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(2014-01-24 - Now)
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Myla Mason Myla Mason has been a machine for some time she's been mostly helping Kyra with her own projects and otherwise just being the roboc aid. It's kindra strange in a way given how little rest Myla needs, it would have been very easy to put her to work, to keep her mind off her troubles. Given when you can think as fast as a computer? A distaction is a very good thing to have, a very good thing indeed to have.

"Kyra? I have finish sorting out the storage section of the lab, is there anything else you need me to do?"

She clearly is looking for something else to keep her busy, even if she had been working for some time. Also Runner had beecome quite the presence here with his creator and had taken a very large shine to Kyra after all this time.
Kyra Hyral What is awesome to have? A tireless robot assistant is awesome to have! Kyra feels like s he's getting so much research on magecite done! Through it she's been able to invent all sorts of things and improve upon several existing inventions. Fortunately for Myla, Kyra has no shortage of stuff to try.

Including dangerous stuff it seems. But throughout the weeks of practice, Kyra's become very good at working with robotics. It's a welcome skill improvement.

"Hmm, yes, actually, it's a good thing you've finished up. I would like to do a weapon test shortly. A weapon test for /you/, mind you." She pulls away from her workbench which has some kind of long gun-cannon thing on it in partial disarray. "Come over here so I can install this properly."
Myla Mason Myla Mason looks at Kyra with intrest,

"A weapons test you say? Interesting, Kyra I'll be happy to help. SO long as it can keep me busy and .... Ooo I like the look of that."

She comes over to her friend with nary a care about it, and he grins.

"You know it's kinda fun being all plug and play, Kyra. I guess it's the one up side to being what I am."
Kyra Hyral "Absolutely! A weapons test for you!" She gestures at the cannon then quickly begins assembling the removed parts. It clicks seamlessly together and Kyra works extremely quickly. "So we're going to install this and take you out into the field for some testing." In a few minutes, she has the gun mostly assembled and carefully drags it over.

"Now you can integrate with it directly if you so choose-right here." she points to what seems to be an unfinished and exposed section of the gun. "Or if you don't want to be tied to it, it can integrate wirelessly." She beams. "Oh! And it's a lot of fun having a friend I can experiment on so freely!"

She pauses, then taps her chin, "That didn't come out quite right. Oh! Hold still and let me initialize the wireless handshake." Kyra waves her hand over a small section of the beam cannon.

Right away Myla will feel it. Something pinging to her with a HELO.
Myla Mason Myla Mason choses to fully integrate with the weapon as she checks out it's systems while her friend talks to her. She tilts her head back at her friend for a moment.

"You seem to like using me as a lab rat, you know this is mosty over if I ever get fixed right? I don't mind testing things for you but you know. I don't want to start putting metal in me."

she snicker and she pings it right back as she attempt to fully hook up with the weapon system.
Kyra Hyral "Well you don't seem opposed to the upgrades, do you? And I'm still very curious to see if it translates into flesh and blood. Give whole new meaning to 'biological weapons', ahaha!" Kyra laughs a laugh that is just on the verge of being maniacal.

She taps her nose, which is pierced with a nosering, "And really, there's nothing wrong with putting metal in you. Heck, just as Kamon or anyone from Odinar."

With Myla's response, the weapon immediately integrates after completing the three-way handshake. Weapon specs, how to operate it, and all sorts of information about the weapon is shared with Myla immediately.

"Now! Let's go out to test it. There were some courels in the plains that were troubling people a few days ago. Those should be good targets."
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "Well metal's suposed to be there! If I can't swim..."

Well that much is true givne her people and their connection to the sea.

"Well you know what I mean,, right? Heh I'd be quite the WMD then I was already a distraction to start."

She laughs a little bit, prehaps the most honestly she has in a while.

She heads out side to test along with Kyra.

"Should be a good test!"
Kyra Hyral "Man, you have no idea. Well, okay, yeah, swimming isn't that reommended. I'm sure I can figure out a solution but for anyone but a Levanti, well...

Time passes, They travel and the pair earn a number of stares from bystanders, mostly thanks to the new weapon that Myla is hauling around.

Now outside the city, Kyra roams the wide-open plains, looking and finding a good place to set up atop a small plateau. "We're going to start with sniping. Set up here and wait for the next animal that you see to come along. When you do see it...bang."
Myla Mason Myla Mason does not seem bothered by the looks heck she kinda poses for the people to get a eye full of her. She follow her friend out onto the plains, not bothere dbty the enviormebnt she notices, she waits and levels the weapon that's now a part of her. She wairs locks on and well when the first critter pops up she opens fire. Just what does it do? That's a bit of an unknown even to her.
Kyra Hyral Myla quickly learns that the weapon is a beam cannon. She can fire in short bursts and long depending on what is fighting. There is also a 'high power mode' that doesn't seem to be active right now. It's pretty standard for beam cannon stuff but it's downright amazing for a place that hasn't invented combat laserts. ^R^RMaira will find that her first target is obliterated. Kyra looks surprirsed, "Unarmored. Wow. Well, let's find you something else a little stronger, shall we?"
Myla Mason Myla Mason is :is stunned.

"That's pretty crazy Kyra, that's very crazy really and lets see... there not even ash left. Umm all right what else shall I target. Hopefully we'll keep the pests under control without having to wipe the entire population out."

Well the thing didn't suffer right that's enough for her and she tilts her head.

"Lets do this!"

This scene contained 11 poses. The players who were present were: Myla Mason, Kyra Hyral