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(2014-01-31 - 2014-03-31)
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Deidra It has been a long time since Zia had made the request of, Deidra. One might think Deidra had given up on the matter. This was not the case, at all. She'd been travelling, doing research and finally her work had paid off as she had found one of the targets she was seeking out for Zia. With that in mind she'd contacted her friend to come over the Cloud Nine, to meet her. She'd wanted to give the report in person, so she's perched on the roof munching on sub of some sort and there?s a second one still in it's wrapper presumably for Zia, from the looks of it.
Zia The quest for finding the various Temples of the Fayth may have gone quiet, but it hadn't been forgotten. Recent interactions with Skoll have reminded her just how important the task is, and brought it once again to the forefront of her mind. It seems like perfect timing that she would get a message from Deidra.

There is a sound of leather rustling as she glides in to land on the edge of the rooftop, balancing on her toes as her wings slick back along her spine. "It's good te see ye lass. Ah hope things have been well for ye 'n yer folk as of late?" She tilts her head, offering a small smile. Pushing herself up, the gargoyle takes a few steps forward, eyes drawn to the sandwich. Even after a year, she still tends to snag food wherever she can find it. "Ye gonna eat tha?"

Zia settles herself down on the edge of the roof, watching her fellow gargoyle curiously. "So, this a social call, lass, or do we have trouble somewhere tha needs lookin' inte?"
Deidra Deidra says "I got it for you, so go ahead and dig on in. It's a bit of a social and a business call. Good news for once actually."

There's a bit of a fanged grin there as she looks her friend over for a moment.

"Well things have been going pretty well for the TDA other than the incident with Seith cursing a castle to sleep. Will and Isaac were mixed up in that, and helped others put a stop to it. As for why I called you besides catching up and I dunno giving you free food. I found one of the temples you asked me to find, and it's in a shockingly civilized place."
Zia "Ye know me too well. The way te m'heart is through m'stomach." She grins, scooping up the sandwich, unwrapping it. Zia is quick to munch down a bite or two as she listens, her blue eyes watching Deidra, ears swiveled forward.

It takes a moment to swallow and clear her throat. "Aye, Ah was there the night tha the sorcerer cursed the Princess." She shakes her head, "We tried te fend off the Heartless the night tha the curse came te pass, but..." Putting the sandwich down, Zia rubs at the side of her head. "Ah dinnae remember much of the later part of the fightin'. Tha program, LEXUS, packs a punch."

She'd recovered quickly enough from her injuries that night, if only due to stone sleep. Even after all of her training, she's still not quite on par with some of the enemies they have to face. Her thoughts on it get de-railed, though, as she picks up the sandwich again, glancing at Deidra curiously. "Ye have? Where?"
Deidra Deidra says "Mt. Gagazet, pretty far up fused with the Bur-Omisace Temple from the light of Kiltia. Shiva's own temple is a part of the palce up there and is intact. So far as I know they are not barring any summoners who wish to pay hteir respects to Shiva from access. Had to clear out a pretty bad heartless infestation with some help but they paid well enough to keep my hired help happy."

She seems pretty pleased about this discovery.

"Hopefully this will help with Skoll when the time comes for him."
Zia "Ah've heard of Mt. Gagazet. It's tha icy mountain where the big cats live, right?" The geography of the world of ruin is sometimes quite confusing. Her curiousity about other non-human races is enough to give her at least some idea about the turrain. "Ah dinnae think tha Ah've ever been in tha area, though."

A few more bites of sandwich vanish in the time it takes her to consider the place. "It's a fittin enough location, though. Ice 'n cold. Probably a nasty mess te get up there, too." Though gargoyles don't tend to feel cold as much as humans, but even they have their limits. She shivers at the thought, wings shifting around her shoulders.

"It'll certainly help, but we've still gotte get inte the trial. It's an experience, let me tell ye. Do ye think ye or yer friends might be up te an adventure? There's some treasures hidden aboot, 'n Ah can guarantee ye won't be bored."
Deidra Deidra says "It does seem fitting for what I know of this Shiva. Ironically it has little do do with the deity of the same name in our world. Hummmm it does seem fitting and the temple you say? If you need help I can post word to see if any others in the TDA would be willing to help, I'd not mind helping if you needed such. I'm more curious to help Skoll but I can't say no to treaure."
Zia "M'da usedte tell me old human legends. But Ah've learned tha while some of these worlds have some things in common, they've also got a lotta things tha are different." She knew, for instance, that Skoll's entire pack had names that were similar to norse legends. "These Espers are still a wonder te me, but it's a power beyond anythin Ah've ever known."

By now, the sandwich is pretty much finished, but she plucks at a piece of lunchmeat, rolling it up before popping it in her mouth. "We've managed te re-forge bonds with some of the Espers tha Skoll lost, but there's still a few te go. Ah'm glad tha ye were able te find Shiva. Ah had no luck with tha one, m'self. Ah hadnae seen Skoll call on her very often."

A smile quirks her lips, "We can certainly use the help. These temples are usually more than wha they seem. At least this time it sounds like we can stay human. The first time, Skoll 'n Ah were stuck as animals. It made it a bit difficult."
Deidra Deidra says "True, but then again I'm kinda caught in the middle of things."

She seems to have accepted the change in her life, but still knows she might not fit anywhere but with the TDA, to be honest and she understand that.

"From what I have seen of them, I have to agree they are quite powerful, but their motivations is something I find hard to grasp then again I don't deal with them directly. Well it takes effort to crawl out of being under the thumb of the powers he has, and he's making an effort. I feel compelled to help him as he took the rope he was offered, and didn't hang himself with it. I heard about that, I never bee to that world, I have no idea what I'd turn into."
Zia "Any creature tha has these phenominal cosmic powers is a bit suspect, if ye ask me. They've all got their own ideas of wha the world is 'n wha role they play in it." Zia shrugs then, crumpling up the rest of the wrapper on her sandwich. She's careful enough to tuck it away to throw out later. Her connection to nature means that littering is out of the question.

"The darkness tha caught Skoll was never his own, though." Her ears tuck down a little bit, leaving Zia shaking her head. "It was all his father, or the Guadium Lords. Tha's why he lost so much strength when he broke away from tha darkness." Her fondness for the wolf is, perhaps, showing through. "B'sides, Ah'm the one responsible for him losin so much of his strength. Ah cannae let him go through all this alone."

Seeming amused, Zia chuckles to herself, "Ye should try it sometime. Sometimes, it's fun te see how the magic of the different worlds effects things." The white gargoyle lifts her shoulders. "Ah turn inte a white lion, there... Skoll turns into an Ethiopian Wolf. Ye should see Faruja, though. The mouse turns inte the tiniest little mouse ye'd ever see. It's adorable."
Deidra Deidra says "True, still it wouldn't be easy to break away from that and maybe I will. I just wonder if i'll explode given what that faye did to me."

She finishes up the last of her food as she looks to her friend for a moment longer, and flicks her tail a little bit.

"A tiny little mouse, I half expected him to become a lion with the size of the fight in him!"
Zia "Ah doubt ye'd explode." Zia raises a brow, head tilting. "Knowin' the tricky nature of the fae, Ah'd imagine ye'd turn inte something strange or unexpected." She swishes a few strands of hair between her fingers, thoughtful. "Like, maybe turnin' ye inte a flea or somethin'. Or maybe an elephant." Her tone of voice is playful.

"Yer right, though. He's got the heart of a lion, but tha doesnae always mean tha a world's magic acknowledges that sort of thing." She lets her hair drop back down across her shoulder, "Ah would have expected te turn inte some sort of bird, nae a lion. Then again, ye should see the dress Ah end up in whenever Ah go te the Land of Dragons." A bit of color flashes on her cheeks at that. Zia isn't really the 'dress' sort of person, at least not without having a damn good reason for it.

She seems to hesitate, her thoughts going back to something Deidra had said earlier. "So... ye said tha ye were fightin against the sorcerer when everyone fell asleep?" Curiousity shows in her blue eyes. "Wha exactly happened? Ah was outside the castle fightin' Heartless, so Ah dinnae really know wha' else went on."
Deidra Deidra says "True, I will say this was unexpected, a flea but I'm not a lawyer!"

She seems to be making a hoke there and the idea of an elephant would be kinda funny to her. She nods in agrement baout Faruja's state there however.

"Oh? I'm curious about it now. They were trapped in a dream world, there was something else there that Seith had nothing to do with, had to actually work with him to get out. Still it was a team effort there, good thing that plan was put a stop to."
Zia Getting the details about the other side of the fight at the Castle of Dreams does help fill in the events of the evening. Of course, she had a huge blank spot after being knocked unconscious that seemed to last until the following evening. Skoll had known well enough to take off her pendant to let her heal. "Nae sure which side ended up wi' the worst of it, then. Ah cannae say tha Ah'm any good as a front-line fighter, though. Some days Ah feel like there's still so much te learn."

The fact that there was now a Keyblade in her posession makes her feel just that much more pressure to try to improve her fighting skills. So far, the 'Golden Wolf' hadn't done more than fight a few Heartless, and not even her closest friends knew that the one wielding that Keyblade was the white gargoyle underneath the costume.

"Well, a bit of news Ah can pass along. There's a large Heartless down in the tunnels outside of Atlantis. They've... managed te keep it at bay for now, but Ah think we'll need te do somethin soon before their defenses start failin." She catches her lower lip between fanged teeth. "It's part of our world. Ah dinnae know why the Heartless are targetin' the place so badly, but Ah've been tryin' te find another route through the tunnels." She sighs then, rubbing at the back of her neck. "Alas, it's nae the only place they seem te be targetin these days. Feels like they're on the move all over."
Deidra Deidra says, "I haven't poked Isaac and Will about it too much. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to do so. There were others there however there you might be able to get more. Lovely, I heard from VALKYRI there was a huge one on the grid recently as well. Sounds like a plan we will need to get people together to do it. Could be someone or something they want there. Or it's the Shadow Lords pulling the strings it's hard to tell. They are making a big push and we had Shadow Lords long silent like Seith rearing their heads too, it's getting dangerous. Haven't heard a lick out of Sora or Riku. I'm kinda of worried for them...You don't think the Shadow Lords got their hands on them, do you?""
Zia "Whenever it comes te the Shadow Lords, it's impossible to tell exactly wha their plans are." There is some wisdom to trying to figure out their enemies, but often time it's a game of cat and mouse. Misleading the heroes in order to draw attention elsewhere. "Ah think we just need te be on guard. It might look like they're attention is in one place, but they could be lookin' te attack somewhere else entirely."

Pushing herself up off of the edge of the roof, Zia's tail twitches as she turns back to look out across the city. "Ah havenae seen either Sora or Riku in quite a while, but it's a big world." She shakes her head, "Though, Ah think tha if the Shadow Lords had captured a Keyblade wielder, tha we'd have heard aboot it. Though, tha's just a guess."

She offers a glance back, her smile supportive. "We'll just have te make up for anyone we're missin'. Ah'll talk te Skoll aboot your lead 'n set up somethin te go investigate the cloister. After tha, we should figure out next steps." With a hop, she perches on the rooftop, "Thank ye for the sandwich. My treat for dinner next time around, alright?" With that, she offers another little nod of her head, "Ah'll talk te ye soon."

With that, she flares her wings, heading into the night. The sooner she can get the news to Skoll, the sooner things can get moving.
Deidra Deidra says "Other than they like to dump entire worlds into the darkness for the hell of it."

Deidra notes before she start to stretch a bit.

"You ahve a good point, it could be diversions, could be hiting several goals at once, to ensure they get at least one. I know it just wonder what has them so much, ture they'd be boasting about such, or Pete would make a slip. You take care and sounds like a plan."

She waves off to her friend as she departs going back inside to likely boot Tom off the couch.

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