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(2014-02-07 - Now)
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Souji Murasame had been in extensive negotiations with various political, religious, and military powers in the area of the Central Isles of the World of Ruin. This is because Souji wants to acquire some land.

They weren't selling. And no one had what he was looking for anyway.

So Souji got his Human Resources together and synergized an opportunity to bring in outside assets for a direct acquisition.

In English, that means they went out and found something their own damn selves. More or less.

Thus it is that there is a pedestal of SCIENCE sitting some distance from the outskirts of Palumpolum, a good ways outside of the technological city. Upon it sits a multfaceted egg-shaped crystal that glimmers with an internal, arcing energy. There's a lot of SCIENCE being pointed at it.

Souji himself stands there, stoic. He is expecting trouble, so he had Odam do a headhunt for available people to potentially stab something if things go wrong.

They always seem to. "We will be beginning the process of restoring the land shortly." Souji states. "Be prepared for anything."
Minette Odam Minette stands to the right and a few paces behind Souji, portable abacus in hand. She's flipping beads back and forth idly as she waits for magic to happen (in a most literal way, in fact). She's killing time by calcuating and recalculating the total cost of the event in terms of potential manpower hours for all the mercenaries that they hired. And the cost-benefit ratio of pay-offs if how many of them were to die and when. She's almost got the best formula worked out for how many live and die in a way that would best benefit the Zaibatsu. Monetarily, that is, of course.

"We're pretty much ready to begin, Mr. Murasame. Unless you wanted a dramatic speech given? I can give a dramatic speech."


In this picture, Kyra Hyral is not one of the ones crowding around and standing guard with weapons at the ready. No, instead she is wearing a labcoat (that is also a hoodie with a Moogle pompom and ears on the hood) and has a set of encompassing plastic lab goggles around her face. The lenses are tinted just slightly black. Clutched in one of her hands is the tablet-thin, detached monitor of her laptop. Somehow the touch screen of the device continues to function even though Kyra has a pair of latex laboratory gloves on.

She paces around the pedestal, checking the various devices of SCIENCE pointed at the crystal.

"Energy levels are holding stable. All systems are operating as expected." Kyra looks up at Souji and wiggles her fingers. "I'm all ready to drop the bass, so just tell me when."

It should be noted that Kyra has a pair of under-arm gun holsters on her so she's ready to defend herself on the oft chance such a thing is needed. You never know when a wild Minette might stray in your direction after all.
Angantyr Vespar Earlier...

Angantyr gets a sack of money.


Angantyr stands infront of the Murasame heir, arms crossed as he holds the strange object. Odd request, is it even his world? Whatever, a sack of money, and a restoration of a world's like being paid twice.

And Angantyr LOVES being paid twice.

"Well, when everyone is ready...I'll do the thing that will no doubt need all the muscle you brought." He says, shrugging. His hand reaches out, as a strange flash of light appeared...leaving the Keyblade Tyrant Breaker.

Silvery metal, with black metal vine-like bits wrapping around the blade. The keyblade is massive, but he weilds it with a single hand easily.

Somewhere else...

Helena is in a shopping mall. "Now...lets hats, party cups, party plates, cocktail weenies, .." the list goes on and then... "Oh I forgot the illegally aquired booze for spiking Odam's drink!"

Angantyr stares at Minette, "I am charging more if I have to wait for a speach." He means it. It is even on his buisness card.

Angantyr Vespar
Dark Knight For Hire
Charges extra for speeches.
Prices Negotiable.
Minette Odam "Simply unacceptable, this will throw the entire cost-benefit ratio out of alignment and we CAN NOT HAVE THAT, MR. VESPAR." Minette huffs.
Souji Murasame Money is /important/. Minette knows her stuff.

Souji shakes his head slightly. "We can deal with the speech later. All that is important is that the process go smoothly and that as much information as possible is extracted."

This is so he doesn't have to pay Angantyr twice /again/. Efficiency is important. He looks to Angantyr. "You may begin when ready."
Aeschere Childs This is the sort of business that Aeschere must show up to; Minette will or won't have forgiven her for the extended working vacation she's been on, but Murasame himself will brook no argument. So, looking a bit ragged, Mina's very /own/ dark knight has duly mustered at the appointed spot outside of Palumpolom, and awaits Souji's SCIENCE with interest.

She always goes prepared, particularly in the line of work she's been pursuing, so she's shown up for this expedition armed for field combat. That's the only sort of prepared she gets, but it seems to be appropriate this time. With nothing to add, being just an intern, she waits warily for her boss to start the fireworks.
Kyra Hyral Kyra turns and holds her tablet up, centering it upon Angantyr. Yep, she is definitely recording this MOMENTUS OCCASION.
Artemis Eurus Moving up behind Aeschere is Artemis, masked per usual and wearing her armor. "Hello," she greets quietly. "Planning to hunt today?" The masked woman had been making an effort to see more of this world, explore the places she hadn't been. And when she heard part of a world may be restored here? She couldn't resist seeing this in person.

Her head tilts slightly at a few recognizable people, namely Angantyr and Aeschere of course. Souji is also given a long look. Curious..

Artemis moves her hand to rest on the hilt of her blade, silently watching for what came next.
Myla Mason There had been some work or at least something to do and she was honestly happy to be human again. If she ever finds that bat she may very well tell Swimmer, ball ball and let him chase the demi human down for it. Tonight she's here to help of things go bad and perhaps see how things are going to go with what's going on with Angantyr, she does not really know him too well, but she she's totally heard stories.

She tilts her head a little bit watching and moves over to Kyra as she asks her friend a question.

"So I take it you are going to be recording this?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks at Kyra's device with some sort of annoyance.

"I am adding that to the costs." Angantyr says grumpily.

He stands back, pointing his keyblade towards the strange object as it fires the beam of light...
Kyra Hyral "Whatever, grumpypants. You can't just make up costs on the spot." Kyra snorts. "If it's extra for recording then you better stick that on your dang business card. Besides, I need to record this. FOR SCIENCE."

Also the views. This would get her so many views on Mogtube.
Minette Odam "Hey, hey, hey, Kyra, heyyyyyyyy!" Minette squeaks from behind Souji (she ended up there around the time people started actively interfering with the break in reality as understood by traditional physics), peeking out to be fussy/bossy. "Make sure you get with PR before you Mognet that! We can monetize that many hits and leverage it for advertising!"
Myla Mason Myla Mason looks over to Minette for a moment and actually smiles to see her. She ha not forgot about the bells that Minette has given her, right? She looks over at her for a moment greets her.

"Hey Minette it looks like the show's starting now!"

Myla turns away to watch what's going on with Ang now, and that's the first keyblade she's actually seen.
Souji Murasame The gleaming light from the Keyblade pierces the World Shard, being absorbed as the Heart of Angantyr instinctively uses the Keyblade for its main purpose: To lock and unlock things. The Tyrant Breaker hums in concert with the World Shard as it glows brightly, a halo of energy gathering around the crystal egg as it folds outwards in a complex pattern, each facet twisting and rolling like a puzzle, sliding away to release what lies within.

The air picks up, clouds gathering as the sky is blotted out with deep cumulus. Some might find the appearance familiar. Others might find it ominous, as the World Shard seem to /unfold/, the land shifting and twisting smoothly around them as a massive expanse begins to open up. A dark, rocky land flows forth, pouring outwards and seeming to fill a void that did not seem to be there before. Crags begin sweeping upwards, thrusting towards the sky along with spires of old, rusty metal.

The sight seems to go on forever.

Finally, the World Shard fades and vanishes in a soft glow as the rumble of thunder cuts overhead... And a massive lightning bolt crackles down, shattering the anticipation with a flash of intense energy and unbridled, raw power.
Minette Odam "Woooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah." Is Minette's reaction. "Ahhahahahaha, as to be expected from Mr. Murasa--"

She takes two steps forwards and a bolt of lightning strikes down at her feet, causing her to shriek in terror and dive for cover behind Souji.
Aeschere Childs Aeschere Childs knows awe; the opening of the world shard is an awesome event, but the Thunder Plains themselves look pretty awful. Instantly conscious that she's holding a lightning rod, she discards her spear hastily.

That could've been her instead of Minette, and it could've been her head instead of her feet. She edges away from it a bit, on general principle. "This... was, you expected this one, sir?"w
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr hasn't actually brought back a world shard before...

But this seems to happen as expected. He shrugs...and the Tyrant Breaker fades as it is no longer needed.

"Well, there you go. You have...a craigy, thunderstorming plain of grey. Hope it was worth the sack of money you gave me." Angantyr shrugs.
Kyra Hyral "'re kidding, right?" Kyra stares in abject horror, traumatized by the thought of /selling out her videos to the man/! Even if /the man/ is their classmate...still! "I have principles!"

Patentialy, though, she watches and records without another comment, stepping back slowly as she tries to capture as much of the effect as she can on her tablet. She cannot, as so much starts happening and the unlocked world unfolds around everyone.

Gradually, she lowers the tablet and looks to the sky. "It..." There's an oddly misty look in her green eyes, " feels like home here." Lightning nearly splits Minette in twain as she walks. Kyra sniffles. "Just...just like home. Minus the sprawling city..."

Frowning, she rubs her eyes with the sleeve of her labcoat. "Yeah, it's a bit of a fixer-upper but I'm sure we can do something with it."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr pauses...

"Oh, sorry." Wait what?

Angantyr knows how it feels to lose a home, and while it isn't their home...

"I wonder whos world this belongs to anyway. Reguardless..
Minette Odam "THIS WORLD BELONGS TO THE DEVIL!" Minette shrills in terror as she cowards behind a rock for the dubious protection that it affords her.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is pausing for a moment at the mention of video selling, it's not her call right? She tilts her head and watches as things just come into focus. She looks at the thunder planes and cna't help but think of part of home and she nods for a moment.

"Well this place is perfect to make a city I'd bet. Got all the lightning that it would ever need, from what I can see here."
Angantyr Vespar "The <GOOSEHONK> is the Devil?" Angantyr asks nobody. Nobody doesn't respond, obviously.
Minette Odam Minette damn well DOES respond, thank you. "IT'S A BAD THING THAT DOES BAD THINGS!" Another bolt of lightning strikes down nearby, prompting a whimper from Minette.
Souji Murasame "Oh, it was quite worth it, Mr. Vespar. I appreciate your work, it is everything I could have hoped for."

Souji nods to Kyra as she speaks. "Indeed. It is just like home." The lightning crashes down, and Souji immediately holds up a hand. The lightning strike down around him, forking for a moment to prevent harm to him... And then it crashes through, the magical barrier shattering as he is thrown backwards, heavily singed. "Powerful... Wild. Untamed." Souji permits himself a faint smile. "It is perfect. Too strong for even me to control... Without putting in a little work."

He looks to the assembled. "This land is part of a new beginning. Not only for those of the Murasame Zaibatsu, not only for those of Gallianda, but all those who would look towards the future. This barren land will become the foundation of a new city, a city of light and power that will help guide the way to a new age of prosperity for all who wish to help."

Souji look over to where Minette is hiding. "Everything will be all right, Odam. Just be careful and jump backwards when you see a flash of lightning. Or stay near one of those lightning towers." He points to one of the rickety and rusty constructions in the distance. "They will be much more reliable when replaced with Murasame designs."
Angantyr Vespar "I am charging you for the damn Speach." Angantyr says, before the cutscene goes into effect.
Dual Disc Another part of a world brought back from the dark, another spit to the face of the Shadow Lords and those who would throw worlds into the night for their own aims. That's how it goes right? It's been going on perhaps far longer than anyone here knows, still something's wrong there?s a hum in the air, more than just the normal electrical output of this pace as something seems to be forming near the party lighting strikes the ground several time and a hulking vaguely humanoid looking lighting elemental forms and it's not happy looking at all.

There's a thunder crack as it looks everyone over once more, then without warning it starts to almost be most unhappy with the mortals here who knows why, but it's not happy and this is where the bolts from on high start flying at everyone in range the elemental can get it's hands on, well in a figurative sense it has no hands but what it does have is a whole of shocking reveals for the people gathered here.
Dual Disc 0<0================================> - <X3 - <=================================0>


0- 0 Thunder Runner 0-
0- 0 Ride the lightning 0-


0<0================================> - <X3 - <=================================0>
Aeschere Childs That was an exceptionally good move, discarding her spear when she did. Bolts from the blue lance down and split Chera's spear where it stands, leaving a cloud of splinters and a glowing, slagged spearhead.

The girl herself finds someone taller to hide behind, and summons herself up a new, less conductive lance, out of whatever shimmering blue-black dark knights make things from.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr stares at the thing that starts to form over them...humanoid, with thunder for hands.

It tries to shock the hell out of the Dark Knight...

And Angantyr just PUNCHES the thing right in the face. "I'm sorry, maybe you didn't get my card."

Angantyr Vespar

He will punch you.

Angantyr, however, decides that the best offense right now is to...start channeling darkness. It's odd, it comes from inside, instead of being drawn from the darkness from beyond the stars. Slowly, it starts to spread over his armor, turning it from the poorly crafted chainmail...

To dark abyssal plate. Staring at the plate for too long is like looking into the void. The only thing visible are his eyes...and those are crimson.

"You can proceed to run now, monster."
Minette Odam And then things go all kinds of pear shaped. Minette just stares up at the hulking lightning beast that's come to kill them and she frowns at it. She frowns at it /so hard/. And then electricity erupts around her, sending Minette scrambling for cover (there is none) as static bolts nip at her heels. Minette goes into a rolling tumble (TOTALLY INTENTIONALLY, NO REALLY) and comes up metaphysically swinging.

Minette's eyes glance towards the nearby iron towers and she frowns, glancing back and forth between them. Twirling her yo-yo around by it's string, she throws the 'weapon' upwards, grappling onto a tower and pulling herself skyborn. The accountant flies upwards and kicks off of the tower. She Calculates in mid-air, bouncing several spells off of the nearby towers; they ricochet and cover a wide area.
Souji Murasame And then everything goes to hell, before Souji can yell back at Angantyr with his brilliant plan to get out of paying for the speech surcharge.

Thunder Entites have a way of doing that. The lightning crashes down around them, and Souji spins, drawing his blade. "Crimson Sword Murasame... It is time to feed." He hisses, moments before he lashes out with the blade, blasting the Thunder Runner away from him with a crash of thunder as electricity flows back, crackling around him and leaving burn marks across his suit.

Souji scowls. He /liked/ that suit. "You dare..." He says, as he channels magic, energy flowing around him as he slashes out, cutting through the air at the elemental. Power surges around it, conflicting blades of lightning piercing through the elemental and attempting to interrupt its energy flow.

That's right, Souji is so ballsy that he's trying to kill a thunder elemental with electricity.
Kyra Hyral Kyra completely ignores Minette for a few moments, surprised by Angantyr's sudden change in attitude. Perhaps the big, badass, keyblade-wielding mercenary had a soft spot for kids that lost their homes? Nonetheless, Kyra doesn't dwell on the thought.

It's even more surprising to see Souji shot back by lightning. That...well, given the state of Ramuha, Kyra didn't fear errant lightning bolts like the others here might. Though after seeing what it does to Souji she grows hesitant.

Carefully, Kyra puts away her tablet into one of the huuuuge pockets of her labcoat. Reaching up, she pulls down the coat's hood. Just as she does...

...a lightning elemental or two appears. Kyra's shocked. "Oh wow, that means good luck-" it zaps her and the scientist looks offended. Downright offended. "Hey now!" she doesn't fly anywhere, she merely prepares. "Let me show you how it works around here now."
Myla Mason Myla Mason comes under attack she lets out a cry as she's quite shocked by this creature's attack. She pulls a sonic grenade and lobs it at the thing while she rolls just out of the way in time.

"So this is how it's going to be? Get out of here we just freed you from the darkness!"

She's back on her feet with both pistols out and he's opening fire on the creature trying to give the others as they engage it some support fire. Elemental blasts come her weapons as she attempts to keep the lighting elemental back.
Dual Disc Minette is shockingly one of the first ones to make a strike for the angry elemental. Her striker does catch it it doesn't do much however it does hit the darn hing several times and does enough to annoy it quite a bit. Myla's own shots rip into it but it's not enough to keep it down for long as others join the assault. Sourish is up next as he make use of his own formidable power to strike at the creature just as Ang punches it the hell in the face, or what passes for it's face it almost would go what the hell but it's just to angry to talk if it could even do so. What it does find is it's getting more of a fight than it expected and the people before it are putting up a fight. It seems to be charging up for something as the creature now again lets lose a burst of magical lighting trying to keep everyone pinned down with a a rapid barrage of bolt spells which rain from the heavens.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is struck by the power of LIGHTNING itself.

He sizzles, ozone and burning fills his nose as he takes a deep breath.

A conversation happens, and Angantyr becomes even more inclined to kill this thing as fast as he can.

Angantyr pulls a fist up, darkness surges around it as he then brings it down.

Darkness explodes around the elemental, aiming to smack it down into the earth as Angantyr FLIPS into the air, aiming to bring the Tyrant breaker down in an overhead slash, aiming to litterally try and cut right through it. He swings again, aiming to tear right through the beast, aiming to relieve it of it's existance.

"Or we can fight. You're keeping me from an important date."
Minette Odam Minette hits the ground hard enough to bounce. Fortunately, this time it really is intentional as she rebounds upwards. Minette flicks her yo-yo downwards and the secondary impact bounces her off of the ground, launching her even higher up into the air. At the apogee of her flight she sends another spell ricoheting off of the lightning towers, then flicks her yo-yo towards the elemental. She rebounds around several times, flipping off of the nearby towers and the elemental itself as she soars around with all the grace and dignity of an eagle (that's piloting a blimp).
Kyra Hyral Lightning elementals, a rare sight in the developed city of Ramuha but not an impossible one. Largely regarded as good luck to see one. If there was anything that further cemented the fact in Kyra's mind that while this place reminded her of home, yet it was not, it was being attacked by wild lightning elementals. It was actually being /struck by lightning/.

What, that never happens! Kyra can even feel a faint shift in pressure seconds before it happens, leaving her both in pain and fascinated. There's a faint electrical smell from her, suggesting that her tablet might have been overloaded.

Anger floods her and she pulls her table out again along with what looks like a tiny lightning rod attached to a USB. Callously, she points it towards one of the elementals and, on the tablet, sets the app associated with the accessory to 'charge.'

Part of the poor elemental's very lightning essence is drawn from it to the rod.
Soan Sagittarius You know what's awesome with a plain filled of constant, dramatic, heart-pounding thunder and lightning bolts?

It helps when you are hiding among the clouds in the skies. Even more when you come plummeting through them.

Between a thunderous specimen of the atmospheric effects in this plains, admist the rain, a voice echos through the fields, powerfull and amplified by the lightning bolts. One that some people knows well, as a streak of light briefly pierces through the cloud along with a flames-covered humanoid figures plummets on top of the massive lightning elemental.


DRAGOON MAN crashes into the elemental, a shockwave of power emiting from whatever points of impact he collides against -- hopefully, the elemental itself.
Aeschere Childs Well, the spear was a good start, but Chera is still wearing a plate vest, and iron-shod boots; she makes a fine conductor, to her significant dismay.

She's struck, shivering, to the ground, but rises grimly once the shock has passed. That was what she needed. The battle is joined, now.

First to break the circuit; she takes a short hopping start and vaults on her lance. With the next strike lighting her way, she unleashes a bolt of her own, launching her spear like a javelin for the nearest lightning sprite.

That accomplished, she makes a graceless landing, and fights again to regain her feet.
Souji Murasame More lightning descends upon Souji, stronger and deadlier than his power over the elements can control. Blast after blast knocks him back, and it is all he can do to deflect the deadliest portions of it. But even then, it costs him a great deal. He staggers for a moment, his body trembling from electrical overload as he struggles to bring his body under control. He focuses, his expression dark as he forces his body to obey his will once more, returning to core concepts in his training. As one watches, electrical distortions surge off of him, grounding out.
Myla Mason Myla Mason has had a chance to recover from the latest series of strikes from her, and she holsters her pistols it's time to get a bit more up and personal with the horrible lighting elemental, she pulls her cutlass from back and it thrums to life as she charges in, perhaps it's no the best idea but she's getting used to being made of meat again it seems and well? She attempts to strike the elemental in a rapid style, if anyone pays attention it's a style favoured by a number of pirates from Myla's home world, perhaps the rumours are right about her mother being the former dread pirate Queen after all!
Dual Disc Ang gave it a chance to run, it should have listened it totally should have listen to Ang it should have run as fast ans fast as it could but it didn't listen and thus it's paying the price now Ang rips into it brutally and sends it back a bit from the savagery of his attack.

Minette again strikes home with her own attacks also strike it but not without a counter attack and it seems to be doing nothing but attack those here in an attempt to strike them all down, with no care for it's own survival it seems.

Kyra was lucky she didn't get hit as hard as she could have and well the elemental is having a very bad day as Kyra does as she set out to do leeching part of it away for her own ends.

Then by the skies above the sky? Dragoon Man has returned to aid the people of the land coming in to the elemental like the spawn of the first Dragoon he likely is. It doe snot seem happy nay it's pretty mad and it's starting to vibrate in a very dangerous way.

Myla's strikes come in rapidly hitting it over and over again surprising to some effect and perhaps this is good cover for Souji who seems to be preparing for something big, but will it be in time?

Then the vibration continues wait does it almost sound like music it hard to tell but it could have picked up some radio channel from somewhere who knows but the lighting is /everywhere/, nothing is spared it's fury!
Minette Odam Minette is too busy getting fried by lightning to notice the arrival of DRAGOON MAN otherwise she'd go all squealing fangirl over him. More lightning strikes pelt Minette with scattering chiplettes of rock. This is basically the worst place in the world, Minette concludes, and she then dearly longs for the open ocean. She also can't help but notice the smell of roast pork, but the pain is too intense for her to place the source. Actually, the source is her own burning flesh.

Minette can see the math. It tells her how to ruin that thing's day, completely and utterly. But it also tells her that she can't physically pull it off. But then, wait. No. Maybe. Minette makes the mental adjustment of casting a single spell first and then runs the numbers again. They come out differently this time, with an acceptable margin for error. Hm. Curious, that. Minette narrows her eyes, confused; she can't see why. But the numbers don't lie to her, even if the reasons for why that spell would make a difference elude her.

Minette casts Berzerk on herself and, for the duration, is freed of her crippling self-doubts, emotional need for the approval of others, and belief that she's incapable of success.

So infused, Minette hurls her yo-yo forwards, seeking to simple smash it into the elemental's 'chest' and lodge it there. Minette hauls back on the string, brings her other hand around to grab on, and then leverages her weight for all it's worth to snap the string upwards... and launch the elemental to the sky. Minette grabs onto the string, twists her body around, and drags the elemental into a rapid spin, using its body to dig a circular furrow in the land around her. With an airplane spin, the accountant launches the elemental skywards again, but she's not done with it. Leaping upwards, Minette plants her feet upon the creature's body, running around towards it's back as if ignorant of the lightning that arc's from the thing's body onto her own, and kicks off. The elemental is launched in one direction, Minette in another.

Minette's yo-yo streaks out again, wrapping around an iron spike. Minette's arm locks up as the line goes taught and she rides the swinging cable for the slingshot effect, shooting herself past the elemental like a missile. Another well aimed throw sends the yo-yo wrapping around another spike; Minette slingshots around but doesn't disengaged her weapon from it's latch, stringing it between two of the ancient lightning rods. The elemental smashes into the string, stretching it to it's limits. Minette twists her hand, casting a Graviga. The gravity warping spell forces the elemental even further backwards, pushing her yo-yo's mithril laced string further then it was ever ment to go. There is a sound like the straining of a steel cable as Minette keeps the spell in place for several moments...

And then releases, sling-shotting the magical aberration into the ground.
Kyra Hyral The charging works! ..barely. It turns out it would have been more effective if her tablet wasn't already charged up a significant amount. As it was already nearly at full, there wasn't much to draink. Unplugging the charging device, Kyra stuffs it all back into her pocket and-

Oh dear. Minette seems to be getting fried like a fish. It makes sense when one thinks about it hard enough but if that Levanti heritage was to be blamed, then Myla would be in trouble too. Maybe it's the beserking effect? Whichever the case, Kyra kiiiinda thinks it would be bad if Minette fell during this fight. Kind of. While the accountant is busy beserking, Kyra calmly unholsters her needlegun. She just as calmly slots a number of vials in it containing a highly concentrated form of potion. The hard part now is lining up a shot that will actually hit Minette as she engages in fancy beserker acrobathics. She doesn't try calling out to her classmate to stand still, preferring to strike without warning. As a beserker , Kyra highly doubts that Minette would listen to her anyway.

When she thinks she can make it, Kyra takes the shot, releasing a rapid-fire trio of heailng darts at Minette.
Souji Murasame At the announcement of Dagoon Man's appearance, Souji sort of just grits his teeth, irritation showing even through his mask for a moment. "It never fails." He comments to himself as he gathers power...

And than an overwhelming wave of lightning slams down upon him. With a cleaving motion of the black and crimson Murasame Blade, Souji cleaves into the incoming power wave, cutting into and through the electrical wash like a solid thing. This doesn't prevent him from getting shocked, but the power strikes more down around him than through him. "You have mocked me for the last time, creature of the skies. We are the heirs of Ramuh. We are the lords of the wind." And he clenches his teeth, hissing in dire overtones, "/And we will not be denied./"

He raises the Murasame Blade, his hand slowly running down the length. Minette does an excellent job of abandoning all thoughts of failure and engaging murder time as he cutscenes. Souji approves of this.

As his palm passes, the crimson runes along the blade surge, the hungry blade awakening. "Blade who hungers eternally, strike! MURASAME, COME FORTH!"

With a single blurred strike, Souji cuts forward.

A moment later, the skies tear around the elemental, crimson talons lashing out to grapple at the elemental, carving into its life force greedily and draining it back to the weapon and its master.
Aeschere Childs The charging works! Really well! Unfortunately, Aeschere isn't a battery. You can see how well that's going to go for her.

Back to the ground in a heap, anyways, there to remain this time until /after/ the next salvo is launched. She'll just take a moment to gather herself.

Plenty of fuel for her fires, at least. There is that small good in this.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is done.

He knows where this is going...he dives through the lightning, aiming to roll right UNDER it.

And then he punches it right in the face again. "NO! BAD! BAAAAD!" he says, and pulls the Keyblade back. His eyes blaze, as it is time...

And then Minette goes <GOOSEHONKING> berserk on it. He takes a step back, appreciating the carnage that was Minette Odam for a moment, and then nods once. Angantyr looks towards the monster, and stabs the keyblade into the ground. Light and darkness flare from the two. Light from the Keyblade, and darkness from the Dark Knight himself. The ground darkens, aiming to grip at the elemetal, aiming to claw the beast repeatedly, aiming to bleed it out, and then HUNDREDS of claws rip out, aiming to tear it assunder as the brilliant energy of the Keyblade comes to a perfect apex...

Angantyr picks it up, as the darkness is dispelled by it's very presence, and he holds it up.

"TYRANT..." he starts, as he pulls it back, and thrusts it forward. A large explosion of brilliant light follows forth, aiming to cover the fiend with the brilliant light. Aiming to tear through the newly created land, leaving a mark of the fierce attack of the Dark Knight.

Soan Sagittarius To be fair, DRAGOON MAN is here completely by accident. Well. No, that's rather a lie, but he don't intend to stick around for all taht long after the thing has been destroyed. It's hard to tell what he was thinking when he crashed from the upper atmospheres straight into a lightning elemental. It has the predictable effect.

Dragoon Man screams out in both almost primal, elemental rage, gritting through the lightning coursing through his heavily armoured body, flipping to launch himself up in the air once more. Flickers of electricity trails after his flight, reaching an apex in his height before he turns around, brandishing his spear downward first.

He does not say a word. It's rather hard to speak words when you are breathing down a trail of flames.
Minette Odam Minette gets shot in the butt by needles. They heal a number of her wounds. The account only notices the fact that she was shot in the butt by needles; slowly, and with great menace, her head turns around, madness in her berzerking eyes. Forunately, her vision falls on a nearby Qatuar, which is CLEARLY the most likely suspect and thus the guilty party. The cactoid tilts to the side, trembling a little under the power of Minette's gaze. With a wordless howl, Minette charges, chasing the unfortunate monster off into the distance.

She'll be back someone tomorrow, covering in about 99,999 needles.
Myla Mason Things are just getting crazy here for Myla, her friend are unloading evyerthing they can to it. Dragoon Man himself has returned, Souji is reminding everyone why he's not just talk, he's quite powerful in a fith too she focuses her own abilities while she uses mostly Magitech for her own style of fighting. She had been pushed by some teacher to look into trying to become a Tide Caller, she had a lot of magical talent after all and it still shows as she unleashes a massive amount of focused water at the elemental, prehaps this will make it worse or make it better?
Aeschere Childs Spite, from the lip of the grave. Chera makes her last move of this battle, offloading as much suffering as she can back on its author, a aching black torrent.

She doesn't have the strength to see if she hit; it doesn't much matter, does it?

The rest of Murasame's crew will finish this battle, and she'll work on reassembling herself.
Dual Disc Myla unloads a good deal of water into the Elemental which staggers it it's shocking around while water and lightning ten to interacted this elemental well is having someone rain on it's parade today with this but it?s merely a set up for everyone else to really rip into this thing. Minette ha enraged against the thing and he attacks some in with the yo-yo, on some worlds it has become a toy, which most people forget it started out as a weapon. Minette has not forgot about this as the elemental is just sack beaten for lack of a term as Minette is about to make thing worse for the elemental. She uses her magic to push it further and then is just slams into the elemental pinning and basically stunning it, it's not going to be able to move from a savage. Sadly for the elemental there are others who are here waiting to just ground it for good!

Dragoon Man lets lose his own power against the elemental, he doesn't say a thing as here the jump again the elemental is pinned to the ground and there is no where it can go, Aeschere however has plans to make this thing suffer a bit more and that she does. She's pulling from it, pulling more of it essence to heal her self somewhat and well? There's still two more intent to strike this thing down.

Souji isn't happy about Dragoon Man, however he's got worse thing to do to the creature along side Ang who has now is bringing his keyblade to bear the attacks are just sadistic as Ang has beaten the thing beyond what it could take, but it seems to be trying to get back up. Souji sees to this never happening as the his strike just puts an end to it once and for all, it explodes in a burst of pyre flies and that is that, only the sound of the normal storm remains the elemental has been fallen for now.
Kyra Hyral Kyra pumps a fist as she manages to score some healing darts to Minette's butt. The best part is she's not going to remember it at all! Unless those healing darts stay stuck there for the rest of the fight. Awkward explanations would be needed...later. For now it looks like Minette is running away to chase a cactaur. Kyra doesn't stop her.

"Dragon Man!" Kyra exlaims excitedly, reining in her urge to start recording the fight right then and there. She does not becasue that would actually be quite dangerous! These exotic creatures were attacking her too after all! What gets her, though, is Souji's reaction to him appearing. She actually takes a moment to watch this, between him being nonplussed and him being insulted by the behavior of the lightning elementals.

But there was something else about him, though. Kyra continues to watch him fight, afforded the luxury because in this moment, Kyra has a lot of 'fighters' surrounding her to draw aggro.

The creatures are felled, bursting into smaller sprites that Kyra realizes are pyreflies shortly afterwards. "...hmm, that's very curious. This land is untamed. Perhaps this is what the first settlers on Ramuha found when they came."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr wills the Keyblade to vanish.


"This thing was a fiend..? Curious." is this place from the land of Spira? However, Angantyr waves himself off. "I'm out. You know where to send the money."
Soan Sagittarius DRAGOON MAN lands, plowing through the remains and stands there, looking around at the scattering various sprites. Soan scowls behind the mask, shaking his head idly. The stench of tainted spirits is obvious. Did they condense into that large, ravenous large elemental? Digging the butt of his spear into the ground, the Dragoon takes a step away, giving Kyra an acknowledging nod, then give a circular glance. Agantyr gets a pointed look, lingering for a few seconds, before looking at most assembled. People seems alright. Except for Minette, but... well, she'll be fine. Poor girl. He gives Souji a brief glance, taking note of the annoyance he's displayed. Hrm.

"Perhaps, m'lady, perhaps. Ramuha was settled long, long ago, few remembered how it was in it's primordial days." Dragoon Man says, looking up. Time to go, he thinks. "Be careful in theses lands. Fiends such as theses are not uncommon... and I recognise the stench."

Then, without adding very much, Dragoon Man crouches, then launches himself upward.
Souji Murasame The hostile elemental detonates in a hailk of superpoered maneuvers and expert application of overwhelming firepower. Souji smiles for a moment, and sheathes his bvlade, ther weapon satiated... for now. "We were successful. And nothing shall stand before us." He turns to the others , looking on as Dragoon Man makes his exit. Hmm. One less issue, it seems. Dragoon Man has come to destroy whatever he saw as a problem, and vanishes just as mysteriously and quickly.

"All of you have eearned a great deal today. I will ensure that all accounts wlll be paid up. In the mean time..." He looks out over the barren, lightning-strewn plains. "We have a home to restore."

This scene contained 57 poses. The players who were present were: Angantyr Vespar, Myla Mason, Kyra Hyral, Souji Murasame, Soan Sagittarius, Artemis Eurus, Minette Odam, Aeschere Childs, Dual Disc