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(2014-01-28 - Now)
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Akari Seran It's late afternoon. Overhead a sprawling coat of gauze-like clouds obscures the sky and stiffles the remaining sunlight so that the wintery landscape is cast into hues of grey and white. Not there there is much variety in color to be found here, between the jagged rocks and snow.

As always, the cold of the summit permeates everything. Even the thick leather walls of the small tribal shelters scattered around the base of the temple by the Ronso can't completely keep it out. A campfire blazes within one such hut, sending a constant cloud of billowing black smoke wafting out through the small opening at the top and providing some measure of warmth for those within. Hardly a cozy winter condo but this isn't exactly a tourist destination either.

A gust of frigid wind signals the opening of the entry flap before Akari's slender frame fills the gap. She lingers there for a moment, hardly seeming to be bothered by the cold despite wearing little more than a pair of loose pants and some tightly wound bandages. A pair of dead conies dangle by their ears in her hand. She tosses the critters next to the fire before finally pulling the entrance closed behind her and taking a seat on the floor, sprawling her legs out haphazardly.

"Here you go. Not much meat on em, but it should keep your stomachs from growling too hard tonight," she says with a grin. "I'd suggest one of you does the cooking though, unless ya like the taste of charcoal."
Warden Thache The relaxed form of one Pirate Captain rests, sprawled out on a pile of furs like he was born in such surroundings. If he was an /actual/ cat he would be almost purring. Its nice and warm out here. There is booze. There is company. Not much more a pirate could want. Beyond a bit of treasure to spice up the night.

However when lacking treasure, conies will do.

His ears perk up, obvious since his hat lies discarded near him. His strangly warm coat at well, leaving him in his off-white shirt and dark pants. "Ah ha! It seems you have brought home dinner! Excelent. Excelent." Reaching for the conies he glances up, eyes flickering with some amusement between the grinning form of the geomancer and the tents other occupant.

Who is welcome to take advantage of the warmer coat if she likes.

"And since I am more partial to rum and treasure than charcol, I'll happily get thease set right. In return, I think proper introductions are in order."
Aeschere Childs It's what she's come to expect from Akari, right down to the cuisine. "I can handle th" Beaten by moments. It's just as well; Aeschere doesn't really feel like bloodying her hands at the moment. At least, not on rabbits.

Her cloak appears to be desert gear, rather than arctic-- probably didn't want to shell out for the other pattern-- but she must be warm enough beneath it, wrapped up as she is.

"Akari. Captain Thache." She points out the two of them to eachother. "I think you both speak for yourselves." She, of course, needs no introduction to either of them. Still sore over that argument earlier, maybe.
Akari Seran If Akari notices any lingering resentment in her friend's tone, she fails to respond to it. Instead, she just shrugs and nonchalantly lifts a hand in a lazy greeting at the feline pirate.


And that takes care of her end of the introductions as far as she's concerned. Nevermind that her eyes are completely white betraying her blindness or, for that matter, how she gets around so easily despite that infirmity. Or the fact that her left arm is made completely out of what looks to be hand-carved stone, yet flexes and bulges like muscle and sinew.

There is also the matter of how she seems to completely ignore the weather, wearing little more than what many would consider pajamas. Her earlier encounter with the troupe, waking up under enough snow to render any normal person frozen solid, has also yet to be explained. These things are mere trifles to Akari and so she gives them no thought. Instead, she points at one of the bottles of booze nearby.

"You gonna pass that around or do I need to ask 'nicely'?"
Warden Thache "Warden to friends and people I'm attempting to get to know, Captain Thache to people I'm paying." The pirate replies as he slips a knife from each sleeve. Apparently the man is not in the least squimish where blood is concerend. He flashes a razor smile towards Chere. "I was a cooks assistant for many a year, hope you don't mind if I keep my skills fresh."

Before he starts in though, and he /will/ at least have the decency to clean them outside. He has a better look at his 'host'. Blind. Stone arm. Resistant to cold. She's a golem, a robot, or some kind of magic user.

Freeking magic.

"And yes, Lady Lancer. I usually can speek for myself. However there some things should be done the proper way." English and their odd views of 'propper'. Mostly what Warden thinks is 'propper' is whatever he wants to do at the moment.

The laugh that comes at Akari's question is bright and suprisingly deep. "Considering the last time I saw you asking something 'nicely' you left a two foot crater in the ground, by all means. I have no wish to ruin this fine brace you've given us. I brought enough for most. My own special blend."

It tastes good /and/ burns like fire all the way down. Should either of them sample it.

"Just what brought you to this powers-forsaken mountain, if I might ask?"
Aeschere Childs Freaking magic.

Aeschere will have some of that, if Akari leaves any. Gotta keep warm, after all. "It's how she says 'hello'." No, literally, that was how they met. Your guess as to who was the crater; the answer might surprise you.

While the captain steps out to do the needful, she fills her, uh, partner in a bit on the business situation.

"He hired me on the spot in a pub to shut up a couple of annoyances; I had a contract on them already as it happened. Always nice to collect twice." She /is/ mercenary, isn't she?

"Is why I'm here, anyways. She was probably just punching things."
Akari Seran Well, she got permission to take the booze, if such a thing even matters to her but it seems the 'pass' part didn't quite get through. Grunting in annoyance at the departing pirate, Akari pushes to her feet and nabs one of the bottles of homemade brew. The cork gets ejected like a bullet with a flick of her thumb, adding a new hole in the ceiling of the primative abode which the smoke quickly begins to drift towards.

She samples the contents while making her way back over to her seat. "Hmph. It ain't top shelf but I guess I'm not gonna get much else out here."

Taking another swig, her attention drifts over to Chera while she explains her reasons for being in such a place, giving a shrug in response.

"Well, you know me. <GOOSEHONK> happens, I go places, more <GOOSEHONK> happens. Snowy mountains aren't usually my thing, but hey, what the hell, right?"
Warden Thache Sometimes Warden does not hear so good. The pass part must have slipped his mind in the fervent thought of what to do with the conies.

Its not /that/ long before the Captain stolls back in, dusted with snop on his ears and tail and looking slightly damp. However the conies at least look good enough to cook as he puts them on the fire.

"The top shelf stuff is on my ship, well one of my ships. I don't /usually/ go and carry that around with me." He smirks towards the pair of them as he works on finishing the dinner.

A slight chuckle then. "And yes, those two /are/ a bit of an annoyance. Ah well. I supose I bring it on myself by not killing them when I had the chance."

He shrugs at that, its in the past.

His next words are aimed for Chere. "You did a fine job of helping me with that, even if I had to make a quick exit afterwards. And helping out in that little forest encounter. No, I don't regret the hire of a freelance at all."

"And if that is how you say hello Lady Stone, I don't want to see how you say goodbye." He angles the comment towards Akari, that half-smile remaining on his lips. Somehow he figures the blind woman knows what expression he has, she seems to handle getting around just fine.

It would be a mistake to think her disabled wouldn't it?

"And yes <GOOSEHONK> happens all the damn time. Most people don't react by punching it though a wall though. I have a feeling you might."
Aeschere Childs "Oh, no, you can't /kill/ her, I need to turn her in." Aeschere shouldn't sound so interested in that, he might get ideas. "You can have the fire witch, I guess." She turns to Akari. "Definitely I'm bringing you before I meet her again. Now that I have you. Also, give me that." She reaches for the rum bottle.

"Is there something up this hill we want? You actually still haven't said." The time to have asked was before she left, but since when does she think about what she's doing?
Akari Seran "Wha-hey!"

Chera snatches the bottle right out of Akari's hand, something that earned a Heartless a quick trip to the pancake factory just the day before. But once again she escapes imminent demise by virtue of being one of the few people the brooding stone girl actually tolerates. Instead, she just frowns and leans back against a pile of furs.

"Tch. Another one of your jobs?"
Warden Thache "Oh powers no, I don't want to /kill/ Lady Wolf!" Warden protests with a laugh as he looks towards Chere. "No no, she's much to much enjoyable an opponent just to kill. Don't worry. Her bounty is safe for you. Though I wonder just what she did to earn one...she seems so..." The pirate gestures lazily. "...heroic."

Ugh. That left a bad taste in his mouth just saying it!

"Hoenestly? I was more exploring than anything. Trying to get myself used to the lay of the land, and the lady with the tail said that she would pay us to help clean out the Heartless here. So..." A shrug. "...I might come back and clean out whatever else is here later." A pause. "But if I do, I'm not walking."

Flying. Its what airships were for!
Aeschere Childs "Grand theft," Aeschere answers Warden's not quite question. She... cautiously samples the frightful contents of the bottle, and after a moment's consideration, sets it aside. Far aside.

"And what do you mean 'one of my jobs'. What job am I supposed to have? Dishonest work is all you leave me." She glares at Akari.

"Baron wants her. A lot. It'd keep you in rum and roasts for a year if you could stir yourself," she gripes.
Akari Seran "Mmmhmm..."

Akari yawns and stretches her legs out, shaking a lingering coating of snow from her bare feet into the fire. For someone who gets so fired up in battle, she seems to have an amazing ability to channel that same fervor into being lazy when there's nothing that needs to be flattened about. Once she's comfortable, she extends her arm out towards the little knight, wiggling her fingers expectantly.

"If you're not gonna drink that, then give it back."

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