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Catch and Release
(2014-01-22 - 2014-01-23)
Prince Charming speaks to the captive, Chita, in order to figure out just what was going on during the Ball in relation to him.
Chita Having been taken in by the medics after the ordeal at the Castle of Dreams and eventually placed into the local jail in the village outside the castle, most would have simply left things at that. Or expected someone who was supposedly that dangerous or dastardly to try and escape, or cause problems. Except... really, the opposite. At first, Chita had been confused as to what was going on, worried and such, though he had never really been rowdy or uncooperative at any point once he came to realize where he was and what was going on.

Not that he knew for sure what had happened... he had a decent idea. And, atop of that, he, too, was a Judge. An agent of the laws of another nation. No self-respecting Judge would ever try to escape custody. In fact... he had, upon realizing where he was, relinquished his stash of inventoried weapons, including the Judge Sword, after having let them know it would simply return to him if they tried to pick it up or move it from where he'd placed it.

All things considered... a model prisoner, who asked for nothing except no meat in his food if such would have otherwise come. Today was much the same, sitting on his little bed in the cell he had been placed in, knees drawn up and possibly asleep, or awake, as it was hard to tell given he still wore the blindfold to protect his eyes from things.
Oathkeeper Some time had passed. A lot of mess had been there to clean up at the castle. But Chita had not been forgiven. This isn't a place that believes in sticking someone in prison without hearing them out. As much as Prince Charming believed Angantyr that Chita may have been dangerous, he felt thing would be okay now. Men like him just... know sometimes. Know that there is more to a situation than meets the eye.

As such, in full princely getup, the man known as Prince Charming steps into the jailhouse, pacing over towards the cell that holds Chita. Nobody stops him, as they know very well who he is. They respect the prince. The man sits down on a wooden seat in front of the jail, and then waits for Chita to realize he is there.
Chita As he approached one of Chita's ears wiggled slightly as if accepting that there was a sound, though he didn't quite say anything about it. He hadn't really tried to make conversation as it was so much as was simply polite and taken the liberty of being as little of a nuisance as possible. Strange as it was, he was almost relieved he was locked up right now because it meant he couldn't do any harm, if that was really what he was doing. ...not that he recalled such.

Yet, even as someone came, the sound of them sitting, a slight movement that could easily be mistaken for simply picking something up, was different. The Viera waited several moments for some sound or indication that it was simply in passing before turning to face the doorway of the cell. "Pardon my asking, but is something wrong? You must be a new guard here. The others all walk a bit differently, heavier or lighter... or with an audible gait. But your sounds I do not recognize, and I am pretty sure you stopped in front of this keep of mine."

Charming and Chita had not truly spoke before, though he might have been seen at the dance speaking to the King briefly
Oathkeeper "You hear correctly. I am however not a guard." The 'man from the darkness' answers Chita. Only, this man isn't in the least dark. "I am the one who ordered you to be imprisoned, since you were behaving strangely in my castle during the Shadow Lord invasion." That is a rather clear explaination, and should contain more than enough information for Chita to have a good guess at who he is dealing with. In fact, he might recognize his voice from when he spoke during the Ball.
Chita "...I see."

Not quite certain at first how to respond, after a moment of thinking and trying to figure out if he knew him(and failing, he only heard a voice and it was in passing), instead of something that one might normally expect, he said, "Thank you for the hospitality." and bowed his head towards the Prince before saying, "Is there something I can help you with today? Or... has a sentence been decided upon? I admit I know little of the way the law works in this land... despite being a Judge in my own."
Oathkeeper "No sentence has been made. It wouldn't do us to judge you without even hearing you out. And neither did you actually _do_ anything worth charging you over." Prince Charming answers Chita. The man lifts one leg over the other and watches the Viera curiously. So many strange creatures have come to these lands, yet he feels like he'll never stop being amazed at just how many different creatures there are. "Tell me, what can you tell me about 'that night'?"
Chita A simple nod was given, a little relieved this was not a land that had some strange policy of sentence without a trial or such. As to the question... "As to that question... I was here the night that man, who is known as Seith, placed the spell upon the castle. I could not in good conscience do nothing, though with my blindness I could hardly be a traditional guard. I... suppose in the end it was a little silly, but I still came and listened what I could. My kinds ears are quite good and are our other senses... my eyesight withstanding. I heard something shortly after the commotion began outside. A woman calling out for help, seemingly distressed... in pain... with the aid of one of the actual guards of the castle I made my way towards the sound I was hearing, but he left to get more guards when he realized there was... pirates, I think he said, it is rather a strange thought. I never encountered such."

Shaking his head a little he added onto it, "The sound, the voice, was coming from the top of the tower, so I went about slowly making my way to the top. Along the way there were Heartless... and something else. They tried to get in my way, tried to stop me from getting to where the one who needed help was... and then I recall nothing else except the fight that ensued when they attacked me after I tried to shoo them off and... waking up here."

Chita sighed softly before asking, "How much damage did I truly do? It is strange trying to defend ones self when all you have to go by is sound and other such, I was trying to simply knock the damned creatures away and make them scurry off, but one kept attacking no matter how much I tried to knock it away."
Oathkeeper "I can't say. There was a red haired woman near you when you were knocked out who had some lacerations, but I am uncertain if you caused them." Prince Charming answers Chita. He recognizes the rabbit, he believes, from the day of the Ball. But only vaguely. "I am afraid taht you were somehow fooled however. There were no distressed voices in that room. The Princess - Cinderella - was peacefully asleep. And while I guarded her, I heard nothing of the kind." He pauses for a moment... and then adds something.

"But I do know you'd been fighting a man named Angantyr and a woman who I presume to be her partner."
Chita The more the Prince spoke, the more confused Chita seemed. His posture dropped suddenly as that was said, shaking a bit before with an angry growl he punched the bed he was sitting on. A rather pained sound came from the furniture piece, as if showing he was a little stronger than his form may give way. "The man I spoke of... Seith... has the ability to illusion others into hearing, feeling things that are not there, seeing them too I can only imagine." he pointedly didn't expand on their encounter in the Petrified Forest, though. "It is just as possible that you were illusioned into thinking they were there and that it was Heartless... as much as I was misled into thinking they were all heartless. ... for all I know, none of this is even real."

That whole concept still bothered him quite heavily, that he had no idea when an illusion began and ended and he had nothing to go by, at all, to know otherwise unless Seith wanted such. That amount of control stripped simply by that being was quite unnerving. "If what you said is true... then it would make sense. Yet... if that was the case..." he looks up towards the Prince, facing him directly. "Why do I yet live? The man you named, Angantyr, is a barbarous bastard who has on no less than two occasions tried to kill me for little less than words and chance, one time for as little as saying someone else was a good man." His tone had no hesitation in it, no show that he was lying about that either. "Given the chance, I know full well he would have tried to kill me, likely without any provocation needed. There is a reason the land of Archades has, last I knew, a bounty on his head and a death sentence attached."
Oathkeeper "I see. He must be quite a dangerous individual then. We should be glad that he didn't show for the invasion on the castle." Although Cinderella had pointed out that he'd been in the shared cursed dream. But why had the man not simply shown up in the real world? Had it really been that he'd gotten himself cursed? It must be. They truly have to thank Will, if that man is truly so troublesome.

"As for the man named Angantyr. I do not know him well enough to make a judgement call on him, sir. But I can tell you this - he spared your life." He could easily have pushed Prince Charming aside after all. He had only barely deflected that sword for a moment, and then had stood back. Not that he'll tell Chita about that. He feels that doing so is the right thing to do.

"But I can guarantee you, this is real."
Chita "Then I know not what to say." Because no matter what this fellow says, Chita has no reason to ever believe Angantyr would do something of his own accord given his past encounters with him. An awkward silence followed, mostly awkward on Chita's part, because he wasn't sure what to say or where to go. He finally asked, though, "Is she safe? The Princess, I mean. It all seemed so real... that even now I am uncertain it was false. I know what I heard... and I know I went there to try and rescue whoever was in need of help. I suppose... as long as she is safe in the end, nothing else matters. Even if I am imprisoned. Anothers safety is something worth any price of ones self after all."
Oathkeeper "She is safe." The Prince answers Chita, moving a hand through his hair before laying his hand down to his knees again. He's not entirely certain what to say to this Chita person. He'll need some time to talk to Cinderella, and maybe her Fairy Godmother now that she is around again. But until then...

"And I will assume we'll be releasing you soon. If what you are saying is the truth, none of this mess is your fault."
Chita When Chita heard she was safe, he smiled and turned so his back was against the wall, looking quite relieved. All in all, that was all he was after, trying to ensure whoever was safe at wherever he was going towards. "I wonder, though... why Seith wanted her safe so badly that he would try and guise me into trying to keep her safe even further. Perhaps... he knows something we do not and she is in danger from something else. There was another girl a while back that he tried the same with, in Tycoon. Whoever you are, please... protect her. Whatever the reason, she is important somehow. And she is loved, by many, and her husband, the Prince." Seems Chita hasn't quite realized who he was talking to yet. "It would be a horrible thing indeed if any had to feel the pain of her getting hurt."
Oathkeeper The Prince nods in acknowledgement to Chita's words. "I do not know. But I will assure her, I will continue to keep my wife safe." The man then finally gets up from the wooden seat, and begins to move over. "They should let you out by tomorrow if things check out. Stay safe, sir." The prince finally indicates, before he wanders off.
Chita "May I ask you one more thing?" Chita calls out as the fellow stands and turns to leaves. If that /was/ the Prince... perhaps he would know.
Oathkeeper "Of course." The Prince answers Chita, halting and turning at the corner of the hallway. "What is it?"
Chita Slowly standing and making his way to the gate of the cell the Viera leaned against it and asked softly, "At the ball... paintings were revealed. My companion at the time remarked that on the paintings, there were figures who had keyblades. Who were they? And... what significance did they play with this land?"
Oathkeeper "If think for that, it be best you ask Cinderella." Prince Charming explains. "But I think the best answer is that they were all Keyblade wielders, bringing peace not just to our lives - but to our world. If it wasn't for them... I don't know what would have happened to me and her." And with that, the man believes himself to have explained enough, and indeed leaves.

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