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(2014-02-03 - Now)
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Montag Montag's pulled in to the Cloud Nine for some R&R, he's had a long month of paper work and trying to dodge a certain pair of researchers. Also there was that crazy time he tries to take some time off to hunt. Things had just gone down hill from there, he was sitting at the bar with another Shinra trooper both had their helmets off but the rest of their uniforms were still on.

"So I?m not kidding I got pulled through a magic door into another set of woods with some cat man, and some others and there was this crazy hunt going on. Wyld hunt I think it was called and there was this guy who kinda reminded me of Hojo too."

the other Shinsec looks at Montag for a moment and frowns.

"Old man, your getting too old for this, you sure you ain't seeing things."

"Hey, there are walking talking animals in the world now. Also those chipmunks who sell ship parts."

the other down his entire drink in one gulp.

"I know Morgan. I'd like the world to make sense again."

"Then there was this lady in a mask, and well that's when things got really crazy."
Ramza Beoulve
When the Zodiac Braves visit Traverse Town, they don't move in as a large group, they instead trickle in, in smaller units. That's what's happened tonight, and the Cloud Nine already had several of them sprinkled about, enjoying the repast of the evening. It was only at this point that the blonde-haired heretic leader entered with one gloved hand against the door, removing a cowled white cloak as he entered, and hanging it up on a hangar.

Several booted footsteps inside, and a few of the bars patrons were looking up at him already, before returning to what they were doing. Instead he moved to the counter, removing one of the mesh gauntlets, as he motioned to the bartender, and ordered, with a completely serious face, such that it might have been chiseled out of stone, "Milk, please, Madame."

For a young man with the appearance of a hardened campaigner, he certainly didn't drink any of the harder stuff! Settling down on the stool, he removed the other gauntlet, setting it down in front of him. All the while listening idly to the other people at the bar, "Enjoying your leave, good Sers?"

The glass of milk is brought to him, and he takes a long sip, before looking sidelong at him. It wasn't really his business, he wasn't really seeking anything out other than an evening of fine conversation with relatively decent sorts.
Montag Montag contiunes to look over his drink for a moment unaware of the Zodiac Braves being here, he contiunes chatting with his friend. Just trying to get this madness out of his system. How does he keep runing into things like this?

"So ya the chick with the mask was getting talked to by that guy who was giving me the Hojo vibe kept tarking about the some personal stuff with her. Not sure what was up with that but he was offering stuff that looked like the darkness."

The other shinsec tilts his head

"Ya it's like when R&D comes runing, you find a reason to not be there. So what happened with her?"

He tshakes his ehad "I tried to warn her about it."

That's when the young man shows up and he looks over to Ramza.

"Got some time off, trying to forget what I saw on my off time of all things. You'd think it be what I saw on the job with the details I pull."
Ramza Beoulve
There were a lot of women with masks in the World of Ruin, so the statement didn't immediately set Ramza on edge. Instead he found himself just listening in, idly sipping his milk.

"Sounds like a dire tale, ser."

He tips back his glass again, wiping away at his mouth. "I see. Understandable, we all need time to unwind.. and forget."

Considering matters, as he raps his fingers lightly on the bar in an even cadence, he asks, "So what happened next?"
Montag Montag says "It doesn't end there, no and ya I got a feeling it will be dire."

Ht takes anotehr sip of his drink and turns back to Ramza for a moment and his friend.

"Well she seemed trouble and it got to the point she was going to accepe the darkness or whatever. Look where I work accepting offers of freebies for power or cash tends to be an unhealthy idea and she didn't listen. She said she'd pay any price."
Ramza Beoulve
Ramza Beoulve's lips became a thin line, as he shakes his head, merely taking another sip, then putting down the mug. "It's always a sad tale when someone becomes desperate enough to give up anything for what they want."

Tapping his foot idly in tune with what the Juke box was playing, he considered, "You were wise to tell her such, Ser. Was she a friend of yours?"
Montag Montag says "No I didn't know her, just didn't think it was a good idea, blonde lady, wore a mask I think she had a sword. As I said she was all I'd pay any price, right? Then she joined up with this Wyld hunt we'd been running from and it was join them to hunt a boar or I think it was or be next on the hunt menu. So I joined the hunt and booked it soon as they got busy with the bacon after it was dead."
Ramza Beoulve
There's a faint pause at that, but Ramza was a very composed individual after all he'd been through. Instead he looks down at his glass of milk long and hard, and then finally raises it to his lips, "Another, if you please Madame."

And then he swivels to look Montag's way, "I see, and what was her name again, Ser, if you remember it?"
Montag Montag thinks for a moment "Maybe I can't recall it right now. The mask she had was pretty ornate didn't look like something you'd get out of a cheap prop shop for sure. Didn't stick around long, when you lasted as long as I have in my line of work? You learn to get of dodge when someone goes doth thou deisre the power. It's just something I learned from watching people who have said yes. Like the AVALANCHE's Ravens."

The othe trooper takes a new drinks and works on downing it.

"Those thing weren't even human, I think Professor Hojo could be argued to be more still than those, things."
Ramza Beoulve
Ramza Beoulve doesn't say anything on that. He's faced war on a grand scale. He's buried friends. He's had others turn their back on him. He calmly pays the barmaid, offering a decent tip.

"Thank you for your fine company, Ser." Finishing off the last of the milk, he then gets up, and walks out of the bar.
And then, and only then does he start calling up people on the radio.
Montag Montag has also faced war too but not on the scale Ramza does he looks over to Ramza and adds before he departs.

"You seem to be a good kid, I suggest you keep out of stuff like that. It will eat you alive, either your soul or your life."

Montag goes back to his drink.

This scene contained 11 poses. The players who were present were: Montag, Ramza Beoulve