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(2014-02-18 - Now)
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Argon Coliseum is an imposing edifice. Massive in scope and cruel of purpose. Part holding cell and part bloodsport arena. its a centerpiece of the City. The building rising tall above the sprawling mass of electrons and pieced together buildings.

Screens on the interior splash win/loss ratios in letters dozens of feet high. The roar of the crowd even outside of the Coliseum is loud. Inside it is defening.

A hundred programs battle to the death against each other for the pleasure of the ruling systems. Bets are exchanged. Voxels fly as derezed programs spray across game-boards. The crowd roars every time it happens, caught up as they are in the specticle.

Above, on a dock made for the purposes, Reconizers come and go with 'passangers'. Programs newly come to the game. 'Guests' of the masters.

Inside the structure, holding cells and lines of incarcerated progarms await their turn of the games. In one of the cells a man, evergy lines glowing green, sits with his head resting back against the wall. He almost look asleep.

At least until the heavy tread of familiar boots causes him to raise his head.

"WARDEN," The gruff voice of an older program. "Its been three days."

The man resting against the wall smiles slowly. The expression vaguely feline.

"Well, then I better get on with it."

Outside, along the base of the building, in the shadows of the surrounding structures a single little figure skitters. Raccons arn't native here, but people tend to ignore what they don't understand. Which is how Spooks is able to get right up to the wall, carrying a heavy satchel over his little shoulders.

"I better get overtime for this."
Avira Meanwhile, atop the giant domed roof of the coliseum...

A pair of masked programs carefully manuver around one of the ledges around the building. Ever since the strange Viral Recognizer was discovered and destroyed with the Renegade present, there was a marked increase in Programs being chosen for the games. Even though the likes of Beck and company had done good, the consequences of their actions invited suffering upon the people of Argon. Add to that the fact that Mara was now missing and Avira felt plenty guilty about what had gone down. In a way, today's dangerous mission was penance for all of that.

For Avira and Deelel this would not be the first time they've infiltrated and extracted Programs from the games. This time the object was a more large scale effort, should such a thing be possible. Avira believed it did and that it involved hijacking a Recognizer or two.

"We should have incoming shortly, right?" Avira asks her companion, her voice distorted quite heavily through her face-obscuring helmet.
Deelel Deelel has once again returned to the grid, she had to head home again to look for signs of Java and LEXUS. The games made her very angry, if she had blood her blood would indeed be boiling about what's gong on here. She hates how the games had been twisted like this. She looks to the other masked program for a moment and she says

"I know. It just keeps getting worse between the black virus and now LEXUS? Clu is going to what's the term, pop and perhaps do something to make things really worse."
Sophia Dawnshade It's been some time, but Sophia's slowly gotten more and more used to the strange new realm she accidentally found herself in. She'd learned that she ought to be evading the games, some fair hints as to who she could or couldn't trust offhandedly, and besides all that, getting used to having normal teeth and not having a horrible hunger for blood (a good thing too, seeing as hardly anyone here seems to have any). Being human in here is weird.

Today, she's chosen to sneak along, tailing a couple of masked programs from about as far off as she can manage without losing them. They don't seem like they're with the Games people, so if she's going to be wandering in this area, safety in numbers, right? Even if she's deliberately trying to stay well behind them...
Warden Thache The first scense that there may be something wrong comes to Avira and Deelel's ears. A dull /WHUMP/, somewhat like an explosive going off. None of the shockwave that is normally associated with something explosive in nature. None of the sudden fireballs or the shouting either.

The noise and none of the flash.

The second this is a more viceral reaction, a more telling and obvious ones. That nose goes off and before the echos die away the flight pad suddenly comes alive with guards. As if someone just jammed a stick in a fire-ant mound. The anaology is fairly apt with the red-colored security programs forming up to tromp down the ramp and inside the building, which leaves the Recognizers suprsingly lightly guarded should Deelel and Avira wish to check in that direction. No more than four guards keep watch on the field.

Should they glance over the side of the wall however? Well there is a very telling result of that almost innocus noise, a hole has been eaten into the side of the wall. Green whisps of viral code stream away from the aftermath of the damage.

MEANWHILE! Inside the holding cells.

Warden himself stands, back to the hole that has been chewed though the wall, staring in the faces of a shocked programs. The man smirks and raises a hand to catch something lobbed though the hole. A purple triangle, one that he seems to rake his hand though. The triangle reshapes into what looks like a brutal little sub machine gun and he racks the action, already starting to stroll towards the doors to the cells. Knowing the guards are on their way.

"I promised you something more than death by the Games didn't I?" He tosses over his shoulder towards the shocked programs. "Now are you just going to stare at it or are you going to help me?"

Clinging to the wall under the hole, waiting for the acidic mist to dissipate Spooks just rolls his eyes. "Urgh. Always with the words Cap'n."
Avira "LEXUS is bad news. I had hoped he was destroyed that one time but I guess not. Maybe he had a backup saved somewhere. Viruses are tricky." Avira looks over her shoulder and narrows her eyes. They were being followed, even up here, which was a bad sign. Were CLU's forces already onto them? Avira was tempted to abort and privately admits such to Deelel.

But Deelel brings up a better point and while Avira was pondering on that point, she hears the dull explosions from somewhere on the coliseum. Edging around, she peers in the direction of the explosion and while she can't seen that hole very well, she sees the green viral mist which she recognizes as the aftermath of one of those illegal viral bombs that JAVA was plying. Squinting more, she spies Spooks.

"...ah, what timing. I think Warden's crew is here to get him. We can use this to our advantage, let's go!" Avira motions to Deelel to follow her along the ledge and dip down to where the mostly-unguarded Recognizers now are, making more motions to pick one of her own.

Avira herself will sneak onto one instead of fighting her way through guards if given the chance. The less people that notice the two of them now, the better.
Deelel Deelel says "We'd need a proper anti viral for that. It does not help he's no longer a program entirely."

She notices they are being followed, it didn't look like Black Guard or sentries, no they'd be more stealthy even the older heavy guardsmen would be so. So what was going on there. She pauses for a second at the mention of Warden.

"He's here /again/? At this rate Clu's going to catch on to something and find a way out."

She keeps moving following Avira into the crowd as she gets ready but also is keeping an eye out for their mysterious tail? Just who are they and more importantly is Spooks actually that pirate crew's true captain and Warden's just the first mate?
Sophia Dawnshade Funny thing here being that their tail has probably seen them before, and quite possibly vice versa, but it had been in such an informal manner last time -- in the middle of a freaking truck chase-slash-firefight -- that recognition on either side would be horribly unlikely.

Unaware that she's been spotted by those she's trying to tail, Sophia simply maintains her distance. They're up to something, and whatever it is, it's probably preferable to the Games. Might as well find out.
Warden Thache Downstairs there are suprisingly no blaring alarms. The General doesn't want this to be too obvious. He doesn't want his master to find out. So the alarms are silent, the guards however? The Guards are not. Led by a trio of Black Guard, a phlanax of red approaches the entrence to the holding cells. Shock staves and discs at the ready, the group seems to be prepared for anything. They are confident. They are trained. They are angry that someone had the /timerity/ to upset their games. "Halt and return to your cell--"

Thus they are suprised when the lead Black Guard catches a trio of glowing bullets to the face as he rounds the last corner. His body falls and there is a veritable hail of discs as the former gladiators throw themselves at the group of guards. Voxels fly as red and blue discs clash in the relitively small corridor.

The Gladiators have the advantage. Close quarters and fighting for their lives. The Guards have superior equipment.

Well. Most of them.

Warden strides frowards at the head of the group of Gladiators and the gun in his hand shifts into a deadly looking glowing purple claw. He catches a disc with it before flinging it back to derezz a guard. He pauses over the body of the first Black Guard he downed, crouching over his crippled form before he smirks and plucks the baton from the Guard's side.

Then he smiles.

The claw flashes.

Voxels scatter down the corridor.

Outside the faint sounds of disc on disc combat can be heard echoing from up the stairs. The quartet of guards set staves and discs. Waiting for the whatever comes up from below.

Thankfully for Avira and Deelel? They are very focused on that noise. Getting to the base of a Recognizer isn't that hard.

However? Up here /is/ where Warden asked his partners in crime to meet him. To make sure there wasn't any suprises or guards when he got to the flight pad.

...which means that Avira and Deelel might not be the only not-quite-programs up on the flight deck.
Artemis Eurus Artemis never acquired a disc because honestly, she'd had no intention of coming back here. But here she is, helping to break out Warden.

She is waiting up on the flight deck, sword in hand, a few guards dispatched. "I bet there hasn't been a prison to hold you so long in a long time," she comments when she spots Warden, a small smile forming.
Avira "You've heard the rumors, right? I think he's been here for a while. Ever since that exploded shipment on the highway. I don't think he's left the Grid much since then since I found his ships without him." Avira explains, then pauses, realizing just how much she knew about Warden's recent movements. It bothered her a little!

At that point, she gestures to one the Recognizes and moves in, disc drawn and at the ready as she slips into the lowered cabin of one of them.

She's expecting Blackguards. Regular programs looking to escape? Well, she didn't think they'd be here yet. More of Warden's crew here to help? retrospect that wouldn't surprise her. But given how they parted ways last time, Avira would be immediately ready to fight. As she slips for the recognizer, she sees Artemis and double takes. Why exactly was she helping him? Did Warden hire her too? Was she now one of Warden's doxies like Aeschere?!
Deelel Deelel says "I know, it's just a point. So he got caugh...We need to do something about it. If anyone gets a look at his disc or they click to what he is? It will end badly for everyone."

So she's making ready for whatever chaos may befall them shortly. Chaos always seemed to follow users like a lost puppy...
Sophia Dawnshade Seeing a change in posture that likely equates to something being up, Sophia gradually works toward closing the gap. She's still trying to stay out of their way, but given what looks like it may be going on, it would probably be good for her to be able to intervene on someone's side if she has to. Hopefully on her quarry's side, not against them...
Warden Thache Here is how Warden got Artemis to help him.

'Hey Artemis! Wanna get new things for your hunt and help me get a ship in the process?'

The End.

The sounds of combat grow louder as whatever is causing it draws closer. There were six Blackguard that went with the security teams down below. Six Blackguard and dozens of security programs should be more than enough to put down a riot. Shouldn't it?
5rThe four programs on the rooftop. Wait. And wait. And waaaaaaaait an--OH GOD AN ARTEMIS WHY ARE THERE SUDDENLY SWORDS!!

The swordswoman has excelent timing as Warden charges up on deck. His one arm still covered in that glimering and cruel looking purple claw, and a disc in the other hand.

One can tell its Warden as he has somehow(Likely from Spooks bag) aquired a proper hat once again.

"Ah Huntress, prisons are good for one thing." And the man grins that wicked grin once more. "Recruiting."

He raises his voice. "Get to the Recognizers programs! Load in! You know where we are going! We have a better ride to get too!" He calls in full Captain's voice. The words booming out as blue and green tinged former gladiators start to dash towards the ships on the pad. "Don't dwadle! I'm sure the good General will be sending more friends soon!"

That seems to speed most of the programs on.

...Warden himself? Of course. Due to the laws of comedic action adventure dashes right towards the ship that Avira has just taken over. Not that he /knows/ is occupied.

Likely they both will be very suprised once he crests the cockpit and finds it already occupied.

Sophia? Well as she glances around, to try to figure out just where and how to intervine the menacins shillouites of a pair of Recognizers can be seen coming in from the west. Fast. It seems that the General is sending backup.

She...might want to tell someone.
Artemis Eurus Artemis is no one's doxie. No one. That said, Warden is one of the few people she gets to speak to anymore, and thus she is helping him escape. It is just what is done.

Her look relays sceptism even with a mask, somehow, as he speaks about recruiting. "I hope you're more choosey than that," she comments, watching the others he's sprung from prison move by her with the sort of predatory gaze that most people find quite uncomfortable.

"Tch..." she clicks, then follows after Warden, watching his back as they move.
Avira "Rescue him?" Deelel can't see it but behind the helmet she wears, she's making a face about that. She didn't want to have to /rescue/ Warden but Deelel had a good point. If CLU found out where the outside people were coming in, he'd try to leave and that would mean...bad things, right? Actually, Avira's going to have to ask about that.

As Avira steps onto the area where the pilot usually stands, she starts to manipulate the console and brings up several visuals of the outside, revealing several programs fleeing in their direction. She frowns. This wasn't part of the plan but she may as well roll with it and keep the doors open.

Casually she flicks over to the outside speaker, leaning in. "Hurry." her voice is distorted and unrecognizable. Understandable. This is a jailbreak.

Warden's not going to recognize Avira right away when he boards her recognizer since she has her helmet down and opaque. Several of her circuit lines have been darkened so she remains in 'stealth' mode. Most programs were capable of these things. Wordlessly, she stares at him as he boards but doesn't say anything.
Deelel Deelel goes catch notice that ther eis someone tailing them for sure but she's certain it's not a Sentry or anyone like that. It felt too off to be one of them. Then things well get piratical for lack of a better term. Artemis is not noticed yet, nay she's got other things to worry about.

"Yes, i'm not too happy about it either."

She moves to follow after Avira and looks aout a she seems concerned at Varia but well they got to do this. Deelel will help anyone getting aboard the craft, they can't remain long and honestly this machine could be useful later.

"You know how to drive something like this right?"
Sophia Dawnshade Sophia Dawnshade spots the Recognizers coming, and... promptly loses her slowness, making a mad scramble (though still trying to madly scramble quietly) to catch up to her quarry. It's not terribly hard to do so, what with the boarding of another Recognizer going on, and she frantically makes her way on board.

She's a little out of breath when she gets there, not entirely thinking about the consequences of what this must look like to them, having a strange girl they probably barely recognize if that boarding all of a sudden, but she has to at least pass the message along.

"Recognizers... approaching from the west... can't stay here too long..." Thud. Down on her knees. That was not the most fun of sprints.
Warden Thache Warden just smirks as Artemis disparages his recruiting procedures. Its a wicked and sharp kind of look. "Ah Huntress, I'm fairly chooses. I figure if they survive all this, they might just be worth it."

It should be noted that most of the programs, with the exception of a few who decide following Warden is the best idea, give Artemis a wide birth. She's kinda scary.

Warden on the other hand whistles, and a glimmering blue rod twirls though the air. Thrown by Spooks, who scampers among the crowd. The rod is caught, then twisted /just/ a right way and shimmers a moment.

When it stabalizes? It seems to be a katana made of glimering blue light.

"A gift!" He adds towards Artemis as he lofts it towards the masked woman in his run towards relitive 'safty'.

Safty being Avira's Recognizer in this case.

Now there being a /pilot/ on this Recognizer of the masked and myserious varity is not what Warden planned on. However said driver isn't shooting at them, so thats a plus. There is a moments thought given to just backhanding the poor Program with his claw, but instead he seems to mentally shrug.

"Hurry would be a good idea. Take off. Head for the port. Thats where everyone else is going."

The port? There is more to this plan than just random Jailbreak?

Must be.

Sophia's arrival draws more exclimations from the escaping programs. Murmurs of worry before Warden smirks. "Come on! We knew they would send more! Stick to the plan and move! Like the lady said!"

He'll even help both Artemis and Sophia on this one. It might be a bit cozy, but there should be enough room for everyone.

He grins once to the out of breath Sophia. "I have no idea who you are, but welcome to the jailbreak! Try to stop me and I'll toss you out a window."

The shadow of the Blackguard Recognizers close, they are coming in very fast.

Now. To the identity of these two progarms. Now thinking about it, if these two were who he thought they /might/ be (and lets face it who /else/ would be stupid enough to try a jailbreak) they wouldn't react to the names. They were good enough.

So he has to be more creative to attempt to identify them.

He glances between the pair of them before letting a wide grin split his face. "So," he drawls. "Do you wear the proper lace and garters under /that/ dress too?"

He figures shock will either get a glare or get him thrown out.

rPossibily both.
Artemis Eurus Artemis sheathes the blade she carries and catches the one thrown to her by Warden in one smoothe, effortless motion. She examines the thing for a moment, then nods to Warden before squeezing in, keeping her blade from doing any harm by holding it close to her person as best she can. Those driving this thing, well, Artemis figures Warden must know them.

Artemis looks to Warden, a small smile appearing. "Planning to loot here as well?" she asks, then looks out behind them, frowning. "Shall I take care of pursuit?"
Avira "Of course I do." Avira says to Deelel. "I made sure to study what I could before going on this mission because I knew we wwere likely going to jack one of these."

No, this mysterious driver is perfectly still, regarding the programs that crowd onto the Recognizer, eager to escape, with neutrality. They can't see the expression on her face, after all. They don't know she's actually garing at Warden over there.

Still, she appreciates not getting attacked. Once the last Program has crowded on, the door to the Recognizer slides closed and the cabin rises to the top of the Recognizer's "legs." It takes off shortly afterwards at Avira's manipulation.

Everything was so easy to drive here, Avira liked it.

Warden speaks to her and she freezes, slowly looking up at him. Her hands creack as she forms them into fists. "Take over for a moment, please." she requests of Deelel, stepping away from the controls.

Avira swings in a low punch at Warden's gut.
Deelel Deelel sees as others are getting on the transport, they can not wait long. She knows how quick the guard are going to respond to this. This would be the second major break out in a cycle here. This would have Tesler furious, and they won't have long to act. She sees it seem to be the last people on along with Art and Sophia.

"We should get going before the guard comes. There will be no mercy from them."

Her voice is warped to the point it would be hard to tell who they at least that way. Warden pays attention so this could be a problem.

"Lace? Garters? I do not know those terms."

She's playing Grid Native so damn hard right now. She moves to take over and lets Avira do her thing. Sigh there goes cover but only to users at least.
Sophia Dawnshade Sophia Dawnshade accepts Warden's help in boarding properly; after all, it's a bit hard to move properly with her legs like that. When Warden mentions throwing her out a window if she tries to stop him, she raises her hands in an 'I'm innocent' sort of posture.

Of course, Warden seems to have his attention directed at... other, more important folks right now. She's a secondary actor on this stage, so to speak, something that's actually kind of a relief.
Warden Thache To note. Warden has not even yet /begun/ to piss off Tesler.

The man however is distracted, since he was going to reply to Sophia's innocent gesture. Or perhaps to Artemis' comments. Or even Deelel's deadpan.

He opens his mouth to do one of those things...

Annnnnnd suckerpunch.

He was /expecting/ a slap or a glare or something like that. Avira's punch to the gut catches him entirely unawares as he doubles over, the wind knocked entirely out of his sails. He doesn't have to breathe here really, but my god it still hurts to get your breath knocked out.

"Hello. Avira." He manages to gasp out quietly as he waves a hand for peace, just in case any of hte newly freed programs objected to that. "No no lads. I deserved that..." he wheeses as he slowly streightens up.

"Stalker." He adds with a smirk towards the blank-faced but now obviously known person.

"Welcome to the escape, head to the port though." And should they look around, the other hijacked Recognizers are already in the air. Speeding off in the direction of the port. "There is a ship there. Not well guarded. We can use that to escape. It'll get more distance than thease little Recognizers." he adds as he stomps down on the deck.

Behind them the bright red Recognizers of the Blackguard close on them. Thankfully they havn't launched anyone in lightfighters yet. As they close he raises an eyebrow towards Artemis, before looking back towards the persuing ships. "...well...if you want to try to take care of one...think you can jump it? Or..." A bright grin. "...the swird. Twist it the opposite way and it becomes a rifle. I /love/ multiuse things. Don't you?"
Artemis Eurus "Ah," Artemis says in response to Avira punching Warden. Know she knows the identity of the program who is driving, and perhaps her companion as well.

The punch really makes it pretty obvious.

Artemis takes the rod and gives it a twist, grinning when it does as he says. "Yes, quite," she says, taking position a position and aiming. "Any tips on how to take these things down easily?" she asks, popping off a few shots.
Avira The name Avira would typically be recognized as an antivirus program on the Grid. Maybe some of the prisoner natives here have heard it. But as a User? Perish the thought. Only Warden and Deelel and Artemis are privy to that information.

She looms over Warden, her fist still clenched. "I think for everyone's safety you should probably stop referring to me by name." She says in an annoyed tone. "I'm trying to stay off of Tessler's radar." But why come here and help a jailbreak if she did? Very strange, but that goes back to the guilt of earlier.

He calls her a stalker and Avira makes the motions of her possibly punching him again but she does not. Instead, she turns and marches back to the controls with Deelel.

"I'll drive, you take over the weapons on this thing. These do have weapons, right?"
Deelel Deelel is just going to keep driving here yes she is. She is so not getting into infighting while they are on the run. Even if it is with Warden. She looks back for a moment making sure ho one's dead hopefully. It seems this is true and she floors it a bit more. There will be more forces adter then after all.

"Can the ID chatter. We need to keep this Anynon."

She sighs inwardly as she contiunes to pilot to make sure they are not being followed /yet/ it's a question of when not if.
Sophia Dawnshade Sophia Dawnshade decides to make herself useful while the discussion is going on, and slinks off through the crowd to look for a vantage point from which to watch for pursuers. Can't have them sneaking up like that, now, can they?
Warden Thache Warden puts his hands up in a gesture of peace when Avira /almost/ comes at him again, though that /smirk/ of his is anything but a look of surrender. The man seems entirely incapeable of feeling bad about something like that. Entirely incapeable of regreat, even when it got him punched. "Easy easy," He drawls out as she glowers and growls at him.

"Fine fine. Anon it is," Though he's still smirking.

"Well /these/ don't have weapons, I happen to have brought a few. See if you can pop the pilot." He adds towards Artemis as her shots cause one of the two persuers to veer off in suprise. Line of Light rifles are /not/ common on this Grid it seems.

The chase continues, the Recognizers tearing though the city. Persuit grows in number and soon are joined by a quartet of light jets.

Who do have guns.

The Recognizers don't.

Sophie and Artemis might want to do something about that. In fact, Warden would ask them too.

The port however does close, and the long, sleek lines of a military carrier can be seen docked there. "Perfect. A whale at drydock. Put me down on there, and don't worry about staying around if you don't like too. I'm about to do something..." And there is a wicked gleam in his eye. "...unsubtle."

Which means likely exploding something.

And stealing something.

"There is always more to loot." He murmuers as the rounds from the light fighters cannon begin to streak past all of them, explosions ripping though the air. Possibily even throwing the Recognizer about.
Artemis Eurus Artemis scoffs. She doesn't quite understand Warden's love a treasure. If it were tea, perhaps...

Well, there's an idea. Artemis files that away for later.

Artemis is getting the hang of this gun--quickly. She sets the pilot of the vehicle chasing them in her sights and fires a quick burst. "I have never handled a gun--not this time," she comments.
Avira "Yes." Avira continues glowering at Warden. She could put up with him being cute like this anywhere else but here? "Keep it Anon." She turns on her heel away from him and marches back to the controls, looking over them contemplatively. "Wait..." she freezes, "These things have NO WEAPONS? Are you kidding me?"

Sadly she kind of finds herself wishing for one of those illegal guns.

She spies her 'dock' in the distance and the large military carrier there. It doesn't take her long to put two and two together. "...are you going to take that?" she asks, her voice low.
Deelel Deelel is keeping at the flying point and she turns he head back to Avira and comments.

"This isn't war time, these things are transports first and foremost. They generally rely on Light jet or light helicopter for weapons support."

She turns back to her flying at this point and she hums a bit towards Warden.

"So what's your plan just try to vanish into the out-lands?"
Warden Thache "Now now, if I told you my plans I wouldn't be near as mysterious. I wouldn't want that." Warden replies as he leans over one side of the Recgonizer to get a better look behind them. "And of course though I'm planning on taking that."

His smirk goes back towards Avira. "They arn't expecting it and the security crew is minimal. You didn't think I got myself captured on /accident/ did you?"

The man glances back again, nodding once towards Artemis. "Not that different from a crossbow really." He adds with a grin of his own. He strips the claw from his hand as it reforms into is more SMG-like form before he leans out once again, and the burst of fire tears towards the persuing forces.

Between Artemis's fire and Warden's spray the pilot of the second Recognizer takes several rounds and falls.

The entire transport noses over and catches one long leg on a building, which sends it careening and spiraling away from the thing. Fleeing prisoners.

"Land on the deck, or just crash if you like." He calls towards Deelel, seemingly not to care which as long as he gets to that carrier.
Artemis Eurus Artemis regards Avira and Deelel out of the corner of her eye. Do they know where Warden's alleigance lies, she wonders? Then again, does Artemis?

"Tch...crossbow. Takes very little in the way of skill, not like a longbow," she replies. "Though I did have an assault riffle once I was passing fond of," she adds with a small shrug.

When the Recognizer goes down, Artemis straightens and grabs hold of something with one hand, preparing for a rough landing.

Ah, so he went in on purpose to break out. Seems legit.
Avira "You'd think they'd start arming them after all the trouble in Purgos." Avira says to Deelel. "That's what I'd be doing.

"...uh, actually, yes, I actually did because..." she trails off. She would say 'Users who just show up in the Grid have no idea what is going on and tend to screw up big time and get caught' but there's a group of Programs here and she's not going to announce that in front of everyone. " don't have any contacts here to help you with such a thing." she recovers, narrowing her eyes. "Or at least I thought. You had more crew than I realized."

She leaves it cryptic for now.

Instead, she grips onto the controls alongside Deelel as the Recognizer makes a landing. A crash. A crash landing.
Deelel Deelel says "A bold plan, so this was all a diversion for your self? In for a bit, in for a gig."

She notes as she moves to get ready to land the thing on the deck. It's going to be a bot of a hard landing.

"Depends on the model there are armed ones, I think but I never encountered them. This was the games not a military operation."

She comes in for a landing, this was going to be a bit rough, they also couldn't flee for ever and well they are going down hard!
Warden Thache "Well all this was a reason to get a crew," Warden replies with a chuckle as he pulls back from his shooting. He smirks though, and the wicked and amused look on his face is directed towards Avira. "As for you. There is more to me than you have ever cared to find out I supose."

He pauses a moment however at her last comment. On eyebrow quirking up before he decides he'll ask Spooks about it later.

"Well you can keep that one," He adds towards Artemis before he reaches out to grab a piece of the transports structure.


One can only wonder what is going though the minds of the crew of the carrier as a half-dozen Recgonizers slam into the flight deck. Of the six, only one actually manages to sit down correctly. The other five land in various forms of rough, the wost smashing into a side wall and spinning around before toppling over.

Deelel's landing is heavy, but not /too/ dangerous. It shakes teath and a few figures are thrown clear.

Warden himself whoops as he leaps away from the landing, that agility of his still entirely unnatural as he sets boots to deck.

"GUNNY!" He calls out and the grizzled old military program pokes his head out to glare. "Take your programs to the gunnery deck. Get it warmed up. The rest of you know the plan!"

Before he can continue there is a rush of booted feet as a dozen security programs burst up from belowdecks to charge the landing Recognizers. Trying to get them before they organize.

A disc nearly takes Warden's head off before he gets out of the way and he tosses over his shoulder. "Well Huntress! Time to show something that you have skill in, if the rest of you care to join us." He tosses towards Deelel and Avira and Sophia all at once as he springs forwards. "I'll be taking the ship now!"

That is not to say the security programs are idle. Discs wing towards Avira and Deelel. Some of the escapting programs go down, derezzing into nothing but Voxels. Others leap into the fight in a desprate attempt to combat the security guards.

If someone doesn't help one side or the other, this is going to be bloody.
Artemis Eurus Artemis holds with one hand as they make their crash landing, looking unnervingly casual and relaxed about the whole rough business. To Warden, she flashes a smile. "I thank you for the gift then," she replies. Sure, he most likely stole it anyway, but ah, well. There is only so much you can expect from a pirate.

Artemis exits the vehicle, turning at Warden's words to see the approaching security programs. Her green eyes light with deadly ferocity as she turns the rod again, the blue blade reforming, sitting easily in her well practiced hands. She falls into a sword stance, arms up and blade across her body, feet parted for optimal balance and power. The Huntress faces the charging programs as if she fully expects she will prevail, wisps of darkness floating from her form as she calls the shadows to her.

"I'll catch up," she informs them.
Avira "'Cared to find out' hah, I find out more than enough about you from your stalking." Avira bristles through a warbled voice, sounding quite defensive about this accusation. But beyond that.

She hangs on. Fortunately, Deelel is a great Recognizer pilot. She'll thank her more later.

Avira slips sideways in case further identity discs fly into the Recognizer as they nearly took apart Warden there. "Well." she says grudgingly, reaching behind her to peel the Spine off of her back where it becomes a light-lined version of the famous weapon. In short order she uses it to deflect a disc that is thrown her way before leaping out of the Recognizer. "We have no choice, we're not staying here to get derezzed." Or gibbed as would be in the case of humans.

With a shout, she draws the Spine forward and swings, unleashing a horizontal blast of air before her to clear as many security programs out as possible.
Deelel Deelel says "...your stealing something this big? You know you can't hide something like this for long on the grid."

Not to mention it can be traced, sigh she's really going to have to help with this isn't she? She's not entirely pleased about this, but what can she do. She seems to be in a good state all thigns consiered. She's now moving out of the craft now and she's got her light staff out as she darts in to make her move she comms Avira

<<"This is getting out of hand, this ship's likely going to be traceable. Things like this is going to make clu suspect ISOs or worse users are mucking about somehow.>> %R She's moving out oddly she's still trying to keep things not lethal where she can, she's not insantely a combat program, prehaps that is it?
Warden Thache At this point Warden is busy a bit. He's battling his oppoents, slogging forewards further. Trying to break free of the general melee. Spooks has joined him at this point, whispering to him as the man battles his way forwards.

At something however he suddenly breaks out laughing, throwing his head back and looking /right/ towards Avira. That /grin/ on his face. Half smile. Half smirk. All amused at her expense.

Lucky for one of them he doesn't explain his amusement. At least not yet. She can only speculate.

"And don't you worry," He adds towards Deelel. "I have a plan."

Artemis and Avira and Deelel tear into the security teams with sword and spell and disc. The voxels of derezzing programs fly, though weapons come awful close to Artemis. Avira's spells tear into the ranks and send them scattering, leaving the escaping programs free to hit their unorginized ranks.

Warden himself goes further into the mess, heading towards the bridge and likely the captain. He's getting ahead of people, which might be good or bad. Who knows which yet."
Artemis Eurus Artemis' blade flashes, the dance of battle so familiar to her it's practically like breathing. She smiles and nods to Avira and Deelel, warriors in their own right and respected by the woman. She's always felt an aura of the wild from Avira, that sort of predator instinct--Artemis suspects she would join the hunt and enjoy it, if she could get over Artemis' new affiliation, which Artemis understands may be too bitter a pill to swallow.

Glancing behind her at Warden's retreating form, she clicks her tongue, turning then to drive her blade through the midsection of an oncoming guard.

"His plan is likely to do something stupid and crazy," she comments to the other two.
Avira Hilariously, Avira's yet to really grok Artemis's new 'affiliation' quite yet. Mostly, much like Warden, she hasn't really seen her doing all that much to help Seith or the Shadow Lords. Maybe they need to go burn down a church together.

Hearing Deelel, she doesn't respond verbally, but she does nod. Hopefully Warden would have thought about that.

"Run for the ship!" Avira warbles to the escaping prisoners. "Don't look back! We'll hold them off!"
Deelel Deelel has kept her mask on as he's now stuck fighting guard programs, it never ceases, it seems to her. She ducks she weaves and otehrwise contiunes to remain ion combat.

"This is one of those cycles!"

She just ducks a disc coming at her before she gets back up, thankfully she's not caught on to Warden or Art's addiliations, because if she did? It would be bad, very bad for them.

"Move it."

She intercepts a disc with ehr staff and then sends it bouncing back to it's users.

"We need to get this done sooner rather than later1"
Warden Thache The programs at least listen to the woman. Those that have not been given orders make a break for the interior. The flurry of magic and swords /have/ significantly cut down on the numbers of the Security programs, however programs are nothing if not stubborn and they continue to struggle.

They form up once more, even as the victim of Artemis' stab derezzes into nothing against the deck.

Avira and Deelel's holding action is starting to work. The escaping programs are getting away.

Its about that point, when Artemis mentions something about Warden doing something stupid or Crazy that a Blackguard comes flying /out/ a window.

Warden's head peers over the edge and grins. "NO TICKET!" He calls out cheerfully before dissipearing again.

The ship rumbles to life under them as the last of the security team falls. The energy lines? They light up, flaring to power as Warden brings everything on line.

Then the colors change, right from CLU's colors to the MCPs.

Warden's crazy plan.

Blame someone else.

His voice booms out over the loudspeakers, echoing across the decks. "TO ANYONE AT THE DOCKS!" He calls. "LEAVE NOW!"

The carrier's cannon emplacements activate, aiming towards the parked ranks of ships.

At least he warned them first.

Again the pirate appears at the window, that smirk still on his face as he glances down. "Well. You three coming or finding other means of transportation?"

Because this ship is /his/.
Artemis Eurus Artemis looks back to the guard she's just derezzed. It looks so /strange/ but for all she knows, that was a life extinguished. She gives something like a respectful nod to the space where he fell, wondering where his soul would go. Such a bizarre world!

She turns then, and runs toward the ship, climbing aboard. "Good, lets get out of this place," she says. Artemis just can't trust a place without trees!
Avira When fighting, Avira seems actually...reluctant to reduce any of the guards into voxels. Near as Avira could tell, that meant /killing/ them and Avira...did not do that. Not if she could help it. She continues with the long-range, wind-buffeting strikes to blow the guards away and give more people time to escape.

The colors change behind her to...what the. Avira recognizes MCP colors, in fact. Bizzare.

Avira sighs, "Let's go. We have no choice." she tells Deelel before taking off to retreat to the repossesed ship.
Deelel Deelel is now making for the ship, Deelel has a light jet but a long flight for two? Isn't something she can do, she's going to search the ship for a second one to get Avira in all likelyhood. She nods once to Avira s theys tart to pull back she pulls a puck off her leg arms and tosses it at some guards following them. It's a flash bang more or less. It give her time to get aboard the MCP colours are noticed and that brings a grimaces to Deelel's face. She's had a ... strange reltionship with the infamous program. He's like Cuthulu to this system, people think he's more of a myth really. Deelel knows he's all too real.

"For now we are."
Warden Thache Of course they have a choice! They can take one of the Recognizers and leave! However Warden seems wanting to leave with style. In his carrier. And there is more than enough room for them to come along.

"GUNNY!" Even as they start to back away from the port. "OPEN FIRE!"

As Deelel and Avira start to make their way towards the bridge, the roar of the cannon echos as the newly stolen carrier opens fire at transports, the docks themselves, and whatever programs didn't heed his warning.

He is smirking as they make it to the bridge. "Well ladies," He drawls, the only man on the bridge for now. "Welcome to my new ship, you get one free ride out of me." He pauses a moment before he laughs. "That is a lie! You can get a ride whenever you like!"

...and somehow he makes that sound entirely too dirty.

Apparently he wants to be punched again.

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