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Power Play: A Bit of Fate
(2014-01-25 - 2014-01-27)
An unusual encounter in Purgos leads to the forces of Restoration gaining wind of an unusual situation...
Zero-One Purgos. Even in the Grid, a world of clean lines and neon lights, there exists those places that are darker than others. Even without the trash that might litter it, Purgos evokes the mental mindscape of desperation inherent to the poor and downtrodden. Programs move quickly among the streets to their desperation. Others might stare glassy-eyed into the distance, distracted or worse. Shadows might hold dangers, or they might just hold discarded Bits.

And woest of all, flickers run through Purgos, literally causing the lines of the city to dim and the everpresent thrum of existence in the Grid to slow for terrible moments. Every time it happens, Programs look around, worried and startled.

Those Programs who have access to the Users have reported the loss of power in Purgos for some time. The governor of Purgos, Pavel, assures those who ask that everything will be under control and be resolved shortly.

No one really believes it.

Because Purgos is a hellhole.

A direct example of this is the yelling coming from an alleyway, and rough, hushed demands. Something is going terribly wrong, where a female Program is surrounded by a number of others. The group seems to be generally arrayed around her in a half-circle, blocking her in while the apparent leader speaks. "You're putting queries in where they don't belong." One of them says. "Get out of here. Go back to where you belong and... Accidents won't have to happen, understand?"
The strange things happening in Purgos isn't lost on someone who has been helping fix back up the old hidden HQ that was used by him.. and this version of TRON.. that was no longer with any of them. Not that the programs of Flynn OS ever knew he was now.. truly dead. For those who held onto the fact that maybe TRON was alive, the Renegade kept up those hope, but thanks to Cyrus' actions, including the propaganda of CLU... things were hard on the Renegade to keep hopes high.

It was hard for Beck even more now to live two lives, because Mara, by the code, didn't know and could never know who his secret life was. Not after she.. not after she blamed /him/, as the Renegade, for Able's death.

As for the TRON of Wise OS, who had things uploaded to him from what was once this TRON's data-- he went back to Wise OS. Something about needing to check up on someone important. Beck couldn't blame the guy, this was his war here and given all the information.. and even helping getting things fixed.. how could he ask TRON to stay? He.. he wasn't /his/ TRON.

This wasn't his war.

His war was something that already happened and now.. it be up to that TRON if he was going to repeat history, or change things between him and.. that.. nightmare.

As lights flicker in Purgos, the Renegade moves across the roof tops. Flipping over one building over to the next and rolling as he lands. He makes his way to the edge and crouches down low, looking over the edge to see just what was going on. Because if these punks were picking on a helpless program. He have something to say to that.
Deelel It was one of the older places on Flynn OS, it was also the worst off. In the time of Flynn it was a problem, but things had only got worse and worse since the Grid's User had vanished without a trace during Clu's uprising against him. Things just keep getting worse and worse, so bad it's actually a punishment to be in charge of the region as it's current Governor Pavel has discovered much to his dismay. General Tesler had got one good over on him to be sure.

The program is staring down the goons has not gone for her disc too late, she's currently got a tinted helmet on covering her face for the moment. The only hints to her in4ity are some secondary yellow circuit line, perhaps the odd nature of her light suit's sleeves. She thinks about going to her disc, but there are too many of the goons, she's looking for a way out, as programs like this she's got little sympathy for, they were just as bad as Tesler's goon squads when she thought about it.

"So that's what you think?"

She seems pretty defiant but she's clearly in a whole lot of trouble here. She has to time her attempt to escape right she'll only get one shot.

"You really are not processing everything are you? Think what happens.

Meanwhile Deelel had got a report about more power trouble back on the grind and had rounded up whom she could to get some help with things. She had informed them there were power problems on the grid and it was something not even Clu's forces seemed to be behind, they seemed to be perplexed as anyone else, and that could mean a real problem. No power, means no life or Clu starving a lot of basics for power. The worst of it has been down in Purgos of all places so that's where she's been leading the small band to start sniffing about.

Some time had passed without much of any real lead. However as they are moving down one of the streets she pauses hearing the yelling.

"Hey, did you hear that?"
Faruja Senra If there is one thing Faruja Senra hates, that's thugs and /rude/ people. Particularly those rude to Ladies. Having come to investigate the little problems in Purgos, despite his now distinctly non-rat-like form, he channels all of his rage at being effectively /shaved/ by reality into seeing this whole issue dealt with. The now glowing-bodies ex-Burmecian leaps with all of the power of one of his kind, even in /this/ form. A booted foot from above would land right on the back of the leader's hand, should he not notice, and hopefully face-plant the man right into the ground.

"My /DEEPEST/ apologies, Sers and Dames. However I /did/ detect the scent of thuggery, rudeness, and a pack of honorless wretches ganging up on a Lady. Terribly sorry, but methinks ye lot deserve quite the thrashing."
Maira Purgos is totally a hellhole.

Reminds her of home!

Maira arrives with Avira of course, all flocking toward the sound of /someone being OPPRESSED!/.

The fire mage arrives just after Faruja does, fire shining in her hand. "I'd back off if I were you guys! OH! Hey Faruja! Oh my gosh I haven't seen you in so long! We have to catch up--er, after," she adds with a wide smile.
Avira Being good friends with Deelel, Avira was one of the people passed on information about the Purgos problems. She'd given Deelel a hand or two before here and was no stranger to how the Grid functioned. With her experience and preparation from months ago, she's ready to operate in this space, even covertly.

Separate from the path of the Renegade, mostly for reasons of safety given his infamous reputation, Avira stalks through the streets. She's activated the face-obscuring helmet for now, wary of having her face seen in this power-deprived sector of town. Her own circuit lines glow pale white, suggesting that she was an antivirus program of some kind. Indeed, if someone were to read the disc on her back, they would be told that she IS an antivirus program. Named AVIRA.

"Yeah, I heard it." Avira says to Deelel, her voice warbling with slight distortion from her helmet. Maira, of course, runs off ahead of them both upon hearing the trouble.

"...when /did/ I become the responsible one...?" she mutters to herself.
Setzer Gabbiani Setzer (yes, he is a man again) wasn't too sure he liked this place. Sure, it was just another wretched den of scum and villainy, but he meant the grid as a whole. What was with their suits, and why were they looking at him like he was an alien?

Still, he couldn't say things were too different from the outside. Including the noises in the alleyways. It had nothing to do with him, it really hadn't, yet...

"One day Setzer, you will bite off more than you can chew," he mutters to himself, even as he jogs towards the source of the noise.
Gogo And of course, anywhere you go, there are generic people. Standard, run of the mill, oxygen thieves (or... RAM thieves... whatever) whose sole purpose in life seems to be to nod along, gawp or outright ignore you. The bastards.

Anyway, this is one of those nod along types. He... she... or maybe it, the person is best described as average has attached themselves to a group of people (or person, whichever) that seems to be doing something vaguely social and is nodding along.

They, she, or it is most definitely not Gogo the Famed Mimic.
Zero-One Other Programs pass by. They don't look. They don't want to be seen showing interest. They don't want to know. They don't want to become involved.

Some might call them cowards, but others understand the situation. The leader shakes his head. "It's not my job to ask questions. It's to keep nosy programs like /you/ out of out business. Now..."

As others approach the glimmering alley, one of the other gang members calls out. "Hey! Someone's coming!" The leader looks up, grunting. "Who'd be that dumb?" He says, moments before Faruja bops on top of him, driving him to the ground.

Those who weren't holding up the woman suddenly go for weapons. Discs and strange, purple conical devices come out, everyone looking at Faruja's entrance. "You just made made a critical error, program..." The gang leader says as he gets back to his feet. "Beat him down!"

And suddenly the alleyway lights up Discs lash out and the conical Mesh Primitives begin firing rapidfire power beams at Faruja.
Faruja Senra "Ahh, Maira, Avira, hail my friends! Yes, quite! We shalt surely catch up. Once /these/ 'gentlemen' art dealt with!" Squint! The old Church-mouse-anger is in him right about now.

To avira, he grins, even as he holds his energy-pulsating lance in his hands, by now held defensively out. He leaps from his Jump victim to stand between some of the throng, and the Program being accosted.

"Are ye quite alright, M'Lady?" his words are like out of some medieval themed video game.

Of course, then he's being fired at. Woops! That lance comes forth, taken into a single hand. Spinning the weapon, the new-age piece of technology (thanks to the powers of world-hopping) neatly deflects the energy shots. Those that it misses are simply dodged, even as he tries to keep the Program out of harm's way.

"Just a moment, fine Lady, I shall have these /knaves/ dealt with!"

Leaping towards the nearest wall, the strength of Faruja's legs propels him just fast enough to defy gravity for a few moments, running along the side before tensing his legs. Leaping downwards a good five feet, he aims a sweeping strike of the blunt end of his weapon across many of the Primitives, aiming to knock weapons and wind out of them in a whirlwind of motion.
Avira Avira's hand immediately smacks against her helmet's faceplate at Faruja's greeting. "Sir Faruja, I'm trying to not be a target here! If you use my name, I can't stay anonymous!" Beyond that, Avira seems less than surprised that Faruja has picked a fight with some of the locals-it's usually how he rolled, stopping persecution and oppression wherever he found it. Acting against villains without hesitation! That was the templar she knew.

In this situation he was more than a little outnumbered, though. Getting over her brief irritation about being identified, Avira reached behind her and pulled the Spine off her back. While on the Grid, the sheath for the weapon had changed, becoming integrated seamlessly onto her back, as if it really was her own spine. The sharp edges of the weapon glowed white like the rest of the lines on her skintight suit.

Avira charges in low, swerving beneath a hurled disk and immediately leaping into the face of one of the Basics. Time seems to slow for a moment, as her weapon is raised high, but it isn't the Spine she brings down upon the Program but her helmeted head in the form of a vicious headbutt.
Deelel Deelel looks to Avira for a moment and smirks

"When you became a leader, Avira. Come on I don't like the nature of these goons either."

Deelel is not going for her disc yet as she follows the others in and sees the fight has started against the thugs. She goes for her disc she goes for a baton that rezzing out into a full out staff like the heavy guards uses, well it's an older model and she's vaults in heading for the programs.

"No your the one who just made the critical error."

She shouts.

The masked program is surprised but help from not one but several other programs who were passing by. It's very much welcome however. She does seem surprised what is one of of the on again off again Deejays from the 0001001 Club is here. She never guessed she's be sticking her neck out here in Purgos. A few of them look like they are security programs? Off duty guard out slumming? She has has so many questions right now she grabs a bit of what might be pipe that has been in a bin in the ally and moves to take a swing at it, at one of the thugs.

Deelel a bit behind Avira but it's clear she's going to be ploughing into the ranks of the goons.
Setzer Gabbiani Setzer would eventually finds that things were already coming to blows. Unfortunately for him, his lack of knowledge regarding the business of the Grid leave him a bit... in the dark, so to say, about who's who here.

A bit of impromptu parkour sees him observing the fight from a nearby roof, trying to make heads or tails of what in the world was currently happening here.
The Renegade stays up high, and well, other outside programs suddenly--- wait a cycle. Isn't that the user from outside that is like some kinda animal-user? ".great.." he says softly to himself, as he goes to stand up, he suddenly taken back by realizing for a moment /who/ the guys are harassing.

"..Mara?" His eyes narrow behind the black visor. Ah frag they are not!

Soon the Renegade goes leaping off the side of the building, with a flip of his body, he has his disc in his hand. The white lines of the disc flare online. He throws the disc down. Lands on the ground, sweeps down low to try and trip one over.

Then with a back-flip catches the disc on the return, before landing down and sling it around for another guy. The Renegade then looks at the female program, at Mara. "I know you don't trust me and I'm not asking you to trust me again, but you /need/ to get out of here."
Zero-One And then everything devolves into chaos. Faruja expertly deflects the incoming attacks, and the goons falter for a moment. The leader blinks at the skill of Faruja, trying to pull out a rod of some kind. The impact, however, throws him back, several others' shots going wide. "Security?!" The gang leader says in disbelief, before Avira headbutts him in the goddamn head. A moment later a Disc flicks down, glancing one of his group and sending them falling back with a yell as Beck drops into the middle of them, twisting to trip one and send them flying. "Ugh! How did this happen?" The leader says, looking over to one of his allies. "QUICK! Go tell the boss what's going on!" The other gang program nods, turning and running for their life while the others focus. "I don't know who you all are..." grumbles the gang leader. "But you guys don't belong in this town!" He cracks the rod over his knee, the strange mesh resolving into a shotgun-like weapon that he uses to fire clouds of disruptive energy. Like a digital shotgun. Everyone backs off, trying to get behind cover or trying to deal with the sudden influx of heroic-types.
Faruja Senra "Bah! Anonymity! Hardly the way of a Templar!" Huff! "But I shalt attempt to control myself! Let us come up with a sobriquet some time." When they're /not/ punching and lancing Program jerks.

Suddenly the thugs are packing firearms. /FIREARMS/! "Filthy cowards! Hmph! Ye whom would wield such paltr...SQUEAK!" Whap! Cue a digital shotgun blast to the chest. His changed armor, now much like swat tactical gear (only glowing!) takes the blast admirably, sending him to his not-tail.

"...Suppose 'tis /one/ good thing about lacking a tail." Mutter mutter. He's already weaving spells as he leaps in to stand between Gun and Maira.
Maira Maira is actually trying to stay on the periphery of this fight, at least for now. She will back up her allies and make sure they make it through this.

None the less, a digital shotgun blast hits her squarely in the chest and sends her flying back several feet, landing smartly on her bottom. Grumbling, she gets back to her feet, frowning softly. "Lets take the edge off a little," she says, then calls up her protective magics, the green-white flame of protection darting from her to Avira and Faruja to line them in the light while a soft melody is sung, the notes carrying a similar protection drawn from the light of her heart to settle over her companions.
Warden Thache "And they call /me/ unsubtle," The obversvation comes from the top of a building where a man sits. His legs dangling off the edge, a bottle of something or other held lightly in one hand. Dressed in the blues and greys of the Grid, but the cut of his jib is obvious to anyone who has tangled with Warden Thache before. He adjusts his tricorn, the glowing lines shimmering slightly under his touch as he peers down at the altercation that is just starting below. His eyes are the only difference from the dull greys and blues of the grid, his eyes glow with a bright almost unnatural emerald light.

"What say you Mister Spooks?" He inquired of his friendly familiar the racoon who sprawls on the ledge next to him. "Should we go an get involved?"

The racoon seems to ponder a moment, his own form more in like one of the smaller data packets roming the Grin. "Mmmm. More likely to shoot us than they are the...whatdoyachallems. Proggies."

"True," The pirate captain answers. "True. But come on now old friend. What is the fun without the risk? The rest of them /did/ tell us to go familarise myself with the Grid didn't they?"
Deelel Deelel has the intent to pull her punches enough from being lethal, with her staff she kept the staff on a lower power setting thus enough that it could smack them around pretty good if she connects with them. She's now moving in she ducks down and moves to try and trip some of the programs off, the weapons they have however.

"What is ta...?"

She's not seen weapons like that on the grid before, there were a few rifle like weapons but those were rare and belong to the elite security forces. Things like missile launchers or the LoL. This was like a human shotgun, that shouldn't be here.

The Masked program move tyring to get away from the strange weapons, and she's trying to dodge but she wasn?t expecting something like this. She tries to bring up her pipe but it's not going to be enough.

Deelel meanwhile is catch pretty hared on by the blast she's showing signs of cracks in her body and she's clearly hurt. She's still moving however she's still coming in and she's got the staff as she moves trying to get them on. She swings the staff and dives going for another trying to knock them of their feet.

Deelel is also not looking so good whatever that round was? It hit her and it's having some other effect on her from the looks of it.
Avira "....I guess that does make sense." Avira concedes with Deelel. WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY and so on. Still, she, the sensible one?!

Avira smiles a hidden smile as the leader immediately assumes she's some kind of security. Though at the same time, she half expected the Renegade to get even more of the attention from these goons. Apparently this is not the case-security programs are /not/ welcome and it feels like that gun-like weapon was aimed mostly at her. "Augh!"

The fullisade of shots strikes her head-on and bits of her bodysuit split and rez. If they looked closely enough, they might even see signs of blood instead of voxels. A crack has also formed upon her helmet, jagged and extending down the left side of her head.

"Urgh." she groans, feeling strange-those disruptive energies, normally turned on programs, were not something Avira was unfamiliar with. It had been a very long time since she's had to face off against LEXUS though. But with Faruja's help, the strange 'virus' is purged from her system. Then, protective magics layer around her, which looks far more like wireframes filling in the damaged portions of her suit. Avira zips forward again, weaving through the alley and striking off the wall to overcome the obstacles that the thugs have started to take cover behind.

She lands next to one. "Hello!"

A few seconds pass and the others will see the program violently flung out from his cover.
The Renegade quickly steps out in front of the shot when he realizes what type of weapon that is. Not the smartest thing to do, but given Mara was /right/ there, he wasn't about to let something happen to her. He raises his disc to deflect some of the shots away from his more vital area; Like his face; but the energy bolts skim across his arms, shoulder, and hip area. Voxels being scattered a bit from the impact.

The TRON look alike peers over to Mara. "You need to go. Now!" Yeah. He knows who you are. How would he not. He is TRON--- ha. ha.

Beck behind the renegade look clenches his teeth in pain for that split second he allows himself to feel it. How did these guys even /get/ those weapons? They were illegal weren't they? If these guys are CLU's group, does that mean CLU is now getting into things that are actually not even suppose to be accessible by programs? Great.

The Renegade spins a disc at one in attempt to saw the actual weapon in half. He then runs over to the wall and runs along it to catch the disc. He flips off the wall and loops the Disc around, arching it to sling shot after two guys. Before he lands down. Flings the disc again, before, sling shotting it around at least three times in quick succession with some rapid fancy foot work.
Setzer Gabbiani The gambler was pretty happy watching the fight... well, at least until some idiot shot him. It wasn't too bad, just a scrape, but that wasn't the worse part.

The jacket. The jacket was scorched. Setzer's favourite jacked was scorched.

"You know..." he said, slowly reavaling himself, his hands playing with something, "I'd just sit down and check how the table was going, but /you/," he said to the shotgun-toting maniac, "had to /scorch my jacket/. So, you're going to have to pay up, one way or another."

By now, whatever he was playing with was now revealed as casino chips. Sounds like he was rummaging through his pockets, and now...

Truth is, Setzer did more than cards and darts. He also did pool. Which would explain the follwing trickshots with the chips, sending them ricocheting across the alley before flying straight at the ruffians.

Maaaaybe some of Setzerina's personality rubbed off on Setzer.
Zero-One The Programs look confused at all the magic flying around. Deelel sweeps forward, rampaging through the group and smashing into anyone she can reach. Several more get knocked onto their posteriors, scrambling away to try to keep distance from the melee-oriented party. It's almost like they're trying to use some tactics! Avira hammers into one of them, throwing them across the alley, sending it slamming into a wall and sliding down with a groan, insensate. the TRON-alike sends his Disc flying, causing a couple of them to drop their Mesh Primitives, the weapons derezzed as the Disc slices through them. The addition of projectile chips and darts didn't help matters, either.

The gang leader grits his teeth. "This is getting out of hand." He squints a bit as he looks at Avira, staring. "Hey, those aren't... IT'S A USER! AND TRON!" He thumbs a strange green sphere from behind his back. The thing looks almost... organic, in this land of data, as it squirms in his hand, glowing with an ugly greenish light. "FALL BACK!" He calls to his allies, as he hucks it out at the enemies. The sphere explodes into a terrifying greenish haze that seems to eat at everything in the area. Through the haze, blasts fly, the gang using the deadly haze as cover to fire through it at the defenders.
Faruja Senra Faruja feels remarkably better, now coated in protective magics thanks to Maira.

Faruja then gets to witness a man running in, with a rather scorched (if dapping!) coat. Who then flings poker chips at people. A brow rises. "...Mental note: look into martial arts where one uses poker chips." Mutters the not-rat-man to himself.

Then the little cowards are retreating. "Fah! WRETCHES! COME BACK YE KNAVES, AND FIGHT LIKE NEZUMI!"

Then there's a future-grenade being thrown. Even /he/ knkows what those are by now. Leaping towards Maira, he body-tackles her to the ground as the force of the explosion of haze washes over him, the man coughing and hacking up rather horrid looking fluids onto the ground.

Slowly, looking /very/ sick by now thanks to his sensitive body to such chemical weapons, he staggers to his feet. "Are ye...quite alright...Maira?" He's till hacking up a lung. Then he turns to the fleeing men.


Thrust! Pillars of pure light start to fall from the heavens, causing minor explosions and craters where they fall, aimed for the fleeing men. Someone is rather displeased.
Avira Avira is not well versed enough in the Grid to realize that shotgun-like weapons are actually unusual. Sure, she can recognize them as a secondary weapon since the disc always seemed to be the first choice for defense. Beck would have that detective work covered, right?

Now with her own covered spot, Avira peers out, looking for other targets to leap onto. As the gang leader starts to shout about a user, Avira's blood runs cold. "Oh <GOOSEHONK>!" she exclaims with some distortion. So much for /that/ cover. True, between that and 'TRON' being here, these guys were now scared out of their pixels but word like this was bound to get around to all the wrong people.

Her eyes narrow behind her helmet as she sees the strange green thing being called forth. It looks like acid and it serves as a cover for more blasts. Avira is deterred by neither. They might see flashes of her coming, weaving through the green mist unaffected. Maybe the gang leader was wrong? Maybe this really was just an antiviral program working for TRON?

Curiously, Avira has not used a lick of magic while here, which may seem unusual to those familiar with her style of fighting. So far it's all been purely physical hand to hand combat or swordsmanship. Swordsmanship like right now as she closes in, unleashing several upward strokes meant to bisect the shotgun-like weapons being turned against him.

"It's too late for you to run." Avira intones ominously, inwardly hoping she could follow up on that. If these guys escaped, it'd mean bad things for everyone here. Except, maybe, Warden, who is horrible.
The Renegade suddenly noticed the orb, "..Viral data?" He almost asked himself out loud before shouting, "Everyone! Get to cover!" Not that it do much good as he raced right up the wall to get clear of the explosion. His free hand gripping the top of the building, before looking out toward the area, watching as the data got eaten away.

If that-- doesn't get CLU's attention...

That is when he see's another program in trouble. Noticing the users from the programs, at least when they start to voxel. He kicks off the wall and goes to pull Deelel out of the gas further to keep her out of it.

Yet when he realized they yelled User, he looked in their direction. "..How did they..." Knowledge of users. Viral sphere..

The renegade's hand tightens for a moment. He tosses Deelel, not knowing who she is, something to help with the degrade of data. The renegade runs across the wall to avoid what he can, before he kicks off and leaps right at the group. He lands down in the thick of them. He throws his disc at one, throws his disc at another, before he flips off and goes to trip up another one before trying to pin them to the ground before he sneers out. Some hint of anger in his voice, with the programs reflection in the black visor. "Who are you working for?!"
Maira Maira watches a grenade be launched, groaning as she moves to take cover and prepare to be blasted back and probably stabbed with shrapnel (SO much stabbing lately!). Instead, a not-rat Faruja is diving toward her, tackling her down and covering her completely from the damage of the grenade.

By the time he speaks she's already working a healing spell. "I-I'm fine, thanks to you! Come now Sir Faruja, your story of righteous heroism will not end here!" she says, flashing him a smile as she stands and helps him to his feet, her healing magics blanketing him in light that seeps into his body and begins to repair his wounds.

Oh, and they are running away! Which is apparently a no-no. Maira blinks, watching Avira zip around after them. "Wow, she's really gotten good here..." she remarks, plainly impressed.
Deelel The Blast is deflected enough that the program is not harmed. The helmet takes a hit ans the female program is forced to deactivate it revealing her face. She seems to look like a woman in her 20s but that's not indicative of anything on the grid. From their point of view she could be older than any of the users here. She's got teal hair which is the same but the look ion her face isn't happy at all.

"You! What are you doing here! Is this mess your doing?! Haven't you done enough to us already Renegade!"

She seems to know the Renegade and has no love for the program at all, she doesn't seem to like him at all. Mara is now making move to try to get to cover, she's a smart program. She's noticed they have weapons she's never seen before, and she works on military grade hardware as part of her job. She's not going to run, she's has half a mind to club the Renegade right now but she knows that's not a good idea. She isn't running, maybe she can get answers out of the goons after her mysterious strangers are done with it, and before Pavel's goons show up. Given the Renegade tends to actually draw the troops into places they normally stay clear of.

Deelel on the other hand has taken a shotgun blast and is still recovering from that, she's also taken note of there's others whose jumped int, it's a fairly even fight for the most part, but where did those weapons come from? That bothered Deelel a heck of a lot.

"Those weapons where did you get those! Not even Clu's personal Blackguard have anything like that!"

It's clear there's some outside influence she doesn't expect an honest answer out of the goons yet but well they do have discs after all. If it really came to it, they might be able to find out but that makes her concerned to go that far.

She readies her staff again and starts to move in. She hears one of them call out, wait? What the Mac is this? They know most natives of the Flynn OS only know Flynn as the creator. The weapons with this leads to think they are not from Flynn OS but perhaps from Wise and that raises a lot of questions. Or could it be the Shinra OS? That's also possible as well but then comes the heavy weapons fire and Deelel's torn in to she's able to dodge a lot of the fire but not all. He's caught with several blasts and it's pretty bad the shots at first don't seems o do something visible but it's clear she's hurt as successful shots hit the multimedia program she's clearly losing voxels from the wounds the strange nature of the weapons is eating at her and she's still fighting going right at the thugs as they try to flee.

"You just ... glitched up you null unit!"

That's when the staff work comes into play and Deelel is making to smack more of these guys silly and hopefully if she's lucky disarm a few.
Warden Thache Warden continues to watch the fight unfold below him. He winces at the hits Faruja takes, then facepalms at the rats continued shouting. At least he was stubborn enough not to die.

Yet at least.

Finally he pulls himself to his feet and rolls his kneck to the left for a moment. "I'm bored." He finally declares towards Spooks.

Who sighs. He knows what that means.

Warden simply steps off the edge of the building and lets gravity work with him. Plummeting down and down and down towards the mess below him. Ten feet from the ground the systems in his boots activate, just enough to slow him to a safer speed. He lands in a three point couch not two feet infront of Avira, his cloak fluttering slightly in the breeze of his decent. The outline of the dragon skull and crossbones on the back of his coat is edged in glowing blue. In one fluid motion he stands, emerald eyes fixed on the swordswoman.

"Evening Lady Wolf."

His hands raise, each filled with a multi-veined pistol. A weapon bright and glowing. Avira and others might just be able to see the smouldering glow down the barrel.

The pirate smiles, and then fires without another warning. A single packet of descructive programing is sent towards...the rogue and strange programs that are preparing to fire once again towards the little group of interlopers.

"I love it when you try to sound indimidating," He adds towards Avira. "Its /adorable/."

Again that mocking grin before half turns to touch the barrel of his smoking pistol to the brim of his hat in salute towards Maira. Then he is leaping up again and away.
Setzer Gabbiani Setzer wasn't quite far enough to avoide the nasty surprise, but at least he was spared from the worse effects of the thing. Suffice to say, he wasn't happy with the fact that they seemed to have some pretty dirty tricks of their own. That was... strange. Most ruffians he saw weren't that well-equipped, so why did these ones...? But either way, questioning would come later. For now, their actions meant that he could stop holding back as well. Climbing a bit higher to get a clan shot away from the greenish cloud, Setzer drew his arm back as he prepared to throw a flurry of cards against the brigands, doing... something.
Zero-One Magic explodes from the ground, chasing after the goons who are in full flight at this point. Faruja scatters them with his power, and the leader raises the Suppression weapon moments before Avira cuts it in half and cuts into him, leaving a long wound as he staggers back. The weapon derezzes, and the man gasps, reaching for his Disc... When Beck's Disc smashes through one of the gangers, derezzing them, then another. The leader yells, "RUN! RUN YOU FRAGGING NULLS!" He turns to do so himself, but it's too late. The crunching noise of Deelel's staff echoes through the alley. Two more slump to the ground, joining the first to fall. Warden ensures one less program escapes, catching them in the back with a burst of destructive energy, and the gang member vanishes, derezzing a moment later. A rain of cards come flying down, crashing into the remaining escapees and knocking them down, wounded heavily.

Which leaves the leader, who's being shaken roughly by the guy who looks like TRON. "Whoa, whoa! Look, let's make a deal... You guys don't derez us, and I'll tell you who I work for."
Maira Hearing the Deelel is hurt badly over the radio, Maira's next set of actions are decided. She scans the area for the program, healing ready, rushing like a wave of healing fire (yes, you heard me, healing fire) toward the program.

Then....THEN...Then Warden shows up!? What!? WHAAAT!? Not only does he show up, he attacks their enemy! Confusion solidifies. Maira sputters as he salutes her, raising a hand to wave dumbly at him.

Really, what the <goosehonk>?!

Well, don't look a gift pirate in the mouth, she guesses?
Zero-One "Er..." He corrects himself. "More of us..." He looks pretty nervous about this situation considering they're outnumbered, outclassed, and outpowered.
Faruja Senra Faruja beams a smile to Maira, giving her a small squeeze to the shoulder as he slowly staggers over to the fallen men. There's a bit of a grin on him that'd fit on many an Inquisitor. "...I /do/ hope thy leader doth not try to cheat us." That single eye widens a bit, the Templar pouring on the 'crazy' theatrics.

Only to give a sharp Salute to Warden as he enters.
Setzer Gabbiani The gambler smirks. Serves them right. *bleep*s ruined his jacket.
The TRON-looking program of the Flynn OS holds the program there. His disc held ready. "I got a better deal for you. You guys tell me right now who you work for, why you were after that program garage mechanic, and /then/ we will see if you don't get derezzed."

Best he could do, is probably just tie them up and let CLU's forces have at them. They will be here soon enough, given the massive data that has been erased, deleted, and thus altered. After all, very little went on in a system that the administrator was not aware of.

"Though you know, if these guys don't like your answer, I can't promise what /they/ will do."
Avira A number of very interesting things happen-that woman that had been being accosted immediately starts yelling at Beck-er, the 'Renegade'. "Obviously the Renegade is helping you!" Avira calls out in vain, trying to defend Beck from the teal-haired woman's displeasure.

Deelel astutely points out that their weapon loadout is unusual. This is filed away for later as her friendly program interrogates their opponents.

THEN WARDEN SHOWS UP and mocks her. Avira lets out a low, distorted growl. "What are /you/ doing here!?" She seems equally irritated at his presence and the fact that he's actually helping in a way. With that little taunt, the pirate is already gone and Avira has half a mind to chase after him. But given what's just happened, splitting off from the group would be a bad idea.

Avira turns to the cowering goods and keeps her weapon pointed at the ground. Even through doing this, the Spine manages to look fairly menacing. "I am of the opinion..." she says, still trying to sound menacing, "...that you should answer the Renegade's questions as soon as possible. I also suggest that you forget that you ever saw a User here."
Warden Thache Warden rebounds from the wall that he bounced to, pushing himself further up to grab a ledge about a story above the little group. "Just passing though, Lady Wolf!" The pirate calls out cheerfully as he waves towards Faruja and Maira.

God he loves the looks of confusion.

"I'd recommend you do tell them the truth my poor friend." He pirate adds towards the captured program. Teasing in his voice. "They are all vicious killers with terrible ways to torture a person! That one can set a man on fire, and that one has a /vicious/ right hook!" That would be Maira and Avira. "That one is..." He pauses at Deelel. "...well you already know about disks. So thats not very fighting. However /that/ one..." He points at Faruja. "Is /very/ loud."

He says this like its the worst thing of all.

Digi-Spooks sighs as he swoops down and lands on Maira's head. "...yes. Before you ask. He /is/ always like this."
Zero-One The Programs Faruja are talking to are very much unconscious. If they weren't you can bet they'd be running right now from the Templar and his associates.

The eys of the leader flick towards the Disc nervously before looking back to the TRON-alike. "Whoa, whoa, look... All I was told was to keep people from poking around in the Boss' business. You might have heard of him. He runs this town." He glances over at Avira. "Totally deleted. Didn't see a thing." He assures her.
Maira Maira has a racoon creature land on her head. She giggles, reaching up to pull him down into a snuggle.

It totally ruins her tough image.
Beck behind it all, will have to thank Avira later. Not only for trying to speak some sense into Mara-- though it be hard to do-- but also for helping on the intimidation level. He was still learning this fine art, but given now there was no TRON to mentor him, he had to start stepping up his gain to truly become the next TRON of Flynn OS.

The Renegade holds him there and he'll have to use the data files at the HQ to find out who this guy was talking about. But that didn't answer about the user deal. That and he knew fully well that their data disc would still hold the data.. but there wasn't time to yank the data off the disc.

"..If I had more time.. I would pull the data right from your disc to make sure your being honest.. thankful.. or perhaps unthankfully for you.. CLU's forces will be here soon."

The Renegade then stands up and takes a step back. "Get out of here and tell your boss that if bothers citizens again, he will deal with me directly... or her." He points his disc at Avira. "..she is a very vicious security program."

The Renegade took another step back. "Now get lost."
Deelel Deelel is hurt very badly with the gangers koed or cubed. Their remains litter the alley way she slumps to her knees trying to hold one of her wounds. The light staff clatters to the ground as some of Deelel's own cubes join the rest of those from the dead thugs. She's kinda going to need some help at this point. Thankfully there is some from Maira it stabilizes her out right and causes her own self repair systems to start working at least somewhat. Something about the weapons seem to hinder how well Maira's healing works however. Deelel gasps, more out of habit than need to her friend.

"Thank... you."

Mara now pokes her head out from cover now that the fight's stopped she'd seen how badly mauled Deelel is, she's still surprised a bit that Deelel was able to fight as well as she did but then again Deelel had been someone in the background for the most part.

"We're going to need to get her to a med centre, and thank you. There have been power outages effecting Abel's Garage to the point we can't get our orders done on time. It's going to get us all into a lot of trouble with General Tesler."

She does not seem happy about things at all and she's glaring Daggers at The Renegade already.

"I half expect you have something to do with these problems as it is! He's already got enough programs derezzed."

She looks at the strange collection of people and user she kind blinks at some of the terms they are using. User? She's got no idea about that.

She gets up

"Whatever your boss is up to is putting everyone I'm responsible for at risk that's why I'm here. So spill it."

She does seem to be thankful of the other's help, but there's no love or trust for the Renegade at all there's something clearly going on here.

"Also ID's Mara, I run Able's garage, now."

She goes over to Deelel to lend her a hand, the other Basic is going to need to be moved after all.
Avira "Warden I think you need to stop telling these Programs things." Avira calls up at the expositing pirate. She seems almost...nervous now? "And passing through? I've got half a mind to assume that you are following me, pirate."

It couldn't be that, right?

"Good, good." she murmurs at the Program as he quickly admits that no, he didn't see any Users 'round here. Now whether or not he'd stick to that...

The 'Vicious security program' smiles beneath her helmet, but otherwise remains silent as she watches Mara and her reaction to the Renegade. Interesting-if Avira had it right, that garage was serving that General guy the Renegade was fighting against. After a moment she adds, "We're going to need to move soon too, won't we? I want to avoid a run-in with Tesler's forces as much as the next Program."
Zero-One "Look, if CLU's guys are coming we're all in trouble if we get caught here." The leader comments. "I'm getting out of here while I still can. You should too... Unless you /like/ self-termination."

The gang leader quickly shakes the least-pummeled members of his group awake, and then they pick up the others and clear out. It doesn't take long until the only ones in the alley are the Program they rescued and each other.

And the heavy feeling /something/ unpleasant is coming, as the neon lines in the area flicker and dim for a terrible moment, before coming back on.
Once the gang runs off he looks over to Mara and places his disc away. "..You should leave now as well.. and I am sorry about your Garage. I'll try to look into things to make sure things get worked out, but I promise you. I have nothing to do with it." Its actually /half/ the reason he is out here.

"We'll also make sure she gets to a med-program."

That is when the lights flicker in the area and causes Beck to pause. He is the security program now. He should be able to track down what is causing these power fluxes now that he is here, but that may take another day.

He turns to Avira and the others who are still here. He then steps up to her, before handing her a baton. She has been here enough times right? She should know how to use one of these. "..if you could." He then picks up one of the weapons left behind, and tests it in his hands for a moment. Curious thing.

"All of you should go now. Tesler isn't that far out. He will be here in a few cycles. If you go down that way." He motions to an ally. "..and then head left, you'll hit an old exit road out of here. You should go unseen."

The Renegade then runs from the group, before jumping up a wall, flipping up on it and then running up along side of a building, before heading off into the distance and then vanishing down below.
Warden Thache Wait wait. Avira is /nervous/ about something?!


...sadly it seems there is little oppurtunity to do so. Insated the pirate sits up as the lights begins to flicker. He frows just slightly.

That does not seem very pleasent.

Beck's warning seems sensible enough, and the pirate has to smirk at the exit. "...not bad." He approves of random dramatic entrences and exits.

"Spooks, either get your current little friend to carry you or I'm leaving you here."

The pirate stands, rolling his arms as he leaps from his post to the ground to alight lightly. "So," He smirks about, not really caring about the fact that he's pissed most of the people off here. Either the'll start punching him or they won't. "Which way shall we go?"
Maira Oh, they're leaving? Maira was too busy cooing over Spooks to notice at first! Woops! "Well I'll carry you if you like, but who is going to carry me!?" she asks, then begins following after the others.
Avira Avira reaches behind her and presses the Spine against her back. The weapon's glow seems to deactivate and the unusual blade merges back with the suit she wears. The astute can spot the weapon still present but those less in the know are unlikely to notice it.

Avira takes the baton and motions for Maira to come closer. She holds the baton in two hands and makes the motion of 'diving' forward. Before she faceplants into the ground, a light cycle forms around her.

"I'm afraid..." Avira speaks up, inclining her head slightly at Warden, "'re gonna have to get your /own/ ride. C'mon Maira."
Maira Ooooor lightcycle! Maira grins widely and hops on, letting out a woop of glee. "Spooks do you have a little racoon helmet? That would be so cute!"
Setzer Gabbiani Setzer eyed the browning out warily. "I believe I should make myself scarce as well. I'm not really fond of this place. I'll be seeing you, ladies and gentlemen."

That being said, Setzeer parkour'ed his way out of there, because the poser is too lazy to write a better farewell thing.
Warden Thache Spooks wriggles a bit before hopping out of Maira's arms and flapping his way to Warden's shoulder. "Sorry! I think I'm sticking with the boss!"

Warden however just raises an eyebrow as Avira simply unfolds her new toy into a /sweet ride/. His smile just grows.

"My. Where do you get your wonderful toys."

Then he shrugs slightly. "Suit yourself. You'll enjoy my company one day, Lady Wolf!" That mocking grin again before he turns to whip his arm out. His ropes seem to function here as well as they to anywhere as he pulls himself up into the emptyness of the streets above to make his own escape across rooftop and by shadows.
Avira "A friend, obviously." Avira shoots back. "And hah, that'll be the day!" Once Maira has joined her on the light cycle, a top canopy slides over to encase them both. White lights flare to life on the edges of the bike and Avira takes off shortly afterwards, heading for the suggested route.

Warden will notice that these light cycle things are very fast.
Deelel Mara knows that the other program is right she does need to get out of here but she doesn't seem to trust Beck that much. Nay why would she trust the program who got the father figure of everyone at the garage /killed/. She not very happy about that at all. The idea everyone should go is a good idea.

"Come we need to go, now."

Deelel Meanwhile is getting up and trying to go with the others. She looks to Warden for a moment and peers at him some more.

"Toys, and wait what are you doing here ... we need to go."

She gets on her own cycle and is going to leave much as Mara is.
Several minutes later.....

Two programs walk down through this area. Both of them are in red and black. One of them with a cigar in his mouth, looking over a data map. The other is much younger looking, compared to the rugged cigar wielder. "..CHIEF? Are you sure we are in the right sector?"

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure of it." The program states as he flips around the data map. "..Though maybe we should have made that right turn..." He then takes a step and oos as the gun on the ground.

"CHIEF. Don't. You know we are only here to check things out. Besides, I don't want to get her /mad/ at you."

Chief picks up the weapon anyways, before twirling it. "Don't worry, my guns are bigger then this." He says taking a puff of his cigar. "Coming through! 64 bit in a 32 world, ahhahah!!"

"..and don't say that loudly!"

"Or what? The administrator is going to get me. Oooo. I'm shaking in my boots!"

Then the two are gone.

...there is a random fruit bowl there. Signed: Fruit Man.


This scene contained 55 poses. The players who were present were: Faruja Senra, Avira, Deelel, Maira, Setzer Gabbiani, Gogo, Beck, Zero-One, Warden Thache