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(2014-02-22 - 2014-02-24)
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Vespa Vespa lays in bed her brow sweating and her breathing raspy. She hanging on after being poisoned by her old accuatnce Raven. Normal healing methods haven't been able to cure the poision ravaging her body they have help to slow it down. She tosses and turns in the bed.
Avira Avira paces back and forth. Her own healing magic is limited so ever since she heard that Vespa was poisoned, she'd been hauling in various remedies and antidotes she's picked up from all over the World of Ruin. Nothing seemed to be doing the trick.

"...I might have to go to Merlin for this. Or bring Merlin here. This seems out of my league."
Minerva Minerva is wondering just what has effected Vespa she does not know toxins well, she has some information but this is a new one to be sure. She has plans but saving Vespa is the formost thing on her mind.

"Aye we need to find a healer, this is beyond what I can do. I have attempted to purge her with little reaks of foul magiks to me."
Nagetta Well, at least it'll help more than Nagetta's healing magic. Which is limited to draining the life out of others. "I could try sucking it out...but it might just make things worse." Vespa's already on shaky ground as it is. Still she wants to try and do something to help her friend.
Vespa Suddenly, without warning Vespa opens her eyes she sits up. She looks around and then stares at her hands turning them over and examing them...
Avira Avira takes notice of Vespa sitting up. It's a little hard not to since she's the onyl one in one of the beds right now. She turns to her fellow VALKYRI. "Vespa? Are you alright?"
Nagetta "What was that all about? It sounded like something went wrong with you two?" At least that's at much as Nagetta was able to make it out about from the conversation. Hopefully Vespa was up for explaining what was going on.
Vespa "No, not Vespa..", a deep male voice coming out of Vespa's mouth. "She still asleep Avira.. I'm just borrowing this body for a while.. This is a new experince for me..", Vespa or whoever or whatever the voice is ingoring Nagetta for the moment..
Avira "Holy <goosehonk>." Avira recoils, "She's being possessed! Someone get an exorci..." she trails off and squints at Vespa. Whoever it was, they were clearly male and they clearly knew her. If he was coming through Vespa then. "...Al?" she guesses. "Is that you?"
Nagetta Nagetta slithers back a bit in surprise as she hears the male's voice. She didn't know Al could do such a thing either. "What's going on...?" This just keeps creating further questions to be answered.
Vespa 'Al' chuckles a bit points at Avira. "Correct!", he says. "We better not waste any time, and I bet you all have a few questions. Not sure how long I can do this. I don't want to strain Vespa's body more than I need to."
Avira "Al is Vespa's axe. Or a spirit inside Vespa's axe? I'm not really sure, actually. Sometimes I've wondered if he actually was real or made up like the maid outfit curse was. Anyway, let's get down to business." Avira looks back to Vespa-Al. "Do you know anything about this poison in Vespa right now? We can't seem to find any magic or potions that'll cure it."
Nagetta Nagetta takes a deep breath trying to calm down, before she speaks again. "Is there anything we can do to help Vespa?" If Al's inside in her right now, he should have some idea of what's going on. She nods in agreement with Avira, she's better at speaking than the lamia is.
Vespa "I'm not really sure myself somtimes. Maybe I'm a figement of Vespa imagaination or mabye Vespa's a figement of my imagination..", he pauses. "Raven,", he says the name almost like a curse. ",used a pretty obsure poision.. I do know are cure. There a yellow moss that grows up on the cliffsides of monutians that should be albe to cure this poison.."
Avira "Well that doesn't tell us much. I think you are a spirit of some kind because you're obviously possessing Vespa. Anyway. Business." She pauses, listening, and nodding. This was all making sense. "Which mountains can we find this moss on?"
Vespa "Possibly. Another time you have to get Vespa to look more into it. I might have some siblings out there. I'm not sure.", he sighs. "That's the hard part. With the way geography is all messed up here I'm not sure which moutains it could be growing on but try on the underside of loose rockcliffs that doe have any little to no sunlight in the area."
Avira "You sure you can't at least name a mountain where this happens?" Avira presses, "Though the geography is kind of messed up they at least try to preserve the original place names."
Nagetta "Wouldn't that be the underside of most cliffs?" Nagetta figures sunlight wouldn't reach there to begin with. "Or do you mean there's no sunlight above either?"
Minerva Minerva is a bit put off by Al jacking Vespa's body and she'll keep an eye on him? Her? To make sure nothing undue happens. Otherwise she's listening now grimacing at the tale the weapon has to tell them.

"So we need to find where these places are, if they have even come out of the darkness?"
Vespa "I suggest moutains Vespa's home world but she not sure where that is.. I'm not too familar with names.. Let me poke Vespa memories for a second. Don't tell her I did this, she get upset and praobly woudn't polish me for a whole week! Okay. You could try the moutains in that hawaii place, or the moutains near that city with the church what was it called again Notre something something..
Nagetta "Notre Dame?" Nagetta looks uneasy as she says that. She doesn't want to go back there unless completely necessary. Plus they seemed to be uneasy about non-humans there as well. "Looking in Hawaii might be a better idea, anyone know how to get there?" She's never heard of it before let alone been there.
Minerva Minerva says "I know we can catch a ship there, there are some captains who travel that way. I hear is' a strange but interesting land. Sadly we won't have time to enjoy ourselves if we go there. Vespa's condtion is the primary thing, then once she's healed. Raven will need to be tended to."
Vespa "I wish I Could help more..", Al says. "But doing this is quite straining..", and suddely some ninja burst throught the door and windows. "Looks like someone doesn't want you going there at all...

Avira "Hawaii? That's not the world I thought Vespa would be from at all...we'll try there, that place is more likely to have a cliff we can easily accesss-oh you're kidding me, we don't have time for this <goosehonk>."

Avira's pretty furious and immediately unleashes her ice magic before she reaches over to grab the Spine.
Nagetta Nagetta certainly wasn't expecting ninja trying to stop them. Then again they're ninja. They didn't seem to be from Eblan as far as she could tell, so she didn't have to worry about hurting anyone she knows. Then again she doubts they would work for Raven to begin with. She quickly tries to coil around one of them, to take away the advantage of mobility and bites them in the shoulder. Let's how they liked being poisoned.
Minerva Minerva was not expecting a ninja however she's very much on alert she shifts to the left as the attack comes in. She frowns pretty hard and already is moving to strike.

"Enough of this, you are unwelcome here!"

That's when the punches start flying!
Vespa One of the ninja manages to avoid Nagetta coils other get hit my Avira incoming ice attack, and one get a punch right to the gut by Minvera attack. That doesn't stop them thought as they charge the girls there swords ready.
Nagetta While Nagetta might be nimble she's also a huge target as well for and finds her getting slashed a few times. Being inside, there's limited room to move, but she still bounces around the room using one of the walls as leverage before bring her spear down on the ninjas.
Avira "Shame Vespa's security system couldn't be ready for this." Avira scowls, straight up colliding with a ninja. Furiously, she drags it down into a tangle of limbs, trying to gain the upper hand so she can punch it in the head.
Minerva Minerva is fast but she's more focused on taking hits, than she is abotu avoiding them. This proves to be how it goes with the Ninja. She again sattacks her fist bursts into flames as she attempst ot se the ninja on fire. Screw setting herself on fire, she'll set the ninja on such!
Vespa One of the Ninja get pushed to the group by Avira and antothe get set on fire by Minvera another skillfull avoids Nagetta's attack. The remiains standing one counter with some ninja magic and sword swipes.
Avira Avira punches her opponent in the head until he stops moving, at which point she figures he's probably unconscious. Before the ninja magic can strike her, Avira rolls out of the way and twists up onto her feet. After a moment, she retrives her Spine and charges the last remaining ninja.
Nagetta It's a bit difficult for Nagetta to fight in close quarters, her style is based around mobility after all. She coils up to try make more room for her to strike out at the ninjas. If anyone tried to get in close she would lash out at them.
Vespa Most of the ninja are unconious (or possibly dead) the ones remining standing deside to cut there losses and run way they most make for the widows trying to escape.
Avira Avira turns and gives one last shot at one of the fleeing ninja, using her ice magic to fire off an arrow-shaped spell at one of the ninja. It's not lethal, just meant to trap the victim in ice so she could perhaps interrogate them.
Vespa The ninja is too busy running way to notice the ice magic and get entrapped in it..
Nagetta Nagetta lets the ninjas go, helping Vespa was more important and besides it looks like Avira already managed to capture one for questioning.
Minerva Minerva looks rather unhappy as she looks to Averia for a moment

"We need to deal with this... and good show. We shall have words with this one."

She thinks it's going to be a very long night from the looks of things.

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