not intervened'. Thanks, Ivo.

Her attention is mercifully diverted when Reize points out (for a certain value of pointing) the arrival of someone new. Judging by Reize's reaction, this Violet person will be nice to be around, so she joins in on waving to her. She's inclined to trust him at this point, and it's preferable to trusting... well, the two weirdos.

She mimicks the sweatbead, easy as that is to do. "I... sure hope so..."
Raine Arland "........."

No response.

Was he even breathing? Was the rejection such a massive blow to his considerable male ego that it completely shut him down and rendered years progress useless? His childhood? Gone. His school life? Gone. Memories of his family? Gone. The comfort that he was once the greatest entity to ever exist in a single frame of time for as long as he did? Apparentl--

No wait. Raine's hand twitched.

And then it clenched, grasping the sand and earth intensely.

Turning his head slightly aside, an eye opened and there was a fire absolutely, positively burning in it. Then, with a huff of exertion, he rose up, with all the manly, obnoxious fervor he could muster.

"I can feel it! I'm alive! I can breath! I CAN FIGHT!"

Shouting his assertion to the deep blue sky, Raine unleashed all of his masculinity in that single moment, arms spread out and hands clenched so tightly that blood might run from them at any given moment.

...Is this is what they call 'the awakening of the phoenix?'


More like the revival of dorkness.

And then as quickly and loudly as it happened, the swordsman had suddenly snapped back into a sober state of mind, grinning and offering Ivo a hand. "Right, where was I before that horrible near death experience? Right. The name's Raine. Raine Arland. Mysterious man of mystery. Man of a thousand faces. Lord of all things great. And Badass extraordinaire."

"How you doing?"

Hades just called. He wants his shtick back.
Ivo Galvan Crossing his arms, nodding slowly, standing off to the distance now, Ivo smiles knowingly, approvingly, at Raine's spectacular revival.

"As anticipated... more or less."


"Nice to meet you, Lynn," he then says, tone once again resembling that of a rational person. "Thanks for helping out our fearless leader in his time of need. Reize loses his pendant almost as often as he loses his balance and plunges into a heaving, luscious b--" Out of the corner of his eye, he espies Princess Violet's approach. "--asket of fruits. He does love his fruits. Hail, Violet." Smiling easily, he raises his hand in greeting. The princess has always been a bit distant to him, but it's not as though Ivo has the right to blame anyone for emotional distance, and he deserves it anyway. It's tough to get a rise out of her sometimes -- likely half the reason he's abruptly stopped messing around -- but the companionship she offers Reize is what matters most to him.

"We should indeed talk," he says, turning back to Reize and looking down at the boy wonder. "I've picked up a few rumors on my travels that might be worth chasing down. We've got to go where the wind carries us after all, yes?"


"Since that's how sails work."

At Raine's proffered hand, Ivo stops to grin back and grant a hearty shake to his kindred spirit. "An honor, Lord Arland. Ivo Galvan, humbly at your service. From one look at you, I had no doubt your manly spirit would swiftly reawaken. I would not dare to plumb the depths of your many mysteries, but if my curiosity might be sated in just one respect--"

He thoughtfully cups his chin.

"Where are your other nine-hundred ninety-nine faces?"
Violet Having been spotted by Reize, Violet instinctively smiles and reaches up to wave back at him, before quietly approaching the gathered group. "Hi Reize. You look as popular as usual." she giggles softly, smiling to Lynn as the girl waves.

"Greetings everyone." the pale-headed girl murmurs softly, a shy quietness to her that doesn't delude the honest and warm smile she offers.

And that smile falters as Ivo quickly shifts topics. About fruit. Violet blinks her bright blue eyes innocently as she glances from him to Reize, a tiny bit of confused. "Um... I hope I'm not interrupting anything." she says with a soft voice, with the off chance that she had been rude and not known.
Reize Seatlan "Ahh.."

Reize offers a smile towards Raine. It is a smile that is filled with uncertainty. "Ahhahaha..ahh..." He brings his hand over to the back of his head, rubbing it with a sheepish smile. So, instead, Reize looks over towards Lynn, "Ah, that reminds me. It looks like you were traveling around, right?" He considers, "...Were you looking for an inn, earli---..."

Ivo's description of Reize's penchant of plunging into 'fruits' has the boy creening his head at Ivo with a glare. His antenna hair points at Ivo, almost like a dagger. The young boy looks over towards the strategist, "...There has been rumors alright. ...Some that pertains to Fluorgis as well." He rubs the back of his head. However, Reize smiles a little more,"But, that is something we can discuss later."

Reize looks over towards both Raine and Ivo's interactions. Well, at least the two are getting along. That is something good, right?

The boy shakes his head, "Not at all! We ended up getting my pendant back from a thief that ended up robbing me earlier."

"Violet, this is Lynn, the person who helped me. Lynn, this is Violet, also part of the Shard Seekers." He beams happily.
Raine Arland At Ivo's question, a good one at that, Raine just half covered his face with a hand. "That, my friend, ....Is one of the seven great mysteries of the world."

What he actually meant was that he had NO idea what the hell we was talking about.

That said, the young man glanced at Reize and Violet, smiling a but less like an idiot and more good naturedly. "Reize, Lynn, and Violet, a pleasure to make your acquaintances as well. Especially the ladies~" There was an eyebrow wiggle to accompany that greeting, and then he turned away abruptly.

"Ergh...!" Dramatically, he clutched his face, as if fighting desperately to keep something from happening. "Must...not...give in...!" Glancing back at those present, he shook his head frantically. "My nine hundred and ninety nine other faces growing impatient! I must go and quell their anger before it spirals out of control and causes another worldwide incident...!"

AKA 'I need an escape, but just walking off would be boring.'

Typical moron.

"Time is of the essence! Away!"

And with that, the fool broke out into a run, dashing off around the corner of a building and away.

A loud crash of clay pottery breaking and a few feline screeches soon followed, along with a muffled 'God damn it!'

Raine Arland.

Mysterious man of mystery.
Lynn Cascadia Lynn turns to pay attention to Ivo's (now more sane) words, the sudden last-second word swap provoking a raised eyebrow in confusion, though Reize's reaction clarifies things somewhat. Before she can really respond, though, another newcomer -- Violet, evidently -- approaches. Violet's smile is met with one right back from Lynn, and she nods and curtsies when introductions and explanations are made as to who's who and what they do. "A pleasure to meet you, Violet."

Her attention is once again momentarily diverted with more of Raine's antics. It's really hard to ignore that guy, loony though he may be.
Ivo Galvan Once again, Ivo waits patiently until the last sounds of Raine's ultra-mysterious and thrilling departure fade.

"Well, he seemed nice."

Smiling blithely again, the Shard Seeker swordsman turns back to old friends and new acquaintance. "In that case, if you excuse me, I may withdraw to headquarters. I have not returned in some time, and I should ensure all is in order before we discuss our path going forward. Reize, Violet, I'll await you there whenever you're ready."

It couldn't have gotten /too/ disorganized in his absence, could it?

"No rush."

And waving easily over his shoulder with the back of his hand, Ivo saunters out of view.

Into an alley.

*crash* *crash* *crash* *feline yowl*

"God damn it!"

Wh... why?
Violet Violet smiles again as she's introduced to Lynn, a small giggle escaping. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well." the young woman dips her chin with a small bow. She /would/ have said this to Raine as well, though is caught by surprised as he wiggles his eyebrows at the girls, before turning away and dashing off.

She blinks a second time. "That was..." What was that exactly? Probably better not to ask questions.

Her pale head glances at Ivo as he too turns away to try and disappear as if he's Mr. Cool. Violet merely exhales a small breath to herself. "Boys..."
Reize Seatlan It is time that Raine makes his exit, the boy merely extends a hand to wave at the departing traveler. "Errr... take care!" The young boy brings his hand to the back of his head, just rubbing it nervously.

And the sound of a clay pottery breaking and a feline screeching has the boy wincing. "Uhh.."

As Ivo is about to depart, Reize nods his head slowly, "Alright. I will meet up with you later. I'll have to bring you up to speed over the events that I've been informed of."

And then.... Crashing and the sound of the feline comes from Ivo.

"...They are similar in some ways."

He considers back to the question he asked earlier, "You were traveling around, right? I don't think I've seen you here before." He places a hand to his chin, "Though, to be fair, Violet and I have been gone for a while since our last adventure.." Went overboard, casted away. Well, at least it all worked out.
Lynn Cascadia Two sequences of cats and pottery in a row. Not the best luck on the part of the two weirdos. Lynn can't help but sympathize with Violet's sentiment. "I know, right?" There's a slight delay before she answers the question posed to her, though. "Y-Yeah... I'm a traveler. Haven't been here before... or much of anywhere besides home until recently, really. Probably would still be there if not for... reasons." The drop-off on 'reasons' probably being a last-second word swap, kind of like those lovely baskets of fruit that Reize keeps falling face-first into.
Violet Violet just gives Lynn a small smile. Sharing with the other girl perhaps at the silliness of boys.

There's an exchange, a question poised, and she watches Lynn as she listens. It isn't difficult to sympathize. She was like that too, still is really. "That tends to happen, doesn't it?"
Reize Seatlan Lynn opens up a bit about her reasons for being a traveler. However, Reize can definitely hear the change of the wording. There is a frown in understanding. "...Oh. I see..." A sad smile crosses his features, "Well, many of us have been displaced from our homeworld as well." The boy considers, "... Some not realizing that our homeworld was swallowed up when it happened."

A smile grows, "I am sure that you'll find a temporary home." He considers, "...The Shard Seeker's goal is to find all of the shards of the fallen worlds and get them restored." Reize lifts his eyes up to the sky. "...It's comprised of people that lost their homes, bound together with that goal." He brightens.

"One day, we'll get all of the worlds restored." He grins, "It'll be more for me to explore."
Lynn Cascadia Reize's sad smile is echoed with one of Lynn's own, and she nods to Violet, confirming that yes, it happens quite often. The explanation of what the Shard Seekers are and what they do does catch her interest and her attention, though... knowing what happened to home and whether she can return (and making that whether a yes, she can) would be great. "I..." She hesitates, then decides to go through with it. "...I don't suppose there's any way I could help with that, is there...?"
Violet Violet turns her head, gently, to look to Reize as he speaks. Just as him, sadness touches her gentle expression, for a moment before the shards are mentioned. Her features warms, and she steps closer, the back of her hand faintly brushing against his. "That we will. Every world, so many people to meet and places explore. And most importantly, families reunited."

Looking back to Lynn, she smiles brighter. "Of course you can. More than welcome even."
Reize Seatlan If there is anything that Reize can do for people, it is inspire hope in them. After all, people need to believe in something. Whether it is a religion, themselves, or someone else. Reize can inspire people to try to make a difference. Everyone has their place.

In the brief moment, Reize's hand gently brushes against Violet's hand. Just as brief as they touch, his glance drifts to the blond with a smile. After a moment, he turns to face Lynn with a smile.

Reize extends a hand her way, "Yeah, you can help. We all will make a difference." A smile grows. "...We would welcome you with opened arms." He has a brightened smile.

"Welcome to Fluorgis, our second home."
Lynn Cascadia It's been a long time since she's had a place this inviting to call home. With both Reize and Violet welcoming her with open arms, she smiles as well. "...thank you. It's... good to be here, today, with both of you..." She glances aside, feeling a little awkward, not entirely sure what she's trying to say. Or maybe she does know and is bad at putting it into words. Either way, it's a little embarrassing...

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