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(2014-02-10 - Now)
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Avira It's been a few cycles since the mess of a shipment interception that Deelel and Avira ran. Given Avira's choice to opt for blowing up as much as possible and the subsequent attention that might have attracted, Avira opted to skip town for a little bit. Odds were that such an act was going to be blamed on the Renegade anyway with the fact of illegal (possibly viral) weapons being transported conveniently left out of the picture. Or maybe they'd say that a battle with the Renegade, who was overseeing the weapons transport, resulted in the successful destruction of the contraband.

But beware! The Renegade was still on the loose! Wooooo~~~~

Avira made a mental note earlier to thank Beck for existing and doing the things he does sometime later. The unfortunate fact of the matter was she'd have to return to the Grid if she wanted to see this investigation through. On behalf of her friend Deelel, Avira was determined to do just that.

The other matter, of course, was the light cycle that Deelel had loaned her. It got /pretty/ battered during that fight. Since Mara was aware of her role in the investigation, she would hopefully understand if she came into Abel's Garage with a suspiciously damaged light cycle and not immediately tell everybody about it.

Avira is casual in her approach, looking like any other program. Her face-covering helmet is NOT down since only Blackguards walked around like that. Her own circuit lines glowed white so she couldn't pass as a proper Blackguard regardless. There is no sign of the Spine, the weapon cleverly masked into the back of her suit. The baton to the light cycle is in her hand, which she tosses in the air, flipping it and catching it in a casual manner. She even whistles while she crosses Argon Park, regarding the spot where the base of the broken CLU statue remains.

Yep, nothing unusual here, move along Programs.
Zero-One The news channels in Argos are currently spinning it as a victory over the Renegade, mainly because they really need one. Thanks for helping Tessler, Avira!

Even now, the situation is tense in Argon. It feels like a calm before a storm, and there have been precious little opportunity to proclaim victory over the forces of chaos and instability that CLU detests and Tessler fears (mostly because of the potential wrath implicit in CLU's notice).

This means that the military is out and about, raising checkpoints randomly and checking programs. One of them happens to be on the side of the Park that Avira needs to cross, where a number of Heavy Guardsmen have a barricade set up to funnel travellers through it. Some of them they stop and search. Others pass through unmolested. Perhaps it's a random search?

But nothing seems to ever be easy for Avira...
Avira All in a day's work, CITIZEN.

Poor Beck, nothing ever goes his way, does it? Though given the state of things right now Avira has to wonder if coming back was a wise idea. Maybe she should have waited a few more days. Cycles. Either, really.

This idea is cemented even further when she sees that a checkpoint has been set up before her intended destination. She slows, observing it from afar, counting the guardsmen present and taking note of how exactly they're stopping and searching people. If they happen to be scanning Identity Discs, well, Avira will find that to be a very big problem indeed and will simply turn right on back around and leave as quickly as possible.

If not? Well, she'll keep going, resuming her casual pace across the park. With luck, she won't even be searched, since she observes that not everyone is getting a thorough inspection.
Zero-One It doesn't look like there's a Disc search in progress. Avira begins Walking It Like A Boss Mode Program, standing patiently in line as Programs are walked through every so often.

As she starts getting to the front of the line, another Program approaches. He is tall, extremely thin, and his expression is one of irritation and cruelty. "WHAT is taking so long here?" He says as he approaches, his very tone featuring just how much he hates being here.

"Pardon me, Sir, we are just about done with this batch." The guard program replies. "We will be done shortly."

"And have you found any contraband?" The thin program asks.

"None so far, Sir." replies the guard program, a bit nervously.

"Then clearly, I need to show you how it's done." Avira might get a foreboding feeling about this as he turns to look at the line.
Avira No disc search? Great! Avira will blow past these guys with confidence and have her bike fixed in a few clicks. She waits through the line, faking a little bit of annoyance at being hassled but otherwise cooperating with the authorities. She takes care to not make herself stick out in any way.

Everything is looking good until she hears someone she doesn't recognize lecturing the Blackguards. Avira pauses and studies him carefully and decides that since he doesn't have a face-obscuring helmet down, this guy must rank a bit higher than the others. His objections do clue her in to the fact that it's contraband they're looking for here.

Though she's pretty certain she does NOT have any of the illegal weapons on her right now, those words of his do make her feel kind of nervous. Warily, she watches how this new guy handles the inspection of the Programs in line in front of her.
Mara Mara had her life get even stranger, when it was just one program causing problems? It was one thing, he'd cost Able his life and worse. Still there had been others like Aviras and Deelel who had quite a few friends that didn't seem content to lay down and be walked over by people like Java, she had to wonder about that escape from the arena from a while back.

Things has been getting worse lately and as she's found herself in line. Mara had been planning to meet up with due to some time off, had just gone to the recycle bin, as well. There's a check point here and she's in line waiting to get checked over as well. Avira might be able to spot her friend too, caught up in this mess. Mara does not look pleased but she's not going to be causing any problems, nope.
Zero-One Sometimes, problems come to you.

The thin, arrogant program starts walking past people in the line. Some of them shrink away. Others look nervous, standing in place. "No, no, no, no..." He says, looking past the group... And then his eyes fall upon Avira. His eyes narrow slightly, and he steps forward. "YOU! Step forward, program! Identify yourself!" His demand is quickly backed up by a couple guards moving in to back up the command, approaching from Avira's other side. Uh oh. Mara's presence, for the moment, is ignored. She's a loyal citizen who is surely not up to no good.
Avira Oh of COURSE.

Just watching the reaction of the other Programs was a little telling. This guy hadn't even started touching people yet and here he was, being patently avoided. Unfortunately for her, she manages to make those few seconds of eye contact with him that would later result in Avira blaming that moment for this outcome.

She tries to play it off, though, pointing to herself and looking confused, "What, me?" She sidesteps slightly out of line, hoping that it didn't look too much like a getaway. It partially was. "Avira. I'm Avira." She doesn't volunteer any extra information beyond that. This Program's just going to have to ask.
Mara Mara is totallty loyal, there has yet to be a house of pain. Someday it will come to pass but that is not that day, she does not want to get into trouble. She's just going to wall flower it. Well until she sees that Avira is being singled out, wait Avira? Oh dear this could be bad, this could be very bad. She knows Pavel and has no love for the sadist, with how he's treated the workers at the garage, still making a move now would be very /bad/.
Zero-One "Avira! Avira, a lovely name. Nice to meet you, Avira." He folds his hands together, clasping them as he smiles. The man's voice is casual, almost dripping sarcasm as he speaks. "Perhaps you might know me, My name is Pavel, adjunct to General Tesler. So, /Avira/. I see you're doing very well for yourself, hmm? An antiviral program wandering about when THERE'S SO MUCH TO BE DOING? DO YOU EVEN REMEMBER THE VIRAL ATTACK FROM THE RENEGADE?" It's like a switch was flipped, as Pavel moves from sarcastic sneering to rage, leaning in towards Avira. He appears to be quite self-assured of his position. "Tell me, Program Avira! What sector are you assigned to? Who is your superior?"
Avira Avira's jerk radar just pinged within moments of him 'greeting' her in that one of voice. In response, Avira grits her teeth into a tight smile and interjects, "Well actually this is the first time I've heard of you. Have you been with /General/ Tesler's forces for lo-" In mid-sentence she's completely cut off by his nearly schitzophrenic switch to screaming in her face.

The gritted smile turns into a frown of dismay as she actually leans backwards away from Pavel as he looms over her. The frown turns into outright indignation and she straightens, lifting a palm to push him out of her personal space.

"I'll have you know I'm a /Freelancer/." she shoots back, "I came in from Gallium after hearing about this Renegade of yours. And I'll have you know I witnessed this viral attack in Purgos." She draws herself up, making steely eye contact with Pavel. "You do make a good POINT though, I /do/ have a lot to be doing. So maybe you should stop wasting my time with this checkpoint and let me be on. My. Way."
Mara Mara watches Pavel, to be honest she seen this before, yet? He always scares her, there's always been something broken about Pavel. What was Flynn on the day he coded him up, she will always wonder that. She keeps in line for the moment however she pauses to bring up a imporant point.

"Would them working in Purgos be helpeful to you? It's no easy task and I know General Tesler sees your up to the job of makein Purgos functional again. A smart program like you knows a resource when he sees one."

There's a user term for the feeling which she has, and that's slimey, Pavel is not a program one wants to deal with much if they can help it.
Zero-One Pavel straightens up as she shoots back, his eyes narrowing. Nonchalntly, he buffs his nails on his chest, not giving her the satisfaction of eye contact as he listens to her objections. "Oh, yes, of course. A brilliant idea, putting her to work in Purgos." He comments, all smiles and pleasantries again. He just keeps changing conversational stances. He turns away and gestures nonchalantly. "You're free to go, Avira."

He then waits for her to turn around, and then he says, "Oh. Wait one moment." There is a dangerous tone to his voice. "You mentioned you /saw/ the viral attack in Purgos?"

He slowly turns back towards Avira, as the guards close around her suddenly. "As a loyal subject, I would of course be derelict in my duty if I didn't pursur /every/ lead to its fullest extent, Avira. Please, let me see your disc so we can perhaps gain insight into this situation."

If his voice dripped any more venom, it'd be eating through the floor. He holds out a hand, expectantly. His other hand is casually behind his back. Perhaps he's just being prim and proper.

Or perhaps he's just got his hand in position to draw immediately if anything happens.
Avira Can programs be schitozphrenic? Just what is in this guy's coding that made him so /excitable/, Avira needed to wonder. Still, at least his jerk-ness was consistent, not that Avira could appreciate such. Avira sticks with her indignity, carrying about like an antiviral should get some measure of respect in this sector.

"Thank you." She says briskly, stepping out of line and fully preparing to take herself through the checkpoint with little more attention paid. She spies Mara and makes eye contact for a few seconds but doesn't call out to her. The last thing she wanted was to get her the attention of these thugs too.

But then he speaks up again and she freezes. "I did." she says slowly, that creeping feeling in her gut telling her she might have said a little too much. The incoming guards confirm this and she whirls to face Pavel.

She does not pass her disc over. "I don't think that would be necessary OR appropriate right now. May I suggest that I supply you with a /report/ at a later cycle? When I don't have business to attend to and you a checkpoint to run?"

The indignant attitude has returned, giving her something to focus on instead of succumbing to outright panic.
Mara Mara has got a bad feeling about this disc check, and Pavel is how we say? Glitched but no one dares say it. Most people would end up cubed if they did or worse. Mara hasn't quite hit her breaking point just yet. She now goes slient and let Pavel conitune if her takes credit. She also makes eye contacty with Avira, but wisely shows no major sign of knowing her. She done what she can and knows she does not want to get on Pavel's radar, she has to deal with him on military orders enough as it is.

She hangs back hoping and praying that Pavel will let this pass, one can never be sure, he's a very random program. She has to wonder could a basic be so glitched or is he some turn coat ... no that wouldn't make sense.
Zero-One Pavel sneers at that. "Your /business/ is keeping these sectors safe, program." He leans forward, and prods Avira. "You had best produce that report for us sooner rather than later. I would hate this to go on your records... And remember, even an antiviral can be sent to the Games."

He turns away. "Let her go." He says, flicking a hand once more nonchalantly. The guards, apparently used to this kind of behavior, move out of the way. Pavel folds his other hand behind his back, letting Avira leave without further incident... Unless she makes it one.
Avira He sneers at her about her business, demands a brisk report, and even threatens to send her to the games. None of these things would have bothered her too much. On their own at least.

These things combined with him prodding her though? Oh no. The physical contact earns him a knee-jerk reaction from the "Antiviral:" a hand swings up to catch his wrist so she can start to bend it in a way wrists...usually weren't meant to go. Unless this works differently for Programs but Avira has yet to see otherwise.

Avira gets in close, glaring deep into his eyes. "No. Touching." she sneers before releasing him. "And how about showing an antiviral a little more respect. Were you raised by w-" pause, "-bits?"
Zero-One And she makes it one.

Pavel looks surprised for a moment, and reflexively jerks as his wrist is grabbed, and then bent, verging on pain. Pavel frowns, but says nothing, simply staring into her eyes as she lays down her demands.

Pavel just emits a short laugh... Moments before the guards hit her from behind with their staves. Pavel pulls his hand away and steps back, shrugging. "Oh, I'm /sorry/, miss Antiviral, I suppose I must have forgotten who runs this city. Oh, wait, IT'S ME! Now get out of here before I decide to have you detained and thrown into the Games for your treasonous actions against a loyal servant of General Tesler."

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