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(2014-02-10 - Now)
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Angantyr Vespar Angantyr had his wounds dressed, he was one of the ones who litterally tackled a dragon. And tried to walk through a mountian of heartless to save the world heart...only to be stopped shortly by the woman.

Angantyr was furious about this, but more shocked by what he found...but in the camp for the seems fate has thrown him a curve ball. This is likely something that needed to be settled, one way or the other. The challenge given, and accepted...and the place of meeting was not going to be near the wounded, or the mass of heartless ready to take advantage of two injured warriors.

The crystal forest would be a safe enough place, as the Dark Knight waited for the challenger to show up.

It was about time to start settling the past, because gods only knew there was more than enough strife for the future.
Faruja Senra Faruja, for all of his faults, is most certainly two things: efficient, and honorable. It's taken all of ten minutes to divest himself from his healer's robes into proper fighting attire, and clean up the blood from the wounded. Another ten to make his way out to the appointed spot, hefting his spear upon his shoulder.

"Hail, Ser Vespar!" Calls the Burmecian. His gaze over to the Dark Knight is stern, as appropriate for a Holy Knight, but respectful. This is a duel, and he's going to do this right.
Angantyr Vespar "And here I thought you'd be down on my wanting my blood for being a crazy heritic." Angantyr says, "Or did Maira get some reason into that head of yours..." Or did he actually feel the touch of a woman, Angantyr wonders.

Angantyr stands, drawling his gaze onto Faruja. "This is it, Rat, after today we're not going to snipe each other anymore. No more bullcrap. There are too many enemies out there to be fighting each other...and frankly, I've grown sick of it. Listen to me, or don't...that is your perogitive...but don't interfere with my work. There are too many bad things going down."

"And we have too much on the line to lose." He says, holding a hand out. The keyblade appears. "I won't dishonor you by not bringing nothing but my best."
Faruja Senra "...One finds that joining a multitude of worlds, with perspectives one may well hath thought impossible changes a person. Or at least influences them. Blame it upon Maira, and so many others, that I shall not scream, and 'snipe' at ye." Pause. Smirk.

"Well, I cannot promise the last bit. But I shalt not squabble like a child with ye. Larger matters at hand. Ye, I shalt leave to Faram. Worlds art at stake."

Faruja draws his weapon, settling into a ready stance, his weapon glowing like a miniature sun. "The same. Now then! My name is Faruja Senra, Temple Knight of the Holy Church of Saint Ajora Glabados, former member of the Burmecian 352nd Aerial Corp! Angantyr Vespar, may we both honor the Lord through valiant combat! Have at thee, Ser!"

With that, Faruja makes a quick incantation, and protective magics swirl about him.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr laughs shrugging his shoulders once and brings the blade down.

Darkness surges around him, wrapping around himself and fusing into his armor. The dark knight wares the mantle of the Dark Knight, solid dark abyssal plate, with crimson red eyes staring at the Holy Knight.

"Angantyr Vespar, the First son to a nation destroyed by Arcadia. King Slayer, Heratic, Vampire Slayer, and Keyblade weilder." Angantyr continues and continues to solidified his strength.

"The point of order here, then Templar is the second. Your organization has some rats in it...namely a vampire. She calls herself a Inquisitor, and attempted to kidnap a child when I came upon her and her Templar minions. I drove her off, with no small effort."
Faruja Senra Teeth grit. The mere /sight/ of such darkness sets him on edge. Taking a deep, calming breath, the rat slowly relaxes some. It takes visible effort to do so, however; old habits clearly haven't yet died.

"Mayhaps ye art correct. Mayhaps not. But the Inquisitor's corruption is the Church's to deal with. Slaying Templar, whom hath merely done their duty in the process? /That/ is the point we settle this day, for their honor, if naught else. Besides. If 'tis the boy I think of, then there is /far/ more going on than ye know."

With that, the Templar leaps, coming down upon Angantyr in a shining blurr of light!
Angantyr Vespar "The fact that they would attempt the kidnapping of a child proves their own lack of honor." Angantyr counters, even as the Rat Jumps at him, Angantyr swings, aiming to try and catch the rat as he comes no avail!

The spear catches him, and he staggers, but not stumbles back. He grunts, and comes in ferociously, aiming to try and break through the defenses of the Rat, this time aiming to swing DOWN, aiming to try and sweep his legs with the keyblade, before swinging upwards, aiming to throw the Templar back, aiming to bounce him off of a tree.

"Whatever it is that boy may or may not be does not escuse their actions..."
Deelel Deelel has been here for a little whiel watching Ang and Faruja have it out. She won't call it barbaric she hopes the pair can get this out of their systems and prehaps get on a bit better afterwards, or beale to vent some of the agression they have over their issues. The problem is sitting on a tree stump watching the pair fight and she listens to the pair's argument. There are some serious thing to be sure.

Programs were proving to be rather binry about their gods and such, unlike those of these worlds and sometimes it's a bit overwhelming to Deelel.
Faruja Senra That sweeping strike sweeps the Burmecian into the air, the ratling thrown right towards the tree! Spinning tail over snout, the agile rat manages to land feet-first on the tree. The impact is jarring enough to cause the tree to crack, and start to fall, pain running throughout his legs as muscles tear. Leaping back up, he's soon into a slow, arcing jump that gives him more than enough time to start casting curative magics upon himself.

"Deplorable, indeed, but they did not deserve to die! Ye could hath taken the boy and ran, or dealt with the Inquisitor! The power was more than within ye!"

At least they have a witness for the duel! Deel's presence brings a good deal of tradition to the fight they're undertaking, at least to the nezumi.
Angantyr Vespar "Corridors don't work exactly like that, Faruja." Angantyr explains. "Even if I could have escaped, the Vampire would have decended upon us, as day turned into night. They also had Chocobos. There wasn't anything I could do to retreat. I offered them a chance to stop, and they decided to attack. My obligation for honor was fulfilled." Angantyr says, and grunts...defensive huh, but not...ENOUGH!

Angantyr swings again, this time, darkness burning off of his keyblade to try and eat the protective magic that Faruja tries to shield himself with. Each blow attempts to rip off more, leaving nothing to chance.

"I also felt your reaction to the darkness. Let me make one thing clear. It is not by choice I weild this. However, it is my choice that I /control/ it and not let it consume me. It is power, but power I shape by my will...and compassion."
Faruja Senra That keyblade rips away the rat's magic, tearing into his body and armor as well. Light spills from the holy knight wherever darkness touches, sacrificing magic to protect his body from the dark 'taint'.

Thrust backwards by the strike, the rat does a backflip, landing and skidding a few yards. Regaining his balance, he sets his stance more aggressively this time.

"Mmm. Unsurprising. Few would dare go against the word of an Inquisitor, and none whom do live! I shalt be blunt. That boy is dangerous, through no fault of his own. I fully intend to see what lurks beneath. Bloody fool should have sent me. I could hath at least coaxed the boy, so that we could /help/ him." Faruja seems honestly concerned for the single-eyed boy. Indeed, it's as if he knows him.

Thrust! A crescent of holy magic emerges from the ground, seeking to rip away some of the dark armor, to create cracks within and blow the man into the air. Holy magic burns through the rat's body, a corona visible for a good mile as he leaps skyward, seeking to leap upon Angantyr, and stab him back down into the ground into an explosion of holy power!
Angantyr Vespar The explosion tears through the airborn Angantyr, he grunts...fighting back the holy with his own will, and tears through the air...right towards the ground, aiming to cut through the the Nazumi as he decended once more. Angantyr rolls to a point and looks right towards Faruja...

"Well, too late now. I suppose, but.." he says, and dives right towards Faruja...

Darkness pours out of his wounds, aiming to mix with the blood on the ground as his right hand grows into a massive claw. He aims to grab Faruja, aiming to tear into him as the blood on the ground shatters into thousands of claws...

Aiming to absorb life back into him, before he tosses Faruja down...

Then he stabs the keyblade into the ground. The darkness is dispelled, a brilliant light radiates from the keyblade, the light nearly as bright as the Templar's explosion slowly builds out, and only growing brighter. Angantyr grabs the weapon again, slowly pulling it back.

"TYRANT..." he starst, before thrusint the blade forward, releasing a massive wave of pure holy light, aiming to try and tear through the Templar with a massive surge of unstoppable force.

Deelel Deelel keeps listenning to the talk between the two fighters, they may not understand this but so long as Deelel exists? This will contiune to exist in perfect detail in her memory and he has need to speak to Ang as well once this issue between warrior's is settled.. She does not yet call out a she watches the battle range on btween the pair now and she is uncertain about how this is going to turn out.
Faruja Senra Darkness and light mix, that massive claw cutting right back into Faruja as the pair descend, the ratling's spear sweeping out to deflect a majority of those blood claws upon the ground in a brilliant ray of light. Tossed to the ground, he lands hard. The nezumi's eye goes wide as holy magic spills from the keyblade.

The resulting blow sends rat, trees, and much of the earth flying away, the knight tossed about like a rag doll. He lands in a heap, his golden plate mail singed and melted in some places. His own magic seems to respond to the power of that within the keyblade, serving to keep him from mortal wounds.

" hath changed. Holy magic? /You/?"

He doesn't let the thoughts it provokes distract him. Leaping once again, he puts the last of his flagging strength into his spear, aiming to strike into Angantyr with one final blow.

"Let us end this!"
Angantyr Vespar "This is a keyblade, rat. Or maybe you've lost the light in /both/ of your eyes." Angantyr teases, swinging the massive weapon back again. The weapon, silvery, with a various array of black patters running up and down it line vines is an excelletn anagram for Angantyr's existance. "The Keyblade is one of light, and the trials showed me that I wasn't forsaken by the light..." He says, the spear comes for him, but he blocks, aiming to try and swing around the rat's arch, and come back down, aiming to try and once more cut the legs out from under him...

And he pushes once more, aiming to swing in a massive arch own, aiming to cause darkness to explode off of his blade, and it spreads like Wildfire, if Faruja is not careful. It's cold is a heatless flame, that agonizes if he is not patient.

And then Angantyr swings up, a massive surge of dark flame once more aiming to cut through Faruja.
Deelel Deelel says "No and you managed to turn a situation of someone with less than honorable intents into something to protect people with. Angantyr we need to talk later, there are things we need to speak of related this this and Aqua."

She notes before going back to watch the fight with more than a little bit or interest. It's quite interesting to get to see her two friends slug it out here like this.
Faruja Senra "Bah! Shalt I be acquiring a monocle now to see such things!?" Returns the rat, in a moment of self deprecating humor.

That arch utterly sweeps up the rat, that flame of darkness tossing through the ratling. Holy and darkness mix, both seeming to cut through the Burmecian, before he lands on the ground, the power of the strike leaving him in a small crater. Groaning, he barely manages to stand.

"...Mayhaps not. Thine trials are thine own. Now, all that matters is the worlds we both must protect."

Barely able to move, he throws himself into one final, reckless Jump, aiming to strike into the dark knight!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr can feel the despiration behind the attacks of the Rat...

He tries to turn, but the spear gets his shoulder first, drawing more blood. Someone else speaks, and it distracts him but for a second. Angantyr grabs the shaft of the weapon before he can take it back, and aims to smack Faruja across the face with his fist.

And then he comes in again, aiming another hook for the right of the Rat's face...before he brings both hands onto the Tyrant Breaker...

And swings down, aiming to try and hit the Rat right across the chest.

"It wasn't that I was abandoned, but it was I turned my back on the light. For that...I can not ask forgiveness, but can only do the best I can to make up for what I have done. I will never /ever/ appologize for stopping that man...the Emperor of Arcadia. He has taken more from people that you can ever know...but there are many more things I have done."
Deelel Deelel says "For the longest time I was the only one protecting mine from without. Don't think you two are doing all the heavy lifting."

It's proving to be quite the fight between the two for a moment. She knows there are some major issues going on and has not made too many comments over all while watching due to this little fact.
Faruja Senra Faruja leans back, pushing out with his feet to avoid getting smacked in the face, that gauntleted hand whistling past his snout. That spear of his is knocked away, sacrificed as he parries another fisted blow.

Then up comes Tyrant Brreaker, and another hard strike. A quick incantation, and the falling blow strikes air, as the Templar teleports a good foot away in a flash of light.

Only to fall to his knee, breathing hard. It seems he's out of energy!

"...Nor would I ask ye to. I hath my own tyrants to slay. Upon /that/, Angantyr, we agree." Good riddance to an evil Emperor.

Turning to Deel, Faruja smiles. "Methinks the worlds shalt need every single hero and knight and mage to see their skills combined. 'Tis not a time for divisions."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is a bit out of breath himself...he stares at the Templar for a moment, and then laughs.

"Then it's decided. A tie." Angantyr says. He can live with that, he doesn't need to win...and this has been good for airing their problems. "An odd response, though. I thought you were in Love with Arcadia."
Faruja Senra "Agreed. Well fought, Ser Vespar." Slowly, the rat gets to his feet. He starts to heal the pair of them, though he concentrates on /himself/ first, before he collapses.

"That pack of racist hume-arse-kissing blowhards? Hmph. Heathens one and all!"

Shaking his head, he sighs. "No offense to present company. They art a people in love with themselves, and their leaders willing to crush anyone whom gets in their way. Even their own people. 'Tis their poor and downtrodden, those cast aside by their society that I love, Angantyr. /Those/ are the ones I wish to see risen up, that a mite of temperance, faith and peace might be introduced into their society."
Angantyr Vespar Faruja's healing is not unwanted.

He also pops a potion and throws one to Faruja.

"Well, fair enough. That is pretty accurate description."

"Well, as it stands now...We have a massive Problem, called massive dragon. ...And also why the world didn't collapse. That was a World Heart...of the World of Ruin. It leads me to believe there is more than one...but we have to find it first."
Deelel Deelel pushes off the stump and and strides over to her friends and says, "Yes we do, we need everyone willing to fight against what is happening. As strange as your world is. So tyour saying it might have the hearts from each world that was fused into it?"
Faruja Senra Faruja slurps down the potion happily. Grimace. Ugh, that /never/ tastes any better.

"So I saw. Biggest damn dragon I hath ever laid my eye upon. Mmm. I know these so-called 'Princesses of Heart' oft hath an excellent ability to locate such things. And, of course, there is the Shard Seeker's locator device..."

Frown. "Experimental. It may be, ahem, unreliable." Very unreliable.

Ear perk. Faruja nods. "Would certainly make sense. At least 'tis not all in one place."
Angantyr Vespar "Perhaps. We will have to consult one..." Angantyr considers. "For now, lets worry about out next move. It's time we start getting our <GOOSEHONK>s in gear. We need to round out everyone who can fight...and fight to at least preserve what we have."
Faruja Senra "Agreed. Should hardly be difficult; methinks a world ending dragon is more than enough to coax those whom may be...reluctant otherwise to act."

Faruja then bows. "For now, however, there art wounded to be tended to. Lady Deel, Ser Angantyr, good day!" With that, Faruja dissappears in a swirl of light!

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