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Old Glare-Eyes
(2014-01-19 - 2014-01-21)
Angantyr finally gets a visit with Yen Sid. What does he learn?
Zero-One The last time Angantyr was at Phantasia Tower, he was left a note to go take care of the 'problem in the Old Kingdoms'.

Now, the way in is unbarred, literally and figuratively. Up the stairway, Angantyr meets with an aged old man in blue robes and a blue wizard's hat. In some ways he resembles Merlin, but none of the mischeviousness that softens Merlin's features is present in Yen Sid's face. His eyes seem to pierce whatever they look at, measuring and weighing them. The study itself is spartan, holding a few shelves of various wizardly paraphenelia, as well as a desk with some chairs. Ywn Sid sits behind the desk, and Angantyr is given one of the chairs on the other side. "So, you have sought me out." Yen Sid comments. "It has been a long time since a Keyblade Wielder has come here. I am Yen Sid, the Sorceror. Please let me know why you have come."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr finally is here...Yen Sid is not who he'd thought he'd be...though the nickname from Archemedies...makes a lot more sense now. Of course, it seems he'll get along with Yen Sid famously well...something about the way the place is.

"Knowledge, really. It seems someone who has a grude against you guys, wants people who you can't control. So he somehow is givin' out Keyblades...or I guess, punching holes in what you did to seal them away."

"Yeah, I get why. Merlin's made a few hints to the reason, and the dreams, visions, and Castle Oblivion has made it clear to me why you'd not want these things in every hand out there."

"It doesn't stop the questions I have, and I'd rather be well informed before I go takin' sides in what seems to be wizard dickery."

"No offense."

"There is stuff about what happened, what these things are really for, and the battles between darkness and light I don't know. And also...why there is a young woman lost in the depths of the greatest darkness alone."
Zero-One Yen Sid continues staring at Angantyr. His expression doesn't change in the slightest at the mention of 'wizard dickery'. "The secrets of attaining a Keyblade are hidden to all but a few." Yen Sid says. "And for good reason. Misguided people with Keyblades almost destroyed everything in earlier times, and even now the echoes continue to be heard."

The Sorceror pauses for a moment, folding his hands. "I would be most interested to hear of this man who is providing them to others and his /reasons/ for doing so." His tone is calm and infinitely confident, the inflection of his voice and his tone carrying all of the nuance he needs.

"I am, however, a teacher in my own way. The pursuit of knowledge is a laudable one and I will be happy to help guide you." His eyes narrow slightly. "Who is this woman of which you speak? Can you describe her?"
Angantyr Vespar "Young, blue hair. Friendly face...The only name I know her as is Aqua, and I only found that out from my recent trip to Cinderella's Castle. It seems she, and her two friends had a impression on her."

"Which leads me to another point...I thought originally she was unreleated to another image I saw...but it seems to fit. Three figures were fighting a old man, one of great darkness. When I asked his name from the figure who guided me to Castle Oblivion..."

"His name was given to me as Xehonort. The figures I saw in the image, are the same build as those in the pictures in the castle."

"I saw many things on this trip...and yes, I know the power of the keyblade. It's not just a weapon to kill heartless easily. That much I learned..." Angantyr is still haunted by the image he saw...the man he become taken over by the power of the keyblade.

"Also, if you are one of the party responsible for sealing them...are you also aware of the threat the Shadow Lords bring?"
Zero-One "Yes... Aqua. I have met her. She is... was?... A most talented Keyblade Wielder." Yen Sid replies. "I have not seen her in a very long time... and if what you say is true, she has come to a very unfortunate position." He sighs, closing his eyes for a moment and shaking his head slowly, before continuing.

"Xehanort... He is a figure of terrible evil and great Darkness. But he was defeated, he should not be a threat anymore."

Yen Sid raps a thin knuckle on the desk twice. "The Keyblades were not 'sealed'. Only the knowledge of how to attain one, which is normally a very arduous task, Sir Vespar. Your benefactor must be quite gifted indeed." He pauses. "Regardless, I am well aware of the threat of the Shadow Lords. I have been working against them in my own way. One does not require a Keyblade to stop them, it is only a useful tool."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shakes his head..

"Is. She's still there, I know it. The issue is...even I, with all my mastery of darkness, wouldn't go out there without a plan. How she is still out there, a testimate to how much light she must have." he says,'s strange.

"Well, be that as it may, he might be defeated, but it doesn't mean that what he has done isn't still effecting us. I just have bits and pieces of what I should know."

"And I also disagree with the last point. They destroyed Manhattan, and what Avira told me is true...that the only way to seal the worlds from the Heartless...and from the Shadow Lords, is to lock them."

"Though I imagine what you are getting at is that at the end of the day it is the heart that weilds it, more than the weapon itself, that is more important?"
Zero-One Yen Sid studies Angantyr carefully. He is much less animate than Merlin, that is for sure. "Maybe one such as you would understand better than most about the dangers she would be facing even now." He seems to shift, relaxing... slightly, a faint alteration of his shoulders. " But you are correct. Having a Keyblade would not have saved Manhattan. The world may have been locked against the Heartless, but for it to have fallen in the first place..." He pauses. "Manhattan fell because you failed to protect it. Nothing more. Nothing less. The Shadow Lords do not require a Keyblade to defeat them. They are powerful servants of evil, but there are other ways to fight them... as long as your will and your heart are strong."
Angantyr Vespar "Well, reguardless. We're going to need to save her...the question is...finding her, and then getting there...then getting back."

Angantyr isn't taking no for an answer there...but it might take years if anything.

"You're right there. I can't deny it...but I was less experienced then, less knowledgeable to what their goals were. Then I thought, one group of evil guys is the same as anyothers...and they paid plenty of money."

"While a keyblade is not required, it does not hurt. The issue is...if I am to be properly arm, I need to know more and increase my skill with it. They're after something, but even I was never able to garner exactly what. My former master was not...forth coming with his secrets."

"Nor do I think his machinations are done." Angantyr muses. "All I ask is to know the direction I need to go to learn to master what I have, so that I will not be tricked into abusing what I have. I admit, I know little of it's full power...but I know enough to be wary of it. As I did with the darkness, I need to master it."

"I also need knowledge which to best fight with. There are other things in my dreams I learned, and things that Merlin let slip about what the keyblades were oringally made for."
Zero-One "I suppose you cannot be faulted for your persistence. But the only involvement I will have in this is attempting to give you the guidance you need. I cannot go to that place."

Yen Sid considers for a moment what Angantyr requests. He is silent, leaning back slightly and bringing up a hand to his chin in thought. "I know a great deal about the nature and workings of a Keyblade. But I am not a Master. So much has been lost..." He thinks for a moment longer. "Your road to learning how to master your Keyblade will be long... And the Darkness within you will not make it any easier."
Angantyr Vespar "Nothing worth having is ever easy." Angantyr says, "And that Darkness is not going is something naturally connected to my very being, something I've had from birth." he shrugs. "Though something that I learned in my trial for the blade itself...power need not be for it's own sake. Compassion can temper it."

"If you're willing to show, I am atleast willing to learn."

"Yeah, that's what I've gathered about all of this. A lot has been lost...but it doesn't mean it can't be found again. There is no use sitting here complaining about it either...I only know how to go forward."
Zero-One Yen Sid looks unimpressed. "I did not say you needed to get rid of it. Everyone has Darkness within them, as they do Light. The important thing is to control it and ensure it does not gain dominance. You claim you have mastered it, but that will become more apparent with time... And without mastery, true mastery, you will never progress."

There is a short bit of silence. "I will have to consider the request. There may be others who are more suited for the task if they can be found."
Angantyr Vespar "You have a child, and a hapless detective, and me." Angantyr doesn't know about the other two. He hasn't met them.

"But sure.." Angantyr shrugs.

"I'm not giving up just because you think I'm no good, though."

"But you're the wizened old man here, and I'm the young pup." He says, somewhat ironically.
Zero-One "Other teachers, not other students. I am quite aware of the other two Keyblade wielders." Yen Sid comments. "I know you will not give up. That, perhaps, might be part of the problem. You continue to reach, perhaps too far for you to handle." He closes his eyes, and exhales. "But this is not the time for that. I will help you with advice. I will consider your training and will respond once I have come to a decision."

He pauses. "You did not, however, inform me of the identity of this person that managed to give you a Keyblade in the first place."
Angantyr Vespar "He called himself Lucas Sheridan, a man with dark hair in a white greatcoat. He had a vest with red lining beneath it."

Angantyr says, "He had an associate...he called him Xemnas." Angantyr informs.

"He dropped the name freely, almost slyly..."
Zero-One "Lucas Sheridan..." Yen Sid mentions. "I am not familiar with the name, which is worrying to me. But nothing else can be done right now."

He pauses at the mention of Xemnas, and then shakes his head. "Xemnas... I will have to make a note of it. Whatever the reasons are, you were right about one thing. All we can do is move forward."
Angantyr Vespar "Hm." Angantyr says.

"I'm not used to people in your position actually admitting to not knowing everything." Angantyr says, That's noteworty of respect to him. "Mhmm. Well...we'll worry about the details as we find out I guess. If nothing else, thank you for at least hearing what I had to say and helpin' out." A pause...

"Oh that reminds me...another thing you should know. The spell Mim used to mess with everyone's hearts, as I figured you didn't send me off to deal with that for was centered through a old looking tome. We unfortinately couldn't save it, lest it fall into the hands of a group called Shinra. The same group that created the heart eating beast a while back."

"Mim is more than sort of angry about it."
Zero-One "I have nothing to prove, young man. But this Lucas Sherida worries me. If he somehow knows the methods in which someone can be given a Keyblade, it means he can continue as much as he wants... Which couldlead to chaos. A Keyblade in the hands of the wrong person can cause terrible destruction."

"But I do see I was correct, then. Madam Mim is a dangerous person. The use of a Grimoire for this purpose though... I wonder if it was her madness that moved her, or something else. You were right to destroy the book. Such things cannot be allowed to remain in the hands of evil."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shrugs...

"I am not sure. I can always ask the next time she drives by."

"Well, something he mentioned...the powers he used didn't seem to be wholly under his control. It leaves me to believe that either he can't pick who he gives...those people are already destined or have what it takes..."

"Or he's full of it and is just riding the coattails of someone else."

"But this isn't my department. Just an observation."

"Well...if nothing else, I'll take my leave and wait for a call back. There is plenty out there for me to do, or geting into trouble with."

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