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A Long Return and a Shard
(2014-02-17 - 2014-02-17)
Returning home after his journey, Maira comes to visit the Shard Seekers to retrieve a World Shard that could unlock an important world for her.
Reize Seatlan It has been a long while since the leader of the Shard Seekers had stepped foot at the halls of familiarity. This is the once abandoned workshop transformed into a cleaned and sturdy facility for the clan. The Shard Seekers, residents of the town, have gathered in the place for a home.

Reize had long left that second home in favor of an adventure that left him stranded from everyone.


After a long absence and his time at the Imperial Chinese world, Reize makes his way back to his second home. The adventuring youth has a large backpack on him. He stands before the halls, offering a faint smile. "So... I am back, everyone."

Of course, most of the Shard Seekers had likely went off to do their own thing. However, with the threat of Maleficent, Reize knows that he'll be living back in this desert world. ...Confined once more.

Ah well. Duty comes over his wonderlust.
Maira Maira has come seeking Reize! It's been a while since she was last in Fluorgis. Walking through these streets brings up a lot of memories, pleasant and not pleasant--but mostly bittersweet. She passes the tower where she spent a bunch of time while the Dark Knight was hunting her, spending a few moments looking up and remembering. If Perci is really gone...she hopes he's happy in the afterlife. Maybe he was reunited with his lost love.

Sighing heavily, Maira continues on, moving to the Shard Seeker's HQ and entering not long after Reize. "Hellooo?" she calls, then spots Reize. "Ah! Reize! You're back home huh? I'm glad, I was hoping to find you here!" she says, smiling brightly.
Reize Seatlan Hrm? Reize turns his head to face the direction of the entrance. That is when he starts to notice that he has a visitor.


The boy offers a smile towards her and he extends a hand in a wave her way. He turns to face her completely before he nods, "I just arrived back after a while. It looks like the others have left." He laughs, lifting his shoulders with a shrug. "Oh well, I'm sure everyone will return soon."

Resting a hand to the back of his head, the boy asks, "What can I do for you?"
Maira Maira laughs a little. "Yeah, it seems like everyone has kinda dispersed. I bet if you call them and say you are back they'll come though!" she replies, moving inside more, looking around a bit. She hadn't been here in a while, nothing really had changed except for how empty it seems.

"Well, you have something (at least I hope you do) that I kind of need," she begins, taking a seat. "Do you remember a while back, when Ivo had the shard seeking device? And he found that fossil thing? Then we were on that airship powered by the fire crystal?" Maira can't actually remember if he was there or not! "The fossil turned out to be a world shard, and I thiiiiink I know which world it is for."
Reize Seatlan The boy notes over the emptiness of the hall. Part of him wishes that he would still be away from the place. It's not to say that he dislikes Fluorgis. Though, the constant desert life is much to be desired. However, that freedom he had.

Those thoughts fade upon Maira's recommendation, "Sure! I'll have to put a notice to the Shard Seekers that I'm back." He muses, then he looks over the woman. "..Fossil..?" The boy is slowly recollecting his thoughts. There was a lot that had happened during that airship take-over. They were fighting so hard to keep the fiends from getting the Crystal. Reize closes his eyes.

"Oh!" The boy brightens a bit, then he nods, "Sure! Let me see where we keep it." He considers, "We have a small case somewhere that we keep the artifacts that we find." The boy is making his way deeper into the facility, then he glances along the ground.

He knocks a couple of times.


He knocks once.

"..Not quite."

The last knock makes a peculiar sound.

"Oh! THis is it!" The boy starts to pull against the flooring. He starts to uncover a secret hole. "...One of our hidden spots to keep thieves from stealing them before we find out what the relics do."
Maira "Yeah, it was all very chaotic...we did it though, we won!" she says, remembering. Victory is always something to rejoice in, especially when the odds never really seem to be in their favor.

Maira moves over beside him on the floor, watching as he uncovers the secret hole. "The Shadow Lords and whatever else wants to put the worlds in darkness...they've been really active lately. The World of Ruin is....its bad. A lot of people are actually fleeing, so be careful here. I know you guys can handle it," she cautions while he gets the relics out, trying to be patient but obviously a bit antsy and excited.

"If I'm right though...this could help. I'm so tired of just being on the defensive. I hope to bring someplace /back/," she explains.
Reize Seatlan "Yeah, we did!" Reize turns to face Maira with a grin. "We managed to drive away the fiends and keep the Fire Crystal safe!" He looks thoughtful, "...However, it looks like we'll have to defend the crystals again, won't we?" He looks down at the compartment. He furrows his eyebrows as he looks more focused.

Reaching inside, he procures a couple of boxes. The movements are deliberate and careful. With each opened box not being the promised item, he closes and places back inside carefully. "We've collected a few relics on our journey. I've been letting some of the researchers try to uncover what they do, but we try to keep them hidden here." The story of the Shadow Lords has the boy frowning once again, "... I see." He turns to face Maira with a smile, "We should be good! We've gotten more experienced since our last situation!" However, he looks back into the compartment.

He opens a box... which reveals the fossil.


He holds it up, extending it over towards her. "So, this is the fossil that you are talking about, right? I vaguely recall that this was it."
Maira Maira smiles, nodding to Reize. He's got plenty of optimism! That's great. It is difficult not to be discouraged sometimes, but hope is what they all need! She knows she can count on Reize to rally any others.

"Heh...yes, we have. And we have two new keyblade wielders on our side. Still, they have gotten more experienced too. We'll have to really fight hard. I've been training, and fighting a lot. Never really a dull moment," she says with a small laugh.

When he pulls out the box with the fossil, Maira knows its the right item immediately. Firstly, she remembers it... but secondly, she just /feels/ it. Something inside her calls to it, and as she reaches out toward it, the fossile begins to /glow/.

She takes it into her hand and examines it closely as it glows in her hand, a dreamy smile on her face. "It feels so warm...I knew it..."
Reize Seatlan "Two keybladers?" The boy blinks a couple of times, but then he smiles, "That's great! Though, we can't always rely on keybladers." The young man gives a thoughtful look, "After all, we all have our part in the fight." He presents the box to the older woman, letting her examine it closely.

Once Maira shows satisfactory, the boy turns back to the compartment and he closes it up. After sealing it, he places a rug underneath part of it to keep it inconspicious from the rest of the flooring.

He stands up to his feet, looking back at Maira, "Well, it's all yours, then! You may be able to make better use of it than we can, it seems." He then takes something into consideration, "You said that it is a world shard." He is now curious, "What world shard is it?"
Maira Maira nods. "Yep! Heh, of course we do! We all do. We need all the help we can get...but with a keyblade, we can restore worlds. The world shards we find have to be...unlocked...with a keyblade," she explains quietly.

Holding the shard reverently in her hand, she smile down at it. "My world...heh. Palamecia, Fynn...they are the only places left, but this might just be the beginning of bringing back another part of that world. I think we'll have to find more shards, if I remember right...I've only seen it done once, with Manhattan," she comments, tucking the shard back into the box carefully. Shaped like a phoenix feather...she knew that had to mean something!
Reize Seatlan "Oh! That is true!" Reize places a hand over towards his chin. He taps his forehead a couple of times, "I did not think about that! That is why we haven't been able to make use of the world shard that we found!" He exhales a sigh, "...We didn't have a keyblader." He rubs his forehead, then he offers a faint smile. "So... it looks like we'll have to rely on them for that." It's a little disheartening, but at the same time, everyone has a place.

"Your world...?" And then... Reize's eyes widen as Maira mentions the one world that Reize hopes to not find himself back in.


His mind mentally reflects back at the time that he was trapped in a place full of monsters. And even worse, he ran into THAT GUY! ...Mind, he was in disguise as a waiter. But still! Reize shakes his head after the recollection.

Reize smiles a little more. "Well, if you need help finding the other shards, we can assist!"
Maira Maira smiles in understanding. " never know Reize. Maybe you'll end up with one yourself," she says, smile widening. "You seem like you have a pure heart," she adds. Well except all that harem business maybe!! But who is she to judge if he wants more than one girlfriend, she guesses...

This is basically all Alma's fault.

Maira tilts her head in question then, seeing Reize's eyes widen. "You've been there?" she asks.

"Oh! That would be great! Shard Seekers and VALKYRI can work together again!" she says, leaping over to give him a grateful hug.
Reize Seatlan "Hahaha, it would feel odd. I've been using these boomerangs for so long." He gives a thoughtful look, but then he offers a shrug. Still, the grin is there in spite of the keyblade wielder talk.

"...Yeah, I've been to Palamecia. Last time I was there, I ended up in the middle of a party with all of the monsters." He pauses, "...I somehow managed to disguise myself and escaped." A hand rests to his forehead, recalling the whole mess. He mentally wince. Then, he looks at Maira, "I also managed to arrive at Fynn one day, where I ran into a couple of new adventurers, Alexis and Sygg." He thinks to himself, "--besides that, my time at Palamecia..." He looks apprehensive now, "...was not the best."

A grins, extending his arms out to give Maira a hug, "Yeah, we can definitely have our clans work together again. It would be great to see how Avira has been doing as well!"
Maira "Heh, well no matter what, we've all got to do our best!" she replies. So much cheerfulness, the room may burst!

Maira sobers as he tells about his experience in Palamecia, wincing slightly. " is run by a Shadow Lord...though he's...different, in some ways," Mateus was complicated...or he had her fooled that he was. "I'm glad you escaped. I hope...well, I've got a lot of work to do I guess. I've only been a few times, though I'd like to go more. Angan is too worried about Mateus though. See, I grew up elsewhere, but my dad was a soldier for Mateus' father when he first started dabbling in the darkness..crossed worlds and met my mother. So, its the world I was born in, but not where I grew up. Weird, huh?"

Maira smoothes her dress then clutches the box with the shard, smiling. "Avira is doing great! We've been fighting hard."
Reize Seatlan "... Different is one way to go about it, yeah!" He winces, "...I think I managed to fool him with my disguise before I made a break for it." He runs a hand over towards the back of his head, then he listens well to her. Worried about Mateus? There is likely good reason for that! Reize recalls his encounter well. It was a life-or-death situation for him to were deception was his best friend.

"Hrm... That is interesting." Reize thinks over to Maira's explanation of her tale.

The explanation about Avira has a smile grow on the boy, "Good to hear. I suppose it's about time that I get back to the fight as well." He looks back at the hall, "I'll see about getting the other Shard Seekers together." He turns to face her with a smile, "Once you get your world open, I want to be able to explore it!"
Maira Maira grins, nodding. She probably had a very different experience with Mateus than he did. By the Light, she's actually thinking of asking him for help with something! But she has a bargaining chip. "I hope you do get to come explore! I'm looking forward to it too...on a more, well, dire note though Reize...I don't know if you've heard, but a being of great darkness is moving, a gigantic dragon called Shinryu. Something is happening to the World of Ruin, we think, and its not gather everybody up and get them ready, okay?"
Reize Seatlan "Good!" Reize beams at Maira.

However, that is short lived when she brings up another bit of bad news. "...Eh?" The comment of a great darkness brewing. The boy squints for a few moments, "Shinryu? What is that? Where is this dragon from?" He looks curious and now more contemplative. It looks like some investigation will have to be done. As the World of Ruin is in danger, Reize considers the situation carefuly.

He starts to move towards the hall, looking over the table before facing Maira once more. "Alright, I'll get them all ready. You stay safe when you do bring your world back!"
Maira Maira chews her lip. "We found it in Zanarkand. We fought him...Garland fought against him as well, which was...interesting. Anyway, he's very powerful--terrifyingly so. wary," she says.

She brightens again, heading for the door. "Thanks Reize! I'll see you soon!"
Reize Seatlan "Hrm.." So they ran into it and fought it. However, then she mentions about Garland fighting it. Reize's eyes shut and he thinks it over.



"Wait, what?"

The boy looks at Maira, then he grimaces at thought. "Understood. We'll try to be careful." Pause, "Can't promise anything! I may have to take some chances!" As she departs, Reize waves at her direction. He turns around to look at the facility.

"... A second home to go back to."

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