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Power Play: Assembly
(2014-02-14 - 2014-02-15)
A secret installation on the edge of Purgos and the Outlands holds the answer to whatever needed so much power. What happens when the heroes move to try to confront the mysterious JAVA? It looks like they're not the only ones interested...
Zero-One Welcome back, Users.

The situation in Purgos has become less of an issue than it has before. The power drain that had been afflicting the city has been stopped with the defeat of the Power-Eater and severing the connection to the energy relay station.

However, there is still a matter of where that connection leads. What needed so much power that they would risk drawing the wrath of Tesler and his army?

The location is on the edge of Purgos, facing into the Outlands. A bad as it is in Purgos, life in the Outlands is far worse. No one goes there except the desperate or those who wish to vanish.

Which is why it might be unusual that the heroes arrive to find a door inset into a block crag.

More importantly, there's a Recognizer out front with a number of Tesler's guards. Voxels lie spread across the ground, and holes crackle in the crag. The door has been obviously forced open, and the sounds of struggle are heard within.

It looks like Tesler's finally made a move. This might have just gotten complicated.

Well.... /more/ complicated.
Avira In the system, viral based offenses are considered especially heinous. In Purgos, the dedicated antivirals who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite group that most certainly aren't Users or Programs that have left the system.


(Bum bum)

Although the power drain had been stopped, the explosive interdiction of viral weapons did the do the Grid any favors as far as the military lockdown went. Avira had a close call a few weeks ago that resulted in her...avoiding being around Abel's Garage for a few days. Deep in Purgos, especially THIS deep in Purgos, should offer her a bit of solace. At least that's what she thought until she sees that Recognizer with a number of Blackguards admist spilled voxels. Avira makes a face before it disappears behind the solid black helmet that extends from the back of her suit to cover her whole head. "Wow, I gotta hand it to Tesler's forces, they're actually /doing/ something this time." she pauses, "I hope Pavel isn't with them."
Stuff be happening and Tesler is actually now getting his act together to do something. Though from what Beck can see from the distance where he sits at high on a peak. Those voxels he hopes are /not/ Tesler's forces. As much as he may not like the general because of what he had done in Argon.. this JAVA.. was far larger threat and bring in weapon systems from a system that come from the outside.

It was troubling. Very troubling.

There was also an idle attempt to see if there was a female program anywhere. Beck was always keep an eye out for a 'specific' someone. Only because even though they broke away, well, he still hopes one day.. maybe..

Just maybe..

The Renegade then stands up as he then pulls out a his baton. He jumps off the hill and breaks the baton as a light cycle then forms under him. It revs down the hill and starts to make its way toward the sight.

Those probably now gathering may in fact see the white light coming their way, though from the angle he is heading. They may need to go meet him at the at the entrance of where Tesler's forces have moved into, because Beck is heading right there.

The young program really doesn't like the fact there is /that/ many voxels and no sign of Tesler's people have come out yet.
Nagetta Nagetta still isn't really sure what's going on other than she was asked for help. Of course the fact she's from a low-tech world doesn't help either. Plus it was kind of awkward having legs again, hopefully this wouldn't turn out like last time. She's still not sure how people manage to stay on light cycles. For now she would go along with what the others where doing.
Deelel Accessing Archived Data

The Grid has become quite the tourist spot as of late for those not of this system. For both good and for ill, some travelling from the grid certainly have made quite a few friends in their time away.

Deelel had had a growing concern about the nature of things here. The parts Avira has taken to Mara had been very troubling. They were one military grade and for some sort of vehicle but that's all that could be told due to the few parts which were commonly used in a number of military machines. That was bad it was insanely hard for anyone without the proper access rights to get such things. Yet there Java's people had that.

Deelel had to be a bit nervous as she looks at the carnage, while it might not effect users and those from that world much? The voxels scattered about would be like them seeing their dead blown to bits all over the place.

"This doesn't look good."

Deelel comments to her companions, she's got a light staff out and ready as she follows up with Avria.

"Pavel's not someone you want to meet Avira, trust me on this."

Mara had come along again it been hard to keep the mechanic program out of this mess. Those she cared for were threatened by all this and little did she know? It might go beyond the world as she understood it.

Mara pauses as she sees something else coming this way she pauses and points it out to the gathered totally all programs.

"We're not the only ones, who have caught wind of things."

Deelel meanwhile looks over to Nagetta for a moment who looks a bit strange with legs but she seems to be all right for the most part.

"We're going to need to go in, helmets up and lets go. Also don't let either side get a hold of your discs."

Deelels own helmet forms about her head and she moves in with a light staff in hand. This is going to likely be in the words of a famous anti viral. Bad, very bad.
Isaac Hanlon Deelel asked nicely, so she got another friend to show up. Given who they're dealing with, the helmets seem like a good idea. Except that he doesn't really /do/ face-concealing helmets.


A tall, lanky man, with a shaggy mop of golden-blond hair shot through with red like flames stands with the group. He wears a greatcoat, combat boots, and opaque, black-lensed goggles. The greatcoat is curious indeed: it looks like the outside is made of a patchwork of flickering, cycling screens, each one showing counterculture symbols and anti-authoritarian slogans.


"Right." He doesn't reach for his Disc. Instead, he rolls up his right sleeve nearly to the shoulder with one hand, exposing a smooth, black arm with multiple purple lines running up the length of it. He makes a fist, and they glow a little more brightly. He smiles, pearly whites a stark contrast to his ruddy, dirty appearance and the dark colors he otherwise wears.

"So." DJ Zero pauses, looking at Deelel. "Quiet or loud?"
Zero-One The voxels are a mix of red and blue. Disconcerting.

The guards continue to look nervous, until another comes to the entrance. "The Commander wants backup. They've captured the leader and are beginning to wipe up the remaining resistance."

The two guards look at each other, and then to the man at the doorway, nodding, and they prepare to enter the building... When one stops. "Hey, do you hear something?"

All three stop and turn, looking out at the Outlands, where one of them points at the approaching Light Cycle. "Hey, what's that?"

Hands start sliding for discs and ready batons.
Nagetta Nagetta has a light spear herself, kind of hard to fight like a dragoon with a disc after all. She's wearing a helmet though at least. All the glowing lights would make her eyes hurt otherwise. She notices all the gathered programs as well, this could get troublesome rather quickly.
Avira "The Renegade's picked loud, it seems." Avira notes to Isaac, frowning a little in confusion. How the hell did that guy's teeth get so white? ...bah, it's probably prestidigination. DIdn't all wizards know that stuff?

Reaching down, Avira detatches her own light cycle, though she doesn't activate it quite yet. "And while you're at it, mind giving us some music for ambiance? Something intense."

Avira takes a few steps and leaps, the light cycle filling into the space around her and hitting the ground running. Deelel's going to get the distinct impression that Avira's really taken to these bikes. She's enjoying riding one way, way too much.

Though one's she's closed the distance, it quickly becomes clear when she leaps from the bike and it disappears that she's been practicing the dismount. She uses the momentum to launch herself at one of the guards to tackle him to the ground-or even better, through the doorway. Avira will even 'surf' on the program for a few feet until friction forces his flying frame to stop.
The Renegade was indeed choosing perhaps the loud path. Two heavies by the look of it and one light. One way to deal with this, but if these guys are here-- then that means Tesler is A-OK. Greeeat. And here he was worried.

He should no better then to 'worry' about mister extendo arms.

The Renegade kicks off the bike and goes to allow the light cycle to actually slam off two of the guards before activating his light disc which flares with light. "Nice to see you guys have things in hand, but I don't think Tesler realizes just how deep this black-hole goes."

"So please excuse me!" The security program then races right at the other one, before he attempts to actually slide down and trip the other program over. No kill move here. There was no reason to 'derez' anyone yet.
Deelel Deelel says "I'm with Avira, DJ Zero. Loud and fitting."

Is her reply, and she's very happy Isaac came along, if there was a user who might be able to pull some of what Flynn could it would be Isaac after all. Well should we way DJ Zero that is and she seems ready for the moment. She's got her staff and is making ready to go in, there's some guards and she doesn?t seem happy about this as she's going in with the others, that's when The Renegade has popped in she's not surprised she's glad for the back up. To be honest she expects they may have to work with Tesler's troops.

The staff is held in her off hand as she makes to run a few system commands on herself, to get ready for the fight that likely is going to be in their future. Will it be against Java's forces or against the forces of the system bound to Clu? That she does not know! She also keeps an eye on Nagetta thankful for he help but also making sure she will get help if she needs it.
Nagetta Nagetta's not really the loud type, so she'll let the others do most of the talking. That and she's shy around people she doesn't know that well. She leaps upwards, though it's not as high as she can normally jump. She's not used to having legs or the physics of this world. Still she manages to gain some momentum as she brings her spear down on one of the guards.
Zero-One The guards don't even get a chance to respond. Avira launches at the central guard, impacting hard and surfing him straight into the complex while Beck uses his Light Cycle inventively, slamming it into the two heavy guards. The powerful impact knocks the guards out, chunks of their armor voxeling off as it shatters. Nagetta lands on one of the fallen guards, striking it with her spear. The guard falls over and begins disintegrating into voxels from the blow.

Meanwhile, Avira looks up, and the inside of the complex... Is a lot less complex than she might expect. The interior has a number of machines, the glowing power lines appearing to feed into a large catwalk-lined area below. The sounds of fighting are heard in the distance but it seems to be getting more sporadic. In the depths, there is a large, vaguely familiar shape, a large capsule of some kind with a thick window inset into it. Inside is a thin, unassuming Program in blue being held by a pair of Guards, the former looking quite defeated as he stands before a familiar figure.

Pavel stands over the man, smiling. "It doesn't look like it went so well for you now, did it, JAVA? Here you are, your little crime ring crushed, your men scattered into voxels, and you... Well, you'll be lucky if you only get sent to the Games." He leans in, smiling as he hisses, "There are... so many thing I would be happy to show you." JAVA cringes away, reflexively, as Pavel simply pulls back with a laugh. "Which only leaves one small thing. What are you even /doing/ here?"

The capsule-room looks like it has a large number of displays, and a control yoke of some kind front and center. "If I didn't know better I'd say you were..." He pauses, and smiles. "Well, it looks like you just might in fact be building a /Recognizer/! But this doesn't looks standard..."

At this point, the Program speaks up. "Look, I'm begging you, don't touch-GUH!" JAVA folds over as Pavel lunges, driving his fist into the man's gut.

"Don't presume to tell /me/ what I can or can't do, traitor!" He says. "I think I'll be taking this back to Tesler as a souvenier. After all, can't have military hardware left in the hands of /scum/ like you."

"But..." JAVA objects, "You don't underst-" There is a crunch as Pavel strikes JAVA across the face this time. "No more talk. You're coming back with us." He walks to the control yoke.
Isaac Hanlon "Cool. Let's do that, then." Zero cracks his real knuckles, running the fingers of his left hand across his arm. Spots light up, and little flickers of light are briefly visible on the surface of his goggles. He looks around for a second, and then snaps his fingers, pointing finger-guns at the walls.

A couple seconds pass. They start to vibrate, thumping to the beat as the music kicks up, coming from the building itself. DJ Zero steps out of cover as it does, bobbing his head to the beat. He's a couple steps away from air guitaring on the spot.

0BGM CHANGE: 0Machinae Supremacy -- Battlecry
( )

"There." He smiles, grinning that grin again. The Renegade rushes in first, tripping the guys up; Zero follows him and Avira, glancing at the fallen and then derezzed guards. He steps over them, slipping into the room and up to the window. His smile falters for just a second.

DJ Zero draws back his arm, clenching his fist. It glows. He takes a breath, and then swings, a little too short for it to hit the actual window. His arm fully extends, and then...

...keeps... going.

The arm hammers into and through the window. It extends further and further, rocketing across the length of the room. Isaac is aiming to hit Pavel right in the digital kidneys, but he won't be upset if he knocks a guard across the chamber, either. He doesn't think he has the strength to core a Program with one swing, but inanimate objects? Inanimate objects he can smash.
Beck doesn't even look back at the renegade. Nope. That program in TRON colors of this grid was on the move. He may glower at the one who killed the guard without reason, but he doesn't have time to keep up with a bunch of users.

He runs up a wall and black flips off, to hand spring over the rails and then lands on the catwalk in a crouch. He then sprints off and keeps running. Also Beck will have to question Isaac on the sudden program override. Cause seriously, if he can pick that up. He can only imagine Clu. Like seriously, Clu sitting there in his chair before looking out that window and going: 'I sense a change in the code' or something.

..Blame Deelel..

Though what does get Beck is the sudden arm extend and he does a quick step to turn around and look at Isaac and just stare at the man. Though mind you his face is hidden, but one kinda gets the impression: 'Where by Flynn did you get that?'

It doesn't last long because with an entrance given, Beck jumps into the now broken glass and lands on the ground. If the Guard isn't knocked over, he would be cause that is what Beck is landing on to knock down for sure. He then looks right at Pavel and starts to walk over to the coward of a program. Maybe he was lucky he be squirming over in pain by now.
Avira "That's what I'm talking about." Avira warbles, giving Isaac a thumbs up before departing for bike-fu.

Once inside, Avira quickly discards her 'ride' and runs ahead, listening carefully to the sounds of fighting and following them. She doesn't pay the near machines any attention though the power lines do catch her interest. Channeling power stolen earlier, maybe?

She navigates the catwalks with speed until she finally comes upon a Program she doesn't recognize, two Blackguards and...

Oh no. Avira recognizes Pavel alright. Pausing, she considers her options, and allows her face-obscuring helmet to slide back. Casually, she removes her disc from her back and approaches the small group.

Openly. What?

"Well color me whatever hex value represents surprise." Avira calls out, stopping away from Pavel and company with a hand resting on her hip. "You actually beat me here. And to him." Avira gestures at JAVA with her disc even though she has no friggin' clue who he is since she's never actually seen JAVA before. Based on the exchange he's probably the 'virus' responsible for the weapons...though he didn't LOOK like a virus. Didn't matter, all she wanted to do was serve as a brief distraction.

...okay, and maybe settle some unfinished business?
Isaac Hanlon DJ Zero turns his head a little towards Beck. He gives him a lopsided smile and a one-shouldered shrug, tilting his head a little.

'Hacker program,' he practically says. 'Duh.'
Deelel Deelel follows her friends after as they go in, she notices the guards are out of it and she leaves two down and one dead. There's nothing she can do. She moves onwards sometimes you got to fight but in this case? They were performing their functions as Flynn intended. Well she makes sure not to step on the two still living ones. They got a lot more lives at stake than that. She hears a voice, a voice that makes her visible cringe.

Pavel is known to her and he's not one to take lightly the look on her face behind her mask isn't very happy.

DJ Zero puts on the bitching music she watches his arm and blows a hole right in.

<<Not bad at all.>>

She?s now racing in with her staff at the ready here, singing with music would be almost an alien thing to most basics even Deelel has only tried to use her voice with limited success in only a few songs.

She lands a moment after Isaac makes his move, she landed in a crouch, staff at the ready as she rises and tilts her head. She says nothing for the moment and lets Avira do her thing.

Mara is following a bit behind if there's some sort of vehicle to deal with that's what she's here for, though she can more than handle her self if things go bad, right?
Zero-One Pavel is a few inches from taking up the control yoke when he tilts his head. "What is that? I didn't request any mus-AAAH!"

There is a crash as a hole is shattered in the front glass by an arm. There is a sweet-ass close up slow motion shot as Pavel twists, the glowing arm glancing across his chest and knocking him back several steps as it leaves a light gash on him. "General!?" Pavel says in disbelief... And then he looks up. "No... Who the /frag/ are you?" His eyes narrow dangerously... But suddenly he has more important things to deal with. "YOU! The Renegade! And you! Avira! You're all with /him/?" Pavel says, and he clenches his teeth. "Where did you get this kind of- oh wait, it doesn't really matter now. BECAUSE I HAVE THIS!" Pavel turns, and grabs onto the control yoke, activating the giant machine.

JAVA, standing there next to the remaining Guard, smiles.

There is a crackle of power, and Pavel's hands suddenly adhere to the yoke. "What the...!?" He says, surprised.

"You wanted it so badly. I warned you..." There is a hum, and JAVA suddenly exhibits some competency as he spins, striking through the other Guard that was next to him with his Disc. His demeanor is completely different, his expression smooth, his eyes gleaming with a dangerous cunning. "And now you've got it. And all that comes with it. Should have looked gift Recognizers in the code. I know /I/ did."

There is a rumble and a lurch as the massive machine surges upwards, smashing through the top of the complex in an explosion of voxels, the crag half-derezzing as the huge black machine hangs in the air.

And then it lights upurple.

Pavel screams in pain as an energy field of some kind descends around him, locking him away from the rest of the control room. Not that he can do anything, stuck to the control yoke as it is, but sizzling, crackling flashes of Darkness appear, causing slithering digital snakelike Heartless to manifest throughout the area. Purple lightning snaps down from the Recognizer, striking the ground and causing the same phenomenon.

JAVA, meanwhile, gives a salute. "Good luck, Renegade. I'll see you around!" He then turns and bolts, running quickly out of the room.

Everyone else has bigger problems, as the weapons come online.

0<0================================> - <X3 - <=================================0>


0- 0Dark Recognizer 0-


0<0================================> - <X3 - <=================================0>

Sizzling beams begin to rake out along the ground from the Recognizer, while the snake Heartless attack, seeking out the heroes and biting at them. This is only made worse with clusters of yelloe-green spheres, dropped like cluster bombs to detonate with viral code.
The Renegade suddenly feels movement. "What the.." Then suddenly Java runs off. "You--" He doesn't have a chance to finish till he has to completely leap right out and rolls across the ground. Great-- Now he has to save Pavel and will probably get blamed for this later.

More things to stack up on his 'wanted' posters. Probably going to be now: 'Associating with viruses' or something.

Sadly with the rough landing he does have time to actually get out of the way. The heartless snake bites and its fangs cause a part of his arm to crackle with damage lines. Then he flips over the snake to only get hit by one of the virus bombs. The explosion knocks him back and he shakes his head, but his systems are already dealing with the viral code.

He then stands up and stares at the Recognizer. "We need to find away to get Pavel free and shut that thing down." He looks over at Isaac. "I don't like hackers much.. but think you can do that?"

The Renegade then jumps up along one of the rails, "Because if you need a higher access code.." He doesn't finish that statement. He shouldn't have too. What does do is allow his disc to fly different ways, trying to help deal with the Heartless issue.
Nagetta Nagetta's even more confused now, if snake Heartless can exist here why is she fully human? She let's out a confused "Huh?" Still she's a bit heistant to fight them, they're still snakes after all even if they're evil. Of course she has an advantage in knowing how to avoid them, maybe she could take control so the others can focus on Pavel.
Avira Avira totally takes advantage of the fact that she doesn't have to answer to Pavel at ALL. Is she here with the Renegade? Well, yes, but rather than outright admit it, she opts to smirk at the Program. The smirk disappears once Pavel reaches for that weapon and all hell breaks loose.

Avira gives JAVA a glare as he slips past, "This isn't over, Program." she mutters before focusing on the much more dangerous matter at hand. Pavel's power seems to be getting hijacked to power this dark Recognizer. Somehow this is also summoning Heartless, which Avira doesn't actually notice until they start coiling around her legs.

"Gah!" she yelps, trying to shake them off, her movements growing sluggish. In a moment of horror she realizes that the viral code actually seems to be affecting her somehow.

"I'll keep it busy, you do what you gotta do, Isaac, and get that...ugh, Program free like the Renegade says. It's probably drawing off his power." Sticking with her already drawn identity disc, Avira throws the weapon upwards hard, three times in a row after it comes back the first two.
Deelel Some part of Deelel is happy to see Pavel get slammed like that. She tilts her head and says nothing for a moment as the Renegade busts in and Deelel now speaks up her voice distorted and she notes

"No! Don't touch ..."

It's too late Pavel has touched it and he's stuck now he hears JAVA's words and she looks to the machine for a moment. She backs up and barks to any remaining guards.

"Get back."

JAVA isn't what she expected she can only watch the machine as it rises she can hear Pavel scream in pain in terror as JAVA escapes, while the dark machine is now making use of Pavel in some way.

"Is he a battery...?"

She hates to think it but they may have to save Pavel. He is a <Goosehonk> but does he deserve this, no he does not. Then again there's isn't much she can do as she comes under fire and isn't able to get clear she makes use of the staff at the moment she recovers from the blast to pole-vault up into the air. Deelel spins once like a top before throwing her disc at the hulking thing. She knows it won't do much as she calls out.

"We need some heavier weapons! Light staffs and ID Discs are not going to do much1"

She's got her light jet but that will take a moment to get up into the air, she's still dropping to the ground her disc has yet to return and she banishes her staff, replacing it rapidly with another rod in her hand and it construct a light jet about her, rapidly going from wire-frame to full out aircraft.

"Java is no idiot he password protected the thing, we're going to have to pull Pavel out of there as much as I'm loathed to admit it."

There's the chance he could get a far more dangerous replacement after all. Deelel's still hurting from the viral code but she's able to press on. The Viral code is eating at her own and it's painful but she's got to fight as the light jet's guns come to life and start spraying bolts of light at the huge hulking machine.

Mara meanwhile made her self useful ans has pulled any surviving sentries and blackguard out of harms way, who are in no condition to fight. After all they wee actually looking out for the city today and it didn't feel right to her, to leave them like that.
Isaac Hanlon "They call me DJ Zero," the begoggled hacker replies with a lopsided grin. He spreads his arms. "Welcome to the revolution!"

And then things go pear-shaped.

Isaac backs off as the roof explodes, the Recognizer rising into the air. He looks between that and JAVA, muttering to himself, "I /knew/ someone named after Java would be up to no good." He looks between Pavel and the Dark Recognizer, and then throws himself to the side, diving into a clumsy roll while the weapons rake the ground. He gets up, but some of the viral code clings to his coat, making the flickering images hazy with snow.

DJ Zero pulls himself to his feet and brushes off the worst of it. Some still clings. He feels... sick. His arm retracts fully, locking back into place. He casts Beck a glance and an easy smile. "Don't worry; I'll handle it." He looks between him and Avira, and gestures skyward. "See what you can do about those weapons."

The cyber-sorcerer moves his fingers back to his forearm. It's not as good as his actual sbright blue light tracing through the air and hunting for the connecting portions to attack it on a level he's more comfortable with.

"Hold on," says the hacker. "I'm gonna get you out."
Zero-One JAVA grabs a wing chute and bails out of the Recognizer, his laughter audible as he leaps off and aims for the Outlands. It's clear he intends to vanish in the confusion.

Meanwhile, 'associating with Viruses' will go nicely next to 'Disc Alteration' and 'Assassin', Beck. Keep going and you might get a Bingo. He launches his Disc, the Heartless derezzing quickly into dissolving dark voxels as they are struck. As usual, the Heartless are weak, but numerous. How /is/ the Recognizer making them? Nagetta's attempts to sway the snake Heartless, however, meet with little success. Perhaps it is better this way. Avira's own Disc hammers into the large Recognizer, breaking off pieces of it as it hangs there in the air, swivelling to face the threat.

A Light Jet, however, is a bigger threat than someoneo n foot with a Light Disc. Generally. It changes targets, blasting at Deelel with detonating spheres of disruptive energy and carpetbombing the area. Collateral damage appears to not be an issue to the Recognizer.

Mara, meanwhile, successfully reaches the confused Blackguard and remaining members of JAVA's crime ring, and they have no issues getting evacuated by a spunky Program who seems to know what the hell she's doing. It looks like there's another Program deep in the complex, however, trapped. She can hear him yelling for help...

DJ Zero, meanwhile, attacks on an entirely different level. He attacks the Recognizer, attempting to access it and break past the security measures.

Immediately he is faced with walls of security codes. Whoever put this together seems to be quite familiar with User-based hacking tendencies. It's not impossible. It just means Isaac will have to actually work to look awesome this time.

Meanwhile, ports open along the Recognizer, unleashing missile banks and raining down pain upon their enemies. The massive thing goes spinning through the air erratically, using its own movements as a potential weapon to try to strike or crush their enemies! Press the buttons fast!
The Renegade gives a nod to Isaac. He'll have to trust the hacker, but he is a friend of Avira's so..

Though as he goes to move across the ground, he takes notice that Deelel isn't doing so well. He tsks softly and then goes to try and deflect any attacks coming his way. Be it be bite, bomb, or whatever. He was going to try and make he way over to Deelel. "Deelel!" The Renegade calls over to her, before sliding over to her.

"One second, let me see your disc." This wasn't easy to do when all hell was breaking loose, but if he works fast enough... Just remember what TRON of this grid taught him... "No medic.. but.." He then works to try and remove the virus from her systems. Just a good ol' security override.

As he tries to break away that is when he gets caught by the missiles and they kinda fling him back and he slams into one of the walls and bounces off. Crashing into the ground. He lays there for a moment as his own internal systems attempt to recalibrate.
Nagetta Given how mindless the Heartless she should have expected that not to work well. It looks like she's going to have to actually fight them. She sighs a bit at the thought and leaps as high as she can on her legs. Her spear is spun around as she descends doing her best to smack as many of the snakes as she can with it.
Deelel Deelel has got a lot of attention now from the horror Java has built. She pulls back hard trying to keep herself in the figth and while she's taken a few hits she's not as bad off as she could be. The Light jet is proving to be pretty durable, after all it's not something commonly basics can get their hands on. Normally security programs and such are the ones cleared to get them. Deelel knows this but there's no time, she's pulling back again and at Beck's calling she pulls back hovering dangerously for a moment to let him work. It's not perfect, but the worst of the viral code is pulled from her system. It's no longer eating away at her code, which is the important part!

She's now taking full out flight again thanks to the help she's bake to get a good deal of control over the light jet now she's not in such pain from the viral code. She's still not fully recovered but she's clearly back in the fight the light jet is off again heading after the She opens fire with eh guns again, and the bolts of light keep on going. She also notices someone is leaping from Dark Recognizer, it has to be Java but there?s nothing she can do but record the likely direction he's going as she comes about for another pass.

Mara is busy helping the injured and confused she talks to one of the more still with it Sentry's says

"I'm going to call for support, this is going to get the whole district cubed if this keeps going on!"

He bolts to get outside and hopefully to their own craft to call for backup.

Mara waves him off and then hears someone else calling for help, and she's quick to go after trying to seek out who is needed of aid in getting out of this mess.

"I am coming! Where are you?"
Isaac Hanlon Being familiar with User-based hacking techniques does not mean being familiar with Isaac-based hacking techniques. The difference is the amount of bullshit computer wizardry is involved.

Isaac handles the problem in the best way possible: he makes the barriers visible, and starts punching through them. He starts by scattering glittering motes with his mechanical hand, the lights clinging to the tendrils of Darkness and viral code and drawing them into plain visibility. Then, he starts to disarm them like it was a bomb.

It might be a bomb, he thinks.

Isaac casts more of the blue web out, the needle-thin lines tracing through the air and turning at ninety degree angles as they approach. They snake into the programming, subverting and destroying as they go, his mundane skill backed by sorcerous might.

"Is this a bomb?" Isaac asks nobody in particular aloud. "I feel like there might be a bomb."
Zero-One The Renegade tries to take a moment to recover, but there seems to be little chance of the Recognizer letting up oon its attacks. Meanwhile, Nagetta bounces, striking through the Heartless mass and destroying them quickly in her attempts to keep them contained. She might be able to handle it, but it is not easy. Then again, nothing worthwhile ever is, is it?

Deelel strikes at the Recognizer with a blast of gunfire, striking it some more. The Recognizer sparks and sizzles, parts of it falling off as it spirals, suddenly dipping and crashing into the military Recognizer, sending it tipping over... And possibly onto the defenders again! Press Triangle!

Meanwhile Mara follows the voice deeper into the complex. "Help! Please, someone! I'm trapped!" The voice calls out, leading her away from the battle.

Meanwhile, Isaac continues to learn more about what he's dealing with. The security and viral code is designed to keep people out and act as boobytraps for people who aren't paying attention. Isaac has ways around dealing with it. As he continues to work his way into the aggregate program, he starts learning more about what it's doing and why.

The results aren't good.

At this point, the massive thing results in simply starts smashing around and crush down, impacting everything around it in rampant thrashing. The lines flicker, showing the hacking contest between Isaac 'Matter of Time' Hanlon and the Dark 'Crushing Your Head' Recognizer. It might not be so simple.

Like when the legs rotate, slamming together as it attempts to simply drop like a massive piston directly on top of Isaac. And other people.
The Renegade starts to get back up when all hell breaks loose. He is unaware that Mara has gone off to go 'save' someone. He has a bit more things to worry about then his fiery friend. Thing happens, things go crashing down. He nearly gets crushed. He nearly get voxeled, he somehow manages to roll himself out of the worst of it.

Yet what does hit him, places more cracks over his body. He slowly forces himself back up, "Everyone alright?" He is able to ask, before suddenly finding himself with a piece falling right on him.

Though soon the Light Disc breaks through it and the Renegade rises up, stepping up and then looking directly at the Recognizer and the Heartless. "Enough of this." He says with a cold voice.

He then races right off. He flings his disc one way. Then another way. He kicks off a wall, catches the disc and throws it again. The disc goes one way, he goes another. Wall run, jump, flip, throw. Many forms of a disc playing master. Something Beck himself was always complimented on, and TRON pushed him ever further.

TRON... what would you do now... if you were still here. A thought that doesn't stay long on Beck's mind when he lands down to catch his disc once more.
Deelel Mara has the sense to report in to her allies over their private channel.

<<"There's someone else deeper into the complex I?m going to get them out, sounds like they are in trouble.>>

Mara continues on her way deeper in trying to get to them she's not foolish, she's kept her allies informed right? So away she goes deeper into the complex.

Deelel meanwhile is coming under even worse fire at this point. She's was doing a bank at this point as the craft god sown she gets clipped and her light jet is not doing so well it gets clipped and nearly goes down she fights to pull it out of the spiral and just mange to it's trialing voxels and that's when she brings the light walls online as she start trying to loop about the Dark Recognizer. Like some sort of pretzel of doom and she also opening up with the guns again. She mutters a bit as well they are saving Pavel in all likely hood from this thing. She cuts the light walls a second later spirals up and then drops at the thing opening fire tying to cripple it once and for all.
Isaac Hanlon Isaac starts to get an idea of what this is doing. He breaks past its security at the same time he actively attacks it, flinging tines of piercing light up at the Dark Rectifier that burn pieces away as soon as they touch it. They cling like creeping ivy, off-colored light that slowly subverts whatever it comes into contact with and breaks down the unsalvageable parts.

As he starts to get an idea of what the hell is going on, Isaac stops leaning towards 'bomb' and starts leaning towards 'plant.' He talks to himself as he works. "Looks like it's /designed/ to lock the pilot down. Quite the trap they've got going on... like it was waiting for someone to try and take it for themself." Isaac tweaks his access method a little as a shadow passes over him.

He looks up. "Ah. Crap."

The thing falls like a hammer. The cybermancer throws himself forward, sliding across the ground as it hits. It shatters the place he was standing, the force throwing him further, this time into a rock face. He hits it, hard, the wind knocked out of him as he falls into a pile of rubble beneath it. For a second, he's stunned.

DJ Zero rolls over. He coughs out a wheezing laugh, reaching over to his artificial hand. His goggles glow malevolently. "Nice security," he says, talking to the animate inanimate object. "I'm impressed by whoever put you together. That one virus, maybe?" He pulls himself to his feet. "Dunno. Figured he'd be here himself. Either way..."

He Anathema."

The blue tines of ivy-like growth suddenly light up. They spread like wildfire, hungrily climbing the Dark Rectifier. It goes up, over, and down the other side, gradually covering the thing in the brightly-glowing stuff. Needle-like points stab into its hull as it spreads, and Isaac finds himself with more and more potential points of access. He pokes and prods at the security a little more.

Then, he hits it like a hammer driving a spike to split a block. All he needs is control for just a second. 'DELETE' is practically on the tip of his fingers.
Zero-One Mara apurple...

Beck launches himself through the air, the Renegade's mastery of the Disc making up for the lack of heavy artillery. His attack crushes through the glass, impacting control panels through the cockpit and causing massive gouts of sparks and crackling voxels. The Dark Recognizer shudders, hanging in the air as it realizes it has been critically damaged. Deelel's Light Jet is getting a workout tonight as, sensing the critical damage, she moves in for an end run on the Recognizer. She strafes through, the Recognizer impacting the light walls and explosions beginning to wrack the systems. It begins to separate, something within trying to hold it together regardless...

Until Isaac breaks through... And unleashes Power. The lines connecting Isaac to the Dark Recognizer surge, the lines on the massive machine flickering blue for a moment, and then surging pure white moments before all-consuming white fire explodes through the machine, ravaging it and sending it collapsing, flying apart. The cockpit block slams to the ground, the other parts vaporizing and derezzing in midair in response to the final command from the cybermancer.

The cockpit block also derezzes, dropping an unconscious Pavel to the ground, where the remaining Sentries move in to try to recover their commander.

Everything goes silent for a moment, leaving only the digital wind...
LEXUS Except for a moment of clapping. Slow, methodical clapping.

"Very nice." comments LEXUS, moments before he turns, pushing a struggling Mara backwards. A Darkness portal opens behind her as she falls in. "Well played indeed. JAVA was more clever than I expected. I will have to take that into account."
The Renegade almost falls down to one knee due to the damage he has taken, but the clapping causes him to quickly stand back up. He then sees Mara get shoved through the dark portal and he takes a step forward. He then looks directly at the Virus. The one he fought before along side the younger TRON.

"Where did you send her?!" The Renegade barks out as he goes to take another step forward, before he finds himself making a sudden break run right for the Virus, "Because you can't have her!"
Isaac Hanlon "Game over," Isaac utters. "User wins."

He rises to his feet. DJ Zero brushes himself off, finally purging the clinging viral code. He grips his coat with both hands and straightens it deliberately, and the various damaged panels rectify themselves, flickering back to life. Zero walks out of the rubble-strewn space, stepping on thin air and leaving briefly-visible translucent panels behind, not unlike stairs.

"Oh, hey, look at that. The aforementioned vidon't charge at him he's probably got a contingency for oh he's already doing it." He switches gears twice in one sentence. He just shakes his head and palms his face. Let him monologue, kid, let him monologue!
Deelel Mara pauses turns and sees a flash of purple there's something behind her and it's not good. That's not goodd at all for her bnut it's too late LEXUS has got his hands on expected. There'as not much she can do at this point she's struggling though.

Meanwhile Deelel brings her damaged light jet in for a landing and derezzes it as the whole creation of Java is going up for the most part. She shakes her head a bit as she leaves the Sentries to get their boss.

She's about to do more but there's not much that she can do and she's unaware.

Mara meanwhile calls out.

"Let me go! LET ME GO!"

Deelel looks to Isaac for a moment and isn't sure what to think of his comment. That's when the fear hits, it's LEXUS, to say Deelel is afraid of him is an understatement and a half. She was nearly consume by him after all.

As for Mara it may be too late at this point or is it?
LEXUS "Oh look, you /do/ care. I was wondering if I would manage to find /anything/ that got under your skin, Renegade!" LEXUS replies. He doesn't seem to be too concerned with the charging Beck, holding his hand out and swiping it through the air. There is a low rending noise as the ground begins dissilving, black and purple tendrils crashing upwards between him and the charging Beck. Go ahead. Try to leap. LEXUS doesn't smile. "She has an appointment with my Mistress and it would be ill of me to keep her waiting. Perhaps we can negotiate an exchange at a later time. You do, after all, have elevated system privleges I would be interested in acquiring... Congratulations on saving Purgos, however. I'm sure General Tesler and that conniving snake Pavel will appreciate it."

Now he chuckles and gives a short bow. "Good luck... heroes. We will meet again." At that, he turns, and falls towards the Portal that he shoved Mara through.
The Renegade falls short as the dark tendrils rise up. He almost acts like he wants to just, he really /wants/ to /try/, but everything to his core is telling him not too. To NOT chance it. He stands there for a bit, charged, ready to try.

Attempting fate, daring it, but he doesn't budge. He doesn't move. Instead he takes a step back and then slams his fist into the ground once Lexus leaves. His fist slams and he lets out a roar of anger, lowering his head and just-- fully falling to his knees. "..why.." He whispers out softly.

By Flynn.. How was he going to explain this to Zed. He looses TRON. They lost Abel.. and now..
Deelel Deelel stops in horror and there's actually a sound of anger coming from Deelel's throat. It's an inhuman noise, but something that is just a very angry poream she's snapped out of it as Beck drops to his knees she mvoes over to him for a moment, she looks to Beck and sets a hand on her shoulder.

"We ... will get her back, we have to go before the guard comes back..."

She'll talk to Zed if it comes down to it, she's got a feeling though with what she knows he may be chomping at the bit to come with her...for now.

"Because that virus always has a plan, if he took her alive he won't be doing anything to her..."

She looks to Isaac for a moment and tilts her head.

"Let's go..."

This scene contained 41 poses. The players who were present were: Nagetta, Avira, Deelel, LEXUS, Isaac Hanlon, Beck, Zero-One