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Moonlit Madness
(2014-01-17 - 2014-01-24)
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Avira Bramble Woods. It's always cold here, though right now especially so since it is winter. There is thick snow on the ground but the skies are clear tonight. The moon hangs high in the sky, bathing the bare branches in eerie lighting.

Shapes move throughout the woods. Judging by the tracks in the ground, they are comprised of one of three things:


The paths criss cross here and there, some spots suggesting that at one point one party met the other. In some spots there is even a bit of blood on the ground or fur trapped to brambles. At the end of one set of tracks, there is no blood, but it does suddenly stop abruptly. Craning to look upwards would reveal a dark shape resting in the above tree, one leg dangling lazily over the branch.

Avira seems content. She is alone and nobody has bothered her-or rather, she looks alone. She is, in fact, friends with the pack of wolves in this forest and the astute will notice that her tracks crossing with wolf tracks portray the story of a friendly encounter.
Warden Thache Oh. She isn't alone. She just thinks she is.

The sounds of someone cursing comes driving on the wind to her ears and those of her wolves. Its loud. Its annoyed. Its...


The voice is at least, if not the tone and the words themselves. That kind of newly familiar, something heard recently but not often. It comes from nearer to the edge of the forest, near of the larger wagon trails.

Should she look? She would find a familiar wagon stuck in the mud of the road. A familiar figure who introduced himself as NICKOLAI THE MAGNIFICENT! LEADER OF TEACHE'S PLAYERS. A familiar figure she attempted to use in a ritual to bring darkness upon the world.

Or something.

'Nickolai' was too busy trying to get out of it to really remember. Right now he just wants out of this rotten little town, and this wagon is being a pain.

His argument is clear with one of the other players, a tall figure that looks like it might be made compleatly out of stone. They argue. They argue. Then...

"FINE I'LL TRY TO FIND A PLANK OR SOMETHING!" Explosively from the 'performer' as he flails one hand up over his head. "ITS A BLOODY FOREST THERE HAS TO BE ONE THERE!!" And the brightly garbed individual spins on his heels and stalks towards the forest.

...right towards Avira's friendly wolves infact. He isn't seeing too good as he walks grumbling.

...a cat + dogs. This won't end well will it?
Avira Avira snorts. People moving through the forest-so NOISY. She could hear them easily. Then again, most people haven't had the hunter-ranger training that Avira has over this past year. In a short amount of time, she could become in tune with a forest. Curious, she pushes herself to her feet and leaps to another tree, then another, using her parkour skills to agily navigate the forest to the commotion.

It doesn't take her long to find them. They're pretty noisy after all! She doesn't reveal herself quite yet and instead watches them. Now she did recognize this guy and Seith did allege that his heart was full of darkness. He didn't actually seem that...bad though? Maybe it was the spell. Regardless, Avira isn't sure what to make of the she spies on him!

Those wolves, though...well. Those wolves aren't friendly to people that aren't Avira unfortunately. Warden walks into them and quickly finds himself surrounded by the snarling beasts.

Avira doesn't do anything to stop them-yet, remaining in her tree watching to see how he reacts.
Deelel The cold is a thing to Deelel but it's not like it would be were she human agian, or a human naturally. So here she was once more, what was Deelel seeking honestly something to inspire some more art. She'd not partook in her functionf or too long, and it was not boding well with her. It's like a bird has to fly, fish got to swim, a Program needs to carry out a function.

She is aware of the local wildlife but does not seem bnothered as she's got a cloak on and has no real sent that screams, hi there I am food.

She's unaware of Avira being out here or her wolf friends.

She does however notices the tracks of a human and something else.

"Strange, does not seem to be a fight."

She adjusts the light staff she was using and carris onwards.

She hears some shouting and starts to home in on it, just what are going on here and soon she'd be noitced by sound or even sight. The glow from her staff might be a give away to whom she might be.
Warden Thache "Oh. Great. How could things get worse than this."

Warden hears the wolves first, the growling as they shift around in the underbrush. He left his weapons back at the wagon, thinking...and not for the first time...what could happen to him in a forest like this.

Naturally. Wolves could happen.

The man seems a touch concerned, but Avira might notice its not as concerned as a helpless man /should/ feel when meeting a pack of wolves in the dark. One large black cat ear just twitches in annoyance.

He sniffs the wind a moment, trying to judge just how far away from the wagon he might be. Too far to quickly get help...therefor...

Before he even sees the glow of Deelel's staff...

He moves.

His agility is beyong what a human could manage, naturally. Since he isn't human. His speed swift as a stalking cat. He leaps for the wolves, and stomps down on the head of one of them in order to get the boost he needs to a long-hanging branch and swing up with the effortless ease of a tree climber.

"'ruddy dogs." He grumbles as he scrambles up the trunk of the tree and higher into the branches.

Sadly he didn't know the tree was occupied. Was that an ankle or a branch he just grabbed?!
Avira It could get worse. There could be MORE wolves! Being the pack animals that they are, there are quite a few out here, mostly males, clearly on the hunt. Warden seems to have stumbled in at the wrong time and given his feline appearance, he seems to be even more of a tasty snack to the canines.

They growl and snarl, inching closer, crowding around him. Avira leans forward a little, about to call them off, when he jumps and bounces off the head of one. For that wolf, he faceplants into the ground with a confused yelp. Warden's hand reaches up and grasps a branch-no, it's not a branch. It feels too soft to be a branch!

Warden swings himself up by Avira's ankle, landing in a branch on the same tree, but not on the one that Avira sits. Of course, the contact resulted in a yelp of her own. "Hey!" she blurts out, hunkering down on the branch and glaring at him.

After a moment she takes after him.
Deelel Deelel picks up the pace a little bit as she becomes aware of someone else is here they are not human, right? She now catcches sights of more user grid bugs. She means animals, it's still strange to see so many things that seem to be without purpose. She's not making a hostile action when the alien makes like a certain plumber Deelel has seen in Flynn's arcade.

She lower her staff a bit as she watches to see as Avira has now shown up and is bolding after them.

"Just what is going on here?!"

The Program breaks into a run to catch up with woves, Avira and the man from Paris?
Warden Thache Well now its Warden's turn to be suprised. He wasn't quite prepared to find someone /in/ his chosen tree. "What?" He cat-man looks down as he hears the exclaimation from a familiar and slightly unwelcome voice. "What are you doing here?!"

However, Warden has forgotten the old adage. Always look where you are climbing.

He grasps an old branch, deadwood. It snaps right under his weight and the agile figure starts to topple over with a lound but wordless exclimation of suprise.

Over he goes, back down towards the ground and the wolves. Grasping for anyhing that might stop or slow his fall. Anything meaning Avira of course.

So Deelel is treated with the sight of seeing a very good climber...fall. Possibily two of them.
Avira "I'm-hey, that's none of your business!" Avira shouts back, climbing up after him. She's gaining pretty fast too. Turns out she's pretty swift for a human, almost as if she practices this a whole lot. As she scrambles after him, she hears the tell-tale snap of a dead branch when he grabs onto a branch overhead.

She's not fast enough to swing out of the way when he comes falling down upon her. What she does manage is to secure herself to the branch she's on by wrapping her legs around it. Warden falls on top of her and Avira swings down, managing to stay up. Warden grasps onto anything he can and winds up clinging to the dangling Avira.

The wolves become agitated and start to gather around the tree, leaving Deelel alone. They eye Warden expectantly, perhaps hoping for him to drop.

"Augh! Stop grabbing me!" Avira yelps, smacking at his hands.
Deelel Deelel is watching Warden fall, prehaps to his doom? Okay not his doom, well the doom of his personal pride perhaps. The program has closed in at this point as she hear the two shouting she watches the pair are not engaging in combat.

"You head the lady! Let go!"

she's mivng clearly to catch Warden, after all he might seemt o be a bit of a jerk but he's done nothing to be seen as malicous after all right?

"I'll catch you if you like..."
Warden Thache "NO!" Warden's responce should be fairly obvious. "There are wolves and I'm a cat. That does not add up to fun in my book!" The man replies as he continues to cling. Possibily in places he shouldn't be clinging. Possibly just to her belt. Its hard to see in the dark. "Stop smacking me! This is your fault for being in this tree in the first place!"

The pirate doesn't care for logic, so he just makes his own up as he goes.

Scrabbling with his legs he manages to at least hook one over the branch that Avira's on, so he isn't held there /just/ by the huntress. Thats something right.

And then someone else is yelling at him.

"If I let her go I fall. If I fall there are /wolves/. I do not much like the idea of falling! Even with someone to catch me!! They do not look friendly!"
Avira Being a character that's both technically Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, Avira has multiple belts. Warden could cling to any number of them! "Argh, watch your hands you pervert!" Avira calls out, smacking him again. "How can this be my fault?! You fell on me!"

When he manages to get some purches on the tree with his leg, Avira actively tries to push warden off of herself. "I can call off the wolves!" she huffs. "If you don't get off of me I will tell them to attack you!" Not that they'd be able to reach Warden this high enough in the tree.
Deelel Deelel says "Funny you don't look like a real cat to me."

She narrows her eyes for a brief moment and then sighs this is going no where and Delele shrugs.

"They don't seem to be focused on me at all. Well you did step on one of their heads like a Plumber."

She seems a bit more amused at this now, she think they got it well in hand, still she's trying to not laugh, this is failing as the oddly digitall warbled voice she has make the snickering sound a bit strange.
Warden Thache "And you were /in/ the tree! Not my fault you didn't get out of my way," Warden shoots back. "And I'm not a pervert! I'm a performer!" Well. At least he pretends to be one at the moment.

Of course some people might say there isn't that much of a difference.

"Wait? They are /your/ wolves? Maybe you wanted me to climb you then!" Ha! He is on to you Avira. He is totally onto you.

"Fine then. Fine. You call off the wolves and I'll let you go--hey! Stop shoving! I got thease robes on the far side of venus!"

He glances back down towards Deelel though with a confused look. " plumbers around here step on heads? Thats...odd." He should watch out for battle plumbers he suposes.
Avira Strange thing about that too. Warden's species is kind of a loss to Avira. She's not all that familiar with aliens! Not that Warden couldn't be on eof the anthropomorphic races too!

She wiggles and swirms, her hands leaving him for a moment to grab onto her poor, pulled belts so he doesn't pull those belts right off. "Well they're not mine, they're more like friends-what?!" she turns bright red, "Nuh uh! I didn't!" Now she sounds flustered. "Fine, fine!"

"0Don't attack!" she calls out, looking down at the gathering wolves. After a few moments, they all back off and sit down on their haunches. It looks like Warden will be safe, right? Maybe. Let's hope so because Avira lets go of the tree shortly afterwards so she can drop down and free herself from the pirate.
Warden Thache OH god falling! Warden lets go of Avira in midair. He /would/ have used her to land on, but he's pretty sure her canine friends wouldn't like that very much. Instead the man moves with inhuman grace. In midair he flips once before manaing to land in a perfect three point crouch, tail swishing back and forth and expressive ears pinned back against his skull as he glares towards the Wolves.

Slowly he stands, brushing the twigs and dust from his robes before turning towards Avira with a smirk. "Well. At least you seem to have a pretty blush."

...he's not helping things is he?
Deelel Deelel sees things seem to be coming to an end, without any fighting. She watches the Wovles and looks at them, she has to wonder if she even really registers to them as a thing after all she has no inate sent. She does look the wolves over, to her they are kind of strange. Yet they are ever so fuzzy, and cute in a way or so she thinks.

"So, just what happened here and Avira how do you know these ... wolves?"
Avira Avira hits the ground rolling, carefully doing it in such a way that she eventually just flops out onto her back on the ground. It's a carefully controlled fall that results in her not actually getting hurt from the impact. It's a lot less graceful than Warden's fancy little flip but it gets the job done. Muttering, she picks herself up and readjusts the belts he was holding onto. His pulling made them slip down her torso, which actually wasn't too bad since only one of them really had any role in holding up her pants. The others, upon closer inspection, are just there to hold stuff.

Stuff including the holster to her weapon that sits at the small of her back. Her fall break seems to take the case to this into account to minimize the impact on the strange weapon.

But her thoughts are far from her belts and clothing once he makes that little comment about blushing. Angrily, she pulls her arms up to her chest. "Yeah you're not helping your case right now!" Deelel's question prompts a bit of confusion. "These wolves? They've been friends with me for over a year now. We're close! It's kind of a long story. I can tell you later."
Warden Thache Warden just sighs before he shakes his head slightly. "I'm lost in the woods and got attacked by wolves, Avira was in a tree, and my wagon is stuck over yonder."

Strolling over he offers the fallen huntress a hand up, easily pulling her to her feet. At least if she takes the offer.

"Come on. I can explain it all later. After you two help me get my wagon unstuck, so I can get to a party."

For Avira and her huffy blushing glare the cat-captain just smiles. Ears flickering up once again, almost in a teasing manner.

"Come on then. I can use the help! You owe me for tying me up before now don't you?" A pause and a sigh. "I really didn't know you were into that sort of thing."

...this is going to be a reoccouring theme. Teasing. Just so everyone knows. Also? The man is not wearing even one weapon. Not visible at least. His cane that he used in combat isn't there, and while it /could/ be assumed he knows air-magic of some kind he hasn't showed any inclination of that when facing down the wolves.

However he chuckles, rocking back on his heels a moment to fix Avira with a smile that shows just the barest hint of fangs. Its not quite menicing, could be considered adoreable. Hard to gague.

"Funny," He drawls as he crosses his own arms to mimic her pose. "I didn't realise I was on trial here."
Deelel Deelel says "I'll ask you about it later then, Avira."

The Program's still pretty chipper al thing ocnsider but Warden might notice there's something odd about her voice, a kinda of digital warble to it is the best way to descibre it. She shrugs a bit at Warden and says "Your the only memeber of your species I have run into so I don't think it's time for a trial from me. For the locals well that's up to them isn't it?"
Avira Avira pointedly refuses Warden's offered hand and helps herself up. The gesture does bring a bit of confusion to the scarred woman. Why? Why so..polite?

"O-owe you!?" The flustered look on Avira's face grows with each comment, quickly reaching critical mass when he suggests that she might be 'into that sort of thing'. "D-don't you d-dare suppose-ss...speculate about that!" The embarassment becomes so bad that it actually seems to be preventing Avira from using her words properly.

At that point she forces herself to take a deep breath, glaring back in the face of the smile. "It's just a figure of speech! Unless you feel guilty and /need/ to be put on trial for something. DO you need to be put on trial? Hmmmmm?"
Warden Thache Warden's smile only grows at Avira's distress. One ear twitches slightly, his tail lazily drifting back and forth behind him. The cat is /enjoying/ rendering her to nothing but stutters.

"Certinly not!" He answers rather chipperly as he watches the pair of them. "I'm but a traveling player. With a bit of a puckish side." He admits, his eyes glimmering with amusement and pleasure as they flit between the program and the scarred woman. "Unless you don't like traveling players. Who obviously arn't from around here."

One long finger taps against the side of his jaw. "Well. You two arn't from around here either," He adds with amusement. Its fairly obvious with how the two of them look.

"And really, Lady Wolf. You should use your words! Though I supose I could be thanking you. I've heard some people have to be paid to be tied up like that. Not I of course, but some people."

He really isn't helping things is he?
Warden Thache There is a short laugh from the cat-man though, his mirthful eyes turning toward Deelel as he adds. "The locals, which we all are not, would have me burned at the stake for being a demon or something I'm sure. Most types around here don't like travelers. Or so I've seen."
Deelel Deelel wisely does not dig too deep into the wholer quesitons asked but she's now looking at Warden agin amused for a moment.

"You'd be shocked and what can I say, humans can be that way then again my people could be worse in that regard, but generally different is actualy broken or dangerous on my world."
Avira Right away Avira notices that enjoying this! Every word! He's enjoying embarassing the heck out of her over this little past thing. She can't get any worse right now either! Not even as Warden comments that there are people out there that would be paid to be tied up.

She wants to help him alright, actually. She wants to help him on his way so he'll leave her alone! "Look we'll give you a hand!" Avira blurts out, "Just show it where, okay?!"
Warden Thache There is a just the barest flicker of something beyond hilarity and amusement at Deelel's comment. Something just a touch more serious burns in the man's odd alien eyes. Its only there for a split secound. Blink and you might miss it. Just what it means or what it portends is difficult to say.

"Now /that/ is something that I've found the same in every world. Different is broken."

One ear flickers back as the moment passes, the strange cat-man laughing low and quiet and deep. Its may be a suprise just how deep a voice a man so lithe can have. "Humans however I've seen take it just a bit further than most, though I havn't been to your home Lady Brightstaff. Humans seem to take it a bit further though. The different are broken. The poor are brother. The strange is broken." He shrugs slightly at that. "Or worse something to be pittied."

His tail twitches once as the shadow and the deeper voice flies right away and the man smiles brightly once again, this time towards Avira.

"Excellent Lady Wolf, excellent. In return to your help I will do my best to stop making you blush for at least the rest of the day." A pause. "No promises, but I'll do my best."
Deelel Deelel also is catching on, that Warden is enjoying this whole mess. She's seen programs and people like this before, but sometimes? This world still confused her very much. This is one of those times, Deelel also sighs a bit. It was true with the fate of the ISOs wasn't it? But generally with viri and such different ment run or it's going to /eat/ you. Such as LEXUS, where has that virus been? He's been laying low for so long.

"Sadly it does seem to be the case, my name is Deelel and generally I should have explained...and yes it can flat out mean actually broken, there are one of my kind who break or go mad and are a danger to others...but there are sadly other incidents as you said."

She thinks back to what she found out about the ISO war, to use a human phrase? It made her sick.

"Avira is cuter when she blushes like that I admit."
Avira The blushing starts to lessen though Warden's words bring a different sort of anger in Warden's mind. She comes to him with embarassment and perhaps acknolwedgement that he's successfully hiding those other cities hostage to his bad behavior. In exchange would be her help getting out of the woods. Granted, it could be so much worse, but...

"...yeah yeah...well show us where the trouble is so we can help." Avira mutters, turning her gaze away from him as if it would prevent him from seeing any other blushing on her. Maybe Deelel's introduction would help...

Nope. Deelel calls her embarassment cute. Avira blurts out, "Deelel, you aren't helping! He's just gonna do it more if you well him that!" Mercade would not be happy.
Warden Thache "I already knew that," Warden points out as Avira objects to Deelel's words on her blushing. He's already strolling away as he says it, his light step making hardly any noise in the woods.

Of course he doesn't say if he's going to continue to try to make her blush or not. "I've given my word, or close enough to it. So I supose you /could/ trust me. Or you could not. That is entirely up to you." The words are tossed over his shoulder, his neck cranning around to he can fix the flustered warrior woman with one bright eye. The half-smile on his face revealing just a single gleaming fang. Handsome, teasing, the man at least cuts a decent figure. Even in the woods and in the robes of a near-gypsy.

"This way then," He adds as he strolls along. Back towards the road. The edge of the woods open up to reveal indeed a wagon stuck in the road.

And Spooks the winged racoon attempting to push it out. Along with one massive and wide shouldered figure that seems to be made primarily out of stone.

However its mired fast, and it seems the big man is worried about breaking it if he pushes too hard.

"And my name is Nikolai, and I hail from..." He waves one clawed hand lazily up towards the sky and stars. "...somewhere out there. I couldn't tell you which one is mine. I don't know much of your world but...well it sounds like it could very well be a harsh place."
Deelel Deelel says "Well it's the truth hummm I bet Mercade thinks it is too, but won't admit it."

She tilts her head a little bit prehaps pulling herself out of the fire slightly. She follows along after Arden for a moment thinking and she nods a bit to him.

"It can be, it's a world where everything and everyone was made for a purpose and they know what it is."
Avira "Yes, I bet Mercade really does agree. I should ask him." At this point Avira assumes this jerk for a man is going to continue embarassing her. AT that point she resolves to smack him if he does again. That'll teach him!

In fact she's half inclined to when he peeks over his shoulder and gives her that saucy look. He was undeniably attractive, she'll give him that, but there were a number of conniving pirates that were just that, wielding their charisma in their war against private property. It was a romantic notion that Avira had nearly pursued herself at one point before realizing that piracy had a very unglamorous dimension as well.

She follows, lead with Deelel to the stuck wagon. Right away she sighs, realizing what they've gotten into. How the hell was she supposed to get them unstuck...?

Oh! The adorable winged animal! ...argh, but he works for Warden! And that large man, he is new.

"So I've got an idea." Avira announces, stopping before the cart. "If we lift it high enough out of the mud, I can freeze it beneath the cart, which should make it easy to push. We need to lift it out just enough that it'll not get frozen into the mud, you got it?"
Warden Thache "Oh ho, Lady Wolf has a Lord Puppy does she?" Warden's tone isn't quite mocking. Just suprised, amused. That look of his undimmed by her obvious annoyance with him. Its hard to say if that look ever dims, even if the pair of them saw it shift not so long ago.

The man simply turns then, still humming softly to himself as he strolls towards the wagon. One hand strokes his chin in thought. "It sounds like a perfect plan, though I'm not one for magic myself. Not much existance of it where I'm from."

He shrugs slightly at that before nodding once. "Mister Shale. If you would. Gently now."

The big man rumbles something in a not-quite-human tounge.

The cat-man chuckles, eyes dancing as he watches Deelel and Avira for a moment. "They are at that Mister Shale. They are at that."

Whatever they are talking of however, the massive figure grunts softly as he shifts the wagon gently up so they can get to work.

The cat works as well, not at all afraid to get his hands dirty it seems. "I," He adds towards Deelel. "Would very much not like to live in a world like that Lady Brightstaff. A purpose is a fine thing to have, but I believe in ones right to make their own instead of simply being given one."

Time for talk though draws to a close as the delicate work of pulling the thing off ice and muck begins. He needs to get his wagon unstuck.

After all, he has an appointement at the Castle of Dreams.

He wouldn't want to miss that.
Deelel Deelel keeps up with Warden as they make fo he wagon, she looks his people over for a moment and nods she doesn't seem bothered by them at all.

"Sounds like a plan, shouldn't be a problem for me."

She'll leave Avira to comment on the Lady Wolf and Lord Puppy bit. Deelel will move to help with the wagon and she's a bit stronger than she looks.

"Prehaps for species like your own people and other species like your self. We're not slaves we just know what we were made to do."

Deelel keep pushing.
Avira "Why of /course/ I do." Avira takes this moment to allow herself a bit of arrogance, "Are you that surprised that a woman like me is already taken? Hmmm?" Granted, Mercade had not come to Notre Dame while Avira was under the influence of the spell so it's understandable that he didn't know. It's also understandable that Mercade didn't come-no doubt the spell would have turned him into some kind of horrible person. Avira did not want to see Mercade as a horrible person!
"Your earlier observation was right. We're not natives to this world. Magic...well I won't say it isn't native to this world. This place does have magic but it is a little different."

Sorcery was probably more accurate.

Now between their numbers and the large stone golem-looking guy, Avira figured they'd be able to lift the cart up enough. Avira steps forward, crouching a little as she hovers a hand over the mud, making a spreading motion. Blue light follows and the mud stiffens and freezes over. She continues to work, producing densely packed snow to smooth out the mud peaks and ruts left by the wagon wheels.

"There! Go ahead and set it down. It should roll right over!"
Warden Thache Warden doesn't answer the woman's question all at once. Instead he concentrates on the task at hand. That task being the wagon. At Avira's call and with Deelel's help the combined strength of the three pushing (and the one racoon) cause it to smoothly roll over the created ice and onto the more firm ground.

The cat-man dusts his hands off, smiling to himself as he looks towards the road ahead. "Very nicely done. Very nicely done." He murmurs quietly before he reaches for the drives seat of the wagon.

"Suprised? No." Warden replies with a bright grin, obviously about to continue in answer to Avira's question.

However he stops.

He considers.

"No. No I will explain later. I have feeling that we will meet again, Lady Wolf. And I think I'll leave you wondering till then!"

His attention moves to Deelel as he vaults for the drivers seat with an agility that goes beyond human. "I never said you would, I simply said its not the way I'd wish to spend my days." His smiles still in place.

He takes the reins in one hand. "Thank you both for the help! And good weather to the both of you. May the sun be always at your back."

He raises the reins to click the horses forwards and the wagon begins to roll. Spooks alights on top of the contraption and Shale lumbers on the back. The shocks for the thing must be massive to support him.

"Oh. One more thing." This time aimed towards Avira. "Next time? Don't use a slip knot. Terrible for tying people up! I'd show you a few trick but..." A woflish grin comes to the cat's countanance. " arn't that kind of lady now are you?"

His bright laughter follows the statement as he pulls his way on down the road.
Deelel Deelel says "Magic is utterly alien to mine."

Deelel notes as she keeos on working and pushing without seeming to tire.

"Allr ight I think we got it there. Fair enough, you were made with the ability to chose your own function so it's your right."

Deelel has learned other things but she's still an artist after all.

"Not a problem and take care."

The man seemed nice neough and she looks over to Avira for a moment

"What I'm not going to comment on that one."
Avira "...thanks." Avira's face has gone red again at the rope comment. She was never going to live that moment down, was she? "The next time I see that guy, I'm going to smack him across the face."

Turning away from the leaving wagon, she looks to Deelel, "I wonder what that stone golem guy said about us."
Warden Thache "He said," Warden's voice drifts back down the road. "That I find the strangest things in the woods, but you two were at least nice to look at!"

A pause.

"And I'll look forward to it Lady Wolf, I look forward to it!"

Cats. Exceptional hearing.

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