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Maid to Order
(2014-02-17 - 2014-02-24)
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Vespa It a sunny afternoon in Traverse town people are walking up and down the streets, doing there errarns for the day. Vepsa today is working at a small outdoor cafe. Why you may ask? She accently destoryed a table the other day, better not to ask the details and is now working it off. She rushing around getting orders and filling them bringing them back to the tables. She getting good tip today too, everyone loves a maid, Vespa hopes so anyway.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart has a bar in town too, so she's never that far off. She's hmming musically, and merrily, as she walks through the commercial area, looking for things to add to the bars she owns and manages.

But then, Vespa maid. She remembers that she was a maid during that event before. Maybe she's fond of the look? She comes closer, holding the shopping bag against her side "What's going on?"
Nagetta Nagetta's at the cafe as well, doing her best to try and keep the sun out of hr face as she eats. She woke up early and is having a afternoon snack. She nods to Tifa noticing her arrive at the cafe, "Hello..." The girl was shy as usual but did her best to try and be social.
Vespa "oh Hi Tifa!", Vespa says. "Well I worked up a bit of a tab the other day so now I'm working it off.", she laughs a bit neverously. "I love to say a chat but I'm really busy right now!", she hasn't noticed Nagetta quiet yet.

"I need some service over here!", a male voice shouts out to Vespa. She sighs looking at Tifa. "It never ends...", she mutters ot herself then takes in a breath and puts on her best smile. "Coming!", the maid says making her way over to the gentleman that called to her.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head, but smiles "Its alright, do whatever you need to." She hmms, looking around the cafe "Looks like the maid look is working anyway. Don't think I've seen this place this busy for a long time."
Minerva Minerva has been wonering what Vespa has been up to as she comes up to teh cafe. She waves to her as she mvoes to find a spot to sit down she could use to get a little something, right? She now plants her self and grets Vespa as she arrives.

"Souns like you had a spot of trouble humm Vespa."

Clearly she's here for some service too but will wait, Vespa is a friend.
Mir Clarence A merchant's cart was situated by the outdoor cafe. Bright red with a large chocobo munching on greens from the side. A small girl with her hair pulled up into a ponytail could be seen in front of the cart, calling out and waving to passer bys. "Get your baked goods here! Bread, cake, pie, pastries! Anything you can imagine, I've probably got it!"

Was she competition to the cafe? It looked like. Seeing as how potential customers were veering off in the girl's direction and checking her wares, instead of sitting down at a table. Some bought a slice of cake or pie, or a loaf of bread to take home, directly cutting off her competitor's profits.

The girl didn't seem to care though, and happily continued her business and solicitation.
Nagetta Nagetta's not that hard to miss, how many lamia were there around here after all? Her attention turns towards the cart of baked goods. They certain smelled good, she hadn't seen the girl around before though so she's a bit heistant to approach her.
Vespa Vespa laughs a bit neverously. "The maid look is poplular isn't it? I just find it comforable.", she say to Tifa. She erks hearing a familar voice turing to seeing Minerva. "H-hi I'm not in any trouble at all! Nope! I'll get to you in a bit Minvera.. Just wait a bit okay?"

Vespa walks over to the gentlemen. "Hello how may..", she stops in mid sentence, her eyes go wide looking at the man. "You... How..", the maid stammers out..

"Hello my pretty little Vespa.", he says reaching up brushing his hand across her face. "It's been a long long time hasn't it?", Vespa looks like a deer lost in the headlights as she drops her pad and pen onto the ground.
Nagetta Nagetta turns her head seeing someone harrass Vespa, she's a bit surprised that the maid hadn't responded with an axe to the face. Still she's a friend so she's a bit concerned and rises from her seat turn her attention to the pair. "He's not causing you any problems, is he?" The girl's voice is a bit shaky as she speaks.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods to Vespa, smiling "Maybe I should try dressing as a maid at the bar, maybe it would pick things up." She grins, looking over at Nagetta, waving to her too. She knows about nagas, she's had one at the bar often too after all. She hmms "Maybe I should get Vespa to work for me too."
Minerva Minerva is relaxing for the most part as she looks over to the Lamia whose not trying to eat everyone here. So she doesn't seem to be too roudwy a she looks to Vespa for a moment and pauses at the man talking to Vespa like she knows her.

Mir Clarence Mir, being the business minded, competitive, and currently oblivious fairy she is, continued to sell her wares. She'd gotten a good number of customers in the time that passed, and after seeing off the last one, she checked out the state of her goods, floating in the air with wings shimmering green fairy dust. ...She was too short to see inside her cart standing.

"Hmmm...Not bad! I'm almost out! I might be able to sell off everything and then start on a new batch tomorrow!" Sounding all giddy, the girl fluttered over to her chocobo, patting his head gently. "Good work, Coco! Eat all the greens you want, I'll buy a bunch more later!" She got a friendly 'wark' for her trouble, and then the girl nodded. "Watch the cart for me! I'm gonna take a break."

With that, she flew off towards the cafe whose business she was stealing, passing through the gates into the outdoor area.

"Hm? Isn't there anyone working right now?" Mir mumbled to herself, landing onto her feet and having her wings retract into her back. Arms crossed, she looked left and right before spotting Vespa dealing with a customer.

"....?" Trouble? She couldn't tell. Maybe she should take her own seat and wait...?
Vespa "oh Vespa Vespa vespa.", the man says standing up walking around her. "What is with this outfit? I'm remeber you wearing much much tigher and ..less clothing when we we're travelling..", he sits back down.

"Are you going take my order or not? I'm not going to leave a tip if you take any longer Vespa...", the maid tires to speak but she not getting any words out, she also vibisbly shaking...
Nagetta Nagetta's wondering what the man could have done to make Vespa uneasy. She waves back to Tifa acknowledging her before turning her attention back to the scene, "Leave her alone..." She moves in a bit closer gazing into the man's eyes. She doesn't know who he is, but he's clearly not welcome.
Mir Clarence "...Oh boy." Mir mumbled, having moved inside and settled into a seat. That certainly didn't look like normal customer to staff interaction. Old friend? But that woman looked so uncomfortable! She kinda felt sorry for her now. But, ah, what to do? ...Well, it wasn't her business really. But...


Unable to look away and mind her own business despite, Mir watched the proceedings, shifting in her seat uncomfortably. Maybe it'd get resolved soon? ...Maybe.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks over to the man as well, not really thinking this is a wanted presence "Don't rush her, she's working hard. But if you're here just to pester her, we'll ask you to leave." She gives a bit of a glare. Its quite threatening on her. It doesn't happen often that she gets mean, but getting up against people she considers friend is the easiest way to get her from nice to not-so-nice.
Vespa "Oh I haven't introduced myself", he says looking over to Nagetta and Tifa. "I'm Raven Evershadow. Are you Vepsa's freinds? I'm surpised she has any at all!", he laughs a bit.
Minerva Minerva is now wondering about Vespa the mention of her wearing less and basically body suit type clothing gets even Minerva to raise an eyebrow at this. She has to wonder about this she's starting to get a bit concerned but Nagetta has spoken up first and she's not quite yet about to jump in physically. Verbally however?

"...You best watch your tongue, and show her some level of respect. One must never anger those involved in the preparation of food."

Alienate you cook and or staff related to it? Funny how poison might get in there, she is from a noble family after all.
Mir Clarence "......." By this point, Mir was just satisfied leaning an elbow on the table she was at, palm firmly against her cheek as she watched the proceedings. She'd even forgotten all about the fact that she came here to take a break and order a drink.


"Wark! Wark! Wark!" Mir's chocobo chirped frantically, trying to do it's best to get a slice of cake onto a plate in his beak and give it to a bemused customer. Mir hurry up! A bird isn't supposed to be selling baked goods!


"Huh, so they are acquainted..." She mumbled, arching a brow lightly. Interesting. Still, it seemed like the maid would rather he not be there at all. She was getting more an more curious now. "She's right, you know!" Mir called out, nodding to Minerva. "You don't respect the cook or anyone related to serving you, who knows what they'll do to your food in the time it leaves the kitchen and gets to your table?"

And a grin to top it off.
Nagetta "Yes, I suggest you stop bothering her and leave." Nagetta continues to glare at him. Pissing off a monster certainly wasn't the best idea. She's doing her best to solve this non-violently but the girl would only put up with so much before she lashes out.
Vespa "Have you ever seen VEspa cook at all? I did all the cooking when we were travelling. Vespa can't even boil water."", Raven says in a very consdending tone. "She followed me around like a little puppy.", he looks back at Vespa. "That what you are a little puppy that's run away from home.."

"I...",Vespa says trying to speak up.. "I? I? What? I can't hear you Vespa... Mabye I'll have to give you more ..lessons.."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart puts her bag down, and quite 'calmly' walks to that Raven character. When she gets close...

One of her hand reaches for his collar, and squeezes the material just a bit more around his neck "It looks like I didn't make myself clear enough." There's practically fire in her eyes "You are not welcomed. Obviously you're here to badger her. You think you know her? Apparently you don't, not anymore. It doesn't matter what was in the past, you're being blind to the future. This is the only warning you're going to get before I slug you into next thursday. Leave. Her. Alone."
Mir Clarence Mir whistled in appreciation as Tifa rounded on the man, Raven was his name? She didn't commit it to memory completely yet. "Wow, that girl's got attitude." She mumbled, smirking a bit in amusement at the proceedings. Maybe she didn't have to lift a finger and do anything after all.

With someone like that around, the problem was sure to go running out the door. ...Unless he had more balls than they all thought.

She hoped he didn't.
Nagetta Her purple eyes stare at the man, as Nagetta does her best to intimate him. She bares her fangs making it clear she's quite upset with him. Her tail coils making it clearly she's about to strike. She's trying to keep her monster instincts under control but it's clear that's it a losing battle.
Vespa Raven smiles. "Your wrikling the fabric Miss", he says looking up at Tifa. He also see Nagetta doing her best to be intimating "I see that I'm not wanted here.. Too bad I did want to try the cakes here. They looked quite yummy.", he sigs. "Oh well mabye another time.", When Tifa lets him go he gets up and walks way ,waving causally to the group. "I'll catch up with Vespa another time. Chow!", and wanders into the crowds dissapearing.. Vespa lets out a deep breath and sits down. "..I really don't like that guy.....", she says in a hushed tone.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart frumps as well, letting him go "A wrinkled vest is the last of your worries if I find you looming about again." She says quite clearly too, not hiding anything. She looks at Vespa "Don't let him get to you. Those kind of guys crumble when you show confidence. They are looking for easy preys.
Nagetta Nagetta conceals her fangs and relaxes a bit as he leaves, "Sorry, I do my best to and try keep that under control..." She returns to her normal timid tone of voice. She wasn't trying to scare anyone besides Raven but she knows just her being in public can cause problems. The girl hopes she didn't drive any business away. "Are you alright, Vespa? There's no reason he should treat you like that..."
Vespa Vespa nods lightly to Tifa. "I know I used to travel with him long ago.. I thought he was dead.", she mutters. "I wish he was.. Thanks for sending him packing Tifa. "I'm fine now Nagetta. That jerk brought some of unpleasant memoires back to the surface.."
Minerva Minerva smiles unkindly at Raven for a moment, she looks long and hard. She gets up for a moment, but Raven leaves and Minerva flops back into her chair.

"How plesent of a person that was. Vespa? What do you know of this men and you ... use to wear less? I find that hard to see."

The last bit is an attempt at humour on her end.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart waves a hand dismissively "Think nothing of it, I hate that kind of guy too. They just think they own everything, including people. You're not alone Vespa, just remember that. And if you need to duck away from sight, come to my bar."
Mir Clarence "...Wow." The fairy mumbled, watching Raven go. She watched the following proceedings for a bit longer before something finally clicked in her mind. "...Oh crap!"


Coco valiantly ran Mir's cart, serving customers as well as a chocobo could. The fact that there was a growing line of customers meant either that this was entertaining, or they were patient. Maybe both.


"I have to go! Damn it! I didn't even get a drink! Gaaaah!" Panicking, Mir shot up from her seat, wings extending from her back as she floated into the air and flew out, leaving a trail of green fairy dust in her wake.

...Don't breathe it in. You might end up floating yourself!
Vespa The maid laughs a bit. "Hard to belive isn't it? Even I find it hard to belive. It sometimes feels like a completely different person..",she nods to Tifa. "Thanks.." she whips her hand across her face. "Yellow?", she says looking at her now stained yellow fingers. Her breathing start to get a bit more shallow. "..that Jerk he poinsioned me..", she tires to stand back up but a dizzy spell comes over her and she collapes back into her chair now unoconous....
Nagetta Nagetta's curious about as well but she doesn't want to ask too much. Everyone has their secrets to keep include her. She gasps at Vespa's reaction wondering how she missed that. Regardless of that fact, they should certainly try and find her some help now. She's not really capable of doing anything about poison except maybe sucking it out.

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