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(2014-01-21 - 2014-01-24)
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Avira Rabanastre! A city of commerce! A city under the iron rule of Archades! A city occasionally tormented by Heartless!

Races of many stripes mix in this city, from the massive Seeqs to the slender Viera. Many clans make their home here, including the famous Monteblanc-lead clan! Of course, there is also Clan Dagda, who has grown in the past few months from its days of having only five members. Past misunderstandings had since blown over and the local authorities no longer have it out for the tiny clan.

Though Avira couldn't really be considered a member anymore, having gone off to found VALKYRI, she still held a great deal of respect for Dagda. They did save her life over a year ago! Which is why Avira has come here today-to hunt down the clan and visit them! Friends are certainly free-and insisted, nonetheless-to come along.
Deelel Avira was not alone today, nay. A certain bundle of trouble from the digital world had come with her. Deelel was curious to meet Avira's friend and anyone who'd saved the life of a friend of her's? Has points in Deelel's good books. Also the way the people of this city had built it? It got Deelel's attention it was so different from her own world, or worlds that her own seemed to be a mirror of, such as Manhattan.
Deelel Avira was not alone today, nay. A certain bundle of trouble from the digital world had come with her. Deelel was curious to meet Avira's friend and anyone who'd saved the life of a friend of her's? Has points in Deelel's good books. Also the way the people of this city had built it? It got Deelel's attention it was so different from her own world, or worlds that her own seemed to be a mirror of, such as Manhattan.

"It's funny how things go isn't it? If I was told, I'd be friends with several Users a few cycles ago, I'd have thought the person mad. Still you know the Sun's kinda creepy..."

The PRogram follows along in good spirits from the looks of her, given what happened with Cinderlla? How could she not be? They'd been very lucky, given how dangerous Seith and LEXUS are.
Valencia Carrying a few boxes of mechanical parts and magical reagents is Valencia, wandering through the streets of Rabanastre apparently attempting to dodge the people wandering through the crowds as she suddenly careens into a nearby market stall causing the nu mou running it to dodge off to the side as best he can due to his relatively large bulk, and stomp frustratedly. "Come now, there's no need for -that-!" he says as Valencia slowly stands up and says, "I-It wasn't on purpose, honest!"
Avira "If I was told over a year ago that I'd be the leader of a mercenary guild and in shape, I wouldn't have believed it either!" Avira laughs. "But...the sun? I don't get it, what makes the sun so creepy? In a way it's just another power source available to people. Most useful for plant life and things that can do photosynthesis but..."

Avira seems to be winding her way through the markets, heading for a building above ground (!) that Clan Dagda had allegedly moved into. As she looks around, some commotion catches her attention as a market stall shakes from a collision. "...hey wait a second, I've heard that voice before."

Frowning, she pushes her way through the dense crowd, popping out from a wall of people opposite of Valencia and the stall. "...hey! You! I haven't seen you in forever, Valencia!"
Deelel Deelel says "I know but when your world naturally doesn't have one. I thought it was an explosions when I first arrived. Funny how right I was in a way about it given how stars are."

She does seem to get the points about it being a free energy source, from the look on her place.

"Prehaps but most basics would consider everything here to be grid bugs at first. As in serving no purpose. We're very much alike in some ways, in others we're as alien as heartless are to eachother. Humm do you know her?"

Deelel follows her friend along to see just whom this mystery person is.
Valencia Looking up at Avira and Deelel, Valencia smiles and says, "Avira!" as she skates over momentarily using floating magic. "I haven't seen you in a good while either... Man, I should've left -notice- or something. I can't even begin to imagine how that looked to VALKYRI, going off to conduct a long study and not even... Argh." she says, frazzling her hair in frustration. "One thing. You forget ONE thing..."
Avira "Yep. It's an explosion, but it's one that's really, really far away so it's okay. Still, you can still feel the heat." Avira laughs, though struck with interest at the 'grid bugs' comparison. "Lots of people go through their whole life not knowing their purpose. For some non-Programs it would probably be a welcomed relief to be a program and to know exactly what you need to do."

Avira does not specify if she falls into this category.

"Of course. Deelel, this is Valencia, she's one of the members of VALKYRI! Though she has a habit of disappearing for months on end. We've been storing a lot of stuff in your lab by the way. A /lot/ of stuff."

She folds her arms over her chest. "Some heads up on this kind of thing would be appreciated, Valencia! Or else someone's going to mark you as dead."
Deelel Deelel says "Greetings, humnan. I'm Deelel as she said and it's good to meet you Valencia."

Deelel grins a little bit and takes a bit of a step back as she seems lost in thought on something, however she is aying full attention to the others.

"Checking in is normally a good idea, we had people kidnapped in the past after all."
Valencia "S-Sorry..." Valencia says, then sighs and hangs her arms. "...Like that would even cut it. I'll stay in touch from now on, no sense in this happening -again-." as she shakes her head. "I... I guess going on a wild goose chase for a heartless of a particular type is a bad idea, huh?" she says, "Turned up nothing." then shakes her head. "Either way. It's good to see you again and... If I can I'll make it up to you. Not sure how when I was gone for -months- but..."
Avira "Good, good. We worry, you know! We don't want you out there getting kidnapped or anything /horrible/. And if you are, you can bet we'll try to track you down and rescue you, you know?" She pauses, then nods in agreement. "Yeah I wouldn't go Heartless hunting without at least bringing along a buddy! Or more of your neat little magitek drone thingies."

Pausing, Avira looks in deep thought, "Weeeeellllll now that you mentioned it, since you've been out our headquarters in Traverse Town has been assaulted a few times and even partially destroyed once. It could use a tuned-up security system, you know?"
Valencia Glint. Oooooh, someone's gotten Valencia going. "Security system you say." she says, "Well, could probably have a coded resonance system, detect magical energy... Few samples of holy energy, presence of darkness would conflict with that and cause a change in a system, flip a switch maybe channel something more traditional like elemental magic or-" then glances up and says, "...I could definitely do that, yes." with a smile. "Keep things from going completely insane back at base."
Avira "Yes, yes indeed. Destroying our headquarters seems to be a popular form of retribution against us." Avira laughs, "The other method, of course, being kidnapping though we're working on dealing with that. But yes! I suspect it would have to be fairly complex too since....well you haven't met Angantyr yet have you? He's one of our members and he is a dark knight. Meaning he has command of darkness and all. I wouldn't want our security system accidentally attacking him!"
Valencia "Angantyr?" Valencia asks, "Well, I could probably try to key it to individual hearts but really, that's something of a tough task... Not that I can't do it though, it just might take more time is all!" she says. "Make sure that specific signatures are attacked and such."
Avira "I wouldn't mind if it took more time. We seem to be in a bit of a lull right now with the whole 'being attacked' thing." Avira points out, "So while the bad guys have better things to do than harass us we can shore up our defenses! Anyway, think of it as a challenge." She grins and motions for Valencia to walk with her so that nu mou stops glaring at them.
Valencia Following along with Avira, Valencia says, "So it's really good to see you again." pause, "...I should probably explain why I went off like this." then frowns. "...It's a rival from back home. I... I think she was driven to embrace darkness by constantly being pushed to do better, and... I just tried hard, she... Probably got told any number of cruel things." then sighs. "I can't blame myself for what she did I know. But at the same time, I want to save her if I can. Somehow. Some way."
Avira "It's good to see you, too." Avira agrees. She doesn't say anything after that, merely looking upon Valencia to explain further without any hint of judgement in her eyes. She doesn't interrupt or say anything until the woman has finished the tale of her ill-fated rival. "So you believe she's turned towards the darkness? Did you meet her again while you were out?"
Valencia "...I... Think I have." Valencia says, "I tried to get through to her once. But... She just fled. I want to believe there's a mind in the creature I'm seeing somewhere but I have no idea if that's possible at all." frown, "I mean, it's... Not possible to restore heartless, is it?.."
Avira A look of sadness is seen upon Avira's face as understanding dawns. The rival wasn't just using the darkness. The rival had /become/ a Heartless. "I..." she hesitates, "I've never seen it done before, Valencia, but...I don't want to believe it can't be done. Just that we haven't figured out a way to do it quite know? There's still a whole lot we don't know about when it comes to Heartless and the world hearts and keyblades."
Valencia "...I know." Valencia says, "Giving up hope here would just stymie any possible effort that could be used to find some way of reversing it. I know, darkness isn't as simple as some kind of... Sorcerous cure, neither are hearts. But the fact of the matter is, if I can help in any sort of way I will. Studies should be tempered with caution though... I don't want it to turn into an obsession out of guilt. That never goes anywhere good."
Avira "I agree. Obsession can lead to some dark...dark places." Avira turns and puts a hand on Valencia's shoulder. "If there is anything the rest of us can do to help, please let us know. We will do what we can. Should you make this sort of breakthrough in releasing the process...a lot of people could be saved."
Deelel Deelel has been here as the pair of friends catch up and she's clearly paying attention to the pair as they talk.

"I'd be willing belately to get a few things from back home for your HQ, Avira. I think even a few out dated turrets would be useful. Most people do not expected rezzing technology here."

She smells a project of some sort or another.

"Some times there's nothing you can do for those who has fallen but stop them from making their own lives worse. You can't give up hope, it be wise to be careful. What I have seen it can leard, yes to no where good."
Valencia "Thank you." Valencia says, "It's... Good to know I have support in this, and people to catch me if I start falling too."
Avira "You should show 'em to Valencia, Deelel, I bet she'll be really interested." Avira grins, motioning at the scientist. "Valencia, this is a friend of mine, Deelel. She's from the Grid which means she's a program made out of data!"

She looks to Valencia. "We'll make sure to prevent that. We don't want to lose anymore people, especially not a fellow VALKYRI."
Deelel Deelel says "I have reasons to look into such, it's strange though. It's funny some people would claim my people were without hearts. Yet I found proof I we do...and I still need to look into somethings related to that. I will, Avira. I totally will."

She tilts her head a little bit, an just flat out grins.

"Hi, yes she's correct we refer to our people as Basics. As I said, I'd be happy to show you. I do have a few examples of technology from home, on me. If you'd like to see."
Valencia "A program made out of..." Valencia says, then peers at Deelel. "You've got a lot of interesting things about you then." as she vwips from place to place, examining Deelel quickly. "So what is it that you're made of exactly? Hard light? Magical constructs? Just plain metal, having your data downloaded into a robot shell?"
Avira Avira says nothing to this, watching on in amusement as Valencia starts to examine Deelel. She herself eventually stops walking, hanging around outside an elaborate-looking building.
Deelel Deelel smirks for a moment at Valenica.

"I'm made of voxels as we would call them. Think like pixels but not quite I guess. We never really saw the need to study that, might be Hard light given that's how a lot of things work back home."

She pauses as she pulls a baton out even s she's being looked over.

"Stand back if you will."

She takes a moment then presses something on the baton once no one is too close. Light comes out of the baton forming a wire-frame, which then seems to form about Deelel, and one can see the innards forming a shell eventually forms and Deelel is now hugging a very sleek looking motorcycle of some sort. She tilts her head a bit and grins.

"This is a light cycle. Most common form of personal transport on the Grid."
Valencia "Ooooooooh." Valencia says, looking at the lightcycle. "Solidified lightning magic, maybe. Some kind of propulsion system involving... Haste, lightning together, what's its top speed? How many kilogram/meters-per-second force can it sustain an impact at? How do you drive it?"
Deelel Deelel shakes her head. "Magic is alien to my world, so I'm not certain there. The engine i'm not a mechanic program I'm afraid. I'm a multi media program whose expaneded on what I was made to do. I'm still an artist though." Deelel rattles off the top speed which is pretty damn fast, beyond what most normal motor cycles would be allowed to do legally. She also gives the impact ratios as far as she knows them.

"Much like you would a human made cycle would be piloted. Avira's ridden them before."
Valencia "Oh, I see." Valencia says as she draws her fingers across the light cycle and grins. "I can feel the vertices..." she says. Wow, someone's got the nerd thing going on. "Data construct affecting the world in tangible form likely through some kind of electromagnetic resonance on a level vaguely reminiscent of a smart material, barring the fact that it's an energy construct!.. Or so I assume."
Deelel It would feel cool to the touch much like metal realy.

"Pretty much, I think so."

Deelel notes, as she presses a button on the bike, the part covering her back seems to melt away ans she sits up, rather than hugging the bike like was was expecting to drive it.

"I think so, I admit I'm a bit odd for basic I have a friend whose a mechanic that would know more. But he's being worked pretty hard lately back on the grid."

What /was/ Beck up to aside from working for Mara at Abel's garage?
Valencia "It's so COOL!" Valencia says, her eyes practically shining with sheer glee. "How you do make one? I want to take it apart, put it back together, and see if it -runs-!"
Deelel Deelel laughsd at how excited Valencia is.

"Not my function, but I know where we could go. It would involve a trip to my world and you? Not mentioning tyour a human or a user. Trust me, users are our Gods. The ones who made us there's no denying that but there are those who'd mean you harm. There;'d be a lot to learn about the tools needed for one. Ones for user tech wouldn't work..."
Avira "Promise you'll be our guide if we go to Argon City, Deelel. We don't want to have another incident like that one time with Mercade. That was...too close for comfort." Avira didn't know exactly what would happen if a human went through the games. Mercade was about to find out.
Valencia "...Mercade?" Valencia asks, "Why, what happened with her? I mean... Something related to the whole, 'Grid is a bit dangerous' thing?"
Deelel Deelel says "That is the plan, I don't plan to let my friends go in alone. So I would be your guide there. Yes it can be dangerous at times but anyworld can be. It's a bit of a bad at the moment. So long as we don't make a fuss well find. As for mercade they went in alone and ... ended up getting in trouble with the security forces really quick. However We have a few friends, who can help get you fitted out with a functional ID disc and anything else you need."

She points to the disc on her back.

"Do not mess with a program's disc, /ever/. It be like me asking to probe your brain."

in a way Deelel is throwing her mind at people when she fights.
Valencia "...Huh, alright." Valencia says, "I'll do everything I can properly, no sense in mucking things up upon your first visit to a new world, right?"
Deelel Deelel grins. "Sounds like a plan."

Deelel turns her ride back into a baton and falls in with th others as they prepare to move on.

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