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(2014-02-13 - Now)
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Alberic Lux It is sunset in New Orleans. The city is bustling even as day turns to night, the comparatively-quaint town possessing a style and a life all it's own. People wander the streets, at work or at play, and there is a vibrancy here that can be felt by local inhabitants and visitors alike. All is well, it seems to say. There are terrible things out there, but here, life goes on.

In truth, all is not well.

The clear skies are blotted by a sudden mist. A fog, thick and heavy, rolls up the Mississippi. It approaches slowly, silent tendrils flowing into city streets from the direction of the sea. A little strange, certainly, but nothing the people here haven't seen before. It's a curious thing, but it largely goes unremarked upon.

The sun disappears behind the horizon. The fog blankets the city in a chilly shadow. It creeps forward, up the river and towards the city. The river bends here, at the Vieux Carre, or the French Quarter. The fog doesn't seem to notice. It moves towards the shore there like a boiling tide, and it isn't until the last possible moment that the seeming source comes into sight: a steamboat, paddle-wheel-driven, pouring steam into the sky that blends seamlessly with the bank.

The steamboat hits the docks with a thunderous sound of splintering wood and screaming people. It throws daggers of jagged tinder in every direction, driven forward with astounding speed and barely slowing. It runs itself aground, one side tilting upwards as it comes to rest at the edge of the street running along the riverfront. Through bad luck turned worse, there's a visible crack in the hull running the length of the ship, and a dark stain flows into the river behind it.

It stops. The fog does not. A sense of unease emanates from the ship, quickly shrouded in the mist.
Zero-One The spreading blackness likely goes unnoticed for some time. The less discerning might think that the steamboat was carrying oil for some reason.

It's not oil.

As the blackness spreads, it stains the water, stains the shore as the water washes it in. The blackness sticks, spreading like ink.

And then they come. Rising out of the river, black creatures, dripping with the strange material, emerge. The golden eyes stare out at those gawkers who remain on the docks. The multisegmented bodies and the powerful clamping claws shudder for a moment. The more jaded might smile, thinking them strange ink-blot caricatures.

The eyes flash again, telegraphing a dreadful hunger. Any smiles and laughter die as the Craw Deadies strike, scuttling after those who have not run. Emerging after them are black, inky, mutated alligators. There shouldn't be any of them in the river, but here they are. Like the crawdads, the alligators trail the black stain further inland as they chase after screaming people.

And the whole time, the black stain spreads.
Will Sherman Why AM I FIGHTING FOR?!

There is a barrel on the docks of the shipyard, hitting the ground and rolling as the ship crashes into it. It rolls, hitting the side of a warehouse..there is a snoring sound from inside the barrel.

Right now, Will Sherman, King of Hobos, dreasm of food.
Avira Grit and dirt crunch quietly beneath the booted feet of Avira, mildly wanted space criminal and part-time reporter for the Daily Bugle. For today's excursion, she opted to dress in something a bit more practical towards fitting in with the locals. For once, she didn't want to attract inordinate amounts of attention to herself. It could just be fallout from previous tasks.

But although she is wearing a very simple blue dress, she still has the Spine resting in its sheath at the small of her back. The thick belt holding the sheath has been looped OVER her dress, which looks terribly silly. Still, it was less strange than her usual Ivalician getup that she wears...compared to those of New Orleans at least.

A messenger bag is slung over her shoulder and a folded piece of paper remains clutched in one hand. On the list is a number of strange items from alligator bones to albino snake skins that could easily feature in a voodoo ritual.

Why Isaac wanted them was beyond her. She gets that he's a wizard but she's never heard him talk about using strange stuff. With Isaac she'd expect him to pick up his magical components at Radio Shack, not a swamp in the middle of Louisiana.

Avira is present, but not watching as the derelict steamboat crashes into shore. The screaming afterwards quickly brings it to her attention and when she arrives at the scene of the accident, her eyes immediately go to the ominous spreading 'ink' in the water. Even before the monsters (Heartless?) start to appear she can feel the unpleasant taint of the stain and the ship. Hastily, she stuffs the list into her bag and draws her weapon off her back.
Emi Dennou Dennous are present. This time it's Emi and Umi because they're the easiest to po--er that is, they're the ones most interested in mysterious happenings. The two are following after Avira though they didn't actually arrive together--rather they spotted Avira upon getting a request to check out the strange fog. It has gotten a lot worse since they got the request.

She bites at her lip when she sees glimpses of the black creatures. It's like a nightmare coming to life in reality. She isn't terribly terrified of gators, and doesn't scare easy, but she is--uneasy all the same.

Umi starts to charge, but Emi stops her by holding her hand on her shoulder.
Artemis Eurus A dark portal opens in the French Quarter. Shadows part the veil of reality, a sight many of those present have seen before from those who wield the darkness with any proficiency. Too often, Heartless flood from these portals, so it may be alarming for the heroes to think perhaps they are about to be attacked from their flank by even MORE heartless.

What exits the portal however, is no Heartless. It is a figure on a pale horse clad in dark armor and a shadowed mask, verdant green glowing in the shape of her eyes from within the darkness. The horse charges from out of the portal and the masked figure pulls back the string of a bow, releasing several arrows in rapid succession--into the Heartless.

The rider steers the horse around the group, slowing after her charge before she dismounts, drawing her katana, the darkness seeping from her floating forward to probe the Heartless, wondering if anyone is controlling them. If not? Well, she'll take them.
Zero-One The HEartless move without plan or will, rushing hungrily through the streets to seek out Hearts and take them.

People begin to fall, vanishing into the Darkness as the black creatures do what they are known to do. However, several arrows strike the Heartless, dispersing them in explosions of gooey blackness as they dissolve.

But the stain remains, clinging to where they fell.

If anything is controlling these Heartless, they hide it well. However, doing so requires an effort of the will, to establish dominance and connect one's own Darkness with theirs. Until then, Artemis is as much a target as anything else. The black spreads across even the old-style taxicabs, their headlights beginning to burn with golden hunger, the strange clinging Darkness causing their engines to run as demented, gnashing creatures.

No one is spared as they begin their attack: Avira is set upon by liquid explosions being thrown by the strange Crocodile heartless, while an evil crawdad sneaks up on the sleeping Will, claws snapping hungrily. Artemis' charge is countered by a raging taxicab, the exahust fumes even more poisonous than before.

Things are getting ugly.
Will Sherman The Crawdad claws into the barrel..

By sheer dumb luck, Will is narrowly missed, he opens his eyes staring WIDE-EYEDly at the claws, before jumping out of the barrel, crashing through the top and falling on his side. "Ow ow ow! My head..." he holds it for a moment, and ends up HEADBUTTING the Crawdad.

Which somehow makes it weak to electrical energy?


And he PUNCHES the heartless /so hard/, tearing at it's strange strings.
Alberic Lux The Heartless rise out of the river, marching towards shore. At the same time, the ship creaks, and groans, something within shifting and moving. A door on the deck cracks, and, seconds later, bursts open, hurled off the hinges and catapulted into the darkening river. The thing inside that emerges doesn't quite fit out of it, splintering the frame as it forces its way to the exterior.

Though human-shaped, the creature is now definitely anything but. The shape of a man is dimly visible beneath its barnacled, crab-like carapace, the grey-shelled exterior focused on the thing's right and making it a lopsided, hulking aberration. The flesh of the person that it once was is twisted, buried beneath. Its eyes glow yellow, the same as the Heartless.

The creature marches out along the deck, dragging its huge crab-like arm. It swings it over the side and jumps down to the broken docks, building a lumbering pace towards the nearest fleeing people. More things, things that must once have been the crew, follow it out and down, chasing the same. The less-armored ones are faster than they look...

Nearby, on the balcony of a building overlooking the riverfront, stands a man. He wears a dark green coat and brandishes an L-shaped device of polished white metal, projecting a rectangular display for his eyes only. He observes the events below, watching with one observant eye.
Avira Avira is vaguely aware that she is being tailed by a pair of Dennous. This is mostly because she's been trained to pay attention to her surroundings and, given the way things have been going lately, Avira's been paying extra attention to when she might be getting tailed. Dennous are helpful and friendly so Avira has no fears to them following her. She'd invite them over to come help with her shopping list for Isaac but fate (and Heartless alligators) intervenes.

Throwing her hands up in a defensive position as the liquid explosive splashes against her, she at least manages to protect her face from burning and fire as she's thrown to the ground.

Rolling up to recover, Avira slams the point of the Spine down into the ground. There is a slight rumble before spires of ice shoot up from underneath the advancing Heartless to trap them.

Afforded a moment to think, she peers along the array of advancing adversaries and spies...Will, to start with. Artemis was familiar too. Human-shaped giant yellow-eyed crab 'Heartless?' Well that was new. Since it had a human shape, Avira immediately assumes that it's the one controlling the other Heartless here.

Then even MORE join it. Avira grimaces, but nonetheless takes after them.
Emi Dennou Emi is not very keen on this situation but she did imagine that she'd run into the source of the problem by following Avira because Avira has a knack for spawning people a few CR higher than the standard encounter for the scenario which usually means 'boss types' or at least lieutenants. Emi looks up and towards the mysterious Man in the Green Labcoat and watches in his general direction.

Meanwhile, Umi Dennou pushes Emi out of the way slightly, tapping the croc with a light burst of electricity. She jumps back and unleashes a wave of electricity from her arms, trying to banish away the darkness with light(ning).
Artemis Eurus The Heartless do not seem to be directly controlled by anyone, running wild as the mindless creatures are prone to doing without proper direction. The Huntress watches as the crab abomination breaks out of the ship and moves to go toward the fleeing people. She flashes forward to intercept, the steel of her katana slicing out in rapid arcs with deadly precision.

The darkness flares, rising like mist from around her and snaking outward toward the smaller Heartless, seeking to bend them to her will with her newfound control of the darkness. Seith was proving to be a good teacher it would seem.

Something else pings on her awareness. The green gaze of the Huntress turns toward the balcony where Lux stands. Interesting.
Zero-One The new Heartless are quickly fought back, many of them exploding into wisps of Darkness and splatters of that strange Blackness. Will has a bad feeling about that stuff. He might not want to touch it. Or maybe he does. Go ahead. It can't possibly harm you, right?

Meanwhile, Avira traps several of them in ice, causing the HEartless Crocodiles to explode under the pressure of the magic and Dennou Lightning Blasts as the liquid blackness stains the inside, creating black icicles. Something feels Wrong about this.

Meanwhile, Artemis unleashes her own Darkness. The Power radiates out from her, washing over the Heartless. Many of them stop cold near her, slowly turning their golden eyes towards Artemis. She can feel their rage, their hunger. Their /need/. It is stronger than one might expect...

But not stronger than her. No... Not stronger at all. Suddenly, the Heartless turn, clustering around Artemis, seeming to beg for direction, for her to command them.
Deelel Deelel had been here to sample the local music, she'd learned that there was so much more to the reasons she was created than she could ever dream of before hand. She'd been strange but keeping back enjoying the music on the boat well till things went to a a bad sector in a recycle bin.

She'd been captured by the crab clawed /things/ when all this had started, things had not been going well for her they'd manged to keep her restrained for the most part. Still she's not a creature of flesh, she does not tire at the same rate a human. She'd played like she'd had all the fight out of her, this was not correct. She shifts from where she's being held and manages to get her hands on her disc it snap hisses to life and she breaks free and moves to elbow the creature that had been holding her.

"Heartless, you have no place in this or ... any world!"

She calls out as she moves to take her disc to the nearest of the creatures. So far as she can tell they are heartless, and well? They are things do seem to be so and there's too much going on think more on it, she's got to fight.
Alberic Lux The man in the green coat -- it doesn't /appear/ to be a labcoat, but it could perhaps be worn in a lab -- doesn't appear to notice the people staring at him. Of course, it's hard to tell; the fog makes it difficult to make out things like where his one eye is looking at a distance, but the object projecting its own little screen sets the mist aglow. He looks like someone taking notes on a public event, or an artist sketching something with a curious focus.

The lopsided, barnacle-encrusted monsters snatch people off the streets. They drag them back into the fog, the smaller ones jabbing them with a writhing stinger and silencing their cries. They're immensely strong, overpowering those who don't run fast enough. A few enterprising citizens fight back with whatever they have on-hand, giving pause to the smaller of the swarm for a few seconds. Deelel in particular, caught in the vicinity, manages to stagger one of them, sending a cluster of frightened people running from the water.

The Heartless have been stopped, but whatever these are, they don't fall under Artemis' control. They stagger out of the fog and into sight -- Will's sight in particular, curious thing that it is. He sees something coming at him, but he... doesn't. It isn't like the blackness, hungering for him, for his eyes; it's as if it were flickering in and out of existence. Like something was floating on your eye, and whenever you looked at it, darted off out of sight, though you knew -- you /knew/! -- it was /right there/.

It doesn't stop them from coming for him, a massive claw flickering into sight, swiped at the side of his head. It doesn't make them any less real, another scuttling along a wall, rushing at the Dennous with shoulder lowered, and a third diving at Avira covered in sharp, rough carapace.

The one Deelel struck strikes back with an exhalation of breath, a hissing, strangled sound all it makes as it aims to smash her flat into the road. Two more come towards Artemis, hunting the source of the controlling Darkness, claws snapping with crushing force. These don't trail the strange blackness, the spreading, inky darkness that covered the Heartless, though. They kill with brute force rather than corrupt with a strange malignancy on the surface of the world.

The man in the green coat seems unsurprised by their appearance. He makes a note, his eye flicking up and then down again. Artemis may get the distinct feeling she's being watched.
Avira These Heartless were certainly NOTHING like Avira has sene before. It's almost fascinating-if this wasn't a dire life or death situation. She doesn't call outo to them or anything like that, assuming they would come to attack her either way.

Her assumption is shortly proven, though as she watches their advance, she sees the things dragging people into the darkness instead of trying to take their hearts on the spot. Avira shudders. These things were something all on their own.

One of the smaller ones leaps at (though smaller being relative, it still feels bigger than the petite Avira) her and the two go down in a tangle of snapping claws and limbs. Avira feels something jab into her and break the skin.

With a yell, she tries to flip the monster over and crawl onto it, jabbign the spine downward into its head repeatedly.

Already her wound aches and she immediately suspects she's been poisoned.
Emi Dennou Umi hears Will is in trouble. SHe thinks anyway. Sometimes Will is just being hijinky and she can't tell if it's danger or not. But she gazes about and jogs off to try and find him. This leaves Emi a bit less prepared for villainous monsterousness. She is tackled away and, well, they're not exactly burly girls. Direct violence is always the best way to deal with a Dennou.

Emi hits the ground and she spins for a few moments before she draws out her assault rifle and just goes to town towards the monster. She has, unfortunately, needed to take her eyes off Alberic Lux as a result.
Artemis Eurus The masked huntress' darkness grips the Heartless and leashes them, tying them to her and placing them in her control. They are a force of destruction, it is not easy to take them, but the power she has learned seems more than equal to the task.

Oh yes, she can see why this power could be intoxicating. How it could drive a man mad.

But that does not mean she would have mercy, when the time came. The hunted had become the hunter--and oh, the Wild Hunt would ride.

No maniacal laughter follows, only a "Tch" of contempt. The glowing eyes of the Huntress turn back toward the crab things that continue to attack as she pulls a horn from her belt, raising it to her lips. The horn of the Hunt sounds low and deep, carrying with it a glimp of the memory countless warriors through time and worlds have carried, a primal calling that the reaches to the soul and calls one to war. It descends upon some of the gathered heroes, strengthening them for the Hunt.

The Heartless by her side /change/ taking on the shadowy forms of various beasts of the forest, wolf and bear and raven, hungry eyes glowing golden as they chomp at the bit, lusting to destroy and consume.

Finally, "LET THE HUNT RIDE!" she calls, raising her blade as the Heartless rush forward, moving for the crab creatures that continue to assault them.
Deelel Deelel has not seen the man for the moment, no she's got horrors to deal with that may be heartless. The basic isn't quite sure if they are such, but they are lose enough and well they don?t seem to like light discs from the looks of things. She's quick but not quick enough. She's caught in close combat, and these things are running on THE CLAW(tm). So it doesn't go so well but she's not hurt as badly the darkness however is a concern.

She hears someone else yelling and pauses as shadow creatures or more heartless appear.

"Another viral user?"

Just what she needs another mad god to deal with, things just keep getting better and better. It may take her a moment to click to whom it is as she's suck battling terrible crab men for the moment. Also she's think she's spotted one or more Dennous in this fur-ball too, it seems quite a few people here and she's feeling strange. The poison acts oddly on her but it is /hurting/ her just not in the way it would harm a human.

She takes her disc and goes to keep up close with the creatures aiming to use it like a melee weapon for the moment rather than throwing it.
Will Sherman What the...

Real and not it an illusion? He doesn-CLANG.

Will is struck over the head, he see's birds now.

Of course, this is before Artemis tries to help, tries to touch her fate with her threads of darkness. Will freaks out, swinging towards her strings, trying to weaken them. "No! You get're not're not the one I knew." he says, accusingly...he also might be freaking out...especially at those heartless. GOD they want his eyes...HIS EYES?!

He pulls himself up...his eyes he can't use it...not here.

So he swings, up and over, aiming to try and kick into one of the Fishmen, and tries to cause a cascading effect through the lot of them.
Alberic Lux The poison these things have is some kind of paralytic. It makes it much harder to move, and, oddly harder to speak. It's definitely not going to kill you, but sitting still while they loom over you might.

Avira throws one off of her, rolling on top of it. It's about the size of an adult male, and appears to have at one point been one, though his skin is the color of ash and heaped with that strange grey carapace. The Spine strikes it, but the point doesn't penetrate straight in, instead deflecting on its thick skull and cutting a gouge along one side of its face. The creature exhales fetid breath in a whistling wheeze, and then tries to flip Avira off of it, hauling itself back to its feet and swinging its huge claw like a hammer. Bits of its face fall off when it moves too fast.

Emi gets up a short ways from the monster. It slows, changes its angle, and turns to face her. This one is bigger and slower, but designed more for charging for its prey and trampling them underfoot. It tries to do just that, rushing into the automatic gunfire, pieces of it cracking and breaking away. The forward arm more or less comes apart, and it slams into a wall as it approaches, losing momentum. It comes around again, angling the sharp parts of the claw forward...

Deelel (dot) hacks and (back) slashes her way to gory, gory glory. The light disc parts the carapace with relative ease, exposing the fleshy bits underneath it. It doesn't seem to slow it down overly much; instead, it pisses it off, and one of the claw-things swipes wildly, smashing a corner out from a building and dropping the roof on top of it. It blows through that coming closer -- and then running into another one, struck by Will's high kick and send staggering. The second one staggers in an almost identical way, but the cascade doesn't seem to have anything to travel through...

The Heartless that Artemis takes hold of charge forward. The sea-monsters meet them, fighting tooth and claw. The black slime that they leave touches them but doesn't taint them, doesn't twist them and spread like ink spilled on a canvas. She can't get a hold on the other monsters, can't find Darkness to grasp and manipulate. It's as if they weren't even there, yet clearly, they are. It doesn't add up.

"You are new to the taint you hold, aren't you," the man in the green coat says. He's standing on a balcony over the Huntress, observing Artemis with his single eye. His hands hold the railing rather than the device he had prior, and he has an expression of mild distaste on his face. "A curious power, yes? Cold and hungry. Elemental, yet... not, in the conventional meaning, so. I wonder if you truly know from which bowl you sup."

He turns to the fighting along the shore. Yellow eyes in grey shells regard the Huntress, and the Heartless. "Ah. They've noticed you."

The creatures, as one, cease motion. They freeze, and a bubbling, hissing cry emerges from their throats. They turn stiffly to regard the clouded sky, jaws unhinging and hanging open. It echoes through the city. There's a sense of tension, a tightening in the chest. The world holds its breath.

It falls.

The ground drops out from under the crab-like creatures. They begin to sink in as it turns black as pitch, then loses color and definition entirely. It isn't /black/ anymore, it's just... nothingness, a hole torn open in the surface of the world. It spreads, the ground peeled back and sucked in, a massive hole of nothingness that threatens to consume whatever it touches. It drags it somewhere else, scattered across this world and beyond it. Even if it doesn't pull the whole of a person in, it takes something away, leaving them cold and empty inside. If they were to fall in, though...

There is no guarantee that whatever goes in will actually ever come out.

The man in the green coat turns back to Artemis as the street falls away. "Run," he suggests, a thoughtful aside from a curious stranger.
Deelel The Posion is doing bad things to Deelel, it's not working like it might on a human but it's still messing her up pretty hard from the looks of things. She knows she can't hold still even as it's causing errors in her systems. She can feel it as she moves to get the <Goosehonk> out of the way here. She's done quite a bit of damage to them but it only angere them from the looks of it.

It's time to do as the strange man in the green lab coat suggests. It's time to run, to run like Mac, she spring leaping up getting on some wreckage from the battle and flips away for all she's worth even as her perch is consumed by whatever it is. She comes in for a landing hard as she hits the ground some distance away hard, she's not seemingly hurt, yet? With a basic it can be hard to tell, unless it's really bad.

"I...what was that? Those couldn't have been normal Heartles..."
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou finds something familiar about these creatures. She can't quite explain it. And the strange 'Blot' that Will is worried about. It feels familiar. It's what was in her sister, she thinks, the one who was not connected to them. The control, one might say.

She rolls to the proper side when the beast charges. She stands up, electricity crackling around her form. Those heartless seem familiar. The Empties do not seem familiar.

She doesn't have that filth in her, she's aware.

She is unconcerned with Empties. They aren't from her home. She leaps into the air and static clings to a nearby building, climbing her way up to the top. There's just this strange feeling she gets when she looks into the Blot and its creatures. A nice, loving feeling. The feeling of never being alone.

Hanlon didn't note it to her or the TDA, but the substance of dreams and the substance of data do not get along so hot. And the Network?

Well, they're not from the computer realm precisely, but their brains are not like human brains. Their minds are functionally a biological computer network and it's upon observing the Blot that a memory unsurfaces, or more accurately: Data is unlocked.

"We were designed to rebel against God." She says softly. "...We were...designed to seize control of his people, and to send his own self against him."

She reaches out with her hand. "Our mind is not six minds, yet we desire no army such as you."

Her body crackles with electricity, arcs light out from her eyes. Oxygen is incinerated in the immediate area, vaporized in a moment.

"Data Transfer." She whispers. Electricity bursts from her body and crackles into the Blot Heartless. The Data infusion pours into the Blotlings it touches. They bulge outward, like baloons, before popping like them.

Umi dives into the way to try and stop the splatter from hitting Will. She can't stop him from getting hit by the empties, but the electrical surge surrounds her utterly and the Blot is scorched into nothing before it can get at Will. She'd probably do this anyway, but it's really just the control unit making her.
Artemis Eurus Artemis looks toward Will Sherman, flinching as he tugs on the threads of her wyrd in that alarming way that he does. She has heard things about his powers, things she had forgotten. Maybe, if she told him...

But he does not respond well to her help, to the call of the Hunt. Is she the same person? She is, but she isn't. She's herself a dozen times over...lost in the cycle. "I'm sorry this disturbs you," she says to him, but there isn't time for any of this now. The crab monsters continue to attack, trying to drag people into darkness. The Hunt is on, and must sweep one up in its tide.

The Heartless fight on as Artemis tries to figure out what exactly they fight against. What /are/ these things? Whatever they are Will is freaking out about them.

Artemis looks up toward Lux, smiling. "I am beginning to--no less dangerous than what you wield. Power is power," she replies.

Then, the things turns toward her. Something has gone amiss. A hole begins to open, a sucking vortex into gods know where. Alberic's advice is noted. She could leave the way she came, open a dark portal and go--leave them.

But she doesn't. Artemis flashes, a sort of short range teleport she'd known how to do even before her dip into the darkness, pulling up onto her horse and giving it a kick before she rides toward the others, reaching to scoop up others who might be slower to escape--namely Will and Dennos.

Though it would seem, the Dennous are taking care of the Heartless she'd been about ready to dismiss. They are different somehow, she'd hoped to figure out why...Oh well. It is indeed time to run, swords still in hand, slashing as she goes at the weird creatures.
Will Sherman Will tries to scramble away from the X-Zone...

He runs wildly, through a fish man, which hurts. Through a barrel, which DOES CRITICAL DAMAGE...

And then finally it stops, causing him to over balance, and smack right into a wall. He falls flat on his face...only to look up and see Umi over him, and Emi doing something...

Hist the blotless.

"N-" He tries to shout, before they explode, and Umi protects him from...well, his eyes being eaten. He looks staggered for the moment, frowning. "You two...are as careless as I am."
Emi Dennou Umi isn't really 'at home' right now. Emi is better at calculations and electricity so she needed to take over for a bit. Umi says, "The Network appreciates the compliment." She stands Will up. She's smiling, which seems to be one prepared ahead of time by her becuase it's not wavering and Emi isn't turning it off.

"We must hurry." +RETREAT?!
Avira It can be felt, that's for sure. What would possibly have been a killing blow against this thing doesn't really make its mark, doing little more than to chip off some of its thick armor. Avira groans as it exhales at her since somehow even its rotten breath seems to hurt her. Whatever these monsters were, Avira was having a very tough time fighting them.

She tries to dismount the sea creature completely but the paralyzing substance has prevented that so rather than escape cleanly, she's hurled off violently. She only BARELY manages to stand before it comes charging in and claw-hammers her back to the ground.

Not even Artemis's strange blessing seems to be helping this. Granted, somehow that gift feels...wrong to her. Artemis feels wrong. Maybe because she was tainted?

Something was bothering her about these monsters. It was no secret that Heartless used to be people...but it seems to be the same case for these too. Maybe its because in some ways they still seemed to resemble those people but somehow this thought was much more disgusting to Avira.

A different noise catches her attention. As she gets up, she sees the growing void to the X-Zone and her insides tighten with fear. Rather than continue to engage in the monster she's trying to slay, she turns and runs. It's shameful and maddeningly slow, the huntress far used to having much more agility.

But she'd rather live with the shame of running and keep existing.
Will Sherman Will isn't fighting.

"Okay." he's kinda out of it. He has a nasty goose egg on his head.

This scene contained 28 poses. The players who were present were: Will Sherman, Avira, Deelel, Emi Dennou, Artemis Eurus, Alberic Lux, Zero-One