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(2014-02-03 - 2014-02-04)
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Mir Clarence "...This place is waaaay too creepy."

Came the voice of a young girl. She had long, green hair tied back into a ponytail by a blue ribbon, and a rather casual set of clothing consisting of a blue and white vest and a white skirt. Not really fit for traveling. Her eyes were oddly pink, and her face held an apprehensive look.

But she wasn't alone. She had a ride. That ride in particular being a large, fluffy yellow chocobo. It looked much larger than the usual brand of chocobo as well. The furry appendages flowing from either side of it's beak and it's almost feral appearance marked it as a pulse chocobo. The wild variety.

Riding on top of this chocobo, a large, red merchant's stall was being pulled along by the girl's mount, wheels squeaking now and then with exertion. "...Why'd there have to be such a creepy place in between Luca and Deling? Whose idea was this anyhow!?"

All she got for her complaining however was... "Wark." A simple chirp of acknowledgement from her chocobo companion.

"Yeah, I figure." The girl replied, as if she understood. Surely not. Whatever the case may be, the two of them rde onwards, eager to leave this dark, dank jungle. But then...

There was an audible rustle and a faint growl.

"...Huh?" She perked up and looked off in that general direction for a second. Then back to her chocobo. "...Did you hear that?" Her mount responded with a hurried nod. "...I really hope that wasn't-"

She didn't get a chance to finish. With a loud roar, a huge beast burst out from behind the treeline and onto the path behind them. Purple fur, large horns, claws, and endless rows of fangs marked this creature as...

"BEHEMOTH-!" The girl cried, and with all due haste, she and her chocobo took off down the trail, wagon being pulled along as the chocobo booked it. Said behemoth was right on their tails, just barely missing it's swipes at the merchant wagon. "Hey! Stop that! I need that! Go away! Go away! Shoo!"

What a nice way to pass the day. Avoiding becoming monster food.
Deelel Deelel was prone to exploring the world around her, and here she is out in the jungles again. She'd also been meaning to get tot he Valkyri related camp out here. That was her plan at least for the moment she didn't seem bothered by the weather but then again she wasn't quite something native to this world. She seem to find her way well enough as she had a light staff out and would power it to cut a path therough the jungle. When it was needed however the sound of a creature would get her attention, that would totally get her attention.

"A monster? This is bad very bad. Yurita? Come on we can't idle here."

With that Deelel takes off at a very high speed for the souns of the monster and the young woman who yelled out the creature's name. Someone sounds like they need help!
Yurita Yurita groans, tripping more then a few times as she follows Deelel "Just my luck... I get abck to the grid to /escape/ this fragged up world, and it's stupid areas, like this, and the dessert, and then you just drag me back!" she then hears the monster and groans "I'm more of a hazzard in a fight!" is said even as she /tries/ to speed up and follow Deelel. REally though it just ends with her tripping a lot more.
Mir Clarence The girl continued to cling to her chocobo for dear life, not bothering to look back at the Behemoth hot on their trail. Nope, she wasn't about to stare death in the face. If she had time to spare doing that, then she had time to spare keeping her hide from getting tanned! The sound of voices in the distance didn't escape her notice, but again, no time to focus on that.

And so the girl, the chocobo, and the monster tore down the path, narrowly avoiding becoming dinner a few times. "Gaaaah! You're ruining all my supplies, you stupid jerk!" This is why it sucked traveling on the road as a merchant. Monster attacks. Sure, she could defend herself, but she wasn't strong enough to deal with a friggen BEHEMOTH. Not by a long shot!

If those two programs were going to do something, then sooner would be better than later!
Deelel Deelel says "It could be worse Yurita and come on live a little. It's more interesting than the outlands, trust me. Well then I'll take the lead on this."

Deelel seems to have adapted to this chaotic messed up world from the average program's view point. With how she's dodging the pit falls, so far. She's nopw got hr disc and she pulls it off her back and throws it trying to get the beasts attention the humm of the disc might get it's attntion or at least pasue it as it would find the weapon flying right past it's face only missing it by a few inches.
Yurita Yurita groans, continuing to climbs through the trees more than run through them "Live?! I plan on living, doing this is gonna kill me! Do you know how hard it is to live in a dessert with no, as the users call it, water?!" she finally manages to get up to where Deelel is, taking off her own disc she throws it.... It goes past the beasts face as well, but gets stuck /high/ up in a tree... "Users be! Why!"
Mir Clarence "Eh?"

The green haired girl mumbled in surprise, seeing a light disc fly by, and then another one after it. "What the heck?" She intoned, looking back to see just where in the world those things came from. It wasn't just her either, the behemoth and her chocobo also looked back, basically pausing the chase.

Spying Deelel, she arched a brow curiously. "The heck is that?" And then she caught sight of Yurita afterward. "...Her too." Her chocobo shook his head as if to say he didn't know. The behemoth however let out an angry growl and turned it's attention to Deelel and Yurita.

Stomping towards the two of them, it looked to have no intention of stopping, rearing back with a claw to swipe at Deelel since she was closest.

Well, they succeeded in getting it's attention. Bad news? Now it was attacking them!
Deelel Deelel catfhes her weapon on the return pass and looks at the monster which now is coming for them. Okay the plan worked, and noe she's got a very angry monster focused on her. She glances to her friend and replies.

"I been out here too long maybe I'm a bit glitched."

She looks sheepish before she now attemps to draw the monster's attention.

"Come on, that's ritght after me!"

She just weaves out of the way of the swipe with the grace of a dancer, before coming about with her light staff intent to slam it into the creature before fading back. If Mir, pays attention Deelel has this strange almost alien warble to her voice as she speaks.
Yurita Yurita makes a 'yipe' noise, before looking around. Spotting a rock, she grabs it and throws, hard, it goes way off course and hits a tree, making her drop her face into her hand "Really?" is mumbled to herself in shame... Before the rock hits the behemoth in the eye, having bounced off said tree. She then goes wide eyed "Yay! I hit it! And a LITTLE glitched?! Try a lot!" she tries to stay out of range of grabbing the beasts attention.
Mir Clarence ".....?"

She wasn't exactly paying attention to the sound quality of these women's voices. What concerned her more was the fact that these two crazies saw fit to divert attention away from herself and make themselves the target of an angry, no doubt hungry monster! Have these two lost their minds!?

"...Wow." She mumbled, watching as Deelel and Yurita fought the beast. The rock in the eye caused it to stumble, giving Deelel enough time to smash it in the head with her staff.

Roaring angrily, the behemoth turned it's body, spiked tail sweeping along the ground at a violent speed, aiming to bowl the two programs over and then worse. While it did so, it tried to recover it's vision, shaking it's head a bit to clear it.

And the whole while, the unlucky merchant just sat there on her chocobo, watching warily. "....Hey, should we get out of here?" She asided to her chocobo. If he could shrug, he would have. But instead, all the girl got was a vague rustle of the wings.

Well then.
Deelel Deelel has a very angry creature after her and it's not very happy she calls back to Mir at her question. Well she's reply but it seems to be trying to recover. She looks to Yurita and comments "I think she's right this is the part where we run while it's recovering! Miss I suggest you do get moving!"

Deelel pulls a small little puck like item from a pocket and arms it. It's non lethal, but it's basically a flash grenade, she arms the time lobs it at the distracted beast and is going to run after Mir and Yurita hopefully if this mad plan works.
Yurita Yurita is hit with a tail... She slams into a tree "Oof! I swear, why did I let you talk me into coming out of the grid again?! I may not have recognized it, but I swear it was probably safer then this!" she gets up slowly, stumbling side to side "ow...." She then blinks "B-but my disc!" she looks near hysterical "My disc! WE can't just run off without it?!" but it's to late for her to really argue as the stun grenade is popped off, and she sighs, before running after Deelel.
Mir Clarence "Uh...right." The green haired girl nodded rather dumbly before looking ahead and urging her chocobo to start moving. And move he did. Pulling the large cart along after them, the girl and her mount were soon speeding off and away from the conflict. If Deelel and Yurita were fast enough, they might be able to hitch a ride on the cart. There was a small well that held several bushels of greens. Likely food for the chocobo, but it was enough to fit two or three people in if they squeezed together.

Meanwhile, the behemoth found it's vision impaired once again by the flash grenade and let out an angry howl, twisting and turning it's body about uselessly as the programs got away. The pattering of their feet, along with the wheels of the merchant cart escaping into the distance was all it could hear until it was left alone...

Guess dinner escaped!

"....Phew, I think it gave up." The girl mumbled, looking back to check after a while of escaping down the path. They were approaching the end of the jungle by this point.
Deelel Deelel says "Wait your disc?"

Yurita was from Wise OS it wasn't like Deelel losing her disc, oh heck no. That would be bad but right now she's looking at her. She hadn't realized this, they are going to have to go back and look for it once the monster has wandered off, right? Oh this could be such a mess one way or another. She looks to the girl and looks back.

"We may have to go back and look for something, however my name's Deelel."

The disc was stuck in a tree so it shouldn't be a huge problem to get it back once the beast wanders off.

"Yurita don't worry I'll go back and get it if it comes to it, on my own."

She looks back to Mir for a moment and asks.

"Are you all right?"
Yurita Yurita nods, biting her lip, looking scared "I-it got stuck in a tree when I threw it at the beast, and it missed...." she rubs the back of her head slowly, shaking her head "Bad bad bad.... I.... I can't let you go alone to retreive something /I/ lost...." she then shakes her head... "My name's Yurita..." is said quietly, as she keeps looking at her hands, as she plays with them nervously.
Mir Clarence "......"

Silence. Now that she was out of immediate danger, the girl couldn't help but notice that these two had some weird accents. Or maybe there was something in their voices that made them sound...warbled somehow. She wasn't from a computer savvy world, so there wasn't much other way for her to put it in her mind. "...I'm fine." The girl eventually responded, huffing a bit in annoyance for some reason. "You know, I could have just kept running. I didn't need you people to go and put yourselves into danger like that."

Almost sounding like a chiding mother, despite her young appearance, she spoke onwards. "That thing could have eaten the two of you if things didn't go well! You think I want that hanging on my conscience?" Some way to thank the people who stuck their necks out for her. But she did sort of have a point. Maybe.

"Whatever..." Letting out a sigh, the demihuman closed her eyes for a bit before opening them again and looking at the programs. "...You can call me Mir." upon introducing herself, she let her annoyance with their reckless actions slide and smiled. "I'm not really anyone special. Just a traveling baker."

Her smile persisted and she added. "Though I'm not happy with your idiotic hero antics, I guess I should thank you. If you ever want a cake or a pie or something, I'll give you a discount." What was that? Free? Hah! As if!
Deelel Deelel says "Didn't feel right to see someone get eaten, you know. To be honest I have done far worse and cake?"

For a moment she pauses at the mention of pie, no not 3.14, the other pie, the user pie. The stuff that tastes really good and she has to nods to her.

"Sounds like a plan, I do admit Pie and cake are quite nice. Well nothing wrong with being a baker, people have to eat right?" %R She looks at Yurita and smiles.

"Don't worry about it, I'll be fine. The monster should have cleared out long ago."
Yurita Yurita hmms gently, her stomach growling lightly at the mention of food... "Didn't go well....Sorry... I didn't want to, Deelel here started it!" she rubs her arm, looking up to the one riding the chocobo.... "Oh, I've heard of those... Is that a, um.... Starts with a ch sound..." her voice didn't sound as digitized as Deelel's, but was still digitized. She looks to Deelel and shakes her head "No, if you go to get it I go.... I go either way, but still! It was my screw up..."
Mir Clarence ".....You two are weirdos." Mir stated quite bluntly. Looking at Yurita, she then followed the program's gaze over to her chocobo. "Oh, him?" SShe asked, patting the bird's head gently. "This here's my friend. He's a chocobo. And his name is Coco." What a silly name. But the bird offered the two a happy 'kweh!' almost in greeting to the two of them.

"He says he's happy to meet the two of you." Really?

Yurita's stomach growl caught the girl's attention, her lengthened ears twitching at the sounds. "...When was the last time either of you ate anything?" She knew nothing about Programs, you see? She thought they were human or something. Either way, this talk of going back into that jungle and getting things was beyond her pay grade.
Yurita Yurita hmms gently, blinking a moment.... "We're programs, this is normal for us, you understanding your chobo isn't..." she shivers then "E-ehhh..... N-need the disc to remember things..." she looks to the chocobo "Happy to meet you to Coco." she then blinks and blushes, in this world, at least she was, human, mostly.... "Well.... A long time ago..."
Deelel Deelel says "I am a bit strange. Then again this world's pretty strange to the two of us to be honest."

she nods to the Coco and tilts her head at the bird a bit she nods once, she's known Chocobos to be very smart creatures. She smiles and nods. "Good to meety you Coco as well and you don't have to come back with us."

Deelel sighs a bit at yurita she tends to not drop the she's a program so early but whatcha going to do.
Mir Clarence "......"

Uggggh! This was frustrating! She wasn't strong enough to go waltzing back into monster infested territory. Or at least she didn't think so. So going with them was WAY out of the question. But leaving the two of them to go back in by themselves didn't sit well with her either.

Mir was no action hero though. She wouldn't be saving any days or fighting off elder dragons with wyrmslayers or anything. ...But there was at least one thing she could do for them. "Hold on a second." She said plainly, hopping off Coco and landing on the ground.

From there, she moved around to the cart that was being drawn. If they looked closely, they might have noticed a faint steam rising up from the top of it through some manner of chimney or funnel. Stopping around the side of it, she pulled open a small door to reveal a veritable gallery of cakes, pies, tarts, and other pastries being perpetually warmed by some sort of source.

"I can't help you with fighting or anything, but..." Mir trailed off, producing a knife and pulling out a pie from the cart. She cut into it, removing two slices from it before placing them on paper plates and holding out a slice each to Deelel and Yurita. "...Here. The least I can do is give you something to keep your energy up. It's apple pie."

She smiled a tad, looking vaguely apologetic. "This is all I can do for you. No charge."
Yurita Yurita goes wide eyed as she sees the pie.... "THANK YOU!" is all but screamed as she takes the pie "Thank you thank you thank you! I owe you!" is said, before she starts eating, trying to keep it slow but failing horribly.... When she's finished she blushes.... "Thank you...." is said once more, as she hops out of the cart. "I'm gonna go get my disc.... Maybe we'll see each other on the road again?"
Deelel Deelel wasn't going to force her to go with them, but she has no issue going back. She can handle it and she wouldn't think to ask she does see something may be bothering Mir a little bit. She does halt before she's getting ready to go back in and she looks at the pie slice. She accepts it, and she'll go to start eating it there, it's pretty good. She stops eating after a moment to comment.

"That's really good and thank you. I won't forget this, I'll hopefully find where your operating Mir. I think I'd enjoy being a regular customer."
Mir Clarence "You're both welcome. Like I said, it's the least that I could do." She smiled sheepishly and pointed down the winding road leading into the distance. "I'll be around. I'm heading to Luca to sell some food before the blitzball games. If you come back in time, I might still be there." And then a shrug. "If not, then I guess we might run into each other some other time. I have a permanent shop in Goug if you're ever in the area, you might find me there too."

And with that said, she turned and got back onto Coco, urging him to start moving. "Good luck you two. Sorry I couldn't do more."

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