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(2014-02-06 - Now)
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The Grid, or Flynn OS as it's sometimes called, is a world with much in common to that of humans, there are people here, mountains, cities, even oceans, heck there's weather. Other things are utterly alien, there's no sun, no intended wildlife out here, the natives are all programs with minds of their own, hopes fears, and often fall prey to the flaws of their creators.

A Program called Java is one such program his plan to get out of Purgos no matter the cost has caused a good deal or problems for the grid. Tesler the government of Argon is cracking down hard on things, both seeking the real cause of this crisis, and trying to get his hands at last on the Renegade program who many claim to be is the Legendary TRON.

A young program named Mara was the first to catch on to where the power drains were coming from and got in over her head, thankfully she made some new friends who were willing to help her out of a tight spot. Again Mara has came to Deelel and Avira with an information, about a possible shipment of Java's people which would be heading down one of the main highways into Argon from one of the smaller cities on the grid. It was important the light truck would be guarded and those seeking it would have to act fast to intercept it.

Before it would make it's way too deep into argon where a strike upon it would attract the Black Guard's attention. Deelel had gathered those she could to prepare to the ambush truck and likely chase it down if needed. People who'd been on the grid for the first time would have been suited up and disced in Purgos also given light cycles for todays's use. Deelel is hiding off the road right now peering out from behind a rock before pulling her head back and checking a sensors pad she's holding in her hand.

"It's just about time."
Avira 'A shipment for Java's people' lead Avira to assume that this was another load of those unusual weapons that the Renegade and the others were exposed to in that alleyway. Things were slowly adding up between those weapons and the viral heartless monster in the power plant...unfortunately, in Avira's mind they were adding up to LEXUS LEXUS LEXUS LEXUS. Even though there's really been no real sign of the virus for a while now. Wouldn't he leave his symbol behind somewhere if he was..?

Much as when she usually operates on the Grid, she's opted to keep her face-obscuring helmet down. The helmet also offers a voice distortion effect, making her harder to identify when she speaks. The only real 'tell' to her would be if she choose to use her true weapon, the unusual-looking Spine, over the identity disc on her back. In today's case, which was an outright heist, she'd be trying to avoid that as much as possible.

Avira stands with her arms folded across her chest, peering over at the pad Deelel has in her hand. One of her own hands remains firmly gripped around a short baton-a light cycle in its inert form.

"So where do we take these things once we intercept them, again?" Avira's on the lookout, but not for their quarry. She's actually a lot more worried about Tessler's forces here.
Sophia Dawnshade Sophia Dawnshade found herself wandering around an unfamiliar landscape, wondering how the hell she ended up here. It was confusing enough getting used to a new world without getting lost in the passages between, and then she had the misfortune of running into a strange scientist, who had thought to test some sort of beam thing on her. Now she had turned up in some completely different place, confused as to what exactly was going on.

The gear she had been given on arrival didn't exactly clarify anything, as there hadn't been anything like that where she was from. Communications began coming through the helmet she had been given, and, failing any other ways to properly orient herself as to what to do, she listened for instructions, hoping that maybe they would lead her to someone who had more of a clue what they were doing.
Cirra Constantine The Grid. Its existance is a metaphyiscal nightmare, but explotation of it's unique properties could allow a person from the real world to gain unimaginable power. Power over enemies, power over politics.

Power to restore a nation's people after an almost fatal blow.

It wasn't easy getting into The Grid. It involved paying some people off, but it worked.

Now on The Grid, the woman walked down the lighttrain's cars in the regulation program outfit.

That is to say tight black pseudo-leather miniskirt, thigh high boots and a top in the same material that coems all the way down her arms in gloves. The lines down the sides of the gloves, boots and across her chest glow a dim red color as the helmet provided by Tessler's 'ambassador' covers her face.

The long white hair might be a deadgive away to her identity, but this is The Grid. People in here have freaking neon green hair.

Regardless, Cirra Constantine rests her hand on the glowing weapon at her side. She's not sure how to use the Rod primative effectively, so hopefully this will be a quiet trip.
Warden Thache Meanwhile...

A slight bit further down the road...

In a compleatly different ditch and behind comepleaty different cover from the odd mix of heroes waiting for the shipment...

"Explain to me again why we are here boss?" Spook's bright voice is kept low as he peers over the edge of his disk. The edges of his fur tinged in blues as he looks down the road where the vehichles should be coming. Filling the ditch and behind cover is a gaggle of...well...pirates. Their colors tinged in greens and yellows the group huddle in the unfamilar surroundings, quietly making fun of each others colors and poking at weapons and their rather unique clothes. Marveling how they all seem quite human in this. Its...odd it is.

"Spooks, what are we?" The Captain himself murmurs as he sits, entirely relaxed as he rests his head back against the 'ground'.

"Er...pirates sir."

"Exactly. To expand our operations I've decided we need a ship that works /here/. To get said ship, what do we need?"

"Ooooh..." The winged racoon taps the side of his snout. "...weapons."

The captain grins, the action somehow still entirely feline even on his human face. "Exactly." He almost purrs as he tilts his tricorn over his eyes, settling in for a nap. "Now. Wake me when the shipment gets here."

...and no. He has /no/ idea a group is planning a similar heist.

But if he did? He wouldn't change his plans one whit.
Maximilien Maximilian Amadeus Renaud-Sylvianne. Better-known as Phantom Thief M.A.R.S., Max is a shadow on the fringes of society, a man who declared that he would steal every treasure every world had to offer and promptly became a thorn in the side of every political entity everywhere. Phantom Thief M.A.R.S. is the mysterious invader, the man who has pulled off impossible heists for what appears to be only his own sake.

Behind the mask of M.A.R.S., however, is a thoroughly uncertain man. Paralyzed by indecision and guilt, Max is a man whose private thoughts are known only to a very priviledged (or unfortunate) few - among them the lady judge he calls his love, Cirra Constantine.

It probably isn't difficult to tell what he's thinking now for anybody, though, since he's elected to follow behind her as she walks.

It's not often...but some days, Max just *enjoys* being Max.

Max is dressed in his usual tuxedo-and-cape attire, though it is heavily, heavily digitized. It is also fabulous beyond reckoning, shimmering and shining like something out of an 80s music video, with shiny gold lines dancing all over him with every step.

He also has a mask over his face, which is a rarity for Max, and his hair is similarly a brilliant gold color. He's only wearing a disguise to avoid blowing Cirra's cover, of course.

"We never go anywhere nice anymore," Max radios her playfully, "This is such a nice change of pace, ma chere, non?"
Deelel Deelel looks over to Avira for a moment nodding once as a ping sounds on the pad she has, she can't aruge with Avira's thoughts about LEXUS having a hand in things here. Who else could with a heartless connection? There were no other viri or program she knew of with the Shadow Lords or connected that hard to the darkness. She's got her own helmet up, after all they don't need to be IDed too easily right? She checks the pad once more and puts it away noting.

"It's time to get ready and go, As for thing we'll have to see what it is. If it's something we can use we take what we can, or take it for Mara to get a look at. Failing that I have light grenades to blow it, to deny them their use."

Down the highway is a truck much like a tractor trailer tuck from worlds like Manhattan or the world Flynn was from. Well save it was made by program and it's barrelling along the highway it's not alone a formation of light cycles are running escort with it attempting to pose as normal traffic but there's a bit too much organization for that, if one's to pay attention. Deelel and friend are unaware of Warden and his own plan for the truck.

Deelel's cycle takes off following after the convoy and ho<0================================> - <X3 - <=================================0>


0- 0-
0- 0-


0<0================================> - <X3 - <=================================0>
Avira "I'd be more comfortable with destroying it." Avira supplies. "If CLU's troops see us using those things, we'll get lumped in along with those other criminals. They probably already think we're in with the Renegade. ...if we're being watched at least..." She doesn't think Mara would sell them out. But what if someone else saw?

Unwinding her arms, Avira holds the baton out and a light cycle rezzes into existence around her. In short order, a second 'someone' joins the first 'someone' in pursuing the truck.

In pursuit she reflects on the fact that this'll be the second robbery she's pulled this month. Troubling...?
Sophia Dawnshade Following the trail of the various things she overhears, Sophia makes her way toward what sounds like the source of what's going on. She hasn't a clue about the truth of the matter, what with the jargon specific to this world being unfamiliar to her, but it's better than wandering around hopelessly.

She does figure out how one makes the light cycle soon enough, which helps her progress toward the source of the matter, but there's still the matter of what she'll find when she gets there...
Warden Thache "Cap'n, convy is comin'," Spook's sharp eyes pick up the truck coming down the road. A russle of anticipation goes though the little group of men hiding there, a smirk is earned from the captain as he sits up slowly.

"Alright boys, lets get ready to welcome them...ready on the lin--"

"Cap'n!" Spooks sounds postivily affronted as he intrupted the not-cat for a moment. "Looks like someone is tryin' ta hijack our hijackin'!"

Warden blinks once, twice, then lets out a short bark of laughter. "I'll bet my week's rum ration its Lady Wolf and Lady Brightstaff come to try to do the right things! What say you lads? Do we let the 'heroes' have all the fun and run off to do the 'right' thing with our weapons?!"

"No!!" Comes the shout from the pirates as Warden stands.

Down the road, in front of the speeding truck, gleaming golden energy ropes suddenly fling out from hiding. They latch across the road to preprepared rubble before the pirates just pull them down in the path of the speeding trailer truck.

...yup. Subtlty? Whats that. Be glad he didn't just blow things up from the get-go.
Cirra Constantine "You didn't have to come with me." Cirra radios back to Max. "This is Archades business." She says simply. She may have let herself have a relationship with Max, but that doesn't mean she mixes her personal and professional life.

She sighs a little, it's like her relationship with Max is her personal trial sometimes. "You can g-"


The Convoy suddenly lurches. Cirra grabs the nearest hand hold and braces herself as the debris clog the lightway, bringing the vehicle to a stop. "Go out and see what the hell that was." She says in her clipped tone, and does exactly that, running out to the side of the transport and opening a door to hang out by one hand to see just whats going on. Her white hair billowing in the wind as she frowns. She reaches for the rod primative at her side, but stops. She still hasn't practiced with the thing.
Maximilien "I did not have to. But I wanted to," Max leaves it at that, because about that moment she's cut off by the screeeaaaach. Max doesn't grab anything - his balance is, as always, perfect. He does reach his hand out to grab her waist and stabilize her, though.

"As you command, Lady Ambassador," Max replies solemnly as he falls into character. He holds his hand over his chest in a salute, then disappears out the door, a grin on his face behind the emotionless golden mask.

Sure, he might be a trying guy to be in a relationship with, but at least they kept each others' lives interesting.

Interesting was good. Max could only imagine them as an old couple. Of course, that lead to an entirely different chain of guilt, and right now, Max actually had a job to do.

Max makes his way onto the top of the moving transport, flat on his stomach in order to see and not be seen. Despite the glittering gold and shining silver suit, he's actually exceptionally hard to see, given the way he's positioned himself and his general skill at hiding. There's a reason he's called a Phantom thief, and it isn't just because he has a big ego.

"Troops of some sort," Max radios Cirra. "Using light cycles. I will not fight, but I can perhaps get the convoy moving, if you are willing to indulge in a madman's plan and trust me, my lo...Lady Ambassador."
Deelel Deelel says "Right, but let's see what it is first either way lets do this."

Deelel's bike would be seen first heading for the them one of the out rider calls it in and several of the cycles fall back their discs are pulled off their backs and come on line humming to live as they notice the inbound raiders. They start to launch the discs for the two bikes tailing them. Clearly they are taking no chances not after what happened to the last crew who got jumped. One is speeding past Sophia and perhaps by luck or fate she becomes a target they can't take any chances.

Then Spooks and his side kick Warden happens, the truck is forced to swerve and come to a halt to avoid hitting the road block ahead. One biker isn't so lucky and goes flying off his cycle which is now a pile of cubes on the road, the program is just out of it on the roadway flat on her face.

The others are barking orders over their personal comms. Things are going to the recycle bin real damn fast.

Cirra would see out of the back there's a pair of cycles running differ coloured lines barrelling down the highway and engaging the other bikes in a fight, clearly someone's after the cargo in all likely hood.

Deelel's own disc is already being launched at some of the bikers while others are opnng up the driver barks out

"Of all the Null united... you know he'll have our necks if we don't make it with this cargo! Cube the bandits!"

the Programs continue the assault on those who have ambushed the convoy making use of discs for now, and some start arming their cycles
Blackbird Insert Quarter.

Blackbird sat waiting on a lightcycle ahead of the convoy. As her helmet was raised nobody would recognize her even if she happened on anyone in-system that she knew, which wasn't likely the case. HEr gloved hands worked the handlebars of her cycle as she waited.

"This is a bad idea." She grumbled while watching the Convoy slowed. Sure to anyone looking she looked like a random medical program that belonged here, but what would any program be doing way out here? Really? The lines of her suit flaired bright as she gave the bike energy and headed towards her target..

When she got closer and saw tankers along with a defending screen of lightcycles she frowned. "Definately a bad idea." Deep breath to gather her concentration. Magic, she'd hoped, would be enough of a novelty to give her a chance at surviving the idiocy she was about ot engadge in. Anything capible of detecting energy would see a suggen upswell at her position and from no aparent single source. Just a single bright flare. Her left hand let go of the handlebars and stretched out overhead as a vollyball sized globe of electricity started forming. Energy arched along her arm, the road, and even her bike. "Alright let's hope this works."

And Release.."

Power arched out towards the defending bikes. At her range it wouldn't be much more than a blip on any single target, but she was having to do complex (for her) spellwork at highway speeds. Plus she was only intending on getting hteir attention, distract so the real hammerblow could come down from others.
Avira The other bikers take notice right away, giving credence to the previous assumption that they were with the convoy. Avira reaches behind her back and...pulls off the Identity Disc. Vaguely aware of how to use one in a fight, she does know that when thrown it WILL come back to her. The same can't be said about the Spine, which would be a close-range weapon anyway.

Then, there are flashes of gold up ahead from the trap sprung by Warden. At first Avira doesn't want to believe what she's seeing because...well she thinks she recognizes those glowing gold energy ropes. This is an observation she will never, ever, ever voice because she can already picture how everyone is going to tease her about it.

One of the Riders throws their disc at her. From what he could tell, it was a direct hit, but Avira did not immediately turn into cubes. Clearly she's a much more durable program than that, right? In fact, it's hard to tell if she's actually damaged-mostly because someone would have to be right up next to her to see that wound.

"We're running out of room to ride!" Avira points out to Deelel due to the Warden-produced roadblock up ahead. Meanwhile, with her own disc, she launches a return shot at the offending program.
Sophia Dawnshade Sophia Dawnshade has more or less caught up with the action by now, whether or not she originally intended to get involved in what the incident actually was or not. Context is slowly seeping into her mind through inferrence of what she can see and hear, but she still hesitates to act on either side's behalf, not sure who's in the right.

Nonetheless, a slight shadowy aura does start rising from her body. Intention to intervene or no, it's not a bright idea to get involved in a scenario like this without prior preparation. She keeps a reasonable distance, keeping pace with the caravan enough to witness the action, but not trying to close the gap.
Warden Thache "Its stopped boys! Have at em!" Warden's voice rings out from the ditch. What emerges? Totaly. Not. Programs.

Oh they look like programs, and they move like programs. However Programs? They don't usually wave weapons that look like cutlass and flintlocks as they make for the truck. They don't usually roar. They don't say 'aye' and 'matey' and 'where is the rum gone?!'

So yes. Totally pirates.

Leading that charge is a familiar figure to some, racoon on his shoulder and a vicious smile on his face, Warden heads streight for that truck.

And some of his men pay for it as disks arc in.

Ah well. It happens.

"Don't let em get it started again boys! We don't have that much time!" He calls as they swarm forwards, fireing as they go.
Cirra Constantine Max has a plan. His plans are usually awful in someway. Cirra has no other choice. "Do it."

Cirra grasps the rod primative from her side and extends it into a staff as she swings it around in her hand, catching the edge under the chin of one light cycle rider. She's not sure who's said they're on, but it's not her's.

The staff is flipped up over her shoulder and one end opens, giving a brief fizzle and launching a bolt of energy at one of the pirate riders trying to make things even worse for the convoy.
Maximilien 'Do it'. Max's face splits into a grin as Cirra gives him the go-ahead. He enjoys this far too much.

Max stands up and levels his finger at the pirates. His cape billows a bit as he draws a shimmering golden rose out of his jacket - a rose made of bits and bytes, its stem shimmering green data, its petals glorious golden lines - unfilled, wireframe lines. Max brings the rose up to his mask and pauses there, his voice heavily modulated.

"I'm afraid, foul curs, that this transport is under the protective administration of the Lady Ambassador. As her consort and personal firewall, I cannot allow such lower programs as you to take it. Such a dishonor would tarnish her beautiful record, and in doing so, her beautiful code...and as her firewall, I will not permit such a thing! I am GARDEN - and I declare this transport to be under my protection!"

Max holds the rose up, and it shatters, sprinkling across the truck. The stem turns into a long blade, which he then levels back at the pirates, as if daring them to come up.

He radios the driver and Cirra.

"Drive. Drive now. I have put a spell of Antigravity upon the truck. Take it off the cliff, while I can keep the spell going - I do not know how long. Mere microseconds at best."

'GARDEN' takes a stance.
Deelel Blackbird makes quite the impression as she engaged into combat with the guards they catch sight of her and are already moving to engage however her strikes are serving well to distracted them for the most part as everything is just going crazy. It wasn't just one ambush, is was two. Not that they would know that heck they think it's one organized insanely planed out effort on the part of the attackers.

Deelel does not fair o well she's caught by a disc and sent spinning on her bike. Deelel recovers but it's trailing voxels and Deelel may have been hit as well. Warden's presence is quite a bit of a surprise as she calls back.

"Then we may have to go it on foot! They won't have much space either!"

Deelel derezzes here bike now and drops into a roll throwing her disc in an attempt for it to rebound off two o the biker who have /not/ ditched their bikes few have and one shockingly has a guard's light staff which may or may not be functional.

"So you programs again? Your going to get cubed this time!"

The one with the staff backs while Sophia meanwhile has attacker the attention of others the aura seems to have been noticed and there's several discs flying at her, keeping up shouldn't be hard as thanks to Warden he's managed to /stop/ the convoy from moving much.

Warden meanwhile has stopped the convoy and they are in in for quite a fight as Warden and his men gets into the fight full bore. Several go down, others do to and the guards are wondering who the heck these programs are. Things have been getting strange this cycle on the grid and it just keeps getting worse.

Cirra gets one for the convoy guards however it may be for the best, that program will likely live to see tomorrow after being forced into shutdown for the moment from the hit.

Now what to do about a Phantom Thief? The Phantom Thief barks to the driver about the whole affair the Driver looks at them and says "... I'm not even going to ask about what sort of run time that is."

The Truck is starting to move again in an attempt to get out of there. While the guard with the staff moves to attack and several others are making actions to continue their disc assault.

"Keep them from following the truck!"
Avira Avira, shockingly bad at the identity disc fighting thing. She doesn't even manage to hit!

"Got it!" Avira calls out, suddenly tipping the light cycle on its side and derezzing it as it slides along with her on it. Poor Mara would flip a bit at such flagrant light cycle abuse if she saw it. The momentum is used to her advantage to slide under a pair of discs thrown at her.

Ahead where the convoy had stopped, she sees Warden's men rush in to engage the Programs. She can't help but feel that this time, he's /probably/ not here to be beneficial. Well. Beneficial in the long run aside from stealing these alleged weapons away from their intended recipents.

Seeing the extremely flamboyant Program proclaiming defense of the convoy gives Avira pause. She knows that 'Program'. She does not identify him for multiple reasons to include why she herself has elected to remain masked.

As the truck starts to move again, Avira actually ignores the other Programs defending and tries to make a mad dash for the convoy, aiming to latch onto it before it can do something crazy like hop the road.
Warden Thache "FOLLOW THAT TRUCK!" Warden calls, laughter in his voice.

"Sir. Its going over a cliff..." Spooks helpfully points out.

"...oh. Yes. Well then. I'll follow that truck. You keep the guards busy." He grins again, and Spooks knows quite well that would be the singnal to hang on for dear life.

The man moves, dashing forward and across the interveneing space as he closes the distance between truck and him. His men whoop for the Captain even as the pile into whatever guards are left.

Oh the sees the energy blast from the Judge, but one flickery golden energy saber deflects it harmlessly away. He half bows once, eyes dancing with amusement before lashing one hand forwards.

Not towards her.

Towards the truck.

Golden ropes lash out to wrap around the anti-gravity vehice as Warden hitches himself a ride. Reeling himself in as he takes pot-shots at any of the remaining guards.

And. Just because. He throws his other arm out, reeling out a golden line to trail behind the truck. Just in case any wolves or other na'er do wells want to come along for the ride.

"Pardon me my dear!" He calls towards Cirra. "But I have an appointement with the weapons! I have to say that I do like your love up there!" He points at Max. "He's got /style/."

Warden appriciates Style.
Sophia Dawnshade So much for being an observer. Bracing herself for the incoming discs, Sophia doesn't so much try to evade as try not to let the impact shake her off course. The effectiveness of such a tactic is... questionable, as the discs hit hard and leave a rather nasty bruise or two, but the bruises begin clearing up shortly after. Something that simple will not deter her.

She wasn't sure before, but now it's merely a matter of self-defense. Revving her light cycle to close the gap, she takes one hand off the bar, the other one sketching sigils in the air, distortions trailing behind a series of purple-black shockwaves-slash-energy blasts aimed at those who attacked her. That was rude of them.
Cirra Constantine Cirra turns to look up at Max "..." That is all the comment she gives for now as there are a great many other things that require her attention other then her /completly bonkers boyfriend/ hamming it up for the audiance and putting on a show.

Sigh, control of her life has escaped her.

When Warden tries to lasso his way on the transport and pull himself up she looks down at him. "You think so? If you'd like to have him, I'm afraid he's rather perticular about these sort of things." She reaches over her back and holds the chakram like identity disc, looking the edged ring over once before whipping her arm out and letting the weapon sail through the air to try and cut through Warden or his energy line.
Maximilien Hm. That's problematic. Programs usually aren't that daring, and Max/'GARDEN' can't spare the attention to stop Warden. With the entire truck under his Antigrav, Max simply cannot afford to break concentration, or everybody on it will probably de-res. And, well, since 'everybody on it' includes Max and Cirra, there's no way he's willing to let that happen.

Besides which, Max learned a very long time ago that Cirra Constantine is not a shirking-violet who needs protection. He can trust her to take care of herself. Heck, she's better at fighting than he is by a wide, wide margin, and she knows it.

Instead, Max does what Max does best. He improvises.

'GARDEN's hand disappears into his pocket. "In the filename of my Lady I shall not disappoint her in my duty! For her, I would give of my sprite - what have you, pirated software, that is so important to you? What have you to fight for, besides yourselves?"

He flicks his wrist outwards suddenly, drawing his cloak around him. Small, round, green balls fall from the cloak onto the highway. It's timed almost perfectly to Max talking about going to a ball on the radio. He's clearly enjoying himself.

Tink, tink, tink. Bombs!

The bombs erupt as Max redoubles his focus on the Antigrav spell. They aren't an attack - a distraction, yes, but not an attack. No, they're meant to dislodge the truck completely, to send the whole thing tumbling over the side and force the people hanging from the truck to make a choice - go over with it, or save themselves.

Okay. Cirra might be right. Max might be a crazy person.

But you don't get to be a Phantom Thief as a paragon of sanity.
Deelel Blackbird has drawn some of the guards off into chasing her further down the highway, she'll meet up with he allies later.

Deelel on the other hand is not having so much luck here as she's coming under assault once more but they are not able to catch Deelel once she's on foot. She's now trying to make for the the convoy but it seems something else is going on. Warden's assault team is noticed and she can't help but cringe this was getting complicated. very much complicated.

Deelel pulls her own staff which extends as she moves to vault o0ver one guard's cycle and smack the front wheel as she does so sending them into a spin.

The fight between Warden and Cirra is left alone by the guards who will let her do her thing.

Sophia however has caught the noticed and scored some good hits in and another guard goes down at the strange attacks from Sophia.

Deelel manages to just double take at GARDEN for a moment, but she's too busy in the fight for the moment as another guard is on her and she strike out with her disc. The remaining guards are redoubling their efforts against the attackers a one tries to bring a light cycle and side swipe Warden in an attempt to support Cirra, while the others make due with their discs and the staff user is now making to manipulate the highway causing portions to sink into the ground trying to make a /pit/. Then comes Max's bombs which make everything more complicated for everyone making the truck harder to follow.
Warden Thache "Oh no no, I couldn't break up two such star-crossed lovers..." Warden pauses. "...programs." He corrects, the sarcasm and amusement dripping from every letter there. "Heavens forbid. He is all yours lady Jud--OOPH!"

Cirra's disk snaps his line and the man is forced to abort banter to attempt to maintain at least some kind of grip on the truck itself. Thankfully he has anti-gravity boots to help with that.

He's a pirate. He cheats.

To Max though the pirate grins as he tenactionsly grips the side of the truck. "Well mate!" He cheerfully calls up. "I like to think I'm worth fightin' for!" His accent making the words sharp as he pulls out one of his energy sabers, reversing the weapon to stab /though/ the side of the truck. Obviously trying to cut his way in.

Mostly to get out of the line of fire of all the other protective programs around.

Not It might save /him/ from some fire, but not before he's bounced against the side of the truck by a lightcycle.

Now he's annoyed.

"Fine then. We'll play that way."

His hand whips out, more of his energy coils unspooling from the device on his wrist. With that? He intends to grab the offending lightcycle and simply send it flying, possibily into the side of the bloody truck.

While he finishing cutting his way inside. Because he came here for a reason goddamit. He will get his toys!!!

As for staying with the truck or bailing out over a fear of heights? Well he told Avira once that he only fears one thing.

Heights? Not one of them. Sorry max. He's going over with the ship.
Maximilien "You are daring, Junk Code!" 'GARDEN' observes as Warden chooses to hang on to the truck instead of releasing himself and staying safe. "To challenge not only the unbeatable Lady Ambassador, but her consort, and gravity itself! I will give you some applause - but that is all I will give you! Most certainly..."

Max draws his shining golden cape around himself. "I shall not give you a free ride!" He grabs another wireframe rose out of thin air and kills the Anti-Grav in mid-plummet as Warden goes for the trailer.

Cirra is probably going to kill him six ways to Sunday. At the very least, he's going to be paying for this kind of recklessness for a very long time to come. On the flip side...

On the flip side, well, he's already preparing to recast it. So it's not like they're in any danger! Well. Any *more* danger. Than they already were. From falling off a cliff. Because of his plan.
Sophia Dawnshade Oh, that was rude. She's just acting in self-defense, and now the discs and staff blows are coming more furiously. She's still slowly recovering, but slowly isn't going to cut it here. She just wanted to watch, but they had to piss her off by attacking her first. So be it.

Regaining control of her light cycle to keep it from tipping at the wrong time, she lines it up cleanly to weave around the potholes at least for a little while. Taking both hands off the bar in a dangerous stunt, three large sigils carve themselves in the air around her, top, left, and right, before spitting forth a vicious array of projectiles, strafing the area where her attackers were.

Avira For a brief moment, Avira glares a few daggers at the back of Warden shortly after grabbing ahold of the back of the convoy. She ignores him for now and tries to scale her way onto the the top of the truck. Unfortunately, she seems to be having significant trouble doing that with a moving vehicle.

Then Max starts chucking bombs behind the transport. They explode, launching Avira over the truck like a ragodoll. As she sails overhead, she sees both Max and Cirra, though 'disguised' as they are right now. Was Cirra in...CLU colors there? Troublesome.

Her current trajectory doesn't give her much option to engage and she realizes this halfway over the truck. She's going to overshoot it. Unless she cheats that is-which she does in short order with a bit of air magic that 'spikes' her back down onto the truck, rather than missing it entirely. She falls roughly against the far end and clings to it tightly for a few seconds before she forces herself to stand.

"At this rate, Dee, they're going to destroy the cargo for us." Avira intones, turning to face Max and Cirra at last. "Sorry you two but we're here to /interdict with extreme prejudice/." Avira produces a small circular object that she affixes to the front of the convoy. It starts to beep and flash and Avira moves away from it pretty quickly, running down the length of the convoy. Certainly not a good sign.
Cirra Constantine ID disk chakram returns to Cirra's hand and she looks it over once before slidding it away on her back. She looks at Warden as he cuts into the truck. "You can have them when y-" Suddenly the truck starts falling faster and she turns to look up at Max with a scowl. The hell does he think he's doing?!

Cirra just swings out of the door on the side of the truck and grabs a handhold, pulling herself along by sheer grip strength. She pulls open the driver's door and grabs the hapless driver program and slings him over her shoulder.

"We're leaving." she says sternly to Max./GARDEN.

THEn she just goddamn jumps off the truck and grabs the nearby cliff face.
Maximilien Max sighs and nods. Then he sort of...side-steps in mid-air in a complete and blatant violation of the laws of physics, in order to grab the ledge next to Cirra.

He hangs there for a moment.

"It *was* a /fine/ plan," he points out after a moment.
Warden Thache "That is /Captain/ Junk Code to you, Poncy Mask!" Warden shouts back towards Max as he finally manages to cut his way into the trailer to see the weapons. Unfortunatly he finds the oldest of his foes has returned as the truck starts arcing ever so ungracefully downward.

"...Neptune's Beard...whell that changes things..."

He grabs the nearest crate he can carry, lashing it to himself with a line of his energy rope before leaping back /out/ the hole he just came /in/.

Just with a crate of weapons in tow.

"Well if it helps," The pirate calls, defing the laws of physics in his own way by walk/running away in thin air. "I liked the plan!"

This likely does not help.

Warden doesn't really care. He just wants out before the angry Judge Lady punches him again.
Maximilien "See?" Max points out smugly, "/He/ liked the plan."

He's still wearing the mask, but he's pretty sure Cirra can sense his smirk through it.
Cirra Constantine Cirra just stares at Max balefully though her helmet's visor. "I'm not talking to you." she starts pulling herself up the cliff face with the driver over her shoulder.

"Not until that footrub at the very least."
Maximilien "A small price to pay," Max observes cheerfully as he hauls himself up, "A small price to pay indeed."
Warden Thache "HOLD OUT FOR CANDLELIT DINNER!" Comes Warden's helpful call as he float further away from the pair climbing the cliff.
Sophia Dawnshade After confirming that various things have stopped trying to hurt her, Sophia dispels the light cycle, tumbling a little uncomfortably before skidding to a halt. No matter, she'll be fine in a minute or two. Making her way over to the cliff, she peers down at the duo clinging on, before calling down, "Do you need some help?" A total 180 from her previous demeanor, but... surely there's a reason.
Maximilien "No, thank you," Max replies politely to Sophia. "I appreciate the assistance, however."
Deelel People are trying to get into the truck, people are trying to explode it. The drive is having a very bad day, a very bad day indeed. The highway's got such a hole in it that Argon city is going to have to deal with it one way or another later. Warden meanwhile is successful in his crazy stunt and the bike's send flying. All the while Avira has been preparing explosive plan for things.

Deelel replies over the comm.

"Tell me about it, looks like we're not the only one running a trace-route for such things."

The light grenade is placed, there should be time to do something with it the driver shifts and slams on the breaks trying to toss people free. Avira is sent flying and perhaps Warden as well. Deelel's broken off from attacking to catch Avira.

The back door swings open and some of the cargo is lot but the truck is well doomed at this point Warden's on his own to get off. The cargo has spilt out on to ground before it went over as for the driver? He's popping a chute and getting the hell out. He's done.

What's in the crates? Who knows Deelel with Avira in tow.

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