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(2014-01-31 - Now)
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Deelel Deelel had made a promise to Valencia to show her more about where she's from. When Deelel had thought about it, the best way would be to take her to the Grid. It could be risky, but she also had to check in on somethings there later. Soon Valencia would have found herself in the basement of the Arcade that Deelel, Tron and sometimes Beck lived out of. There was a laser in a hidden room and Deelel had told her to stand infront of it as this was the way in.

"Now once your in, wait for me I'll be there shortly after you are."

So long as there wasn't an issue, Val would find her self struck by a laser. The world would black out for a bit ansd she'd find herself in a very strance looking copy of the room she was in. Deelel would follow her shortly semeingly being built up cube by cube as it where.

"Well then..."
Valencia "...What in the world?.." Valencia asks as she looks around. "Everything seems to have a sort of... Visible structure to it." as she slowly walks up to the nearby terrain and structure of the room, cautiously poking at it. "Is it supposed to look like this?" she asks.
Deelel Deelel says "Welcome to the grid, my friend. Come there's a passage here that will lead us to my contact. She'll get you suited up, and taken care of before we go out and about. As you are you'd get into trouble if she talks to you about being a stay just play along. Stays are member of my people whom have lost their discs, and thus their memories."

Deelel pops the passage way opn and will wait for Valenica to enter before she ducks in and seals it off. The trip is down a lit tunnel and nothing really happen on their little hike across the under world of the grid, some time later they make it to Aurora's house. Deelel greets the other program explaining she found another lost soul in need of getting patched up.

Aurora is quite kindly and sympathic as she'll lead Valenica to a room where one clothing is removed, nothing indecence mind you and then she'll find she's covered in a suit that seems to just form it self ove her body. Ending up much like Deelel's own, Aurora would then attach the disc to the back mount and Valencia might feel strange for a moment as the disc links up with her mind.

Deelel would come in when it was all over with a bit of a grin.

"You carry it well and look nice and presentable now."
Valencia "Ooooooooh..." Valencia says, looking herself over. "This is neat! I didn't think I'd need one of these but I kind of like it!" then pokes at the disc on her back and says, "So uh... Why do you fight with this if it's so important anyway?"
Deelel Deelel says "Because it's also a weapon, also there's sports involving it. It tends to be an unspoken rule to not mess with someone else's disc. It also tends to return when thrown as well, for another reason it's just how it is. We were made to use it as such, better than not being armed at all honestly."

The Siren has since left the room before Deelel speaks on a few other things.

"Just say your a research program, if anyone asks. That's what's been wired into your disc. So with you all suited up let's get a bike and get going. There's some things you have to see, but you can drive, right?"

Deelel would fetch a baton and pass it to her friend.

"So you said you had questions, right? Feel free to start asking."
Valencia "Well, can't argue with that!" Valencia says, "It is true to an extent, after all." as she looks at the bike baton, then pulls it out and leaps forward as the bike materializes beneath her. "Whooo!" she calls out with a mildly wild look on her face and a grin to boot. "Alright, time to look around I guess!" looking around she then says, "So who exactly made the Grid anyway? I mean it seems like a massive project to be able to make something like this, a system that's full of sentient programs and accessible to hu-Er, users to boot."
Deelel Deelel says "I see you got the hang of it."

DEelle own bike forms and she's ready to get going herself.

"Kevin Flynn and at least the world I'm from? Systems like this started appearing when the first computers were made. So far as I know it's always happned and normally it's not accesable save for the laser. It just seems reality is layer upon layer of worlds stacked upon eachother."

With that Deelel will start riding heading for Argon out of the slums.
Valencia "...So this just -happens- when a computer is made?" Valencia says, "...That's incredible. I never knew an entire WORLD was the consequence of that sort of thing, a society and series of lives all moving around in tandem simply becauuse one person decided that they needed an automated system..." pause, "I should make sure to treat my equipment better."
Deelel Deelel says "In my travels I found almost one of you are aware we are there."

She notes as they drive on and seems amused at Velenica's thought.

"I can't say for sure about other worlds but I have to assume there are others like that. Trust me it is good to, we were made by your ... people. Here? It's a little different one man made most of the programs here I'm one of the few imports apprently he's terrible at art focused programs, who knew."

They speed down the highway and into the city, the rules of the road seem similar to human ones as they near what could be a park maybe, well if it had plants that's the thing there are no plants, no animals just the terrain, what the programs have made and the programs.
Valencia "Is it possible for there to be nonsentient programs?" Valencia asks, "I mean, I don't see any plants or animals about, just structures... Surely there's the capacity for dynamic autonomtous routines like a plant, or even low-level intelligent routines like animals."
Deelel Deelel shakes her head a little bit as she banks on a curv in the road.

"No just grid bugs which are the results of errors in the system. They have no purpose and are dangerous. They will see you as food. If we have programs like that we run command and such but hummm I don't want to think if there's another world under my own. A world of chaos is a lot to take in..."
Valencia "...Huh." Valencia says, "That's... A little sad, to me. I mean, I like the animals of my world. I guess you can't really miss something if you've never had it, but nature is something a bit closer to users than you might think. I guess you have things that are equally comforting though, so it's not such a bad thing to think about."
Deelel Deelel says "Just once we get to the park we shouldn't talk about sensative things we might get over heard. The last thing we need is to get on the powers that be Radar. Clu the system admin program long ago turned on the creator sending him into hiding. No one's seen him in over a 100 cycles..."

Deelel's terminology for years it seems.

"As I have said just about everything exists here for a purpose and Clu does not dig imperfection."
Valencia "So no room for the idea of one bit out of line, huh?" Valencia asks, "Kind of depressing, but what'cha gonna do, hm?" then shrugs a bit as best she can while driving a lightcycle. "Efficiency has its merits. And in a computerized system, what else is there?.. At least to some."
Deelel Deelel says "When it leads to genocide I take issue with it. If I hadn't got lost like I did I'd likely be terrifed of beings like ISOs. They were programs that were not made by Flynn they just appeared out of the sea of similation they say one became a virus and that lead Clu to turn on Flynn for allowing it to happen. Like you, they were born without purpose and ... Well most of them have been killed save for a few who are likely hiding. Right now we need to worry about the heartless and the power drain that we're suffering."

She pulls into the game park now and her bike vanishes about her.
Valencia "Heartless do seem a more pressing matter, yes." Valencia says, "Whether or not you adhere to an ideal of ultimate efficiency means far, far less in light of the threat of total annihilation. You can't have an efficient system if it's not there, after all." she says, pulling up next to Deelel as her bike vanishes likewise. "Do you have any idea why we're seeing heartless though?.. I'd imagine the adiministrator is taking steps to counter this though, power drains are hardly anything close to perfect."
Deelel Deelel puts her baton back on her leg and looks at Valencia for a moment sadly at ther comments for a moment.

"Yes, the problem is It seems to be connected to the matter. Which means outside trouble. Enough of that however, I wanted to show you a few things. We actually how to put it? Have culture, we have art, music, even games. This is a games park I figured you might like to have some fun."
Valencia "Games?.." Valencia asks, "What sort of games? I imagine they'd be fairly cerebral, but maybe that's just my expectations given the nature of the place we live in."
Deelel Deelel laughs.

"Quite physical actually there's a few but disc wars is the most common, think of it like playing with a frizzbee where you have the dodge. Cycle racing is pretty popular as well."

She notes before scooting one of the unused pads.

"Come on before some more off duty programs show up and snatch the spot. We do have something a bit like pool as well. I don't play it much I admit."
Valencia Stepping on one of the other pads likewise, Valencia looks about and says, "So... How does this work?"
Deelel Deelel says "You'll get some light armor rezed on you, and you'll be able to use your disc unpowered so no real fatal harm can come to the other player. Then we go at it and try to hit the other directly. First hit, wins, the round."
Valencia "Then lets get to it, hm?" Valencia asks with a grin as she reaches for the disc which comes free with a, 'Click' and she pauses, looking at Deelel a bit tentatively.
Yurita Yurita walks into the area, looking a bit lost. Her head turning this way and that as she examines the area, blinking on confusion as she trips over a pad, looking at it a moment before standing and examining it... "What have I missed?" is asked to herself as she looks around, before noticing Deelel... Appearing to be about to get into a fight, which she takes several steps to make sure she's out of range of it.
Deelel Deelel says "Set for standard rules."

She notes and the pad spawns an light wall around it for the match as Deelel's own armor forms it's a pale transparent green from the looks of it as she faces down her friend with, her disc. Which is not powered.

"Well then you take the first shot."

The wall about the game area should be more than enough to keep Yurita safe from a stray disc.

"I'll go easy on you since your new at this."

Deelel waits watching Valenica to make her first move. She has caught notice of Yurita's presence here but, she's also got to focus on the match for the moment."
Valencia Spinning the disc about her finger, Valencia pauses as she holds it up... Then launches it from an overhand position into a sideways throw similar to a bowling backswing into a simple pitch. "Heeeeere we go~!" She says.
Deelel Deelel takes her own disc and smirks a bit as the dics comes at her Deelel is forced to duck, as the disc bounced off the wall behind her and goes on it's way, she takes her own disc. Which is then quickly lobbed at Valencia, but she's not had too much time to aim properly.
Yurita Yurita watches, and seems to relax as the shields go up. She gets a little closer, but keeps a distance, and simply watches for now. She reaches to pull off her own disc and examine it a moment, before going back to watching.
Valencia Catching the disk once more, Valencia taps her foot as it hovers off the ground slightly... Before she leaps up into the air in a flip and flings her disc over towards Deelel in a bankshot as she attempts to ricochet off the further walls and into Deelel's back.
Deelel Deelel notices they do have an audiance for the moment but she's got the game to worry about. Deelel's noticing Valencia is getting the hang of things and she's not quite quick enough, as Valenica scores the hit and sends Deelel skidding.

<Point to player two.>

A female voice calls out while Deelel gets back up.

"I see your getting the hang of it, though did I ever tell you where I learned to use this? Aside from playing this game as a hobby. I got dumped into death games by a program who was not quite a happy camper about my views on the world."

She throws the disc thi time trying to go for a double rebound to catch Valencia with.
Yurita Yurita hmms, smiling a bit as she hears Deelel, approaching the 'cage' of light walls that's there for the protection of others.She giggles lightly as she watches, considering the two 'fighting' calmly.
Valencia Attempting to twist out of the way, Valencia seems to shift but not quite fast enough as the disc grazes her arm causing the announcer to denote yet another point. "So much for that..." she says with a bit of a smile and then picks up her disc and... Bounces it off the wall at a sharp angle? It then continues to zig-zag across the cage until it flies more closely to Deelel, perhaps making for a more confusing path of attack.
Deelel Deelel grins a little bit as she looks at Valencia.

"Takes a while to get the hang of it, when your not made for it. It's not like either of us were intended for combat!"

Deelel twists and leaps into the air, evading the strike and launches her own disc a she drops towards the ground just getting missed.
Valencia "True!" Valencia says, "But..." then flings the disc off behind herself as it banks off the corner behind her. "Not like we can't learn!"
Deelel Deelel is moving again as she just evades the disc shot from Valencia.

"Maybe, who knows..."

Deelel again flips for a throw and it's boucning again where it stops no body knows~
Yurita Yurita continues watching from the side lines, putting her disc back on her back. She watches as Deelel and the unknown program 'fight', trying to learn through watching.
Valencia "Adaptation, growth, approach of higher purpose." Valencia says, "Research never ends, there's always a next step in optimization!" as she catches the disk and attempts to simply bank it ocne towards Deelel.
Deelel Deelel says "I know where your coming from, if a system doesn't grow and improve it dies. I get that much!"

She just ducks the disc, she slides along the ground and throws her suddenly hopefully without much warning in an attempt to end the match.

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