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(2014-02-23 - Now)
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Alma Hyral Alma Hyral had become a regular fixture between Cosmo Canyon and Narshe these past few months. The reason for Cosmo Canyon was rather obvious, to those who knew her background. Narshe.. it was for the Northern Lights, always for the ever shifting myriad of colors that made up the Aurora Borealis. But she had stayed away from those who knew her, mostly because she realized that she needed time to heal in the wake of... well, that's way too much exposition for a scene pose.

She stood out at a seedy pub in Narshe, usually filled with burly miners at the end of their day, as a lone girl in her mid teens, typing away at a laptop which was lightyears beyond the steampunk tech of Narshe. To those who actually caught a look at the screen though, even the briefest of glances, would realize that she was looking at star maps. Constellations and nebulas, all depicted in three dimensions within the program she had open.

She had on a faded crimson turtle neck.. winter pants, and boots. Her hair was a bit of a mess, allowed to hang freely while indoors, but it was obvious that she'd had it up recently given the state it was in. And she was drinking, not much, just a glass of white wine of an indiscernible year and vintage.

She'd heard about the troubles recently in Narshe, but she was attempting to stay out of it. She was fed up with the endless conflicts between darkness and light. And especially of sophisticated villains who wore an aura of menace like they would a cloak.
Warden Thache Warden Thache would like that descriptor. An aura of menace worn like a cloak has a sort of visual poetry all its own

"They are different here," The voice comes from behind her. From a table occupied by a pair of odd figures. They both fit in among the miners of Narche about as well as Alma would.

A pirate and a racoon.

The Pirate is the one that seems to have spoken, though the racoon looks intelligent enough too pay attention and follow the words. The man that spoke could possibily pass for a very tall human, if it wasn't for the twitching cat ears and the bare tip of a cat's tail peeking out from around the corner of the table.

Oddly, the accent he has seems to be irish.

His tricorn hat is pulled low over his eyes, and his hand idily dance on the hangle of a mug of what passes for ale in this little watering hole. His chair leaned back and his booted feet propped up on the table.

However, the man seems quite intrested in her star-charts. At least thats where his intrest seems to be aimed, and where his gaze is pinned.
Alma Hyral Tap tap tap, the girl seemed undeterred from her work, even as a giant anthromorphic feline and a Tanuki crew member entered the bar. If he had 'aura of menace' attached to his ensemble, she didn't notice it at first, as she swirled around her glass, taking another sip from the Riesling.

That wasn't to say she was unaware. You had to cultivate certain senses to survive as a teen girl in a world full of powerful people who would try to take advantage of you. And so she caught them out of the periphery of her vision.

She continued to type in her findings, which appear to be mostly from memory, but on occasion she'd refer to a notebook that was half hidden beneath the laptop. Until she noticed that his gaze was squarely on her screen, adjusting her glasses by the bridge, she looked his way, smiling in a neutral way, "My, perhaps I should be flattered by your interest in my work. Are you a fellow astrophile?"

Despite her words, she'd closed the laptop with a sense of decided finality about it. Apparently she doesn't like people looking at it. "But where are my manners? Do you have a name, or shall I chalk you up as another lecherous and miserly drunkard?" ...or decided lack of manners.

There's some surly utterances amongst the miners who had apparently tried to sidle up to the girl, and found her just as frigid as the Narshe weather.
Warden Thache Contrary to the miners that grumble towards her, the odd pirate just laughs. A infectious and genuine laugh, full of humor. "Oh you are a sharp tounged lass. I like that." Reaching up the pirate tips his hat back enough to to get a better look at the cold young woman. "Warden Thache. At your service. Lecher, but not unually a miser. In fact I'd say misers hate my kind." He adds with a twinkle of humor in his eyes as he pulls his feet back to the ground to sit in more proper form.

"To your first question, I do have a very important intrest in stars. However they are different where I am from." The man lets a wide and feline smile spread across his face. "Usually quite a bit closer too."

There is a cough from the table as the racoon clears his throat.

"Ah yes. I'm being remiss. This is my companion. Spooks."

The racoon gives a little wave from where he sits on the table, curled around a mug of ale. "Yo."
Alma Hyral
That thin, neutral smile doesn't change even at his laughter. Perhaps Alma didn't know if she was in a duel of wordplay, or having a genuine conversation yet. Her voice had a sweet, musical quality about it despite it's frigid nature, "It can be as sharp as a Dragoon's spear, if I so choose. And since you appear to be 'armed' I think I'll keep it that way."

Making a circular gesture with her hand before pointing upwards, "Ah, so you're a Knight of the Road then who managed to break free from their world's atmosphere. The problem with space, Mister Thache, is that you usually can only see them when they're that close. Such a maddening paradox isn't it? The closer you are, the less you see." She manages a thin grin, "...Alma Hyral. I'm from a world that managed to make it far above the clouds too. And what dull clouds they were. Always hiding the more interesting bits amongst flashes of lightning and claps of thunder. I admit that I miss the rain though."

Spooks gets a small wave, over her glass of wine, "Spooks is it? You should try the wine over the ale. The tavern keep waters it so thin as a result of the roads being snowed over."
Warden Thache "I was wondering why it tasted like water," Spooks grouses in Warden's direction, glareing at his mug. "I told ya we should have burned it down last time we where here."

"Now now Spooks," The captain replies with a shake of his head. "If we went and did that then where would Lady Scythetounge here go to get her wine? Bad form that would be to deprive the town of their drinks. Bad form."

Spooks sighs. "I supose you're right."

His conversation with his crew done, the captain turns to look back towards Alma with a smile on his face however at that thin grin. "Mmmm, you see less of that specific one, but more of others. Its an ever-shifting sea up there. Sailing the rings of planets and the nebula between worlds." A flash of a grin. "Apparently my world's version of space was slightly different than most. Imagine my suprise when I found out. And clouds can be dull, but they can hide rather brillint treasure. If you care to look hard enough that is."

He tilts his mug back, draining a deep drink of his ale before quirking up an eyebrow towards the woman. "Do you mind terribily if I join you? Its rather awkward to talk across tables."
Alma Hyral While she didn't seem particularly bothered by their talk, she still tried to talk them down in that same neutral tone, "Now now good sirs. I'm sure talk of arson makes yonder miners nervous. After all, at least half of them lost their jobs when Milner's closed.." That causes more irate grumbling, "....and to think, if they were to lose their watering hole as well?" She swirls around the wine in her glass, ".....What would be left for them in this town? Not all of them have a tendency to look up, and dream of what lay beyond the drifting snowflakes and grey clouds. They're not Shivans after all, the cold isn't in their blood, isn't part of their heritage. And what a heritage it is! Where shamans speak to and summon the gods. But these souls here, they're just honest souls looking to make a living in a world gone mad where devils caper in the dark, and gentlemen like yourself war over... trinkets."

Another sip, and a bit of a smirk, "Oh I tended to look up, and dream of what lay beyond that dull canopy, before my parents shipped me off to school on the moon that is. Maybe that's why I never stopped, and it became my life's work."

A shrug of her turtle necked shoulders, "I suppose I wouldn't mind the company, though keep your lecher's mind on other targets who are less prickly. I'm not in the mood to shift our little duel to /that/. Not that I consider myself much of a prize, but I'm just laying the ground rules right off."
Warden Thache The pirate stands with a smooth grace might remind one of a stalking jungle cat. A mindless finesse and agility that comes out in every movement, no matter how normally graceless. He saunters towards her table, pulling out a chair next to her with a flick of his foot before he settles himself into it.

"Up front about things are we? Well I can deal with that." The man drawls out quietly. "Fine then, for now we abide by your rules."

Spooks snorts. "You love rules only so you can break them."

Warden shrugs lightly. "He's right," He adds towards Alma with a wink in her direction. "I do love breaking rules."

He seems content enough to abide by them for the moment, not overstepping his bounds /too/ much as he makes himself comfortable.

"You know," He adds after a moment. "I don't think the gentlemen here are happy with a few of the statements you just made either." A pause. "Of course I don't think they are gentlemen or that I care what they think. So its doesn't bother me either way."

"As a side note, I prefer not to war over trinkets. It tends to break said trinkets, and they are much less valuble to anyone after that." He pauses for a moment though to regard the woman. "Your life's work? The starcharts?" He taps one finger on the table a few times. "Its all in that little device?" He ads as he nods towards the laptop. "Forgive me for saying so, but it is a bit inelegant for a life's work. We use a bit of a different manner of things for starcharts where I'm from."

A pause again.

"You lived on a moon then? Different. I'm from...a space station I supose you would call it. A starport."
Alma Hyral
Alma Hyral notes every single movement over the haze of wine. She'd known trained warriors, and she knew one when she saw one, just by the shifting of his sinewy muscles, and his easy predatorial grace. She glances over to Spook, continuing in that neutral voice "Isn't that the way of things? Order is always a matter of personal perception, and some people will break it just because they can." She didn't however, commit to whether she was one of those people.

Miss Hyral seems non-plussed in regards to his evaluation over the 'gentlemen' in the tavern, "I'm sympathetic to their plight at least. I used to have very little love for the Murasame Corporation, but the past is the past, and I'm over that. As to whether they'll be gentlemanly enough to realize my newly minted neutrality for what it is..." Apparently Murasame was being spoken like a curse word amongst half the lips of the tavern, "....well... that is their choice. I don't much care."

She doesn't comment on statements over battling over trinkets, instead offering a soft chuckle, then tsking when he refers to her life's work, "No..." She taps the side of her head, "...most of it is up here. The rest of it is in a collection of books, files, and scrolls from across the worlds which I keep to myself. All this 'inelegant' device does is compile the data into something easier to look at, and makes the math.. easier. For actual navigation I use a device I invented. Not that I need it, unless I'm truly searching for something that I need pinpoint accuracy for... reading distant celestial bodies comes as easily to me as breathing."

Her eyes twinkle with amusement, "A moon, named Chocobo. Not the most elegant name, but we didn't have a very original naming system on my world. Our Alexander Academy sprawled across nearly the entire surface of the moon. Before that I lived in Ramuha, you may have heard what Souji Murasame is doing out on the plains, when he's done I imagine it'll look much like that. It was his home too. But I digress... your world, and it's 'space' sounds fascinating, insomuch as that you can see the stars while in space, with only your naked eye. Allow me to wager a guess on the why.. did your space had an atmosphere that you could breathe within?"
Warden Thache "Easily as breathing?" The captain chuckles quietly as he regards the only slightly younger woman. "Careful with that. /That/ skill is something people would kill for in my world. Someone who could read the stars that well would be worth their weight in gold. I might just hire you myself! "

He shrugs slightly. "Not everything has to be elegant or impressive, but a life's work should at least have some thought put into it. You seem to have done just that." He pauses a moment, smiling towards her. Curiously regarding the odd figure of the prickly girl as he finishes his ale.

No questions come forth right off the bat, though they seem to boil being his brilliantly green eyes. He's curious, as apparently befits his feline appearence.

"It had an atmosphere of sorts I supose. With the right tools and the right technology you could sail the stars as well as you could the ocean here. There were even whales, and flocks of space gulls that would follow a star galleon for leagues out of port."

"Careful," Spooks smirks as he clambers up on the table. "If you keep him talking too long he'll get all mistyeyed for home."

Warden's quick glare silences the racoon, but it can't slience the grin on the little creature's face.

"Anyway, it seems you have some history with this Murasame Corporation. Since the way you say the name makes it seem as if your wine just went sour. Care to fill me in on them? I havn't had the...pleasure...of running into that little group yet. Though a few of my aquentences seem to know them. I've heard the name at least, just not seen their results."
Alma Hyral Alma's eyes twinkle with amusement, "And if I were interested in gold, I might take you up on it, but I'm not particularly. I've made enough using it to be /quite/ comfortable. No, my interests are a little more... diverse. Though I don't mind coming to an arrangement for a decent cause every now and then. High adventure and all that, to mix things up."

The glass of wine is now almost empty, she's been drinking from the same one this whole time, the smallest of sips. Perhaps Thache might even realize that at times she wasn't actually drinking any of it at all even when she raised her glass, likely to keep her senses sharp, even amongst the haze from her starting 'early'. "I put thought into it? Only every day. I have a goal in mind, which I'm rather focused upon, though it's not one I'm exactly comfortable discussing with new acquaintances."

Warden's description of space causes her to lean forward, and that is where he has her at least. Curiosity in regards to where the cat was from, "Fascinating, to sail through space like a galleon upon the high sea.. I'd have to think upon the technology you'd need to do that efficiently. And creatures /living/ within it that aren't Heartless?" Her eyes were lighting up at the thought, Thache might note that she was literally /restraining/ herself from picking up a pen and jotting this all down. "I would have loved to visit it."

At the end of it, she shrugs her shoulders her tone of voice and expression once again the picture of bland neutrality, "What's there to say? It's called the Murasame Zaibatsu because the man dreams of it becoming a a little feudal-state like it was on our world, its an old word on my world for just that. I was an employee for a while, I resigned, and I would have been fired anyhow even if I hadn't. The two of us didn't see eye to eye. Now? I don't know anymore. If you're looking to make a profit, then I'm certain the two of you can come to a number of arrangements."
Warden Thache "High adventure I might be able to help you with, noble causes?" The pirate flashes her a smile that is one part wicked and two parts feline. "I'm a pirate by nature, a rule breaker and general rogue. I have been told that I am a terrible person, even if I wouldn't think so myself. So, I'm afraid there won't be much in the way of noble causes from me."

He pauses once more to think about it. "Who knows though. On occasioni I sometimes even suprise myself."

He polishes off his ale, raising his hand for a refill. "I wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable with me around. A shame that would be. Besides, every woman needs a mystery. Or so I've been told."

He smiles half to himself as he seems to have grabbed her attention with his descriptions of his world. Skipping that subject for a moment however he focuses on the latter mention of hers. "...mmm. Honestly I don't think he would like this Murasame Zaibatsu. I've found that merchants are just another word for nobility in some worlds, and I have a specific spot in my black heart for my dislike of those. I have a feeling that them and I might not get alog." Again that wicked grin. "See, I tend to practice my trade on most merchants and nobles. Usually does not do well for my resume."

He watches her for a moment before dipping one hand into the pocket of his coat. He removes what looks like a odd broze and copper sphere. He places it on the table before tapping a few of the nodes on it. The top lights up and a holographic image of a 'swimming' school of space whales appears over the sphere.

"Living creatures, not heartless. They don't look heartless now do they? As for the technology? Well. I can't tell you that. We /both/ have to keep some secrets now don't we?" A pause. "However. If I /do/ find a way back there, to where I can sail the stars. I'll make sure to take you for a trip. Show you something you havn't seen before."
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral manages only the faintest of grins, "Take care, Warden, I've been called self-righteous and preachy in the past. But on occasion I might surprise myself as well. I do have my lines, but won't sit here boring you all night with the rules on when they're crossed so that you might know when you break them. If you don't /know/ where the line is, then it makes a person more hesitant to test the waters."

She laughs at that, something about that struck a chord within her, "You have no idea. And I enjoy a mystery myself on occasion, but here's something I learned..." She juts the wine glass in a gesture towards him, ".....don't fall in too much love with a mystery. Because if you do, you'll leap headlong into the blackest pit and darkest void to seek even the smallest glimmer of that love. And even if you emerge with it, you do so changed. Changed enough that what you love, might not love you any longer." Now her smile becomes a frown, "...when love turns to fear, it's a terrible thing, Mister Thache."

Her soured mood shifts quickly back to the topic at hand, "Nobility..." She traces a line across the top of her wine glass, "...Murasame fancies himself that, as do most that went to our Academy. Nearly everyone came from a rich family, with some storied history. My own, had a Church background..." Her eyes twinkle a little, ".....another mark against me I imagine... but I assure you, I care not for the thought that I was the cloest thing our world had to nobility. And I no longer particularly care about spreading the faith, or dogma." There's that hint of a smile again, ".... so long as you don't ply your trade on folk who can't afford the loss, I'm not particularly disturbed. And so long as you don't put a length of Odynar bone in merchants' bellies as a habit..."

She puts a hand to her mouth, "....I do believe I just broke my own rule on 'lines', begging your pardon there. Even if we disagree, it doesn't mean we can't seek to understand each other anyhow."

At his offer, "Oh I think I might enjoy that, though that trip may be long in coming. A pity you can't share the tech, but it's quite understandable due to.." She puts up a single hand, waving it like a jazz hand, ".....'mystery'."
Warden Thache Leaning forwards in his chair, the pirate places his elbow on the table as his eyes twinkle just slightly. It seems he is about to impart a deep and powerful secret on his tablemate, at least that is what his manner speaks of. "Ah, see Alma. You don't have to worry about length's of bone in anyones bellies. You see, a /dead/ merchant can only be taken from once. A frightened one? You can take from them again and again. Only logic really." The man gives a sage nod as he retreats, though he does still remain slightly canted frowards.

"Those that can't afford it I wouldn't be visitin' in an official type capasity anyway. So...I don't think on /those/ points at least we would have much of an issue." The smile remains however as he adds. "And don't worry, it takes a lot to offend me. Not even Lord Idiot or Lady Wolf has managed, though they both do try." A pause as he adds. "Angantyr and Avira, I seem to enjoy making nicknames for people. If you havn't noticed."

His mood shifts like a sea breeze, sobering slightly at something she says. "It could be worse, it could have turned to hate. Which is an alltogther different monster."

He pulls out of that slight sobering thought as he shrugs. "I will however, remember your words. They have a ring of experiance to them, and expeiance never should be overlooked."

The mug returns to the table, though the feline captain seems aleart enough. He doesn't make mention of the fast that she isn't /really/ drinking, he might not even notice, or he might think it paranoid and approve.

"As to the Church? I have no real view on that either way. Religion and I never really saw eye to eye if you havn't guessed, and I've found Churchmen to be no more or less holy than any other man. Regardless of what they might think of it themselves. So no strikes, you are once again safe. Stargazer." A pause. "Oh I might like that better than Scythetounge, though each has their charm. Wouldn't you say?"

He makes little mention of the tech now, however he does file that information away. After all that could be of use later. He's usually willing to cut a deal.
Alma Hyral
There's a long and ponderous silence as she listens to his evaluation on how to steal from merchants. During it, Alma might even take an extra sip of wine, her expression abstracted, "You know, a good friend of mine always had this saying..." She toys with the glass in her hand, "....darkness may cover much of the universe, but it's not necessarily evil. It just has a lot of bad people who dwell in it." There's a hint of a smile, "Just.. always made me wonder.... something.." She traces a finger across the edge of the glass, not finishing that thought.

Her gaze snaps back up when she calls Angantyr and Avira Lord Idiot and Lady Wolf respectively. Her eyebrows might shoot off her face, and then she giggles, "You know, that's not quite the names I would give either for them. Then again, I don't know Angantyr well. Where I was living they call him assassin. Guilty of regicide they say. And he's proud of it. Not sure if I know him well enough to make a judgement call. And Avira.. well, I'm actually fond of her. How exactly did you earn both of their ire?" She wobbles a hand, "....but people don't necessarily have to share opinions on a person. You're entitled to yours. It sounds to me like you enjoy trying to get a rise out of them both than anything else. Maybe you're trying to do the same with me in our little tete-a-tete. So what nickname would you give me then?" Her smile becomes a bit impish, "...I might even tell you the first one that springs to mind for me, if you reciprocate, first."

His next comment though, causes her drink. In seconds, she's drained the glass, and she just stares at him, for the longest of times. The silence is interminable, even after he speaks the words of not overlooking experience. Eventually she does speak up, "...bad things in the dark, Warden. Sometimes fear can be worse than hate. Hate is easier to conquer than fear, when it comes to that." That definitely sounds worse than some child's nightmare about boogeymen.

Some of that intensity remains, though it grows a little lax, as she continues to speak "The Church.. I used to see eye to eye with it. It offered me an ideal world, a comfortable future, all laid out for me. And even when I found out that it was wrong, I still pretended to be part of them. One of the follies of youth and inexperience combined with equal parts expectation."

And then he does in fact share that nickname, which drains away the intensity of her mood, and she raises the glass, "Flattering, yet matter of fact. Mine for you is a little more silly, and more a fleeting fancy, so you'll have to beg pardon for its temporary unflattering nature. But I did say I would tell you.. I'll endeavour to think up something more suitable soon, but 'Captain Puss-in-Boats'."
Warden Thache "Ah, but hate begets fear, fear begets hate. Its a vicious cycle with those two, worse than a black hole to get out of. Hate is easier to conquer, but easier to give in too as well. When one gives into hate, nothing is left there but death at the end of things is there?" The man's voice is quiet, thoughtful. He doesn't mock her for her fears though, she seems sincere in them and well. He isn't the kind to mock for that. "...of course..." He drawls as his smile grows wicked once again. "...if you listen to movies and books, hate can also lend itself to a night of" The way he says company translates into sex. "So I supose its not all bad. Fear can't quite manage that one."

Alright. So he mocks a little. Its at least mostly aimed at himself.

The smile dovetails into the rest of his conversation as he returns to more pleasent topics.

"Well I don't think most would call me a /good/ person, so I supose I would be one of those bad eggs. Not as bad as some, not as good as others, I am simply Warden Thache. I am content enough with that." The man is at least not asharmed of his roguishness or his perchant for pillage. The smile on his face simply grows as she trails off. "Now that is a lure if I've ever seen one, and I supose that would make me the fight that decided to bite. What did it make you wonder?"

He is distracted from that with the mention of Avira and Angantyr though. "Oh I tried to steal one of their princesses. They didn't take kindly to that. Angantyr takes himself too seriously. All dark and brooding and 'ooh look at my dark and brooding' type. I sware he is a walking cliche." The pirate pauses. "I supose I'm not one to talk about that am I?"

That twinkle of amusement doesn't vanish in the least as he shrugs, once more entirely ok with that. "Avira? I'm fond of myself. She gets the most adorable wrinkle in her brow when you annoy her enough. She objected to me attempting to improve the artwork at Castle Charming."

Warden snuck in, and replaced half the family portraits with pictures of himself.

"So yes, I enjoy getting a raise out of both of them. With you? I havn't decided yet. Though I am enjoying our little chat." At the mention of a nickname for him though he waits for it. Waits for then then...when it comes...the man pauses for a moment before letting loose a loud laugh. One full of suprise. "Oh, oh I like that. I /do/ wear boots. I /have/ been called a Puss before. Mostly in my world, where its considered rather insulting." A flash of a grin. "Of course I am rather insulting, so I supose it fits. I actually have a cousin by that name. Nice lad, havn't seen him in years though. He was from a different branch of the family. Got himself cursed last I heard." A flash of a grin. "My blood does seem to breed rogues more often than not."
Alma Hyral
There was a time when the implied innuendo would have made her blush, made her sputter. Given her the same adorable wrinkle that he saw in Avira in her, except even more emotive. It wasn't so long ago in fact. Now, she doesn't even bat an eyelash. Strange that. But she doesn't respond in any sort of sultry or sensual manner to indicate interest, or even acknowledgement at the time. "It's possible they hate me now, I haven't seen them in a long time. So perhaps the cycle has come full circle, if so it really doesn't change a thing. I'm what I am now, they're what they are now, and they know I'm not coming back first. Probably what we both feel is just years of disappointment and sadness compacted into a /very/ short time frame. And I'm not really interested in companionship born out of hate." Gesturing slightly towards him, "...though you sound like you might be. Perhaps with your Lady Wolf? You'll likely be disappointed. I don't see her being unfaithful to the love of her life, and vice versa. He does a great Bogart impression, so I'm rather certain he's up and up on genre conventions." And then a hint of amusement enters into her voice, "...and Lord Vespar? I won't venture to call him an idiot, as I refuse to malign someone before I know the truth. I'm rather certain you'll have even less luck with him."

She rubs her fingers together, "Not everything that is dark is evil. Just as not everything that walks in the light is 'good'. I just wondered what it'd be like if the situation was reversed. Fire or ice, like the poem. Poetic in one sense, horrifying in another. And my nightmares, Warden, are the opposite to how things are now. What if everything were to die in a righteous pyre of starfire, with empty creatures of the light consuming the dark?"

Now she does give him a critical look, "Yeahhhh, I can understand that. Not going to lecture you, but just saying it is /really/ bad news if the wrong people get their hands on those princesses. I imagine they hired you to do that? You should probably drop that job, if you're able to."

And then she shakes her head about Avira, "I am /very/ happy I didn't meet you a year ago, I'd probably have fled from sheer embarrassment at your first verbal thrust."

She waves a finger about, " 'boats'." She corrects, and grins, "Slightly more flattering than boots. Any cat can wear boots, but can any feline look stylish in a ship? And tell me about it... my bloodline tended to have us all be born with sticks up our arses, and I was one of them. Most still probably think I have it implanted there. My sister had it scientifically amputated. Me, I think I ground it off with pure angst."
Warden Thache "Vespar? He hates most things, including at most times himself I'd wager. If not hate, than powerfully dislike. Avira though?" Warden turns up a smile. "If you don't mean her harm I don't believe she would hate you. She seems more the forgiving type, provided you don't push her too far." Which apparently Warden hasn't yet. "I think you are safe with her."

Again that twinkling smile before he shrugs slightly. "So people tell me, that they are perfect and faithful. I'm sure they are, but that won't stop me from teasing. The possibility of an enjoyable night together is immaterial. Its the game itself that makes me smile." Again a bark of laughter. "Maire would set me on fire should I even try to slip into his bed, and fire and my ears and tail do not mix. So I believe I shall have to leave him alone."

She talks of light and dark and Warden shrugs slightly. "I prefer the twilight of the stars to too much of either. If one side or the other gains too much power, well...all you have is stagnation and bordem, in one way or the other. Absolutes are not something I like dealing with, I find either way there tends to be something wrong once you get too far one way or the other." A shrug though as she pins him with a look. He shrugs slightly, entirely unapologetic about his actions. "Ah Stargazer, they pay well." Is all he ventures to say on the subject of princesses.

"I am glad my frist thrust didn't send you fleeing for the hills, its always the ones that come after that are the most enjoyable." He manages to deliver the line mostly deadpan, with a twitching bit of a smile before he pauses and his eyes clear. "In /boats/. Oh that is even /better/. Pardon my misshearing that one. I /do/ have a few boats. If I get any more I'm going to have to get an admiral's hat." A smirk comes to his face as she mentions her family. "Either way seems unpleasent, if you don't mind me saying so. Both seem like they might leave scars."
Alma Hyral
"That's all of us I think, from time to time. I don't think he dislikes me. I don't think he likes me either. We have a shared neutrality about us." Alma Hyral shrugs her shoulders, "And Avira, I haven't seen her in ages. We didn't dislike each other. I actually served as her White Mage 'second' once when she dueled. We had a small disagreement on Souji Murasame, but we got over that. Amazing what a haute cuisine dinner while cooler heads prevail can do. I just don't do it often anymore. Cooking for just myself is never as.. satisfying? And I've spent a great deal of time alone, stewing in my own boots, Warden Puss."

Alma breathes out a sigh, "Ah the pursuit, rather than the destination." She lifts an eyebrow, "Really? Maira, setting you aflame? She seemed such a nice girl, though she takes 'the way to one's heart through their stomach' to ridiculous extremes. I think she hugged me once for every single course I prepared."

Alma Hyral nods at him in an abstracted manner, "I used to deal only with absolutes. Call it environment and upbringing, and tales of boogeymen 'round every corner. Now, I take a more balanced perspective, though I think your twilight of the stars is different from mine. Personally I want my sky back, then I just want it to stay in balance forevermore. It's not status quo, it's equal grounds of competition. I just happen to be able to wield the light better than the dark. Another folly of youth, trying to be special. People tell me wanting to be special isn't a sin, but I think hubris and jealousy are, and I had that in spades."

"I learned to riposte from the best. Though my teacher would have added in a lot more snark and a touch more sarcasm. They were wittier than I ever could be."

She shrugs her shoulders, at the statement of fact in regards to her limitations. "You have no idea...." She swirls around the glass. ".....Kyra and you would probably get along famously. She's a lot more mercenary and adventurous than I ever could be."
Warden Thache Warden chckles quietly. "I was cooks assistant before I was a captain, and a tanner before that, so I supose I can relate to that. Most things are better with an audiance. Most, but not all. Some things are much more fun one on one." A raise of an eyebrow however before he chuckles. "But not anymore Lady Stargazer? Are you going to come out of your isolation and rejoin the rest of the world moving past? Most people would say that you arn't alone in a crowded tavern like this, but...its easiest to be alone in the middle of a crowd isn't it?" A pause. "And you shouldn't stew boots. Ruins the taste."

He listens however as she explains about her views, curiousitity once more lights his gaze as he hrmms quietly. One fingers bounces on the table in a quiet but rythmic pattern, it like all other actions having that same liquid grace that the cat-captain displays. "You did go though some changes, some growing up some would say. From the way that you talk at least." Its a quiet observation, but Warden doesn't think its too far off. This girl might have an older mind than her body would suggest. "Had eh? Ground out of you now? Like the stick up your arse was?" Again that humor, crass and teasing comes to the fore. It seems that Warden greets most things in the world with humor. A smiling face to show them all.

"Ah, don't sell yourself short, either in sarcasm, wit, or adventure. You can always suprise yourself, which I find the best kind of suprise. Well...sometimes not the best, but at least the most intriguing."
Alma Hyral
"Honest answer? I don't know yet. I'm tired of letting the past define me completely, but I think if I just up and rejoined everyone that knew me as I was that I'd become mopey and clingy and then I'd regress to dependance, especially on my sister. And I think I'd rather die than completely become that again. That's not a mark against Kyra, but me. The realization that I was the problem." She rolls her eyes, managing a faint smile, "Most people are full of it then, you're the most alone in a crowded tavern as you say. I'd like to think that's why I spend a great deal of my time here."

If she had a knife right now she might be tempted to play five finger filet with those cat like fingers. Her hands were clumsy unless kitchen utensils were in them. It gives her an amused expression, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Which makes it much more interesting to leave it at that." And on the next statement, "Yes. Miscconceptions, hubris, and jealousy, Mister Thache. Also best to leave that at that. The whole thing makes my bloody head hurt to be honest. I think I've tried reframing the reality of it so many times to fit my changing perspectives that I gave my sister vertigo. I'll just say some things don't need exposition or explanation. They just 'are'."

Pointing a finger at him, she states in a mild tone, "Careful now. Implying that I might surprise myself could give others the /right/ idea about me. I don't think most people would believe me if I told them I ground that stick away."

Putting a hand over her mouth, she stifles a yawn, "...but for now, I think I'm a little tired, and I think I've entertained you enough that you /probably/ won't burn this place down. You can take that as another mystery, whether I spoke with you to forestall that eventuality, or if I truly enjoyed the conversation."
Warden Thache "Move to the future while remembering the past. Not dwelling on it, but...just remembering. Dwelling on it is when it gets dangerous." Warden replies as he downs his second mug of ale. A smile then as he adds in that amused drawl of his. "I spend most of my life on a ship surrounded by pirates of various stripes. I don't think I'd know alone if it slapped me upside the head. However, the next time I see the people that say that sort of thing I will remember too tell them they are wrong."

Warden might object to that game, but then again he might not. He might even wager something on it. The captain was a murcurial sort at the best of times.

"The I will not delve into the exposition, you are intresting enough as is. You don't need to add to it." His eyes dance with amusement as she points towards him and his clever hand snaps out towards hers. Should he grap it? He'll place one light kiss against her curling digit before letting her hand go.

Regardless of weather his tease lands or not he stands as she yawns, sliding to his feet in an unhurried gesture. "Well, I'd never want to give anyone the right idea about you, Stargazer." He adds as he settles the tricorn hat on his head properly. "You have indeed provided more entertinment than a cheery fire, and I will hold hope that you truly did enjoy our little chat." A chuckle. "Ah, that is another one of those dangerous emotions isn't it? Hope."

"Come on Spooks! We're off!" He suddenly turns away with that exclimation, the raccoon sitting up and scampering over to leap onto the pirate's shoulder and perch there.

"No fun tonight boss? Bah!"

"Bloodthirsty beast," Warden's tone is good natured. "No /profit/ in it. You know the rules. Besides...we'll find something to plunder on the way back I'm sure."

This seems to perk the racoon right up even as Warden turns with a swirl of his coat towards the door.

"Sleep well when you do, Lady Stargazer." He calls with a backward glance and a smirk. "It enlightening night."

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